Directorate 153: Quest to Take-Back the Future

Another one of those [possibly meaningful] lucid dreams of mine.  This time it’s about who “owns the future.”  What’s interesting is that ownership of that may be up for grabs. 

In the charts, we’re wondering when Wave II up (from the Feb. 19 high to the A-Fool’s low was 1-down and since we’ve been in 2-up) will be done.  We look at the problem through that spreadsheet downloadable on the Master Index page.

And we consider not only the “usual” virus impacts, but also some economic data..

So bean up and let’s do this…

– – –

A non-subscriber note:

People often ask “Is Peoplenomics kind of like a bulked up UrbanSurvival column?  Um, no…

Let me give you a “coded answer.”

Breitbart today is running a big headline “Producers Warn America Is Facing Protein Shortage in Coronavirus Era.”

This is a topic Peoplenomics readers take as “old news” – just taking a bit longer than expected to arrive.  The larger context, beyond the virus is laid out in our 06/25/2006 report: The Coming Protein Cost Explosion.  Follow the money, know the future.

You can work out the “value-proposition” for yourself. Although, do also notice how

all collides with paleo diets…

Food for thought, we trust…

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29 thoughts on “Directorate 153: Quest to Take-Back the Future”

  1. YOU TUBE VIDEO: Andy, you have a great radio voice. You should be a Voice Actor like John B Wells. Big money. Who was in the car with you smoking Marlboro’s? You look like a couple of banditos.

    • I was by myself. Thank you. I need an agent I think. I dont know how to do any of that.

      I’m trippin on George’s stuff because it is VERY much like one of the Templates I use in my mind. Template number 4. Which has the level stacked on it, subtle movements. I’m trying to destroy myself and get out of here. I need a new template.

      I think it is very prudent to reinvent yourself. In order to do that I have to exchange a known to discover a known. I’m trying to find out what I didnt know, I didnt know. Lol

  2. OTFLMAO…. My wife is curious what I am up to..

    I got my Pink White and Blue dandelion seeds.. and I am cutting out a piece of cardboard.. LOL making it look like the american flag.. LOL LOL LOL LOL..
    everyone hates that I love dandelions..Just like the Marijuana plant it is one of the worlds most usefull plants I might add.. I totally love dandelion and chamile tea..
    and it has anti cancer fighting to.. the list is huge.. I won’t kill one.. it is alive and well around me..

  3. George, thanks for the dream share with us,,,Back to the Future, Chuck Berry video with Back to the Future prom scene in the back ground,
    prom theme,,Enchantment under the Sea
    enchantment: def: the state of being under a spell; magic.

    is the movie the message? maybe we should ask H.G.Wells


      I didn’t realize that chuck jammed with those guys.. LOL.. boy love that music.. last year I got to meet one of them and have a few drinks.. he was traveling and just stopped in for the night.. the security guard was yaking with me waiting for him to arrive and we were both fans…. LOL it was a hoot..nice guy great sense of humor.. we got the house band to play polka LOL cause everyone loves a good polka LOL….

  4. Andy’s Youtube video,, now there is something I’d like to see, please pass the link around. Cool,,,,,

  5. Well. I have been having nightmares about this for some time. Today I read the latest GAS website post. When I was a kid in high school the Black Robes used to discuss Nosti with me.

    My kinsmen will probably have fits over this. But, here goes.

    My suggestion while he can is to read the inimitable works of the esteemed Sir Ian Moncrieffe of Easter Moncrieffe. In particular…his little red book. HankundMeg…ain’t it baby.

  6. Based on my calculations, I can last 3 months if the supply chain totally breaks down, including toilet paper. The only place I have found paper products in Raleigh is Aldi’s. Plus Aldi seems to be better stocked than most other grocery stores in every area. German efficency.

  7. Dear Mr. Ure,

    First the good news: tp is restocked at the grocery store with a strict limit of one pack per family. The prices are expensive.

    Secondly, beers of the major brewers are in low stock at the retail level due to some sort of ongoing….computer virus… at distribution that has eluded resolution. Craft brewers are picking up the slack so far. Bottle empties may or may not be accepted for refund depending on vendor discretion.

    Shortages of circuses, cake, and now suds? Hold onto your popcorn for the next big act into the bigtop tent! Don’t think it’s Dolly Parton handing out 9to5’s. Would anyone like to feed the lions!? Volunteers, please, this way to the egress!

    By the way, further to your coronavirus numbers of yesterday where it was what, roughly 1 million US cases and 3 million globally? If the US population is roughly 5% of global population then would one figure, wu-wu excepted, that there are something like 17 million unbeknownst global cases walking around?


  8. I have thought for a long time a tax like the “fair tax” is the way to simplify and make collections relatively easy. Tax only consumption. So basically no income taxes and only sales taxes. Every citizen that files taxes get a “rebate” of something like 10,000 to account for base living expenses, to limit damage to the folks low on the financial totem pole. Understand a tax on corporate income is simply transferred to the folks that purchase those companies goods or services, so raising their taxes make those companies cost increase that those are simply passed on in product pricing. Raw materials that are consumed would be taxed, materials that are re-processed into other for sale product are not taxed. The rate of tax would likely be in the high 30% range. For items that are resold, they would only be taxed against the value change from the last time tax was paid. So a house built and sold for 200,000 would be taxed at (200K*.3) 60K, if it sold 10 years later for 300,000 the new sales tax would be (100k*.3) 30K. If sold for less no new federal tax. This is a very progressive tax, where the more you consume more tax you pay, and low income is offset with a rebate that every legal tax filer gets.

    Anyway, income tax would have to be repealed to allow for such a thing to stop from being double taxed. Filing for company (tax all consumer sales) and individuals would be very simple and consume so much less time and money to attempt to avoid. All citizens would be participating, illegal workers would be paying sales tax, but not getting rebates. Everyone understands what their taxes will be and what they would be if politicians want to raise them, none of this garbage only the X class will pay.

    All people pay if you live miserly, you pay less tax, if you are into conspicuous consumption, you pay more. No more subsidizing mortgages or debt by lowering tax payments. You want to lower your tax, buy something less expensive. This would encourage investment and perhaps help discourage the disposable lifestyle purchases.

    • I have thought about that sales tax also, but the greedy BASTARDS in government would keep raising the tax or add on special taxes. It seems the A-holes cannot be stopped.

    • For serious savers – those that saved almost every penny after minimal expenses and income taxes, a “fair” sales tax would be most unfair! It would unjustifiably re-tax everything already accumulated.

      With a graduated income tax, there’s always a sweet spot between insufficient income and excess tax liability. It’s a strong disincentive to extra work. With a graduated consumption tax, there’s also a sweet spot between the tax free realm at the bottom and a level beyond which it’s barely worth spending. Both systems incentivize removing one’s self from money transactions to the best of one’s ability. Both systems incentivize loafing, playing, or otherwise being financially unproductive.

  9. This non-subscriber is a promoter of George Ure, the Man, and all his endeavors. Ever since first hearing you and Clif on Art Bell in the new Millineum…
    I say don’t ask me ,40 bucks is all it takes. This is the “real deal”.
    Remember I could only afford the stork market!

  10. “Anyway, income tax would have to be repealed to allow for such a thing to stop from being double taxed”

    The gummint has shown no conscience to this point, regarding double-taxation. Why should they change now (go buy a bottle of booze or a pack of smokes. Not only will States with a sales tax charge tax on the item, they charge the tax on the shelf-price, which is the price after the item is slapped with Federal and State consumption, excise, &or luxury tax… I’m pretty sure restaurant and hostelry taxes are imposed in the same manner…

    I see the next Dem President not only hiking the crap out of tax rates, but establishing a national sales tax to run concurrently with our f’ed-up tax structure — not a “fair tax” nor a “flat tax,” but a VAT along the lines of the European, socialist model…

      • You know George.. I have often wondered what the actual price of products would be if we didn’t pay the taxes on the taxes on taxes..
        sort of reminds me of our bedroom set.. we bought a bedroom set.. the works.. the bed frame.. the chest of drawers the dresser and mirror the blanket chest the armoire the batchellors chest and the lingere chest..and night stand.. got it all for less than what the hardware would cost at the local lumber yard..
        what was funny is.. they made it in china.. the wood ( cherry) was cut in Austrailia .. shipped to the west coast and then trucked.. and the furniture store makes a thousand percent interest on the furniture.. so just how much did they actually charge for the whole set to begin with..
        reminds me of when I bought mp3 players for the grand kids.. I paid a penny a piece for them.. shipping was more than that.. when I built cabinets.. we could build stuff for ourselves at cost.. ( ingenious how they calculated the cost of the cabinets.. calculate all the costs and add it to the board foot price.. hospitals should do that with rooms .. they do in canada but not here) I think that is how it is done there.. employees get so much product that they could have and they sell it..for extra money.. we use to do that with cabinets..
        but figure.. the farmer pays taxes.. then the manufacturer pays taxes.. then road taxes etc etc etc.. so just how much would a product cost without all those extra taxes charged on the products..

    • “I see the next Dem President not only” ……..

      Good news .. GOOD NEWS… RAY..
      Nasty Nancy endorses creepy JB as the voice of reason for our next presidential….

      Lol.. when I heard JB talk he didnt have anything to say at all..mumbled a little and hasnt been heard since..
      But old Nasty says it it has to be so……lol just being a smart azz.. I learned at a young age to never trust anyone that rides a broom for transportation…

    • @Ray

      If a dem wins …then I see a civil war to end this republic….there will be NO COMPROMISE with the Dems…after 2020…UNLESS of coarse one welcomes ‘slavery’ at the hands of the ‘chosen ones’…I DO NOT and will as once an old saying goes…Be an ARMY of ONE….I intend to not submit to any laws made by any more CONgress’s….and I personally have been repealing many of the existing ones enacted since since 911…..since the dems and rinos…are BOTH outside of MY Constitution and MY Natural Law….I am not a young man…so ain’t gonna matter if I leave sooner than later….same Idea in the the 60’s…Semper Fi

  11. G – we could B Waiting 4 “Gadot” for a looong time – SOB never did show up.

    Spot On this AM – prescient me thinks.. So we gotz to be in it Win It! – the Future That is.

    “Para I say,para immunity boy!, now look at me when when Im talking to ya boy”- foghorn

    Vit D and/or Vit C in “heavy” doses – all day everyday. Caution advised with D3 as – too much can be detrimental.

    The machines are driving this market higher, CTA’s seem to be running it up, while not much volume in regular ole Equities.

    Heard about Clifs ALTA reports being spot on for the Rona virus = the Sun Disease – only they are 2 years off – 2018 = 2020 .

    Once the time correction is made in the reports – the Data Analysis in Markets seems to be Hitting the Target – like Center Mass..Physical Gold Delivery Issues in 2020..hmmmm

    Likely hood of other events in report coming to fruition are rising in my confidence value – seems like it could get very interesting soon.

    Financial System Reset ??? Global Debt Jubilee?? How about a new “Amero”, no?

    “There once was a piece of paper with great sheen
    Who’s value to holders quite mean.
    This fern was instrument of debt
    When borrowed, it would leave U befret.
    Might pay to be wary Ure trust in the green.

    UNcoin, WorldBankcoin, CCPcoin..back on the Gold Standard, Silver Coins?


    Total cases: 613 (4 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 70
    Honolulu County: 399
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 115‡
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 8
    Required Hospitalization: 69
    Hawaii deaths: 16
    Released from Isolation: 516
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 29, 2020

    Four new cases in Honolulu.

  13. This just in…A Federal Reserve program expected to begin within weeks will provide $500 billion in emergency aid to large American corporations without requiring them to save jobs or limit payments to executives and shareholders. Meanwhile, regular folk that are out of work right now get nothing. Thanks Trump! I am sure there was a nice campaign contribution buried in the wording of this program somewhere.

  14. Hi George,

    If you haven’t already, you may want to read up on ‘Remote Influencing.’ When the US was tasking people like Joe MacMoneagle with the development of Remote Viewing, the USSR was developing Remote Influencing (RI). RI is a discipline in which the operative sympathetically tries to sync with the mind of a target. Once they are in, the operative plants suggestions to try to get the target to make desired decisions, or carry out desired behaviors.

    For those who are good at it, the targets are likely to be decision-makers in the governments of one’s rivals.
    So for example, when George Bush II said he looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and — what was the wording? — made a soul connection? That could explain it.
    At one point, Trump met for 10 minutes with Putin in a room without anyone else in it, and came out with a similar opinion. IMHO, Putin may have had training in RI as he worked his way up to the top of the pyramid.

    More disturbing, how do RI operatives get practice? I sometimes wonder if some of the mass shootings are the result of foreign RI operatives taking their final exams. Perhaps a single question– “Pick a stable, mild, upstanding citizen in the target country. Implant suggestions that result in him going on a shooting spree, and then ending his own life so that he may not be questioned.”
    Not all shooters are like that, but many of them seem to have no previous violent history.
    Strange times to be sure–
    And unlike the magical universe of Harry Potter, there is still no ‘Occlumency,’–No known defense against Remote Viewing, or Remote Influencing….

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