V-Recovery: How Durable, How Good?

Not very and not very.  But that’s the short answer.  

You see, while the markets  seem to have made a  fabulous  recovery from the march 23 lows in our Aggregate Index, a closer sizing-up of things reveals “the Crooked Casino.”

How?  Well, the money supply from the previous all-time highs (around Feb 19 in our work) is up 31%.

So let me ask you this:

If there is 31%  more fiat (scrip) money chasing the same stocks, wouldn’t the prices be higher?

Damn-straight they would be!

Durable Goods

Onward and what-ward?

But they are counting based on dollars and those are up 31%, right?

This is Fed week, so no telling what to expect.  Maybe some “buy the rumor” ahead of the announcement Wednesday?

Housing report out tomorrow, too.  But how, hard assets are on a roll…leading to?

Screaming Metals, Delirious George

You may not have been reading UrbanSurvival – because if you were a long-term reader – you’d remember what we did in 2004 (or 2005, memory isn’t awake, yet!).

We went out – back then – and scooped up bars of silver. Told everyone we were doing it.  One batch was $6.95 an ounce while another was $7.03.

Fast-forward to this morning.  On  FinViz (yes, you should bookmark it!), you’ll see silver is up 6.83%  just today.  It’s hovering in the $24.41 area.

Now, to be sure, this is only a return of 351.22% (on the cheaper bars).  But think about stocks from back then.  Our Aggregate Index, September of 2005, was around 10,640.  At the close Friday, our Aggregate Index was?  Oh, try 28,476.

Now some of that “heavy-duty math” to make the point:  267.63% return.

Or to compare gains: Market has a gain of 167.63 while silver’s gain is 251.22%.

Gold Catapulted On Dollar Meltdown, Futures Rise With Focus On Fed.

Not All Joy, Though

Joy is a taxable event in today’s world.

BTW: Gone are the metals from Ure’s locale, long ago.  We had to move into paper to avoid being old “sitting ducks” in  the woods.  Sell metal, buy guns and ammo. Alarms, drones… But, that gets to a meaningful (and painful) discussion of tax consequences and stategic living.

Ask how much bread you could buy for a bar of silver in 2005 and then how much bread you could buy today with the same number of ounces.

If the actual number of loaves is smaller today, then someone has “cooked the books” if they are charging you for a gainBUT THEY DO!

That’d be the fault of Congress (damn Fools on the Hill they are!).  Their junkyard (tax) dogs, hold that Ure’s metal had a taxable gain.  Even with receipts and piles of bread.  Because (check with your tax advisor) gold and silver are taxed as “collectibles.”  Not the cheapy rates of long-term paper. Still, kicked stock’s ass, but that’s off point.

Paper is the game.   If you bought into TSLA and held until the recent highs…sure.  Stock made more than metals.  But, how many people actually did the in and out timed perfectly?  See, the problem with any stock is people tend to buy in based on product emotion.  Then, they often “fall in the love” with the stock and ride it back down.

Selling stock is like getting a divorce.  Do it early. Better to structure things and get the hell out early because there’s a clock in Life.  I can’t count, though, the number of people I’ve seen ride “hot stocks up” – and then fall in love with the “story” and ride them back down.

Not to Pick on Tesla, But…

I’m not a financial advisor and we don’t pretend to offer investment advice.  Well, except maybe saying we bought bars of silver in 2005, lol.  And we have been buying tools for the shop, lately…

We don’t say when we sell, though.  Because you could have a loss and try to blame us.  No.  So we won’t go there! 

We do, on the other hand, discuss (a LOT) about the financial thought processes involved in (and behind) making of investments in Life – in general.

Let me share my most powerful Stock Analysis approach.

I look at everything like it’s a lemonade stand business.  To make the numbers make sense (so I can wrap my smallish head around them), I whack zeros.

Tesla as a Lemonade Stand

Tesla make really good lemonade.  Which they sell.

We begin on the Yahoo “statistics” page over here.  Let’s whack zeros and see how this “lemonade stand” is working, shall we?

  • Lemonade sales:  $25.71 in the trailing 12 months.  (OK, remember, this is billions, but I’m an axe murderer of zeros.  Keeps me sane…er…)
  • Lemonade Profits:  Gross profits $4.07.  Basis EBITDA (which is Earnings Before Depreciation, Income Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization) $3.45.

Got it?  Successful lemonade stand.  Sells $25 bucks in lemonade and makes $3.45 EBITDA (*ttm).  

The investment question is “What is the fair market price of such a stand?”  The answer is “What would YOU pay for it?”  Imagine yourself buying lemonade stands…

The answer – based on recent stock price action – is?  $280.64 on a market cap basis or $286.16 on an “enterprise value” basis.

Roll me a dutchy.

The Silly George Rule

To borrow from Jerry McGuire, “Show me the Money!”

Take the Market Cap and divide profits into that.  I think of this as my “investment pays-for-itself horizon.”  The lemonade stand (profit of $3.45 but even that is sketchy) divided into Market Cap of $280 comes out to 81.3 years.

Hmm… since I’m sneaking up on 72…is that something I’d buy?  Well, if my anti-aging research works, lol…

Is Ure crazy?  Maybe not.  Remember the Buffett and Munger view:  Look at “Book Value to Share Price.”  The “Price to Book” is a ratio: 28.48.  In other words, if there was a gargantuan liquidation sale, the stock prices are 28.48 times more than the liquidation price.

The good news is that Tesla is still growing like a weed.  Expanding to Austin, Texas, we hear.  5,000 more jobs.

But, where is the Buffett & Munger “buy point? on Price-to-Book?

Well, if they can find a price-to-book of under 1…well, those are disappearing due to the Fed sloshing money around…but these are wise old gents when comes to remaining rational in times that are not.

Thus, Zeus the Cat, Elaine and I have a small office pool going.

Mr. The Cat wandered through this morning and meowed “Did you know GM dropped from $1.5-billion a year in revenue in 1929 and down to $32-thousand in 1932?  Sez so over here, Fatso…Do your readers a fave and pose the question ‘Is TSLA the GM of this coming debacle…'”  Uppity frigging cat.

Still, may be onto something besides a mouse.  Tesla’s 6.83% decline Friday, notwithstanding it was $1,401 and change when I priced it in the extended hours session this morning.  Strangely, I could not buy  one share in the extended hours session.  Still, a quick buy-sell…kind of like a trophy on the wall.  I want to be able to say “I sold Tesla in July…”

Dog-eat-dog world, this lemonade stand business.

Diseased Thinkings

We’ve been holding to our outlooks on CV-19 – and how 300,000 dead in the U.S. figures by year-end is still likely way too low.  We’ve got models more than twice that, but all depends on too many variables to count.  Just a quick look at this chart, though, as this should speak volumes:

We’re only mentioning this because so many people are claiming the “Virus hype will disappear right after the election….”  Like being wrong?

If you think that, you really, really need to understand Cesare Marchetti’s S-Curves work.  Before the news can disappear, the plot needs to go linear first and then begin to roll off the growth rate.

Is Ure’s truly the only one who read Marchetti’s paper Looking Forward – Looking Backward —  A Very Simple Mathematical Model for Very Complex Social Systems.”  Seriously:

“If we look at the guys who pick the flu, day by day, we find a bell-shaped curve quite resembling the normal distribution (although it is not the same as the mathematics show). If we integrate, counting all people who already got the flu, we get a logistic equation. This equation can be constructed from the basic mechanism of epidemic diffusion

The rate of new infections runs then as proportional (a) to the product of the infectious N by the infectable N – N ones. Simple and logical.

That is all our mathematical equipment. Transporting this simple reasoning to social systems (much simpler, by orders of magnitude, than biological systems), we find a precise matching between equations and events, stretching at times for centuries.”

Great — and from 1996!

Don’t tell anyone this, but you can use the same logistic to express market advances and declines – think of it as a variant of Joseph Granville’s On-Balance-Volume work, based on Woods & Vignola’s “continuous volume” work, but much easier graphically to digest.

Back on point:  While we are sympathetic to baseless optimism, we also know how to mash-up data and statistically, the world won’t peak (herd immunity?) until 60% of the planet is exposed.  And that would mean June 10th of 2021 when the global number could hit 4.6 billion.

Just this morning, China Reports Biggest Virus Spike Since End of Wuhan Outbreak.

With death rates dropping, maybe only 16.7-million dead.  With the US peaking (modeling 60% community immunity) earlier (say March 7th of 2021) with 200-million cases and (*sharpening pencil) about 1.4 million dead here.  Not Spanish flu, but does put a hole in the soul of growth, doesn’t it?

Good news?  Viruses may mutate down.  Bad news?  Could mutate up, too…

But whoever is turning a medical/epidemiological/S-curve stochastic into political rancor is truly stupid at the knuckle-dragging level.

Which is when we N-95 and glove and Clorox… but that’s just us.

If you want to NOT wear a mask and take your chances, just remember the Ures want you to be around for the tax consequences to be shared by survivors.  UrbanSurvival at its finest and worst in one ball-o-wax.

In Ure Shorts

Don’t open a cabbage patch in North Korea! Undiagnosed disease, cabbage – North Korea: (HN).

Sticks and Stones Dept: Live updates from weekend protests: Man shot to death in Austin, Seattle police declare riot, armed militia in Louisville.  There’s a certain similarity between communist uprisings elsewhere…and here,  now.

I never promised you a…what? Melania Trump to Announce Plan to Revamp White House Rose Garden.

And here’s a special one for us “grown-ups”‘Rolling’ down a window: 17 common phrases that no longer reflect the action.

Ah, the action, indeed:  Off to slurp oatmeal…trying not to pin the cholesterol meters in my periodic blood test this week…

Dow futures are +80 as we roll…

Write when you get rich,

George@Ure.net *(and yeah, the server’s back up!)

26 thoughts on “V-Recovery: How Durable, How Good?”

  1. well after many many years . 25 .. I have seen a lot in markets particularly the gold market .. and in 60 years I have learnt a lot about human behavior .. one thing you learn is that instead of carrying on , or even trying to talk sense , you remember as you were trained .. paramount is , the smart already know and the fools wont listen .. so .. sark it up and stay disciplined .. I must say though there is not one gold or market commentator that can stick and say the truth .. I don’t know what brings on dishonesty .. probably just self interest .. so on this momentous day I feel nothing . approach 2000 bucks in this time ? go and buy some buttcoin 2

  2. “cooped up bars of silver. Told everyone we were doing it. One batch was $6.95 an ounce while another was $7.03.
    Fast-forward to this morning. On FinViz (yes, you should bookmark it!), you’ll see silver is up 6.83% just today. It’s hovering in the $24.41 area.
    Now, to be sure, this is only a return of 351.22% (on the cheaper bars)”

    OTFLMAO and if you had bought toilet paper from the same time frame at 89 cents a package for five inch wide tp.. and thicker.. tp today has lost at least twenty percent of its volume alone.. and the price gouging.. your interest a month ago would have been roughly ten times or greater the projected silver returns.
    And the TP has more uses than to look pretty..
    so truly you don’t have to seek out a collector to get rid of tp either.. everyone wants it.. where with precious metals.. the odds are what..12 percent will want it..

    and in an event that the govt.. decides they should have it.. they can just take it..or make it illegal to own leaving it totally worthless..



    • You forgot to figure in the exchange costs. You can’t buy or sell toilet paper at spot price, you pay a markup/down either way in addition to sales tax and tax on gain. Also, what if you’re attacked by an armed horde that’s tired of having dirty asses? Gotta pay for storage and protection. Now do the returns on buying aapl or amzn in 2005.

      • OTFLMAO….. that’s a very good point… poor man’s gold…lol lol ..
        Like a friend said in DC..who would have thought I’d need a gun to protect my TP lol

      • To impress a beautiful young woman.. just show her your five inch mega roll of charmin ultra soft . Lol lol

  3. One thing about the riots across the country. They only seem to achieve critical mass inside the metropolitan areas and especially those controlled by Dim-ocrats. Once they get into the rural areas the local population tends to send them packing as demonstrated in Weatherford, TX. I was a little surprised at this happening in Colorado since I view the Eastern half as one big megalopolis. We do have a Confederate memorial in our local and I’ve been expecting some little bunch miscreants to try and deface it but, so far, we’re living in an area where not much happens. Unfortunately this also means the place is filling up with former city folk and you know what I think about that.

  4. Yo G-stasi – let me just say how refreshing it is to read Ure Deep State “bent” on this nice hot sultry Summer morn..gag me with a prison Matrix..

    1) U don’t Quarantine HEALTHY PEOPLE .

    2) Healthy People Should Not Wear Masks, especially older folk -90yr + as creates Artificial COPD, DOES NOT PREVENT ANY Virus from entering Ure breathing passages, No more Reduces Sputum/Spray than Covering Ure dam Mouth when U sneeze/cough – Dumb Ass Is, As Dumb Ass Sheep Does.

    3) Healthy People with a “lick” of Common Sense(just a friggin lil lick of it) – WASH Their Hands Regularly& take Vit C & D – and REMEMBER to KEEP from Touching THEIR Faces with their hands during “flu” Season..

    4)Obviously Ure an old prick who would just as soon lock up Ure own Mother for Jaywalking, as U would report Ure neighbors for going outside their own homes without a mask on..”the horror”

    Just what world needs – another official/pundit, spouting “official” speak regards covert19 pysop.

    As for taxable event Buying and Selling PM’s – the “good Dealers” use paper receipts from older cash register’s – at least TBN’s does – and has only “invested” in Legal Tender Gold/Silver Coins.

    R U being “represented” fairly? at all?

    Can U not feel,smell, HEAR the SEETHING ANGER out there in AMERICA – No not Seattle/Portland/Tinyapolis/Chicago/NewYork – See Electoral College..But AMERICA

    & Why the F! aren’t Teachers ESSENTIAL WORKERS ?

    Ure gotta ask Ureself – When “they” come, and they will – How U gonna Go?


    Yeah in light of all the DeepState(Dems-DVD/ClownsInAction/FumblingBumblingIdiots ect.) EVIL machinations Being employed against Humanity, its nice to know G-stasi is pumping out vile bile.

    Speaking of EVIL, next time U bee F-ing around the “realms’ might ask ole blue eyes what the Tree of Life really was – sayz here it was NOT a Tree.

    Write back when U get some..common sense, knowledge of Statistics and SAMPLES Used-Quality there OF.

    -Vice grips??puhlease – gonna need a giant Excavator with grapple/thumb CLAW.

    Joke of the Day – What is $10,300 this AM ,and Stasi-G Dont have None?


    The song remains the same Inverted,Obummer Luving, Soul Prisoners’ – to the SOUL Recycle Center !

    – and absolutely NO BITCOIN 4 U!

  5. The other day you were writing of odd dreams, this is a little off-topic for today but here is an odd dream from last night for woohoo.

    I was with a group of people, one of whom was my brother. I did not know the others. As in most of my dreams, I am flying around looking down at things. We found ourselves in a chamber that looked to be carved out of rock but we believed was the inside of a space ship. It had been filled with snow and ice, which was now melting. The chamber looked like a 3 stepped chamber with recessed crystal pedestals that were like clear ice sitting at the top two levels. I was above the one pedestal on the second level looking down at it. It was covered with snow and ice. I reached down and shoved the melting ice and snow away from it, I could see sitting in the top of it was a metal looking head/skull,
    like the terminator skull with lines and stuff on it. It was attached to a metal folding arm the went into the crystal. I reached down and tapped the top of the skull with my hand. It woke up – there was a light blue light coming from its eye area, and it started making noise, it was speaking in different languages that I did not understand – then suddenly it started speaking in English. I asked it whose place this was and it said a strange word, but what popped into my head was the “hierophants”. It/he then said, “I just woke them all up”. I had the impression there were thousands of them. Our group of people got scared and were afraid the hierophants were going to come after us, so since I was the only one that could fly my brother said to make them chase you deeper into the cave/chamber so we can get away. I took off into deeper parts of the chamber, but it was like I was a pinball bouncing around rock walls, cracks, and crevices. While I was running I kept thinking I have to remember the word “hierophant” so I can look it up since I didn’t know what it was. I finally realized that I was not being chased and they were not going to come after me.

    I then woke up. I immediately went to look up hierophant – A hierophant (Ancient Greek: ??????????) is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which
    is deemed holy.

    An odd dream made odder by the definition of hierophant, since I don’t consider myself to be religious.

    • Wow – they are by another definition “a person, especially a priest in ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles.”

      Go get more of those dreams and report back, OK?

  6. Good grief George I thought people on this site were pretty smart. One thinks TP is a investment, another thinks investing in thin air (Bit con)is the cats meow. Your gold and sliver will become useless or confiscated, I guess we’re to to stupid to buy it cash and hid it. I am pretty sure when the TP runs out we are all doomed, but I think there will always be some guy in a trench coat that will flip it open and say “want to buy some hot TP ”

    Having fun, cruising to the end

    • “One thinks TP is a investment,”

      That would be me lol lol lol.. it isn’t necessary toilet paper lol..
      Manhattan bought for a handful of glass beads.
      Past civilization’s used grain.. dollars or certificates that said you had that much grain available..
      The concept of weight in coins is not a measure, such as a bushel, peck or dry gallons, based upon the mass of a single seed of a cereal. In medieval times the average masses of wheat and barley grain were used to define units of mass, with the troy grain based on barley (troy weight is a system of units of mass customarily used for precious metals in which there are 12 troy ounces to the pound rather than 16 used in the more common avoirdupois system—meaning “goods of weight,” referring to a class of merchandise that were sold in bulk and weighed on large balances. However, the weight in coinage is quite different.
      Today, when we carry coins around with us, the idea of a coin being a measure of something valuable is not involved. Prior to the last change in content, coins were thought of as containing so much silver or nickel, etc. And before that, of containing so much gold. We do not think of money as directly tied to some measurement of a product, such as wheat, barley or cloth. We think of it as a value in obtaining and paying for something we want. Money was always thought of in this manner. In Nephite times, the purchase of food (grain) was mighty important, and value was associated with that: “A shiblum is half of a senum; therefore, a shiblon for a half a measure of barley” (Alma 11:15) 
      Go back or forward in time to the time of the Egyptians storehouses.
      Gold or BC as a tradable currency is ok if you can find someone that is collecting it.
      A couple of weeks ago twelve single thick squares were selling for two dollars for twelve squares. With two dollar shipping..a six roll pack of angel soft sold for 139.00 and thirty dollars shipping.
      I did a scan of cosco and Sam’s club today you can buy one pack of tp no vegitables and no laundry detergent but the jewelry department had sale after sale..on everything gold and silver..there weren’t lines trying to grab it.. the drought and depression of 1849 one cup of water was three ounces of gold .a bath and sex was one ounce.
      If you dont require any of the creature comforts. Get gold hang on to it. In time its value like everything else will increase. But if you need beans or water you would give it all up for food and water..
      The story of the two kids in the weimer depression comes to mind. They got their inheritance on ed invested it the other had one heck of a good time..when the depression was underway money was valued less than anything and the good son almost starved. The son that drank it up had glass wine bottles and there was a glass shortage..
      We have to use the system they hand us..as long as theres faith in the value and theres currency in motion then the economy will keep flowing..
      The economy in my perspective has only a couple ways to go. Neither of them are pretty..

    • “there will always be some guy in a trench coat that will flip it open and say “want to buy some hot TP”

      Actually.. I Invision it being a casual meeting at the local club of debauchery having a few cold drinks and some sweet thing will sit next to me and I will casually say.. would you like to stop by and see my TP collection.. I have a wide variety of charming pre deregulation days the true soft squeezable five inch square to the pre depression era 4 inch square and the three inch after covid introduction..lol..
      The dollar.
      It kind of reminds me of my TWA stock.. great company .I didn’t get out..my thought was as the markets started to stumble and twa stock showed signs that the company was having issues.. I hung onto it. In my mind I had twa stock it was a fluke and things would go back to normal..if the company folded the company purchasing the company would absorb it with theirs reissue stock. Five to one shares or fifty to one shares..whatever.. I would still have shares and as the debts of twa were worked out the shares would still have future value.. just like the dollar and the federal reserve. We hold the dollars because it is the acceptable means of currency..we think the dollar like the twa stock will always retain value. It’s the acceptable way of acquiring stuff to..
      When twa was sold the company that acquired it..didnt see a reasonable way to pay off the debts of the airlines and be able to make it work.. they didn’t absorb the stocks into their company. the TWA stock still remained..I had a great deal of it and even though it had no value I had to pay taxes as if it still did..now when the dollar tanks like twa will the take the dollars into consideration and give a rate of exchange .thousand to one or a million to one etc.. or will they just let the dollar stand and start fresh leaving everyone with a pretty sheet of paper with numbers on it..like the twa stock.
      For the older grandkids I would buy a share of disney stock really pretty..take a picture of them with it then having the whole thing framed..if nothing else they have the pretty framed picture..

    • “I thought people on this site were pretty smart. One thinks TP is a investment, another thinks investing in thin air (Bit con)is the cats meow. ”

      Now I am at the bottom of the success pool of income. Like my wife says.. i know more worthless crap than anyone she has ever met..(wanna know how many foot pounds of pressure duct tape has as a tear ratio lol )
      And i have probably read a page or two more than the average joe ..
      I personally believe every man woman and child is a genius. Each and everyone has their own talents that no other person has.
      I can honestly say I sure am not the brightest bulb in the pack. If I was I sure wouldn’t be trying to etch out an existence with nothing to work with.
      I do ok with what we have. But it is a struggle at times..
      As far as smart people they are everywhere..each person you meet.. if you think oh that one sure isn’t.. then match his life and live it for thirty days without any help from your life.. condition to condition.
      The old saying walk a mile in their shoes..

  7. in this greed induced frenzy of madness in gold , supported by cowboys and desperate conmen .. do you not get it .. you are finished without the usd .. you can join in this plan now because the treasuries are worthless .. but do you see what has happened to your own country and the world? do any of you understand what will happen with worthless iou ? come on George say something honest

  8. I had a woo woo dream last night….wife & I were riding near the back end of a school bus with the usual bench seats for 3. A guy came down the aisle and squeezed in past us…and when he turned around & sat down it was none other than George Clooney! I started explaining to him that I think we’re distant cousins since my mom always said she was related to his Aunt Rosemary (Clooney) and was born in Cincinnati! As I recall he replied “OK Boomer” and I took him on about THAT comment…aren’t YOU a Boomer TOO! Anyhoo I introduced him to my wife and he started making amorous moves toward her.
    And THAT’S when I woke up!

  9. Suffering from ‘storm fatigue’ after monitoring DOUGLAS passing the islands. We escaped major disaster by the thinnest of margins as the hurricane eyewall slid past the island chain by as little as 20 miles offshore. It’s amazing watching a hurricane eyewall going past on the weather radar. Some rain and wind on the western islands, but no major disasters to report.

  10. Breitbart quick takes:

    NYT Invites U.S. Chamber of Commerce to Slam Trump’s Curbs on Visa Workers

    Chamber of Commerce: ‘Critical’ for Wealthy to Import Foreign Au Pairs During Coronavirus Crisis

    NY Times: Trump’s Halting of J-1 Visa Drives Up Wages, Benefits for Au Pairs

    THIS – for the 583 people who aren’t aware the USCC became a neocommunist organization in the 1980s. Like George Soros or the SPLC, when the USCC makes a policy statement, I automatically credit the opposite of their position with being the correct policy to best ensure the integrity and continuation of the United States as a viable sociopolitical, economic entity.

    Brooks: ‘This Is Not the Time’ for Fiscal Discipline


    Mike Pompeo Urges India to Move ‘Supply Chains Away from China’

    Report: India May Have Put Beijing Within Range of Its Nuclear Weapons

    The Near-East has become a _not_very_friendly_ place of late. Pakistan has also targeted sites in China with a portion of its nuclear arsenal. This tells me: “Things is gettin’ dicey.” When avowed enemies pare off a portion of their military arsenals from each other, to target them on a 3rd party, that sets off major warning bells in me head…

    Hulu Developing ‘Rodham’ Series, Imagining a World Where Hillary Never Married Bill Clinton

    …Like a bad case of herpes, she’ll never completely go away.

    430,000 Cal State Students Will Be Forced to Take Social Justice Course

    Excellent Idea, but only as long as CalState makes satisfactory (grade “C” or above) COMPLETION of a four semester Civics and Economics mini-curricula, the prerequisite for being accepted into their “Ethnic Studies and Social Justice” course…

  11. Dam I almost bought the stuff to built the airwell.. lol
    Killing a few minutes and getting a couple items I went into costco..they had a really nice dehumidifier with as pump at a reasonable price. Right next to it a nice water cooler heater with UV light in the water chamber.. and a knock out for a hose.. plenty of room to mount the filtering system..
    A little hose and a connection your set. Wouldn’t even have to alter anything..
    I did do a check on the coil cool mist filter. Just like most air conditioners you need a two inch expansion chamber before the air conditioning coils for the best results..still quite doable..
    What was funny is the lack of necessity items.
    Now this is peak time where everything should be packed ..and their short on everything .

  12. TRUST in the US dollar as it is backed by the full faith and credit of the USA….and it is administered by the Federal Reserve…a bastion of Honesty and credibility for 187 years…

    and YOU can keep it safe and secure and even EARN interest on it when deposited in a BANK that is insured by the FDIC…which also gets its funding from your US Congress another TRUSTED and Honest agency of this US Government…

    Sleep well tonight as your currency is on deposit and safe with US…..


  13. Well as the old saying goes elect a clown to office and you have a circus,well the American people have been doing that for the last forty years and the circus simply gets larger every year.Now they are trying to change history by tearing down all that that came before, but are to damned stupid to understand that you can’t change history it the future that you have to build on,and i See people are still playing the stupid party games, as if one was any better then the other,I got news for you for you are as blind as those who are pulling down the country for they are both in it up to their necks, as the loot the country under the riot games….

    • Understand, there has been a shift at a fundamental level. We are no longer in a war between Republicans and Democrats. We are in a war between those who would keep the United States, and those who would replace it with the Fourth Reich. Democrat politicians on the National level have sided, to a one, with the fascists, because they believe they can use the brainwashed (and nearly brain-dead) kiddies the fascists have recruited as useful idiots, to get Trump out of the White House before he can reinstall Flynn as NSA — and because they (foolishly) believe they can control the raging hordes once they re-take the White House. An object lesson was presented to us all, last week, in the form of the Mayor of Portland. The politicians didn’t get the lesson — The conservatives were amused, the Repubs and Dems all cut class that day…

      Check out the HISTORY behind both Lenin’s and Hitler’s rise to power…

  14. i had a dream I was in wall street and they were showing me how everything is rigged and corrupt .. they showed me robots ramping gold as people lined up for soup and bread outside .. I was introduced to elon musk who said buffet was dumb and greed was good and earnings don’t matter.. monitors constantly showed people dieing of covid , and as the people dropped the dow rose higher .. I said this is dumb and immoral and sick .. they all laughed and said get out of town fool .. I was tossed out and as I did I heard an enormous noise and flash of light .. it was biblical like soodom and gommora .. so I dare not look back .. and then there was nothing ,darkness

  15. Comrades,

    I drove back into town today to pick up sundry items from one of the no-name discount places. I was able to buy 4 of 6 items that I was looking for. Of the 4, there were 2 made in India, 1 in the USA, and I had to give in and buy 1 item made in China. Two items on my list were not available at all in the parsimoniously stocked outlet. Usually the place is crammed to the rafters with stuff.

    Throughout the store, printed signage apologized for “the lightly stocked shelves” and assured that “exciting new products” are on the way….

    Meanwhile, across the parking lot at a national grocer, those seeking canned soft drink sugar highs were greeted with signage that “due to the continuing aluminum shortage”, bottlers were only producing “the most popular flavors”. Again the shelves were half empty, that’s the real thing. Coke or Pepsi – take it or leave it.


    Lol lol lol I wonder if that was what they told the mandan Indians when they started to show signs of illness.. Instead
    When the Indians began to show signs of the illness, U.S. Army doctors did not impose quarantine, but instead told the Indians to scatter, so that the disease would become more widespread and kill more Indians. Meanwhile, the fort authorities hoarded smallpox vaccine in their storeroom, instead of using it to inoculate the Indians….

    Doesnt that sound familiar.. we need to quit being protective get groups back in motion open up congregate who needs a mask..the virus is overblown…kinda sounds like what they told the indians doesn’t it..

  17. “Sticks and Stones Dept: Live updates from weekend protests: Man shot to death in Austin, Seattle police declare riot, armed militia in Louisville. There’s a certain similarity between communist uprisings elsewhere…and here, now.”

    Interesting points to the above:

    I didn’t mention in my “rollout to CW2” that the next phase would be shootings. The fascists aren’t seeing the response they “need” (a “Kent State”) to justify a further escalation of their efforts so, as they did in Kiev, snipers will come in to randomly shoot both peaceful protestors (the idiots, not the brownshirt instigators, preferably women & children) and cops. I don’t believe either Austin or Louisville are related to this effort. Soros’ sniper minions in Kiev were never located.

    The guy shot in Austin was White. He was at the protest with his quadruple-amputee Black fiancee and his “AK-47” (according to reports, but since the vast majority of “reporters” don’t know the difference between a breech-loading Savage .22 and an M-2, I’ll leave THAT up in the air…) Open carry or not, you don’t take a weapon to a “peaceful protest…”

    Speaking of Louisville: “More than 300 members of the Atlanta-based Black militia NFAC, or “Not F**king Around Coalition” came to Louisville” (and are “heavily-armed”)

    Crossing State lines to incite a riot or insurrection is a Federal crime, and not one of those piddly-assed 10-year-sentence issues. “Armed insurrection” is a death-sentence crime. NFAC’s presence in Kentucky should put Federal Agents on the street in Derbyland, irrespective the Mayor’s or Governor’s wishes, to relocate “300” Georgia residents to either Leavenworth or Terre Haute for the remainder of their lives.

    Seattle’s City Council passed a resolution, outlawing police use of CS, pepper spray, Tasers, rubber bullets, and all other “less than lethal” weapons. The Seattle police chief is p!ssed, and will pull all police from “demonstration patrol” because they now have no means of defending themselves, short of deadly force. (Da commies gots ta instigate an escalation, someways or other…)

    Fascists are now using high-powered laser pointers to permanently blind officers. The ability to purchase laser pointers in the U.S. is limited to low-power lasers of (either 2mw or 5mw — can’t remember), but I’ve seen pointers of up to 60mw, and handhelds of 10w, for sale overseas. The lasers I saw in the riot footage from last weekend were most-assuredly of the latter groups — I wonder who brought them (illegally) into the U.S.? ISTM the 4th ID has a nifty toy which locks onto a laser and autofires a round back to its source. Just sayin’…

    I’m still of the opinion that Floyd’s murder was an execution in which race played no part. Brionna Taylor’s shooting was an accident, in which race played no part. There’s 20mln idiots, mostly kiddies, who’re calling for the arrest of the officers in Louisville. IMO those officers did nothing wrong, in the least. They “raided” a domicile on a warrant, were shot at, and returned fire. The liability for this whole mess lies squarely with the deputy or assistant DA who issued a “no-knock warrant” for the wrong address, yet no one is calling for his/her head on a pike. In fact, no one has even mentioned his/her name.

    ‘Point is: Who blew these incidents into racial issues, for what purpose, then circulated them worldwide? (And yes, these questions are rhetorical amongst most of George’s readership, but I dare any of y’all to raise the points in the previous paragraph, then ask the questions in this one, to any kollege kid…)

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