The Fed’s “Big Game”

Ah…the excitement builds today on a couple of fronts.  The first is whether the market will go into “Buy the Rumor, sell the News” when the Fed announcements come tomorrow.  Or, whether the market will “Sell the Rumor, Buy the News.”  (Or, maybe I just have to pee…)

We know the Big Game:  The market took a knock-down in March of about 33%.  But, since then, the Fed has jacked up the Money Supply by 31% – and like we’re not supposed to notice the difference out here in  flyover country?  Well, some of us do…

The low cal, high protein, low carb economic breakfast today is the Housing report out of Case Shiller – so click back about 8:15 AM Central for that and we’ll see how the futures prices react.

Later in the session, we get a consumer confidence number to digest.  But “public attitude” information doesn’t matter much around here.  We simply look at what’s on television, see who’s been making headlines, and who’s in office….well, you get the idea:  Public is NUTS!

Trade Numbers Tomorrow

The difficulties with China are continuing to evolve.  A check of the morning
“hot sheet” reveals several topics to keep on top of:

The first being a mailing of odd seeds from China: People in several states mailed unsolicited packets of seeds that may be from China, officials say, says USA Today.

We’re pondering what to do with what look like Tomato seeds, I [think] I ordered from Amazon months back…but are they legit?  Not sure whether to handle and plant or not.  Erring on the side of caution may be the best move, though.

Sino Seconds?  Sure:  Dueling spy houses (pretending to be consulates) on both sides leads to the predictably stupid headlines like US-China spats rattle world, prompting calls for unity.  Calls for “unity”?  My ass.  Calls for national autonomy and sovereignty  would make more sense.  Unless you’re an appeaser/globalist government stooge, of course.

Sino Thirds?  Why not…  Where’s the U.S. pacifism gone?  I’m seeing stories like “China’s Claims to the South China Sea Are Unlawful. Now What?” in  places like the “grey lady” and that’s like more “war foreplay” to us.

Sino-Four:  No change of status on the heavy rains in China, weakening dams and all that.  Though the hype about a possible dam collapse continues as news media are looking for something more interesting that Sleepy Joe to write about.

Up and Coming

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr will be speaking (we think pointlessly) to the “fools on the hill” in the House (or cards).  He’s being questioned about the police use of force against black Americans.  Bet you a buck that no one will ask about use of same police tactics on white America, though. They’re all making police tactics about race, not collecting suspects.  Because that would just blow the whole “narrative.”

We think the Grandstander Party (dems) might try to make an issue of Barr being involved at some level in the use of federal forces in the “Insurrections and Uprisings” which are being p0romoted by the Marxists within BLM and Antifa.

Which is why we’ll keep a keen eye on the Barr testimony – he may let on about the (is it Soros-backed?) Insurrections and the use of Federal Forces.

We can just imagine Barr coming out and saying “There’s an organized rebellion against the U.S. government at work – largely online – but recruiting from the “pre-sold Trump Derangement Crowds.”

And there may be something too it.  Because did you happen to notice to where “demonstrators” marched on the home of the head of the Department of Homeland Security this week?

Where the misnamed “leaders” of demonstrating “citizens” forget is that if you cross a state line to foment insurrection or denial of someone’s civil rights THEN you run afoul Uncle.

The lefties try to make it seem like law and order is a bad thing, but it isn’t.  Unless, like me, you run around with a G19 strapped in your Gunfighters Inc Kenai on your chest… Trust me!  Law and order is a lot more comfortable.  Especially while writing a column or watching TV around the house.

Do the dim-witted followers of such rabble really think that’s progress?  Buy plane trips for ’em to Venezuela to check out how it all ends.., Maybe some would return smarter.  [Or, if not, drop ’em off over Cuba.]

Like I said, we’re waiting for Barr to lay out the battle lines.  And yes, using the internet to coordinate uprising moves (or cell phones, too) crosses state lines, thus qualifies as interstate insurrection…OOPS!

For websites that have gleefully called for violence.  Tisk, tisk.  How stupid is that?  Old journo’s know better.  Read law, understand the Rules of Law.  But the baby wannabes of today?  Pahleeze

In the Shorts

Too much of nothing? YouTube has a bitcoin scam problem, too, lawsuit says.”

Inquiring consumers want to know: Why CBD products are getting cheaper”  One answer is most weed – if you just over-ripen from highest THC levels will drop down to more on the CBN side (body high, as opposed to head trip).  Easy to just leave on before harvesting a bit longer till all the leaves….Wait!  How would I know all this?  Shit…must be channeling info, or something…

What does Monkeyhammered mean?  Here’s your chance to see the word in use: Futures Slide As Gold Gets Monkeyhammered After Hitting $2,000.  If you don’t care about the gold prices, click over here and you’ll find a monkeyhammer is really a kind of drop press.

The Jobs that WON’T Come Back:  “Study Finds Nearly 50% of Businesses Around the World Will Increase Robotic Process Automation Adoption due to COVID-19.” What will 7.66 billion people do to remain amused?  Why, start killing one-another, of course!  But that’s getting ahead of the story…

Gosh, all this is soooo exciting, I’m going to the throne room to await the Housing Data…

Write when you get rich, bust out, or find gold.

13 thoughts on “The Fed’s “Big Game””

  1. Something I could never understand is why accounts receivable are counted as assets. Have you never had a debt owing to you go unpaid?

    • Separate line entry on the P&L usually “Provision for bad debt” which offsets against uncollectable AR. Which is then sold off to “factoring companies” – which buy unpaid debt at a 80-90% discount and they collect only on 5% but it makes enough money to be an “industry” lol.
      God ain’t this a great country? Where “bad debt” is a business model?

    • an easy way to look at it is to think of yourself. you have cash. that’s an asset, right? then you decide to buy a boat, car, house, tools. all assets, right? so then you take some of your money and loan it to a friend. the friends signs a some paper that shows he owes you money. that credit paper is an asset, right? and like george said you could sell that credit paper to someone else (factoring). so cash can change into different forms of assets, but they’re all still assets.

  2. Yeah Stasi-G – how about splainin why ANYBODY would want Steal a “buttcoin” ?

    Talk about ‘purloin the sirloin”, why would anyone want to pilfer Crypto?

    “They are worthless frauds”, “Nothing There” I mean maybe Tether Gold cryptocoin , digicals-Gold equivalent..maybe.

    Surely the KING DOLLAR will ALWAYS be King, never losing Value/Purchasing Power..why its backed by THE FULL FAITH of Ure “representative” GOVERNMENT!

    What idiot would Want to steal a WORTHLESS FRAUD with NOTHING backing it “buttcoin”??

    @ $10,900 this AM – is UNHACKABLE, UNCONFISCATABLE, UN-STOPPABLE DECENTRALIZATION – No wonder the old PRICKS hate it..”who moved my cheese?”



      You forgot the most important UN word…. that It is… ( UNUSABLE) and is ten thousand nine hundred an exchange of US dollars.. or coin bytes.. it is only a number young man on a computer screen.. you don’t even have a usable coin.. and there isn’t any one that I know of around here that accepts them as a rate of exchange for any durable goods.. as for gold and diamonds.. you can exchange them.. but you have to locate a buyer then he takes his cut off of the top.. and will pay you what he thinks they are worth.. Granted the Dollar bill is about the same thing.. we are buying the promise that it is good.. what is good .. is we can put it in our pocket touch it feel it and trade it for durable goods..

  3. George, maybe the seeds supposedly from “China” is another part of “you can only trust something that is Federally regulated.” No small growers needed or wanted or legal.
    Another part of the control the food and you control the population.
    Maybe Baal Gates and his buddies can lend us some seeds from his repository?
    I am sure we can trust those guys because they love humanity especially if there are less of us.
    Similar to the counterfeit one dollar bills supposedly from “China”? Now you can’t even trust one dollar bills, maybe getting rid of all cash would be better for all!
    By the way your “Broken Web” book is looking more and more “coming to a city close to you.
    Myself and a lot of my buddies are noticing a lot of slow downs and web sites not opening.
    Similarly internet phone lines having clarity problems.

  4. No G19 in a chest rig but I do keep my S&W 686 with 4 speed loaders close at hand!!!

  5. Well George all the worlds problems have been solved. The tool store has revealed their own
    in store Credit Card with true 0% interest. I am chomping at the bit to get there and get some 40/80v tools. Stop all this nonsense. Buy more tools! BUY MORE TOOLS! Up to 36 months interest free. Wooo Hooo. Get one of everything.

  6. “U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr will be speaking (we think pointlessly) to the “fools on the hill” in the House”

    Did y’all notice the “speaking” amounted essentially to a bunch of 5-minute campaign speeches by the Democrats, with Barr pretty much not allowed to answer any “questions?”

  7. “Buy plane trips for ’em to Venezuela to check out how it all ends.., Maybe some would return smarter. [Or, if not, drop ’em off over Cuba.]”

    I would have said buy them tickets to Zimbabwe… or Darfur…a little more for the shock value.. but then I have a huge Question.. why pick on Cuba… I think they have had enough troubles in their life and are trying to pull out from it.. they are the ones that show us we could survive without china’s manufacturing capabilities..
    I do think we need More Sam’s in the world with his American made concept..
    I remember when a friend a single mother started working for the company.. I asked her how it was.. she proceeded to tell me the story about a real jerk for a manager.. he rode her like a cheap trick.. it was sad.. then one night just getting close to opening ( she worked overnights and was having daycare issues).. he had just filled his daily azz chewing (kids sick etc.. you know the score daycare just doesn’t want to watch kids that day etc..) and she broke down and started to cry.. she said this very nice older guy asked he whats wrong honey.. she proceeded to tell him about the jerk and his daily azz chewing etc.. the old guy was real simpathetic and said oh honey.. he’s not blank quality..
    It was Sam.. showed up in his old pickup went to work… no fan fare no lights camera’s action news nothing just sam.. she just retired from the store.. I don’t know what happened to the azz but there was a serious temperament change in the store..

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