A number of items on our list today – all falling under the general heading “Life at the Command Post.”  Of these, the most important is?

American “Purpose” Up for Grabs

A quick review of history should inform us of the obvious:  America is a great country, but only so long as there is a problem to solve.

The reason is simple economics:  When there is a problem, there is usually a great monetization.  America “leads the world” in turning problems into Gross Domestic Product.  Along the way, we have solved a lot of problems – both at home and around the world.

For instance, the (not-particularly) Civil War outlawed slavery.  And yet – with no one alive with first-hand memory of events – the House (run by lefties) is planning to second-guess previous congresses and set up a commission to “study” reparations.  Welcome to Historical Revisionism – one of the hallmarks of socialist-communist tactics.

But, we don’t need to read the Wall Street Journal’s take on D.C. events.  Because we already can see the effort to push America into a second (un) Civil War on multiple fronts.  It’s a “push-pull effort.” Goebbels would be proud.  The “push” is from “the street” and the “pull” is from cause-pandering media.

Take, for example, the blaring headlines about “dueling militias” marching on St. Louis with threats to “burn this motherf**ker down.”  The instructive part, in coverage over here, is that one of the groups on hand is from Atlanta.  Calling itself the “‘Not F*****g Around Coalition’.”  And they are pissed about the shooting death (a year ago) of Breonna Taylor.

Trouble In the Cities

But, now here’s the thing:  Why is an “armed milita’ group from Atlanta involved in  Louisville?  No problems in Atlanta?  Superficially, they were  peaceably assembling, since down buried in the story we notice “Five people were arrested by Louisville police officers Saturday but no violence was reported.”

Atlanta is 394-miles – so a tank of gas – each way.  But, that’s not what matters.  What matters, at least in the eyes of the FedGov is the  crossing of state lines.  Which, if done so with the purpose to  incite or to  insurrect becomes a federal crime…and this is what we see being played out all over the country.

Up in Portland, for example, more tear gas overnight as federal officers restored order being the communist-acting government of Portland has effectively sided with local insurrectionists.  This is all part of what we’ve been telling you for more than a year, now:  The “Online Uprising” is becoming a “Physical Uprising” because  someone (Hungary for answers, are we?) is footing the bill through front groups.

The same story is going on in Seattle.  Where, again, the communist-leaning city government neutered police b arring pepper spray.  Although, in fairness, Seattle P.D. did a good job of stopping local “revolutionaries” from pulling off a second Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in a showdown Saturday night.

Read the details of this last story careful, however.  Because the “commies on the Council” in Seattle tried to legislate tear-gas away from the cops.  In court, though, the U.S. Dept. of Justice prevailed holding that the local cops need to be armed with pepper spray in order to avoid escalating to a harder showdown.

The “Purpose Gap”‘

America has experienced a lot of “magical times” of coming together.  Fighting World Wars I and II.  Halting the Chinese communist-back take-down of South Korea.  Holding the Soviet Union in check.  But in addition to our raw militarism?  Good things – like going to the Moon.

Sure, these “big purpose” events take time – anywhere from 10-15-years.

But consider the massive public works of the Great Depression.  Marvelous stuff – Grand Coulee Dam, the TVA works…all that turned on power which led to the biggest increase in standards of living  every – anywhere – in the aftermath of WW II and Korea.

Looking for Purpose

As a writer, I try to spend a little time each week distilling the “big picture view” down to bite-sized concepts.

This weekend, a lot of neurons fired over this “purpose gap.”

Lots of groups are working on monetization of it – totally get that – but since it’s pretty clear to us who is behind a lot of not only civil misconduct, but also open borders and the like, we have to wonder why a military near us hasn’t simply gone Predator or GlobalHawk on the source in Eastern Europe?

Because we expect that – as in the U.S. Civil War – the military was tasked with preserving the Union.  Which it did.  May do again.

Trafficking & Slavery are Alive and Well

The “meantime” is what bothers me.

Curiously, American “protesters” are very parochial.  If an offense happened in a certain city, then social media can turn out people.  Click, click, monetize.  FB and Twits don’t censor for that, near as we can see.  Tisk, tisk.

But, what of the real and ongoing global trafficking and slavery?  What about groups like the UK’s AntiSlavery.org.  No, they don’t take over parts of cities or go off the “deep end” dissing Trump.  Instead, they’re working on the underlying issues.  Here’s how the group explains itself:

  • “Founded in 1839, we are the oldest international human rights organisation in the world.
  • Today, we draw on our experience to work to eliminate all forms of slavery and slavery like practices throughout the world.
  • We are not interested in easy solutions. Instead, we deal with the root causes of slavery and its consequences to achieve sustainable change.”

No bricks, no Molotovs.  Focus on the outcome.

Seeing the “Purpose Gap” in America

Yes, we’re going back to the Moon. OK, it will take five years. Thank China for that, however.  Because we’re going to make sure China doesn’t just grab the place.

Since the “response to terrorism” of 9/11 (and we still question WTC-7 and how much of those events were “made-up”) America has been paying a huge subsidy to the press by making up problems.  Like Global Warming, ne Climate Change.

The larger game afoot is a move to global government and the tools to “get there” are mainly economic.  The socialism path?  Tax escalation, dear reader.

Look at the menu, please – and the “offered solutions.”

  • Civil disorder in America:  Solution?  Reparations.  A Reason  to raise taxes.
  • Climate change:  Solution?  Regulations.  A Reason to raise taxes.
  • Coronavirus:  Solution? Free money for a while.  A Reason to raise taxes.
  • Genderism/Sexism: Solution? Make-up and hire specialists.  A Reason to raise taxes.
  • Trade deficit: Solution? Trade war.  A Reason to raise taxes.

At some point, you have to see a pattern.

Which Is?

The  world doesn’t have enough resources to provide everyone with mega-yachts, private jets (say, isn’t that how Al Gore gets around?) and McMansions.  We just don’t have enough jobs.  Which is why the making up of “jobs” on the social front.

It’s all quite graceful.  At least from an “off-planet perspective.”

May be yucky on the ground for a while.

But for now, the Big Show continues before the dumbest, more self-important, narcissistic audience in world history.

Damn shame.  Too bad we can’t figure out something better to do with our talents.

Write when you get rich,


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