The Migration of Work (2)

We tackle the second part of the recent “dream realms experience” this morning.  It’s very much spot-on when comes to matters “economics.”

That’s because deep-down, at the root of all human endeavors is the “key question” – what are we all doing here?  And as I think you’ll agree, when we look at the migration of work over millennial time-scales, something very useful comes into focus.

Beyond that?  Well, no podcast this morning – not enough time in the day for all things.

But, if it’s any consolation, that called Wednesday as a possible “Market Top” is looking not only interesting, but maybe a few bucks toward lunch on that one.

So, buckle up (and bean up) and off we go again…

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15 thoughts on “The Migration of Work (2)”

  1. “Lockdown or not?
    Parents decide whether to send kids back to school as coronavirus spreads faster than ever. As Virus Surges Worldwide As Public Loses Faith In Authorities.”

    They have to……

    after deregulation and the outsourcing of jobs.. the mom having to enter the workforce.. and with the rising cost of living.. just look at the price variables for necessity items..they are through the roof..
    My daughter and I were sitting around the fire last night and this came up.. we may want to protect our children.. but.. they have to make a living.. with the price increases of regular necessity items.. parents have no other choice than to go back to work to try and save a fraction of their lives that they had before covid…. many are way behind on their payments.. and behind on their rent.. due to option 2 so mom hasn’t got any other choice but to go to work.. school or no school .. I suggested a tutor and the one room school house view.. get twenty families together each paying a portion of the teachers wages.. for nine months and they spend about 200 a month.. per family the ratio of exposure is now limited to the twenty families..
    the child gets the education.. and the virus is limited.. in a public school setting.. you have a much different scenario.. where the cross contamination is a lot more varied.. six classes a day with twenty students or more per class..
    that is why the colonies will fare much better.. they use the one room school house approach to education..

  2. We are warned multiple times to not believe in what we can see or in a man. We are to trust in the LORD and we have nothing to fear.
    Yes, something is coming, it’s called judgement. Judgement on a rebellious and wicked population.
    Many will not survive. Those that call on the name of the LORD, will be saved.
    It’s all in the Bible. Whether one believes it or not, it will still come to fruition. Blessings

  3. My daughter called me at 5am today.

    “I just had a dream for the second time this week!”

    Your Mom said you need to go to your brothers house and talk with him. She said your other brothers are not ready yet, so just talk to him. Then your Dad and your Uncle will be ready, and know what to do, so listen to them. Don’t forget the (some type of kitchen article that could hold liquid) or the other things. Your Dad knows what.

    And why haven’t you got my headstone finished? It’s downright disrespectful!”

    Grandpa was watching from a porch in a swing, and started laughing when she said that.

    This is what I awoke to today….spoopy….

  4. Detroit opened “summer school” and the citizens are protesting. Detroit school goers are mostly black. The Detroit blacks think there’s a conspiracy to send blacks to summer school as Guinea pigs. COVID canaries in the school buildings if you will.

    And they are right. COVID cases are going up for the summer school school goers in Detroit schools.

    Now a federal judge ordered all Detroit summer school students to be tested for COVID.

    Another compliant of Detroit citizens is the readying of suburban schools to school their students from home during the next school year while Detroit schools are fumbling with face to face summer school instruction. That is, there is no Plan B in Detroit. Since Detroit isn’t focusing on the next school year, their students are going to fall further behind their suburban peers if schools don’t open/close unexpectedly early.

    Detroit protesters go on to explain the School Fund was borrowed to build the stadiums and never paid back. That’s why suburban schools have computers while Detroit doesn’t, the mayor blew the school fund.

    Good times.

  5. Fascinating article today, though the humidity here is unbearable this monsoon. It’s changing me into a sleepy guy with “almost” dreams. Go with the flow, I suppose.

    There was a possible typo that I couldn’t grok: “getting off east is learning to be non-local”. I have no idea what “getting off east” means. I also noticed that there was no stage seven!

    I’m not complaining. I can’t even remember more than that I had a dream – no content whatsoever, and that’s a major improvement from when I didn’t even know I had a dream. This second life stuff is confusing. Yes, I do have this sense of dread/foreboding, since I can’t really trust society or those minions who claim to rule it. Humid weather doesn’t help. There are apparent “lockdowns” and quarantines in various states, yet the specifics are not clear to me at all. I do have compelling reasons to make a long trip interstate and can’t figure out the rules at all. I don’t see things getting any better in the foreseeable future.

  6. Mandatory testing of entire school populations is a terrible idea given how shoddy the tests are.
    False negatives and positives abound, the tests are neither specific or definitive- that’s straight from CDC FAQ on their site under what does a positive mean. Hard to believe this is not a major scandal…..since it is the foundation for this whole fiasco.

  7. Good luck during HH. Stay dry…
    In August 2019 and before the first case of COVID, the 30 year German bond offered a less than negative 0.25 percent in interest payments.
    Something was seriously amiss globally before the pandemic. And that something was cumulative un-repayable German, Euro and et. al. global debt. Central Banks pushing on the thinnest of floppy strings is the appropriate verbiage.
    The deterministic sudden crash devaluation of global equities, commodities, gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies over the next five trading days – which, if reviewed, will elevate asset-debt macroeconomics to a patterned science – is principally due to that accumulated un-repayable debt – not a virus.
    From a US-centric point of view, 38 years of a Volcker-less Federal Reserve Central Bank and 25 years of a Perot-less NAFTA global expansion policy has led the US to where it is – without sufficient toilet paper and without government-provided US mass-produced masks.

    • As always your thoughts are most appreciated.
      BTW, as a medical professional (in addition to being a the fractal economist…like that’s not enough) – is George the olny sane conservative – wearing a masked and doing the hot zone with clorox for all coming home – and avoiding people like the…er… plague?

      Good luck Monday!

  8. Deep thoughts to ponder. I have long felt like a spiritual ‘observer’ of the this show we call ‘life’. Yes, I feel something is coming. Hope to stay around long enough to be a ‘teabag’ to change the hot water surrounding us into something more pleasant.

  9. Hurricane WARNING posted for the island of Oahu & Honolulu. Looks like a direct hit coming. Gonna be a nasty day on Sunday. I will be ‘fringe riding’ on the Big Island.

  10. yeah whatever .. more importantly the hippie is cooked .. dalio sacked heaps from swampwater (Bridgewater) , employees filing for repatriation .. and his darling the alpha fund about to go woop .. so good , sing , ! sing !.. professor dalio starts the chain reaction .. wow .. I love rayard kipling

  11. “Sorry folks”, I explained, “if I can’t guarantee my safety and yours as I drive, I cannot wear a face mask, as per policy, in good conscience as I operate the vehicle you are aboard ,so I must tender my resignation.”
    Time to fully retire and no longer serve my community after 37 years of carrying a commercial license. And no, tests, immunizations or vaccines for this Covid or any other dis- ease, thank you very much. (Read- Plague Of Corruption.)
    So bring on the great global economic reset- “Suckers”per G. Gordon Kiddy. While you’re at it merge the US Treasury with Federal Reserve Banks-“Suckers” and Damn sound money, no Ka-ching,Ka-ching -just round it on up. It’ll hyper- inflate before your eyes are open. Social Security? Who needs social security? We have each other and the IMF to hold hands with. Oh sorry, I forgot, memories come with a price tag. You won’t need them anymore only a new upgrade to deal with each new plandemic. Until eternal bliss via nirvana upload. No more culinary or procreational related activities necessary! No down time allowed!

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