CV-19 – Morsels of Future – Byte-Sized Attacks

Another notch in our “predictions” about future.

You’ll remember me telling you (repeatedly) that there would never be an effective, single vaccine because the CV-19, son of SARS/Cov-2 is continuing to mutate.  And likely will for years as it adapts to a host that’s trying to kill it.

I told you this would be like the common cold – for which there is  also no vaccine.

Today?  Wouldn’t you know it?  We read how Bill Gates is saying multiple doses of vaccine may be needed .  No telling how many billion he could have saved by looking at things through the  lens of comment sense.  But, we’ve been saying it  consistently.

Another “late to the party” group is the “Fooled and Drugged Administration.”  Where “US Could Hit 300,000 COVID-19 Deaths By The End Of Year, Former FDA Commissioner Says.”  Said it 2-days ago.  Of course, we’ve been using those numbers (and higher) since  mid-freaking March.

In fact, thanks to masks being turned into a political clusterf*ck instead of a medical medical strategy, our year-end moderate case now calls for >500,000 dead in the U.S. by New Years with cases in the vicinity of 60-65-million. Politicians spewing on  masks is constitutional malpractice.

Here’s the problem – which we’ve been kicking around in the Comments section:  IF there is “herd or community immunity” that won’t happen until well over half of Americans have contracted the virus.  Unfortunately,  that’s a mighty big number.  Half of 330-million is? 165-million – and even a good “save rate” might still kill 5%, which pencils out to? 8,250,000 dead.  Next year, not today.

Grim stuff, but – the good news in all this – is that the virus may simply mutate to something far more benign between now and then…which would be a dandy outcome, though it would cost Mssr. Gates a fortune, or three.

Looking Ahead?

Seems to us that Americans have “self-selected” in one of several major camps:

  • Political Mask Aversion (PMA)-types.  The common identifiers of this group are slogans like “It’s all phony”, or “The Virus will disappear after the Election”, or “I am standing up for might Rights…”
  • Virus Terrorists (VT’s):  “Mask up!”, “Lock down”, “Close schools for at least a year…”, “Stay home”, and “Economy be damned!”
  • Rational Non-Partisans: (RNP’s) Slogan free, use sensible precautions (just in case) and avoid other people.  C, D, Zinc and hot zone protocols as an “in case.”

While this lays out the human side, what we find more remarkable than anything is the Financial aspects.

To Review

The Market is crazy, of late.  I want you to think back to the middle of March.  Market was putting in its lows.  Since then:

  • Airlines, hotels, and car rental outfits have filed for bankruptcy.
  • Unemployment has soared.
  • The federal deficit is screaming higher.
  • A huge wave of home foreclosures is close at hand…

So we have to ask ourselves “WTF is with the market going higher?”

Ure Answer in Plain Site

There has been at least a 30% increase in people not working and business activity cratering.  But, the Federal Reserve has simultaneously pumped over 30% more money into the economy as revealed in their H.6 Money Stocks report.

The bad is balanced off but the surreal nature of it all is astounding.

The yellow highlights?  We are six months into CV-19, so we’re guided by the six-month print rates.

Ask yourself “Why is the market up?  Why are Gold and Silver up?  Why are commodities up?  What is everything normal when everything is really all screwed up???”

The “Magic of Liquidity.”  Without it, we would be in a Second (and Greater) Depression than ever before in America’s history.

Crashing the Market on Trump

You may have missed studying the stock market for (gulp!) 45-years.  But there are recurring patterns.  One of this is a late summer high and a fall collapse.

Assuming you know that Trump canceled the Jacksonville part of the GOP convention (Trump explains decision to cancel Jacksonville part of GOP convention: ‘Setting an example’) what are the “historical rhymes” and how MIGHT they fit with what’s to come?

Well, historically, there is  often (not always) a  tradeable summer rally.  And then things are set for a fall sell-off.  Since the presidential election will be November 3rd this year, and democrat “attack ads” blaming the projected coming crash on Trump would need good reach and frequency (in marketing terms to be highly impactful), we can see the market peaking, oh…ABOUT NOW.

While the “futures” look like a downside open is at hand, a late-session rally to “finish off the run” at the top of the right-most “trading boxes” would be about as graceful as could be imagined, if that’s the play today:

The problem is that the “peek-a-boo” high was not on a weekly closing basis.  Although, if we break convincingly under the 50 day moving average (and then take out support) it would be time to check in with the dust bunnies.

What’s Coming?

Lefty Field Day with the (cheap, pseudo) drama of Slo Joe picking his successor V.P. nominee.  The Amazon post roles ’em out this way: The 12 most logical picks for Joe Biden’s vice president, ranked.  While we think it odd that NPR is running large with “Susan Rice, Perhaps An Unlikely Contender, Lands On Biden’s VP Shortlist.”

Useless Opinions

We would like to draw your attention to the center-stage of American Political Kabuki where the NY Times is out with an opinion that “Millions of Americans Are About to Lose Their Homes. Congress Must Help Them...”

Is  Kabukiness a word?  Here’s the Kabuki part:  The NY Times ought to be grown-up enough to know that the House will NEVER allow a meaningful bill (like rolling back foreclosures further) BEFORE the election.  Sorry, but in the cold cruel  political reality, is that for the Fools on the Hill, the game for the next 102 days is to run a massive “Pin the Woes on Trump” campaign.

Trump is blamed for the virus…and by congressional delay…this pins foreclosures on Trump (the idiots themselves will avoid blame – they’re especially good at that!).  Why, toss in a bigly/escalating “war of words” with China… The big, orange piñata, right?


Huge hype today about how the U.S. has been ordered by China to close one of our consulates in China.  This, after we ordered China to close their Houston field office which was – by some accounts – little more than a front for a massive technology spy ring.

One easy way to Trump to get “back in the saddle” would be to have a high profile stare-down with China.  Except, since we don’t make much of anything in ‘Merica anymore, this could backfire into a major blow-up in the Trade War, in which case all though tools out in the shop I’ve been investing in could become worth (cue Vanna!)  Big Money, Big Money!

Russia’s Probing Us, Too

Wired  has good coverage of “Russia’s GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy Targets:  previously unreported Fancy Bear campaign persisted for well over a year—and indicates that the notorious group has broadened its focus.”  You have to read it and imagine what turning off the grid and the web would do to us.  Who needs EMP when you’ve got script-kiddies organized?

Again, this is why UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics are BOTH STATIC IP ADDRESSES now.  Please make a note of it.  (We don’t want to be held hostage to a working DNS system, especially during DDoS attacks.

UFO Follow-up

We certainly didn’t plan for UFO’s and the sighting details on the  Peoplenomics side to be part of a bigger wave of things.  But, in the headlines today, “Pentagon’s UFO hunting department was NOT disbanded in 2012 as stated and could now give public reports every six months amid claims it found ‘vehicles not made on this earth’.”  What…the Pentagon lying?  Nothing new there…

As always, however, we check things out carefully and methodically because all things UFO have to be taken clinically, not at face value.

For example, an  IBT story this week rolls big with a “fleet of UFO’s over Connecticut…” Problem is?  The sighting was in 2005.  15-years ago.  Pass the click-bait?

Ham Radio Help Needed

Picked up a classic Johnson Viking 2 transmitter on eBay last week.  Problem is I don’t have a suitable VFO for it.  My “dream VFO” would be a Johnson model 122 or a Hallicrafters HA-5 VFO…

So, spread the word among hams you know, George is shopping!  Lines are open, operators are standing by!

Weekend Weather

If the tropical storm in the Gulf – Hanna –  heads up the Rio Grande Valley, all we will likely see will be thunderstorms and a piddle of rain.  Tropical Storm Hanna forms in Gulf of Mexico as Gonzalo holds steady.  Will we get any “compression heating here”  The Dallas Morning News says Hot and humid today with Tropical Storm Hanna nearing the coast.

Our readers out in “Howahyah” are getting ready for a soaking, too as Hurricane Douglas Heads for Hawaii...”

OK, Dow futures down 100 with 58-minutes to the ding… The lawn tractor calls…right after oatmeal…

Write when you get rich,

75 thoughts on “CV-19 – Morsels of Future – Byte-Sized Attacks”

  1. I found a mini-conspiracy from the New England Journal of Medicine. The article goes on to detail the guillotine gates that will be used to get us into the vaccination pens.

    Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2

    “If the proposed trigger criteria were met, what might a vaccination mandate look like? Because the constitutional power to protect public health rests primarily with states, each state will need to adopt its own legislation. ”

    “Although state vaccination mandates are usually tied to school and day care entry, that approach is not appropriate for SARS-CoV-2 because children won’t be a high-priority group. In addition, state mandates should not be structured as compulsory vaccination (absolute requirements); instead, noncompliance should incur a penalty. Nevertheless, because of the infectiousness and dangerousness of the virus, relatively substantive penalties could be justified, including employment suspension or stay-at-home orders for persons in designated high-priority groups who refuse vaccination. Neither fines nor criminal penalties should be used, however; fines disadvantage the poor, and criminal penalties invite legal challenges on procedural due-process grounds. Both are bad public health policy for a Covid-19 vaccine because they may stoke distrust without improving uptake.”

    • What a mess. As far as I know we don’t mandate the flu shots, but a large number of people choose to attempt to protect themselves. As a company owner, I would try to find a way to pay for or subsidize my employees to get a covid shot (if one if found to actually work). Because I don’t want them out for 2 weeks to several months. If they choose not to get them, I would like to be able to opt out of any medical payments or other benefit payments for them not being able to work. You make your choices and live with the consequences. This is one of the primary reasons, I don’t like the idea of single payer health benefits. It takes one of the incentives for one to stay healthy. Maybe if we do get a vaccine, the providers of care should be allowed to say, if you have been offered the vaccine at a reasonable cost and refuse, you are responsible for the first $10K of care related to a covid infection. I don’t agree with most policies to force citizens to take any actions, but instead would rather to provide incentives/disincentive to take actions. We are supposed to be a free people, that does imply we should be allowed to make bad decisions, but the state needs to ensure as much as possible, that you will suffer those consequences.

      • You are making lots of unfounded assumptions here:

        1) The ‘vaccine’ will work?
        2) If one is ill, the illness can be 1005 traced to the so called ‘Covid 19’ virus (as we have witnessed thousands of people die of many things unrelated to Covid 19, but have been tagged ‘Covid 19’ related death.
        3) That people would want to pay for very overpriced ‘health insurance’ to begin with.

        If the so called virus is mutating as quickly as the ‘experts’ say it is, then it is unlikely that any one vaccine will work. Hence, mandating that people take the vaccine to be covered by ‘insurance’ does not seem like a good way to prevent Covid 19.

        In the end, our health is up to us. Not a vaccine manufacturer. Forcing people to take vaccines will unleash it’s own kind of hell on the population. Like the movie ‘War Games,’ the only winning strategy is not to play. I don’t play – vaccines or over priced ‘insurance’.

      • We are company owners, and we would NEVER push our employees to do anything with their body that they do not want to do. WE will not be taking the covid-19 vaccination(s). IF everyone on this comment board, over the years, would educate themselves about ALL vaccinations, and the damage that they have done, ESPECIALLY to CHILDREN, they would realize that the VACCINE COURT, which pays BILLIONS out in DAMAGES to families that their children have been irreparably harmed, and others that have been hurt by these vaccinations.

        I would NOT trust ANY of these covid-19 Vaccinations.

        LOOB posted the doctor where he confessed that they put ABORTED BABY FETAL BOY/GIRL DNA cells mixed up together into the vaccinations, PLUS other stuff that they don’t tell us about which can cause GENERATIONAL harm.

        WHY would you take a vaccination?

        IF you believe in herd immunity, you can GET IT, without GETTING it!

        I can see that Dannion Brinkley was right, in his visions of 1975, that HEALTHCARE WOULD BE THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE FUTURE.




        THERE ISN’T ONE.


      • “LOOB posted the doctor where he confessed that they put ABORTED BABY FETAL BOY/GIRL DNA cells mixed up together into the vaccinations”

        Yes that is one way.. but lately scientists have discovered that they can grow those very same cells from your own tissues.. I seen them working on a way to treat a disease.. ( my goal was to be a histologist..I didn’t have the paper on the wall even though a year before I attempted to get the position it was an on the job training position ) anyway when I was taking the tour they were showing me how they were harvesting the cells and growing them even though the donor was an adult they still have those cells.. they are also working on making bullet drugs for cancer..
        Now I don’t understand all the in’s and outs of harvesting cells from umbilical cords but the umbilical cord is waste material that is discarded.. and from my perspective makes a lot of sense..

  2. Maybe the static IP are useful for you as the owner to be able to manage your content, but they will complicate your life over time, not being able to migrate as easy to new servers and such. They offer almost no advantage to everyone else. As much as I enjoy your content, it is in the bottom half of important Internet use. Company VPN, Banking, Investing, utility monitoring, email. If major DNS issues happen, there will be major geniuses in this field responding. Best case for individual people, use a couple of the major DNS providers in your home router of your individual machines, not your local ISP DNS. (One, Google These companies will get no traffic (and sell no ads or services) if their DNS is broken and you can be darn sure it will be their tippy top priority to get resolved.

    • DNS servers can always have their routing tables compromised with redirects to other than the real sites. It’s the perfect setup for MITM data capture or attacks, especially if a sovereign nation is in control of the operator of such DNS server. A direct conduit via static IP makes much more sense in a hostile environment – and the internet is becoming more so daily. It’s also faster with fewer points of failure, and the static IP’s can be placed in your Hosts file if you don’t want to remember a dotted decimal number. Personally, my home page resides on my hard disk with quick links to my commonly visited sites. I don’t leave referrer trails all over the place.

    • How do I point my router toward a “major DNS provider”? I use an old Linksys E1550 router. Do I enter the setup program and make the appropriate changes within the router? Finally, can you provide a few more DNS providers names and IP addresses that you trust?

      • If it’s stock, it should be in the “Setup” area. I hacked mine with DD-WRT years ago, so don’t remember, but mine is also in “Setup.” If your ISP is Xfinity or AT&T and you’re using a “provider” modem/router, it is locked into their DNS servers.

        This isn’t really an issue, though.

        As long as you have Internet access, even if you can’t do anything with it because of an ISP DNS error, you can adjust the servers your computer itself polls, and bypass your ISP’s servers… See:

        Xfinity owns a dominant portion of the nation’s backbone. They had a backbone switch in Chicago go tits-up a few years back, which made it nearly-impossible for EasternUS to connect to anything north or west of the Illinois/Indiana State Line (Marquette to Shreveport, for those following along on a map), or WesternUS to connect to anything east of same, and the outage lasted the greater part of three days.

        Having access to a working DNS server (or a list of static IPs) does not fix this, and it is the reason most CN, NK, RU, UKR, SIB, BEL, and Iranian hackers (and a brave, stupid few from the US, UK, and Scandinavia) play on USGov sites, but explore our routers and switches. It is a great honor (amongst the black hats) to access any USGov website (even NWS, which is personally annoying to me) but the DIAMOND JEWEL would be to crack Cisco’s firewall. Were one to release a timed worm into the wild which would bypass Cisco’s security, the Internet’s routers and switches would simultaneously die, and instantly thrust the entire world back to the 18th Century. There’d be no repair possible, and no EMP needed.

      • BTW, I don’t “trust” any DNS server, and neither should you. It’s not a question of trust, but one where you make a guess of which companies are most-likely to get a backup server online, most-quickly, should an issue occur. Best bets are companies like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle, who have a HUGE vested interest in the Internet being 100% reliable. Worst bets are “sexy” targets for script-kiddies like banks, backbone providers, ISPs, or any site ending in dot-gov or dot-mil…

  3. As President of Carbon Dioxiders Anonymous,I wish that everything in life were as simple to solve as is this virus.Quercetin,Zinc,Goldenseal D3,DHEA,and Melatonin are kryptonite to it.

    At least for the first time since 1969,I’ll be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square.Maybe I’ll bring my boom box to play Kate Smith’s God Bless America at midnight.I hear that CBS is in a snit,having to pay Guy Lombardo’s descendants for re-running his last show that night.

    • Yes, this is easy to solve with the right lifestyle and supplements – but the entire ‘Covid 19’ thing is not about a simple virus and health. It is a global political football that has morphed into a global cataclysm. Very sad but true!

  4. Something that’s been discussed before — but is worth a brief re-think…

    Sudden, complete, and permanent internet loss — at any moment, and never be back. (Or, never back in a useful, timely way.)

    Foreign element attack, super-killer wildfire virus, physical infrastructure attack and destruction — hitting the Big Servers directly with Rapid Pyrotechnic Energetic Disassembly Devices.

    Suddenly — like right now, this very second — GONE!.

    We’ve seen the long lists of related stuff that would be crapped out — ATMs, gas pumps, retail sales points, on-line shopping. Computer Aided 911 and responder dispatch comms… Traffic light control…

    Everything “webby.” Gone. Instantly. Not to (quickly, at lest) return.

    How many days can you “last?” — Define that any way you like.

    Can you do a week? A month? Longer?

    Engineers (I are one, essentially) ASSUME that Bad Events CAN be headed off (or at least mitigated) with knowledge, proper hazard definition and identification, a little True Science, and some good preemptory thinking and action. (Which is why airliners don’t often crash for the same reason twice.)

    They’re scratching at the gates right now. They could get lucky at any time, or we could out-smart them forever. I assume that long-term, one day, we’ll have a brief lapse, or they’ll have a little good luck — and The Game will be afoot!!

    It ain’t an IF…


    • @William of the Radio Ranch

      the attacks will be done to us by our own government….the plan and agenda is in full bloom as we speak….water pumping will be far more important then internet….as in most water stations rely on wifi for control of their equipment…….gotta have some water stored for use….100% gotta have item…

      • work in the water well field. I take care of the scada systems. we dont use wifi, just radios, going to fiber optic soon. we serve 1 million people.

  5. I know most people think we only make web sites here in America, but our country has basically been the sole source for oil and gas innovation since Howard Hughes. For example, I am currently on a project that has actually had chinese guys filming our testing, to the point that we put up a 12 ft fence around the property. That cannot hide the 50 ft tall drilling rig, but it does hide the human activity around it.

    When we went to the field for IRL testing, we had been there on a farmers land for 3 days when we had cars showing up. They drove to the gate right next to the rig, and you could clearly see the chinamen filming us. We had to move the gate back…

    The Wired article about GRU is something a lot of us in the Energy Services bunch have been experiencing. Over the last year, it has become routine to receive phishing emails from a busted account of one of your buddies. We are a small group, so usually a phone call gets made, the person hacked notified and the account shut down.

    Now, we can’t help blissfully ignorant corporate types who rely on some “IT guy” to hold their hands, A good password spray will usually net a few. Fortunately, it isn’t the exploration companies (Exxon, Anadarko, etc.) where the tech resides – it’s us, the service companies. And the big ones are not where the innovation happens – they just wait and buy it from entrepreneurs.

    It’s really interesting that there was no mention of Chinese hacking, since we have also been seeing that kind of phishing for several years. LinkedIn has been hacked by China and no announcement made. We just figured it out trading info amongst ourselves and self-alerted. You can’t put anything on Link and not expect to get phished or spammed if you are an oilfield entrepreneur. They target us constantly.

    This is a direct quote from Tucker Carlson last night; “Apparently just recovered, are off world vehicles not made on this Earth”

    Now, is this another limited hangout or a full blown psy-op from the clandestine services? Who knows… but that quote caught me flat footed. Maybe it’s time for them to roll out the Aliens since the virus curve is slowing and the Pantifa types are stalled or being curtailed…??

    I listened to Pompeo speech from the Nixon Center yesterday – I agree with what he said, even if he is not the most likable guy. I and several friends have been on the receiving end of “Chinese business” practices – and I have to say it is completely true that everything they tell you is a lie, and they will tell you exactly what you want to hear to get what they want. They bring lots of money, but just like doing biz with Triads or Yakuza – the strings are thick and ropy in every deal, and you always lose because they will kill your business to get their hands on it.

    Cutting off the CCP needs to happen; the Russians are just a sideshow or else being used as a cover. Believe the FBI if you want, but if these last 3 years have taught us anything, it should be that the FBI and the DOJ cannot be trusted.

    Off to prep for rain from the storm approaching Houston. George and my farm ought to get some much needed rain this weekend!

    • Fences are always good, but if it really matters, think drones or even private aircraft with cameras. Drones could easily be missed due to the noise of the wellhead activity on the ground. There may be a way to get your property declared off limits to drones – the laws are changing fast in that area.

      Watch the skies!

      • I agree. My little Chinese drone with its little Hassleblad camera (6x optical / 250x digital zoom) is a marvel to behold, but I play with it with the understanding every frame of its 30 / 60 / 120 fps of hi-def video is being beamed back to China, along with GPS coordinates, altitude, and compass direction. With a ceiling of 2500m, a 7km range, and a 30min flight time, I could damn near spy on the next county — and mine’s a toy. “Serious” photo-drones now have REAL capabilities…

      • “Serious” photo-drones now have REAL capabilities…”

        Not to mention load carrying and deliverance capabilities Ray.
        A few years ago I read a report about how china turned on all the cameras.. the baby monitors security cams..
        A while back a friend decided I needed an ipad..anyway I didn’t want it but would let the grandson watch youtube kids cartoons. One day he came up and to change the channel. On the ipad was my friends wife getting out of the shower..somehow hy e had tapped into the cloud. Over the course of a couple weeks I had attempted to get him to understand just how vulnerable he was..In a photos ffg older i kept dropping in a picture of the luckiest man alive.
        He thought I was being a smart but so I had his kid talk to him.. he called me and I said I thought he would get a clue over the beavis and butthead videos and the guy. He said what guy so I sent him the link.. he said that’s the pervert.. he file was his doorbell file. Everytime I put the photo in the file his doorbell would ring.. lol

    • I agree – I mean the DOJ let the most important person capable of providing the information to drain the swamp from both sides of the aisle be murdered under Barr’s watch …

  6. As you can see with this link from the CDC they stopped tracking FLU cases in April because it wasn’t flu season anymore.

    The RNA sequencing for the test we’re developed to give more false positives. Also the epidemiologist is NYC have been furloughed months ago an they defunded much of it. Money the federal government gave it went to the “hospitals.” A little bird told me about it from inside. So not exactly sure how they are coming up with the data when no subject matter expert is working on this.

    This is all part of “The Great Reset!”

    • LOOB; gotta laugh at that article, did you see the Goldsholle, and the Rothschild? I mean, come on….you notice they NEVER talk about the millions of illegals who have stolen millions of jobs from American’s keeping the wages low AND thus stopping upward momentum!!!!

      • “you notice they NEVER talk about the millions of illegals who have stolen millions of jobs from American’s keeping the wages low AND thus stopping upward momentum!!!!”

        you are so right.. that is the wild card… the untold figures that are not calculated.. unfortunately since we don’t or won’t ever know what the true figures are..

      • what I was referring to.. is the anti aging sentiments and what could be done to cut the number of useless eaters .. the story aims the view upon the useless eaters stealing jobs for the young.. you already can read and hear a daily chant that those on social security are destroying the velocity of growth because they have to pay more.. ( even though the people that paid in money weekly to ss would have had millions to live off of if they had just had some choice in how it was invested.surely not with my congressman.. or for some war so that someone from another country could make billions off of)
        with covid hitting the elderly and those with underlying problems harder.. letting it ravage them.. cutting the number of useless eaters to suck up money that can be given to someone more worthy of getting it..even if it is just a dam number..

  7. Like th e old BTO song;

    You aint seen nuthin yet. Baby you ain’t seen within yet. It’s something you’ll never forget. You ain’t seen within yet.


      • The ranch is 20 miles to the nearest town of any size, pop 3600 +/-, with the closest neighbor being 1 mile away so it was easy to believe we were at least a few weeks from the blowback of the fit hitting the shan. Lately, that time frame seems to have shrunk to a couple of hours or probably less. Any time spent at all on a major highway and observing the behavior of the drivers will give a good indication of people’s current attitudes. Not only inside their bulletproof cars but also when they stop for food or fuel in small towns.
        I spend little time looking at more than news headlines. Too busy running the ranch and prepping for what’s ahead.

        It is only a matter of a short time for the Portland/Chicago, Atlanta, Albuquerque, level of nonsense comes to major cities nearby, KC, St Louis, Springfield. My daughter and Son in Law both are medical professionals who recently moved an hour outside KC to take their family away from the rot while they both make the drive twice a day their hospital in the middle of the worst part of the KC. I made the trip to their new place which is now 3 hours from here to help get them settled. That trip was most unsettling even with giving KC a wide berth.

        Stay safe.

  8. About the Jacksonville convention. If you recall, the GOP convention was originally supposed to be in Charlotte. When Governor Roy Cooper stressed that this needed to be a social distancing convention, Trump tweeted he wanted a 19,000 sell out of their arena” when Cooper couldn’t guarantee that Trump walked, leaving Charlotte holding a $17 million dollar debt. Trump wanted his sell,out crowd, COVID-19 and science be damned.

    So Jacksonville steps up. But in the past few weeks, Sheriff Mike Williams Along with many other local officials were doubtful That they could deliver a safe environment for conventioneers. Plus, conventioneers themselves were cancelling…because who want to travel to a COVID-19 HOTSPOT!!!

    So, to try to avoid another Tulsa fiasco, Trump cancelled…not because it was the right thing to do…but because he didn’t want small crowds. That would reflect on his perception of popularity.

    Trump is a fraud. A interview with Barbara Walters is resurfacing and I so wish that reporters would challenge him the way Walters did back in 1990. BTW, Trump hasn’t changed. He states in that interview that America was in a depression in 1990…which is why he was suffering financially. While there was a very short lived 8 month recession, it was coming off of one the longest and most robust peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history. The 1990 recession was one of the mildest, shortest in the modern era…hardly a reason for Trumps Woes…it was just a bunch of bad business decIons. He talks of his Trump shuttle in this interview being so successful…again another whacked out statement not based on fact. It was never profitable and defaulted on the debt in September of 1990, just weeks after the Walters interview. Same old Donald

    • Can’t wait for the debates to begin so we can witness Trump handily chew up Basement Biden and spit him out during the first round. Doubt if Dementia Joe will find his way back to his bunker.

      • ALAN,
        HAHAHAHAHAHA! My neighbors yappy terrier can out debate Trump. What alternate world do you live in? You listen to too many edited clips of Trump on Fox…Go to another news channel where they let him speak freely. The more he talks the dumber he sounds…which is quite a feat considering how dumb is already is….which is exactly why CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the news media cover ALL OF HIS press conferences. Let the people decide…not some state run media outlet like Fox.

    • @marx

      as always you are stuck unto your OWN opinion…..which is too say an audience of the same amount

    • The thing that strikes me about the Barbara Walters interview is that this happened 25 years before Trump had any aspirations to become President. The same things they are saying about Trump today are the exact same things they said about him 25-35 years ago. He was NEVER liked…especially in New York. Nobody said anything about Trump Derangement Syndrome in 1990. He was a laughable cartoon figure then and remains so today.

      Listen to his words in the interview…The exact same schtick he uses today. I will say one thing about him…he has a script and he stick to it…but…that doesn’t make him a good leader or especially POTUS…It just makes him a self promoter. EMPHASIS on SELF!

      • One wonders how such a successful RE “salesman” as Ure self ever sold a dam thing WITHOUT promoting Ure Business offerings.

        TRUMP is the BRAND –


        Real ENTREPRENEURS fail – several times with new Businesses..

        U must truly bee a sales genius!

      • Sorry to clue you in, Mark…but reality is you’re SO far left most of the readers of George’s site regard your posts as nothing but NOISE!!!

        Instead of bothering we adults, why don’t you go back to the kiddies at Nuttington Post or some other liberal rag?

        Hell, I’ll bet you even support BLM!

      • Mark,
        I wonder if while you’re making love you call out Donald?
        Blessings, despite the distorted nonsense.

      • “He was NEVER liked…”

        He has their respect.. for what he has been able to do.. fail than rebuild.. his company retention levels tell that story.. with what is it.. eighty percent retention of employees.. very very few companies have those bragging rights.. and everyone gets a meal .. and all of his employees feel that he is accessible to them to bare their souls on problems they have..
        many bosses don’t have that.. many have employee’s that they don’t have a clue that they even exist..
        take health insurance as an example.. many companies just offer health coverage to the full time employee’s or executive’s of a company ( everyone has health coverage for them and their families from what I have been able to read in a trump business).. yet they complain about the cost increasing.. but if you have three hundred employee’s that don’t have insurance and each one has medical expenses of a thousand dollars.. or three hundred thousand dollars going out of the hospitals budget from people that cannot pay these expenses.. the hospital just doesn’t print money up like the federal reserve.. so they have to increase rates and rentals of office space etc….insurance companies with a business model that says they have to make money in turn have to raise their rates for those special people at the top with insurance employees are now dissatisfied because their once adequate wage ratio is not able to make those added expenses so they spend less money .. its the wheel of life cycles and business cycles..
        I am personally terrified at what insurance rates will go up this year.. with covid..I am sure we are talking about billions of dollars that they have to make up for..since they can only go up once a year that date is coming up pretty quick.. I have been adjusting the budget as we go but being reluctant to do any massive changes until I know what is going to be coming our way.. health insurance is about fifty percent of our income ..

      • Mark, do you ever realize that the only alternative we had 4 years ago was Billary? I wished for Cruz or Dr. Carson but we wound up with Trump. People like you are what has kept Trump from accomplishing what he set out to do. I know you consider yourself an intellectual and are as offended by Trumps anti-intellectual approach and presentation as the guy on Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe (who is a unapologetic Democrat unlike you) but it exposes your prejudice toward anyone you consider beneath you. Objective criticism on one thing but – You. Are. An. Unabashed. Elitist. You must have something on George to be allowed to keep posting your tripe here.

      • LOL Ure finds the whole discourse totally fascinating.
        Go reread how I break it down when comes to virus and Trump and all:
        Lovers, haters and rationalists trying to make sense of the whole ball o wax.

      • Here is a blanket “You Are All Delusional” call out to all that replied to my comment. I really feel sorry for your condition. Get well soon. I will send you a nice card.

      • Mark, you are not going to cast that “blanket” onto the folks who replied to you, because you have it so-tightly wrapped around yourself it can’t be removed.

        Here’s a suggestion: How ’bout WE ALL just sit back, relax, and not take politics seriously in George’s space, for the next four months? It is not a sporting event, and what will happen, will, regardless of the degree of vitriol with which we comment to, for, or against one-another. I’m not suggesting to not “cuss & discuss” it, but to just not take the BS part of it seriously.

        The fact Mark thinks we are flaming idiots, and we think Mark is a flaming idiot, is moot. Chances are, none of us are correct on this, and we’re all just being caught up in the BS the lamestream is using to try and whip the entire country into a mindless frenzy — The operative term being “mindless.”

        Sharpen your wits and keep them about you, but refuse to play the damn’ game of “mindless.” We’re going to have much bigger (and worse) issues with which to deal, shortly…

      • Mark may be a little left of MY views, but I enjoy learning from him, the Oilman and occasionally Andy! The insight about west coast real estate, the oil patch and many other ideas can’t be found on most other websites.The main reason for reading the comment section, is to learn and get a point of view from others!

    • “I wished for Cruz ”

      He said the right things.. what killed it fo rdd me was his attendance record. Only made it to work a third of his work time.. which in that full time gig is less than a month so he went to work about a week in a whole year.

      Carson now he was a man.of distinction and glass.. he had my vote. Trump surprised me by trying to accomplish exactly what he said he would. He really got my support when the endless attacks started two weeks before he took office .
      I will vote for him.. the fact that they spent how many billions in a two week period.

  9. Hurricane DOUGLAS is coming this weekend. Looks like it will track slightly north of the Big Island and roll over Maui and Honolulu Sunday. Big Island is sure to scrape lots of moisture off the southeast quadrant of the storm. Maui has a 10,000 ft mountain that might bounce the storm a little bit to the north side of it. My volcano ranch is secured. We can handle the water here (took 54″ in 24 hr. during hurricane LANE a year or two back). Populated Maui and Honolulu are more problematic for water drainage. Emergency shelters struggling with ‘social distancing’ and possible medical issues. I’ll be sheltering with my elder-care Papa in Hilo Saturday night to be sure he’s OK. Stocked, prepped, and books to read if the power fails. Bring it on!

  10. Hi George,

    You mentioned the wearing of masks in your article. I was wondering what your view is on how the media and government officials are now constantly pushing the wearing of masks. There are several papers that have been published that show they are not effective at stopping a virus. Two examples here:

    My understanding is that even an N95 mask only filters down to .3 microns. The covid virus is thought to be around 100 nanometers. The masks that most people are wearing are much worse than the N95. From what I observe when I am out and about is that people are constantly adjusting their mask which I think could possibly raise your risk of getting the virus.

    The response to this virus just seems completely overblown. Seems like everything is politicized now. Crazy times!

    • It’s a percentage thing. If you are CV+ and wearing a mask, you are going to project a lot less sputum. It doesn’t eliminate your “virus aura,” but it diminishes it to the point you are unlikely to infect others. This is why cloth or surgical masks are “effective.” They don’t eliminate virus transmission, they eliminate or limit MASSIVE virus transmission. A mask does nothing to protect a CV- you from getting the virus from someone else.

      Real public protection for the wearer would constitute a BC-rated bunny suit with (an also BC-rated) rebreather — and a decontamination room on the front of your house, to hose off or irradiate the suit before removal. ‘Dunno about you, but I have no desire to go there…

      • I don’t know where in this post, you see any words by me which state, or even imply that I would believe everyone wearing a mask is a carrier.

        I believe everyone who’s wearing a mask PROPERLY is “careful,” whether they are doing it voluntarily or under duress. That neither implies a person who’s wearing a mask or face-covering is CV+ or CV-, just that they are CV “careful.”

        BTW thanks for the status promotion, but I am not a performer, let alone a professional Rapper.

    • “The masks that most people are wearing are much worse than the N95. From what I observe when I am out and about is that people are constantly adjusting their mask which I think could possibly raise your risk of getting the virus.”

      Sort of like the natural lamb prophylactic and the Trojan Magnum..the natural lamb although it works very good for controlling pregnancy it won’t stop an std from penetrating the cell membranes.. silly comparison.. but not really.. even though the std can penetrate the cell membranes and be passed along to the host or hostess.. it does stop or slow down the velocity of the penetration..
      I wear the masks because of dust anyway.. I still get dust.. if you have ever been in a wood shop situation just look at the masks.. they are dusty and dirty on both sides of the mask.. it does limit the amount of dust..
      the transmission is continuous and varied.. carried on products on the clothing of people on your skin.. in a hospital situation you must mask up in surgery or on the floor going into a room with a class three contagion double gown etc..
      the hospitals.. ( at least all of them that I worked at) have showers.. you as the worker should carry street clothing and after your shift.. you shower put your clothes in a dirty bag..,protects%20other%20employees%20from%20contamination.

      or a mesh bag and then double bag it..
      go home everything goes in the laundry and is washed.. what are the odds of someone catching the contagions off of your clothes.. very little.. I had calculated the odds one time.. it was in the millions to one.. but you are making an attempt to cut the flow..
      ( I have lost a few friends through the years because they didn’t follow protocols in place) Usually it is the Doctors that don’t follow the protocols.. which is why CRE is the next nasty bug that scared me spreading across the country.. one sneeze will spread the virus twenty something odd feet.. the show mythbusters put out a really good show on the travels of a virus.. all in all.. you aren’t protecting yourself as much as your protecting those around you and slowing down the velocity.. OH HEY.. they could have done the same thing slow down the velocity if they had gone option 1 like canada.. gosh golly who would have thought that..
      Now I think it is just about to late to go option 1.. well maybe not.. there are some of us that have been trying to limit our exposure to random people through the social distancing..
      ………………………so WEAR THE DAM MASK…………. its only for a few minutes during the day and your family and loved ones will thank you for it….schools.. the one room school house comes up.. limit the teachers and the students.. if you have twenty students for a teacher to teach.. then the obvious happens.. you limit the infectious spreading down to the twenty families..

  11. Ah yes all you hear about trump is Bad for the the 3 plus years he has been in office,, Years back we had a DR Goebbels of the Nazi party’s propaganda department, One of his statements was the longer and bigger lie the louder and longer we shout it the more people believe it until it becomes the truth, Another of his statements was give me the Child up to the age of 8 and I will give you the adult. both are true, Look at what the Government has done to Schooling and Listen to the Medias constant drumming abut Triumph. The Sheep are being led to the Slaughter House. It seems that most of the Sheep have lost the ability to think for their selves and the Medias have led them down the road to what ever is in the leaders plans which now looks like Socialism leading to Communism Very Interesting what the results will be but I bet it will not be very Nice

    • I leave you with this.

      Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV’

      If you people don’t know what that means, you are NOT paying attention

      • But what does that have to do with anything?
        You try selling property to temperamental clients while a covert group of people are constantly attacking your every move. That makes any task hard to accomplish.
        Also, when can you remember in your 65 years anyone showing such disrespect to the POTUS. Whether you agreed with him or not, everyone respected the office regardless of the man in it. What happened to that? Does DJT have such an affect on your judgement to cause you to do such a thing? I think not, but rather all the negativity perpetrated on us the people has greatly influenced many decent people to act indecently. Blessings

      • we dont usually look at Killary’s twitter feed
        Person,Woman, Man etc, quote
        you are a George Soros follower, lover, crony, stooge, cheer leader
        you brag about how you are an organizer/team leader, you said you attended FOUR BLM protests,, did you do what you are good at? Help organize them? anti American, destroy, protests/riots
        It all a cover and a distraction from the main event,leads to human trafficing,satanic,pedophiles, pedovores,Epstein Island,,Where is Gislaine Maxwell I would be scared of being hung for treason or 50 yrs at GITMO
        I dont blame you for hating President Trump,,druggies hate cops
        ADRENOCHROME,,I will just leave that here,,if you don’t know what that is, you are not paying attention

      • Trump is not worthy of anyone’s respect…EVER.
        He is a fraud and a Complete idiot . We deserve better. It’s so obvious that you HATE America to let a complete and utter imbecile run our country into the ground. A man that cheated on 3 wives, wishes a pedophile well…This blows my mind …Trump said he knows her Ghislane Maxwell and wishes her well? Makes me want to throw up.

        He is narcissistic. Misogynistic, has a 3rd grade vocabulary, is proud to have passed a cognitive test meant for Alzheimer’s and CTE patients and according to Mary Trump, whose book I just read…is unfit to be President of the United States. Generals Kelly, McMaster, Mattis, John Bolton, Rex Tillerson, Anthony Scaramucci, everyone part of a dream team in any other GOP POTUS’s administration, said the same. See the pattern? All of you have half the brain power of each an everyone of these people that criticize trump…Take a cue from them and wake the hell up.

      • @Mark we celebrate their going down the drain, we see them as swamp creatures;
        Generals Kelly, McMaster, Mattis, John Bolton, Rex Tillerson, Anthony Scaramucci, everyone part of a dream team

      • Mark, I wish you well
        has the DHS interviewed you yet, or are they just observing from a distance. several riot leaders are being monitored and arrested later by the feds since the democrat electorate are not doing their jobs

      • I was wrong Mark. You are not a decent person acting indecently or you would have thought about all the vitriol you spew out about our fkn leader. You will get your way and have your indecent president and you and all the other indecent people in this deteriorating republic will be the worse off. Call us sensible people what you will, but you are a shining example of what is wrong in this country. You have to be right so implicitly, that you make a total fool of yourself in the process. Once in a while you sound normal, and then prove yourself to be anything but. No blessings.

      • Steve Hollander.
        By responding to me…you want to be right as well. Each and every one of your posts that criticize me makes you look as foolish to me as you think I am when I rightfully criticize the worst leader of modern history.

        Circular arguments…except I have the facts, supported by eye witnesses and thousands of hours of video and tweets that can back it up….yours is just some odd, cultish bro-mance.

      • “worse leader in modern history”
        Your memory fails you Mark. There were way worse monsters in power than DJT. Think about it.
        I don’t care about who is right, but rather, reason. Like trying to reason with you but it’s no use. You just are filled with hatred. Too bad for you, as hatred only blinds us from the truth.

      • Hahaha Other Brother Darrel,

        You call Generals Mattis, Kelly and McMaster, as well as Tillerson Bolton and Scaramucci swamp creatures? Who hired those swamp creatures?

        Who stated “ I only hire the best people” ? If they were swamp creatures, don’t you think Trump, the self proclaimed swamp cleaner would have known who he was hiring? The truth is…they were all good people with great intentions that couldn’t stand the idiocy of their leader. Decorated Generals, CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies, etc were on his watch. They turned on him when they realized what a danger he was to this country…plain and simple.

        To the others…my words are the opposite of hatred. This is patriotism at its finest!

      • Bromance with who? You? Not my type. Stopped up ears and heart full of malice for a man that is made in the image of God like the rest of us. Remember what Christ said through His disciple John; “How can you claim to love God who you cannot see, when you hate your brother that you can see?”
        I don’t know Mark, some posts you are a regular guy and then you come out all political and filled with harsh words and unnecessary prosecution of the POTUS and anyone that may believe he is doing okay. You seem to not be happy unless you make everyone else unhappy. No dialog just battles. Must be exhausting. Anyway, best wishes, you may need them. ….. Cultist Steve

  12. In Las Vegas, NV. We now have 100 governmental workers going to all business in the state, small and big and handing out warnings, and fining business for no masks, or no social distancing. Wall Mart got fined 12,000 plus for something the other day. No one is exempt from the states mandate. Schools will be out of session till further notice, they want to ax the super of schools here, for some unknown stupid reason. We are back to phase one, but the casinos are still re opening thou, bars are shut down, most inside fast food is shut down, larger restaurants are still inside seating at 25 to 50 percent.

  13. Back around 2012 a study was published looking into why Ebola struck some areas of Africa hard and other, near by, areas hardly at all. What they discovered was that the areas hit hard had a very low selenium content to the soil, while the lightly touched areas had a fairly high content.

    The study reported that a serum level of less than 100 ng/L (Yes, 100 ng per LITER!) of selenium provided near total immunity to Ebola as the selenium dissolved the protein spikes right off the virus rendering it harmless.

    Why do I mention this?

    Because Ebola is one of over 60 known strains of Coronavirus!
    Just like SARS, MERS, and (of course) COVID19.

    Another data point is that Wuhan China is in a selenium poor area of the country. And gee, Wuhan was also ground zero for SARS.

    Connecting the dots is so much fun! (sic)

    I’ll let those interested do their own research and draw their own conclusions, but as for me, approaching 72 and my mother at nearly 96, we take selenium every day.

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