Things Just Got Strange

Sorry, but this morning’s comments are for subscribers only. There is HUGE Woo-Woo afoot right now and I don’t want to be labeled a nutjob (anymore than already)  by putting it out on the public site.

You’ll have to make due with me telling you the “balloon market” is still expanding and the world is nutzo.  No change.

You can skip most of the headlines and if you simply hear Dow futures are up another hundred, barely positive that’s enough finance to hold you over to this morning’s open…

Fair warning given.  Tighten the seat belts..seriously odd bit of Woo-Woo to follow.

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23 thoughts on “Things Just Got Strange”

  1. yeah it certainly is strange .. gold up only 8 bucks with the market about to surge again on diabolical news on everything .. must be a really cool program they got working on the robots .. yep the old whisperers are out again , but locked in for a surge to more highs ..

  2. “Yeah, we were just sitting around talking – and went outside for a cigarette and to see the stars. And I noted a UFO off to the northeast. We counted four of them.”
    Wow! This was a hell of a thing to wake up to.”

    First off.. thats not that strange..
    one month there were over two hundred reporting’s.. usually reports are more frequent during times when the military is more active or there are nuclear sites involved..
    with all this insanity that is transpiring the reports world wide have increased dramatically.. using the thousand to one ratio.. for every report there are a thousand that don’t report it because they don’t want to receive the negative image that is usually placed on people that do..
    so.. how close is it to military bases.. are there any silo’s in those area’s.. can it be because of all the drama in portland and the possibility that it could inflate..
    Lets face it .. its all been written years prior that we won’t know the day and time.. or the watchers are watching us.. take the fact that the black knight satellite has been broadcasting more signals that no one can translate to my knoweledge.. why..
    with the earth being the way it is.. lets face it what is the nearest planet with our composition.. why wouldn’t the watchers stop us from being insane and destroying a jewel such as ours.. especially over the stupidity of a dam number..
    I for one don’t have any questions on ufo’s or their existence.. my curiosities were quenched years and years ago.. walk softly be gentle and respectful give more than you take.. what were the rules that were written in the first book of adam.. they are pretty simple.. most of them are perverted by society.. the real rules of how we should act are pretty simple and straight forward….

  3. the year I seen UN convoy with a remote missile launcher heading north.. there were over two hundred reporting’s in the matter of a couple of weeks in our area.. it isn’t that strange.. my guess is there is some military thing going on.. and with all the idiocy in spokane.. the escalation of reporting’s are due to what we are doing..

  4. “I don’t want to be labeled a nutjob ”

    It’s a little late to be worried about that!
    OK – a lot late.

  5. Ignoring that cohen the stooge is serving time while the ringleader is walking free, playing golf and campaigning, this should send shivers down the spine of every american. if trump doesn’t like what you have to say about him he will throw you in jail. stop. think. be rational. if you ain’t scared you ain’t thinking. think clearly. change trump(R) to ______(D) and figure out how you would feel. party makes no difference.

    In ruling, Hellerstein said he made the “finding that the purpose of transferring Mr. Cohen from furlough and home confinement to jail is retaliatory.” He added: “And it’s retaliatory for his desire to exercise his First Amendment rights to publish the book.” “How can I take any other inference than that it’s retaliatory?”

    ^^^ is indefensible. so save it for someone who is a member of the cult of trump.

    • Not sure why you believe this a Trump or republican thing. Both parties and leaders abuse power and suffer no consequences. As long as we are stuck in the mentality of us vs. them, they will always be able to divide us and better control us. Just use the recent democratic example of the Russia collusion narrative, to see how they also abuse their powers. Recall the Obama administration, denying non profit status to conservative PACs. No one in power appears to have any integrity any more. I also don’t believe anyone that waits for their book to name names and illegal activities. If you don’t go public or pursue the issues before the book, you also don’t have any integrity with actually attempting to improve things vs just making money. The entire article seems to be centered around promoting his book. Cohen is a scumbag, if for no other reason that if he believed the items he says is true and were unethical, he should have dropped Trump as a client. But he stayed and participated. He should keep his mouth shut as should be the proper ethics for someone’s lawyer. So your hero, is an unethical scumbag.

    • “Ignoring that cohen the stooge is serving time while the ringleader is walking free, playing golf and campaigning, this should send shivers down the spine of every american.”

      It does. The really scary parts are he’s campaigning for a doddering, senile, politically-dirty Democrat who can’t possibly do the job, and that fully half the people in this country currently prefer him to Trump.

    • So if we are a Trump supporter, because there is nobody else to support; then we are cultists?
      Trump is a man that eats food and sh!ts out his a$$ like the rest of us. And no matter who it is, it stinks. So instead of trying to constantly find fault with the current leader we don’t like, how about coming up with a leader we do like? If there is such a thing.
      All this hatred for a man. I don’t understand it. He isn’t a mass murderer is he? Did he rape and pillage? WTF did this guy do to have such hatred focused on him by average schmucks with average flawed lives filled with sin kinda like well, his.
      Let’s face it, the job of POTUS sucks. Maybe for the big swinging d!ck that has it at the time, but it’s thankless on the cover as someone always hates you and thinks you are doing a sh!t job. Who wants a job like that or governor or mayor? Only an asshole. Or a crook.
      It’s supposed to be service. Go serve your term and then return to your life. But it’s perverted and only pursued by power grabbers and evil MFs.
      I absolutely despise Obama but I didn’t spend one tenth of the energy all the Trump haters spend on DJT.
      Waste of time as what will be, will be. Blessings

    • Obama is still walking free despite an Everest of Evidence against him being the person he claims to be.

      • I was hoping to see that change, but it’s not looking good. If he gets reelected, maybe he’ll make some moves since he won’t be focused on getting reelected anymore. But who knows? All we get is deception and lies mixed with a little truth.

  6. George. I am not sure if it is the virus, the nightly news or the lockdown but at 78 years of age, I am having vivid dreams almost every night now.

    I have had the the locusts dream twice that I reported here a couple of weeks ago. They eat everything in sight.

    Many years ago, I played hockey and then coached kids hockey (Canadian eh). Last night I dreamed I was a hockey referee. Weird stuff like my skate laces were electrical cords, my whistle was huge. I was blowing my whistle for offsides, penalties, etc, but the players just kept playing and ignored me. It was like I wasn’t there.

    Not sure I can make any sense out of all this craziness whether awake or asleep but I did have one insight when I went online to search for answers.

    “In the last days, God says I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

    Do you think?

    • A reader in the PNW – who asked me not to share his info or comments wrote to me yesterday.

      He was bemoaning how – upper 70’s – he’s having the same experiences you are – and me as well.

      But that’s not the woo-woo part. Care to guess how me email to him ended?

      “Because this deeply resonates with how I feel lately. I mean, really cool to go visiting “the Realms” but wow…

      Off in the background? Acts 2:17 KVJ

      “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

      Be well and stay safe, [name redacted]. We are honored old people to have a front row seat at the final curtain.”

      So, for what it’s worth, Acts 2:17 is “hot” in Ure’s world, right now.

      • I’m not quite 70 yet, but I had such a vivid dream last night it caused me to fall out of bed. That hasn’t happened for about 50 years.
        As I recall I was running from the cops for some reason…it was either a protest against BLM or mask wearing.

  7. Since you brought up how things just got strange, I thought this would make an appropriate addition to a (lengthy) list.
    The following article published in NIH PubMed just days ago details the scientific finding of how 5(rhymes with “three”) actually opens up our cells and creates coronavirus in our bodies.
    Imagine that.
    Pretty explosive story, but only if people actually read and share it.
    The article underscores some of what you could learn by reading Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow.” Turns out that ever since the first 1-volt battery was invented in the late 1700’s, a significant percentage of human beings have been especially sensitive to various forms of newly-deployed electrical energy, and were sickened by them. Many died. Typical symptoms?
    Shortness of breath
    Loss of taste/smell
    Any of that sound familiar? Same thing, over & over, going back hundreds of years. Novel, my ass.
    Read & weep.
    Or, as they say in the infantry, pick up your weapon and follow me. But this is a country where you can’t get two people to agree on the definition of obeying the speed limit, much less how to save themselves. So mask up, stay home, wash your hands repeatedly, and watch your country crumble to dust.
    As an aside, I can’t help but notice how the rules of our new normal resemble the indoctrination rituals of a military training course. Lose your identity. Lose your individuality. Lose your freedom. Obey idiotic rules like a kindergartener just because some other human being told you to. It’s like the world is becoming a massive open-air prison, and people are DEFENDING it like it’s all good. But I digress.

    • @ Connect the Dots

      words of wisdom..BUT only those above 55… even know what they mean…This country is LOST….and those that call it home ..,will pay a very big price to remain here….as we all can see…violence rules the day..Law and Order…will never return…only edicts from scumbag politicians of BOTH parties…hunker down and kill them when they come….because …History tells us ..THEY WILL COME FOR YOU……..Semper Fi

      • Roger that. Shouldn’t be too long now, either.
        But try, however carefully, to present a fact or two –from any angle — to the lost sheep around you. Blank stares. It’s like being marooned on the planet Stoopid.
        Bible prophecy says God will blind his own people; they will neither perceive nor understand what is being done to them, and thus will be destroyed from being a nation.
        Massive parental lesson in what happens when children rebel & follow their own lack of wisdom. Hard lesson, too.
        I was in Mogadishu early 1993. Saw the desperation and brutality of starving people after years of civil war. What lies ahead is way beyond the worst imaginings of most Americans. Not just from their fellow citizens, either; gomment has weapons systems that will give you nightmares. Radars, sensors (seismic & accoustic, air-droppable between population centers and likely bug-out locations), directed energy. And that all-time favorite stand-by: starvation. There is, thankfully, the hope of believing in a righteous world after this hell-on-earth is over.

    • This is interesting and very concerning. Our sun may well have been programming us via such modalities(details unknown) for millennia. Now as the sorcerer’s apprentice, we’re focusing(via phased arrays) high intensity energy at millimeter wavelengths with varying modulation and unpredictable effects. Red light therapy at 400+ Thz CW or “properly” modulated MIGHT operate to mitigate this, though both areas are relatively unexplored in the open literature. Just musings in the early am. What’s needed is a sensitive and affordable meter and/or spectrum analyzer that works in these regions. For now, I’ll try to stay distant, though that might only be a short term fix.

      I’m not convinced that this is the source of coronaviruses, but am willing to keep an open mind.

  8. The end of 2019 I was out one night, in a remote part of a Hawaiian Island, and was checking out the stars. A UFO moved across the sky and beamed a light on me. Nothing else happened and it moved away.

    July 4th I was in downtown Huntington Beach when a bunch of people partying in the streets saw a UFO and brought it to my attention.

    Last Saturday I was in Martha’s Vineyard watching the stars on the deck with my father when we saw another UFO. Took some time lapse and caught it. Also took some time lapse of the sunset and there was a bright planet you could see behind the sun. Pretty crazy, cause we normally don’t look at the sun and to see such a large object was nuts and catching it on the camera.

    Oh and this virus isn’t real people. Get out and travel while you can. The media is lying about restrictions. Get ready for the rest. The crazy is only one eclipse away.

    • Hi, Jay, can you please send George the picture of the sunset and the planet behind it, so he can post it on this website for all of us to see?

      Have you offered it to Zetatalk?

      She regularly posts photos.

      Thank you for your comment.

  9. No Worries Kemosahbee – that horse done left the barn a long time ago..”labeled a nutjob”.

    As far as ECD is concerned Ure writing displays/indicates a firm grip on “REALITY”. As opposed to my own very tenuous grip on hangin on by my fingernails..

    Sounds like the “tricksters” bee f-ing with U biggly!
    Beats the hell out of trying to make sense out of the collective Insane Clown Posse Phys-Op currently being INJECTED into Society – these scum R grossly SICK and that is how I feel when trying to wrap my brain around it all.

    Ure entertaining as all get out – U go G.

    By the by – Colorado rocks – some of the most stunning land I ever experienced. From fishing&rafting the Arkansas river – gorge-ous, to the newest Park in the National Park System..Great Sand Dunes National Park – surfing & skiing in July! on the dunes – no sand board/skis – no problem – piece of cardboard will get U down the massive/gigantic/colossal sand dunes.

    Imagine riding a Horse along the base of a mountain sized sand dune, in a creek bed with running water – mind blowing..running water& giant sand dunes.
    No comment on the UFO’s..San Luis Valley, southern Colorado wild Buffaloes and Coyote, Great Horned Owls – BIG Spirit land. Still have not processed..DEEP.

    Back in Kansas – TRUMP country! Man does ECD really appreciate this Great State- Making AMERICA Great every single day..and feeding America – every single day.

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