The Migration of Work (1)

Odd report today – it begins with a side of “woo-woo” in a dream. Then, in part 2 coming Saturday, it actually makes a marvelous economic point that most people never pause to consider.

Of course, before we get to the interesting, our usual slog through the mundane must be done.

But, with this morning’s draw-down on early futures pricing, I think you’ll find our ChartPack section especially interesting.

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29 thoughts on “The Migration of Work (1)”

  1. yep its that time again to play .. spin the wheel of gold !! from the home of the greatest gold haters ever USSA and their sidekick Australia who sold all their gold on july 4 1996.. USSA even invented buttcoin they hated it so much .. but now with the disciples of old RN Elliot they are playing with numerous decks to find the answer .. great salesman everywhere talking up self interest and inside trading this is the greatest show on earth .. meanwhile the old pandemic rages but hey nobody cares they are now given chips by the government.. yep the old yella is now the answer to everything .. sure .. time for some alien siteings somewhere

  2. yep .. here we go !!! giddyup USSA .. don’t even know what futures have got to do with anything .. top dollar big spin gold and off we go .. about that flation faeces line 2 .. no jobs realistically so demand for what ?

  3. The New Order will be here in January.

    People aren’t paying residential/commercial rents.

    Many commercial renters are going BK. Nobody is in line to take the Hertz or Chuck E. Cheese businesses.

    Payroll tax deferrals. Business can’t pay payroll tax now, why would they be able to pay in January?

    The $600.00 a week bonus ends. Many people think that’s a lot of money. There’s really not much financail progress at $1,000 a week…. And there aren’t a lot of $1,000 a week jobs out there.

    MAGA has been ongoing about four years. The MAGA reshoring was a bust.

    Obama was right, “Hope and Change”.

    • MAGA has been ongoing about four years. The MAGA reshoring was a bust.

      What did you expect? Not many CEO’s are going to move their mfg base back to the USA for the good of the American worker knowing in a short time the globalist will be back in charge.

      As for $1,000 a week. Tax free, $1,000 a week puts you well into the middle class. Sorry the middle class isn’t what it used to be.

      • OBX,

        The people getting unemployment/fed-bux bonuses will have to pay taxes on their loot, next April 15th. I doubt the majority of folks getting the loot are putting taxes to the side. Most folk will be requesting tax payment plans next year. They’ll be paying the payment plan along with normal taxes.

        “Unemployment benefits are generally not tax free (unlike the stimulus checks also approved under the CARES Act). Any money you receive from the federal or state government unemployment fund is included in your gross income and taxed at your ordinary income rate.
        – May 1, 2020”

        This system is over.

  4. The Flu


    One of us doesn’t understand this flu-hybrid, Wuhan Flu, CV-19.

    Getting community immunity the ONLY way to get past this virus, as we do all colds and viruses.

    Talk to us about getting community immunity. It easily spreads so that should be easy.

    Achieving community immunity, 1 – 2,000,000 Minnesotans get the flu every year. Texas 5 – 10,000,000 yearly.

    The U.S. needs? 75 – 100,000,000.

    Yet, you moan about a drop-in-the-bucket 15 million.

    With the current flu-hybrid for about 1/3 of the population its a non-issue and another 1/3 its like a cold or seasonal flu.

    Here in Minnesota 90% of those who have died are in group facilities, average age of 83, and 90% of all deaths have been due to those with co-morbidities -heart, lung, diabetic, etc. Average life expectancy of 2 years.

    If you are old, fat, or have co-morbidities you might, might, be in trouble. Remember most of the healthy but infected elderly get past it. But, for some, it’s a brute.

    A small percentage. Wear a mask and stay away from groups. Pray for an effective vaccine.

    But you appear to have joined the panic group. Take a survey of school students. They think they will almost all catch it and many will die. The responses are absolutely astounding! Such nonsense, such unimagined irrational panic for the safest group on the planet.

    You can run, but you can’t hide; you, we, most of us, WILL get it, the only thing is the type of case. Hopefully, with only a low viral load.

    You forget, the bad seasonal flu years will see 80,000 die, and unlike CV-19, kills the young and prime of life, and the elderly. 30 – 50,000 die every year from the flu and no one says a word. Nor should they.

    In other words, all schools should be open and all places or events primarily of those under 60 should be in business. Keep churches closed.

    Unless you are compromised or in a temporary vulnerable situation, no one under the age of 55 need wear a mask. Anyone 65+ should wear one.

    • Alam and Rahman ( discuss herd and “community immunity” here.

      The dimension you may be missing is this: “Community immunity” works, when – as in the case of certain vaccinations – there is not a large enough “infectable base” for a virus or other pathogen to reproduce (propagating to new hosts) in a sustainable way. That is, if one person is infected, and from this source 1 + x people become infected, then the community is not “immune.” However, when the spread rate is 1 – x then there is insufficient spread and the disease quickly burns out.

      Now, if the viruses that we are dealing with were simple – rather than complex – then the notion of “herd immunity” would be valid.

      But, how many variants of nCV-19 are there? No one knows – like the common cold (which is still around!) this thing keeps revising itself. And therein like the key to seeing why community immunity” is a longshot.

      Let me back up. In an article (publication slated for Sept. in Inflections, Genetics, and Evolution, a journal of microbiological immunology, the difficulty of addressing the virus comes more clearly into focus in the abstract (from here: ) [Note, helps to remember CV-19 is an offshoot of SARS-CoV-2)…] [my emphasis added]

      “SARS-CoV-2 is a SARS-like coronavirus of likely zoonotic origin first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province. The virus has since spread globally, resulting in the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first whole genome sequence was published on January 5 2020, and thousands of genomes have been sequenced since this date. This resource allows unprecedented insights into the past demography of SARS-CoV-2 but also monitoring of how the virus is adapting to its novel human host, providing information to direct drug and vaccine design. We curated a dataset of 7666 public genome assemblies and analysed the emergence of genomic diversity over time. Our results are in line with previous estimates and point to all sequences sharing a common ancestor towards the end of 2019, supporting this as the period when SARS-CoV-2 jumped into its human host. Due to extensive transmission, the genetic diversity of the virus in several countries recapitulates a large fraction of its worldwide genetic diversity. We identify regions of the SARS-CoV-2 genome that have remained largely invariant to date, and others that have already accumulated diversity. By focusing on mutations which have emerged independently multiple times (homoplasies), we identify 198 filtered recurrent mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 genome. Nearly 80% of the recurrent mutations produced non-synonymous changes at the protein level, suggesting possible ongoing adaptation of SARS-CoV-2. Three sites in Orf1ab in the regions encoding Nsp6, Nsp11, Nsp13, and one in the Spike protein are characterised by a particularly large number of recurrent mutations (>15 events) which may signpost convergent evolution and are of particular interest in the context of adaptation of SARS-CoV-2 to the human host. We additionally provide an interactive user-friendly web-application to query the alignment of the 7666 SARS-CoV-2 genomes. ”

      What this suggests (to the extraordinarily cautious 71+ year old who writes this column), is that until the virus has “settled down” at the end of its adaption to the human hosts, wide-ranging variations are being observed.

      Which is why (for those 10 minutes a week when we even interact with other people) we continue to use Stage 2 PPE and even now continuing to go so far as the Clorox all goods brought into the home. Except veggies, of course, which is what food-grade hydrogen peroxide is for.

      Journalists and politicians (we wish) would all agree to the first tenet of medicine which is?

      Do no harm.

      In an economic sense, yes, such extreme cautions are difficult. But, we have long-ago passed the point where a TOTAL 4-6 week national shutdown would work to end spread. China, on the other hand really “went hard” on their lockdowns and roundups.

      Instead, here, since everyone has failed strategically, we are now in the position where not only will we have a constantly evolving mutating virus (of 198 of them!) to deal with – which by itself will change vaccine odds to about the same “no chance” as a workable annual flu shot (quite low, always tweaking) — BUT, we have also set up a split-society where one set of humans (call one faction Party 1) will likely get more cases than (Party 2) because they are behaving differently.

      I have to say, if I’d sat down to write a novel, it would be hard to come up with such a stupendously complex and far-fetched plot: Where one political party “believes” (and thus will survive long-term at higher rates than a competing political party which “doesn’t believe.” So, (10-years hence in rear-facing data) this period may be seen as “conservatism self-limited” its own future through “beliefs not based on science.

      Hell of a book, right?

      All except for the fact that it’s non-fiction and is serialized online….as the evening news.

      Hope this helps, Dell?


      • One more point: Saying part of this is the Mayo Clinic website here

        “…However, there are some major problems with relying on community infection to create herd immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19. First, it isn’t yet clear if infection with the COVID-19 virus makes a person immune to future infection.
        Research suggests that after infection with some coronaviruses, reinfection with the same virus — though usually mild and only happening in a fraction of people — is possible after a period of months or years. Further research is needed to determine the protective effect of antibodies to the virus in those who have been infected.
        Even if infection with the COVID-19 virus creates long-lasting immunity, a large number of people would have to become infected to reach the herd immunity threshold. Experts estimate that in the U.S., 70% of the population — more than 200 million people — would have to recover from COVID-19 to halt the epidemic. If many people become sick with COVID-19 at once, the health care system could quickly become overwhelmed. This amount of infection could also lead to serious complications and millions of deaths, especially among older people and those who have chronic conditions.”
        – – –

        Right now, the number of cases is 3.9 -million and change and US deaths are 142,000 – but this lags by 3-weeks behind cases.

        “Herd Immunity” will require (assuming the virus is stable – which it is not yet) 51 times more people getting the disease. And with that are UP TO 7.5 million U.S. deaths. Low side? Good virus adaptation? 1.5 million dead.

        We will know the 5-day period ending March 7, 2021. We do take these numbers seriously.

      • 1. Oh come on Ure! I ask for community immunity and you offer up a gobbledegook definition. Why not merely say, its when it is widespread and new cases become less than current cases. 1 – x!!

        2. I ask for a method to achieve community immunity and you give a bloviated definition. My remaining comments were actually a means to achieve community immunity. It takes time and needs to be implemented such that the most vulnerable are protected (without locking them up, fining or jailing them!)

        3. Only two types, A, the original, B the one now everywhere.

        4. Hypotheticals mean nothing.

        5. BTW, all “types”, if more than one, will achieve community immunity in any location.

        6. I sent you a chart of students responding to a Covid survey intending for you to put it on the website’s response. The chart reveals much about governments and human behavior and the insanity of it all. Very informative. You are fully aware of it all, yet you didn’t post it. Sad.

      • Dell

        Whoa! Dude…let’s back-the-f*ck-up. In reverse order:

        1. ” I sent you a chart of students responding to a Covid survey intending for you to put it on the website’s response.”

        a) I did not even SEE the chart until I checked my email (after your pithy note) this morning. You jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

        b) Now that I have seen it – and traced it back to its source (NBER working paper 27494) I can safely tell you “Dell, this is not meaningful ‘science.’ Here’s why: First, the NBER is the National Bureau of Economic Research. They are NOT a medical group. Sure, they can polish up statistics…fine. But, when I’m reporting (as a reporter will do once in a while), I try to go to credible sources. Secondly, this is not a “Science Based report.” Had you studied the source document for a moment (here: you would see that there’s not any MEDICAL citation. This is “What American SELF REPORT/PERCEIVE about risk.” In other words – this is about what a SAMPLE – THINKS their risks are. NOT what they Really ARE.
        NBER’s paper tells us nothing of disease…only what people THINK after being exposed to bad reporting which – in case y6ou missed it – runs rampant today!
        “Are beliefs about the risks of infection, hospitalization, and death roughly accurate? Do beliefs about Covid-19 correlate with beliefs about other risks, such as other medical or economic risks? How do these beliefs depend on respondents’ age, gender, places of residence, and so on? Finally, are beliefs related to behaviour?
        To address these questions, we conducted an online survey of over 1,500 Americans from May 613, 2020. We elicited, among other things, respondent beliefs about the risks of infection, hospitalization, and death for people very similar to them along a number of demographic characteristics such as gender, age, race and location.
        That, Dell, should have been your tip. When a paper used the world “Behaviour” instead of “behavior” it’s usually academics putting on airs.

        5. 4. and 3.

        Three first: “3. Only two types, A, the original, B the one now everywhere.”
        You’ve got to give me a source claiming ONLY 2 types of CV-19.”

        This depends on your “level of zoom-in.” If you want to argue there is only 1 virus, then SARS/Cov2 is it.
        If you want 2 varieties, then Wuhan A and B. But, since the disease is continuing to evolve (which will block effective vaccinations – just like there’s no “cold vaccine” for similar reason, then you’ve got 198 versions.

        You assume (I think incorrectly) that everyone will zoom the problem at Dell’s setting, not mine.

        4. We agree hypotheticals mean nothing.

        5. “All types will achieve community immunity…” The problem I don’t think you’re seeing is that 198 (distinct DNA types) based on a USA herd immunity level of 200-million EACH means 40-billion cases. Or, even with your binary zoom level, still 400 million cases.

        Back to point 2 now: You say I gave you a “bloviated definition.” I disagree: 200-million is close but general. The actual community immunity will fall between 50% (165-million) and 80% (264-million) in the US. Until the virus stops mutating, your point 4 (hypotheticals mean nothing) is in play, although ranges do matter –

        Finally landing on #1: “Oh come on Ure! I ask for community immunity and you offer up a gobbledegook definition. Why not merely say, its when it is widespread and new cases become less than current cases. 1 – x!!”

        Let me simplify: If 10 people get the disease and it spawns less than 10-additional cases in surrounding people, then community immunity is in play. If 10-people get the disease and 11 people get the disease, then community immunity is not reached yet.

        Einstein rather famously said once “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

        +x and -x matter. Here’s why: They define the “slope of the curve” of spread (if + signed) or community immunity ( if – signed).

        As always…good stuff Dell…but remember Ure’s warning: Understand the source. In this case (and in the chart I just saw in the email) What Americans think and reality are often miles apart. Check any election for confirmation!”

      • Sometimes I think I live on a different planet. When the Corona Virus first emerged in January, the data appeared to me as though it was another annual flu type of event like we’ve had for many or most of the past 6,000 plus years. I didn’t give it a second thought, until I saw the government was going to intervene. LoL, then I KNEW we were going to be in big trouble!

        Here is the best and most comprehensive article I’ve seen this year on COVID-19 and the Government’s Pandemic “Dog & Pony Show.” Described in the article are 14 Separate CLINICALLY PROVEN ways to CURE, Prevent, or Improve a COVID-19 Infection. I really like it when a credentialed doctor comes out and says you can CURE the disease!

        When administered properly, many of these 14 Protocols have a 100% cure rate from COVID-19. There will be the occasional outlier or death from comorbidity, but as Thomas Levy (MD and JD) explains in the article, nobody needs to die from COVID-19!

        As I can personally attest, some of these CURE protocols have been around for 30 years or more, while consistently maintaining that triple digit cure rate. Unfortunately the infected people that believed in or held out for a vaccine had very high mortality rates.

        Historical Cycles, Facts, Science, Forensic Evidence (etc) tell the story: We’d be much better off if the government had not gotten involved. At all! 6,000 years of success is hard to suppress. Heck, even using what we know from the past 100 years of following the Koch Postulate (on Disease) and Farr’s Law on Pandemics, we would sailed through this with COVID-19 just being another footnote to a seasonal event.

        When you abandon the science and bring in political agendas, there is something else going on that has little to do with health care, and a lot to do with achieving political goals. Pursue that idea for much greater clarity on current events!

        The conversation about COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2, etc) was over before it ever started. If you want to argue masks, social distancing, lockdowns, business shutdowns, economic destruction, case fatality rates, RCTs, Mandatory Vaccines (etc) — go right ahead. You won’t find me trying to mix beliefs & opinions in the same conversation with peer reviewed evidence and science based historical success.

  5. Soooo…

    I’d just like to mention: When you have a dream like that, my poor gray cells get really trippy…

  6. “Even better question: With Trump possibly out, what will democrats do to raise taxes when they take over in January? The market is acting like collapsing demand and higher taxes are a good thing.
    Sorry, I just can’t get myself drunk enough to swallow that fairytale…”

    Dam George.. I will have to send you some of my home made beer.. or wine.. that will do the trick.. Heck you would be chanting Heil HIllary or Biden before your done with the bottle.. or my favorite.. dancing on the table..

    • You know what they’ll do:

      They will adjust the tax brackets to raise rates on everyone who’s taxed.

      THEN they will raise minimum wage to (or above) $15/hr. This will eliminate EIC and thrust the bottom rung of “working poor” into the bottom bracket of actual taxpayers. The poor will lose thousands per year, all the while thanking Uncle for raising their pay. Practical arithmetic hasn’t been taught in the schools since the 1970s. They don’t know how to create a budget, and so won’t realize they just became poorer. In the meantime, cost of everything will rise, because the increased MinWage will increase costs at every step of production and distribution of every product.

      The two most egregious taxes ever created are “minimum wage” and “corporate tax” because they are both tax assessments on the poor, and they’re both hidden and insidious, so the vast majority of people don’t ever realize they’re being taxed.

      The Dems will impose a punitive tax on an arbitrary “wealthy class” that’s ineffective. If they attempt to make it effective (by confiscating assets), the wealthy will go elsewhere and, if necessary, buy their own country (Jeff Bezos made $16bln YESTERDAY! Don’t think they can’t…)

      Then the Dems will raise taxes through the roof on the rest of us. I still remember the first time I looked at the tax brackets in Norway — the top tax bracket was “102% of gross income.” The idea that that can’t happen here is simply an idea.

      This Nation was the first place in the known history of the World, where commoners could own private and real property. The Marxists can NOT abide this Right, as there’s no room within communism (monetary) or socialism (social) for INDIVIDUAL property rights.

      They will do whatever it takes to end private property rights in the U.S.

      Taxing us to the point no one can afford more than a 3×6 hole in the ground is just one phase.

      • Ray, you read the future by studying the past, and using your noodle in between the past and the future. Wonderful, Wonderful Contributions. Thank you.

        I agree with you.

        BIG TAX INCREASES COMING…and they don’t care if YOU lose your house.

        Our city has built this monster 4 story RENTAL apartment units on any block they can find.

        Thousands built in just a few years, for a population (replacement program) that will be continued to be brought in AND for those that will be stripped of their PROPERTY RIGHTS via no jobs, fixed income, and high taxes!!!


        It’s all the Agenda 21/2030.

        Due to this, we have to sell our own home as the writing is on the wall, and the money is not in the cards; I mean the monthly income into the forever years to rise above the wave of continually increased taxes for the privilege of owning our own home!!! PLUS, the BIG BONUS is being in a city with RIOTERS, our city leaders want to defund the police, forgive Criminals, and make us PAY for the privileges a life of hard work and no freebies gave us!!!

        Oh, vey!!! Time to buy some raw land, and set up campsites, showers, toilets, and a pavillion and outdoor weight room. Oh, in the olden days, we’d call this a PRISON (but they are letting people out of prison to fend for themselves)….in the new days, we will call it a CONCENTRATION of too smart to work for them, and too dumb to figure out a way out.

        Oh, I do like to remind the humble folk that come here to visit George, the brightest bulb in America, and maybe the http://WWW….(ahem, Fo Sure!)

        Under the GENEVA CONVENTION and 1967 Protocol, it’s very difficult for an American to safely petition another country as a refugee or seek asylum.


        Put that in your peace pipe and smoke on it.

  7. George, I’m still amazed and impressed by your gift of dream interaction and recall! I’m still working at getting even a shred of this. So far, not much, though some supplements have helped in getting me to recognize that I have dreamed(about something).

    You’d mentioned that all manner of food, etc., was available since “You have unlimited options here.” I’m wondering if loving sex with the woman of your desire is available to satiation? That would be an option worth dreaming about! Food just isn’t that important as long as it’s sufficiently nutritious.

    The chi, orgone, etc., aspect of our Creator, however defined, seems to be denied in the western religions and society, other than when manifested via miracles.

    • Well, don’t know what to say…. yeah, we have a condo at “Lieneuw” and we have one in the mountains and there’s the Railroad car “cabin” on rails overlooking “the sound” with all the boats.
      But, with so much power…the wild sex part ALMOST pales compared to all the rest of what’s going on…
      More interesting is that you don’t need power so much as mind…
      I could write another book here, so I’ll stop for now…

      • George, PLEASE write that book. I’ll be glad to buy it. I can’t imagine anything that pales compared with the best I’ve experienced with a lover! In your case, you get to bring your ideal she into the realms with you. In my case, I’m still working on trying to get my current choice to even acknowledge a Creator, divine intelligence, or the Realms themselves. She was open to these ideas years ago, and seems to have regressed to a smaller and more “politically correct” worldview.

      • It’s the bonding and physical intimacy rather than the wild part that’s beyond equal! Yes, wildness is great too, but bonding and becoming one in an altered state is supreme.

  8. And you sir are blowing my mind by writing all of this!

    GU – “You’re an exceptional person reading all this!”

  9. “…there’s a weariness about life. Almost a depressing sense of disappointment in other humans.”

    Yeah, after 40 years in broadcasting I have experienced this. I am ‘spiritually aware’ of the things which you speak, but I seldom remember my dreams. But you did goad me into finally buying your ‘Psychocartography’ book from Amazon. Watch for your royalty check. :-)

    Maybe the book will arrive before hurricane ‘Douglas’ impacts the Big Island Sunday night. Stocking up and hunkering down. It will be interesting to see how this storm ‘bounces’ off our huge mountain wall. We’re gonna get wet, for sure.

  10. Dude George – think U bee in the realm of the the “ Tricksters” Great information .. Entertaining as hell – Ure description of ole blu eyes tablet reminds of the “sapphire” tablet reportedly “given” to Adam&Eve after they were “tricked” and banished..said to contain all the knowledge of the beans.

  11. I looked on the CDC website and found that in 2018 more than 2.8 MILLION people died in the US. Almost all died while under the care of a “Medical Professional”.

    Frankly, with those odds, I chose to not take the risk.

    Black’s Law Dictionary (3rd ed, if memory serves) defined ‘Patient’ as a ‘Mental Patent and Ward of the State.”
    In plain English, to me, that means that you have to be nuts to go to a doctor.

    No, I am not anti-doctor. I am anti-incompetent doctor!
    The typical 99% of medical professionals give the rest a bad name.

    I am of the opinion that there are at least 50 competent doctors in the country .. or about 1 per state. I’d really like to say that there are more, but I have found no evidence of that.

    The problem is trying to find one.

    • When I was sick with Type A, H1N1 Flu and put into a medically induced coma with a Ventilator diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Double Pneumonia with 3 kinds of bacterium, Blood Borne Strep, SEPSIS, 105 plus temperatures (which raged for 24 days) and given only a 5-10% chance to make it, I became awake and alert consciously in my coma.

      It was acutely apparent to me, on my deathbed, that the DRUGS that the medical professionals were giving me to keep me alive WERE KILLING ME.

      I was on a lot of drugs, not to mention the ones to keep me in a coma state.

      I fought this coma state because the drugs were putting me to sleep like a dog being put to sleep at the end of its life.

      I had to FIGHT TO LIVE.

      I managed to pull my tube out halfway through my 8 day coma, to squeak at my husband, “Get me out of here, they are trying to kill me.” But, he would not do that, obviously, with 8 tubes running in and out of my body…but he didn’t believe me either, he just couldn’t imagine. None of my family could, and out they put me again. During this 8 days, as soon as I could regain any semblance of consciousness and struggle trying to communicate (with an intubation tube and hands in mitts, tied down mind, you, legs tied down, too) AND I didn’t know they had paralyzed my spine so I wouldn’t move…., they would DRUG ME SOME MORE to quieten me down!!!

      Oh, my, TWO years to recover from this experience! I lived by the Grace of God given for me by the prayers of my husband, my siblings, a few friends, AND the prayer lists I was put on in several churches across the country.



      I experienced the closing of my eyes to THIS WORLD and OPENING THEM to THE OTHER WORLD.

      Yes, my friends, it EXISTS.


      The NATION needs to return to God.

  12. Comrades,

    Local taxpayers have been informed by no less than the CBC that civic libraries are shortly to be easing some access restrictions as the pandemic evolves. On a subconcious note, the website report included a picture of filled bookshelves with only the spine of one legible entitled “Plague”. A sole Asian man was portrayed browsing beside the stack of books. Please notate your little Red books accordingly in preparation for tribal council.

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