The Fed: Hoodwinking Under COver of VIral Disease

Welcome to one of last remaining outposts of rational thought on the web.  We are here to “speak-up for sanity” because, frankly, most media is  corporate controlled – which means censored – and it’s feeding an alt. reality of the flimsiest sort.  DMR:   Digital Mob Rule.  We pretty certain that >50% of what’s on social is robotic…but you knew this was coming if you read my 2012 book  Broken Web.

Mass delusion is running.  If you’re confused, no worries.  It’s going to get worse.  So here’s our latest play-by-play action…

The Fed: Making Up Money

A remarkable event happened in our  Aggregate Index chart Monday:  The CHART shows the overall stock market making a new all-time high.

A REAL new high?  No….but that takes some thinking.  

What happens  next is anyone’s guess, though.

People who follow Elliott wave theory are in a fascinating conundrum. “Does the amount of money sloshing around matter?”

Let’s look at why this is so important:

The last time our Aggregate reached these lofty levels, February 19th, the Fed was reporting M1 (Table 1, H.6 Money Stocks report) $4.0099  trillion.

The most recent reading of M1 (Table 2, H.6 Money Stocks report) was?

$5.24870  trillion bucks.  It was even  higher the previous week: $5.3308 – trillion.

For this morning’s thought experiments, let’s use the latest number (bold) and not get into the  hysteresis discussion.  Which is where we run off into the economic weeds about how long it takes The Fed to “put the rudder hard-over” before any effect is noticed by “the peeps.”

Now I’m going to sling some of that high-power mid-90’s MBA math at you, so be ready to duck:  The MONEY SUPPLY has increased  ($5.2480/$4.0099 trillion) – a  whopping 30.876%.

Let’s just see where the Dow would have to be (on a monetary-indexed basis) to equal it’s close of February 19th.  If you forgot, it was at 29,348.03.  The S&P?  Well, try 3,386.15.

What does this make our “money-printing adjusted targets?”

For the Dow, try on 38,409 for size.  Or, for the S&P how does 4,431 and change sound?


Chicago Fed National Activity Index just out:

Led by improvements in production- and employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) increased to +4.11 in June from +3.50 in May. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in June, and two of the four categories increased from May. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to –3.49 in June from –6.36 in May.
The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, moved up to a neutral value in June from –0.45 in May. Fifty-four of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in June, while 31 made negative contributions. Fifty-one indicators improved from May to June, while 34 indicators deteriorated. Of the indicators that improved, 14 made negative contributions.

Good for Trump…if he could just go on a tweet-diet.

Dow futures up 166 after this and the EU financial hype.

Runaway Inflation?

No, not really.  It’s just that central bankers around the world are trying to keep the whole international house of cards from caving in.  

We call it the “symmetrical hyperinflation response.”  A little more  academic sounding  than former Fed Cheese Ben’s  Helicopters dumping money.  But, that’s the idea.

Last week, the IMF revealed how this “papering over disaster” would work.  Essentially, if the local GDP of a county went down 10%, there would be an offsetting domestic inflation of 8%.  Result?  People in the trenches, not realizing what was going on?  They’d see a continuation of a previous 2% inflation rate and reach the  obvious conclusion.

“Everything is Still NORMAL.”

It is not, of course.

Because while the nearly 31% increase in money supply is real enough, the rate has to be taken in terms of the  market lows.

March 23, when our Aggregate bottomed?  The Dow kissed 18,591.93 while the S&P was down at 2,237.40.  

Let’s see what happens if we take  these two numbers as the starting point and tack on the 30+ percent slosh, shall we?

18,591.93 turns into 24,332.37 while the S&P becomes 2,928.22.  See how we’re still between extremes?

A person with a little patience (and a calculator) could figure out how much higher this pig of a market could rise, buoyed by massive global paper-hanging.

We’ll do a little bit of this tomorrow on the subscriber site.

In the meantime, though, rest assured Your Federal Reserve (really controlled by the Bankster class) will not let any opportunity to paper-over disaster go unused.

We’d just offer one more point:  March 23, while the U.S. (on an Aggregate basis) was notching the lows, the morning fix for Gold in London was $1,494.50 an ounce.

When we add on the currency printing?  $1,955.94 comes into view.  Which may help you to understand why gold is up another  $14-bucks $23-bucks  this morning around  $1,831 $1,841 and change.  See Silver Is Soaring Again, Citi Sees $2000 Gold Imminent for thoughts.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Fed’s H.6 report in coming weeks, though.  Since it was down last week, it could mean their taking their feet off the gas pedal.  Which would set up an ABS-screaming braking ahead of the election.

And THAT would collapse the market thus making “you know who” a one-termer.

As always, not investment advice…just some things to think about as the bubble overshoots.

Market outlooks are like “behinds” – everyone has one.  Here’s a different view from mine: The stock market is positioned to rally if it can clear this low bar, fund manager argues.

CV-19: Stack ‘Em High

There is so much fluff and bullshit around it’s rather pointless for us to prattle-on about it. 

Instead, our “forecast” of numbers to come since I ran these out for my son Monday.

What the mainstream is not yet yammering about is that we’re in “Million Cases a Day” being found globally.  And no one seems to be suggesting more than 50-million U.S. cases by year-end and maybe over 700,000 deaths.

Oh well.  Masks have become political.

Out here in the Outback of East Texas, we don’t wear masks except for the 10-minutes every other week when we actually go into a public place We do the “glove and grab” and Clorox the hell out of everything before it goes in the house.

19’s Economic Fallout?

A very good view (expected, of course) from Mohamed el-Erian in “U.S. Must Do Better on Its Second Covid-19 Test — The nation needs to incorporate lessons from its first “natural experiment” about policy relief, social distancing, testing and contact tracing” which is worth a read.

This goes double for Trump…botch what’s just ahead and he might as well start packing.  Check with the Clintons on how to pick things out?

Mating of Slo Joe

(That’s a grotesque visual, ain’t it???)_

Could this be? Tammy Duckworth’s Stock Rises As A Possible VP Choice After A High-Profile Few Weeks?

Everyone seems to have ideas on this.  Miami Herald is wondering Who will Joe Biden pick for his running mate? and therein is a list of possibles.  Or, you could try the  Amazon Daily   Washington Post‘s “Joe Biden says four African American women are under consideration.”  Is Joe being discriminating or wise?  I don’t think anyone can tell, anymore.

Besides, you can just wait till it happens, since there’s nothing actionable for we wee peeps to do…

When we read that Biden Unveils $775 Billion Plan For Universal Child & Elder Care, we shudder to think this is more Stephanie Kelton-style MMT at work.  Modern Monetary Theory is Marxist for Making Up Money, of course.

Speaking of MUM…

I haven’t abused Bitcon for a while.  

Don’t need to:  While markets and metals scream skyward, BTC is languishing around 9,395.35 this morning.

-In Ure Shorts

Terrorism alive and well, is it? Armed Man Takes ‘Around 20’ Hostages on Bus in Ukraine.

Road to War with China is still warming. Pompeo Meets UK PM In Heat Of China Standoff.

Move over Musk? Ford reveals an electric Mustang Mach-E SUV with 1,400 horsepower.

Cause  du jour (Leave it to CBS, huh?) “Two different realities”: Why America needs environmental justice.

Whatever.  Off to round up oatmeal and get back to tree farming.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. hey George get them gold bars on the top .. flags and big market chart showing her go up .. there are some great stories doing the rounds.. absolutely hilarious ramping and greed … you need more guru stories and recipes and cures that gold helps .. covid , cancer , colds , diabetes , malaria , ebola , tuberculosis .. endless happy days . screw the dsi , the cots everything .. everything to the moon

  2. In all my seventy-six years, I have organized my miniscule affairs with objective of avoiding obligation to pay out even so little as a penny of interest. Does that make me a bad “economic ‘citizen'”?

    • I must be one of them, too. With clowns holding people up for 10% annual for most everything – even spreading out car ins. payments, seems like the best discount of all…

    • At some point in each semester I tell every class I have to pay attention to what I’m about to talk about. I tell them this is the most important lesson that they will learn in four years. I then ask them if they would rather have a $ today or a $ tomorrow. Then I show them an amortization schedule for a mortgage with 360 payments broken up into interest, principal, total payment and remaining balance. I explain how the banks want their money up front, the first payment is 1% p and 99% i and the last payment is 99%p and 1% i. Kids are always shocked to see the way amortization really works.

      I explain how if they pay one penny more on their first payment it means they’re not financing that penny for another 359 payments. I implore all of my students to always average up any loan payments for the life of the loan. If the payment is $37.50 then $50 becomes the new payment. If the payment is $1,125 then the payment they make has to be at least $1,200 or even more. If the payment is $233 then the payment they should make is $300.

  3. yeeha !!!!!!!!!! no interest !! no way , get debted and buy gold .. look at the yield curve its free .. ride em USSA cowboys !!! dalio and moriarty riding ranch !! ride that baby straight over the moon . keep the doom stories down 2, we are in great times , for whoever is left

  4. Somewhat off topic but I’ve been swearing off buying books for a while now, for reasons of space, but, in a moment of weakness, I picked up two at the Dollar Tree a couple of days ago. One is entitled “The Full Catastrophe, Travels Among the New Greek Ruins” by James Angelos. I’m sure this title is a homage to one of the lines in “Zorba The Greek” if you know the movie and how many Greeks view it. After a short introduction to the 200 year on again, off again war and litany of wrongs committed to them by the Ottomans which has become cultural de regure it gets into what has happened to Greece’s economy since it began to play “footsie” and finally fall into the economic grasp of the Euro Zone. Reading the recounting of how the country went from what “civilized” people consider, on balance, a backwater to the apparent “wealth” that borrowed money seems to present and its subsequent fall into indebtedness which has caused it to all but lose every bit of its independence, not to the Turks, but to Brussels was like reading what has happened here in the U.S. since the 2008 crisis. I was truly amazed how the story was like looking in a mirror of our own country as it slides down the slope to depression today for the very same reasons.

    If this is any indication I think I’ll enjoy reading the rest of the book. It’s somewhat refreshing to find something to immerse one’s self in outside of the outright stupidity that lurks outside our doors. Epanistasis!

  5. “Miami Herald is wondering Who will Joe Biden pick for his running mate? and therein is a list of possibles.”

    I bet you won’t see the wicked witch of the northeast on there…. LOL LOL LOL…..
    He would be an idiot to even give that trail a remote consideration..

  6. (I am not a doctor. My medical knowledge base is thus limited.)
    …having said that–

    My belief is that there are two ways (only) to become immune to ‘Da Coronas.”

    1) Get the virus — and hopefully survive. For the young and strong, not too terrible much of a risk; but I tick a couple of the aggravating extra risk boxes. Even so, I am convinced I will get it, eventually.

    2) Get vaccinated. Moot for the moment, but maybe widely available in the not-to-distant future. I’ll get it, if/when available. Being science-based, I believe vaccination is (usually) a Good Thing. (Not a zero-risk thing, but a reasonable risk-benefit ratio.)

    That’s it: two ways. Get it, or get the vaccine.

    (OK, a third way; have a very strong immune system, and be one of the lucky ones that get it, and have either zero or very slight effects. Can’t rely on that as a Sure Thing.)

    The Mission for the time being to is stay healthy long enough to be around to get the shot.

    With all the other Krappe going on, political, sociological, financial — I feel like that guy in the big blockbuster disaster meteor-strike movie, standing on the beach, looking at the thousand foot high hyper tidal wave coming, and realizing no matter how fast I run, it won’t make any difference — might as well stay put, and grok the numinous enormity of it all in my last few moments.

    • With respect, I’d suggest that getting the virus as far in the future as possible is far better than getting it now. It’s mutating to become more infectious and less lethal, since that’s good for the virus! Personally, I’d rather avoid getting it at all, since there are systemic sequelae that may not show up for a long time.

      Option 2 is, IMHO, even worse. The people who are creating this “vaccine” are about as untrustworthy as they come, and they’re not even trying to be forthright. Bill Gates has a history of poor business practices and there’s an unholy web of interlocking financial interests between bureaucrats and those who will be allegedly creating this “vaccine”. The Gates MRNA vaccine is a novel concept that really needs a lot of lab testing before human trials, yet they’re doing human trials already, with poor results. The coronavirus is one of the most difficult viruses to create long term immunity to, and antibodies disappear within months. The best some can hope for(I don’t) is whack a mole just as we’re doing with the flu “vaccines”. This is playing fast and loose with the human immune system and possibly genome in the case of MRNA. I want no part of it.

      The third option makes the most sense. Optimizing our immune systems with Vit C and D, zinc, melatonin, and possibly HCQ will reduce the likelihood of a severe infection and it’s sequelae. Red light phototherapy might also be indicated, and it’s unlikely to do harm. I’m for playing the waiting game in this state until the virus and human immune systems come into equilibrium. I figure two to three years, but that’s just my opinion.

      Masks, goggles, cleanliness, separation from humans other than intimates, ozone, chlorox and sunlight are all cheap prophylactics.

      • Hahaha! Missed ya a little. Hahah.

        Hey George, you know the BIG Difference between where I hang out in California and my home town in Washington?

        I went in the 76 station to get a water a pack of lucky strikes non filters and I counted 16 people in the store besides me and the two fellas at the registers. I was the only person in the store without a pistol strapped to my thigh or hip. Including the fellas at the registers.

        Everyone was very nice, respectful, helpful and courteous. everyone held the door for the next person, there was no line cutting, no arguing. Probably the most peaceful experience I’ve honesty ever had in a 76 gas station/convenience store. I saw a fella pump the gas for a little old lady. She fretted a little but let him do it. She was packing too. A little revolver on her hip.

        That is the the way it should be. really good experience and good to see law abiding citizens keeping the peace.

    • @ W of the RR

      You want to TRUST Fauci and Bill gates and the Government CDC ,FDA, with …YOUR life…I think NOT…

      Free will is a hard lesson, sometimes even the last one you chose to learn…think again

      Semper Fi….

    • Gosh Wiliam, me thinks you have been ‘drinking too much of the medical establishment’s Koolaid’ with their two choice false narrative.

      I think you’re selling your body’s own defense mechanisms short here by declaring that there are “two ways (only) to become immune to ‘Da Coronas’.” Either ‘getting the virus’ or ‘getting vaccinated’ are the two false choices provided by our authoritarian medical experts (i.e., CDC, NIAID, Dr. Fuaci, Dr. Birx, etc.).

      The third way, which you discount heavily, is to live a healthy life style, like George describes frequently in his daily posts. When it comes to virtually any disease, most people will be able to resist becoming actively infected (becoming symptomatic) because of their innate, healthy immune systems. As George encourages all of his readers, eating healthy food, getting plenty of exercise and getting quality sleep will fortify ones’ own natural defense mechanisms to all disease states, be they acutely infectious or chronically debilitating in nature. George has also described in detail the stack of nutritional supplements he takes daily to assist his body in maintaining this effective, innate immune system.

      The virus, SARS-CoV-2, can produce an infectious disease in susceptible people, especially in those who are immuno-compromised, just like many of the other corona viruses that produce the common cold.

      However, I personally believe the Covid case numbers and deaths have been inflated to serve several politicized agendas, (1) the effort to remove Trump from office, and (2) to push the globalist’s New World Order agenda forward towards complete implementation.

      A safe and truly effective vaccine that you’re pinning your hopes on is very likely a pipe dream, or at worst, a Trojan horse. There has never been an effective vaccine developed to a corona virus, as witnessed by the failed efforts to develop a vaccine to the SARS and MERS viruses in the last decade. At best, if Big Pharma and the ‘medical experts’ declare that one has been developed it may confer only limited immunity requiring repeated reinoculations, and at worst, it may be totally ineffective but loaded with RNA oligonucleotide sequences coding for proteins designed for unimaginably nefarious purposes.

      Basically, I think its best not to trust the so-called medical experts at this point in time.

    • @WoftheRR

      for your consideration…gateway pundint

      Testing will soon begin in poverty-stricken parts of Africa for a biometric ID which will also be your payment system and vaccine record. The biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is backed by none other than the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard, and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.

      The GAVI Alliance, which is largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, as well as allied governments and the vaccine industry, is principally concerned with improving “the health of markets for vaccines and other immunization products,” rather than the health of individuals, according to its own website. Similarly, Mastercard’s GAVI partnership is directly linked to its “World Beyond Cash” effort, which mainly bolsters its business model that has long depended on a reduction in the use of physical cash.

  7. Miami Herald title should be, “Who Will Joe BIden Pick for President?”…

    I used to strive for no interest. Then one of my kids got cancer and afterwards, I had $300k in medical debt. I was 28 years old. Then we bought our first house, and during the closing process, it was destroyed by a hurricane – on the hook for that for $90k at the same time, with another child on the way. Sometimes debt is a choice – sometimes it is not really an option one can avoid, especially when one is young and has no assets from inheritance.

    My Mom always said she was planning on dying owing lots of people money, because what is the point in dying with people owing YOU money? Some truth in that.

    Things have always been this way, and there is no way to change them. Emperors, warlords, counts, kings and queens insisted on receiving their due for “protection”, even if it was protection from their cousin. There’s that old “jus primae noctis”, another really fine tax. But seriously – the only difference now is that we accept taxes tacitly along with the usual government yoke, but the marriage rights are foregone and much of the bloodletting of enforcement – not so sure that was a good thing for us plebes – we have grown complacent.

    I still owe a few banks, but not much…

    • Debt is best used to earn money or get a start in life when you’re young, energetic and strong. It’s mortgaging your life energy for the duration, so it’s best done with asap. If you can do this for a business that you control and can make a success of it, that’s great. Remember to distance yourself from personal liability wherever possible, yet act with integrity to the best of your ability. There are more options that way. When you’re older, owing anything is a burden unless you have offsetting reliable passive income. In today’s economy, I’m not at all sure what’s reliable.

    • Dam.. I’ve been down that road O2… had a boss.playing the stock market..using the money the employees were paying for health insurance and a kid being impaled running up a bill just shy half a mil.. me making 3 bucks an hour.. being screwed by construction company loosing a great deal of the building budget..etc. etc. You wont leave with anything.. unless your filthy rich.. I’ve seen millionaires leave owing the state more times than you would imagine..
      People believe the ideal and the thoughts that their families will have something in the end.
      If your lucky enough to live long enough to make it to a health facility that’s a quarter mill per person

      • It’s much cheaper and probably more comfortable to die at home! I strongly endorse the idea of DNR and avoiding medical people at the end of life. Just make sure that your intentions are well known to your heirs or loved ones. This can be difficult – especially if your loved ones are not your natural heirs. Think it through carefully!

        Who do you trust?

        Who can you trust?

        End of life planning is a bitch!

  8. I like the wing and the body kit on the E-Mustang. They also equipped it with a proper hand brake. I would consider buying an E-Mustang with that kit. The thing is that car companies tease buyers with concept cars all the time, and then don’t build a production version.

  9. So… No mention of unmarked militarized cops attacking and taking away peaceful protesters in Portland? This should shock every American. So far Rand Paul is the only Republican speaking up. I know everyone thinks that Antifa ( whoever they are) deserves this, but this is pregnant women, medics and peaceful people. No markings, no badges, no accountability and no idea where they are being taken. This is a bad sign for everyone.

    • As usual, the correct answer is somewhere in the middle. Cops should be doing their jobs unhampered by politics. Secret police are a poor option – federal police can do the right thing and arrest perps in while in uniform and with probable cause. Yes, unmarked cars can be used – but the cops themselves should be identifiable. The thugs attacking our way of life are really insurgents, but they should not be hanged until they get a quick and proper trial with an honest judge and a decent jury.

      This seems like a problem-reaction-solution setup.

    • @ SR

      “but if you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear”………..”see something. say something”…….

      The Federal DHS agents are arresting and booking those that they ‘kidnap (CNN alert)…….might it be that those that are Arrested have BROKEN the law…dam the bad luck..

    • Not “unmarked.”

      All officers and agents have identification across their front and back, have shoulder insignia on both sleeves, and have nametags displayed over their right breast-pocket. They are sewn insignia, but they’re there.

      ALL cops in a riot zone are “militarized.”

      Not “peaceful” or “protesters.” Pregnant chicks can toss Molotov cocktails and bricks, and dump paint on a statue, too…

      Prisoners are taken to a Federal facility outside the war-zone and immediately booked & charged. I don’t know where they’re incarcerated, but suspect some may go to a low-security or temporary Federal pen, to ensure they’re not put back on the street by a “friendly” local judge, before the Feds can arraign and set (or deny) bail. “Defacing” (without damage) is a misdemeanor vandalism charge in most local jurisdictions. The bond in my corner of the country is $500. However, “defacing Federal property” is a Federal felony which carries a standard 10 year prison term, and the pretrial bond for which typically ranges from $25,000 to $100,000.

      The Federal criminal justice system differs from States’ CJ apparatus WRT both bond and arraignment, as Federal incarceration differs (for instance, there’s no such thing as “good behavior” — be sentenced to “10 years,” you will be in the slam for 3652 days) from local or State incarceration…

      BTW, the vehicles they drive ARE “unmarked” because they are rental vehicles, which the Feds are driving because they were flown in to the area.

      If you don’t know a DHS Agent, find one and just ask him or her what’s going on in Portland. You are much more likely to get a true and accurate account than you are from any participant in the rioting, or any news outlet.

    • SR,

      Relax… These agents are only doing what is told. Did you not see the burned out police vehicles from many cities across the US? Or, the attacks on police officers in their vehicles? When mob rule targets police in marked police vehicles, you have to go unmarked. As far as Portland is concerned, it is desolving into total anarchy. Anywhere there is federal property, it’s up to the fedgov to protect it. Especially when the locals succomb to political pervision. Take a good look at Chicago last weekend. It’s an assault on law enforcement. That’s only going to last for so long.

  10. George,
    Nothing on Trump’s surrender on his self-created mask culture war issue?
    Was it that he finally realized that bucking medical science was dumb? Perhaps realizing his strategy would soon cause 400,000 US deaths on the way to 1.0 million? Or an epiphany on how to actually fix our tanking economy?
    None of that.
    It was his collapsing polls.
    And of course, now that he fumbled the virus and economy, the only issue left to him is law and order. That is, sending in untrained troopers to beat on our kids, and of course risking another Kent State. Brilliant.
    So much for SS Stupid. Best, Mike.

      • d,
        You are right. It doesn’t a response because It’s true. Good observation! Proud of your change of heart on all things Trump. ?

  11. Good morning Youth of the Goldlen years,

    Boy Howdy! One of Mark’s preditictions is coming true!

    A big ‘ta do’ up here in Washington state now is, Drive in theaters. Not in movie sense but In the live acter and actress sense. Like watching shakespeare in cars. Pretty fricken cool.

    Nailed it!

    Round of Aplause to the San Fransisco Oracle Mark.

    Well done!

    • We still have drive in theaters here. It would be nice to see more.. in our local city they have outdoor performance stages for concerts and plays.
      The kids asked me about what I would suggest for birthday parties etc. I said a screen and projector..
      With amazon and netflix. Hulu, etc.
      Your own outdoor theater..

  12. In other news. In my old one horse home town of Arlington, Wa.

    Yew know what they did??? The schools are shut down because of the rona. Sow what they did is turn the school property into a community garden. I kid you not.

    I drove by presidents elementary couple days ago and all around the school is 12X12 garden beds all spaced 6 feet apart. And lots of good yummy veggies are growing in each every one of them.

    Hell there might be hope for mankind after all.

    Off to eastern Washington for a few days before I go back to California. Mark’s taking me out to dinner. He doesnt know it yet. But he does now.


      • G, Leavenworth is an awesome place. There’s this little german restaurant that’s nestled in the basement of a building that my Mom loves. I’m not as keen on kraut, but whatever. It’s an interesting place. Kinda touristy now, but I do love the architecture.

  13. If you live in a deep blue state,don’t fill out the Census.Let them lose a Commie Congressperson or two,along with billions for their illegal alien pets.

  14. “We pretty certain that 50% of what’s on social is robotic…”

    This gave me a flashback:

    Last fall I was on the road, hungry, and passing through Ligonier, Indiana late at night. Northern Indiana along the “US-6 corridor” (m/l between US-12 in Michigan and US-30 in Indiana) has a very high Amish population between Elkhart, IN and US-127 in Ohio. McDonald’s uses its restaurants in this area as “testbeds” for both new menuitems and new technology (the store in Nappanee – RV manufacturing capital of the world – was the first McDonalds which had “free Wi-Fi” and which had public computer kiosks for their customers — The Amish kids are much more Internet-savvy than the average tween, probably because it’s one of few segments of “modern society” that’s not verboten according to their religion.)

    Anyway… I dove into this MickyD’s because it was going to be my only “food” option for hours. I was greeted and my order taken by a very pleasant young girl, actually sounded like a young adult Amish girl (the Amish are considerably better-spoken than the average teen.) 20 minutes later, when I got to the window, I was waited on by a frazzled-looking 30-something man, who comped me my food (because of the wait) and explained he was the only employee, and “corporate” was using his store to betatest a “new system.”

    I don’t know how well the order-taker AI handles seriously OOB conversation, but the speech flow was two orders of magnitude above any computer-generated conversation I’ve heard before, or since, and was undetected by yours truly, who was a CG-speech geek, 20-some years ago.

    So… this was a long anecdote, and I apologize, but I told it so folks would have background sufficient to answer these questions:

    What do you suppose McDonald’s “new system” is…?

    If their geeks can write a speech api that delivers absolutely natural conversation, what do you suppose farcebook geeks or socialist twits can do with typed conversation?

  15. I saw Biden interviewed the other night. Biden always seems rational, cogent, experienced and measured. Biden seems like an adult, a typical american president. Not sure where the fake meme about Biden being out of it came from.

    I also saw trump get interviewed the other day, ““I’ll be right eventually. I said it’s going to disappear. I’ll say it again: It’s going to disappear — and I’ll be right.” When asked if such statements discredit him, Trump said no, adding, “You know why it doesn’t discredit? Because I’ve probably been right more than anybody else.”

    Nuff said.

  16. Half way thru a Bond martini, I am going to share with the Ure bunch.

    I am 75 and have been involved with the feds since the 60s. Even in DC in the 80s and 90s. Got into things they still probably do not know about. You guys are fairly close to some preventative Covid.

    This from a guy in Air Commandos and Special Ops since 68. 15 years worth.

    Take temperatures and monitor anything out of the normal. At the first sign, if possible, take the Zelenko protocols. Or start now with a throat losenge, especially with Zinc.

    Or, do what I do. One a day, Quercetin( Ionophore like Hydrox), Zinc, Cinnamon ( If no Azith). Plus D3, C, and Sambucol. Also, think of A and Niacin. This appears to be more a blood problem than a lung one.


    Damn Martinis

  17. Here is something I enjoy.. the cool and save this video is of the same product but it’s called the mist and save..
    I put one on our air conditioner and was very works.. it makes sense with a conventional air conditioner. Of course if you live in the southwest I’d have a coolerado.. great concept..

    The coolerado in this air inside cool wet air outside..

    • Here is what I have considered doing in the past.. I totally love the cool and save.. the lily pad valve makes it smart and easy to hook up.. uses just a couple of gallons a month to keep the coil cool.. but then you consider the coolerado.. an evaporation cooler where the wet filters have air passing by them and out into the outside.. the cool dry air recirculated inside.. for the hybrid unit they put a dehumidifier in the air handling unit.. So……
      You can buy the paper evaporator filters for a swamp cooler.. you can get the misters for the sprayers.. what if you put a simple pump and reservoir on the outside of the air conditioning unit.. so when the air conditioner starts up a pump starts recirculating the water through the swamp cooler filters with a manifold across the top.. the water of course soaks the pad just like any swamp cooler..the air is sucked pass the cooling coils of the conventional air conditioner.. and out.. the wet cool air is passed out.. the coils cool faster just like they do with the cool and save.. you have a drop of 35 degrees.. so instead of the hundred degree heat you would have seventy five degree air passing the coils.. the air conditioner works less and cools faster.. the best of both worlds.. you don’t have water spraying on the coils.. just the humid cool air..
      sort of like the air well.. an air well in a good humid environment can get you all the drinking water you would possibly want.. all you need is a good dehumidifier a float switch pump and filtration system.. pump it up to your water cooler or drinking water reservoir.. it is something I have considered.. my trouble is I have to many projects or future projects.. I will do it.. sometime just because.. I did tell some engineering students the air well idea a few years ago.. I think they got a grant or something to build one.. the one I want to see done is the solar tower.. with the trapezoid light intensifiers for the solar panels…. LOL.. of course everyone knows I think that is how the power companies should handle it.. be the tree.. move to the furthest part of the grid power line and at every boost station put a tower.. offer rebates or price freezes to anyone putting solar on their homes.. with them as the beneficiary’s of the power your way back to the power plant.. that would strengthen the grid.. and not have to have as much infrastructure changes..
      I would like to see greenscaping of cities to.. and on every lamp post put a co2 filter..all of it would be cheaper in the long run cut the smog from the inner cities.. and help replace the tree’s that they cut down.. what is it fourteen tree’s for every car..

  18. On ILTV yesterday, the Israelis announced that they have found a coalition of two well known drugs that stop Covid dead. Its just moving out of animal trials to humans ASAP.

  19. 2nd day of Christmas in July….

    Yesterday it was payroll tax cuts.

    Today McConnell is OK w/“Direct payments to help families keep driving our national comeback.”

    The Q is how much.

    “We want another round of direct payments,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor today. “Direct payments to help families keep driving our national comeback.”

    More than one proposal indicates $2,000 a month.

    Separately, thoughts on Sen. Kamala Harris as possibly being a shapeshifter?

    • “Yesterday it was payroll tax cuts.
      Today McConnell is OK w/“Direct payments to help families keep driving our national comeback.”

      Steve..Do You know why he’s spouting direct payments .

      They went option two without stopping the velocity of cash!
      I visited with a lady this morning in florida that was giving me the low down on conditions..
      It’s not pretty.
      To keep those on top of the pile there depends on the bottom feeders moving cash..keeping the velocity moving. The velocity kept moving but the cash stopped. Our country had it still been a manufacturing country would have rebounded quicker. But from my perspective we are a service oriented country..and half couldn’t make the payments..
      That’s why the president is wanting the money moving his billions on paper depend on it..
      Without the money moving the noodle on the table tears apart..
      The interesting thought is.. how will the democrats turn it around.. my guess is war..that has been the out every other time.. silly thing is.. what would we use . Throw french fries at them.. we are a service oriented country..we seen the results when the quit shipping parts .take that times ten.. they have more people. Own most of what few manufacture plants we have ev ed n our ports of entry and some of our toll roads..our military is spread around the world not here at home..our congress wont lie they are totally for the hoards of illegals jumping the borders. Our enemies already told us they were sending in the wolves posing as lambs..
      So that’s totally out..we would loose..the planet would loose..
      The only option left is dump like a water fall hope you can float that noodle as far as possible. Then start fresh.
      Or stop the velocity of cash..canada is being smart. China has realized it is the only smart option. Roll back all charges freeze till the virus is done. Give out ration coupons and only work essential services.
      Unfortunately with the riots and all the craziness out there I think that’s to late .
      If you think about it they dont have a lot of options.. you have to consider what their personal handlers wants are . My guess keep the nu.ber flow up.

      • LOB,

        The populace isn’t accumulating debt fast enough so government is writing the debt for us in our name.

        It’s the end of the line for this system.

        I think the pensions and Social Security will get blended into some type of hybrid UBI.

  20. how good is covid !!! people are gittin so rich in the good ole country !!! sit on your butt watch em drop like flies and get rich on double long gold cross poker stocks .. yeeha ..!!!!!!!!!! elite commander dalio .. man of the year

    • Len.. I agree and disagree.. sure there are those that see this as a money making opportunity kind of like global warming.. (or climate change.they will use any method they can find ) but on the other hand.. this is a dangerous virus.. and keeping the velocity of money moving to spread it will only swing the double edged sword back to themselves..
      Lets face it.. I drive into burger king for a whopper.. I want to be able to get the whopper.. not have to stop and grind the beef make it into a beef patty grill it then assemble it.. the same thing with a plumber.. how about the fittings.. oops.. see the people at the top of the pile seldom consider the Roy the riveter building the sky rise buildings.. or the man shoveling the shizt out of the cattle feeding stalls.. they are use to going down and purchasing the items they need and want.. without any regard to anyone else.. its the support staff that keeps them on the top of the pile.. loose them and what do they have.. a pile of coins that have little or no value what so ever to the average person…Lets face it.. you can’t eat it.. if your the only one with can’s of beans and there isn’t anyway to replace them your can of beans becomes pretty valuable.. not long ago we seen how this was with toilet paper.. I seen on ebay where a six roll pack of angel soft sold for one thirty nine with a thirty dollar shipping fee.. twelve squares of single ply was selling for two bucks plus two dollars shipping..
      hyper inflation at its best.. during the gold rush and depression of eighteen forty nine there was a diary I read that had mentioned that he should have stayed home.. that it cost three ounces of gold for a single cup of water..
      a bath and a personal time with the ladies was cheaper than the cup of water. bring that to the Greeks.. women were selling themselves for a can of spam or soup to feed their kids, the elderly had to dumpster dive for food.. it is still like that in Zimbabwe and Argentina..
      So is gold a good value.. well if you can hold it and don’t have any needs that you can save it.. yes.. twenty five to fifty years from the depression it will have value again and people will be collecting it.. just don’t collect it thinking your going to use it for purchasing power.. its value drops just as fast as the stock market.. actually in the early 1980’s it lost more value than the stock market..

  21. Newsdump:

    From Zerohedge:

    Facebook Deplatforms Former Employee Who Questioned BLM/Diversity Narrative

    Cisco Fires Employees That Question Black Lives Matter During Company-Wide Racism Discussion

    Twitter Blocks Tweets On China Human Rights Abuses Story As AG Barr Decries Silicon Valley ‘Collaboration’ With CCP

    Chinese Communist Party and BLM = good
    Freedom, independent thought, rationality = bad

    From Breitbart:

    Cartel Video of Armored Paramilitary Unit Puts Mexican Government in PR Damage-Control Mode

    Lincoln Project Paid More than $2 Million to Firms Owned by Its Founders

    One flyby from an AC130 and both of these groups would cease to be a terrorist blight on the face of the Earth…

    From Campus Reform:

    Young Americans willing to give up First Amendment rights to avoid offending others

    I so, so, so, so, so want to be on the examination and editorial staff, if these intellectually-challenged children allow people to “inspect their social media accounts.” I guarandamtee there’s not a kid (defined as “younger than middle-aged”) in the country who’s “active” in “social media,” who would not have posts (or “likes” or “retweets”) which I don’t find offensive or intolerant. Now whether this would make them realize what “free speech” is really about, or simply make them Otaku (in the derogatory sense) who lock themselves in their parents’ basements until they’re in their 50s, I don’t know, and don’t really care. Their sanctimonious bigotry, ignorance, and narrowmindedness offends me. The “free speech” clause of the 1st Amendment does not exist to protect groupthink — rather, its guarantee is to protect unpopular speech or ideas from abridgement by sanctimonious, ignorant, bigoted, and narrowminded, power-tripping twits.

    From the London Times:

    Police may drop ‘Islamist’ term when describing terror attacks

    “Faith-claimed terrorism” is the current front-runner for the kneelers…

    From Mises:

    The Media’s Jihad against Sweden’s No-Lockdown Policy Ignores Key Facts

    I’ll have to admit I was not a fan of Sweden’s policy, but if antibodies will proffer even a degree of immunity, either from death or from a severe recurrence, dem dam Swedes are going to have some amazingly good re-infection numbers, compared to everyone else…

  22. We have hit a new low for bully political gang terrorism in Texas. The State of Texas has allowed a front pipeline Company controlled by a European oil conglomerate to have eminent domain rights. So now we have agents of a European monarchy seizing property and initiating Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suits against anyone who doesn’t knuckle under to having their homes and property overrun by unregistered agents of a foreign power. It is time for change. The quickest way to remedy this is at the polls in November. This isn’t a R or D issue, this is all of ’em. Treason against the American populace must be made unfashionable.

    • Yes it’s the same thing here.. the indian tribe were trying to stop oil pipelines from crossing the reservation. The reason..the company doing the pipeline is notoriously for using shoddy materials and poor workmanship. With so many epa violations every year that they are concerned about their ground water.. fresh water rights sold to people that it should never be sold to .
      Our businesses sold and controlled by organizations over seas that dont have to pay taxes.. I say tax them make a buck in the USA pay the tax. Tariff incoming goods and tax all companies hiring labor not american..give tax breaks to corporations hiring American citizens..

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