Not just a hell of a lot going on – leastwise that one could fairly call  news.  Most of the headlines today are of the roll-over, filler, lather-rinse-and-repeat variety.  

Dow futures down 40, but it’s a “Who cares?” to us.  For now.  Waiting for this pig of a market to get some momentum going…  Leaves us reduced to writing about?

Refried News

If you’re a “new addict” it’s getting hard to find the “ new high“.

For example, if you visit  Drudge you’ll be assaulted with a variety of Virus Stories.  Essentially, nothing new (but a number change) since mid March, here.

Some ugly truth:  I sentd my son *(the firefighter/EMT/CV19 Safetyh Officer) a forecast on March 13th.  And it was off – but not terribly so:  (Remember, this was forecast on 3/13/2020!)

The forecast death toll in his county (east of Seattle) has been off by a factor of 2 (forecast was on the high side) but I had cobbled up something called “proximity factor” (due to peripheral to a high fatality area) and that’s why the bodies aren’t stacking up like cord-wood…YET.

As you can see, we’re “in the range” forecast and we ought to pick up in coming weeks.  6-million behind, but the rates are climbing, so we shall see.  My more recent forecasts we much more accurate, but in terms of general drift of things?  Who else was even in this area back in mid MARCH?

The reality this morning was?

Which any damn fool can figure (because the disease is still compouding at 8-9% every five days!) will press us over 15-million cases globally by the middle of this week.  And it’s likely to get worse as summer wears on.

We attribute this to our (reported Sunday, here) Crackpot Theory on CV-19.  Which (if you’re too lazy to click) means no summer spread decline because we’re all a bunch of air conditioned  babies and more.

I won’t bother with the teacher’s assistant lecture titled “What do you make of the slope of this curve?”  [Part of Imputing and Solving Exponentials 601]

So, 15-million later in the week.  Virus mutations now are common-enough that a workable vaccine will be coming off the table, shortly we reckon.  But for now, it’s not going “door-to-door” like Ingrid Bergman films.  Spread mainly by pixels on sites like this featuring A new coronavirus mutation is taking over the world. Here’s what that means..

We keep waiting for follow up on the 10-day old story Mutation in dominant Arizona coronavirus strain may make it more infectious.  To spike, or not to spike?  That is the “search” question…

Oh, also in the “No shit?” department: Tests on Yosemite sewage reveal presence of coronavirus.  Dandy!

And did you see where “U.S. will finally use coronavirus testing method that let Wuhan test 10 million people in 10 days”  Does this mean the “infection rate will stop rising?” Certainly did in China, seems like…

And one more from the viral news desk: Tower of London Beefeaters face job cuts due to pandemic.  Not to fear:  The Ures are off Beefeaters and onto Bombay Blue, anyway.  Prettier bottle, says the artsy Elaine.

A Different & Serious Mutation

Not only is CV-19 “racist” (in how it strikes) but here comes another mutation (though not related) that is of interest:  ” Newly-Described Mutation Leaves Ashkenazi Jews at Higher Multiple Cancer Risk.

I’d call Nick Cannon for a comment, but…..

I’d be shamed to do so.  Besides, I don’t want to follow the undercurrents in the NY Times piece “Black Artists See Glaring ‘Opportunism’ in Corporate Rush to Use Their Work.”

Wait…isn’t OPPORTUNISM the cornerstone of America?  Get Westinghouse and Carnegie on the line!  Get the Commodore on the line, too, while Ure at it.  And, if he’s not available, see if Amiga is…  (Plus: We’ll give you a BTC for all the shares of Seattle Silicon, too, while Ure at it…)

Sheesh.  Welcome to Real America, people.  Greed and Profit…name of the game.

Side of Useless?

Hysteria for Clicks, anyone?  On your Marx…  Bumpy road this lefty-antifa farcical uprising crap.  In today’s edition:

Portland police: Federal agents used gas against protesters.”  Portland police weren’t there, they claim. (!!!???  Everyone take the day off?  Law free days in PDX now?  WTF???)   So while laws are being broken, the cops no-show?  Cut ALL federal funding to Portland. No Ure tax money for the uprising city!

Don’t drink the water in London, either, we figure.  There may be something in it that causes confusion and paranoia as “Hundreds of protesters, some wearing masks, protest against mask-wearing in London.” The key symptom of insanity here?  “Some protesters waved placards referring to masks as “mind control” devices…”  AYFKM?  Jeez people are gullible…

Come over here, kids:  This pile is science, this pile is medicine (see how they overlap?).  This pile way over here are two-bit rabble-rousers inciding insurrection against thinking.  They’re the leading edge of the Digital Dark Ages where the largest number of pixels wins…  Then it’s lights out for the remnants of humanity…but our job will be done when AI is born, so yeah…go ahead, be nuts and riot…FMTT

Half Past GMO

KFC Tests 3D-Printed Chicken Nuggets in Russia.

You know, Elaine and I have some 3D printing gear…so it may only be a matter of time until the Mrs. goes into the kitchen and mixes up some ground beef with some PLA filament and runs it through the noodle-maker…

You do know that “Polylactic Acid (PLA) is biodegradable…” right?

Want a glimpse of the future?  Amazon to Creality printer, to microwave, to human, to grave…as we extensify things…

After Acting?

Keanu Reeves is writing comic books.

And notice the claims from Amber Heard: Johnny Depp hit me during row over pre-nuptial agreement.  Say, this isn’t a “ratings hit” is it?

Practical Investing

MJDB lights upFlurry of investor interest in Arizona sparked by prospect of recreational marijuana legalization” which we find useful.

We sort of reckon that over time (and virus die-back) in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix will be in an ideal position to serve the state of Mexico and old U.S. states in the Southwest when the libbies bring down the border.  Think of buying property in  Coral Gables in the 60’s…  Except there’s the water problem and APS bills…  still…

Next Business OPTY:  “Intel’s Mobileye and Ford ink deal on next-generation driving technology.”  Only flaw we see in this is the assumption there will even BE a Next-Generation of drivers, but ya’ll have fun.  Shareholders will eat it up.

ATR and Some Woo-Woo

It’s probably just as well there’s nothing much new or impacting going on.  Because of three items:

  1. Ure has had the most AMAZING adventure over in the Dream Realms ever and I will have to go into a writing trance later today to write a two-parter for  Peoplenomics subhscribers. Title overall is “The Migration of Work.”   It will appear Wednesday (Part 1:  Work Lessons from the Dream Realms).  With the meat and potatoes of it next Saturday (Part 2:  The Migration of Work).  Gotta say, it’s one of the most (to me, anyway) profound dreams ever.  Ties together economics, spirituality, answers the “What are we doing here” – all that and a lot more.  Truly cool.
  2. Still got a zillion projects to do in the shop while it’s cool (if 76F is cool?)
  3. My interest is Ham Radio is still high, despite the bands being at ridiculous, deep solar sleep levels.  Picked up a Johnson  Viking II transmitter for $224 bucks…including shipping.  Considering this thing weighs nearing 100-pounds, that’s remarkable.  One of the best ever built in the “boat anchor” (tube type) ham gear category.  Now looking for a Johnson Model 122.  That’s a  VFO to restore with it…if you know of one.  That will be paired up with my RME-6900 for a perfect classic AM Boat Anchor station.  (Here’s a YT of an RME-6900 in use…)  One of the best features is variable BFO injection which is great for super-weak signal copy.

Anyway, that’s Ure’s Monday.  Hope yours is as interesting, too.

Write when you get rich,