Uncloaked Data: On Jobs, Ukraine, Omni, and Hate

There are seldom days when the Collisions of Complexity becomes clearer.  Because we find ourselves, at click-time, staring into the abyss of the bad movie Global War trailer as early as this weekend.

Important to understand (Big Picture stuff here) how contradictions can be useful in several ways, during times like these.  Three examples:

  • In oratory (as in closing arguments) contradiction is used to contrast.
  • In science and data, contradictions when studied reveal hidden truths.
  • In governance (and Zen koans) contradiction confuses the shit out of people making them lose common sense.
    • In the governance use-case, utter incompetence is revealed as nothing makes sense.
    • In the meditative art use-case, “watching the river without judgement” reveals hidden truths.
  • And in TRIZ (*the Russian science of logical invention) contradictions pave the way to the one-best Inventive Solution.

I don’t like to start columns with the white board (though a huff would be good off the marker), but there is such a clear-cut theme of contradictions running… I hope you will forgive the momentary philosophical departure.  Clarity of thought arises from disciplined use of mind.

Americans used to do that – have disciplined thinking –  at least now and then.

Contra 1: Labor Statistics

Before we unveil this morning’s new unemployment claims data, let me give you two headlines from separate Labor Department Press Releases to set the mood:

“The number of job openings increased to 11.0 million on the last business day of October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Hires were little changed at 6.5 million and total separations
edged down to 5.9 million. Within separations, the quits rate decreased to 2.8 percent following a series high in September. The layoffs and discharges rate was unchanged at 0.9 percent.”

This is so close to our (realist’s view) of the economy I can hardly speak.  Yet just a few short days ago, the Labor Department (different press release and parroted widely in the useless FinPress) was:

“The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more), at 2.2 million, changed little in November but is 1.1 million higher than in February 2020.”

Sounded so cheerful.  As long as you remember 2020 was a (pardon this) Covid turd year, so 2019 is the better benchmark.  Which leaves us pondering job quit rates decreasing while long-term unemployment doesn’t change. Hallelujah!

The superficial contradiction reveals something deeper which might be inferred as “Rats Jumping Ship” or “live once before you die.”  Or, more likely, “We’re sick of this rat-race bullshit with no increase in real rates of return.”

While the unemployment rate improved, people were fleeing, and job openings were up, the wash-over into this morning’s data becoming this:

Which is really market neutral.  Because jobs really don’t matter anymore, when utility values are abandoned as the basis of commerce.

Econ Insight: American Primates

The clearest view of the U.S. economy now?

Imagine a troop of apes in the primate house.  You toss a couple of crates of delicious fresh bananas in.  Eventually, they eat their fill.  Then, the uneaten bananas become currency.  Peels for deals.  Following?

Now, a few days go by, and a funny thing happens.  The Apes have continued their trading of bananas for things like grooming chores and such.  But they have eaten the sweet innards of all the bananas.  Amazingly, there is no crash, and trading continues.

Now we take a half-starved additional Ape, give him several armloads of emptied banana peels, and throw him (and the peels) in with the existing, frantic peel-trading troop.

Our (still starving) new arrival quickly discovers himself to be the richest Ape in the Primate House.  He’s groomed to perfection and even has enough peels leftover to buy the Chimpanzee Express and fly all over Africa.  We hand him a cell phone.  H promptly calls a corporate aircraft broker.

The aircraft broker – amazingly – offers him a Gulfstream IV on a four-year lease with engine reserves.  See, the aircraft broker had heard about the Apes-that-Trade Bananas.  He honestly thought his ship had come in.  Held out for a lot of peels, too.

And as our fractured economic history reveals, it wasn’t until the aircraft broker’s wife stared at her husband holding armloads of now putrefying banana peels, that anything in this adventure made any sense whatsoever:

You traded the Gulfstream for WHAT? YOU F**KING IDIOT!!!

Our “peeled view” is that the “sweet fruit” of the American dollar has already been eaten.  We are presently trading banana peels.  Nice, big peels.  Uselessly debt saturated peels.

And the new pile of peels is crypto currencies.  With Bitcoin finding resistance at the $49,500 level, we wanted to “peel back” economic reality and make Collapse easy for you.

You’re welcome.

Contra 2: The Pain of Ukraine

Is plain:

Yet from Brandon, just hours earlier:

Biden Says US Not Obligated to Go to War If Russia Invades Ukraine.

The contradiction?  Hell no.  Near as we can figure this is maybe public Code.  Perhaps Ukraine missed a payment to Pops?

Contra 3: Omni Hype

Sometimes, contradictions are only apparent if your personal time machine (memory) works.   If not, we’re here to help:

Revealed is no one knows what’s really going on.  Just over time replacing all your Pureblood with…whatever three shots will do (or four in Israel).

Ure’s Reality:  While there are stories about like Early COVID-19 can be mistaken as vaccine side-effects, warn researchers,  we hear something else.  Like the report (not yet confirmed) a healthy 44-year old firefighter dying 7-days after his “booster” shot.  Of a cardiac arrest.  Our sources don’t expect this to be reported as a Covid side effect, despite the rumored clotting…  (I will follow up with the department today, but they are unlikely to release his medical history to out of state media in Podunkville.)

And the mass vaccination of children under 18 in the UK based on the Covid risk of one-death in a million (scroll down to last Friday’s stats here)?  We should have fresh vax reality data tomorrow.

Contra 4: Media Mis-Contexting

This is a pull quote which is making the rounds in emails overnight – demonstrating how the public and media are so overwhelmed by the SMS length thought compilers – also seen as the digitally induced ADHD mindset – that omicron scares like this happen:

“” You don’t have to travel to get the omicron variant. You can get it right at home,” Dr. Amesh Adalja said.”

When you actually read the damn story here, the doc is OBVIOUSLY talking about “here at home” in the “without travel outside of USA” context.  Instead, this is “quote compressed and inferred as “seek and destroy even if isolated at home” fears.

Got to pre-warn I am thinking about writing a piece on information loss during thought-compression as a Peoplenomics report this weekend.  When comes to human communications there is no such thing as lossless compression.

Contra 5: Sequential Hate Memes

Since I’m working on the final part of the annual Peoplenomics outlook piece for next week, it’s rather revealing to study “Hate” and how the Internet provides for a supercharged way to speed cultural implosion.  For, as a reader recently observed:  “We’re disintegrating faster than Rome…”

Here’s a nifty contradiction for you to cut your neurons on:  NYPD Commissioner says over half of hate crimes target Jews and Asians, cites liberal policy.  In the age of defund the police, we have a Top Cop saying what we’re doing doesn’t work.  Amazing.

Yet again, as we look at the detail-level, we see that liberal Elitists are only interested in defunding police to further a Marxist-communist agenda: NY defund police candidate for governor has NYPD detail, home protected by military with ‘M16s.

But don’t let on to people in Gotham (the Rotten Apple).  They won’t know how to process this.

Seriously:  SMS-think doesn’t work in complex situations, issues, or circumstance.  This is not cops or firemen (“more bullets” or “water!”).  This is the ultra-complex, strategically inferenced AI predictive world.  Big thoughts mean longer sentences, and like our “get omicron here at home” story reveals, the impact of time-driven thought-compression demands with a new algo or we revert to legacy thinking on “Big Shit that Matters but Is Complicated” issues.

As a result of SMS think, we are now a self-polarizing world, reducing the future to a series of  “Me statements.”

Once upon a time, we were a communicating and negotiating species.

SMS has done to human problem-solving, what Banana Peels did to the aircraft broker.

Banana peel futures were down 150 just ahead of the U.I. joke.

Quake Wake

Key a Big Open Serious eye on the quake swarm off the coast of Oregon this week.

Why?  Well, more than a hundred shakes so far.  In fact, if you take a 7-day view and +2.5 or greater, more than 390 earthquakes off the Oregoons in the past week:

Got good news (and bad) for you on these.  The good news is (in our view) that that Pacific Plate is moving and is not locking, here.

The Bad News is in the prediction sciences, we are still eyeing another Japan mega quake Sept 2022 and the collapse of California into ocean but not until spring of 2023 (maybe spring 2022, but we’ll see).


Moving dog feeding locations has been the “secret sauce” to working out a latter-day Maginot Line for the Cat and the Dogs.

We got a couple of training collars, so that will be interesting.  Elaine wanted to try one on me.  I barked and growled something fierce.

Calm enough winds for me to get another antenna leg up over a very tall pine tree Wednesday.  $100 drone have saved me $800 in arborist work, and that’s just so far.  Wet dreams of ultra-long wire antennas to follow.

Ham and scalloped potatoes last night.  Luckily, I made enough for leftovers, so you read a bit while I go carbie load.

Your work after is to head over to Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine 10-Day Weather Forecast – The Weather Channel | Weather.com and figure if its cold enough and dry enough for Putin to make his move this weekend before the West gets all its arriving division-strength equipment in place.  There will be a sweet spot ahead.  Might short that weekend.

Got a big day tomorrow: Consumer Price Inflation.  You get to be our age and inflation is either very dangerous and bad or miraculous…

Write when you get rich,


76 thoughts on “Uncloaked Data: On Jobs, Ukraine, Omni, and Hate”

  1. The proper ‘perspective’ regarding “The Pain of Ukraine” ~ Imagine for a moment the Russkys effected a coup in Cuba and installed ballistic missiles all over the island pointed (guess where) towards the peace-loving folks of the US. The US would be rightfully miffed. One might even imagine that for self preservation’s sake we might rattle a saber or two telling those Russkys to take their offensive weapons and get lost. Thankfully they did or none of us would be chatting.

    Now imagine the US effected a coup in Ukraine and, all along the European NATO frontier with Russia we were busy little bees installing Aegis Ashore systems (capable of fielding tactical nukes) in Redzikowo, Poland, Deveselu, Romania and elsewhere as well as playing war games with a few hundred miles of Russia’s capital. The Russkys would be rightfully miffed.

    Tell me there’s much difference between 1962 & 2021 beyond the fact that we had much smarter and more savvy leadership (adults in the room) in 62 than we have in DC today.

    • “Imagine for a moment the Russkys effected a coup in Cuba and installed ballistic missiles all over the island pointed (guess where) towards the peace-loving folks of the US.”

      OTFLMAO…. NOW that was funny Rick.. the piece loving folks in the USA… we are in so many places militarily just so some schmuck in another country can get what he covets is amazing.. they Own our congress.. primp them anyway they want to with the money they are giving them..

      As far as Russia setting up bases on cuba they don’t have to set up any bases on Cuba.. When Cuba asked us for help Brandon Flipped them the bird and China walked in as their savior.. China and Russia are working together.. My guess is they will make infrastructure repairs needed in cuba.. https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202108/1232804.shtml

      • “My guess is they will make infrastructure repairs needed in cuba.. ”

        …in exchange for warm-water ports.

        There, fixed it for ya!

        China’s been doing that all over the world. It’d be hopelessly naive and stupid for anyone to think they won’t make that same deal with Cuba — oh, wait…

      • “It’d be hopelessly naive and stupid for anyone to think they won’t make that same deal with Cuba — oh, wait…”

        Ray… NEVER FEAR BIDENS HERE!!!!!! WITH KAMMALA PUREBRED AT HIS SIDE…… oh hey.. do you happen to have a few bucks to spare for a hamburger today…


  2. Holy Cowinkydinks G-dog – amaze ballz – Lossless Compression, how did you know ? Not comms – Lasers..”carbuncles in the sky” WTF is he talking bout now?!?!?
    See Ronald L Mallet – he of the laser ring experiments, thats right “homegamer mad Creators” – lasers configured in a circle produced Gravity Wave. You bet – replace Ure diodes wit Lasers – and crank that mutha up to totally ridiculous powers levels – creating Ure own dam Portal. This is ancient technology – Posidia ancient – so ancient most dont wish it were true(believe). Technology described a 9 foot optically perfect crystal(6 sided,right angle that had a laser pumping into a specific point. Laser energy keeps bouncing off prismatic angles – never escaping the crystal – just building incredible potential. Now you know why sooo much money/resources/govts are all over the waters surrounding western cuba & see AUTEC in Andros island, and why the ECD lives in Belize parttime..
    What the heck is going with 12/12/21 ? “the comet will run (blue star kachina) when Texas freezes 21”

    Bonus Time – fav time of the year – listen to this – it will help you connect to $$$$$$$$$$$https://www.tiktok.com/@kingsoon4774/video/6892129180390149381?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

    De nada.

      • Wrong type crystal..see Nine foot length – opalescence was described =many colors. As in radiated many colors. Sunlight & moonlight charged the machine as well. Described the room that housed the tuaoi crystal (firestones) as domed that could be opened, the walls and floor lined with an asbestos/bakelite material for insulation – said to generate great heat. Enabled comms between infinite and finite. “Intelligent” crystals superior tech data storage and replay/display, intelligent drive system “computer” for navigating thru interstellar space via “tachy field tunneling” lotz of pressure requires a fluid response from craft to counteract intense pressures upon Ure flying disk in the tachy tunnels..
        Looking forward to hearing about Ure most recent moneymiracle (s) after listening to the soundz of moanay above.

      • Hi Mr. Ure,
        Thank you for your kind indulgence to accommodate Mr. EDU.
        I must be of primitive Neanderthal consciousness as I am not able
        to appreciate their most passionate reply.

        Peoplenomics rocks ! for $40-45 per year, so much better value as far as mind expanding than gummies from the local dispensary.

  3. Hello George,
    Could you please help me out,by telling me what “SMS-think” is. I have read, and re-read today’s article, looking for reference, but to no avail, I can not come up with a correlation of that abbreviation, and of your prose. Please be patient with me, I am a little bit older than you, and some of the tools in my shed aren’t as sharp as they used to be,but sorry to say sharper than most today.
    I have been through your neck of the woods several times on my way to San Antonio, it is a pretty area,
    I enjoy your writing and your perspectives.

    Mike Roth

    • Sure Mike, glad to assist.

      I am guilty (all the time) of sometimes knowing what I am thinking, but realizing that not everyone has an MBA, patents in electronics, extra class ham ticket, broadcast and microwave engineering, and offshore sailing background. I may lapse – at any instance – into Jargonese which may not make sense. Thank you for pointing out that (once again) I assume everyone knows everything. (You’re not a democrat, or you’d profess to know all for everyone, lol)

      SMS is telephone company speak for Short Message Service. Better known as texting.

      More on the subscriber side on the mental algebra of how SMS think works. But here is the progression of “thinking”

      When People Read Books: “I love you, dear, and I would do anything to stay at your side,” she said, looking at him dreamily.

      When Radio arrived: “A woman, deeply in love, pledged her loyalty to the man she loves today.”

      When TV Arrived: “We have pictures tonight of a woman pledging her love to her man.”

      When email arrived: “She said she loves him.”

      When SMS/texting arrived: “lu2”

  4. For some reason, American cops and rulers never seem to acknowledge ethnic hate crimes committed against citizens of Western European ancestry. Apparently the Progressive spin supercedes all other considerations, like the law, for instance. It might have something to do with Progressive lawyers and judges having a monopoly on civil rights issues, cases, and interpretations.

    • Maybe that is problem. Many of us “westerners” just see a crime, to most of us what the perp was thinking is not relevant at all, the crime is the issue, not the background thoughts. If people want harsher penalties for such crimes, sign most of us up. No great way anyone can determine someone else’s state of mind. Instead make all assault penalties higher, I don’t care why person 1 attacked person 2. The victim is still impacted and the state should enforce the laws for the crime. If there is a different penalty if I assault someone I dislike, is there a lighter penalty if I assault a friend? I don’t want to grow the definition of “hate crimes”, that entire category needs to dismantled. I don’t care if a black attack on an Asian is not categorized as a hate crime. I just want them punished to maximum sentence and get human garbage out of society based on their actions no matter their “thoughts”. Of course BLM may lose almost all their idols and reasons to riot if we actually punished criminals for their crimes and got them out of society.

      • I would settle for acknowledgment that hate crimes target all ethnic groups, not just the ones being championed as victims by the lawyers.

      • “I would settle for acknowledgment that hate crimes target all ethnic groups,”

        I truly don’t think That will never happen N_____…
        Look at the huge drive that has happened to defund the police that protect the innocents in the highest crime area’s.. BLM and Antifa.. there were people out giving money to those that would start a fight or do damage.. who has that kind of cash.. all it did was weaken an already bad system.. I talked to someone from Minneapolis and asked them about the neighborhood that the unfortunate situation happened.. the answer was the crime is so bad in that neighborhood right now you don’t even want to drive through it.. go figure.. the situation should never have happened.. the man responsible should be punished appropriately and so should those connected to the situation that didn’t stop it.. but they shouldn’t ever take the protection away..Of course that is just my opinion.. makes for a good opportunity to bring in marshal law at some point..

  5. “Outside of a book, a dog is man’s best friend.”
    “Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read”

    Mark Twain (allegedly)

  6. Since you have dog training collars I recommend viewing some of the videos of Larry Krohn. He’s a master of training and his videos are available for free on Youtube.

  7. It’s looking like Biden is taking Ukraine off the table?

    If that’s the case, then it seems that the chances of something happening with Taiwan and China goes up exponentially. I’m thinking the war hawks(hacks) are well aware that a 2-front war is beyond our capability. That doesn’t mean that Russia will play by our “book”, and I’d expect them to jump Ukraine shortly after the U.S. is engaged with China.

    This could get ugly, fast.

    • If there’s still a brain anywhere in the bidet regime, they probably realize that maintaining Taiwan as a somewhat sovereign nation is a much better objective than maintaining Ukraine as one. Taiwan is chip central, and I’m not sure what Ukraine is uniquely valuable for on the world stage. If NATO wants a battle there, they’re local, but they’d still lose. Taiwan is absolutely against being assimilated by the Borg, and we need their productivity until we can find an alternative.

      I’m not sure what, if anything we can do to prevent conquest of either disputed land. We can certainly engage, FWIW. Beyond that, I’ll defer to those who are better informed.

      • “ALWAYS judge a politician by what he or she does, never by what they say. ”

        EXACTLY RAY…..Amen

        I have told the kids and grandkids.. BE THE BLIND MAN… a blind man does not know what brand of clothes your wearing.. or how tall or short you are. What ethnic background you descend from… all he knows is how you treat him and how you act to others or how you behave in general to others..

      • Your children and grandchildren are well taught LOOB. The golden rule has many forms. I have also taught my kids to apolgize when they are wrong.

        I am waiting for the President, Vice-President, MSNBC, CNN and others to apologize for the damming racial comments they made when Jussie Smollett launched his race hate hoax nearly 3 years ago. I am sure we can expect it shortly.

      • “If there’s still a brain anywhere in the bidet regime”

        I shouldn’t need to comment on this. Not an issue unique to the current assclowns, but one for which they’ve become the poster child…

        “I’m not sure what Ukraine is uniquely valuable for on the world stage.”

        Pure-bred 7000 year old strains of wheat, and considerably more than their share of the most beautiful women in the world (from “injecting” a little Viking into the native Rus/Caucasian bloodlines, for 300 years…)

      • I’m not against protecting Ukraine, IMHO, it’s simply a matter of triage.

        From my perspective, we can fight a two front war, but we can’t win it unless we engage with massive nukes and destroy that which we’re trying to protect. I’m not sure that we can win any war at this point.
        As I mentioned, I’ll defer to those who know more.

        We ate our seed corn over the last 30 years while watching TV, and have failed to maintain our position in the world, either militarily, or economically.

      • “we can fight a two front war, but we can’t win it unless we engage with massive nukes and destroy that which we’re trying to protect.”

        either Way even if we don’t do a thing.. we… LOOSE Mike…. Every study made says that we won’t win.. Why do you think the countries were playing on their weakest elements of potential corruptive actions of govt employees and members of govt employees, by giving children to the pedophiles and money to have access.. Hiring lobbyists to control our legislators and writing the bills that the idiots that should care and have a clue that would openly refuse to even read.. buying mortgages and getting laws made and passed.. buying key industries and buying our debts…

      • @NM Mike

        I’m not against protecting Ukraine.

        I am…

        Suppose BLM, ANTIFA, and other Soros organizations flooded New Mexico, then physically beat the legislators and their constituents with ball bats until the Legislature voted to secede from the U.S. and break economic & political ties, and adopt a posture which was SO pro-Mexican that Mexico contemplated its annexation?

        In 2013-2014, ANTIFA, Open Borders, and other Soros organizations, backed by the U.S. Government and financed with your tax dollars through USAIID and a bunch of other NGOs, did just this, within Ukraine.

        I had hopes when they elected “Pat Paulsen,” a leader who’s a stand-up comic with no serious criminal ties or inclinations, and no political hubris, that they would become independent and strengthen their ties with Russia, Belarus, and Poland which makes both geopolitical and socioeconomic sense. After watching for several years, it is my considered opinion that whether he keeps his “one-term promise” or not, Zelensky will retire from politics as the wealthiest comedian in Europe, and Vichy (and Soros, and Bill Kristol) will win another battle in the war to subjugate the planet.

        I don’t care whether Ukraine becomes a Russian province or not.

        I care whether the senile megalomaniacal pedophile in the White House gets us into an immoral shooting war which will accomplish nothing and cost millions of American civilians their lives.

    • ALWAYS judge a politician by what he or she does, never by what they say. Unless you’re Mr. Obama and can skate with voting “present,” you WILL establish a performance and belief record. Biden is a compulsive liar and is widely known for being wrong on every foreign policy issue in the past 50 years, on which he has voiced an opinion. He is also a megalomaniacal bully for whom impending defeat would be license to use any means whatsoever, to avoid.

      We have no chance of winning a war against either Russia or China, if it is fought on their doorstep. The logistics are such that we can not possibly keep a force of sufficient size, armed, fed, and supplied, for a long enough period of time to fight an actual war, let alone win one — whereas, they can.

      Therefore, a conventional war would break down fairly quickly into nuclear exchanges, where we would be guaranteed to lose even worse, but at least we could take some Russians and Chinese to hell, with us.

    • “It’s looking like Biden is taking Ukraine off the table?”

      Is he seriously taking it off the table? Or is that just what they are sayin….I believe it totally depends on what their benefactors are wanting them to do as to how we will act….
      With all the studies that have been done and everyone that has come up and said by god don’t do it buddy you won’t succeed like you have in the past.. The laborers cannot afford another war.. our infrastructure is in critical pre collapse and our industries have been dismantled and sent to China our economy is depending on money being distributed monthly just to keep its head above water we are drowning in our own greed right now from how I see it … We are dependent on them for our way of life.. we now have a consumption nation rather than a nation of industrialization .. Our Youth are all dumbed down by design.. the Give me years.. and the vast majority are dependent on social programs to exist daily..
      But don’t under estimate the capabilities and corruptive nature of those that buy and control our legislators.. or their desires for more.. there is never enough more with someone that wants.. and the PTB only know that war in the past has been how to improve economic conditions..

  8. De Plane – G, de plane!
    still no
    close but still no guitar,

    no not new madrid, not san andreas
    US Govt. DEFAULT, US BANK DEFAULT…whatsinside that BofA- JPM silver derivatives contracts? Evergrande and what Stable Coinz ?
    Dont bother asking the CRIMINAL Regulator (s), they bee active participants in the “Silver kiting scheme” …say anybody know where Blythe bee lately? jpm master manipulator she bee/been..Bee a whiz and keep it all in phyz.

    SPY puts @448, Long Vol/^VIX, Long UNG, Long GDXJ, TWTR puts, LUV puts
    Shitcoinz – XRP-banker coin, XLM-stellar, BTC, Theta/Theta Fuel, SHIB lottery tix- all shitcoinz potential = $0 – caution regards preservation of capital/initial investment..”and its gone”-SP
    “I just cant help the feeling”..https://youtu.be/p12Te3UIYKg

  9. I was under the impression that part of the Ukraine spoke Russian and was eager to rejoin Russia. Am I wrong?

    • Ukraine had been a region in Russia for hundreds of years before the Soviet Union ever came along. Kiev is an international city and has about 6-7 common languages. From Kiev east though, virtually everyone speaks Russian, about 60% as a principal language.

      Every “newscaster” and pundit (with the possible exception of Glenn Beck) has referred to “Russia’s conquest of Crimea.” — Didn’t happen. Crimea had a democratic referendum and voted by a huge margin (like nearly 5:1) to secede from Ukraine and petition Russia for absorption.

      Find foreign sources for information, learn their biases, then use them to check whatever you might hear here… And REMEMBER what you’ve read, when you know it to be the truth.

    • https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26397323

      that is the way I understood it to Eleanor..
      I can’t find any of it now.. but there were stories that when they asked Putin to help them, that NATO forces stepped in and was extremely brutal to the citizens there along with photo’s of some of the actions that they put the people through.. those that I know from Poland are terrified of the NATO forces.. and the way I understand it see Putin as the one that will protect them and their way of life.. so truthfully it depends on who you believe.. We don’t live there and the only thing that we will read or hear is what they want us to know..

  10. The victims of the MI school shooting are suing the school district.

    Something that is preventable can be insured for. I think this lawsuit is going to lead to gun registration for insurance purposes.

    Mass shooting survivors filing $100M lawsuits against Oxford Schools

    Speaking Thursday, Fieger said there was a responsibility among counselors and administrators to stop the shooting.

    “At Oxford High School, they’ll search your backpack if they think you’re vaping, but they refused to suspend or search a student who wrote what we now know was reams of homicidal notes and drawings, scenes of classroom slaughter and mania.”


    • Always blame the people with the big pockets and sue them. Won’t do any good to sue the parents, who raised and released this monster on society. We cannot even sue the police for not protecting us, but yet we can sue civilians for not taking more actions. Get your kids out of the cespool that is public education. They have become dangerous, bullying, woke indoctrination centers.

      • They’ve always been dangerous and bullying. The woke thing started gently back in the 60’s, but has no gone so far out of control that it’s displaced education entirely. Home schooling – especially by educated people, is definitely a far better alternative. Teach your kids critical thinking and the art of learning/research, and they’ll mostly educate themselves. Socialization is a normal part of life with those of all ages, not just a cohort of similarly aged kids. It’s generally not a problem for home schooling. Busy-body neighbors and “officials” might be. Been there, done that, and it was far less work that complying with school agendas and schedules.

      • “Won’t do any good to sue the parents, who raised and released this monster on society. ”

        What is the other side of that story. That is what I would like to know..

        Was there are problem with abuse and a neglectful school system..

        Like with columbine a horrible incident a dark day .. but was mostly caused by the failure of the school .(the kids were reclusive and dressed like they were goth.. the outsiders. if the principle or teachers would have taken a little time to listen and befriend them.. would things have happened the same way it did) . by not controlling the bullying issues in the school.. horrible situation and sad none of it had to happen if the school had just put some controls on blinky and biff .. and then a child going through those traumatic hormone years where both parents have to work to survive…. I was lucky when it happened to me.. I had a good support system and great family.. the good part of those dark days is I through myself into reading.. and my photography.. Today our schools around here have a separate internet school just for those that are being bullied and outsiders to the good bunch. a friend of my daughters youngest son has school half days because of the bullying at the school he is at.. no one wants to oppose the prominent families at that school..

        this guy I knew.. gay had a boyfriend.. his dad either died or left his mom had a boyfriend.. the boyfriend raped him when he was little he told his mom.. his mom did nothing.. being small in stature at school the boys in the locker room would tease him and the horseplay got out of hand and raped him made him perform oral sex on them the coach was at the door and walked away ignoring the situation going on.. later this young man found comfort in the arms of another young man that had endured the same thing.. so if you were an angel who do you side with.. the mutt boyfriend.. the inactive mother or how about those good christian boys in the locker room or the coach that walked away..
        I have flat out told the last principle at our school that he was dam lucky it wasn’t up to me about his job that CS would be searching for a new job.. today you walk in you see an anti bullying campaign all up and down the halls.. they work hard at trying to keep it under control..

        that is what upsets me so much when I read the further adventures of Hunter… and his sister.. those special activities.. and see how those behaviors are all now all ok if your the child of someone prominent or with high political ties..
        Have we become the coach turning the blind eye to it all..

      • “Home schooling – especially by educated people, is definitely a far better alternative. ”

        AMEN Mike.. my sister home schooled her kids in alaska.. the state paid her to school the kids in the outback.. provide the books and materials.. and had lectures and classes on the internet.. each of her kids graduated and finished college ahead of the kids that went to traditional school.. the kids could be part of football teams choirs etc.. but the parent had to provide the transportation to those activities..
        some of the schools around here to take the outsiders and gave them a separate place to attend school where the classes were on the internet.. two of my grand kids attended those.. both because they were being bullied.. I tell the kids.. don’t dumb yourself down to fit in.. instead make the teacher research to answer any questions you have.. I have one grand daughter that I actually put in my hearing aids so I don’t miss anything she has to ask..

      • ??????? –
        Perhaps we should be teaching Krav Maga to all undersized kids for PE. I’m a big fan of evening the odds after being the “new” kid all of my school years and a bit undersized to boot. There is an advantage to being underestimated.

      • “Perhaps we should be teaching Krav Maga to all undersized kids for PE. ”

        Unfortunately bullies run in packs Bill.. you have the head instigator then the rest follow.. I was a little shaver when it happened to me.. my father just happened to be the one that put the bill to vote on whether or not to combine with another school district or raise taxes.. the main family in the community thought everyone would vote the way they wanted.. instead they voted to combine school districts. it was horrible.. they through Molotov cocktails at our house picketed ..I was the only one in our family in grade school.. I came in from recess up to the second floor with a mezzanine.. went to get a drink before going into the room and the hate the good christian parents had was passed on to their children.. I was grabbed and tossed over the bannister.. hitting the railing at the bottom.. ( they just discovered a few months ago that that incident had damaged my spine) anyway.. I seen the teacher she turned as they tossed me over and went into the room.. ( years later I took care of her in hospice.. she would have nightmares.. went in to see if she was ok and asked her.. she told me the story of that little boy that she didn’t do anything for.. it had haunted her for her whole life.. ) my parents went to the police of course the sheriff was part of that family group so nothing was done.. I would hide in the dirt basement until the good children had to go home.. the janitor discovered me hiding and watching.. and he knew why.. but was helpless to do anything about it either.. had me sit in the janitors room until he finished working then would give me a ride home.. he was my savior.. at the time.. then when we the smaller schools that combined went to the new school .. we were the intruders….Teachers in the larger school’s are overwhelmed and in many cases just as likely to be the victims if they intrude..
        I have told all the kids.. if you see someone else being bullied.. stand up for them.. if there is a bully after you.. go for the head of the group.. you’ll more than likely get your butt kicked but the bullying will end.. the reason.. even though they won.. there is always that remote chance that you will get the best and the instigator won’t want to take that chance since they look up to him because he is the head of the pack….
        as in columbine.. the situation could have been handled way differently.. if the school would have been aggressive on bullying . I was lucky.. I had a good family support group and decent parents.. many of the kids that have gotten their parents guns have parents that are working.. and teenagers with hormones gone wild floating through their bodies..

      • “I’m a big fan of evening the odds after being the “new” kid all of my school years and a bit undersized to boot.”

        I’ve a friend who went through a messy divorce — ex was a dual-citizen and took the kids to England. It took him a number of years to get them back. When he did, they were short and scrawny, and talked funny. They did fine in the city, and spent two years next to their elementary school. However, when a gang war availed itself in the schoolyard and several punks were killed, he decided to relocate to someplace where stray bullets passing through his walls weren’t an issue.

        The kids were not welcomed into the new, cliquish “country” school system, and the first day, the bully and alpha bitch were on them.

        When he got the kids, one of the first things my friend did was enroll them at the local karate studio…

        After a few days of school, he tired of hearing them whine about being picked on, and he told his son: “Pick out the biggest, baddest bully, warn him to back off, then break his nose in front of his pack.”

        “Dad, I can’t do that. I’ll get in trouble.”

        “Then get used to the treatment, because you are going to get it every day you’re in school, for the next six years.”

        He told his daughter: “Warn her, then if she doesn’t back off, throw her, pin her, and make her scream for mercy.”

        After serving their three day suspension and returning to school, they noticed that even though they were 7th and 6th graders, they were amongst the most-popular kids in the school…

  11. California into the ocean?!? I wouldn’t bank on it, but one can dream.
    Ukraine could be Afghanistan 2.0 for the Russkies. Put their sorry economy over the edge and peasants rise up. That could be the REAL danger here.

    • I know you jest, but even to imagine the carnage, death and destruction of such an event is beyond comprehension. I am content to have them living in their decaying situation that they continue to vote to support. I don’t take pleasure in the pain and suffering of others even if I radically disagree with their politics. I remember some in other forums I read, taking pleasure in having the Chinese peasants suffering as their lands were washed away in their floods. Nothing about someone else’s suffering improves our own situation, unless you are a politician and can grow your power.

  12. Virginia stops payments to Climate Scammers.

    Virginia Republican governor-elect pledges to remove state from regional carbon market

  13. Regarding the Ukraine:
    Some of the reporting (or rumoring?) from there left me thinking of it as a basket case. If (big if) Putin wanted to ‘revise’ the borders, he could choose to simply annex the eastern quarter or third of the country, and leave the remainder to fester. That eastern portion, if memory serves, happens to hold
    * a majority of Russian-speakers (many of whom self-identify as Russian);
    * much (if not most) of the heavy industry;
    * most of whatever petroleum deposits are in the country.

    It would be amusing if he did that (perhaps at the urging of the Russians there) and left the EU and NATO holding a bag of stinking garbage. Let them deal with the Bandarites and other problem-causers.

    • You speak with wisdom and great truth, Dick. Spot on. Your summation precisely summarizes the state of the Ukraine. Putin will almost certainly carve out his share. The remaining mess will be NATO’s problem.

    • “If (big if) Putin wanted to ‘revise’ the borders, he could choose to simply annex the eastern quarter or third of the country, and leave the remainder to fester.”

      Well Said Dick…
      I sometimes wonder if the reason that Russia is building up at the border.. IS because we keep testing that borders security.. we send bombers close by and men troops and arms have ships cross the lines.. He could simply be protecting his country from Hannibal at the gates.. which is what I think he is doing it wouldn’t take much for him to take on that Eastern portion of the country..

  14. false alarm george . thought it had hit a pivot yesterday. nothing can stop this alien market . nothing . rigged to perfection . all technical input fails

  15. Just had the chance to read todays column. Went Ape over the banana analogy! Great job George! Ure at the top of the bunch!

  16. In the Land of Enchantment, governed by the wicked witch of the west, MLG, it has been “ordered” that all state employees, already fully vaxxed, must be again injected with a “booster” by January 18 or be eliminated from the payroll.

    After promising that a booster would not be required for any members of the UNM community for at least the Spring semester, they’ve just announced that it will be for the entire student body, faculty, and staff, with a few possible exemptions that must be invasively tested weekly at their own expense. These are people supposedly capable of critical thinking, yet obviously not. Never was a word uttered about vitamins D, K2, C, zinc, selenium, or any other prophylactic measure. Just EUA jabs and masks for everyone on campus, and yet it’s still open to local residents, including homeless, and anyone not of the community that chooses to walk through the campus and sneeze.

    No doubt, the rest of the universities in the state have been told to adopt the same rules.

    At least my body continues to remain as God intended, and will continue to be so.

    • Amen. Elaine and I have been tests, and still roll with original factory fluids.

      We think that other stuff – unwarranteed – will void the performance specs,, too…

  17. Comrades,

    Inspired with Citizen Bravado dictating orders from his laptop screen to King Pi about the Crimea? Perhaps Russia ponders the pre-Crimean War blunders of Tsar Alexander who was blindsided by the Sick Man of Europe moving the goalposts. Mr. Putin is sealing the deal on Catherine the Great’s mission to repatriate the cradle of Slavic Christianity to Mother Russia.

  18. And Cramer that wonderful little man on CNBCC says the economy is a juggernaut. Never be stopped. Jimmy wins you win jimmy . Tanti belli cosi figu butana

    • When we went to the eye doc this week, 2 fish sands, 3 white milk, 2 large fries was

      I’m so old I remember 15-cent burgers and 19-centr cheeseburgers as a kid…

      Same burger…they have the SAME VALUE buy not the SAME PRICE.

      Sheep are easily herded into the Stupid Here corral.

      • “I’m so old I remember 15-cent burgers and 19-centr cheeseburgers as a kid…”

        ME TOO.. a cheeseburger, fries, cookie and a shake.. .99 cents.. or white castle cheese burgers 15 cents.. ( I am still a sucker for the white castle sliders)
        not that long ago a McDonalds meal was 3.99 I stopped by.. the burger was the thickness of a slice of bologna fries large soda.. was almost ten dollars.. a cup of coffee six bucks at Starbucks..
        Now I did stop by a Hardy’s the other day.. got the number 1 sandwich meal.. the burger the fries everything was plenty.. the burger nice and thick and juicy .. but the price was almost double from what it was..
        I stopped in the grocery store this morning.. bought 4 dozen eggs, 1lb of sausage .. two packages of hash browns.. one container of cottage cheese on sale.. six one pound packages of frozen vegitables..
        4 cans of chicken soup.. 89 dollars.. and change..

    • However, my consigliere and I ran out the numbers a long while back (like 5-6 years back or even longer):

      How much of a problem waiting for collapse does pumping 110-years worth of oil out from under a city/.region take to become a sink hole of L.A/. county size?

      • The other day I posted the link from the movie, 2012 showing California collapsing into the ocean.

        I don’t expect anything like that. : )

      • Let’s not forget that Death Valley and the Salton Sea are already below sea level. I think we underestimate how much the earth is capable of massive movement.

        Seeing sedimentary rock cliffs below mesas at 9000 feet MSL is an eye opener.

  19. Invincible supreme index’s !! Satan is strong !! Praise Satan master of stocks and robots and humanoids

  20. “Our “peeled view” is that the “sweet fruit” of the American dollar has already been eaten. We are presently trading banana peels. Nice, big peels. Uselessly debt saturated peels.”

    I use to joke.. that with the right label and the right advertising.. that someone could take empty sunflower seed shells and roast them salt them and sell them as the best country sunflower seed shell on the market.. LOL LOL
    Oh wait.. there is…. BitCoin LOL LOL LOL LOL

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