Sighting In 2022 (2)

A focus on the Environment today following our outlooks for the basics of food, water, and shelter.  These were in the first part of our Annual Forecast series.

Our topic didn’t rate its own column in previous years.  But with energy, population, pandemic/plandemics about, more climate craziness, well there are limits approaching quickly.

The differences are like squeezing a balloon, however.  Just when you think you have an answer to climate issues, for example, the “balloon pops out” other places.  EV’s don’t magically “reduce pollution.”  They only move it/.

We’ll get into this after some headlines (war still one – duh!) and a look at the charts.  Plus, finally, some good news about my eyes…

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78 thoughts on “Sighting In 2022 (2)”

  1. Problem with electric vehicles is
    1 can you afford to replace battery packs every 10 years
    2cobalt is mined by child slave labor
    3only 2% of lithium batteries are recycled vs like 99% lead acid
    4takes too much energy to recycle lithium batteries

    • Lithium batteries of any size seem to have the potential of igniting and causing possible deaths. I never heard of that happening over the past 50 years to conventional batteries.

      • Hydrogen explosions from charging lead/acid batteries are no joke! They can happen and some are really bad. I’ve never seen one, but I do have an electric forklift and try to stay aware.

      • Charge a lead acid battery incorrectly and you can get a hydrogen explosion. I never heard of one, but every battery charger I ever bought and some car manuals tell me to beware.

      • I seen one blow up once.. when I worked sandblasting and steam cleaning tankers..
        One of the guys working on a truck had one blow up .. it was really exciting.. he had a face full of acid luckily he was far enough away that that was all the injury he had.. tires.. split rims.. when I drove truck we had a guy that would come out not put the tire in a cage or wrap it in chains etc.. then jump on it.. I would go away.. he asked.. why are you leaving.. because I don’t want to watch that ring take off your head.. he laughed..
        then he was in the shop.. luckily the shop supervisor made him cage the tire a small piece of a split ring broke off.. made a hole in the side of the building about the size of a coffee can.. whenever you seen him with tires after that.. they had more chains and caged than you could ever imagine.. it was his learning curve..
        the way I see it.. our administration and congress is that guy on a tire with a split ring jumping up and down on the uncaged and unwrapped tire.. what will their learning curve be..

      • “62 Chrysler New Yorker (you know the one) factory original equipped bolt down battery cage saved my face. Relatively new battery giving off gas (Hydrogen?) that ignited when exposed to sparks of jumper cables being attached. Back then each cell cap had a breather hole for gassoff..? Sounded like 12 guage near your ear and burst battery wide open. Only happened the one time cause I have always made sure adequate ventilation was available before sparking near a battery that had vents.

    • Electric cars are coming. (They’re here now.)

      You’re right citing issues. Those issues need work arounds. Find the work arounds, or companies that can provide the work arounds.

      Think of the 1990’s typing pool.

      – Computers are too expensive.
      – Nobody knows how to use computers.
      – Where are you going to put that thing?
      – There’s no electric in my cube….
      – Jack (GE Welch) would never write his own memos (Email now)

      Add your own.

      Legend has it 10 years before Henry Ford incorporated the folks of London thought they had a manure problem. This manure problem was very serious to the people of the time. And they were right. But so was Henry Ford.

      – Great horse manure crisis of 1894

      “The name refers to a supposed 1894 publication in The Times, which said “In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure”.[3]

      The reasoning was that more horses are needed to remove the manure, and these horses produce more manure. An urban planning conference in 1898 supposedly broke up before its scheduled end due to a failure to find an answer to this problem.

      No such statement in the Times, nor conference result, is known,[2] but in 1893 London there was a complaint that horse manure, formerly an economic good that could be sold, had become a disposal problem, an economic bad.[5]”

      – Henry Ford:

      “Finally, in the early morning hours of June 4, 1896, the vehicle was ready.

      As Ford prepared for his first ride, he realized the completed Quadricycle was wider than the garage door. With an axe, he broke out frame and bricks to widen the opening and rolled the vehicle out into the alley.

      With his wife and a helper, Jim Bishop, anxiously watching, Ford put the clutch in neutral and spun the flywheel. The motor came to life!

      Ford drove the Quadricycle slowly along nearby Detroit streets, with Bishop on a bicycle ahead of him and a few curious passers-by staring incredulously.

      A spring actuating one of the “ignitors” failed during the short run, but it was quickly repaired, and the two men returned triumphantly to the Ford home, got a few hours of rest and then reported for work at Edison.”

      Old man Ford was still working a day job. LOL

      • Old man F is why we support the time machine project.

        “With his wife and a helper, Zeus the Cat, anxiously watching, George put the time crystals in and energized the Time Wheel doohickey thing-a-ma-bob. The machine rattle to life!”


  2. Straight scheisse –

    KISS – final stage of world tyranny involves gaining complete control of ME oil, as well as dnieper basin/carpathian foldbelt.
    Power plants driving all those electrics gotz to have Fuel..”Phil er up, Ethyl’

    * “Bitcoin IS NRG’ – this aspect has yet to be measured and explained. Not contains, not uses, but it IS NRG. Ure welcome.

    They already gotz complete control medicine – “germs cause all disease – chemicals/drugs is the ONLY answer”.
    Yes indeedy in fact so masterful is/was rockafellas plan that billy the da eugenicist is copying it, move for move to own and control vaccine/pharma industry.

    Proof ? The Truth..
    You cant handle the truth . Regardless – here is a link to Truth bout falsie – peruse and be worried, very worried.
    -These people like falsie are the govt leaders of our times – why in creations name would anyone listen to dam thing out its mouth? Does this evil, hateful POS represent anything positive in our shared American experience ? Nope – for the American experience is a NEGATIVE one nowadayz – very negative..have you seen the currents clowns in charge WH..”play along, laptop disapears” = walking orders.

    Perhaps as a nation we could turn to the “dude” , go to church and pray..we dont get anal raped again…”wait where did little Johnny & Susie go, wheres reverend father Dova?
    Forgiveness – its what we base Ure slavery on.
    Like Karma – its all about keeping control, like mathematical bullshit used to describe/proof existence of black holes, constructs designed for more control.
    * Math -what are the odds the recently released date for Blue Angels appearance at Long Pond, PA in May2022 gets cancelled by some libshit cancel culture bolshies? 50 to 1 long shot..4 now.

  3. “in just five trading sessions”

    Five is in the sequence.

    How many days was the crash? (13 or 21 would be a Fib.) Perhaps instead of days we should be using hours.


    It may turn out you’re right with a Russian war.

    The strange thing is the entire world cooperates with COVID in all ways.

    Remember when Obama told everyone to eat the peas. They didn’t. Don’t eat the peas, don’t get the vitamin B, don’t have the robust immune system, catch the COVID and die. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand at work, and is still out there at work making paper black swans.

    First thing Biden threatened Russia with was SWIFT.

    NA and SA are only about 1,000,000,000 folks. The other 7,000,000,000 global citizens are over there. A major war on North America would be isolated from the BRI. Smashing America would smash the old financial order.

    According to the reports, it seems Russia is luring American hardware into Greece. We here are sitting ducks.

    Some people like to quote the, “behind every blade of grass”. That’s feel-good puffery. The 1945 Japanese folks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war hardened bad asses. They got once chance to come out. Most suburbanites have no way to defend against a tank. These subdivisions would fall like a massive Tiananmen Square.

    American taxpayer tanks are in Greece facing Russian tanks. Chinese tanks are possibly being unloaded by Americans at the ports right now.

    What would the world lose if America was bombed out like Dresden?

  4. Hey G – guess what time it is in the land o Moanay?

    Its TAPROOT time !

    Thats right home gamers, Segit been upgraded- more security, more complex transactions cheaper – yeah! and quicker to sign, inhibits the effectiveness of blockchain analysis-double yeah, and allows for powerful new features to be introduced in the future..whoopwhoop.

    So lets boot up Ure hard wallets (trezor) and simply Add Account as usual and choose Taproot from dropdown. Best to move Ure coinz to Taproot addressed account ASAP -so Ure ready to take advantage of the new improvements and help increase Privacy for everyone who uses the network.

    Nope – not gonna happen, Nein – just like ole Pooters told zoombie slo – No Ukraines/read bitcoinz, for you !

  5. BEV maint tasks. Though emissions, ICE and exhaust work may be reduced, other work may arise. All the new sensors/cameras/automation for auto driving, will need to be maintained/repaired. That will require a higher level of skill then changing oil. Of course other moving parts will wear out, shocks, struts, bearings. New work for battery recycling, for replacing bad battery cells or perhaps battery or charging upgrades. So probably less work over all, but certainly a higher skill level required.

    The road taxes will need to be moved from fuel tax to mileage and perhaps a multiplier for weight, assuming heavier vehicles cause more road maint. So you will pay your yearly property tax and road tax at the same time. That is in place some places already, and seems the most fair moving forward for mixed energy based transport.

    • By choice, I’d have a SIMPLE BEV with no electronics beyond cruise control. Something I could maintain easily in an afternoon at most. Something with a clip-on infinite range extender with an ICE free-piston generator. There’s none available on the market and none planned.

      If I had a choice of a Pinto or a Tesla for free, I’d take the Tesla, sell it, and buy the equivalent of the Pinto. I can maintain a Pinto and it never phones home. Most parts can be fabricated by a competent machine shop or a handy-bastard. The Tesla might as well belong to Tesla, since DIY maintenance is all but prohibited by the design itself. Whatever happened to the desire to customize everything?

  6. VERY good to hear that news for your eyes, George. Technology eventually overtakes you if you stand still long enough. Wait a bit more and they may come up with a viable implant for your damaged eye parts altogether.

    Re: Sun Driven Quakes. Sounds like the old “Expando-Planet” theory I’d heard 10 to 15 years ago from Clif and others. I think Ben at S0 over there has made hints about it, too, recently. The idea that hundreds of millions of years ago while the Earth was somewhat smaller the resultant weaker gravitational field allowed for the mega-faunas’ incredible size has always been a viable theory if any evidence could be presented. Of course there was also a plethora of “normally sized” critters running around, too.

    The delicate balance of things as you describe them today is echoed in so many peoples’ predictions lately it seems to go well beyond any “fad” that may be afoot. While your views are data-driven 99% of the time outliers, Black Swan events, can tip the balance with incredible ease one way or another. Just as an example a significant person in my life recently had a dream of something that sounded very much like the old prophecy of “3 days of darkness”. This person is one that would never have had that bit of information in their database at all. Such things are just not their “cup of tea” so when it was mentioned it really stood out. Then a video of a person up in Washington state popped up on my YouTube feed talking about her vision or prophecy of the same event. (I’m old enough to know synchronicity is worth noting when it shows up) This sweet old person rambles like crazy and doesn’t get around to what she’s talking about until the 22:50 mark – and THEN she has to continue her thoughts a few days later on a subsequent video. God’s communication conduits aren’t always perfectly clear.

    4th Turnings are interesting times and we’re in the vortex of the ultimate one it appears!

  7. Art Bell (SK-W6OBB) popularized a guy who was big into the lunar gravity influence. I can’t recall his name, but the website was — or something like that.

    The guy’s concept was that the moon’s gravity, and to a lesser extent other planets, “massaged, or kneaded” the Earth’s mass, and created physical resonances, heat, and standing waves that often added up to whacking on a fault line, and triggering a slip.

    A number of whacks would be sub-critical, but occasionally, like a rogue wave in the sea, the camel’s last straw would be the last twang needed to set off the quake.

    He posited particularly sensitive windows two days before and after a full moon, and for a similar window at the time of the new moon.

    This makes some horse-sense to me as a possible trigger stress — usually, not quite enough, but as the natural continental plate drift-stresses build up, BINGO! one day, one moment, you have the Last Straw.

    Solar origin neutrinos are not mass-less. They do have a teensy mass, and over geological time spans, may have an effect of adding mass or heat to the Earth. The Sun generates neutrinos in stupendous quantities. (Check Wiki…)

    I’m just an ignorant layman, and have no education in such matters, but the idea does have a certain common-sense appeal.

    AND the Sun does throb in very long cycles, imposed upon other super-long cycles, so an extremely complex interaction syndrome seems possible to a dummy like me.

    For what little that may be worth…

  8. EV’s will never replace ICE vehicles.

    Many studies confirm that there simply is not enough recoverable (at a reasonable expected cost) lithium and cobalt to build all the required batteries. Recycling will not move this needle. Materials chemistry is well understood, so it’s not likely that some “new material” will be found that will significantly move the needle. And 25x growth in mining is certainly not an environmentally friendly solution anyway. As with all green energy tech, storage is ALWAYS the problem.

    But, hey, fusion power has been only 10 years away for 40 years.

      • A Tokamak is hardly a commercial reactor. It’s a very expensive research device. It consumes massive power, but produces zero useful power, though it may initiate instantaneous fusion. We’re still seeking real overunity approaches and we’re closer, but not quite there. We have a long road ahead if we are to ever create a usable fusion device. Sorry.

      • Ken Schwartz – C60purple power fame – standing offer for any Govt or Corp – fully Operational Plans. Research all the patents, and Math this guy came up with that is currently in use around the world – missile guidance systems, ect. Suppression is operative word when comes to fusion nukes.

    • Thats the rub right, a lot of lithium or cobalt mining is not in US, so moving the dirty part of that energy to other countries, that will likely hate us. ICE using carbon will be essentially dead for personal transport, because the government has decided carbon is bad. It will either be regulated out of use, or taxed so high it cannot be afforded, or producers will have non stop litigation to fend off. There will be many non carbon options (hopefully), perhaps different chemistry that are safer and are more dense and require less rare materials. Humans are clever at innovating tech. There maybe other types of fuel like hydrogen or ammonia. If a small truck BEV was out there for even 10% more then ICE, I would be ordering one. The benefits of BEV are many, including local charging even using my own locally generated power, far lower engine / drivetrain maint. Downsides of course are cost, range and recharge speed, and we are not sure yet of longevity, but very bright people are constantly improving all those. There may always be carbon based ICE around, but for mass market, in 20 years, there will be few options and those will be expensive to fuel and maintain. Just think, are any of the auto companies highlighting their ICE developments any more? We are still in very early days of alternative energy transport.

      • Weird state of mind for people living on a planet that is carbon based for ALL life forms.
        You know, they also would like to eliminate the majority of medicine which is overwhelmingly chlorine based.
        Tough call for idiots that don’t get that the oceans in sunlight release chlorine in amounts they can’t even conceive of. Sodium Chloride… duh.
        These people are at war with any natural values and that includes life its self.
        It is as intelligent as children playing dress up but these fools when asked, “How stupid can you be?” have revealed that they are taking the question as a personal challenge

    • Sure they will.

      It may not happen for a thousand years, and it may require a tech which is currently unknown, and beyond our ken, but it WILL happen.

      The stuff I was trying to do 50 years ago engendered filling the topside of a car with solar cells and using a hydrogen cell as storage for the energy they produced. It was incredibly impractical (and expensive) in 1970.

      Solar cells and engines (both electric and ICE) have gotten much more efficient, as has electrolysis. However, we’re still about a factor of 10-20 away from most of my designs becoming truly viable.

      Don’t totally dis the electric motor, though.

      Until you get into the really big stuff, using a diesel to drive a generator, to power electric motors (like modern train locomotives) is, despite the propagation and transfer loss, both cheaper and more-efficient, and also ballsier than using that diesel to directly power the locomotive’s wheels…

      Just because a technology is immature, or is a current technological dead-end, doesn’t mean it will forever remain so.

      Hybrids and current EVs are grossly immature. The EV will be the wave of the future. It just probably won’t arrive for a century or two, so that 396 you’ve been dreaming about is still a safe bet…

  9. Good PN column today and I’m glad to hear about the improvement in your peepers.

    You and I are in agreement on a great many things. I think we can distill the current situation of things down to the very clear indication that massive change is afoot and things have the potential to get much, much worse before they get better. How we plan and prepare (or not) for how that unfolds is ultimately up to us. Much of this may not be survivable except through sheer good fortune with even the best of planning. At this point, I don’t think that anyone would have the argument that they weren’t warned.

    There are a small number other blogs and authors that I read daily for good data driven analysis. That’s damned hard to come by these days, so I consider it to be valuable.

    One such blog that I wanted to share here is Karl Denninger’s Market-Ticker website. Yesterday, he posted a statistical analysis of the vax/covid data out of Israel that I think is valuable and I wanted to share it here. It appears that the much feared Vaccine Enhanced Infection (VEI) possibility is starting to show up in the data, in general the vaccine may have a negative effect on overall immunity and that natural immunity is superior to vaccinated immunity. What it doesn’t include in the analysis is the danger from the vaccines themselves as weighed against the danger of the virus. That’s where the real decision point for each one of us should be made.

    • Dangers from vax ??? ya mean some ting like oncomir/microRNA ? Or are we talking the “selfish pricks”, who took the booster and are now infecting everyone they know with omnicron variant?

  10. Just a thought. Has anyone here seen any discussion on the odds and / or potential of China, or Russia launching an EMP strike against the U.S. ? Plenty of doom-n-gloom on what would happen to this country [ all of N America actually.,] but I cannot find information on “will they?”. I am pretty sure it is on their list of “things to do”., and it would end this country for a generation, or two., or three. But will they? We would share the misery, in-kind., but both would still be the dominate political / military power in their region., while the U.S. ‘region’ is ocean-isolated N America and we would be in the middle of a very rapid population decline. Basically, we would be off the global chess-board for quite a few decades. So.., will they do it ?

    • If it becomes militarily necessary – yes.

      As will we, they.

      It takes between 17 and 23 (depending on placement) primitive, Hiroshima-sized atom bombs to reduce the entire world to the 18th Century — exactly three to re-introduce all of North America to the Julian Calendar — One over Wheeling, WV, one over Albequerque, and one over Helena would take out everything from Cancun to the North Pole.

      WE have plans to take out all of South Asia (China and surrounding) and North Asia (Russia.) We should have plans to take out the Middle East as well, but I doubt it. Russia and China would both have plans to take out Australia and Europe, and possibly South Africa and South America, as well as us.

      A HEMP (High-altitude EMP — a man-made attack launched from a rocket) is the ultimate “field leveler.” EMPs are “line of sight” and the ideal place to set one off to greatest effect is in space, and at between 125 and 225 miles in altitude. The world’s biggest danger is from Iran. The Iranians have had a viable space program since 1996. They have launch vehicles which could be militarized in minutes, into ICBMs, and strike anywhere in the world. North Korea is a danger, but Kim is working with four-generation-old Soviet tech which his engineers have been tasked with turning into viable intercontinental war platforms, and at which they’ve failed miserably, for the most part, since Jong Il gave them the job.

      I have absolutely no doubt that we (and China and Russia) are all set up for a “second strike retaliation” which involves HEMPing our targeted rivals into the 1700s. Thus a HEMP attack on us from Iran would trigger a response aimed at Russia and China, which would trigger a response toward Europe, and at Oz, and every other sign of modern life in the Southern Hemisphere — and us, again.

      The scariest scenario is a Carrington event, because that would likely also trigger an EMP war and send us all back to horse & buggy days.

      An EMP would destroy our massive power transformers. We have 37 MPTs in CONUS. They are absolutely essential to the function of our electrical grid. The only factory left in the entire world which can produce an MPT is in China. It produces about 2-per year, and given time, could ramp to about 9-per year. After we HEMP it out of production, it’ll be able to produce zero per year. Oh, and BTW, once it happens, survival will become a full-time job, and there’ll be nobody left to rebuild the factory or man it, until the purpose of the grid technology, and the way it functions, are forgotten…

      • How about citing sources? Your analysis is much more specific than others I have seen and much scarier in terms of the small numbers of nuclear weapons needed to end the Age of Electricity. Creditable science, or a sci-fi writer off his meds?

      • MarcR, “creditable science, or a sci-fi writer off his meds?” What’s the difference? Tom Clancy got crazy rich researching the tech (or open source intelligence) at the public library and then writing stories around what he learned.

      • “How about citing sources? Your analysis is much more specific than others I have seen and much scarier in terms of the small numbers of nuclear weapons needed to end the Age of Electricity.”

        Really? It is a much greater number than most others’ projections I’ve read or heard.

        F’r instance, it is not difficult to find a comment from a LLNL graduate (or any of a number of other “learnéd experts”) who says a single HEMP detonated over Omaha will take out all of CONUS.

        I’m not going to do your homework for you. You can find hard numbers on anything I publish, on any subject, with a simple Dogpile (on in most cases, Google, DDG, IX, or Bing) search.

        I will however give you two hints as a starting point:

        Winn Schwartau

        I didn’t know him, but he and I traveled in similar circles on Usenet and FIDO.

        I got interested in the likelihood and fatality potential of a HEMP attack after taking a time out from my research on (Presidential candidate) Bob Dole to read for several days at an electrical engineering forum (or fifteen), after I stumbled across an article on a HERF gun and the guy who built it.

        A few years later (’99 I think – Clinton was still da Prez…), Winn went before Congress and demonstrated a HERF gun he built for a couple hundred bucks using only OTC parts — roasting a couple Wintel boxes for the congresscritters. Aside from Newt Gingrich and one Senator whose name escapes me, they were not impressed, which I considered an object lesson in the collective intelligence of Congress.

        Eight years later, I was building 100+ sq.ft. Faraday cages, and Newt was writing the forward for a novel written by a hardcore gamer dude and game-author who wanted to try f&sf.

        His name was Bill Forstchen…

        The second hint? Get raw numbers from your searches and do your own math. EVERY politician and a lot of, even respected scientists, will fudge numbers to reinforce or extend their position on a contentious point.

      • You can read my comments on MPTs here, using George’s search function, but I’ll throw you the Cliff’s Notes version:

        MPTs were built principally by General Electric in Schenectady, NY, and by Westinghouse in Muncie, IN, although Siemens among others, built them in Terre Haute, IN, in Chicago, and in a town in WI(?). The smaller players went away, and Siemens took their transformer factory back to Germany, leaving only Schenectady and Muncie.

        In the 1980s (IIRC) GE was going broke and ABB began making hostile overtures regarding buying out GE’s transformer biz (and intellectual property) so in desperation, General Electric sold out to Westinghouse (principally to keep their IP in the United States). A few years later, Muncie took down the “Westinghouse” sign and replaced it with a stainless & bright red “ABB” sign.

        Eventually, Siemans and ABB relocated their transformer facilities to China, and Siemans sold out to ABB.

        ASEA Brown Boveri is now the only company in the world which manufactures, or indeed CAN MANUFACTURE massive power transformers. 100% of their manufacturing capability is located in China, and all that GE, Westinghouse, and Siemens IP is now the property of the Chinese Communist Party.

        If you search out GE’s power transformer and transmission works you will come across an absolute trove of historical information…

      • Ray (and others who responded):
        Thank you for the leads. I read “One Second After” soon after it was published. I’ve pretty much ignored EMP on the theory that MAD would keep it from happening, but given the emergence of rogue actors it is again on my radar. I try not to get involved in purely hypothetical discussions but the current war clouds have me thinking about boltholes and the first issue is, “How far south?” On one hand there’s the issue of EMP and radiation but on the other the idea of being a “stranger in a strange land” with minimal language skills and being an outsider to the community. One thing is fairly certain: being in the potential fallout cones from the Kennedy Space Center and Orlando is probably not the best place to be.

      • @MarcR

        I was in an online chat with Bill Forstchen 10 years ago. I didn’t chat — only read others’ words and Forstchen’s replies. The one thing I remember from that chat was this (slightly-paraphrased) question, and his reply:

        Someone asked him what, in his estimation, was the probability that CONUS would get hit with an EMP attack.

        His reply:

        The probability the U.S. will suffer a HEMP attack, by my best estimate, is about one in six.

        The probability the U.S. will suffer a Carrington-level EMP from the Sun is greater than one. This WILL happen. The only question is: “When?”

        We’re overdue for a Carrington-level solar event.

        THIS is why I prep for an EMP. I consider it the worst possible, survivable, SHTF calamity, and preparing to survive and thrive after an EMP pretty much covers all preparedness issues for lesser events.

        If a city-sized asteroid crashes into Earth or Yellowstone blows its top, the only life of any kind which survives will do so purely randomly, and survival of such an event does not favor multicellular species. Therefore, planning for things like these — an ELE or Extinction-Level Event, is pointless (and a huge waste of time, money, and effort…)

    • U.S. leaders have let it be known loud and clear to Russia and China that the country would consider an EMP attack against the U.S., our allies or our interests to be no different than launching an ICBM or SLBM attack against a surface target. Furthermore, such an attack would result in an appropriate level of response. It is worth noting that U.S. nukes and their delivery and command and control systems are “nuclear hardened,” meaning they can tolerate EMP surges and still function. Plus, American boomer subs run silent and deep 24/7/365, each carrying up to 24 Trident sea launched ballistic missiles. They are America’s deterrent ace in the hole against a surprise first strike.

      • OK, different tack, here:

        What about Guam? Formerly the Spanish East Indies, there were spoils of war.

        But, what if, as a warning shot, say, someone lit up EMP over Guam just right?

        That would take down a lot of military activity there, and properly placed shouldn’t impact another country.

        A sort of “See Brandon” – this is wot happens when we test over international waters. Your war bootie gets f’cked wit…

      • “What about Guam? Formerly the Spanish East Indies, there were spoils of war.

        But, what if, as a warning shot, say, someone lit up EMP over Guam just right?”

        I don’t think that’d be a good idea.

        First of all, likely nearly all of Guam is hardened.
        Second of all, EMP is like Global Thermonuclear War in that there ARE no “warning shots.”
        Third of all, nobody’d fire off an isolated “special devices” attack. As you well know, electromagnetic pulses come in different sizes & shapes. This is why Faraday cages are optimized both for the stuff inside them, and for the type of radiation the designer wants to shield against. If someone drops a HEMP on one of our outposts, we’re going to know within a day or two, exactly what they’re using to make the boom, and more-importantly its electromagnetic wavelength and duration.

        I’ve a friend who worked for years as a Naval officer in a place which didn’t exist, doing a job which also didn’t exist. She gathered much more actionable intel from things people did, than she did from intercepts. Conversations with her have not been lost…

  11. Congratulations on the eye improvement!!! That’ll sure make computer and carpentry work go smoother. And if you and “E” do any ground travel you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery more clearly. This is really, good news. I am happy for you!

  12. while i agree to some extent with Ure predictions. and i will chose my words carefully.

    today being the deadline for the jab or job for Boeing. 12/8 if you don’t have the jab? you walk day, has arrived. I know lots of people willing to walk. not sure about my close related VP and her decisions. but they sitting on a pile, so wouldn’t surprise me if she walks. most of what she does is virtual. so i think they may retain her. I try my best to not to peer in to her life except as it relates to my children. I do know she is willing to walk.

    I’m remaining in my position here. that much is certain. events are slowing down.. until we fire up baseball and soccer in the spring.

    i respectfully disagree on crypto’s. all though Plan B or Bitcoin is still in play… there is uhmmm how do i best say this. 2022 is the year of an identity crisis in the collective of humanity. one crypto offers lucrative solution to that. which for the life of me, i couldn’t understand what the grid around me was telling me about 10 months ago. and it dawned on me the other day.. so im taking action to see if my read is correct.

    no mention of AI George. I’m surprised by that. in my earlier assessments, we should see the prevalence of that emerging in 2022, along with the “identity issue”. You see all this chatter about sexual identity is echo’s before the event. social structures often prelude economic events… to my way of thinking. Identity and AI.

    i been thinkiing if I should mention it or not…. for what I see…. i have been asked alot ove the years… what is the next big thing…. comparatively as the Google solution to yahoo, aol and bing. kinda funny the number one search on Bing is google. if Bitcoin is AOL and Ethereum is Yahoo which were huge in the veerppppp ding ding whallllllaaaaahh ding ding… verrrp days… whoooo hooh! 56k days! which aint shit now days… we are all addicted to speed!

    what is the coming google in cryptos. because if a person knows that. well there is a fortune to be made. if you were to buy a thousands shares of google when it came out? at its initial offering was $85 a share in 2004. or lets take Amazons performance since it started back in 1997 which has had a 113,000%. growth since it went for sale at $18 a share.

    did you know, i worked as a temp for 2 days at Microsoft in the office as an ap clerk in 1995. i quit to go work construction which paid better… you know the other thing is George. I worked at the number 3 home depot ever built in Fort Myers Florida in 1993 as the night stock manager but I quit because I didnt want to work nights. i was 22 years old. they offered me a 100% match of up to 10% home depot stock purchases as part of the gig and they would give me 5% just for working. so for every 10% of my wages into HomeDepot Stock they would match it. giving me a total of 25% stock purchase of Home Depot Stock for my pocket every paycheck. I quit to go play volley ball at the beach and chase girls. the number 3 store for home depot ever built. i never even thought about it ultil i seen one being built in my home town outside of seattle about 10 years later. then i read an article about them building home depots in China.. i dont if you are aware of this George, but i was an idiot when i was 23 years old. could be one now. LOL

    i have strong indictors on what crypto is the next amazon, the next big one. ya see i was finding all these lime green lighters last year. all over dude. i slept in the middle of the redwood forest and walked to the car and found one in the middle of nowhere with nobody around. I found one all by my self in the grand canyon. i had 25 of those lime green bic lighters at one point. i was in alaska visiting my mother and im out in the woods and find another one. just out in the woods and nobody around. so yelled out, what the f does this mean???? I went back to the house…someone was coming to pick me up to go to the gym. cute little thing. her car broke down and she shows up in a lime green dodge pick up. her dads. so im looking at this lime green bic lighter and the lime green dodge power ram.. and thinking. hmmmmmmmm

    exactly 3 days later, i think oh lime light. lime light that is what they are. they lime green lighters. lime light. so what does that have to do with the dodge truck. lime light dogde. lime green dog? then 3 weeks later dogie coin gets celebrity boost. and goes way up in value. not so much now. but i got the lesson. i spose that is the point.

    so….. im still thinking about if i should say anything about it or not… but i definently understand what they are telling me. whoever they are. angels or time travelers or just THE DUDE. Especially because of that Cd case and taking that picture 10 months after i found it. so i got to thinking what else was going on then.. and how it fits in the now..

    i mean George, I have never bought a crypto. just been watching them.. seeing how they flow all this time. seeing what they say, learning their language. ultil about a week ago, when i purchased several.

    so respectfully disagree about your assessment on crypto’s for the larger audience. you say bit coin, but bit coin is not all there is. and from my read of things. there is one that will move super quickly in the next couple months and over the next year really quickly.. and i quit Microsoft before the relaease of Windows 95… because it was a dumb job that only paid $10 an hour, I left home depot when they built their 3rd store because.. f this. i just got out of the military.. who wants to work nights??? and i could have jumped on dogie coin… but i waited to see if what i was seeing was right first… to see if my read was good. and it was.

    dogie isnt my pick now.. just an example that I’m using. but i am pushing every available dime i have in to 2 others. and I’m still thinking weather or not i should say anything or not… because i dont give financial advice. and well, because my personal finances are nobody’s god damn business. LOL

    I’m staying put in the office i have… because that is the place I’m most useful in helping others. hmmmmmm yeah i will still think on wether to say something or not about my pic.

    good stuff George. i appreciate you. sorry so long. but i respectfully disagree about cryptos decline, en large. using bitcoin as a blanket statement, i mean I get it.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Summus Fortuna! It is my hope, you all are as well.

    since i will be at the show on saturday and back stage to meet him,

    cue: ~ One Hell of an Amen ~

    Brantley Gilbert

    • P.S. I had 1000 shares of Amazon stock at $18 a share and sold them at $25 a share to buy a lifted 4X4 truck for cash in 1997. what dumb fucking move that was. I’m not making that mistake again. hopefully I’m smarter than that now. i been thinking about all that the last few days. hahahahaha

      i cant believe some of the dumb shit i did when i was young.

      FYI: With Covid and its variants, are not rapidly approaching you shall not be able to purchase or sell anything without the mark of the beast. not that im taking the mark of the beast.. but you know. doesn’t hurt to make some money on it before it becomes the mark of the beast. have a some fun before and get nice place set up to weather the 7 year tribulation. since i dont think i will make the rapture and all that. not because im not a believer and all. i just think what fun would it be to miss the 7 year trib? Be raptured and all that? miss the whole show and all. be more fun to participate in it, me thinks.

      AI is a big deal right now. more prevalent than most realize, if your paying attention. God creates man, man creates AI and then God has to come rescue man from his creations. seems to be the way of things on this planet.

  13. yeah just gunna sark it up , shut up , and concentrate on fitness and xmas spirit. these evil creeps are sick , they just play with us and turn dials to suit . all the best to all

    • I definitely agree. Some of us have never had binocular vision regardless of visual acuity in both eyes. You can now fully engage your visual perceptive abilities.

      It’s too bad that dentists are not as affordable as optometry! Eyes and teeth are the major aspects of being older that can’t easily be addressed by DIY.

  14. yep they are just playing with us . they torture , lie , torture , lie . total control of everything . satan worshipping elites run everything they are playing with us . god checked out years ago , goodness and humane and honesty dont exist . greed and lies are outstanding devil worshipping traits

    • God is there. God is simply allowing “humanity” to make its own choices and receive its natural consequences.

      That’s love.

    • Hey Spock, we have never cordially talked. one thing that comes to mind when I read your words, and many things come to mind. at some Mr Daq, you have to realize a few things in this world.

      if something messes ya up, kicks your ass? You swear it off. then it blows ya kisses and tells ya sweet things and says its sorry. you go back to it and it kicks your ass again? you swear it off and say never again! bite me once shame on you. bite me twice shame on me. then you go back to it again.. you have to understand at some point, you are not the victim. you are the volunteer.

      ohhhhh it gets much deeper that Mr D. then the realization, at some point you are using someone or something else to victimize yourself and playing the victim.

      wait wait there is more!!!! it gets better, at some point you will realize this! you are not only the perpetrator by choosing someone or something to mess you up over and over. you are the director of the whole Charade. You are the director, and star in your own victimization, the person or thing messing you up over and over is the volunteer, not you.

      then later, you realize you are the director, the perpetrator, volenteer and the victim of you own charade.

      hopefully when you get to that point???? You stop doing that, because the person or thing in your life you are holding hostage, the star perpetrator who is now the volunteer, is actually the person with Stockholm syndrome, not you, you hold them hostage, so you can play the victim over and over and over… at your directing.. its not even their fault, you have to take responsibility for the whole charade, see it for what it really is, then maybe then you will understand and find the truth in this line:

      ~ So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and never even know we have the key ~ The Eagles.

      Already Gone.

      okey dokey…. loose lips sink ships… and i think that is enough for me to know… heard today after i posted that, Amazon went down on the internet. ya, i noticed. LOL that is all i needed to know about wether to say something or not on my pic of cryptos. test complete.

      door fore will be back on line at some point… right now, i have others to attend to. and im going to have think about things. always a good idea.


  15. The Navy fuel tanks saga at Pearl Harbor continues. There are 20 (not 8 as I previously thought) underground tanks with a million gallons of fuel for Pearl Harbor that are now suspected of contaminating the largest water aquifer for Honolulu. The Navy is now contesting the Hawaii Governor’s orders to drain the tanks until they can be inspected and repaired as necessary. Navy now says that would not be a good idea, given the present tensions with China. Meanwhile, with that major aquifer shut down, Honolulu now has 20% less water available. Helluva choice, eh? War fuel, or drinking water.

    • If houses were plumbed correctly, we could be flushing toilets with non-potable water instead of drinking water! A few extra pipes and a set of valves to change the source. Perhaps a backflow preventer to guard against inadvertent contamination of the potable water supply.

      The situation in Hawaii is serious as I see things. Both governor and Navy have valid POV’s. There’s probably a technical solution to locating and isolating the leaks with full tanks if one thinks hard enough.

  16. should see the veged jabbed satanitist disciples down here !!! want to try and taunt the unveged and say your not a team player .. gotta get your sheetcoin and billion dollar home and play the game in the land of plenty . plenty debt and veg . needless to say they run after i tell them what to do with themselves and fake lives . but . the veges are a massive herd now of braindead disease roaming like lost devil worshippers

  17. George and all.
    I knew this was coming and now here it is. Out front, in your face with full hostility on display by a member of the Penn. NEA who want to vaxx your kids.
    Found it on Brietbart. These are worst sickos and perverts and they want you dead if you won’t take the vax that may kill you. They are willing to step in with their guns to supplement their vax.

    NEA Board Member Suggests Unvaccinated with Religious Exemptions Deserve to Die
    coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine
    Getty Images
    Dr. Susan Berry7 Dec 20211,803

    A member of the board of directors of the National Education Association (NEA) posted a message to Facebook that denounced unvaccinated individuals who claim religious exemptions and asserted they deserved to die, according to the Libs of Tik Tok social media account, which shared a screenshot of the post on Tuesday.

    Mollie Paige Mumau, a Pennsylvania teacher and member of the board of directors of the NEA, appears to identify herself as an “educator, wife, union advocate, semi-pro wine drinker, LGBTQ ally, and ‘Team Pfizer.’”

    Per the screenshot, Mumau wrote, apparently in response to a specific person, that those who choose not to be vaccinated and obtain a religious exemption deserve to die or be shot:

    Screw this guy and screw them all who are all about hiding behind religious exemptions because they don’t want anybody to tell them what to do. People tell you what to do all the time, and you do it. This is such BS. He and his ilk deserve whatever comes their way, including losing jobs, getting sick, and perhaps dying from this virus. But in the meantime, he’s going to put all the people around him in danger. I don’t know why the GOP doesn’t just take those guns they profess to love so much and just start shooting all of their constituents who think this way. It would be quicker and ultimately safer than putting me and my friends and family at risk.

    At the time of publication, the NEA Pennsylvania state directors list no longer appears to contain Mumau’s name:


    Breitbart News reached out to the NEA for comment and is awaiting the union’s response.

    According to the Daily Signal, Sarah Grabski, director of communications and administrative services for General McLane School District in Erie County, Pennsylvania, confirmed a woman named Mollie Mumau is employed in the district.

    “The district is aware of a potentially inappropriate social media comment by a staff member,” said a statement addressing the issue. “The district will investigate the matter and act accordingly. In all situations, the district’s utmost concern is the safety of our students and staff.”

    EducationHealthPoliticsCOVID-19 vaccineFacebookNational Education AssociationNEApublic school teachersreligious exemptionteachers’ unionsunvaccinated


    • Got to have something to replace all the hate minded with Anti-Trump. He’s off the table (at least for a while) so what follows is the NuHate which is Purebloods. You don’t read much news, lol.

  18. “And who knows, maybe my writing will improve with a lower error rate…”
    LOL! Better vision doesn’t help if you don’t proof read!

    For those who wondered, I am not on Oahu island and am not affected by the Navy fuel & water problem. And I DO have a water distiller.

    • And HF Radio!!! And no mortgage. See people? This is prepping. Want to try the “after this all blows up” in the L.A. basin or with 60+ inches of rain a year? Any hostilities over Pearl and Oyahoo are downwind from Hank if my wx-mem is right..

      • Correct, AND there are two 13,000+ ft volcanoes between me and the flash zone 250 miles away.

    • “And who knows, maybe my writing will improve with a lower error rate…”

      I hear ya on that one Hank.. LOL LOL LOL LOL.. I will read my comments then when I hit enter.. zap.. I swear since it all is sent to Google first .. that there is some joker having the laugh of his life by auto correcting texts..
      Years ago before windows I had put a small program on a friends computer that was working in an office that would send him a flag if he was misspelling words or if he was typing to slow.. LOL…it was hilarious.. he got me back though.. they hid my pallet jack LOL LOL do you know how hard it is to find a pallet jack hidden in plain sight LOL LOL LOL LOL put a sack over the stupid handle or a box..LOL LOL LOL

  19. As an astute friend recently observed, “there is an agenda of worldwide genocide at play. If you are able to grasp this, then everything happening makes sense and is completely logical. If you are unable to grasp this, then everything happening is confusion and madness.”—JC

    Your government is trying to kill you. If you do not believe this changes EVERYTHING, then you quite likely are not going to survive what they have planned for you. Life as we knew it 10 years ago is gone forever.—the EcuadorExpat

    You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality—Rand

  20. Comrades,

    Dial M for billionaire? It is time to toss your Apple iPhone and related products in the garbage.

    As the deal timer winds down to its close, msm is purging out details of the formerly secret 5 year deal between Apple and the CCP that enabled continued smooth-running operations in China for Apple. Pre-dating this, here is a link from “The New York Post” offering examples of the markedly opposite responses from Apple towards authorities in the USA versus China. How many other western corporations are similarly compromised?

    Comrades, welcome to the sacred precinct of Vulcanal. Do kindly take your seats at Forum Romanum. The spectacle you have all been summoned to watch is at hand. Once the first M faces the gates of Lacus Curtius, behold as Emperor Xi issues that Command to commence the engagement:

    “Release the Hounds!!

  21. Comrades,

    Plants vs Zombies has been speaking in haokan baidu: the jars are on the roof and are not afraid of machine guns.

    Here’s hoping for early morning clear skies to catch final glimpses in the northern hemisphere of comet Leonard C/2021-A1 along the line of sight of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus before completing its earthly tour Down Under in the New Year and disappearing into the heavens. Altair has not yet landed.

    The filmography of Mr. Obama’s Secretary of the Navy from 2009 to 2017 is not brief yet sparsely celebrated on YouTube. One imagines The Secretary gained valuable experience during a two year stint aboard the USS Little Rock stationed at Newport, Rhode Island in the early 70’s. Otherworldly endeavors include the “Battleship” movie (feat. 1 missile taking out 1 drone…) as well as the TNT “Lost Ship” series.

  22. Re: Expanding Earth Theory
    From an excellent site on this subject.

    The earth has expanded. It has about doubled its radius in the last 250 million years. It is now expanding about 1? in radius per year and that rate is increasing exponentially. Mass is being gained. Gravity 250 million years ago was about 50% of today’s. The continental landmasses fit back nicely together on a smaller sphere. There were no oceans between the continents. There were no oceans, only shallow seas that covered much of the land. (Marine fossils of that time have been found on the land; not in the oceans.) The atmospheric pressure was likely much greater (aka, Venus). Oxygen content was less. Mass was gained in the core and grew and expanded out the mantle and crust. New minerals were produced. Natural gas and liquid petroleum were produced. The developing atmosphere outgassed from the interior. The water was created and outgassed and oozed from the interior. Insects, plants and animals evolved robustly to fill the available niches. They grew to gigantic size as low gravity and atmosphere will allow. As mass was gained, gravity increased, the atmosphere changed and large living things went extinct and were replaced by continually adapting smaller living things. Major earthquakes and super volcanoes and incredibly large lava flows catastrophically occurred as the crust readjusted to new pressures. And the cycle continues.

    This isn’t taught in our colleges, but it makes sense to me.
    Glad to hear about your eyes, & keep up the good work.

    • Thanks AG – yep, does explain why major planets have frozen oceans instead of a land mass, liquid mix.

      You gonna put this in a time traveler’s submarine novel?

      • I used the results of a rapid Expanding Earth in the five volume Coastal Event Memories Series, published in 2012/2013. Those stories were based on survivors of a solar event that increased gravity by 20%, raised new continents in mid Pacific & mid Atlantic, and raised the worlds sea level by over 300 feet.

  23. Hey george ? George wake up . I think the Dow backed off from a pivot point . Know it’s night in Texas but things get me outa bed . Rare now but just saw it

  24. “The blame game is trying to make clear-thinking evil. As we see in Tucker Carlson sided with Putin over Ukraine, saying Biden is wrong to try and stop a Russian invasion (”

    One should, maybe, watch Carlson’s show, see exactly what he said, and see how Yahoo edited it:

    {Probably not viewable unless one has a TV or streaming provider which carries FOXNews.}
    It’s certainly worth the watch, if’fn you can…

  25. “First – since EVs don’t pay the fuel tax embedded in road diesel and gasoline federal taxes – maintenance of highways begins to down-cycle.”

    Vehicles will be taxed by the mile, via a satellite transmitter installed in the car’s OBD-2 interface. Oregon has already implemented this on an experimental basis. ‘Thing is, the motor fuels tax won’t go away. That will be the “penalty” for burning gasoline or diesel fuel…

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