Manipulated Rally – Bellicose Brandon

We have some new data to go over:  International Trade and Productivity in a sec, but before we launch, let’s consider some things:

  • Russia is still moving arms into position opposite Ukraine.
  • China is expanding into the Atlantic, may have container missiles, and Taiwan is as good as gone, as we see it.
  • Then we have the second-level tensions:  Russia getting palsy with India, and the NorKs are too quiet.  Japan is rearming, too.

The U.S. Public Debt to the Penny is $28.908 trillion.  And interest rates are going up.

To me, the 700-point rally yesterday (and follow-on nonsense at the open) doesn’t pass the “sniff test.”  Neither does +350 in the early Dow futures today.

The best the financial lamestream can propose to explain this insanity is poppycock like “Investors reassess omicron (moronic) variant” and such.

Yet. as Linda-at-Law, our Houston tipster notes, COVID omicron variant detected in Houston’s wastewater |

None of this has broken our dour mood, around here.  We still don’t see a peace & prosperity path to Memorial Day 2022.

About the only concept that makes much sense is bond market disintermediation.  Maybe Don Bondi can give us some insights as a comment.  But in my simplistic bowl of noodles, the only thing that makes sense is the rally comes as rates rise (lowering the sales price of bonds) and this means hot bond money pretending things are better on the equities side.

Which they are now, but commissions drive, too…

Maybe this is what my friend Rick Akerman might call a “hidden pivot” (Rick’s Picks is a great place for insights into hidden pivot trading. There’s a course on his drop-down menu.)

America’s field position didn’t just get 2% better in the past two days.  Yet that’s what the market is pretending.  Brandon’s a lost coot, no manufacturing growth here – down last month, total Asia dependence for goods, debt-saturated currency, and war pending on three (or more) fronts: Iran, Russia, Taiwan. EMP, food, and internal division/conflict potential all feature trip wires…

The Biden-Putin call (around 10 AM Eastern) could – in our view –  turn into a “buy the rumor, sell the news” kind of market ride.  When the call’s done, read the Russian media in equal proportion to the U.S. to spot your “this is where the future goes” midpoint.

Meanwhile: Ukrainian Army receives 44 new Kozak-2M1 armored vehicles.  A kind of diesel MRAP.  Instead of STFU until the Biden talks, we see how Ukraine’s defense minister warns there will be a ‘bloody massacre’ if Russia invades.  Yeah, that’ll help loads; you bet.

Thousand-point rally?  Off this kind of happy horseshit?  Let’s just say we’re a tad skeptical.

Good Cop – Bad Cop?

Seeing the story India signs trade and arms deals with Russia during Putin’s visit to New Delhi got me to thinking:  Could Russia’s warming to India be part of a good cop – bad cop routine China and Russia have planned for the non-U.S. dominated world?

Russia and China have been holding joint naval maneuvers in the past month.  But tensions between India and China have been high.  Underscored in the recent remarks of India’s external affairs minister Sharpening of Tensions: S Jaishankar Targets China at Indian Ocean Meet.  What we see may be carrot and stick, since China is buds with Pakistan as part of their Belt and Road on the one hand, and Pakistan is an adversary of India, on the other.

Should be instructive how strongmen Putin and Xi decide to play out their roles going forward. Trade you reduced Pakistan pressure for more resource shipments to China…”   Which would then install Russia as a “back-up customer” to the U.S. market when we implode internally.

Grim?  Not grounds for a thousand-point rally, to my thinking.

Data:  Trade and Productivity

Internation Trade, first.  Which is a hoot when you remember inbound cargo in L.A. was down more than 7% compared with a year ago when reported last month.  Hand me the draft fairytale, please?

Here’s The Big Con:

It looks like the trade deficit improved.  BUT the inbound cargo at L.A. was down more than 7-1/2% for this window.  So OF COURSE there value of inbound goods would drop, thus lowering deficit growth.  Oh my God, people, this is as amazing a hornswoggle as you’ll find on any rodeo circuit.

Our next contestant is the Productivity and Costs report from Labor:

Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 5.2 percent in the third quarter of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 1.8 percent and hours worked increased 7.4 percent.

This is the largest decline in quarterly productivity since the second quarter of 1960, when the measure decreased 6.1 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021, nonfarm
business sector labor productivity decreased 0.6 percent. This four-quarter rate is the largest decline since the fourth quarter of 1993, when the measure also declined 0.6 percent.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased at an annual rate of 9.6 percent in the third quarter of 2021, reflecting a 3.9-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 5.2-percent decrease in productivity. Unit labor costs increased 6.3 percent over the last four quarters.  BLS calculates unit labor costs as the ratio of hourly compensation to labor productivity. Increases in hourly compensation tend to increase unit labor costs and increases in productivity tend to reduce them.”

Mighty sucky downside surprise numbers there.

Tomorrow, we sink into the little news dregs.  In fact, we may just snooze until Friday’s Consumer Prices (inflation) report.  We know that one won’t be pleasant.

After the data Dow futures were +352.  Europe is still up, playing follow-along.  Not too many sane folks left, huh?

High Cost of Covid: $17+ Trillion

Being underlined in a new UNICEF/World Bank report out Monday.  From the ExSum:

“The global learning crisis has grown by even more
than previously feared: this generation of students now risks
losing $17 trillion in lifetime earnings in present value as a
result of school closures, or the equivalent of 14 percent of
today’s global GDP, far more than the $10 trillion estimated in
2020. In low- and middle-income countries, the share of
children living in Learning Poverty—already over 50 percent
before the pandemic—will rise sharply, potentially up to 70
percent, given the long school closures and the varying
quality and effectiveness of remote learning.”

And that’s before the yoke of ongoing vaccinations to stay alive and employed come along.  The “Rent Your Life” business model, indeed.

Is the Bitcoin Mystery Over?

Seems it could be:  Miami jury rules in favor of Craig Wright, claimed bitcoin inventor (  So much for Nakamoto, huh?  Bitcoin was up to almost $52,000 overnight.  It will take a while for the reality of “making up secret numbers” is not “money.”

But neither were tulips.

Real value is usually tangible and of limited supply with goodies like barriers to entry to keep competition at bay.

Earlier this year, reported “According to CoinMarketCap, the total number of cryptocurrencies is 7,812 with a total market cap of $324.716 billion (as of January 20, 2021).

As we have warned, the only barrier to entry for cryptos is a good line of bullshit and a big supply of fools.  Neither of which we’ll run out of, any time soon.

The world is one regional EMP away from collapse of such schemes.

Of course, the democrats love power – even if illegal – as likely in New York makes COVID vaccinations mandatory for private sector.  Let’s vote to give ourselves more power…Chinese (or Dutch) parliament style.

The real story is how Covid has made the rich richer: Billionaires’ share of global wealth soars during pandemic.  Everything’s a Business Model, as we frequently remind you.  Now quarantine yourself and think about it.

Still Monetizing Trump

We were profoundly disappointed to visit the website of The Atlantic today – to see what they had going on – only to see they’ve fallen into the Trump Hate column big-time.  With China, Russia, Iran, and resilience of our Food, Grid, and Web getting sketchy, stories like How Donald Trump Could Subvert the 2024 Election along with Tucker Carlson Is Completing the Work That Trump Began, underscore the monetization of division in media.

Not that our chagrin is limited to The Atlantic. Much to be said for stories like The Guardian’s People in counties that voted Trump more likely to die from Covid – study as well.

Our advice to readers remains relatively constant:  Use times like this (when big pieces are moving in background) to see who’s monetizing old news and who’s offering a useful look-ahead you can use for planning.

Unless, of course, that’s too scary for you.

Dribs and Drabs

Volcano going off in Indonesia:  Indonesia volcano: BBC reporter surrounded by houses buried in ash.  Death toll is up to 34 so far.

Tesla has its problems with the SEC probe and such.  But here comes a new and potentially Big Challenger: Intel plans to take self-driving car unit public in the U.S. in 2022.  If powertrain agnostic and highly advanced on the driving side could make this a really interesting long-term set-up by Intel.

Other than papering-over incipient deflation Why is the Biden administration increasing the cost of building houses? wonders NPR.  At least former president Carter knew how to swing a hammer for Habitat…just saying.

UFO/UAPs as Trans-Dimensional Popups?  See the video and judge for yourself at Incredible video shows 12 UFOs ‘flying in formation’ as pilot exclaims ‘that is some weird s**t’ (

Around the Ranch

Talking to my neighbors around us, we’re starting to think that someone unloaded a whole BUNCH of dogs out here last week.  Because?  Well, one road over from us a tan colored coon hound was found same day as our stray dogs showed up.  Not a good thing at all.

This one (with the blue collar we put on him) is named Blue.  His younger pal is Red.  Both have white patches on their chests.

There are enough animals turned loose out here we wonder if maybe there isn’t a pet shelter somewhere taking in pets and then re-dumping them.  There’s a perversion of the donation business model in there, if I think about it.

The odds of two dogs showing up here and another showing up down the road same timeframe seems less than coincidental to me.

Dogs are behaving fine.  But here’s another oddity:  After the morning meal they run half a mile down the road to where there’s a pack of 20, or so, dogs.  Don’t know if it’s the after-breakfast coffee klatch, or we have a larger problem going on.  Sheesh.

Haven’t seen a deer since they showed, however.  But, on the upside, no wild boars, raccoons, or possums, either.

Zeus the Cat spent a relaxing Monday afternoon up in the greenhouse with the dogs outside the garden fence.  The dogs don’t bother the mailman, fortunately.  We’ll see about the UPS deliveries this week.

“Things have gone to the dogs” comes home to roost.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. This is not investment advice. Low rated IG credit blew out about 10-20 bps over a 2-3 day period – somewhat matching the downturn in stocks – now that the virus is not a concern for stocks spreads are coming in again with aggressive buying again matching stocks – oddly the virus doesn’t have a thing to do with inflation and the FED tightening – maybe the FED becomes a concern again over the rest of the week – stock market is all about the leadership of a few stocks many have been massacred – indexs are up individual stocks crushed …… sorta beyond comprehension – I don’t understand what I’m seeing makes no sense whatsoever …

  2. “UFO/UAPs as Trans-Dimensional Popups?” Probably closer to the truth than you imagine. I have always held that UFO activity is actually either transdimensional (not “extra terrestrial” in the common sense) or time shifted human events. Remember Cortez (I think it was) that saw a “cross” in the sky? I see them all the time now, contrails make perfect “crosses” all the time. Do you think future humans will be any less foolish than current ones? Don’t you think they will take “chances” on being “seen” or detected? Why do clusters of events occur around “important” sites like missile bases, volcanoes, cities? Curious historians from 2267 AD? George and his machine? We are likely looking at our own future, looking into a mirror and seeing a distorted image of ourselves.

    • Scot, it was Constantine who saw the pre-battle cross in the sky prior to the battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312. And Ure UFO origins idea is quite plausible. Jacques Vallée was one of the first UFO-ologists to theorize the visitors were trans-dimensional beings. See:ée

      The above link states: “Vallée served as the real-life model for Lacombe, the researcher portrayed by François Truffaut in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

      When Vallée consulted with Spielberg, he tried to convince him to make the extraterrestrials from another dimension. Spielberg decided the public was not quite ready to consider that possibility.

  3. Money – something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment. Certainly bitcoin fits this definition, so not sure why you are so adamant it is not money. Now clearly you choose not to use bitcoin for this purpose, but many around the world do so. The thing about tulips and fiat money, is they can be easily created and even relatively easy for nation states to counterfeit. Bitcoin is very difficult to create and gets more difficult each day, and so far has proven impossible to counterfeit. Gold has been “money” for a very long time because it also meets those two criteria. Similar notes for crude oil. Though governments often debased their gold currency with other metals. They also through invasion and theft from other cultures “created” gold. Bitcoin absolutely is currently a risk, because it has yet to reach its global stability of value. Gold is difficult to protect and every government is quickly debasing their fiat. So what oh grand master of finance, is your answer for a longer term answer for storing the value of my labor for future use. Because to most people, what money represents is the value we receive for our labor. That is why we talk about putting our money to “work” in investments. For me Bitcoin has some answers to that question. It is still a pretty small amount for me personally, but I expect to end up with 10-15% of my liquid holdings in Bitcoin.

    • Did you catch this story out of Dallas today? A woman had over $100,000 in her possession, when it was taken by police. No mention of illegal activity…..had she converted everything to BTC, and stored it on a flashdrive (hardware), she would (probably) still have her money. Civil forfeiture seems to be a continuing problem.

      • Yep – like every HEROIC alt. Journalist out there that got thrown off of the “matrix” for writing/speakingonYouTube – the TRUTH to power. All have had to resort to Crypto-BTC ,in order transact with the 666-beast systems.

        Conclusion – any/all journo ‘s who are not using BTC – are intently working for da beast.

      • No. We just know that BTC replaced the Swiss franc when the secret banking rules changed and the drug dealer, human trafficker, and arms dealers needed a new way to clear funds in a tax-advantaged venue.

        Yeah, remember, I was a Cayman Islands guy for a couple of years, bubba. Can’t bullshit me on dirty money. See Zero Halliburton’s full of “refi cash” coming out of the Tx real estate bubble on every IAH to GCM flight we run.

        Dirty money doesn’t care – pedo’s banks, druggies, war lords.

        Crypto is Dirty Money but it makes for durable tulips, don’t it?

      • CBS-21 has the utter gall to offer “high praise” for this theft! No charges, no arrest, and no conviction for anything! Just theft on the part of those who’s duty it is to prevent it.

        (Un)civil “forfeiture”, aka “theft by goons under color of law” is a continuing disgrace to our nation! It all stems from a legal fiction, and is designed to sidestep the fourth amendment, among other things.

        I’m disgusted by the entire idea. It alone justifies the concept of “hard” cryptos such as BTC. When you can’t feel secure from the so-called authorities while openly holding your possessions and not having been proved to have violated the law, you have every right to use all means necessary to secure them otherwise! It’s not anyone’s job to prove their own innocence. It’s the job of the “authorities” to prove guilt!

  4. 3 schools closed here today for the Omicron variant. 30 suspected cases. The news scaremongers are busy at work.

    One of the first things they teach in science class is that the more points on a graph, the more accurate the picture. Two results always give a straight line when plotted. A thousand results usually gives a very different picture.

    Far too early to make any determination of the severity of this variant but it seems to be doubling at the astronomical rate of every 2 days. We should have lots of data by Christmas.

  5. 12/24/1979
    That didn’t end well.
    “Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth” – Mike Tyson

  6. Fine looking lads. Have to ask though where do the 20 or so dogs hang out after the morning meet-up and what breeds have you noticed? If it’s just a meeting of the neighborhood dogs then OK but if it is, in fact, a large group that means a pack. Packs are not a good thing when large dogs are involved. You don’t know what kind of tendencies the Alphas have. Aside from the impact on the local wildlife, if the neighbors have any livestock, small pets or young children this could not work out well. Also, need to be concerned if the dogs have had their shots or not. Don’t need any Distemper or Rabies around. You have enough of a threat from that with Coyotes and Raccoons.
    Calves, especially new ones, are easy prey. As much as I care for dogs anytime a group of more than 2 starts hanging around or harassing my livestock it does not end well for them.
    You may not be too far off with your shelter release theory. Happened close to here a while back. Disgruntled ex-employee I think.

  7. Did a quick word search on your past 3 days of submissions, George, for “Natanz nuclear site” and didn’t see anything. Its one of Iraq’s nuclear sites. It went “ka-bloooie” a few days ago. Drone strike suspected and surrounding villages evacuated.

    Dang! a 20 dog confab down the street? That’s the reason so many ranchers around our town couldn’t keep livestock anywhere within a couple of miles of the town limits for many years. Goats and calves alike decimated by the packs. The last time it happened it was from only two dogs running together taking out everything they came across which included two of our calves we were running on one place North of town. Someone finally caught them out in the open on a road shoulder and took them both out. People got tired of that pretty quick. Dumped or just not confined, it always turns out the same problem will eventually crop up.

  8. “now risks losing $17 trillion in lifetime earnings”

    That’ a lot of hours at $15.00. I wonder if the media of the day focused on lifetime earnings during the Spanish Flu crisis.

    What about all the unexpected wealth transfer (inheritance) due to COVID deaths?

    A Dog Dump. LOL. Now that you mention it the yard cats I talk about come in waves. Here temps go below freezing for a couple of months which auto-resolves a lot of cats.

    The dogs cleared out the wildlife so that’s nice.

  9. George,

    Look like really good dogs. Probably have some Lab in their background, but don’t appear to have that “bad attitude” look on their face. Hopefully the dog group down the road doesn’t become a “pack”. Had a pack around hear 15 to 20 years ago that began killing livestock. Finally identified the leader and took him out, at which time the pack dissolved. Bad leader, bad deeds; which also relates to our government.
    Keep up the informative column, I look forward to it every day.

  10. Water tiger ? usually .

    – White “snow” Tiger ?

    Olde Tiger lore says 500 years old = White, 1000 years old = Immortal.

    2020 – covert19 plandemic = Year of Rat – “perfect resonance”
    2021 – REBUILDING military’s with new energy – Deliberate – see 2 headed Eagle & red Dragon.

    2022 – Year of the Snow Tiger, Hero’s/nothing done on small scale/Alwayz ready for a Fight/ Leap – then Look/Territorial.
    previous year o Tiger – like Stu’s cycle bad number dates(411,911,33..) in History, are riddled with tiger energy – Hati, BP Platform,Challenger, Cuban Missle, Korea War, Arch Duke Fernando)

    Feb 1, 2022 – Year of Snow(frozen Water) Tiger – 1) Impulsive, 2) Explosive 3) Something Big Changes.

    * The above information suggests “der internationale bankiers” screwed the pooch releasing that weaponized virus too soon. Would advise against going to War against a Foe (s) that has the cosmos “energetically” on their side. What the hell are these shitlibs thinking ?
    shitlib def. – Believes in; Unicorn farts, 69 genders and that senator Pocahontas is an economics genius.
    Bitcoin IS – and U bee holding an empty bag.

    Nobody, govmint, corporation can enter the BITCOIN market and compete against Bitcoin . No One! It has become impossible.
    Dev Core is soooooooo DECENTRALIZED – anathema to Corp power & Govt. power freaks.
    Proof of Work unF-ing touchable. Really ignorant, illiterate at its journalism is dead best. The greatest barriers ever constructed – you cant hack it, you cant copy it, and you certainly cant beat it. You can Fork it or Join it .

    Alwayz remember – tulips is better than one or none.

  11. Nice looking dogs. Look like labs. Black dogs are the best. They tend to look scary to strangers because it is harder to read their expressions. Male dogs become extremely protective of their human leader.

    The dog gang is a scary thing. I wonder who is feeding them. Could be dangerous for neighboring children.

  12. Wait.., what !? Guess I missed it., where you mentioned that you have pack of 20 dogs living a half a mile from your home. Yeah – you have a problem.., and potentially a serious problem.

  13. EMP ~ noticed some talk of an EMP strike and got the impression folks thought that might be a survivable event. While I think Nevada, Utah and Colorado might “survive” I believe an EMP would essentially wipe the rest of us off the chess board.

    EMP=no electricity ~ no electricity = no running water pumps ~ no water circulation = nuke plant meltdowns. With over 100 nuke plants here (and a bunch of ‘cooling’ fields) everything from the Atlantic to Nebraska, Kansas & half of Texas will be unihabitable. Washington, Montana & the Dakotas will be in a plume as will California, Arizona, New Mexico & West Texas.

    I doubt there would be much in the way of farming (even 1800s style farming) anywhere in the continent after an EMP.

    • I just checked to make sure my memory is correct. Washington State only has one active Nuclear Power Plant. It is located near the Tri Cities area of Pasco, Richland and Kennewick.

      In the past, the Department of Energy Hanford Site had active reactors to make Plutonium for the DOD. Those reactors have been shut down for many years and the only activity going on there now is cleanup of the site.

      It is highly unlikely that the Naval reactors in the Puget Sound area would melt down due to an EMP.

      • Now back to the problem: (*Trojan on the Wa Or border (from memory flying over it – Rainer Oregon) is still a hot zone. With one nuke running on the columbia…

        The REAL problem is the leftover plutonium dreggs from half a century back that have to be pumped or things get out of hand quickly.

        Your fortunate in Oaky Noggin to be uphill from the outfall disaster zone/.


    • Are you familiar with the Amish or Old Order Mennonite religions? There are lots of “islands” in CONUS to where neither radiation nor fallout would drift. There are also Amish living in most of these areas. Every single one has a septic system and a windmill, a woodpile and a tallow-press… and horses. After an EMP, the Amishman will chuck his cellphone in the junk drawer and continue his life as usual…

  14. From the pics presented of Blue and Red, I do not see any pit features.

    They look like good ole doggies.

    So, maybe they ran with the pack first and that habit might be hard to break.

    Together, a pack, are dangerous to humans, as you well know. Maybe the love and grub will stop them from roaming, but maybe not.

    21 years ago went to Playa Del Carmen, and was walking the beach by myself at dusk, and a pack of dogs started stalking me; could not get them to disperse or stop ‘tailing’ me. They were aggressive. I finally had to grab a chair and charge them to make them disperse.

    Or maybe they will bring all of their friends home to URE house!!!

  15. Since there are never, ever any “Coincidences”………
    I’d say you got a really good deal.
    As a man that has dogs in his life since day one (62 yrs)
    the one lesson I learned was……….

    Humans spend their Entire Lives, learning to love unconditionally……
    Dogs Know how, the minute they are born.

    While talking to a young man a few yrs ago, right after sending a faithful one on, I asked why don’t we have them very long….??
    His reply………..
    because when they come here, they don’t have any lessons to learn, they are already perfect.
    Words I’ve pondered since.

  16. Hey George

    The Deer will come back. Lots of vibes on your ranch and nature will recalibrate. Give it time. Deer get spooked but food and curiosity always bring them back. Lots of dogs and deer where I live. Very common.

    Nice video of the UFOs. Wonder if those (folks) are who are REALLY running things down here … out checking on how things are going. Hmmm.

    Have a great day.

  17. “After the morning meal they run half a mile down the road to where there’s a pack of 20, or so, dogs.”

    From whence THEY came…?

    • It seems that George is just feeding 10% of the pack.

      I’m not sure they should be running loose at all. Their prime allegiance is probably to the pack. Only confining the two dogs in a fenced yard is likely to clarify that one. Expect that area to be torn up since lab type dogs love to dig.

      The dogs are yet another major project without a timeline. I won’t tell anyone else what to do, but I’d not take that on myself.

  18. Sounds as if all of the nefarious nations are beating their chests and preparing a gigantic leap during Chinese New Year and after the Orthodox Holidays in Russia!

  19. Monster tropical storm swept thru the islands the past couple days. Front line of yellow and red radar returns parked over Maui and Oahu islands most of yesterday and flooded them out badly. Upcountry Maui had 14 inches of rain in 12 hours. We had all this the day before on the Big Island, but we have better drainage on the volcano slopes to handle ‘Niagara Falls from the Sky’. Oahu and Honolulu totally flooded out last night. Some electric substations flooded out in town, and today downtown Honolulu is dark with no electricity. Trees and lines down all over the island with lots of flood-mud blocking everything.

    We could soon have a water shortage, though, if the largest water aquifer on Oahu is contaminated with fuel from the Navy Red Hill underground tanks, as I commented on yesterday evening. .

  20. The barriers to entry for any real investment include understanding the investment and the associated markets. Random cryptos have no barrier to entry other than the marketing difficulty of finding enough suckers to buy every day. BTC has the advantage of a hard cap and a public algorithm, though few buyers have a clue about understanding the code. Quiet access to the market and the ability to convert with minimal losses are still barriers to investing. BTC has the value of scarcity, if nothing else. I think there are other cryptos with hard caps, relative anonymity, and accessibility, but I’m not versed in them at all. For now, I don’t own any of these hashes, but I’ve been terribly frustrated at the amount of time necessary to get a gut level understanding of the entire process for obtaining and maintaining such things privately and securely. There’s probably a place for them once the basics of life are assured.

    • Fascinating! A great jumping off point for those willing to explore this field outside the classified realms. It’s interesting that so many science fiction concepts become possible if this approach is actually valid. Even the movie renditions of hyperspace views and drives seem possible. Unfortunately the concept of a negative energy density – or how to create one, seems to be beyond what we can currently handle, even in a laboratory. Then again, we thought c was a hard speed limit to communication, and it’s apparently not so.

      This is worth keeping an eye on.

  21. wow.. for those that don’t have a cat.. I want to introduce you to the best ever mouse trap..

    I have taught the grandkids not to kill.. so they didn’t want me to set up snap traps.. I bought a couple of these.. to set up in the event that we had a mouse.. fall here and a little uninvited friend came to visit..
    as a precaution.. I set up a few snap traps and a few newer live traps.. none of them have been successful except this one.. of course a counter weight has to be put on the platform.. a little hot melt and a washer and your set..
    They can be gotten off of amazon.. the same company though.. at twice the price..

    • LOOB, okay, so I just spent 25 fascinating minutes watching mice fall into these awesome mice traps!!!


      • Yeah the dang thing works crazy LOL LOL…I didn’t think there were any.. caught four so far.. on the flapper.. I put a little peanut butter and some bird seed.. on the top of the hood.. peanut butter and some bird seed.. amazing.. and so simple.. I had to hot melt glue a counter weight to offset the peanut butter..
        a cat would be better.. but this is pretty dang interesting

  22. G, on your ‘old news…..use for planning’….Fox viewers believe the most disinfo, compared to other news sources (and Kyle Rittenhouse announced to Tucker that he supported BLM), Fox has a vaccine mandate for it’s workers:

    Newsmax OANN and Fox viewers believe the most misinformation:

    Scroll down to figure 5, Unvaxxed adults have lower trust in most news sources for Covid compared to Vaxxed adults :

    Rittenhouse told Fox news he supports BLM:

    Death rate proportional to strength of Republican partisanship, demonstrate your militaristic fantasies against Biden by dying of Covid! (no I’m not making this up!!) Interesting that so many UrbSurvs swallow the fake news death potion!

    Texas is being sued by the Supreme Court over it’s gerrymandering attempts:

    Fox news employees have to get vaccine or be tested weekly:

    • People like you make communism easy. Let’s go slow so you can follow:
      Bashing Fox, et al, you do know the source you cite verges on extreme lefty bias and you endorse that via your citing it?>

      Your Kaiser KFF cite is a result of media lies and little else. Well, except government lies. “No More Masks” and beyond into overreach lala land.

      Rittenhouse was taken out of context. What he said was “‘I’m not a racist person, I support the BLM movement and peacefully demonstrating…” Unfortunately, he’s a child tool of the lefties. Peaceful is not what BLM is about. (God you’re dense)

      Salon like your other cite is left of left:

      And this is choice: Where you write “exas is being sued by the Supreme Court ” you demonstrate a total lack of political comprehension. COURTS DON’T SUE. Write this shit down somewhere. BIDEN PUPPET DOJ sues.

      “Or be tested weekly” – they still have a no vax option.

      Honestly, you’re going to lose standing as our second favorite troll around here, at this rate. Quote moderate and centrist sources and then tack on your own delusional projection. That’s be interested.

      The Latter Day Revolutionary tripe has got to stop. Mental acuity means something.

  23. Cleveland Clinic Research Identifies Sildenafil as Candidate Drug for Alzheimer’s Disease

    A new Cleveland Clinic-led study has identified sildenafil – an FDA-approved therapy for erectile dysfunction (Viagra) and pulmonary hypertension (Revatio) – as a promising drug candidate to help prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

    Through a large-scale analysis of a database of more than 7 million patients, they determined that sildenafil is associated with 69% reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease

    • I noticed this also. It systematically reduces blood pressure and is probably much better than most of the drugs sold for that purpose. It’s side effects are mostly positive. I’m guessing that tadalafil is even better, since it has a longer duration of action. It may even reduce strokes, though I have no evidence of that. It’s OTC in most countries, but of course, the FDA drags its heels on most things that are useful. I know of someone who this would be very helpful for, though there’s very little chance of his doctors approving this off-label use.

  24. This is weighing heavy on my heart. AS has been mentioned here before, unless we all understand the reasons for entering WW1 and WW2, we are doomed to repeat it, be led like lambs to the slaughter, possibly touching many of us and our families, as well as millions of others.

    From the article: “1941: Globalist agents FDR and Churchill want desperately to drag the United States into World War II. This becomes all the more urgent after Hitler had launched “Operation Barbarossa” in June of the same year — a justified preemptive invasion of the Soviet Union which now threatens to overthrow Stalin and his evil Bolshevik regime in Moscow.

    Knowing that American entry into the war would endanger Germany’s war efforts, Hitler ignores repeated U.S. provocations of Germany. To further discourage U.S. entry into the war, Germany, Italy, and Japan sign on to a mutual defense pact in September of 1940- The Tripartite Pact. War against one means war with all three.

    Ironically, the Tripartite Pact will have the unintended effect of facilitating FDR’s treasonous scheme to embroil the U.S. into the conflict. As a “backdoor” to the European conflict (which Germany was winning) FDR and Churchill intensify their instigation of Japan. When the aggressive moves become too much for Japan to bear (oil embargo, closure of Panama Canal to Japanese shipping, U.S. battleships cruising through Japanese waters, direct assistance to the Chinese aggressors etc.) Japan decides to make its first direct move against the U.S. aggressor — by attacking Pearl Harbor (the U.S. naval base in the territory of Hawaii) on December 7, 1941 ….exactly as FDR had intended! As a result of the attack, the powerful pro-peace movement in America is silenced in an instant.”

    He has also published the TEXT OF HIROHITO’S WAR DECLARATION in the article.

    All worth reading.

    Something is cooking, the same type of scenario is being set up. Look at the dichotomy between what we are being told and what Putin is saying.

    ” In a “frank and businesslike” conversation Russian President Vladimir Putin asked his US counterpart Joe Biden for guarantees that NATO won’t expand further east or deploy offensive weapons to countries like Ukraine.

    Moscow is “seriously interested” in obtaining “reliable and firm legal guarantees” excluding NATO’s further expansion eastward and deployment of “offensive strike weapons systems in countries adjacent to Russia,” the Kremlin said in a readout of Tuesday’s call between the two leaders.
    Read more
    Anti-Russian measures stripped from Pentagon bill Anti-Russian measures stripped from Pentagon bill

    Putin’s proposal came in response to Biden’s “concerns” about Russian troops allegedly threatening Ukraine and threats of US and allied sanctions against Russia, a subject that arose during the two-hour call. The Russian leader responded that it was NATO “making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory” and “building up its military potential at our borders.”

    When asked about this, Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that the US has made “no such commitments or concessions.”

  25. Comrades,

    Apple cored! The kamunists will be sharing the wealth with news of Apple’s $270+ billion deal with China? Surely it’s “as American as apple pie” gets; pass the everclear!

    DJ Ure, spin us some “so much for the afterglow”.

  26. Had to see to beleive the evil in this country of Satan today on our stock market. We are a facist sheethole in the middle of nowhere as significant as dog sheet

  27. Old stories first:

    DeSantis Proposes Reviving Florida State Guard, Civilian Force ‘Not Encumbered By The Federal Government’

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is proposing a revival of the Florida state guard after it was dissolved in 1947. If the proposal is adopted, Florida would become the 23rd state with a state guard, according to CNN.

    FOX News Sidelines Lara Logan After Dr. Fauci Complains About Her Nazi Doctor Comparison

    Investigative reporter and FOX News contributor Lara Logan responded to Dr. Tony Fauci’s recent statement that he is “science” and challenging him is challenging “science.” Lara Logan had other thoughts on Dr. Fauci, comparing him to notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele.

    I’m sorry, I have to agree with the chick who’s been shot, blown-up, and gang-raped over the past 30 years or so, to nail stories in sundry shitholes around the world that nobody else could get. She’s much more likely to recognize a Mengele-type than, probably anybody else in media.

    BTW, FOX has completely disappeared her. She’s no longer on the masthead or the site, anywhere.

    What is Starlink? Inside the satellite business that could make Elon Musk a trillionaire.

    On Thursday, SpaceX launched 48 Starlink satellites into orbit off the coast of Florida. From Arizona to Alabama, people could spot glimmers in the sky as the satellites orbited the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Nolte: Top Ten-Percenter Rashida Tlaib Demands Taxpayers Pay Her Student Loans

    Rashida Tlaib (D-Entitled) is in the top ten percent of income earners and still wants taxpayers to pay off her student loans.

    Hundreds of newspapers suing Facebook and Google

    Small-town and local newspapers across the country are suing Google and Facebook, alleging that the tech giants hold a monopoly in digital advertising.

    Over two hundred publications have sued the tech companies this year, according to a review by Axios, alleging the dominance of Facebook and Google in digital advertising markets have cut into their revenue.

    It’s amusing, but today’s newspapers are 50%-90% adverts. They can’t make a go of it any longer because they are significantly less-efficient than online news dispensers yet are still carrying all their top-floor 6, 7, and 8 digit suits. I feel for the papers, but the only way they can compete is to provide accurate local news and information content which Google and Facebook (and Yahoo and Twitter) can’t. ‘Problem is, that might take a little work, pavement-pounding, interviewing people, actual writing, etc., and the cubbies are afraid of that work…

    “No Intention of Respecting Boundaries Concerning Executive Privilege” – Meadows Will No Longer Appear Before Jan 6 Committee For Deposition

    Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will no longer appear before the sham January 6 committee for a deposition according to his attorney. Meadows produced records to the Marxist Committee after being threatened with criminal contempt charges by Liz Cheney.


    As we all know, Pelosi’s fishing.

    However, once a person is in front of the committee they can take the 5th, iff they’re being led to incriminate themselves, but they can’t respond: “I refuse to answer on the grounds you do not have the authority to ask that question…”

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