Fresh Inflation Data, Covid Data Drift, War Bets

Once again – I do this every month, or so – I am promising shorter columns because there is so much to do around here.

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Inflation Data

As we explained previously, when the economy is skittering along the effective lower bound (of interest rates) it’s not hard to see how shortages will cause price increases.  Thus, government orchestrated shortages (like the miserable drop in Los Angeles container clearings due to runaway bureaucracy in the once Golden State) are an additional lever (besides direct Fed financial purchases, to “arb up” inflation.

With this in mind (that inflation may be more shortage-driven than demand driven) here’s today’s foisted-off data:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.8 percent in November on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.9 percent in October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, all items index increased 6.8 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The monthly all items seasonally adjusted increase was the result of broad increases in most component indexes, similar to last month. The indexes for gasoline, shelter, food, used cars and trucks, and new vehicles were among the larger contributors. The energy index rose 3.5 percent in November as the gasoline index increased 6.1 percent and the other major energy component indexes also rose. The food index increased 0.7 percent as the index for food at home rose 0.8 percent.

The sectorial drill-down is useful, too:

Highlights are those going up >- 25% annually now.  Hyperinflation, anyone?

When we look at energy costs, remember who went out of his way to kill pipelines (and shovel favorites on the railroad-owning fellow).  Slow energy deliveries and the prices will go up.  The same way longshoremen can’t unload if the trucks are bottlenecked at the ports, or trains (somehow, conveniently) can’t be handled promptly, anymore.

Speaking of Rails

Let’s put this deliberate sand-in-the-gear box into clearer perspective by looking at some railroad data.

“Seven of the 10 carload commodity groups posted an increase compared with the same week in 2020. They included nonmetallic minerals, up 4,198 carloads, to 32,916; coal, up 3,284 carloads, to 68,736; and metallic ores and metals, up 2,621 carloads, to 22,526. Commodity groups that posted decreases compared with the same week in 2020 were motor vehicles and parts, down 1,696 carloads, to 14,751; petroleum and petroleum products, down 1,018 carloads, to 10,714; and miscellaneous carloads, down 903 carloads, to 10,428.”

By itself, this might be mistaken as OK performance.  But look at the data baseline: 2020.  Anyone in their right mind would delve back further into data and look at 2018 and 2019 data as comparable.  Not the year of the lockdown, for crying out loud.

Here’s how 2019 rolled in the same week:

“Four of the 10 carload commodity groups posted an increase compared with the same week in 2018. They included miscellaneous carloads, up 383 carloads, to 11,255; petroleum and petroleum products, up 300 carloads, to 13,595; and nonmetallic minerals, up 181 carloads, to 32,014. Commodity groups that posted decreases compared with the same week in 2018 included coal, down 16,385 carloads, to 72,402; metallic ores and metals, down 2,296 carloads, to 20,220; and motor vehicles and parts, down 674 carloads, to 17,175.”

Take coal: 72,402 in 2019, while this year coal was 68,736 this year.  Or petroleum which was 13,595 carloads in 2019 and this year only 10,714.  You can run the rest.  I shouldn’t try to fix stupid.  If you can’t see right through comparing with a plandemic year a baseline is statistical fraud, you’re past hope and lucky to have made it this far in life.

Notwithstanding, some analysis like, oh, Jim Cramer for one, as tossing about the term “juggernaut” this week to describe the American economy.  I suggested to a reader we’re more like a buggernaut.

Reality is a bitch: De Nile runs deep.  2019 or 2018 as base years is more honest but doesn’t serve the interests of the Desperation Party fast approaching 2022.  It’s only going to get worse.  For now, the myth of “building back better” is being based on a national health condition when we were on life-support.

Not statistically honest, but statistical honesty is a non-starter in today’s world.

Tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report gets into the myth of “lossless compression” of facts. Communists have always been selective fact-pickers, and nothing has been changed up by their American insurgency.

Covid: Moving Goal Posts

As the honest healthcare providers will admit, Covid 19 is less about “doing no harm” and more about making money.  That fire department in Washington state that lost a firefighter to cardiac/blot clot issues 3-days (it turned out digging deeper) after his booster jab, still isn’t out as a “press release.”  Likely won’t be.  We’re in a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” world.

Meantime, the latest UK Covid data is moving almost magically:

See how there are no under-18-year-old deaths in England in the reporting window?  Even among the unvaxxed?

Answer me this:  Why are they vaccinating children, then?

Answer Choices:

  1. Money.  There are billions on the line. Politicians are for sale.
  2. Secret Agenda:  There’s some other reason undisclosed to the public.  (Is this like adding “bitter herbs” to the coming feast by aliens?  Kidding…sort of…)
  3. Incompetence:  This whole covid thing has been (and continues to be) a statistical shit-show from Day One…

See how the death risk for the age group Elaine and I are in has gone from under 3 times to now almost 4 times greater as purebloods in 5-weeks?

Believe me, in my corporate sales life I could sell ANYTHING based on statistics.  Made ’em up and made millions for my employers and six figures for me when that has seven figure purchasing power today.  Getting this, Bunkie?

Black is Not Enough

Somewhere – out on the pendulum swing of national insanity – the return of merit and honesty along with functioning Courts was sure to come along. We see this in the story  Jussie Smollett Found Guilty By Jury In 2019 Assault Trial – Deadline.  He’ll get off light at sentencing.  Take that to the bank.

As the American Pendulum swing – back toward merit – picks up speed, not only will Black not be enough, neither will “special” gender allowances and all the rest.  Yessir, all lives and souls weigh the same.

Well, except in Portland, Seattle…

ANY kind of racism is bad – but that doesn’t stop charlatans from trying to bring back “new and improved (reverse) racism” to make some money on it. Hence the whole CRT curriculum drive.  Sheesh.  Can we all stay on the results matter, nothing else, road please?

Courts for the Special:  Smollett is small potatoes compared to the blow-up of the Epstein case.  Because there are still two kinds of justice in America.  Justice bought and paid for by the rich (The Prosecution Is Fumbling Its Case Against Ghislaine Maxwell | Vanity Fair) and things smaller like Smollett.

Friday Deep-Think: Winds o War

Great insights from military affairs contrib and former oak leafy flyboy warhammer.  Especially pertinent in light of how China Vows To Open Fire on US Troops That Come to Taiwan’s Aid.

“I put on my strategic planner hat and thought long and hard about the simmering tension between the U.S. and China.  My key points from this intellectual exercise follow:

1) China is not a global military peer competitor to America . . . not yet.  China’s military strength and influence lies primarily in the Western Pacific.  It looms over Taiwan and it sponsors it’s communist pawn, N. Korea.  It can militarily inflict much pain and suffering in this region, but in the long run, it would lose an armed conflict against a united West, united that is behind America.  “United” is the key word here.  Divide the West, pit on nation against another, or sow doubt within the alliance and the power equation changes dramatically.

2) China most certainly ‘is’ a global economic peer competitor to America, Japan and the EU.  The nation holds a strong technological anchor in all global economies.  Her true strength lies here.  Unlike the Soviet/US Cold War, where the USSR had no capitalist equivalent to the NATO alliances powerful economies, China’s economy is thriving and Western economies are tightly bonded together with Beijing.  Each competitively tries to best the other in a salvo of what distills down to pointed technological warfare excursions.  This is classic capitalist competition elevated to an entirely new level.  China understands that taking economic warfare to a technologically competitive level gives them strategic economic equality, lacking an outright military advantage over the West.  Should China’s technological edge begin to fade, traditional nation/state conflict resolution (i.e. kinetic war) could well ensue in key geographic areas as China struggles to maintain regional military and global economic power.  The key to peace is profit – on both sides.

3) Chinese President Xi has taken a personal stake in China’s global technology/economic status.  His position reflects a common one in history, that of a leader who wishes to be respected and remembered by history for his contributions to his nation’s legacy of success and his own willingness to take risks to cement that legacy.  Xi’s values fundamentally embody Chinese values, winning him widespread support throughout the homeland.  Xi is the heart beat of modern 21st Century China.

4) When all is said and done, diplomacy will be the determining factor as to whether kinetic war will eventually break out between China and America or if a tenuous peace remains in place.  Two vast oceans lies between America and China.  One comprised of thousands of miles of water.  The other consisting of divergent and competing economies and intense distrust.

To wrap it all up, I defer to the ancient Greek historian Thucydides, who summed it up perfectly [paraphrased]:  War is caused not merely by the rise of one power, but by the fear which that power engenders in another. The West seems to fear China as much ir not more than China fears the West. This mindset currently plays to Xi’s advantage.  He exploits perceived weaknesses to China’s advantage while the West huddles in circles of uncertainty over potential financial loss and economic downturn.  Advantage, Xi.  For now.

Having Brandon and Kam in the White House will not play well for America in the next three years.  Xi will surely move boldly and decisively to exploit this major leadership advantage.  Barring Xi’s death or a coup, I expect China to keep on rising on the world stage as America’s star gradually dims.  Will there be war?  Perhaps, but only if Taiwan is targeted by Beijing or their pawn, N. Korea, decides to reignite the long dormant war with the South.

This all said, if the West stays cool and plays its cards right, a booming, competitive global economy could be birthed from what is now a very tense and volatile strategic friction.  If xenophobia rules in both the East and the West, and disagreements overwhelm agreements, then not only economic but armed conflict seems unavoidable.”

Of course, I also value the incredible insights of a higher-up (as in leading scunion-bringer):

“Any conflict with China may be lost at sea but will be won within the halls of Zhongnanhai.”

Which means that China is now a very mercantilist power.  Making and trading is what they do. And in the “banana peel trading world, this means it is subject to having its supply lines cut, both incoming and outgoing. Like we’re allowing to be done to us.

It’s possible this could cause China to lose a conflict, but the longer-term victory will come when Xi and about 29 others see peace as a better investment than missile silos and biolabs.

Decoding UrbanSurvival:  Zongnanhai is “often used as a metonym for the Chinese leadership at large (in the same sense that the term “White House” refers to the U.S. executive branch).  Which you may not fathom depending on how many global ops you’ve run, capeesh?

Rotting from within?  Is there a business model in building “back-up cities?”  Maybe not.  What’s Next for China Evergrande, Crushed by Debt – WaPo.

First wars, first, though:  Russia says Ukraine could turn into re-run of Cuban missile crisis. A given.

Drivel, Anyone?

More like “news drool” then?

Irish Adventure:  Criminal Charge For Breaking Sink During Sex | The Smoking Gun.  (You do remember the Leon Uris distinction, right?)

Seen any?  Aliens may have already VISITED Earth, bombshell Nasa report reveals as Pentagon ramps up hunt for UFOs (  This is more likely what a pool hustler would call a “money ball shot.”

Debt Going Higher: Republicans help clear the way for Senate vote on bipartisan deal to avert debt ceiling crisis.  The American Free Lunch government is $28,908,031,211,073.83 in debt, as of today.

Shaky Data:  432 earthquakes off the Oregon coast in the past 7-days if we count 2.5 magnitude and above.  The RV seers looking at Sept 2022 off Japan have a building case, in our view.


Stranger than strange:  ALL our animals have now wandered off.  Ate, wandered down the road…haven’t seen ’em since.

Maybe we weren’t serving the right kibble or the owners who dumped ’em out here saw the ads online we put up.

Zeus – the Cat – enjoying amazing warm weather here – didn’t come in last night, either.  The brutally harsh winter here will see 80F for a high today.  It held almost 70 overnight.

Write when you get rich,

46 thoughts on “Fresh Inflation Data, Covid Data Drift, War Bets”

  1. The government will keep talking about COVID until everyone is boosted.

    In a real emergency would the UAW get exemptions? The UAW gets exemptions now because to force could be disruptive.

    Recall the olden, olden days when vaccination of children (vaccination was defined differently but there was polio, measles, and others….) was required to enter public school. Did UAW members get exemptions for their kids back then?

    Government needs the critical mass to be reached so they can continue Trail of Tears, deny medical services to the Un’s even though healthcare deductions continue to be taken from their paychecks.

    • It was lol lol lol at least the janitor heard it lol lol…
      I remember when I was but a child.. wanted to hear Congress debates issue..the thought I had was noth sides discussing a bill as they went through it..well I had to deliver papers at the Capitol and thought..what a great opportunity it would be so i went up to the balcony..a couple of paper shuffles just like that video.. hustling back and forth.. I thought .. oh they must be off for coffee as a house keeper leaned on the cleaning cart.. no one came.. a busy day in congress lol doesn’t matter a senator making a YouTube video for the public to see if no one in congress watches it lol.. no one reads the fact just ask them and you’ll get thousands of excuses as to why they shouldn’t read discuss debate and then vote their conscience..
      It’s just blathering while everyone is gone..
      Now I think it is to late to consider that their actions were wrong when they were busy selling their souls and support. Not just one but all of them.

  2. Under pressure G, under pressure.

    The 2 big gas giants, no not J.Nadler and Hildabeast, Saturn and Jupiter bee hanging together in Aquarius currently.
    – so more pressure building in on plates and fault lines and peoples.
    ..never mind all of the drill points all along Cali coast drilled, right into san andreas and associated small off shoot faults. Yeah nothing see there, dont even think about mentioning Electron Cascade and the effects thereof..knock knock, whos there? Hanford, Hanford who?
    scalar effects? again with the lasers in a circle..circular energy spreading out..

    Does it matter in long run ?
    Nope – everything already pre- ordained, that info -inbedded in the great pyramids’ crystaline structure – we be playing out the Game..what game doth he refer?
    Why antichrist game of course. There are supposed to be 30 of em according ancient muslim/jesuit lore wit the abdominal evil monster pedophile of a man – who’s portrait is hanging on wall behind Turdegons desk – ataturd -said to be one of dajals to outrage the middle east. We have had a ton of em since ataturds time, but is this current evil POS the last? me thinks Pooters will have something say bout this one of these dayz..Like our current stock of these dayz..soon.

  3. As you mention, all data can be manipulated, and even if not, quality matters. Asking the right question, solving the right problem, thinking like an engineer here.

    With that in mind, any data should be taken with a grain of salt. What you are looking for is “direction”, because that’s usually about as accurate as you’ll get when dealing with giant complicated systems like money and global pandemics. The differences country to country in the quality of data are such that any comparison foolish to hang your hat on. This is why early on everyone who said “but what about Japan, er uh, Sweeden, I meant Israel, The Whole Continent of Africa…” see how you’d be comparing something as different as the quality of Tata cars vs GM vs Honda? No comparison, other than a good sense of “direction”.

    I say all this because the Johns Hopkins numbers, so well featured in this page have changed with recent waves of COVID. Looking at one indicator of direction: Lag time between cases increasing, and deaths increasing. For most of the pandemic, all the major western (and relatively developed) nations, show a 2-3 week lag between peak cases and deaths.

    Not now. Two things have changed. In the US, and France, for example, deaths and cases are perfectly tracking. How is that? Seems odd, and expectable if you are a skeptic about the business model. Further divergence, in South Africa and the UK, there is no rise in deaths (yet) for the latest waves. In fact, deaths are trending down while cases are skyrocketing. Taking the 2-3 week lag window into account, the death rates are declining when they should be rising. We’re a week or two past this point.

    Something has changed in the quality of the data, or the virulence of the bug.

  4. “As we explained previously, when the economy is skittering along the effective lower bound (of interest rates) it’s not hard to see how shortages will cause price increases. ”

    Boy that is the truth.. I am not sure what I bought now.. but I picked up something that I normally get every week and it was up almost twenty percent the other day..Almost every store was sold out of banana’s.. I did finally find some but the price was outlandish.. everything is heading upwards …

    • I will send you a little piece of something I was given years ago.
      I just found it the other day… play with it see what you think.. get it hot.. then let it cool.. amazing and fun to play with.. I would just drop it in a pan of water on the stove.. then bend it LOL..

      • “Hunk of pot roast?”

        Lol lol nope hunk of thin steel..
        Fun to play with.. I use to use it for a book mark .. I was afraid I had thrown it out when the wife had me get rid of a bunch of books so she could park in the garage..

      • Lol I spent six dollars on 4 lbs of bananas yesterday.. normally they are 49 cents a pound .

  5. China also has a couple of giant internal issues they will have to confront. Their one child policies completely skewd male to female ratios. –
    This is going to lead to continued dropping birth rates and a large group of men with almost no prospect of finding an opposite sex mate. Seeing as how our mating instinct drives many men to be productive to make themselves more attractive, you may see dropping productivity as well and civil unrest. Their other big issue is related and the aging of their population, soon they will be very top heavy with many more people the the less productive/dependent age groups, along with less females that have culturally supported aging parents. These issues are not easily solved. Maybe some ground actions could reduce the male population, but that will worsen the aging problem. They also have huge economic issues with their property and high speed rail debt as you mentioned. They could focus inward and try to move forward on some of these issues. But likely government will create some boogie man to focus peoples ire and attention, well because politicians rarely have any solutions. As evil as it sounds something like Covid that attacks the aged more effectively would be one answer their leadership might have already considered.

    • Add to this:
      The worst water problems on the planet (lack of fresh water)
      No immigration at all (that’s how you solve the aging problem)
      Biggest real estate bubble (how’s evergrande going to work out?)
      Dropping investments in factories due to concentration camps (never again?)

    • In a recent interview Mike Adams of Natural News had with John Moore, Moore claimed the Chinese are determined to take over the U.S. and wipe out most of the inhabitants, EXCEPT for enough breeding age females to supply their mateless men.

    • China could start by banning women from the military and encouraging family formation. There are an enormous number of military women – especially in the parades, and almost all of them are capable of procreating. Go back to the one male child law, and allow as many females as desired.

      Push for the idea that women’s primary job is to keep her man happy and procreate(female) offspring. It would stabilize the entire country. Of course, it’s still that way in rural China, but anyone that can has gone to the cities.

  6. The American Free Lunch government is $28,908,031,211,073.83 in debt, as of today. – Will there be any generation of citizens that decide no more and choose not to continue this borrowing? I assume not, if it was to hard to stop spending when the deficit was only small percentages of the GDP, I assume we will never voluntarily choose to stop now that spending is more the 100% of our GDP. I can understand why some adults don’t want kids. Your bring a child into the world and saddle them with a lifetimes worth of previous generations debt. This is the direct result of electing people with no morals or values because so many of us also cannot see past our own desires.

    • Citizens generally don’t choose or elect politicians. Money and likely sex does, driven by K street and advanced persuasive techniques.

      Only overwhelming votes can defeat the Algorithms of Dominion, along with proper vetting of voters and ballots.

  7. REPORT: Biden Admin Plans On Advising Ukraine To Hand Over Territory To Russia

    President Joe Biden’s administration reportedly plans to push the Ukrainian government to appease Russian President Vladimir Putin by ceding territory, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

    U.S. officials reportedly plan to urge Ukraine to grant autonomy to eastern regions that are still controlled by

    separatists who participated in the 2014 Russia-backed revolt against the Ukrainian government.

    The eastern Donbas region has held a vague “special status” since the 2014 uprising, a status Ukrainian parliament voted to extend for another year on Dec. 3.

    Biden has previously confirmed that deploying U.S. troops to help Ukraine fend off an invasion is not on the table, focusing instead on economic sanctions.

    This came off the AP Wire last night and has been buried by, well everyone, except the DC.

    I am going to point out its glaring fallacies this once, so those with eyes may see…

    The first fallacy:

    “separatists who participated in the 2014 Russia-backed revolt against the Ukrainian government.”

    The “Russia-backed government” was the status quo. It was WE, in the form of several hundred Swedish NAZI youth headbangers combined with “Open Borders” agents provocateur, all financed by George Soros, and the U.S. Department of State, through USAID, managed by Victoria Nuland and financed by you and me, who initiated a coup d’etat against the duly-elected (but Russia-friendly) government.

    EVERY TIME you hear or read ANYTHING which refers to 2014 and Ukraine in terms of a “revolt” or “Russian interference,” the person doing the talking or typing is either deliberately lying, or (much more likely) is sadly misinformed, by our “mainstream media” having promulgated this lie for over seven years now.

    The other fallacy:

    “Biden has previously confirmed that deploying U.S. troops to help Ukraine fend off an invasion is not on the table”

    You can find this repeated in at least 200,000 places, including from the mouth of every RTV newscaster and pundit on the planet.

    That is not what Mr. Biden said.

    Biden said the United States would not enjoin military action in Ukraine, UNILATERALLY.

    This doesn’t mean we’re not going to be fighting in Donbas.
    It means we’re not going to be fighting BY OURSELVES, in Donbas.
    Which implies if even one other country sides with us, we’ve license to send in the troops, yet taken at absolute meaning, states that once Ukraine starts fighting, they become that “one other country.”

    See how weaselly it is? The “media” will pound this “we ain’t fighting” narrative into the ground. However, if Biden sends in air/sea/ground forces, the media will “walk it back” and “unweasel” exactly what I explained above, to justify our War with Russia, in Ukraine.

    Hillary wins, Vichy wins, the rest of us lose, and we, and the Russians, get to murder a couple million Ukranian pawns — and this is the best possible outcome… Y’all know the worst.

  8. It seems like the Biden Administration is going to respond to an annexation of eastern Ukraine by condemning Russia at the UN and sanctions.

    So the could the end result be bullish for markets? Is S&P 500 going up? I have no idea but things are so crazy anything is possible.

  9. Something I read on another forum recently struck me as being particularly interesting:
    “One thing vaxxers and anti-vaxxers have in common is that neither will ever be ‘fully vaccinated’.”
    Sounds about right. How many boosters will ever be enough?

    • They will keep ‘boosting’ until your innate immune is totally killed-off and you die from the ‘common cold’ and you’re ‘boosted’ into the grave or the furnace!

  10. Since MOST younger people buy a house via a mortgage when mortgage interest rates go up their PAYMENTS GO UP if the house remains priced the same. (bond value analysis 101). This means that the amount of money that people buying with a mortgage can pay for a house GOES DOWN (for the same house) since for people financing a housing purchase they are usually buying based upon a MONTHLY PAYMENT AMOUNT, not the purchase price per se.

    When house prices are going up they move up very very easily and sales happen with little friction, until the available cash to buy runs out.

    When house prices are going down on the other hand sellers do NOT WANT TO LOWER THEIR PRICES to match the new clearing price even when the lower price is dictated by the higher interest rates or fewer buyers as happens in a recession (it is hard psychologically for people to accept that the value of their property has declined). This makes the market exceptionally STICKY when prices are in decline, and sales volumes drop off dramatically LONG BEFORE the prices actually start to decline to the new clearing level (even if sales volume goes to virtually nil).

    In the 2006-2008 collapse (housing price peak was June 2006 per Case-Shiller data though the stock market didn’t collapse until 2008) the housing prices did not decline to a true clearing level until 2010ish to 2011, 3 to 4 years after the housing price peak.

    The LESSON from the past is that it takes LONGER for the housing prices to decline when the loan situation or economy changes than most realize … though this time around if HIGH INFLATION comes along the price decline may be arrested on both the timing end of the decline and price front end as people seek out a way to “inflation proof” some of their financial assets.

    Everyone here I am sure understands that mortgage loan rates currently are the absolute LOWEST they have ever been in the entire history of the United States (and I believe Great Britain also), thus they are UNLIKELY to remain this low forever.

    A goodly chunk of the increase in the prices of houses has been driven by the DECREASE in mortgage interest rates, and when those mortgage interest rates reverse and start climbing again to a more long term average it will have a very negative affect on housing prices.

    Hang onto your hat!! Will HIGH Inflation win out and keep housing prices extended to the upside … or Will HIGHER Mortgage rates put the kabosh on both housing prices and housing sales volumes?

    Interesting times just ahead!!

  11. yes folks another vegetated week in the global gulag . be happy be jabbed be non cognitive just der der der along . and did you hear the one about evergrand , the one about war , the one about covid , omicron . der der der says slow jo der .the most uninspiring part pedo part druggie piece of potus sheet ever. worse than dubya and billy boy

  12. some good folks and facts here though . should check out salty moriartys car yard 321 sewer some real deals down there !!! no manipulation says old salty bob !!! oh good on yah mate yeah there are little green aliens in the south of france making cheese .

  13. Hey George

    Happened on a story this evening about time travel. The Vertical Plane

    Quite interesting, still listening and reading about it. Happened in 1984, which of course is the title of George Orwell’s book … coincidentally.

    Green lights being used like Hollywood uses a green screen, on a different level. Maybe it’s the shade or hue of the green … who knows?

    Must be some truth in the story cuz the book isn’t easily available. Out of print / very expensive. I’d like to read the original publication, cuz you know how things get changed.

    Wonder what Ley Lines have to do with it?

    Anyway, I know you’re into that time ride stuff. – seems the interest is growing, which is why I stumbled onto it.


  14. Last three video titles at Monkeywerks:

    Illegals at Military Bases
    95,660 views Dec 6, 2021

    4100 Russians Arrested at the Border
    131,870 views Dec 8, 2021

    Fighters and Subhunters off East Coast
    42,740 views Dec 10, 2021


    Over 76% of France’s population is fully “vaccinated” and yet COVID cases are at an all-time high. Cases now are higher than they were in 2020 when the “vaccines” were not yet available. Aren’t we glad these shots are so safe and effective?

    U.S. Senate Votes To Repeal Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

    The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to repeal Democrat President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for private employers with companies that employ 100 or more people. The 52-48 vote to repeal the mandate included all Republican senators and Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Tester (D-MT).


    A dozen fully vaccinated staffers from Kaiser Oakland Medical Center went to a wedding in Wisconsin over Thanksgiving, and 12 of them came back with COVID-19. They all had mild symptoms and were isolated.

    • Help me with the last bit. A dozen went to the wedding and 12 came back positive with the virus. What happened to the others? Was one pregnant making it a baker’s dozen? Damned statistics, always so confuzing…

  15. Unhinged Stalinist Letitia James Drops from New York Gubernatorial Race

    In November 2018 Letitia James became the first African-American elected the Attorney General of New York state. In a video after her election James was seen cursing and threatening President Trump.

    James is an AOC-caliber nutjob, and like All Out Crazy, is owned by George Soros. I suspect she got orders telling her to stay put because somebody was going to need to attack Donald Trump and because of SDNY, the New York AG would be the most-likely candidate.

  16. Mainstream Economists Struggling to Hide the Incoming Economic Collapse

    For many years now there has been a contingent of alternative economists working diligently within the liberty movement to combat disinformation being spread by the mainstream media regarding America’s true economic condition. Our efforts have focused primarily on the continued devaluation of the dollar and the forced dependence on globalism that has outsourced and eliminated most U.S. manufacturing.

  17. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to WND: ‘We have a communist government in charge’

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has been in Congress for only a few months, but the Georgia lawmaker has already set herself apart from most of her Republican colleagues by standing with the Jan 6. political prisoners. In an exclusive interview with WND, Greene warned that Americans must brace for a dark time and should gameplan how to defeat a malevolent government unlike any the nation has ever seen.

    …And this is why the America-haters have been working overtime to discredit her.

  18. CNBC Poll: Inflation Surpasses Coronavirus as Number One National Concern

    Inflation has surpassed the coronavirus as the number one concern for Americans, a Friday CNBC poll revealed. The Labor Department announced Friday that runaway inflation reached a 40 year high in November, and Americans have marked inflation as the top national concern, transplanting coronavirus, crime, and immigration.

  19. A New Bill In Congress Would Establish A Federal Vaccination Database All Across America

    Have you heard of the “Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021” yet? If not, you need to get up to speed right away, because there is a very good chance that it is going to become law. In the House of Representatives, this bill was only debated for 40 minutes, and then it was easily passed. Every Democrat voted in favor of the bill, and they were joined by a staggering 80 Republicans.

    • I read about this and am furious. Nevertheless, what can we really do about it? My state has two idiot leftys as senators, and the house already voted. Reps don’t seem to pay attention to citizens anymore. There’s a limited amount of time to waste on politics – we don’t live forever as instantiated humans.

      Good ideas are always appreciated.

  20. A few random thoughts.

    As a geologist I can assure you that California will not/can not fall into the sea. Subsidence over producing oil and gas fields, caused by a reduction of formation fluid pressure and consequent compaction of reservoir rocks, is rare and relatively minor. Subsidence over the huge onshore Groningen gas field in the Netherlands for example is around 30-45 cm (12-18 inches). So only a gentle depression centred over the gas field. Short of a global cataclysm this can be crossed off your worry list.

    I suspect that the rush to vaccinate is driven by something undisclosed to the public. A lot of people seem so conflicted, on the one hand suspecting that Covid may be a bioweapon, but then behaving as though a robust immune system gives them a free pass. If a virus is engineered, then all bets are off. Those in the gain-of-function research area are well placed to foresee the likely trajectory. Don’t expect it to behave like a natural virus, waxing and waning over time.

    The mistrust of governments seems to be universal. The difference here in Australia is that we know our politicians are mostly lying narcissists. We just do not believe they are homicidal maniacs hellbent on depopulating the world…..although I guess Len may disagree.

  21. We do need to put an embargo on the Green Aliens in the south of France making cheese! An earthquake on the Left Coast or a Tidal Wave on the East Coast would be a huge green light to kick off WW3. Stayin alive would be our favorite song, OH, OH, OH, Stayin alive Stayin alive. Thank God for Texas!

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