Texting to Decline

Simplified communication reflects a tribe of simpletons is our origin point this morning.  Because – importantly – big thoughts with important nuances may not be easily abbreviated.

The urge to abbreviate is driven by multiple factors, too:  time, laziness, and “normed down convention.”  Thing is, the “idea simplification business” carries many hidden risks.  Not the least of which is a society making mistakes as three-word (and syllable)  positioning statements used as names are often nothing more than jingoism intended for  mass victimization.

Not a particularly long piece – this being the weekend, and all.  But given that small thoughts fit small minds and small abbreviations are deceiving, it’s worth some study.  Because how we process information directly impacts judgment.  And this, in turn, pushes our bottom line around.

After a few headlines, a look ahead, and the ChartPack.

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27 thoughts on “Texting to Decline”

  1. Clear and Concise..gottcha. “Cry havoc and slip the Dogs of War” -WS

    False flag time,again – missile/rocket of “russian” manufacture maybe implicated in a attack on…? Reaction !?
    Knowing as how the evildoers (german/dvd/spacnazi’s) luv, luv, luv = derive so much Enjoyment from their slaughter of innocent Women and Children, one can only guess at the target of this FF attack. I certainly would not want to be anywhere near angry Russians, Russian territory once the “da Bear” is finally roused from long slumber.

    * who is Reggie Middleton ? why dont U know about this Guy?

    What is DiFi & why does the BCN need to edumacate all youse none coiners? Same reason I posted the Money “vibeing link”..

    What happened to Veritaseum – VERI coins and the SEC? history..
    What happened this week to Reggie Middleton and Veritaseaum ?
    What Patent ? #?
    How did BCN know and how did he/she acquire a stash of VERI ?
    How can this news forever change how the World does Money/Markets & Commerce?

    “Come, George, come!

    The Game is afoot

    Not a word!
    Into Ure Cryptos, and come!’ Shakespeare/Doyle/BCN

    DiFi 4 Ure hopefully, but alas 4 the king of procrastination – Nein Bitcoinz fur dich.

  2. Texting has its place.

    Who’s processing should be used in a message – the coder’s or the decoder’s?

    Think of the best book you’ve read. The best books use the least amount of words. The burden is on the coder. Concise coding of a message leads to fast decoding of the message. Texting.

    I do think texting led to tribalization. Think of a group text you were on. The people who started sidebars by actually calling participants, “What do you mean?” got themselves auto-excluded from the next text which probably cascaded.

    But I see what you’re laying down. Articulation Avenue is full of potholes in Text City. Fly above with a TikTok account. 60 seconds to express what a text can’t. Each second in the message becomes as important as ever. A junky video may be better than the best text but that doesn’t mean the video was done efficiently.

    All that to say texting is here to stay until the brain chips. The people who resist brain chips will be auto-excluded.

    • “Texting has its place. ”

      The only places for txting are when covert or clandestine communication are necessary and a voice or audible alert would give a person away. In any other circumstance, voice communication is better, faster, and less-inefficient. SMS is incredibly inefficient and a particularly sucky means of communication…

      • I have no particular love of texting, but there are use cases that work. Sometimes I could be driving and possibly talking with someone and need directions or an address. Perhaps other information such as a list of things. Such info can be sent in a text for use when you arrive at your destination. Texting is particularly sucky for the sender if/when such sender needs to encode a text using a twelve key pad on a dumb phone.

        If attempting to communicate with anyone under 40, it may be the only way to get through and actually get attention, though acknowledgement is unlikely . Banks, etc, have been known to send a text about a questionable transaction, and there’s 2FA. If the entire thought can be expressed in enough detail using 140 characters or less, it can work.

      • I actually prefer to do it on a 12-key pad. There’s always either a detent or bump on the “5” key, which makes it so one can text without ever looking at the keypad.

      • “There’s always either a detent or bump on the “5” key, which makes it so one can text without ever looking at the keypad.”

        LOL Now I wonder if my phone has that option on it…. I paid 19.95 for it at walmart a couple of years ago LOL LOL LOL I have the pay as you go setup.. love it but am terrified at having to buy a new phone.. the new ones are about double the price I paid for the one I have…. but I am thinking on dumping that phone and going with a flip phone and the kind of service my wifes phone has.. eight bucks a month.. why spend sixty dollars a month so some fake caller can call you every five minutes trying to get a donation…. I am amazed.. I cut back the five hundred a month cable service down to a hundred and thirty bucks a month..and no one has complained at all..

    • a few years ago now.. I was sitting on the porch and seen a young girl walking what I thought was her dog.. best behaved and trained dog.. but when she go even to the porch.. IT WAS A CAT… she had a trained cat.. it was amazing to watch.. I had a cat Homer.. that pee’ed in the toilet the cat thought it was a human.. loved water to…. was the damdest thing.. loved twinkies.. and sitting on its but on the porch and watching the kids play ball LOL..

  3. “…but it’s also outright GAMBLING. I promised myself never to indulge anymore back in 2003, when I noticed a top of the line brand new Lexus worth disappear in two hours.,..”

    Been there, done that, back in the 90s as commodity trading caused my ‘jubilee bankruptcy’. I don’t trade paper of any kind anymore. Switched to physical assets and I sleep much better.

    • “Been there, done that, back in the 90s as commodity trading”

      That is so true Hank…A friend of mine called and tried to talk me into trading with him.. I said no.. especially commodity trading.. he was positive his method was fool proof.. one day he called me and said that he had gone to breakfast and forgot to put a limit on his trade.. while he ate eggs he made 65 thousand dollars.. he was ecstatic…. then he didn’t call me for a long time..
      One day his kid calls me and says.. you need to talk to dad and talk some since into him.. his system wasn’t so fool proof..
      they had inherited a section of prime farm land.. his home was paid for cash he had a really nice retirement fund.. he had lost them all.. ended up living at the daughters house..
      the same with gambling.. a nurse I know husband died.. her house paid off left her a nice govt. pension fund her car was paid off her loans all paid off her house free and clear.. and she was making a good wage.. she started to gamble in the machines.. and lost it all.. the car was gone she got some high interest loan on her car title.. couldn’t keep up with the interest..
      I once joked that I was going to buy a machine and bolt it in the back of a pickup after seeing a slot machine that had been taken out of a casino for sale for a hundred dollars LOL .. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224733670880? that way she could dump her paycheck in it.. she just got an apartment not that long ago.. she was living at the homeless shelter after her kid kicked her out of her apartment..
      The stock market is a fickle woman.. just like gambling.. the odds are on the house.. in my opinion..

  4. “Had an interesting notion that you might want to spin up some neurons to work. Has the U.S. export of jobs and manufacturing to China (and Asia) set us on a course where War really becomes the answer to our economic woes?”

    that is a deep subject George… I am sure that there are some that think that War is the answer to our woes.. the issue is.. the U.S. export of jobs and Manufacturing to china and asia.. So in reality who’s economy would a war benefit ..
    the chess pieces have slowly been moved into position..

  5. the show Utopia.. brings up the old studies done way back.. the utopia experiments.. if that is what everyone thinks that war will accomplish.. maybe they should seek out those old studies and see what to expect..


  6. Biden got it figured out,,, blame the Q just like C does, just a bunch of Qtards


    how is that Jesse Smollett thing going for you libtards, talk about hate crimes. How much hate does it take to fake a hate crime,,, what a bunch of liars, remember those who backed the smallett,,, Kamalhoe, Bribem, BLM/Antifa and all the vax/china virus pushers

    Also the owner of the Atlantic[Steve Jobs ex] is pool party best friends with the G Maxwell,,, explains the BIAS of the Atlantic
    Heard that Killery messaged G Maxwell, asked if she wanted to hang out[humor]

    Julian Assange is coming home, gees I wonder what will come to light about the DNC server, Killary, the FBI’s failure to investigate and the murder of Seth Rich,, he survived the initial attack, died in the hospital after some Dem politicians showed up
    Just some wikileaks stuff,, nothing to see there
    “Assange owns Wikileaks. Wikileaks has all the pizza emails. Pizza meaning pedophile code words. $65,000 worth of pizza and hotdogs, podesta having kids over in his hot tub for entertainment, and enjoying pasta with walnut sauce (and so much more)
    This in combo with Ghislaine being related to child sex trafficking etc means we are bout to get some BOOOOOOOOOOOOMS”

    the winds are a changing, the boom is coming around, oh ya, duck
    Ready about,,helmsalee

    • ^ = mossad/shin bet operations…never once was there mention tat all regards Israhell – Never.

      intelligence services..hahahahahahahahahah “the wryrony”

    • “Julian Assange is coming home, gees I wonder what will come to light”


      His “extradition” is really his death warrant.

      He will collect a .338, or the brakes on his transport will fail, or he’ll get food poisoning, or if all else fails, he’ll McAfee himself or put 8 rounds in his head from a nailgun…

    • You did notice that Hillary was on giving an interview yesterday.. that if Trump runs and the republicans get into office in the next election.. it will end democracy.. LOL obviously no one is paying attention to the shizt that is going on right now.. LOL LOL LOL


  7. With an immune compromised family member and after hours again of studying the pros and cons, I decided to take the Pfizer vaccine third dose today. As mentioned before, I had no side effects to the first 2 shots except for minor headache and body aches for one day. I promise to report any side effects to this group as I know there continues to be a lot of controversy and strong opinion.

    While I continue to believe in the science and COVID protection of the mRNA vaccines I also believe it is a personal decision to take them.

    As a matter of scientific interest, there are a couple of things that continue to bother me about this virus. It is stated that the Omiron variant probably developed in an individual that had the Delta variant along with a cold virus. The two married and produced the Omiron variant.

    1. It seems to me that this could have occurred in a number of locations simultaneously and not just in South Africa. Highly unlikely the process only happens with one nationality.

    2. If the COVID virus hooks up with other viruses and mutates like this (gain of function training?), why wouldn’t it do the same with HIV, hepatitis, herpes, etc?

    Stay tuned.

    • See, this is where the world has gone stark effing mad:
      We all know the simple cold variant would have happened a LONG time ago.
      Yet, to prevent bullying, demonization or other “mixers” for this cocktail (like HIV or whatever) we just can’t even THINK is alternatives.
      Thus, the Hoax completes. Answers may be hidden in plain sight. Invisible to the PC blinded sheep with immovable blinders and ongoing textinations and constant visualnations.
      Voices of reason unheard by those of muffled hearing, a well-documented side effect of deep cranial anal impactions.

    • “1. It seems to me that this could have occurred in a number of locations simultaneously and not just in South Africa.”

      It didn’t come from S Africa. It spawned in The Netherlands, and went from there to South Africa. It is also theorized the virus soup “cooked” inside someone who was vaxxed, and the vaccination fostered the environment which created the omicron mutations (there are actually many flavors of “omicron…”)

    • “While I continue to believe in the science and COVID protection of the mRNA vaccines I also believe it is a personal decision to take them.”

      That is right where I stand to…. we to have Immune compromised people in our home.
      I have not had my booster by choice.. the reason.. if my doctor doesn’t think it is worth the troubles.. and they are NOT giving it to emergency, or Hospital personnel. I think they are assuming that we have built up sufficient antibodies to combat it.. the other thing is from what I understand of the patents I have read on its construction.. it has the ability for rapid mutation that you will never have enough vaccines to stop it like the common cold..its here and eventually everyone will catch it..

  8. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Thank you for reducing complex problems of simpletons with such brevity. It does make one wonder how the curate’s daughter Emily Brontë dreamed up an uncouth gothic horror “Wuthering Heights”. And to ponder that the current educational system framework may partially stem from the pen of a novegenarian American anarcho-marxist. How cromulent is that? Doh…

    As an aside, those in deep contemplation over their “snap, crackle, and pop” cereal in the morning, please do be advised there exists a developing shortage of Rice Krispies in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. From the sound of things, the problem may not be squared away anytime soon.

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