Jobs, Jabs, and Jokes

Surely, there are not more relevant and useful things sprouting from the Digital Trean of Knowledge, are there?

Jobs: Up (But be skeptical!)

Let’s see how the Bureau of Labor Statistics pretends the economy is doing:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 210,000 in November, and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage point to 4.2 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in professional and business services, transportation and warehousing, construction, and manufacturing. Employment in retail trade declined over the month.

Here’s the problem I have within today’s report:

See the two yellow highlights?  Alleging more than 1.1 million more people went to work in November?  And more than half a million came off unemployment?  ViseGrips on the forearm!  (We’re still only in 2018 total employment levels, however…)

As you remember, we have been assiduously reminding you of how Reality works by remembering The Time Before Covid – which we think would make a dandy TV series, some day.

The three highlights?  Top is the last time we were at the October totally employment level.  September 2017.  Then we got on a roll and weren’t derailed until March of 2020 when the plandemic/bioweapon dropped.  And the lower right is where things were in October of this year.

Joseph Stalin’s collectivization of the Soviet Union (and into places like Ukraine for their food production capacity) was characterized by statistical lies.  Which, as you will see, figures widely in (so-called) modern life now.

Purchasing Managers data and some factory order data will come later on this morning.  Earlier, Dow futures were barely positive which will ensure an interesting chart discussion on Peoplenomics tomorrow.


Liars can figure and figures can lie, warned American humorist Mark Twain (Clemmons).  Stogie-think, we label that.

Still, here’s the latest summary of data out of the U.K. which we think is becoming suspect.  But first the latest data:

Ure’s Simplified Data Discussion by (horz.) lines and (vert.) columns:

Four yellow data are highlight on the top line.  This is Children.   The cases resulting in an ER trip work out as 1 vaxxed child for each 200,000 population.  While an ER trip for unvaxxed is?  One trip for each 30,303 population.  Roughly:  six times more visits for the great unvaxxed.

HOWEVER:  What the data does not tell us is the population n for this demographic.  In other words, is the number based on children within the demographic, OR is it out of the pool of total population?  It makes a difference in the analysis because most people have never been exposed to “lying denominators” in tearing apart statistical claims.  What sigma?

Notwithstanding: The right-hand side is where I get into the Morals vs. Money (grubbing vaccine companies) discussion.  Because, while it’s true that zero deaths arose among the fully vaxxed here, it’s also truth that there was only 1-10th of one death per hundred thousand (or what we assume is GenPop, not InDemoPop.

Heavy math here:  1 death per million.  Which get’s us down to a real nitty-gritty:  Is the vaccination risk for one life – in a million – worth it?  “Insufficient Data, Captain.”  Obviously, we don’t know because we do not have InDemo reaction data.

Sure, vaccinating all children makes sense IF (but only IF) the vaccines are free, there are no adverse reactions, and we’re clear that the cause of death is exclusively and solely CAUSED by Covid.  Not “had Covid when car ran over ’em…”

The case for vaccinating the young flies out the window pretty quickly when money gets involved and adverse reactions (including long-term, developmental) are included.  These are presently unknowable because we haven’t really tested the vaccines.  It’s the biggest human health experiment in world history.  It’s without recourse and without accountability.  A kind of Medical Revolution of Elites (not to be confused with MRE’s, see the disambiguation notes here which do not include this definition of MREs.)

Middle Yellow Data

We’ll pick up the pace a bit here:  The two middle yellow highlight lines tell us that getting the vaccine will increase in demographic odds of getting the disease.

The data do not reveal adverse reactions, however, and whether the data’s n is GlobalPop or InDemo pop is also fuzzy.

Blue Circled Area

Now we come to the real problem and why we think that the British figures are heading into Political Adjustment Land.

The blue circled area this week, claims (InDemo 70-79) that cases per 100,000 was 409 for fully vaxxed, and 421 for the unvaxxed.  In other words, the case is now likely within statistical error of being about equal for exposure.

Here’s the problem:  Last week, the fully vaxxed had a 538.2 per 100,000 rate while the unvaxxed experienced a rate of 422.7.

It helps to have some serious statistical understanding to catch the inference.  Let me see if I can explain it for you.

In one week, the data argues that fully vaxxed went from 538.2 cases per 100,000 down to 409 per 100,000.  That’s almost EXACTLY a 25% reduction in one week.  And THAT (in my 72-year old view) is BLOODY UNLIKELY.  Rather, it lo0ks to me like someone said “Reduce the 70-79 Cases by 24%.  This would leave 76% still getting the disease.  Again (Law of Large Numbers) the ACTUAL purported in the data (doing the math) is 0.7599405425492382.  What sigma?

Bottom Right Yellow

Elaine and I are still 20.5 into 70.5 =  3.44-times more likely to die IF we get the ‘Rona.  However, it’s a larger risk than last week.  Then, our odds were 21.1 into 69.5 (scroll down last week’s Friday report for the comparable chart) 3.29.

If there has been no jiggering of data on the vaxxed side, the accounting principle in SARs (standard accounting ratios) should prevail and the vaxxed cases should go higher next week.

See, what standard accounting ratios do it allows us to make generalizations and “spot the outliers” like this.  In order for the numbers to drop this much, in a sliding sample window, you don’t just drop 130 cases in a week.  Because multiple weeks are in the sample, you’d need virtually ZERO cases in one week.

While we cannot on any reasonable basis begin to call into question the integrity of Her Majesty’s finest number-spinners, we can spot the really odd data and ask “How did a 25% drop in vaxxed cases happen when the control group results (421 this week, and a very close 422.7 last week) appear?

Won’t go any deeper here, but once statistical results begin to appear, over time they become relatively stable numerical relationships.  The salesman who contacts 50% of sales prospects for half a year, who then suddenly contacts 90% one maybe an artifact.  OR it could be a lie.

Salesman Lie, Too (Duh!)

Lies in statistical sales management are discovered when “prospects” don’t turn into actual fully funded sales, right?

In much the same manner here, the unexpected drop in cases will work its way through the “medical funnel” just as sales work their statistical way through the “sales funnel.”

Since only retentive hard-liners like me actually read both sales and Covid reports, the mainstream will miss it.

Thing is?  Once a lie starts, it’s hard to contain.  If – within 60 days) we don’t see the ripple into dramatically lower ER/hospital numbers, and much lower deaths, then it will be a data aberration (possible lie).

On the other hand, as it moves forward in time, if the “chance of death” in demographic changes (higher) – but remains unchanged in other demographics, then the odds of data-adjustments become much higher.

Weekend thinking piece:  Who is better at statistical lies?  Government, Big Pharma employees, medical professionals, or commission-based intangible product salespersons?

My view for now?  Medical people are amateurs compared with lying salesman.  The finest fiction I’ve ever read is in sales reports. YMMV. Lying the middle of data is so…amateurish.  Color us skeptical of this one.

Next Friday we should see if the data reverts to the means and accounting ratios, which tell the smarter people WTF is going on.

Need to Know’s

Idiocy of Defunding the Cops – a favorite Marxist insurgency chant – designed to take us down Venezuela Road – is really starting to work as the anti-American digital uprisers wanted: Bank of America execs warn junior staffers to ‘dress down’ as NYC crime surges.  Speaking of crime…

Gun rights decisions to track:  Gunmakers not liable for Las Vegas shooting massacre deaths, Nevada Supreme Court rules.  People shoot people, not guns. Unless you want to register knives, too: Columbia Student Killed, Tourist Wounded In Stabbings Near Morningside Park; Suspect In Custody.    Time to re-watch Escape from New York?  And in the People’s republic of California, good analysis in the Merc under Walters: California guns laws headed to Surpreme Court?

The 2022 War is game-on, as we read it:  How real is the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine? Spoiler alert: very.  See, the coopted American press has been leaned-on by the Neocons to make Russia the bad guys.  But, in reality, Ukraine has been screwing with the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine since they turned off water from the Dnieper river in 2014.  Just one more reason Putin’s pissed.

Where is Boeing going?  Canadian government confirmed Boeing disqualified from CF-18 replacement competition.

Attacking Exceptionalism, Meat

The Global Attack on Protein heats up.  We started covering this in Peoplenomics back in 2006.  See “The Coming Protein Cost Explosion.” But, since this is one of those slow-motion shaping operations on society, it’s useful to keep in mind when reading stories like Man reveals shocking effect on his body after only eating KFC for one month and others like 11 Secrets KFC Doesn’t Want You to Know — Eat This Not That.

All in part driven by We tried KFC’s 50th birthday menu, and the Doughnut Zinger Burger was the star of the show.

To me, it all has the feel of a scaled attack on protein, as well as American Exceptionalism. Some of the most recent American fortunes have been made in fast food, Mickey D’s and KFC.   Stories coming out now have more of that “mindless socialism driving vegetable-based collectivism.”  We’ll pass.

Confession:  I still eat KFC about three times a year.

Around the Ranch

Dogs are still here.  Training collars ordered. I have to make a dump run today, though:  Garbage men were run off by ’em.  So, they will be penned up in the garden next week.  Sheesh.

While I will need to make a dump run, it’s encouraging to think they look pretty fierce.  Thing is, though, I do want garbage service, USPS and UPS deliveries.  Call me old-fashioned, I guess.

Ground screws for the “lettuce room” off the studio have been ordered.  On sale at Amazon, so I loaded up.  $24 bucks a pop on the ‘Zon Mayne 580D-BK No Dig Ground Anchor.

Dog-Naming conventions are difficult.  Frick and Frack is already taken, but recycling of Bill and Ted is under active review…  So is the liability portion of the home insurance policy.

Prime rib roast tonight.  Yeah, they might get some scraps.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Interestingly twitter closed down 1,000’s of official Government accounts the other day after Dorsey’s exit – maybe something coming up quicker than we think in the Ukraine? You won’t have any information on what is going on?

    • Don’t assume Ukraine — ALWAYS watch that off-hand! The media wants us watching the RUS/UKR border. If Ukraine blows up, whatever the media does here, every Pravda and Slovakia Today (based in Bratislava) reader will know about it within minutes. Subscribe to the RSS feed from SKToday, then stop worrying about Ukraine then look around to see what the PTB don’t want us to see……

      • “Subscribe to the RSS feed from SKToday, then stop worrying about Ukraine then look around to see what the PTB don’t want us to see……”

        AMEN RAY AMEN….
        Every day I am mystified at the shizt this group is doing and has already done with the blessings of the media,the public and the legal system..
        Decades of shizt that if anyone else had tried even a fraction of it would have been crucified by the media the people and the legal system.. I’m sure that’s why kammy has been laying low.. I wouldn’t want to be associated with them either.

    • …And speaking of Pravda. In shopping around I stumbled upon these. The first two are from October 12th and 13th. Notice when the third was posted:

      Victoria Nuland, from Russia, blacklisted, with no bread, no progress

      On Tuesday, October 12, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had a number of meetings with senior Russian diplomats and officials.

      Why did Moscow welcome its enemy Nuland?

      Moscow should not have welcomed Victoria Nuland as a negotiator. This is a bad sign

      Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, spent three days in Moscow (October 11-13). Mrs. Nuland was a key figure in the 2014 Ukrainian coup.

      Russia shoots down American military satellite
      02.12.2021 20:20

      David Thompson, Vice Chief of Space Operations at United States Space Force, said that the Russian military, using an unidentified type of laser combat complex, shot down an American military spacecraft, website reports.

      • “Notice when the third was posted:”
        02.12.2021 20:20
        = 12/2/2021 @ 8:20pm in our nomenclature,
        or Thursday morning (2 days ago), when this occurred…

  2. Seems your dogs are already earning their keep. Lol !! Teach them discretion by letting them watch you interact with the garbage and delivery folks. On leashes and close up. They’ll catch on to who’s cool and who’s not. Dogs are smart.

    My dogs couldn’t care less about the folks you mentioned … unless they touch the door. Then it’s game on. – dogs feed off the owners emotions. They sense who you like and who you don’t.

    They also have a keen sense of people’s character. If your dogs don’t seem to like someone, pay attention. You might not understand at first, but you might find out later.
    That’s a lesson my dogs have taught me, and I’m better off for it.

    We spend a lot of time teaching dogs what we want them to “be” … but in the same light, observe your dogs and they’ll teach you a few things too. Get to know them well. They become good friends, loyal to you and will protect and die for you, if you love them and treat them right.

    Ain’t nothin better than a good dog … and underneath it all, they all are. :)


    • Amen, PB. Cheap security and lotsa love. Dogs are the best. Glad to hear George & Elaine have decided to keep them. Where’s the photos?

      • “Amen, PB. Cheap security and lotsa love.”

        A double amen from this side as well.. once they learn who’s welcome and who isn’t.. you’ll never have to worry.. those that my the dogs know that are welcome here. Can just walk in. No issues except for a quick pet me first..
        They will learn who’s a friend and who’s a foe..

    • “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

      ? Will Rogers

      Sounds good to me!

    • “Garbage men were run off by ’em. So, they will be penned up in the garden next week. Sheesh.

      While I will need to make a dump run, it’s encouraging to think they look pretty fierce. Thing is, though, I do want garbage service, USPS and UPS deliveries. Call me old-fashioned, I guess.”

      Lol my dogs did that to.. you have to do exactly what pathfinder said. Greet them.. I put out a yard strap then walk out to the garbage man etc. Give the garbage men a treat to give them then let the dogs sniff them.. then let them give the dog the treat.. with daisy.. someone in the house had to give a visitor a hug.. once you greeted them that way.. they were golden..the mail man ups etc.. carry treats now for fang and they still dont quite like the garbage men taking the trash unless I sm there though lol.. seems they assume their becoming a politician and stealing our

      • When you set up the dollar’s put it on your leg at first.. the start at the lowest setting and work up..when you get to the point that it makes you jump.. then your ok..I have only had to use the zapper once..the vibration is more than enough if their attention gets to preoccupied with something else to the point they don’t listen.. then a gentle vibration once will bring their attention back to me..
        Daisy knew before I did before I’d have a seizure and would try to get me to sit..then bring me her favorite … I was so sad when she left us. Seen thousands of people make the final journey we all will make..her passing devastated me.. the same with gingers..
        Have a kennel for the time that a person gets sick and emergency personnel are called.. dogs wont use a bed of another dog that passes on either..out of respect..

  3. Post a picture of the dogs. I’d love to see how the Rot/Lab mix turned out. Any chance of them being “chipped”?

    In dealing with territorial dogs big enough to make an “impression” on you I’ve found that the initial negotiation to enter or exist within their perceived territory is usually accomplished by standing your ground and letting them come up and sniff and … “taste” you. This usually works best with just one dog but the odds of escalation goes up considerably with two. My uncle told me many times “One dog is manageable. Two dogs is a pack.” This worked well for me when I came home one time and a chocolate Doberman b-, uh, female, came trotting out from my car port one time. After eyeing each other for a second the only choice I had was to stand there with my hand on the pistol in my pocket and see what happened. As it turned out, once introductions were done, I found out she was just looking for a non-living snack, thank God, and was pretty friendly so I could read the tag on her collar. I wound up calling the local vet who had her in their records and gave her a ride to the Vet’s office. The dog didn’t seem to mind the ride at all so the Vet took custody of her until the owner who lived down the street came and got her. Haven’t seen her since.

    Unless the dogs are foaming at the mouth I generally don’t get alarmed and go “Atticus Finch” on them. I’ve popped more cats than I have dogs. Evidently “word” has gotten around that our house is off limits to all but the neighbor’s dog who is a free-ranger and the cats appreciate that fact. It amazes me how even the new ones will give our yard a wide berth when they come wandering by. There is some kind of communication going on out there.

  4. Double names for dogs is wide open. How about Stan and Ollie, Bud and Lou, Hawkeye and Trapper, Tom and Jerry. The sky’s the limit for great dogs names.

    • Just like covid was. Suddenly “appeared” in strategic locations around the world, all nearly at the same time. Released? Absolutely.

      • I am beginning to think the variants don’t exist, but the information of where they are supposedly released is what is new, and then it drives all the rest of it. Hysteria, 24-7-365, more false tests, more shots, more boosters, more jabs, more illness, sickness, deaths, more lock downs, more mandates/laws/rules, time passes, rinse and repeat until WHEN/WHO/WHAT/WHERE and HOW COME gets its way.

        Just where the h e l l did Sepsis and the Flu and double pneumonia go??? Just look up how many people those 3 things killed humans in 2017/16/15, for starters in the USA and UK; I rest my case.

  5. Before getting too attached to the dogs, a visit to the vet is in order. Blood test for heartworms would be at the top of the list. No heartworms, then neuter, vaccinate and train.

    While training collars work to a degree, nothing beats a good fence for keeping dogs where they belong. Goes back to the ancient saying, “Good fences make good neighbors”. What you really don’t want is to spend $500 each to get rid of heartworms only to have a neighbor shoot the dogs for harassing his livestock or digging up his flowerbeds.

  6. The Vaxx manufactures sealed their information for 50 years.

    Anyone who believes any of the facts, well, Trump got the Jab. We all saw how sick Trump looked that one day, then he got the job and was glowing again. Fauci got the Jab on live TV.

    Early 2021 all living former Presidents and First Ladies stated they have been Jabbed. Nothing bipartisan with Life.

    Just get the first jab. Everyone is doing it. You’ll be glad And you’ll be with the living during 2022.

    • Still trying to reverse a hemiplegia and hemiparesis and balance and eye problem from a new perscription 3.5 years back, tho the 2 month hospital stay till the day the insurance stopped paying does not paperwork out as truth, tho bootleg 1920 booze poison worked that way also..thanks..

    • And just how can you be sure it was “the jab” or “the saline”? Since the goal of this exercise seems to some (me included) to be “Depopulation”, I’m highly doubtful those “in the know” would be risking it all on an experiment.

      • “I’m highly doubtful those “in the know” would be risking it all on an experiment.” That’s a heck of a point.
        Before patents are granted, there’s a prototype and test runs. That’s the time (experiments?) occur. Anytime a (product?) hits the market and passed on to the consumer, it’s the real deal.

        Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    • I really don’t care what “everyone is doing”. I won’t insult my body with either a stab in the arm or an unknown witch’s brew injected into it. I’ve studied the science, along with my own family history and life expectancy, and see absolutely no reason to accept such an assault. I’ve already had covid and consider myself immune. There are far more important things to address in life, such as remaining free, healthy, and rich enough to do as I wish.

      I’ll never voluntarily enter a hospital or accept EMS “services” for any reason. Studying medicine and the truth of the practice turned me off for life.

  7. George,

    Regarding the UK data, the first column:

    Positive tests require human intervention, i.e. someone getting tested because they went to get tested. These are not mandatory tests.

    Of course the jabbed are going to be willing to get tested more than the unjabbed. The jabbed are going to go to the doctor’s office more, and get tested more. The jabbed are going to the office more, and getting tested there too!

    You have to completely toss the first column unless you can control more than one variable like “positive test y/n”. Needs to be a true general population sample for that to work.

    • It always starts in Sweden; Sweden is a dead country filled with wonderful passive humans. The Elite hate the Swedes and they target the Swedes daily; they are working heavily on ridding the earth of the Swedes and the Germans.

  8. One of the big Hollywood animal trainers (name escapes
    me at the moment) said the best way to train an animal
    was to wait until it did something close to what you want,
    and to reward that action or motion ASAP. (Near-zero
    time delay working best.) Rinse, refine, and repeat.

    If they do something close, withhold reward. They’ll
    try harder. By degrees you can get them to do almost
    anything. (Withholding reward occasionally will cause
    the most persistent behavior. This is called “Variable
    Schedule Reinforcement” by the Skinnerians, and forms
    the basis for gambling being addictive.

    Indeed, this how Skinner taught chickens to “dance.”

    If you can get the Postal and UPS guys to participate,
    you can ask them to help train the dogs to eager, joyful
    anticipation and reception to the USPS and the UPS
    vee-HIC-les, by having them supply tasty treats upon
    arrival a few times. Dogs are smell-based when close,
    so a careful introduction, with you there to provide
    confidence, will allow a thorough sniff-job and future
    recognition as a Good Person and a Good Thing.

    My cats have been trained to shake hands, and lie down,
    just like a dog. “STAY” eludes them — being so very
    independent of mind — but “OFF!” will get them to
    instantly jump down off furniture. (They like high
    places for tactical situation monitoring.) But, being
    amoral, and independent, as soon as you turn your
    back, they jump right back up. They also come very
    quickly when called by name, because there’s a
    chance a tasty small chicken chunk awaits. They
    say you can’t do these things with cats, but you
    can — with patience. (…and a supply of chicken
    chunks.) The names are “Fred” and “Bo.” So,
    they sound very different, and they know the

    The key is patience.

    • Lol lol lol lol… how about hunter and joe lol lol …
      NAAA…that wouldn’t work…you’d always be worried that hunter would start humping your leg, and joe would be dragging illegals through the yard..
      If their males get them fixed..

  9. Dying may not be the worst thing that can happen to you if you catch COVID.If your condition becomes long COVID,you may wish that it had killed you.I’m 2 months in-no vaccine,got the antibodies in the hospital-but there’s no end in sight.I can’t sleep without ambien.I have 30 days of ivermectin on the way from Singapore,though.

  10. I wonder if hospitals in the UK are incentivized to report deaths as COVID deaths like the US hospitals are?

  11. I’ll tell you all a little, first person story.
    Early January 2020; I had been on the local County Health Dept. Board (Ohio) for 20 years at that point. Every year we have a “mock disaster” drill which involves the Health Dept. , Emergency Management for our county, Ohio State Patrol, local fire depts. City police, County sheriff, local hospital, and a couple of other “Official” entities. This alternates between a tabletop exercise and a field exercise every year. This is to test the readiness and preparedness of said departments in a “pretend” scenario and and their responses to the scenario. Usually the “disaster” is a hazmat tanker truck wrecking in front of a nursing home, ect. Wind speed, direction of the cloud of hazardous fumes, ect. are simulated. Responses from the various depts are graded as the simulation goes along with a grading of the depts (usually the EMA director from a neighboring county) and their actions/reactions.
    Now, 2020 was a tabletop year and we all sat down at the long tables and I noticed the news media was there. Strange. Hmmm. Never saw them before but I just waved it off as me never noticing. Remember, this was very early in the in the covid nightmare. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a US case at this point or only a couple in the whole Country. Covid wasn’t even a thought to the general public at this point. Scenario begins. I’m expecting the usual, train derailment, tornado. GLOBAL PANDEMIC. What? How? Not just a very bad local case of flu that filled the hospitals or something like that? You guys jumped right to global pandemic? The discussion very quickly went to “how many dead people can we as a County handle at once?” Funeral homes capacity? Wait. Who chose this as a disaster topic? (I suspect the State of Ohio EMA office) I cannot express enough how much covid was a non topic at this point in the public awareness. The seasonal flu was a much bigger concern. It was at this point that I internally asked the question “What are they not telling us?” Obviously, this was a PLANDEMIC and someone had a timetable of how it was to play out over the next few months/years. Someone knew more than they were letting on. They were only telling us just what they wanted us to know. The news media asked alot of questions in the after meeting as if it were all factual (and it was) and not just a drill. As I stated before, I never saw them at a mock disaster tabletop exercise because that isn’t news. Someone tipped them off to be at this one. You will never, ever convince me that this hasn’t been planned for years, with the virus being released in stages and locations all over the world to create the desired hysteria and results.

  12. It’s important to continue to read so as to bring oneself up-to-date with what is going on; fantastic as it sounds, they have been at this for a very long time.

    This is a very excellent compilation which will take your time and study, but well worth it as the links embedded in this article are very good:

    Two links as an example:

    Most of all leaders have been selected; and it is apparent to all of you over 25 if you have been paying attention, and if it seems unbelievable, then pay attention!

    I have posted this before. A man who was filling in on Rush Limbaugh’s show, while Rush was sick, an English fellow, I do not know his name. Bragged openly that he was a friend of Mr. Boris Johnson, PM of the UK. He said he has been a friend of his for 20 years, and that several years ago, Mr. BJ (hahahah), told him that he would be prime minister one day. Now, how did Mr. BJ know this? Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America, and Mr. and Mrs. World, they SELECT most of the leaders that you think you ELECT.

  13. I have a question to ask you and your readers. This link came across my newsfeed, and I found it a little weird, for lack of a better way to put it.

    So, in a nutshell, a guy goes to pump gas in his vehicle, and gets a little prick. He takes a closer look at the handle and finds a little injection thing with an “unknown white powder in the hollow area behind the needle, and an adhesive substance holding the assembly to the trigger of the gas nozzle.” According to the article, the guy didn’t test positive to anything deadly and they sent him on his way. I think the actual injection mechanism spurted out, but not into his skin. Lucky him.

    With all the crap drugs (fentalyn) floating around, and people becoming ill with strain xyz, this is, frankly, how conspiracy theories like to play havoc with people. It happened in Chcago, too. A really big, dirty city with alot of people stacked to the ceiling. Obviously, someone put it there, but why? To infect a random person? To be plain evil and give someone an OD? I don’t know, and I doubt we will hear much more beyond this one blurb about it. Thoughts, all?

  14. We’ve got two German Shepherds at our 10 acre place. We put an underground fence in about six years ago to keep the dogs close by. We have an very small stream at the back of the property, and lots of trees. It cost $3,000 to put the fence in, but the dogs are safe and the neighbors are happy. We had tried other electronic collars/systems, but they didn’t work very well….but, this system seems to work well.

  15. Sincerely this is the only place worth reading on the Internet. Good on yah George you stood the test of time !! Now short harder and pour gold down their throats!!!

  16. Tony Nester has updated his book: “Surviving a Disaster: Evacuation Strategies and Bug-Out Bags for Staying Alive”. Nester is a survival instructor, and the book is available on Kindle. This is a good, concise read without the political claptrap.

  17. What does Elaine think of adopting a couple of large dogs that together weigh more than she does?

    Dogs connect based on sensed emotion, and I’ve been told by others that they can’t sense my emotions. I’ve also had serious difficulty with dogs and horses, but cats like me for some reason. I suppose expressive people get along better with dogs than less expressive ones.

    If I was the mailman, UPS or FedEx person, or any other delivery guy, I’d much rather see no dogs than playful ones. Seeing them secured inside a fence of their own is even better. At best, a free ranging dog needs to be watched and avoided when driving or turning around.

  18. There is a gun case brewing.

    Basically a kid in MI obtained a firearm and used it at a school. Authorities are tying responsibility to the parents.

    Note: the parents aren’t “on the run” but left town in fear.

    Authorities Searching for Parents of Michigan School Shooting Suspect

    The parents have been been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter

    “James and Jennifer Crumbley committed “egregious” acts, from buying a gun on Black Friday and making it available to Ethan Crumbley to resisting his removal from school when they were summoned a few hours before the shooting, Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said.”

    • “James and Jennifer Crumbley committed “egregious” acts, from buying a gun on Black Friday and making it available to Ethan Crumbley to resisting his removal from school when they were summoned a few hours before the shooting, Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said.”

      Not good.

      Buying the gun for Junior – NOT bad.
      Making it available to him – BAD!
      “resisting his removal” – If this happened, the Prosecutor just f’ed up her case. Parent/teacher meetings are confidential, and I believe must remain confidential if used in a legal proceeding.

      I’ve a friend who shot Junior Match almost from the time he could walk. He must’ve been about 14 when he showed me his Beretta — a 92F in his daddy’s glass gun case. The gun was strictly “look, but don’t touch.” He explained that his “ownership” of that gun and his bolt-action .22, and his ability to travel about the country, competing in pistol and rifle matches with them, something he dearly loved, were completely dependent upon him never touching those, or any other firearms, outside his father’s presence.

      Kids have a responsibility.
      Parents have a responsibility.
      Daddy (and probably mommy) are guilty of criminal negligence. Neither is guilty of being an accessory unless Madam Prosecutor can prove conspiracy. However it’s going to be an emotional case, where a number of really bad legal precedents could be set, so…

      • Remember when you sday “If this happened, the Prosecutor just f’ed up her case. Parent/teacher meetings are confidential, and I believe must remain confidential if used in a legal proceeding.” that we’re dealing with a democrat prosecutor. They use the OTHER set of laws in the country – their own!

      • “Neither is guilty of being an accessory unless Madam Prosecutor can prove conspiracy”

        What the news said is the kid was looking up ammunition sales on his phone. The teacher got upset.. his mom texted him back saying he needed to conceal his actions better..guns around here are locked up … ammunition is locked up in another area.. keys for both.. safe sale/gun-safes-cabinets?cm_mmc=SEM-_-Google-_-Safes-_-SafesOnSaleRespAd&gclid=CjwKCAiAwKyNBhBfEiwA_mrUMpYpGo91aGtTtpxTlO7g84NctDLWFOFfYn0Z1tvXE3JznHFyufdQtxoCPR4QAvD_BwE

      • – The entire shooting is tragic.

        I think the angle is to assign responsibility to the parents. If the parents can be made responsible they can be sued in Civil court. This could force a scenario that mandates all firearms be individually insured by using the serial number of course.

        In MI car insurance is mandatory. Drivers are forced to have insurance for an accident that hasn’t occurred and they are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. I see a registry angle.

        As for the school specifically. The tragedy happened in December. The school identified “unrelated” problems there back in November.

        “Oxford High School had posted two letters on its website in November, one of which addressed online rumors about a threat to the school. The other letter discussed a vandalism incident.

        The November 4 letter from Principal Steve Wolf said someone had thrown a deer head into a courtyard from the school’s roof, as well as painted windows on the roof and a concrete spot nearby with red paint.

        Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe McCabe said during a Tuesday news conference that the deer head incident was “absolutely unrelated” to the shooting.”

      • My bad on this…

        Under Michigan law, if someone commits criminal negligence and somebody dies as a result, the negligent person is automatically guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Michigan originally created this law so they could lock drunk drivers away for a long time.

        Sux for Mom and Dad Crumbley. If only they’d had a household with rules — or a gun safe…

  19. Here’s a slant to the parents being charged or ‘held liable’. The timing is interesting in a way.

    Gunmakers not liable for Las Vegas massacre deaths, court rules

    The Nevada Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that gunmakers and distributors are not responsible for the actions of the gunman in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, CBS affiliate KLAS-TV reports.

    The parents of Carrie Parsons — one of the 60 people killed in the 2017 mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival victim —filed a lawsuit two years ago, blaming the deaths on gun manufacturers and dealers.

  20. Dear Ultracrepidarians,
    Since the consensus appears to be that the Global Elites created the ‘Vid as means of imprisoning/killing all of humanity, why don’t you guys investigate what they are doing to protect themselves and their significant others? Are they sacrificing virgins to their Shape Shifting Reptilian Overlords? Drinking the blood of freshly-slaughtered infants? Dancing naked at Stonehenge during the full moon? We all know that they can’t be getting vaxxed.
    But if you did find out, y’all would have to find something else to be mad about – don’t worry, there’s always the Federal Reserve.
    I hear that ‘ol Warren Buffett eats a Mickey D’s egg and cheese biscuit every morning on the way to work (alternating bacon and sausage). Is THAT the secret sauce?
    “I’ll have what she’s having.”

    • We know ! its obviously how you roll. Dont need to make a public spectacle of it..or do you? Not an expert on anything, just an entertained observer..

      pay no mind the fed = noise, vatican is where the “bad’ qi flows forth…not long now – patience advised..tick,tick,tick.

      “faster, faster, until the Thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death” -h.s.thompson

    • “I hear that ‘ol Warren Buffett eats a Mickey D’s egg and cheese biscuit every morning on the way to work”

      I would to if it was accessible.the only thing I dont like is the yoke.i like a runny yoke…lol I still have the opinion that if I can’t decide what I want I make an egg sandwich..
      They sell frozen egg patties at walmart they sell sausage patties and canadian bacon to.
      We usually keep a package of each in the freezer.. I prefer italian bread sliced thick and lightly toasted with real butter on it..dam that sounds good for supper now lol..

      • we used to have McD cook the Mcmuffun for 30 sec less on the timer for a soft yolk.
        saying that Ole Buffet eats there everyday is Ultracrepidarian of ole anti george. just cause he read it or heard from the corporation, he assumes it is true and not just sublime advertisement/propaganda

    • IF that is true, I can guarantee that 80 something has diarrhea and stomach ailments from the roundup crap in that breakfast sandwich.

      MCD’s is the worst.

  21. The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast indicates that they are only looking for one more marker, a very negative advance/decline ratio, to make the call that the start of the bear market is a done deal. The top looks like it was in on Nov 8.

    I pulled the trigger on initial purchases of equipment for a solar back-up system. The system will have a 3K inverter, 6 to 9 KW-H of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and 2.4 KW of panels. The goal is to provide power for comms, fridge, freezer, back-up lighting, and small recharging stations for portables. I will initially use the batteries and inverter as a UPS, and add panels later.

    The solar equipment is for the use it or lose it contingency meme. When the Elliott Wave sequences start dropping with precision, then the composite knee jerks have commenced. The breadth and downside of the implosion of the historically largest financial debt slave balloon SYSTEM is potentially the most sublime of economic catastrophes. Best to to be on the sideline trying to salvage something of a standard of living, while the predators circle.

    When all the high flyers crash and burn simultaneously, all will be out beating the bushes looking for victims to assuage their damaged egos and thwarted megalomanias, with their partisan gang buddies riding shotgun. I am anticipating 2022 to be a very hard and potentially dangerous year.

      • Check out the battery bank I posted the other day.. 10 kw of battery bank..for 2 grand rather than 8.. I need 4 of them to have an off grid potential.. I have a sunny boy inverter that’s a backup inverter if any of the string systems fail that has a feature on it to keep it working in a grid down scenario.

      • I dropped you an email. The equipment is expensive, and my solution probably doesn’t fit your needs. I’ll post something if it pans out.

    • “Best to to be on the sideline trying to salvage something of a standard of living, while the predators circle. ”

      Amen to that! BTW you two… look into Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Expensive as hell, but a nice flat-voltage discharge profile and nearly unlimited cycles if treated properly. Would never need replacement in your lifetime.

    • I know an engineer that used the xantrex power hub 1800..
      Each one can either be used as a backup. ( how I have the one I have hooked up)
      Or in a system. Theres a setup to hook directly into the circuit box..each will hook into three circuit breakers or on 220 circuit. He took off the battery box made a rack for them with a plug in bar for the system to attach to the battery bank. Solar can be hooked directly to the system as well. Nice laid out .
      On aliexpress you can pick them up for under 2 grand a 10kw battery bank

  22. “Four yellow data are highlight on the top line. This is Children. The cases resulting in an ER trip work out as 1 vaxxed child for each 200,000 population. While an ER trip for unvaxxed is? One trip for each 30,303 population. Roughly: six times more visits for the great unvaxxed.”

    Left-handed data…

    I have honestly seen people in the ER for a splinter, a blister, a cold sore.

    It is a nice, scary, and totally worthless statistic. The stat which would have value is: How many of the demographic in question are ADMITTED to the hospital.

    Counting ER visits are meaningless…

  23. “Sure, vaccinating all children makes sense IF (but only IF) the vaccines are free, there are no adverse reactions, and we’re clear that the cause of death is exclusively and solely CAUSED by Covid. ”

    Vaccinating children (or anyone else) makes sense, ONLY if the intended vaccine is an actual vaccine and eliminates a potential illness.

  24. “Gun rights decisions to track: Gunmakers not liable for Las Vegas shooting massacre deaths, Nevada Supreme Court rules. People shoot people, not guns. ”

    Don’t count chickens yet.

    Stephanopoulos interviewed Alec Baldwin over the “Rust” shooting this last week. Baldwin flatly stated he never pulled the trigger. The instant I heard this, I thought it would be used in a lefthanded manner to indict guns rather than people, for shootings.

    The gun would’ve been a modernized copy of the 1869/1873 Colt Peacemaker, which is a single-action revolver. It would have a spring-loaded pawl at the top of the trigger assembly, which would catch the hammer at “half-cock” unless the trigger was pulled completely, and it would probably also have a “hammer safety,” in which the firing pin is contained in the gun’s frame, and cannot engage a shell unless the hammer pawl is retracted. This makes it impossible for the gun to fire if it is dropped.

    Understand, Alec is a friend of the Clintons and Georgie is a Clinton insider and hatchet-man. Because of this, I ask again: “Who wanted the girl dead, and why?”

    • Cmon man – you know the answer to this…its a competition for “one of the seats at the “table”. You gots have a blood sacrifice – in public – to stake a claim. The more the merrier – shows psychopathic ability to numb out any feelings of empathy, saddness, sorrow. Prerequisite for “selection”..

  25. “The 2022 War is game-on, as we read it: How real is the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine? Spoiler alert: very. ”

    Not necessarily. Russia is building mech and materiel outside Ukraine.

    Suppose we start doing the same thing, inside Ukraine, and maybe relocate a couple battle groups from, like Guam and Diego to the Med?

    Suppose then, that Russia simply sits there and does nothing — but China takes the opportunity to execute a blitz attack and conquer Taiwan while we have nothing in-theatre and can’t move on China with anything, except B-52s and ICBMs, and those nuclear SR-71s we have stashed in SoCal…?

      • So do I, but I also try to keep the off-hand in sight. My favorite military, fighting, or competition move is the “feint.” I don’t believe I’m alone in that thought…


      So, we’re asking the navies to travel up the Aegean and through the Bosporus and Black Sea without resistance from the Turks or Russian navies. Good luck with that.

      We’re asking the air forces to launch from Germany and over Poland without resistance before crossing over Ukraine. Turkey rejected the U.S. when we attacked Afghanistan. What makes you think they’ll say okay for an attack on Russian forces?

      Also, we’re asking NATO to mass an Army in Poland and move it across the Ukraine to meet the Russians before they cross the river and take all of the country instead of the Russian part. Good luck with that, as well.

      No matter how it plays out, a European war centered on the Ukraine is going to be very ugly.

  26. Comrades,

    Msm is rolling out news that a potential resting place of the 2014 missing flight MH370 to Beijing is in the South Indian Ocean as described on the Godfrey blog “The Search for MH370”. The blog’s 9/26/21 entry mentions a Mr. Gibson as part of its Maldives report. Perhaps this would be the same gentleman from Seattle celebrating 15 minutes of fame during 2016 or so in the company of MH370 debris “found” washed up in Madagascar. London’s “The Sun” in a 6/28/19 report quoted a third party describing Mr. Gibson as “paranoid” following receipt of threats of death and poisoning by polonium. Further inquiry about the public web may indicate him featuring a Russian history dating back 45 years. Oh well, maybe that’s all part of the recipe: puttin’ it on the backburner, add a Russian and couple of Ukrainian passengers, set to simmer, and serve to the world when ready.

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