Life Loops: Elliott Waves of Humans?

We take a pause to consider human predictability and that of markets.  It occurred to me this week that we might be able to look at human behavior in an Elliott-like manner, so this morning we put on the psychological beanie and head for the couch.  With the requisite golden scarab.

First, though, the usual smattering of headlines, a really interesting ChartPack, and then a little grist for the mill.

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32 thoughts on “Life Loops: Elliott Waves of Humans?”

  1. “There are straws in the wind…”

    For those who are hams or have a decent
    shortwave radio you may find the USAF
    Global HF Network of some interest.

    Now, you’ll never hear anything Really Hot,
    because it’s a very routine “service” channel
    for the convenience of (mostly) USAF and
    National Guard cargo aircraft. This facility
    is widely known amid hams and shortwave
    listeners. (No Secret Squirrel Stuff here.)

    The two most key frequencies are, 11.175
    and 8.992. There are a few others, but these
    two are most used. (Upper Sideband)

    So who cares?

    So, this: War is run on bullets and beans,
    “Logistics.” Tons O’ Stuff are usually put
    in place in forward staging areas well in
    advance. One week to several weeks out,
    ahead of a Major Big Deal, the NG and USAF
    provide the airlift to the theatre. Their routine
    incidental operations needs — “ramp assist,”
    phone patches, reports of souls on board, and
    other minutia of low importance — are passed
    on there.

    In other words, it’s a First Derivative of the
    Tempo of Operations. In the past, when it
    gets very busy, Something’s Up. With a
    little listening and some patience, one can
    make reasoned deductions. It’s also a
    leading indicator, one or two weeks out.

    You won’t hear much exciting stuff, just
    the steady grind of the Boring Busy Factor.
    When it gets busy, it rarely disappoints.

    I’m betting Ukraine in February, followed
    very quickly by Taiwan. I don’t think
    we’re preparing for shooting war; I think
    we’ll stage Tons O’ Stuff about two weeks
    out as a readiness preventive posture.

    (7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. 15’s & 45’s. “Business Model.”)

    • Lookup KN6IPA. Justin regularly shuttles an air tanker across the Pacific from his base in Okinawa. Found him on 20 meters at 700 miles west of Honolulu.

    • Alert, but not convinced. I see Putin as a Robert Conrad type, with a battery on his shoulder and a dare to anyone to knock it off. I don’t believe Ukraine will pop unless Putin can get someone else to take the first swing — and it’ll have to be a roundhouse, not some piddly-assed measuring jab…

      • “Alert, but not convinced. I see Putin as a Robert Conrad type, with a battery on his shoulder and a dare to anyone to knock it off. ”

        I see Putin somewhat similar..He is loyal to his people and his country.. he is smart and logical..He doesn’t let the little things bug him and if asked he is ready willing and able to rush to someone’s side to help them, but won’t go in unless he is asked or invited… but by god don’t push him or threaten his people or country..I personally think he would be a fierce opponent.. He is up front and would be easy to visit with on just about any subject I think if he wanted he could visit and be welcome at my dinning room table to discuss whatever he wanted to talk about. I wouldn’t feel threatened or have to worry about my family.. I would serve him my finest food..and best home made wine.. I think if I ever was to visit the country and want to see the beautiful gothic structures and the wonderful countryside… I would feel safe walking down the streets of any city in that country.. unlike the USA that has an administration trying to undermine our cities police departments..

  2. “fraudulent rally since going back to 2020”

    It’s more than just a fraudulent rally. We have to look at what shouldn’t be. GM BK’ed and shouldn’t be here, but it is. So the former GM staffs collecting pensions should not be, but they are. Nobody looks in the mirror and sees a malinvestment. They see a hardworking American who deserves.

    A lot of emotion is tied to the malinvestment. All that malinvestment has to be retraced. A retrace amounts to a “correction” back to the point where malinvestment began.

    Think back to the U.S.S.R. and how they kept their non-viables going, until they didn’t. It was just a retrace.

    All we’re talking about here is an economic retrace that amounts to sliding back to the point where an “override” was made.

    Think about the childcare tax deposit the parents received 4 days ago. Can those really go on forever? Every school bus, $15,000 a month. When the DDs eventually stop the parents household budgets will retrace.

    “A budget retrace resulting in a carbon footprint reduction.” If you want to be vulgar, this means foreclosure and a repo’d car for them and possibly losing cable and Internet service. Maybe turn off electric for a few months when not really needed.

    If your job is based on a service catering to a family who is basing your payment on their Direct Deposit, you’ll be retraced.

    It’s like building a house. Malinvest on windows, they blow in and the work has to be retraced.

    Malinvest on the nails, and the wall will tumble down. You’ll have to retrace the work back to the foundation and start anew.

    The economic structure we see has to be retraced. The question is how far back will it retrace? 2012 or back to the euphoric 30’s when the government backstops were created. Or further, back to 1913… Or even further American Civil War….

  3. I discovered life loops awhile back when I had to write an abridged biography. I discovered that certain things keep repeating and that the major activities in my life were larger versions of similar experiences had earlier. In other words, it seems everything is a rehearsal for something bigger. Life loops might also explain why our kids are destined to have lifelines similar to our own.

    Interesting stuff.

  4. So it’s starting to look like Omicron is a splice with the common cold, according to Reuters et al. It’s also starting to look like it was released “off schedule” according to past results.* This raises questions for me. Just kicking around ideas here…

    What would it look like if you engineered a bio weapon, to put the world into an emergency that isolates your biggest foe and accelerate their decline? Especially when this foe is predictably and effectively going to self-quarantine. And isolation is bad for their economy because it needs to grow at double digit rates or it will collapse.

    And then an engineered herd immunity variant was released before your big foe was forced to fully deal with wave 1 of the first attack, due to their predictable and effective quarantining?

    What if that herd immunity variant has a name that sounds eerily like the phrase “I destroy the communists”. Omicron sounds like ??? which means “I destroy the communists”. Just pop that into google translate and ask for a pronunciation.

    Sure feels like someone is winking at us. Prediction: China will have to open for business one day, and deal with the disruptions they have staved off. Meanwhile the other few billion of us have reached herd immunity by this summer.

    *no guarantee of future performance

    • George your site strips out the double byte characters I tried to post. I’ll email you the Chinese phrase I mentioned.

    • self Quarantine, reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where Lt Data defeated the Borg with a simple command,,,,, sleep

      the Borg were incapable of self thought, they lived in the box, could not think outside the box

      resistance in futile,,,,, my aching ass, never surrender
      what will the mRNA MODIFIER do to you? Let me see the long range effects,,,, ,show me, I do not believe the sales pitch!
      The Global communists will brag how they defeated America with a scarecrow {China virus),, as they fell for the vax trap, the Fauci-Gates, one-two punch

    • Off the record, I’ve been hearing of such.
      $26M in federal funds OK’d for Guam jobs, water infrastructure
      Pentagon to build up US bases in Guam and Australia to meet China challenge
      Another other indicators such as US Senator Calls for Military to Take Command of Hawaii Missile Alerts

  5. fwiw… Guam: An Iron Dome protection system has been moved to Guam to be installed. Don’t know if it is in working order, YET, but should be operational shortly if it is not already.

  6. “…there’s a hell of a lot more similarity between Life Loops and Elliott.”

    According to Prechter, Elliot waves are caused by (psychological) human responses that most are not aware of. “Life Loops”.

  7. Yep… Blizzard Warnings for Hawaii! Sensational, yes. Happens every winter. Most people do not realize we have two massive volcanoes topping more than 13,500 ft above sea level, so yes, it snows when a big winter storm comes through. Down here at 300 ft ASL the ranch is at 65 f. with rain. Maunakea Weather center webcams will show it when it clears. Looking today the cameras are all iced up… which is a clue.

    • Solids contract when they are cooled and the record snow is surely cooling off the solid top of the mountain a record amount.

      This record thermocycle could create a condition that cracks the top of the mountain from the base causing massive lava ejections. Or maybe worse.

      Would U.S. authorities sacrifice Hawaii to “natural disaster” if the benefit is a cataclysmic tidal event against China?

      • I know the geology of these mountains very well. Winter snowstorms will not do it. BUT…. Kilauea volcano is like a 4000 ft high ‘wart’ on the side of larger Maunaloa. Kilauea’s south flank includes some cliffs down to the ocean, and the whole south shelf of Kilauea is slowly slipping into the ocean. If it goes all at once, there would be a Pacific wide tsunami.

  8. G, dailymail article about the Los Angeles thieves who were released doesn’t mention our Democratic Atty Gen Bonta, who’s giving the leaders of Bay Area theft ring several years in prison…(this conflicts with your narrative that Democrats can’t do anything right)

    Bonta is a Democrat:

  9. “Trump has his hands full with investigations going nonstop. But democrats, anxious to run with “refried Trump hate”

    When I hear stories like that. My first assumption is. A magician’s slight of hand.. misdirection of an audience.. don’t pay any attention to what we have done ..instead look at this..

  10. “Study suggests past COVID infection may not fend off omicron. Conveniently (to the Big Pharm revenue line) this study didn’t consider if there was any protection afforded by CV-19 vaccination.”

    Don’t care. I just want to know if catching O will give a person immunity from CV-2 virii of the COVID 19 variety…

  11. “Biden battling cold he caught from kissing grandson as he coughs his way through speech.”

    My butt! Biden sounds like he’s got an unhealthy case of pneumonia.

    Suppose he kicks the bucket before the Dem Establishment can retire Kammy and get a proper Establishment soldier into place…? 8-(

    • Heaven help the kid and that family if he did.
      I think the circle of organizations that have been covering over all the piles of shizt that they have been leaving for decades would be uncovered and dealt with just trying to save face to the american people… LOL LOL
      Remember Al Capone went to the Rock with a smaller list of accused crimes and a lot less circumstantial evidence around his actions shoot look at any news source in any other country other than the USA and they will post photos and videos up the wing wang, documents etc.. .. LOL LOL LOL..
      I think you will know if his illness is serious especially if the kid changes his residence to another country.. LOL but hey… IF the criminal allegations are true. Then they have been double dealing , threatening and extorting cash along with being shiztheads to countries all around the globe. would he be safer there… LOL LOL..
      I personally would feel safer with Kammy in charge.. My only fear is she would pick for her vice the woman I shall not name and end up so sad that she commits suicide or gets mugged going for a good cup of cocoa, or pick the wicked witch from SanFran..


    The U.N. Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) is now responsible for taking entire privately hosted websites offline, as they seek to take total control of the flow of information and establish their “Great Narrative.”

    ‘Metastasizing Like A Cancer’ — Parents Across The Country Sue Schools Over Clandestine Transitions

    A Nov. 17 lawsuit filed by two public-interest law firms is just the latest in a series of cases where schools are accused of initiating social gender transitions of children behind the backs of their parents.

    BREAKING: Alleged Details Emerge On The ‘Additional Information’ That CNN Encountered On Cuomo

    CNN did not disclose what the “additional information” was, but a top journalist at the New York Post claims that it is related to alleged sexual harassment accusations against Chris Cuomo.

    Buh bye Frodo, er, I mean Fredo…

    Waukesha parade killer’s court transcript is ‘accidentally’ lost

    The bail hearing transcript for Waukesha parade massacre suspect Darrell Edward Brooks has reportedly been “lost.” That’s the news coming out of Milwaukee via Wisconsin Right Now.

    They could’ve just cut his bail to a thousand bucks, again…

    Shocking Hidden Camera Footage from Inside Forced Internment Camps in Australia (VIDEO)

    hidden camera footage from inside a forced COVID internment camp in Australia.

    “That’s When I Realized He Was a F*cking Idiot” – Trump on General Milley Telling Him to Leave Military Equipment in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

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