ShoptTalk Sunday: Prepping for War – Home Readiness

This is long.  This is real.  This is important.  Bear with me.

My first real “news report” was done back in 1969.  Over half a century ago.  Sure, there have been gaps in the reporting (for serious management jobs and degrees), the love of “knowing news first” but doing it right never leaves.

Which is why we take an odd tangent this morning by marrying current news with home shop operations.

War is Probably Arriving

Several months back we warned about war over Ukraine.  It now looks to us like we’re down inside the 60-day window before gunfire (and more) comes from eastern Europe.  It’s going to be a mess.  Start by reading Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns.  It’s a good summary, look at the calendar.  We’re (likely) inside 60 days.  Let that sink in a minute.

Then take-in the comments of a retired Lt. Col. we call warhammer.  He’s “calling the ball” on it this way:

“When info such as this is published on a commercial, UNCLAS military news site, the folks in the know are prepping us for likely armed conflict.

US Intelligence Finds Russia Planning Ukraine Offensive |

Traditional commodities and indicators paint a generally gloomy picture regarding war in the near term.  Reflation is kicking into high gear; debt exceeds the $ to pay it down; gas, food, clothing and other key goods are becoming harder to get (dysfunctional supply lines); and defense funds and stocks are experiencing an up-turn.  When we add all the saber rattling to the mix, my brain translates it all into war drums in the distance.  History definitely seems to be rhyming, as Mark Twain observed.

Still, some traditional war commodity metals are fairly stationary with some, such as copper, forecast to decline in 2022.  So, while hope remains, there is wisdom in advising Ure readers to prepare for the worst.

Our questioning of Joe Biden’s ability to lead around here – based on the clusterf*ck mess of “cut & run” from Afghanistan – is based on our assessment of how professional military middle/upper commanders (like warhammer) assess Chicken Joe’s cluster:

“U.S. standing with allies was not the only damage – Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea surely saw America’s chaotic actions in Afghanistan much like a raging bull views a red cape.

Reagan National Defense Forum: Experts say Afghanistan withdrawal damaged US reliability with global partners.

That’s you’re initial framing data in summary form.

Danger of Two-Front Wars

As if the Biden administration hasn’t screwed up enough with the Afghanistan debacle, we continue watching the conflict also pending over Taiwan.

Start with China’s Stepped-Up Operations Near Taiwan Look ‘Like Rehearsals,’ Says Defense Sec. Austin.  Then continue on, pausing long enough on China’s Communists bash U.S. democracy to appreciate China is “internally-shaping” its population for conflict.

The idea that the U.S. fighting a two-front war could easily turn into a “global shit show” isn’t mine, alone.  Nor my consigliere’s.  It’s from others including Dr. Robert Farley, who wrote in The National Interest almost a year in advance of this war window on the importance of the two0front concept.  As he explains it, the outbreak of war will not drive people onto America’s side, as was the case in WWII:

Here’s What You Need to Remember: The alliance structure of any given conflict would depend on the particulars of that conflict; any of the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan could become China’s primary target. The rest, U.S. pressure aside, might well prefer to sit on the sidelines. This would put extra pressure on the United States to establish dominance in the Western Pacific with its own assets.”

You would be well-advised to visit the National Review article and weigh Farley’s report seriously. Can the U.S. Military Still Fight a Two Front War and Win?.

TechWar is Here

While the U.S. is pretending to offload division-strength materiel into Greece under the pretext of upcoming NATO exercises, the reality is that the E.U. neocons, and the Biden passthrough network, are all hoping for war with Russia.

As I told Peoplenomics readers Saturday:

Port of Alexandroupolis, Greece Hosts US Largest-Ever Military Landing.  Extending off this, my consigliere explained how the cargo will be routed up into the conflict zone.

The American Pendulum Swing

Beginning in the 1960s we can see a very-strong leftward swing in American politics.  The conservative to middle (under President Eisenhower) was shocked when Nikita Khrushchev slammed his shoe on his table at the U.N. and announced “We will bury you...”

“The notorious shoe-banging incident occurred during a debate on 12 October over a Soviet resolution decrying colonialism. Khrushchev was infuriated by a statement of the Filipino delegate Lorenzo Sumulong charging the Soviets with employing a double standard by decrying colonialism while dominating Eastern Europe. Khrushchev demanded the right to reply immediately and accused Sumulong of being “a fawning lackey of the American imperialists”. Sumulong resumed his speech and accused the Soviets of hypocrisy. Khrushchev yanked off his shoe and began banging it on his desk.”

What has followed amounts to 62 years – about half of a long wave economic cycle in modern times – of digging the hole for us to bury ourselves.

It began with support of the drug culture and on numerous other fronts.  And frankly, as an American centrist, we had gone too far to the right in America under Ike.  The same “hidden forces” that (*likely) prevented General George Patton from becoming a domestic political power-house.

Although modern wokeness considers TV personality Bill O’Reilly a “right-winger” he is (to my view) more of a centrist.  Who is only welcomed on “right-thinking” media which is somewhere near what used to be the Center.  Point is, stripped of his sometimes rude and interrupting TV style, O’Reilly is an excellent historian.  His book summarized at Killing Patton – Wikipedia is a must-read.

Bottom line?  America had war “at the extreme right” and now – through the magic of historical revisionism, the political agenda-driving from the Courts, plus the mass-marketing of victimhood, drugs, open-borders, and aided by offshoring virtually all critical manufacturing, successively weaker politicians – selling out to corporations – have ignored the stark warnings in President Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex” speech.

(Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex” Speech Origins and Significance – YouTube)

Thanks to the merger of the military-industrial interests with Big Pharma (see how well that’s working out for us???), I’d estimate America is perhaps at 25% of its WWII strength.  Anti-American forces color math as racist and parents are waking up to the gender-changing agenda of ultra-liberals in K-12 education who don’t teach actual history, anymore.

This change of national mood is not a pin-point event, however.  America’s political pendulum changes over years, not minutes.  I personally think, however, that such shameful events as the killing of President Kennedy, happened because of forces who didn’t want Kennedy centering America any more than he already had.  The Elite like this pendulum and use it to extreme advantage.

For future reference, we may come to view the departure of liberal Censor Jack fromi Twitter as the high point of the liberal swing.

Wars both in long wave econ interest rates, and in major social mood markers, are not to be trifled with.  They mean something.  Personal navigation obstacles.

Where the Home Shop Fits In

We see crystal clear evidence of the political swing from far-right to far left in how the American home shop has evolved.

You see, home workshops were very important during World War II because they provided for training and productive resources.

Again – referring to the political / social mood pendulum, we cast the legal attack on America’s industrial arts training programs as extremely detrimental.

Think about your home shop today.  Could it do anything valuable in a war effort?  Maybe.

But here’s the real point:  Is there any skill you can personally demonstrate and train at home?  How about teaching someone how to “spin” aluminum sheet?  Can you teach someone to weld?

One of the reasons I’ve set up a 3D printer farm (and have been stockpiling ABS filament) is because it could come down to old people (who know how to use their hands and brains at the same time) trying to pass-down to the woke something beyond parroted political bullshit of no value.

We expect the return of “foxhole equality” sooner than later.  Remarkable how few atheists you find under fire.  Survival is a joint effort.  Narcissistic social media will evaporate.  Good riddance.

Personal Response Mapping

OK, we have a war likely coming.  It will be savage but brief.  After which (in G.A. Stewart’s work) it’s possible a “black king” will be able to gin-up a false peace.  When that blows up in a couple of years, the global nuclear war will be game-on.  That’s if you believe the Nostradamus timeline.

Even if you don’t like Stu’s take on how war can flash, an older book (1981) by Rene Noorbergen, Invitation to a Holocaust: Nostradamus Forecasts WWIII, offers a similar plotline.

In data terms, this is a cluster.  Whether right?  Meaningful?  Ask me in a year.

Specific Lifestyle Changes

OK, we will not be “round 1” combatants.  That will be Belarus, Ukraine, and that area.  We also know that the war could light up as early as this weekend.  The experience of drones being able to kill tanks is mounting.  Fast logistics.

That said, however, the arrival of war – the sort that could turn off energy in Europe – has the potential to collapse the economy.  As our subscriber ChartPack showed this weekend, we are now below a long-term average which – backtested a few decades – offers a line in the sand.  Below which, out of stocks and into extremely defensive positions.

Personal Threat List

  • EMP Plan: One possible front, in the lead-in to global war is EMP.  Even if used over one corner of the U.S. that will stop (in the impacted areas) all electronic and online communications.  The power grid will fail.  We could be “in the dark” for years.  (Potentially in as little as 90-days, or less!).
    • Do you have non-electronic funds?
    • Do you have alternative power?
    • Do you have back-up comms?
  • General Shortages:  These are a common problem.  Besides Hershey bars and nylons, one of the biggest WWII inconveniences was the shortage of tires, for example.
    • What is your food, shelter, communications, energy, transportation, finance, and environment (including medicines) plan and stores in the event hostilities spread out of theater?
    • What is your sustainability plan?  Do you have seeds to put in an early garden this year?
    • With no power, how does your sewage go away and the water keep running?
  • Personal Security:  I write this one down as a “woo-woo” event:  If you ever watched the TV show Magnum PI, the two “dropped off” dogs that mysteriously appeared here this week have turned out to be as well trained as Zeus and Apollo (“the Boys”) commanded by Higgins.  I gotta tell you, the Ure clan must have a HUGE karmic balance owed it to be afforded our own canine soldiers in time for field training before war.  Weird, just weird, how this is rolling.
    • Do you have long-lead surveillance?
      • Video
      • Ground sensors
      • Drones
      • Alert animals
      • Neighborhood comms…
      • …this list needs to be long and detailed
    • Do you have something other than defunded police around to watch your back?
      • Cleaned and sighted weps
      • Rounds
      • Tear gas/NBC masks with N100 ratings

Your Escalation Plan?

Here’s another thing most people don’t have:  Fallback plans for an out-of-target-zone relocation.  Which goes on the table as combatants escalate.

Since there’s no time to design and install enough concrete over the next 60-days, we’d offer strategic retreat as a quick research area.  Short read but full of useful info is Strategic Retreat: New Ways to Address Old Problems.  Just remember to leave enough rope behind for aggressors to hang themselves.

This isn’t just for the food and money run out, e-commerce ends, civil order breaks down after EMP stuff.

No, this is all about understanding how Russian and Chinese war planners would economically use their weaponry to disable America.

The idea isn’t to glass everything over.  They will want enough pieces left to pick up and make something out of.  Urban Survival thinking is now 25-years deep on this.  You need to read “Russia’s Nuclear Weapons:
Doctrine, Forces, and Modernization” that dropped in September from the Congressional Research Service and is downloadable from the Federation of American Scientists here.

While you’re at it:  Precision-Strike-Capabilities-report-v5.indd (  A little older (2018) and longer, but extremely useful.

For example, if you live in the Phoenix area, you can size up whether strategic retreat to somewhere up on the Mogollon Rim would make sense.  Winter vacation place.

I suppose as a final read – in acknowledgement of China’s pending reunification war – would be Understanding the Risks and Realities of China’s Nuclear Forces by the Arms Control Association.


Brutal self-

assessment time:

  • Water: Got a large open catchment tarp coming.  We have filtering for up to 200,000 gallons.  Need to add collection to the metal roofs and change out the 55-gallon blue barrels.  Check condition of the siphon pumps.  Check of the back-up well is due.
  • Food:  I need to build a sunken greenhouse with solar cooling, yet, big enough to feed two.  There’s too much loss in the open garden.  Need large dog food supplies now.
  • ShelterNeed to build the “lettuce room” off the music studio.  But got the ground screws (galvanized) for the foundation ordered this week.
  • Energy:  Additional solar panels and controllers will be ordered this week.  Grid-down wiring panel is a new idea which needs to be built.  Also, additional lightning protection (likely fast enough for EMP).
  • Transportation:  A few barrels of ethanol free StaBil’ized gas could be added.  So could another few hundred gallons of diesel for the tractor.  New tractor battery and one for the truck.  Excessive?  Sure, but batteries will disappear in short order.  Might pick up a tire patch kit and tools, as well.
  • Environment:  Meds, including TacMed wound kits are good.  Elaine doesn’t think my toilet paper collection is so silly, anymore, either.
  • Finance:  It very easily might not matter. No grid means no financial system.  Our strategy has been “rounds or rounds” oriented.
  • Communications:  Got to keep in touch with the family.  So, a new antenna will be going up in the next couple of days.  Having children everywhere but here is a pain.  As William at the Radio Ranch mentioned in a recent comment:

Off to drone an antenna into a hundred-foot pine.  After more coffee, couple of slabs of ham, and my Bailey’s & nutmeg French toast.

Write when it’s safe.  If Russia calls-up reserves?  Three week shot clock has started.

P.S.  As a reader mentioned:

In Chinese “omicron” kind of sounds like which means “I destroy the communists”

103 thoughts on “ShoptTalk Sunday: Prepping for War – Home Readiness”

  1. I have some insider knowledge of military in regards to some current testing and I say you are SPOT ON! I don’t like it, but it appears to be coming fast.
    Most people don’t understand what products come from overseas and will instantly dry up such as vehicle batteries. etc. etc. If your NOT prepped NOW or VERY soon it will be to late to obtain many things needed.

    • It’s already starting to be like that.. I keep debating on whether or not I should get a loan for the battery bank I would need ..
      Once it falls I think it will be an over night instant change.

    • “If your NOT prepped NOW or VERY soon it will be to late to obtain many things needed.”

      If the God wants you to live birds will bring you a sandwich (perhaps in small pieces).

      If the God doesn’t want you to live your supplies will become speckled with pink mold and you’ll cease to live.

      Look at old pictures of Hiroshima/Nagasaki before/after the atomic drops. Not all buildings were completely destroyed.

      The God wanted some Japanese to live. No matter what the Americans did to kill them they lived.

      The God wanted some Japanese to die. No matter how hard they prayed to live they did not.

      You can build a fortress but if the God wants you to wander I think you’ll be wandering.

      All that to say “prepare how”? Wire a generator to the house or buy a nice pair of boots. A gnat flies into the air intake on the generator rendering it useless. Buy boots then find the God wants you to swim while the boots make you sink.

  2. It seems that you are telling us the facts without trying to scare us ,my opinion. Too bad 95% of the people won’t read this .Thank you George for the insights.

  3. Morning George! Bottom line is how comfortable do you want the possible permanent camping trip to be? Being fortunate to live at 9000′ + above sea level I have the luxury of solar, wind, and hydro. Looking at your plan the only thing I don’t see mentioned is EMP protection for backups of the backups of your solar controllers. Redundant, you bet! No controllers, no off grid energy.

    Hope is not a strategy! If you don’t have them, get them coming overnight. Do the aluminum foil plastic thing then stick them in an old microwave oven. Then stick that in a metal 30 gallon metal garbage can lined top, bottom, and sides with carpet padding. Just glue it on with contact cement.

    Anal, maybe, but getting back to how comfortable do you want the camping trip to be. There will be plenty of room to put a lap top and com gear in the can as well as other sensitive stuff you might want to have.

    EMP would be the way to go. They have 1.3 billion mouths to feed. Would you screw up the breadbasket of the world? Hell no! EMP takes down everything in one shot. Actually I would space it out. Come back for round 2 then a third for good measure. So don’t get too anxious to get those stashed items out of hibernation right away. They are going to be worth there wait in gold.
    If you already have controllers and they are protected good boy! If not, no doggie treats for you! They go to your 4 legged sentry’s!

    • We have backup controllers AND TVS diodes (transient voltage protection) devices on all our 12 and 24 VDC systems and vehicles. look up TVS.
      Controllers:> Used Trace c-40’s in the flashproof metal Gcans along with two HF rigs – 4 if I count in the qrp gear.
      Anyone else still operating Morse besides me?

      • Just FYI…being trained in EMP for ‘military’ purposes. A device’s vulnerability to EMP is directly related to the exposed surface area’s conductivity and size. Very small devices and other ‘parts’ that are somewhat protected will be just fine in most cases, as long as they are not clumped together and/or jumbled in with a lot of other wire etc. Heck, even most modern vehicles will likely be fine. If you’re close enough for very small items and vehicles to be ‘fried’….you likely would be too. :)

        The power grid is a major problem because, by definition, it’s connected to miles and miles of highly conductive airborne wire. EMP even 100’s of miles away will play major hell with it, as well as the fact that all of the grid’s are interconnected, so you’ll see a domino effect if things get bad enough.

      • “Very small devices and other ‘parts’ that are somewhat protected”

        Just Sayin…I don’t think they are concerned about the small electronics.. or your appliances..
        A grid down scenario is enough… similar to my friend that had a backup generator and was teasing me because he thought I paid to much.. ( It is cheap now to have a complete system)
        Our nation is teetering on the brink now with way more than just the grid.. gas lines , water lines..I seen a report a few years ago about the water line for NYC.. its so old and so fragile that under one city where the water line flows is having water issues because of it leaking..our bridges..roadways ets all very fragile and antiquated… Those with the power to make a secure grid system Won’t because Bubba won’t make the coin he wants..( It is about control and cash) The USA instead of fixing our own has spent its money on Wars to give bubba coin and control..
        Essentially it would take about five.. dam that doesn’t sound right.. but what that would do is over stress the system..then the system that hasn’t been considered a priority would start a cascade collapse.. and I am just some Old Schmuck in the middle of the Wastelands that likes to read the crap that no one in authority will take the time to read.. if I can see it.. Don’t you think that someone trained to seek out failure points would notice the same thing.. then give that to military strategists in their countries… there is a reason why they wanted to buy over two hundred of our KEY industries still working in the USA to.. the same thing with giving us cheap products.. BET on the GREED… the coin masters will see easy money and jump at it.. a shell game
        Now I see us being set up on a multi frontal.. and they are using the old chess poison pawn trap..

      • the thing about us being set up Just Sayin.. is WE LOOSE either way.. If we sucker in for the poison pawn trap.. they win from hitting us from multiple directions at one time and destroying the economy.. IF we don’t get suckered in for the poison pawn move they Win from us having to keep pumping up the economy with deflated dollars.. blow up a balloon.. when its full keep blowing air into it.. see what happens..
        The economy is in my opinion an Egg.. you can balance an egg..( on either end.. harder on the narrow side but I did it.. LOL really hard I actually didn’t think it could be done ) you can stand on an egg.. but weaken it.. and that sucker is going to go splat.. At this point we cannot stop pumping in money into the system.. what is the interest in Argentina.. I am not sure today.. but knew at one point it was five or six thousand percent interest.. making the money look good.. that is what is happening here.. people that are after coin are making coin big time.. Just ask BCN ;he is buying air and feels good about it doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk and hula dance..
        the moment they stop pumping money into the economy…the balloon pops like an egg dropped on the floor..
        They hold all the cards and they know it.. We have people trained and making a lot of money just to see what any dumb schmuck can see plain as day.. what they didn’t see is they are hiding the pea and we are chasing ghosts.. all so some one that doesn’t pay any taxes can feel like they are making coin and control.. our politicians are greedy and love their time off from work taking the coin offered them..( I would to but then it doesn’t pay to pay some schmuck to get my vote.
        A simple look at SanFran is in order here.. a well balanced system has the social class separation.. what use to be a 15percent between classes has changed.. down there a quarter million and a child you need social programs to exist.. those at the top don’t see it.. because they are getting so much coin and really why share it to someone on the street right..
        last june I had the material list drawn up for a simple modest home.. the cost after construction just shy a quarter mil.. now thinking about that on a national scale.. what do you have.. the checker at the grocery store or mcdonalds has to clear twenty dollars an hour just to keep a roof over their head.. how this will play out though is there will be releif funds until it pops.. just saying.. step back grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut and think about it for a few moments..if costs go up prices have to increase as well.. Wanna see it in action.. go to any fast food place and order the dollar burger.. then take a look at the meat on it.. the hamburgers are the size of a slice of bologna now.. one quarter to a third of what they were a year ago.. they will fluff it up even lettuce etc.. all the trimmings are cut way back.. prices going up.. to make a profit they have to cut amount or raise costs.. look at gas.. I pay out three hundred a month and I am not driving everyday to work..

    • In a pinch, a controller could be replaced with a resistor or even a wire if the panel remained intact. A much more difficult problem would be the inverters. Spare ones protected within a Faraday enclosure make sense. They’re also tradable items.

      I’d like to find a way to personally recycle truly dead batteries(beyond their life cycle) if in a truly SHTF situation. Apparently only one set of plates corrodes and fails(positive?), and it might be possible to rebuild a couple of batteries into a single useful one. Purifying the acid might be a challenge. I don’t relish doing this, but it’s a dirty, messy and dangerously useful skill.

      Rebuilding tires is a bit more of a problem, and they get old even in storage. There’s already a shortage of good used LT tires.

      • Mike,
        Good idea on trying to recycle batteries. Please be careful with lithium ion batteries. Exposing lithium to the atmosphere and any moisture has very unpleasant effects.

      • “I’d like to find a way to personally recycle truly dead batteries”

        What is a battery? It is a bunch of fingered lead plates and some sulfuric acid. The acid can be made. I always thought the plates could be cleaned or restitched from a cannibalized battery, but haven’t looked into it. It also seems to me the intrepid home-user could melt down some aluminum cans & make a lead mold, then cast their own plates. The real trick would be constructing battery cases…

        Cosmoline is essentially beeswax and light petroleum oil. Its viscosity goes away over time because the compound is both photochemically and atmospherically reactive, and it gets really hard and difficult to remove, over time. IMO building it with a silicone component will make it both atmospherically and chemically non-reactive and inert. I can say it works. I can not say for how long…

        IMO beeswax-based homemade “cosmoline” will keep tires forever. Toilet wax-ring seals (donuts) are unfiltered beeswax. It is unsuitable for making candles or as a food additive, but is a really cheap, ready source for a base protectant for rubber & cast iron (and probably firearms, but I haven’t tried it on a rifle, yet.) Melt & mix with a silicone oil until it’s an agreeable consistency, then brush or spray on the tires (or whatever), making sure you get the bottom of the treads thoroughly coated.

        In a permanent grid hard-down, he who thinks farthest outside the box has the best chance of winning the game…

    • “the only thing I don’t see mentioned is EMP protection for backups of the backup”

      Hmm …I think it depends.. how close to the epicenter you are..
      What I think .. is a perfect storm..last year we seen what a small winter storm achieved..
      I picture it as a cascade failure..
      Our infrastructure is antiquated and flawed.. we put all our eggs in one basket.. and we don’t manufacture anything. Replacement components are all back ordered. Once the dominoes start to will fold like a tree falling.

  4. Rain water from open source, off the roof. I have a large 9 gallon container that the dogs use, put into a position to fill up from rain water roof run off. The last time it rained a lot, the water was a deep pink color and the dogs, an 135 lb female Alaskan Malamute and a 100 pound male Pit Bull, would NOT drink the water. The time before that the rain run off was a lighter pink, the dogs drank some of it, but still came into the house for the well water. Have no idea what it was, but gotta trust them.

    • “Rain water from open source, off the roof. ”

      I had a rainwater collection . We would collect five hundred gallons in five minutes of medium rainfall lol.. after the first rain I had to devise a system to divert rain when the tank got filled lol..
      I had one of those for the bathroom sink.. it would pump the water into the toilet tank..
      It worked pretty good to.. I had to put a float switch in the toilet tank

      • Our rain collection is off of a metal roof covering my shed and attached to a 2-car parking area. The water is collected off of the downspout into two 40 gallon plastic olive oil barrel. I have a 300 gallon plastic cistern in my basement, which feed off of the main well pump. A secondary pump gets water thru the house. Remember that most roofs are shingled with asbestos shingles, so if this is the case, purchasing a worthy water filter that can handle thousands of gallons before needing to replace or clean the filter is a good idea. Hell, even a LifeStraw or Patriot Purge straw is better than nothing. At the high end would be a Katedyn ceramic water filter, which range from pocket filters to expedition versions for 10+ people. That can handle muddy water puddles.

    • I’ve been here twenty years, same roof, same landscape. Pink rain water was only this year. The dogs usually go looking for rain water in any amount. No trees close enough. Remaining baffled and watchful.

    • Hi, George,
      This is for Cynthia.
      I love northern dogs and enjoyed reading about yours. I had two Alaskan malamutes and two Siberian huskies, all female. One malamute was 110 pounds, and she looked like a cross between a malamute and a Newfoundland. The two huskies were strays, the large malamute was a gift, and the smaller malamute was one I bought from a local breeder. All were very well behaved, as we trained them to be. They were also good around children. They traveled with us many places, even on backpacking trips. The large malamute was sixteen when she died.

  5. Banks, banking first – credit squeeze dont cha know- who is getting squeezed?

    Who is going to get squeezed in the very near future?

    Ike warned, Garrison uncovered – (B/MD/LM) those that control the “ufo file” wit christiansinaction. Can U guess which of 3 “rings” inside are in control..dulles=german/dvd/nasa 1, countering jerry 2, reg christianinaction3-?

    In the meantime – a large visitor has recently arrived in solar system. What no announcement from nasa /govt agenies? You did see bs article from the Pluto killer scientist douche (political argument- not hard science) that “spins/CA” the 12 year old ARAS data (infra red imager) regards fabled planetX. Not that the recently sighted mini moon is one and the same – just that local “space” is stacking up – like port of LA..weird sync wink..

    Several sightings, vids of what looks like our Moon…but way too small – still massive- looks like a mini version of moon – no idea as to who, what, where.

    Off to work on new model of reality.. for we are finally waking up to the all out assault on Humanity from our davos “elite” overlords” – they been anal raping the globe for so long/no lube = new world order/globalization – they got fatter wealthy on our dumb, bent over sheepish selves, and now that sheeps are waking up to the fact they are Victims of mass Financial RAPE – butt hurt global pop going to want reparations/damages – Blood for Blood?

    Nope all will be herded into fighting fellow Man/Women/Children – instead of the evil doers – rinse and repeat. We will be fooled again – its guaranteed.

    “You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -R.Buckminster Fuller

      • It happens, occasionally.

        Understand, a direct impact from a “micro-moon,” planetoid, asteroid, meteor (or whatever name some news copywriter dreams up to capture views & clicks) that’s 1/5 cubic mile (1100ft) on a side would be a planet-killer for Earth, and we’d not be able to even see it, even with Palomar or Hubble, until a couple hours before impact. It would not destroy the planet, but it would destroy all life in or under, except possibly a few really deep, deep-water critters.

        I don’t make preps for a giant meteorite, because ya can’t. The only way to survive would be in the ISS or one of Elon’s tin cans, and there’d be nothing to come back to, for several thousand years.

  6. George, GREAT article. Note on dog food, just spent $300 plus getting 6 bags of dog food, Taste of the Wild, stashed, roughly $1.80 per pound. One option for canners, I get chicken thighs for $1.28 per pound and once pressure canned can be feed to a dog, bones and all. My 100 pound GSD does very well one one pint of these per day. As a bonus, it is also good human food. My ‘biggest’ concern right now is how to protect my generators from EMP.

    • Oh my… I make my own dog food.. dog loves it and it is dog has stomach issues.. so I make a bland diet.. it is cheaper than going to any store and buying it..
      I have this one.. wrote the company and bought the bigger die for dog food.. 10 and 12
      before I ordered it I texted the company about it and asked.. got a quick response back and placed my order.. makes really nice dog food chunks..
      Now my dog food recipe is simple.. two cups of rice chicken broth and a sweet potato.. (i varied what goes in depending on what we eat.. toss in peas or green beans.. any left over vegitables..) and a chicken breast..
      chop it all up cook it add flour.. then shove it in the pellet dry the pellets.. I use the oven but you can air dry it to..
      here is a great recipe for dog treats to..
      2 ½ cups flour
      1 egg
      1 cup peanut butter
      1 cup water
      2 tablespoons honey ( add a little more if it doesn’t taste good to you)
      Oh heck.. you’ll find that you will eat them to.. they are great hard peanut butter cookies LOL..
      Preheat the oven to 350°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.
      In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment combine the gluten free flour, egg, peanut butter, water, and honey and mix until completely combined.
      Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface and roll until about ½ inch thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the desired shapes and arrange closely on the baking sheet. This dog treat recipe barely spreads or rises, so you can snuggle them into the sheet pan.
      Bake for fifteen minutes then reduce the heat to 250 degrees for 1 hour or until golden and hardened like a store bought dog biscuit. basically drying the dog biscuit..
      I have thought about buying this..
      just for convenience sake.. but use one of these..
      the last set of peanut butter cookies I tried a different recipe and the dogs don’t like it as well.. and to be honest.. I didn’t like it as well either LOL… the dog gets jealous when I am eating their treats.. LOL

    • A suggestion on dog food, and anything edible that’s not packed in metal or heavy rigid plastic: Toss it in the freezer for a few days to kill bugs and eggs, then seal it into a plastic barrel(or steel if it’s where it won’t condense or rust). Bugs eat, and mice/rats will chew their way into anything they can. They scurry and hide easily and you can’t be watching everything constantly. A couple of good mouser cats are helpful if you’re always around to take care of them. I’ve not yet figured out how to salvage safe, edible food from that which has been invaded by rodents.

  7. “the reality is that the E.U. neocons, and the Biden passthrough network, are all hoping for war with Russia.”

    I pray your wrong but fear that you may be right.. A war with China or Russia would be the stupidest thing ever..Since the two countries are now allies.. and both are manufacturing for each other.. that is scary.. a bully was picking on my little grand daughter.. both her brother and her sister came to her rescue and it ended.. since china and Russia have become allies.. and have signed agreements with most of the middle east .. I think you now have brothers in arms and any conflict between them would be devastating to the USA.. I don’t care who is buying the politicians.. it would flip in a hurry..

    Read any or none.. but the consensus is we would not fare well. I personally think that since we outsourced our industry and sold off our roads ports and key industries.. just so a few could feel they were making something.. now they have brought in how many millions of illegals.. and printing money just to keep the economy from sinking.. ( I think that it is going down.. we over a cliff on a rope that the strands are slowly unwinding and breaking.. the water is starting to make the noodle crumble.. nothing worse than a mushy noodle)
    I love this show..
    and I love this site..
    Now turn off the news and watch a cheerful movie for a sunday afternoon LOL

  8. Pemmican…

    – 1 pound bison fat
    – 2 pounds lean, boneless bison
    – ? cup dried chokeberries
    – 1 teaspoon kosher salt
    – ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    1/2 cup of brown sugar per pound

    1. Cut the fat into 1-inch pieces and add to a medium saucepan.
    2. Trim any fat off the bison meat. Add the trimmed fat to the saucepan.
    3. Cook the fat over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until fully melted. Any bits of meat should be browned, rendered, and sunken to the bottom of the pot. This should take about 4 hours.
    4. Strain the rendered fat through a fine-mesh strainer and set aside.
    5. Add a cooling rack to a sheet pan. Thinly slice the bison and arrange on the cooling rack. Dehydrate at 160F until totally dry, about 12 hours. Cool completely before processing.
    6. Grind the dried meat into a powder using a mortar & pestle. Add the ground meat to a bowl.
    7. Grind the chokeberries ( you can substitute raisins, prunes, cranberries , cherries or any other berry you like.. ) in the mortar & pestle. Add it to the bowl with the ground meat.
    8. Add the melted bison fat, kosher salt, and maple sugar to the meat & berry mixture. Use your hands to mix everything until well combined.
    9. Take a handful of the mixture and shape into patties. Let rest for about 30 minutes.


    Like my Jerky I add the half cup of brown sugar per pound along with your spices.. stuff it in casings or just make a jerky..
    now you can buy all the seasonings and mix your own.. I just buy the pre measured out packets.. then add the half cup of brown sugar.. stuff it smoke it.. and then gobble it down..
    with it just being our family now I don’t have to make as much.. but when the grandkids were in sports I had the whole football team coming by to eat it.. went through hundreds of pounds a year..

  9. War on Two Fronts
    – I keep going back and forth on this statement / thought. Looking at the chess board it could be a war on Three Fronts. When China makes it move on Taiwan will North Korea see this as an ‘opportunity’ and make it’s move on the South? Or.., will China put a clamp on their war moves., as North Korea could not sustain a war front without direct support from China., and China will be very busy with it’s own logistics. And China wants the chip making facilities in South Korea., will they trust North Korea to capture-n-hold., without damage – those facilities?
    – North Korea may want too., especially if Russia has made their move also., but will China let them?
    – ., and then there is Iran / Israel.

    • “War on Two Fronts
      – I keep going back and forth on this statement / thought. Looking at the chess board it could be a war on Three Fronts. ”

      Or more.. China and Russia have been working together.. we told Cuba to suck walley if they wanted our countries help and China stepped in..
      We have been maneuvering our military towards Taiwan and the Ukraine for war game drills..
      A few months ago there were news stories that said China was taking a few thousand cargo container ships and revamping them for military use.. similarly there were news stories that Russia was assisting China in the adoption if their club-k shipping container military systems. We have a broken supply line and a serious dependence on their manufacturing.. at present how many cargo ships are there waiting to be unloaded..
      The poison pawn ches’s trap.. while the idiots try to get mr. Greedy more of what he doesn’t need..we will be divided.
      Then you have to take into account that we have an administration that was human trafficking in thousands of illegals a day.. even though leaders of their countries were quite open that that was how they would infiltrate our country. The stories of a countries politicians for sale.. so how much did they get paid.
      Now take the economy the let’s print print print baby..

  10. “Do you have non-electronic funds?”

    My family is chock full of thieves.

    Moreover, the other day I was listening to Prechter. He sounded perplexed and admitted he doesn’t see how yet, but expects gold to go way back down, even below $50.00/oz. That stuck with me.

    Generally speaking that’s a 50 to 1 reverse split on the value of physical cashola. Makes me want to buy some jars and bury them out in the yard. But at the same time it sounds fantastical. Bury 10K today and next Spring have 500k of purchasing power? Could it really be that easy? And if yes, why not plant $25,000. That’s factory money if the values change as expected.

    For gold to go that low on a cash basis America will be trading New York for Shanghai and eFinances will be gone.

    Precther’s work reinforces your work.

    As for the dogs, perhaps they are dead relatives returned to guide you.

  11. Bird poo from your roof is invisible in rain run off, but will make you very sick. Don’t forget to purify any water before drinking.

    I used to make my own sour dough bread. I lived in an old farmhouse and everytime I tried to grow my own starter in that house the dough turned pink. Pink mold is poison according to my directions.

  12. I know you need the click bait to keep up the interest with your readers, but war anywhere will not happen,…makes absolutely no sense for that to take place under any circumstances in any region. Nobody wins…The world does not need a reset. The talk of war is just that…talk…It helps us realize what we don’t need…and the opportunities abound for solutions to make everyone happy without loss of lives and more government debt. In addition…The economic reset from the past two trading days in the stock market and crypto are just opportunities for bulls to buy low.

    Here is a tip…You can control your future and the future of our lives here on earth by taking care of today. Live in the moment and give that moment the best possible effort you can give to make your life and the lives around you better. It’s a simple, yet effective philosophy. Painting a picture of doom and gloom, will result in a lack of respect and integrity when nothing happens…and you have to look no further than the ridiculousness of the followers and losers of Nostradamus to realize that chasing the doom porn only results in that persons self doom. We are all better than that. Instead…dream big, better and win the day.

    • “but war anywhere will not happen,…makes absolutely no sense for that to take place under any circumstances in any region. Nobody wins…”

      Hmm..thats a tough one … I wonder if your either not paying attention to what’s been going on during the past nine months of horror a delusional actions or you could possibly be living a really sheltered life in a bubble or possibly suffering from a lack of oxygen in that high tower.
      Not quite sure.. what I see at street level is pretty horrifying..and I am terrified of what I see coming like a freight train..

    • I don’t think any normal person on the ground wanted any of the previous wars either. Avoiding wars means avoiding power, and those that are attracted to political power will have none of it! Psychopaths rise to the top.

      The bottom line is that unless we intend to invade Granada, we’ll lose. The last time we tried that, I believe it took two days to fight to a draw. People don’t take kindly to being invaded and evicted off their land by anyone.

      Living in the moment? GMAFB! If I did that, I’d move into an Asian brothel and never leave until I was kicked out when I ran out of money. If you don’t take care of the future there won’t be one.

      I have no idea whether or not Nostradamus is right going forward, but he has a fairly good track record. I rely on many facts and trends to make choices in life. Other than the slim minority that choose to enlist in the military, exactly who do we expect to fight back against any aggression? Most kids today are far more interested in video games and figuring out whether or not they have a gender. We can’t even find clerks for convenience stores, and we have a nation of single moms and absent single dads. There’s no desire or intention of the majority to get involved with a war, even if a major city was nuked. We want to be left alone and most will avoid participation even in the face of serious coercion. We look weak and Afghanistan was simply the most obvious example. Weakness invites invasion – just look at the southern border. I doubt that we could make a difference on the world stage without resorting to WMDs. We spent decades sleeping and eating our seed corn.

      We do need to get our act together. According to George, we have between zero and 60 days.

      Merry Christmas!

    • I was a little hard on you about being out of touch or delusional…It’s really ok that you cant see what’s coming though..
      Neither could my wife and kids all the tears I made sure we had food on the shelf.. the kids were to young to remember what we had experienced and my wife now had lived a sheltered life where her family had plenty of resources available to them.. everyone razzed me..
      THEN… to get us off the insurance policy.. she was the subject of the yearly witch hunt..
      Because of her age and the fact that she hada professional position..couldn’t buy a job cleaning cages..we went a year without an income.. had to use what little we had in savings. Medical expenses had been devastating us for a few years..all those good samaritan programs weren’t available to us because we had a car. That wasnt a clunker and a home.. unemployment isn’t for the unemployed..its more for those working seasonal jobs..
      There isn’t any way you could know either..its similar to being in pain.. I worked healthcare for a lot of years. I was empathetic to those in distress all that time I thought I had an idea what they were experiencing..when it happened to me.. I realized I didn’t have a foggy clue .. kids today don’t have a foggy clue..we live in a time of plenty..if it’s always been a life of success and luxury you wouldn’t know how I survive..much less those living in the backseat of a car or cardboard box. When the can man lived in our spare room.. I realized I wouldn’t have near the ability to survive if put in the living conditions he was accustomed to..
      So it’s ok to be out of touch and unable to see what’s happening.
      Even a social worker for the govt that has the policy that everyone have three months worth of food and water on hand..the same with backup power..its their requirements to have a backup supply for 3 weeks..she asked me about my pantry and said I maybe only have six cans of everything. I said it’s your policy why do you think it’s there.

    • Sometimes a checkbook is all that is needed to overcome adversity, and sometimes you need a plan B ready to implement. G_____ lives his plan B, and we, his readers, tag along to refine our own plans.
      Ukraine is about oil; everything else is window dressing. I know who at least some of the players are, and they concerned me a long time before I heard any of the Nosty material. Money talks, and oil money talks loudest.

      • “we, his readers, tag along to refine our own plans.
        Ukraine is about oil; everything else is window dressing. ”

        And Taiwan is about chips.. and location.. a few miles off of the chinese border..
        We just let greed screw the country up.. outsourcing and making us dependents rather than leaders..

    • Clash of worldviews. Living the moment is something we all do. The signs of things to come and preparing is wisdom not dreaming. Things may not play out as expected but there appears to be a lot of truth leaking from behind the curtains. Perhaps a smokescreen is in order. Ure on target George.

    • …Says the guy who lives at “ground zero” for where the very first nuke would fall.

      I’d hope for “no stupidity” with respect to our politicians, too.

      Unfortunately, their track record doesn’t justify your hope…

    • +1 Mark.

      In the end, simply being aware of such things is the only advantage you have. If I don’t have enough food or ammo, or bandaids and beans, or whatever, I have my mind and I will know why the world is sideways. More than our neighbors who watch TV. I’ll be the sage on the street and maybe my block will survive a while. Otherwise, we live, or we die.

    • “Live in the moment and give that moment the best possible effort you can give to make your life and the lives around you better.”

      Mark. I can’t remember what part of the west coast you live in but as I watch the looters do their Christmas shopping with “smash and grab” in LA and other Liberal cities, I realize that they have decided to live in the moment and help themselves but at the expense, not the betterment of others.

      Many of us here probably used to be polyannas and certainly I don’t think that those on this site that have lived their lives to help others like Warhammer, LOOB and many others would disagree that making others lives better is good principle to live by. Most of us continue to try and do that.

      The enemy here is within and we can hardly bring a coordinated effort to fight the enemy without, when we are so divided on race, gender, politics, pandemic, poverty, abortion, etc………………. Russia and China have many problems but these divisions ae not part of them even if it is by decree. At the very least, 2 gender countries would seem to have the upper hand.

      Some of us can see this clearly Mark. The signs are everywhere. When the leaves fall from the tree, winter is coming (in Canada at least). For everyone’s sake, I hope we make it to spring.

      • I believe the Mark Lives in the Looter paradise city.. where shizting on the street is just the normal smell of success and food stamps are available for just shy a quarter million a year income levels.. LOL…
        What I like about Marks posts.. is HE is the Canary in the coal mind for the top tier of society.. what Mark says he makes a week would take me a few years to make..
        I see things from street level and it is getting more difficult to figure out and navigate through..
        Speaking about trying to help others.. I got a text last night.. the young lady that was in the wrong car at the wrong time and was put in jail.. that got my number in her mind thinking I was someone else.. she texted me.. she was so depressed and just needed someone to talk to.. she was thinking about dark thoughts and I think she just wanted to hear a little reasoning that it will pass and a positive direction.. learn from it but don’t dwell on it.. she did make it home for thanksgiving.. but the state still has her children in foster care and she lost her job….
        Bob I would love to send you a bottle of my finest home made wine for xmas…. I don’t think I can though since you live outside the USA in canada.. which is to bad.. I totally love reading your posts..

      • Since I do know who Mark is, and have an idea of what he does, your income est. is possibly low.
        A good bit low.
        He is an expert in Bay Area RE…and whether they are a target zone (yes) or no, he’s top of his game in top of his market. There are, as we always remind, two ways to play Life. Min Losses and Max Gains. We’re living the first, Mark’s on the second track. But he’s wise enough to test the wind constantly and that reflects good use mental horsepower, in my view.
        I just worry that with “the plane at altitude” he has a parachute if the engine fails.

      • “he’s wise enough to test the wind constantly and that reflects good use mental horsepower, in my view.
        I just worry that with “the plane at altitude” he has a parachute if the engine fails.”

        I am right with you on that one George.. if Mark starts to be concerned as the canary in the coalmine at the top.. and I am the canary in the coalmine at the bottom.. and if it hasn’t destroyed me already.. then it is time to find a different place to call home.. I am afraid it will totally destroy me long before.. the sad part about his position is he doesn’t have a clue about life at the bottom.. there is a list of completely different set of concerns that surround him and his life than what affects my life.. ..

      • I would love to have a bottle of you home made wine LOOB but please don’t send it to Canada. The last time someone did this for me, the customs agents opened it, drank it and refilled it with something that was undrinkable. Let’s wait until we meet some day over a glass or two :-)

        George – I actually enjoy Mark’s posts. One thing that is valuable about this site is that you have posters from all walks of life. Mark certainly lives in a different life world than most of us and it is good to get his viewpoint. I never lived at his extreme financial level but did run with a pretty high end financial crowd for many years when I had my businesses. Thankfully, I put enough money away to enjoy my retirement years in comfort but I feel closer to LOOB and most others on this site than I do to Mark.

      • “Mark certainly lives in a different life world than most of us and it is good to get his viewpoint. ”

        I am right with you BIC.. the important thing for me is he’s the canary at the top..
        It’s pretty obvious from my perspective that their following the game plan written in the 1940’s.
        Theres more people that are in our social class than his. To get total control of the whole they need the majority approval.
        What is interesting this time is the wild card.. the kid and family..with so many alleged issues it baffles the average .. so would there be a population that would go blindly to battle when everything looks as if we are the ones instigating..
        Would there be the support to follow that play book..

  13. It’s said that “Hope is NOT a strategy”. But what if I hope really really hard?

    The age of the dragon is definitely upon us. At one time or another, every country has ruled the world. Americans, British, French, Spain, Greeks, Romans, Mongols….. you get the idea.

    Rarely does such a change occur without profound consequences to all populations. Normalcy Bias ! It’s a real thing. By all means, prep. Just know nothing unfolds the way we think it will. I was reading today’s article and the comments. Old sayings kept coming to mind. I think Warhammer would agree. No plan survives first encounter with the enemy. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

    Beans, bandaids, comm’s? Check! Man, I am going to miss the internet and my 401K.

  14. One conclusion I’ve come to on connecting a generator to the house is that the Generlink adapter that installs behind your meter is probably insufficient to carry enough for what you want to run in the house. That and most providers in our area will not approve them and that means all electric providers in our area – Reliant, WTU and the electric co-op we have at the ranch according to the Generlink people. The only solution I’ve found is a transfer switch which is more robust and cheaper anyway. Properly installed they target the circuits you want powered up and nothing more.

    After that’s all said and done you have to ask yourself how long are gas or diesel suppliers and personal stores going to last? I hope we hold things together long enough to get the contractor in to the house to open it up and get the wood stove installed. I’d do it myself but the technical problem is dealing with a load bearing beam to replace the wall while building up a foundation for the wood stove hearth under a pier and beam house. I’d rather not use my by-guess-and-by-golly approach to this one. Wish we could have done this sooner but money and opportunity never coincided until now with other projects taking priority.

    We do have an antenna mast on the back roof that is stowed right now. As long as electricity holds out is there a shortwave software the can comfortably reside in a W7 environment? That “Ham Radio Computer Dummies Radio” book you mentioned might have leads on this?

    • “how long are gas or diesel suppliers and personal stores going to last?”

      Good question Bill… an old friend that lived in a gated community outside DC and worked for the govt. Use to give me guff about my putting in solar at 10 … then there was a hurricane on the east coast..after two weeks without power the fuel for his generation system ran out . He couldnt get any.. he contacted me to apologize..he was cooking in his own home.. he couldn’t drive anywhere..he was on foot in a city with a high crime rate.. and that was before the big push to defund the police.. I think it would play out quite similar to the nazi’s takeover of poland during the second ww

      • “living anywhere close to a major metro area now is a form of suicide.”

        Oh when it hits the skids Bill it is going to get ugly in the big cities.. then to have an administration trying to place everyone in perils way by defunding and undermining the police the only protection that the poorest and highest crime area’s had for protection.
        That doesn’t even consider What really terrifies me..That is most of our politicians are in a bubble and out of touch.. only there for what someone will give them.. but our president even though he may come from a middle class family back ground has really never had a real world job.. he has been at the DC feeding trough his whole life.. He not only is in a bubble but he doesn’t have a clue about the real life struggles of the average wage earner…and if any of what is written has any truth at all..Then I think we are so screwed that no one has any idea at all just how bad this all can go in a heartbeat..
        I think the only thing holding up the country is the what..thirty billion a month plus or minus going into the economy from handing out cash to people with kids.. and that doesn’t even take into an account the billions extra that is being dolled out to illegals that have been shuffled in under the wires by this administration that no one will see the affects of for two years..
        I am truly terrified of what I see coming and happening..and no one can do a thing about it.. we have three years and what three months left to pray that we can survive it..
        God Help us all..

  15. I have several comments on various subjects.
    Have your new mutts evaluated by someone who trains protection dogs. If the dogs are locked and loaded, then pay the trainer to train yourself and Elaine. You need to know how to get them to break off an attack.

    -Arthur Bradly is a NASA electronics expert whose sideline business is EMP protection. Review Arthur Bradley’s (AB)video on protecting a solar system. He using different methodology from what you use, and his methods will complement yours:
    -Review AB’s methods for protecting vehicles:
    -Review AB’s home protection methods:
    -AB on HAM radio protection:
    -This is the AB overview video:

    Buy fuel containers ahead of time. Make sure you have something which can be used to haul them home, like a trailer with brackets and lash points.

  16. A quick review of history demonstrates that War is all the country lodged between Canada and Mexico knows how to do. It used to manufacture useful things and provide relatively safe communities and stable employment for countless families and several generations who could carve out their little piece of the American Dream. It used to believe in political and social theories pioneered by the wisdom of the Founding Fathers instead of trading that precious wisdom in for a tired and disgraced and ineffective social construct of leveling everyone down to nothing led by a few elitists and a massaive population who wants Daddy Gov to always take care of them and give them things for nothing forever.

    It was a country that used to approach the future with a sense of optimism both for the country at large and for our personal lives. But all that has been quickly erased through the fog of endless damaging wars and the rollout of a virus narrative designed to institute a Build-Back-Much-Worse reordering of all of society into endless serfdom to a deluded tiny group of elitists with oversized delusions of godhood and a non-existent capacity to value human life and the lives of others beyond themselves.

    It didn’t have to be this way. Its doesn’t have to be this way now. But if and when it suits the Dark Powers that pull all the strings behind the pseudo-Democracy curtain, it will be Round 227,898 of the ongoing Worldwide Prizefight that never ends.

    This country has been blessed far beyond any other single nation in all of history. And what has been its response to all this favor? It has squandered all those blessings and advantages of natural and human resources and pissed it all away. Never has a nation been so blessed and yet done so little to take full advantage of all of what it was gifted.

    Yes, everything goes in cycles. Once rot begins to settle in, history does not look favorably upon nations ever turning that back around and getting back on track. And how could it? Who is going to grab the wheel and get the ship back on course? They won’t even let you anywhere near the wheel.

    The Founding Fathers would not be surprised at any of this. They knew the dangers. They knew human nature. They knew the risks. But they gave us everything we needed as a roadmap to keep the precious rights and form of government that we were initially blessed to have. Them surprised, no. Just deeply saddened and sickened that those who came along later on these lands didn’t want or care enough to preserve and build upon the miraculous foundation we had started with. And they warned about getting involved in outside conflicts. Guess the War Lobby hadn’t yet come across on the Mayflower to set up shop.

    War is coming? Sometimes the war is over before it even starts.

    • “a massaive population who wants Daddy Gov to always take care of them”

      That’s the illusion they want you to believe RS…
      The good samaritan relief programs were to assist citizens during times of catastrophic failures.. outsourcing industry and deregulation forcing the stay at home mom to seek out a job. while promoting greed pushed the average wage earner to seek out these programs for their daily survival. It’s all by design and if you read adolphs second secret book..the whole play book is in print.

    • I think it was Plato that basically said.. the downfall of a civilization starts when those that rule become corrupt and those they rule over become acceptant to their corruption.
      It is ours.. the voters fault that everything has gotten this way.
      Election after election we vote the same group in. We as voters allow them to be bought and paid for..

      • “It is ours.. the voters fault that everything has gotten this way. Election after election we vote the same group in. We as voters allow them to be bought and paid for.”

        Here’s the scene: Someone walks up to you. They hold out both of their hands. In their right hand is a red apple. In their left hand is a blue plum. They say that it’s your civic duty to take one or the other from you and eat it.

        Your problem? Both the apple and plum have ROTTED. They stink and have no food value. And yet, you are supposed to pick one of these and eat it?

        As a wise one once said… if elections mattered they wouldn’t let us have them. Elections do matter most on the basic local level. But when one moves up the rotten food chain, elections mean less and less at the State and National level.

        Both rotten fruits have had their day for the last 40 years and either way the Ship of State keeps sinking. It didn’t much matter who was at the wheel. At least Nationally. There is some differentiation at the State level such as Oregon vs. Florida and New York vs. Texas. But with the blue fruits being spread around more into the red apple areas, the rot is filling even into those areas.

        How we change is to keep our own selves and houses in order and to stand for what we believe is right without surrendering to covid cults, media cartoon nonsense narratives and Marxist intimidation. Nor meaningless right-wing flag waving without substantial anything else behind that.

      • “Both the apple and plum have ROTTED. They stink and have no food value. And yet, you are supposed to pick one of these and eat it?”

        Very well put Roundball Shaman..

        It took Rome what a thousand years to get where we are today in less than a quarter of the time it took them degrade to that level we have descended to.
        in Watts book Mortal Republic: Watts lists the ways the republic, with a population once devoted to national service and personal honor, heroic actions and moral decency was torn to shreds by growing wealth inequality, internal corruption, partisan gridlock, political violence with pandering politicians, and brings up the point that the people of Rome out of frustration chose to let their democracy die and eventually turning to what was seen as a level of stability by choosing to have an emperor instead of facing the continued unstable and morally degraded method that was used by their previous politicians.
        The choice to all of us which one has less negative aspects..
        Obviously.. no one realized the depth of questionable behaviors that were kept hidden from the general public.
        What is terrifying to me. Is absolutely everything that I was taught as I grew up. That was morally and ethically wrong and inappropriate to do as a respected responsible adult.. has now been boasted and broadcasted as appropriate actions of those that should be examples of decency and deserving of our admiration and respect. Moral and ethical values parents taught their children flipped over in what seemed a moment.

  17. I can sadly see the USA under the bidet regime engaging in a two front war with both Russia and China, even though neither is likely to lob anything directly at us. Unfortunately, neither of them needs to deal with more than one front and the timing is of their choosing. They also have the logistic advantage of adjacency, whereas we have half a world long pair of supply lines in opposite directions. They largely control both raw materials and manufacturing capability. Both cultures actually understand the differences between a man and a woman and plan accordingly.

    What could go wrong?

    • Unfortunately, so can I. FDR is the epitome of Democratic idealistic political leadership. Even the commies like All Out Crazy admire Roosevelt.

      We successfully executed a two-front war under FDR. Why shouldn’t Creepy Joe, who idolizes FDR, be able to duplicate this feat? Doesn’t everyone realize that Joe is the “Best There’s Ever Been,” and that Ike, MacArthur, Patton, Bradley, etc. couldn’t hold a candle to Milley…?

      I agree…

      What could go wrong?

  18. Some great, actionable advise, George. Thanks on behalf of myself and your other readers.
    I was outside yesterday hanging Christmas lights and heard a very heavy plane at a couple K altitude, looked up and sure enough it was a big-un. We’re about 14 miles ESE of March ARB but rarely do we see air traffic from there. This wasn’t just one plane, I saw 7 of the heavy haulers altogether. Looked it up on AirAware and it was a C-17 Globemaster. I posted my find over at Godlikeproductions and a neighbor in the region wrote back that he had seen a total of 10 C-17’s. One of them tagged as destination “Fairfield”, but the only airbase near Fairfield would be Travis AFB. One of the planes squawked “Locked” in red.

  19. Comrades,

    Batten down the airlocks. The Editor is completing a run-through of situational elements seeking verification everything is “completely operational and all circuits functioning perfectly.”

    Mssrs. Musk & Cruise must be outraged the Russians beat them to filming the next space odyssey hit on the ISS last month.

    Unlike the movie where China launches to outer worlds in a vehicle named for a traitor of The Manhattan Project and father of the Chinese nuclear program, they were taking a walk in the new space park around “The Heavenly Palace”.

    Meanwhile, here on Earth, there are shortages of real Christmas trees, certain imported spirits, and fresh turkeys.

    Of course, the holiday preps just wouldn’t be complete without popcorn…

  20. Re: the two ‘foundling’ dogs. Before you get too involved in adding them to your household, I’d slow down on preps, etc for them. Double, maybe triple ditto on taking them in for a visit to a vet–soonest. Not only for health checkup, but to see if they’ve been chipped.

    If these dogs are as well-behaved as you say, this most probably means they’ve been well cared for–which means they most probably have vet records somewhere. Good dogs often, and formal adoptees always, are chipped. These dogs don’t sound like the ordinary run of strays. Someone may be looking for them–maybe some youngster.

    Might be a good idea to call around to see if anyone is missing these family members. Also might call ahead to any vets for a checkup appointment before you head in. Someone might know whose family these pups came from.

    If they wind up with you, Elaine and Zeus, I know they’ve found a real home–the right, ‘forever’ home — and I’m sure they will know it, too. Dogs are like that.

    (please skip my email. TY.)

    • I think they already know that their home..
      Speaking about vet visits. I have to make an appointment for my dog..
      I’m making her dog food for the week right now..

    • This is Texas, these are dumped dogs. I know you have good intentions, but dogs like this don’t end up here from good intentions.

      • Just like my pooch.. she obviously didn’t come from a home that cared for her.. the good thing is..
        They found a forever home where they will not only be loved and cared for..but will be appreciated..
        They will give George and Elaine all the love in the world they have to offer and protect them in the time of need..

      • Typically the dogs (and cats) are dumped by individuals who no longer have a home, or have been told they won’t have a home unless the dogs go (especially apartment dwellers).
        I have compared notes with the animal rescue people, and they look for dumped dogs along rural dirt roads. After the road I lived on was paved, the animal dumping ceased. The best I can figure, the dumpers have this fantasy that they can release Fido or Miss Kitty in the country (and dirt roads are country), and that their former pet will live off the land and be happy. Typically, the coyotes and panthers have the pet dumping spots staked out, and the pets dumped in the afternoon aren’t around in the morning. Either G____’s dogs are very good at defending themselves, or someone has thinned out the indigenous neighborhood cleaning crews.

  21. Great column as usual George. As someone has already mentioned, 95% of people won’t read this. I would say it is more like 99.99% and this is sad. Let those with ears……..eyes……….

    I saw a show on TV this morning with a NYC “person in the street” interview segment (can’t say “man in the street” anymore). The question was “what President put a travel ban on travellers from Southern Africa?” Except for one individual, the answer was “Donald Trump.” The other individual said “Abraham Lincoln.” The general population is so dumbed down, it is beyond scary.

    As for EMP, I have had this dream (nightmare) several times over the past couple of years. I don’t post it anymore. The consequences are so depressing. Beyond no internet financial services, etc. can you imagine the under 20 population without tick tock, instagram, etc. for any more than 20 minutes, let alone days, weeks or months? Talk about panic in the streets. That may be one of the most chaotic outcomes of all.

    • “can you imagine the under 20 population without tick tock, instagram, etc. for any more than 20 minutes, let alone days, weeks or months?”

      Can you imagine the over 20 atm’s or cell phones no television. No electricity.. no sewage disposal.. gas pumps idle. Water mains shut down

    • “can you imagine the under 20 population without tick tock, instagram, etc. for any more than 20 minutes”

      Under 20 hell — under 35, here in the States.

      I’m counting on it. They’ll go GTA or Halo within a couple days and kill each other off within weeks. Their absence will make the rest of the world a lot safer…

  22. Certainly credible to listen to Uncle george. George just a Len thought . Could the rat poison they are sticking in many veges be affected or activated by a EMP or some other extreme event ?

  23. “the only thing I don’t see mentioned is EMP protection for backups of the backup”

    Hmm …I think it depends.. how close to the epicenter you are..
    What I think .. is a perfect storm..last year we seen what a small winter storm achieved..
    I picture it as a cascade failure..
    Our infrastructure is antiquated and flawed.. we put all our eggs in one basket.. and we don’t manufacture anything. Replacement components are all back ordered. Once the dominoes start to will fold like a tree falling.

  24. “New tractor battery and one for the truck. Excessive? Sure, but batteries will disappear in short order.”

    Deka and Continental both used to sell dry batteries. I don’t know if either still does, but if they do, ISTM a dry, wet cell in a nitrogen-filled bag should keep forever, as will jugs of sulfuric acid… just sayin’

    “Might pick up a tire patch kit and tools, as well.”

    I recommend both a patch kit and a plug kit. Unless you’ve got a Coates machine laying around, patching a tubeless truck tire is damn’ near impossible using just spoons. ‘Best build a ramp so you can drive onto a tire’s sidewall. Don’t forget the Ru-Glide…

    • Careful use of a full bucket of concrete blocks and down pressure with the tractor might break a bead, but a purpose built bead breaker does a better job. I like the slide hammer style – it will break down truck or tractor tires if you have the strength and energy, amd fits in the trunk of a car along with the spoons. Dish soap or Murphy’s will get you by for lubricant – grease if it won’t pop back on easily. Of course starting fluid and a binder strap is almost essential for the grumpy tire remounts. Obviously, a high volume air supply helps a lot, along with a screw on adapter for the stem.

      Don’t forget spare stems and valves, along with the tools to install them. Both sizes, of course.

  25. FWIW I wrote this before I read the note from WH which you published in your column:

    “Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns.”

    The problems with this are two:

    1) It’s the WaPo reporting it, based on an “anonymous tip” and “an intelligence document obtained by The Washington Post.”

    2) As Warhammer (or anyone else here, who’s been on the kinetic side of military operations) will tell you: Scuttlebutt is rampant, but actual intel only escapes the Pentagon, when somebody wants it to.

    Ergo, the WaPo is creating this story because someone in Government, or in the 153’s boardroom wants, specifically this story, to hit every newspaper in North America. The PTB either

    want to put us on a “war footing,”

    want to establish a reason now, for some political manurever(sic) which will crap on us later,

    or they want to scare Russia.

    I don’t see Russia scaring worth a darn, so I hope this isn’t the reason. We’ve about a millenium less experience at international diplomacy than any other potential player, and we have neither the humility nor the imagination to make up for that experience gap. Accordingly, our “leaders” are likely to try the same old, same old, and that’s just not going to put us in a happy place, in a theatre that’s 5000 miles away, when Henry no longer has a factory that’ll crank out B-24s like they’re refrigerators…

    • It’s OK to be skeptical of the WAPO report and I totally get that.
      However, when reporters have been around for a while, they learn how to handle sensitive docs that are very useful to the public. Over my lifetime, I have received a ton of “read three times and burn” stuff.
      There was a Seattle grand jury long ago. A package of highlights landed in my mailbox out front.
      2-hours later (it was a lot of key testimony) it was in the Lopi fireplace insert…

      It’s like using a drone to hang antennas (more next Sunday’s Shop Talk) that I got to yesterday: Even when it seems “calm” it can be blowing 5-7 knots up above the tree tops.

      Same is true for Future: May seem like it’s “calm” this morning, but believe me, at the higher up levels, the winds of change blow non-stop.

  26. “the outbreak of war will not drive people onto America’s side, as was the case in WWII:”

    Conceit, on Farley’s part.


    WW-II had, essentially, been going on in China for a generation, and in Europe for four years, involving most of the Urepeein nations. WE joined in after Pearl Harbor, and it became 2-front when Germany declared war on us.

    WE didn’t have a side — we sided with other, established (and already involved) combatants.

    After WW-II the United States supplanted Great Britain as the “most-hated” nation on the planet. “Class envy” is the easiest to cultivate means of tribal hatred. “Higher class” tribes invariably spawn from more-efficient societies. We passed the Brits because the U.S. came out of World War as the only solvent, therefore most-efficient, advanced society on the planet. We could just pick-up and move on, where everybody else had to first rebuild.

    If we initiate a war, our ‘peein allies will be Britain and the Baltics. Australia, Phillipines, Taiwan, Japan, and S. Korea (essentially the countries in the most danger of becoming Chinese territories) and possibly Canada will be our Pacific allies. Everybody else will remain neutral, because the only way to win is to not play…

  27. “E.U. neocons, and the Biden passthrough network, are all hoping for war with Russia.”

    Bear in-mind, “war with Russia” was #1 on Hillary’s list of things to do, and still is #1 on Vichy Nuland’s list.

  28. “For future reference, we may come to view the departure of liberal Censor Jack from Twitter as the high point of the liberal swing.”

    you will see, shortly, that Jackoff’s replacement is considerably more Leftist and draconian than he was.

  29. BTW, in case you missed it ….

    “Anatoly Altshtein, a Russian virologist at the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, which developed Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, cast doubts on the new variant’s severity earlier this week. According to him, its high number of spike mutations means it has an unstable genome, so it becomes “less dangerous… an overwhelming number of mutations leads to a weakening of the virus’s ability to cause disease.”

    I guess in Russian, “Omnicron” sounds like, a trademark infringement. Lol !!

  30. I don’t get the disconnect.
    You don’t believe anything the U.S. government says about health, the economy or anything else, but you’re willing to go full survivalist based on unnamed sources and obviously leaked studies. “If you think you’re being played, you probably are.” – Gibbs
    Maybe it all blows up tomorrow like you say, but one thing’s sure: you’re loving it. The prepping, the criticism of the Administration (which leaked all the information about Russia and China that you’re so enamored with), and your air of superiority (you get it while all the schmucks and sheeple don’t).
    “My dreams are all dead and buried,
    “Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode,
    “When God comes and calls me to his Kingdom,
    “I’ll take all ya son’s of bitches when I go.
    “Let ‘er blow!” – Billy Joe Shaver
    So live it up guys (and pray that you’re wrong).

  31. Ya I noticed. How could I not. Test complete data verified. This =that and this said results in this. Pretty interesting to note. Example: I mentioned buying cryptos and it caves the next day. LOL. Ok OK. There is 4 examples of that. I watched to see. I only bought $100 worth and mentioned it. Just to see the outcome, of if I said something what would happen. I was right in my assesmt of the direction it would go in I mentioned it. Worth the test. And there was 4 things I tested. All of them did exactly as I suspected. I mentioned George sending me money jokingly on pay pal, the next day my pay pal auto paid George $40 for peoplenomics. And It’s worth it. For sho. But i didn’t know it was out anivaversery. Lol

    And there three other things that went as suspected. Little environmental tests.

    With regards to a future war. These things are planed far far in advance. Even in a tech age. The Logistics of any type of conventional war have to be planed far far in advance. Just think of how much am, tooth picks, tooth paste, fuel and socks, sporks and razors have to be acquisitiond and shipped and stockpiled on site prior to any conventional war. Even in a tech war, money has to be exchanged, transferred, acquisitioned, interest rates for said war etc has to be established, fronts discussed, everyone on the same page etc. Weaknesses assessed, contingency plans, breakers, man traps set, media leaks and how they fee pressures, “offical narartive” in media presentations assessments done, scripted coercion and supporting “comments’ “commercial advertising ” to control the psychological mikd set to ensure the acceptance of such themes by the masses. So these things are planned far in advance. I mean we are talking about the government Here. Miles of red tape. Multi tier 3 letter agencies working in concert with multiple tech companies to stop gap and control the flow of compromised data and information. Pre disposed fall guys, scape goats and all that. All that war stuff takes time to plan. I know, I work in people logicistics all day long. Events and planning. Etc etc safety and security.

    Its not like say…. a massive 9.4 EQ that hits 116 outside if New York generating a Tsunami wave higher than the 8th floor of Trump tower washing the city streets coming in at a velocity of 38 knots. Natural disasters being uhmmmm natural.

    Yuh knowhatimsayin?

    Anyway. Once ya know. Ya know.

    Have a wonderful week. I figured some stuff out. All is well. :) really good stuff. I figured out some reality secrets…. but uhhhhh eye. Won’t say a word about it tho. Data doesn’t lie.

    Summus Fortuna!

    That is all

  32. I will mention something interesting. I watched 2 movies this weekend. Resident Evil. Where a virus is released and the main star named Alice becomes stronger as everyone else in the world becomes weaker. She is battleing an AI named the Red Queen. Very Alice i. Wonderland. The part about a bio weapon getting released and the star getting stronger physically is my experience since the pandemic started.

    And Jupiter Ascension. Which is by the Matrix guys. One is named Andy too. I didn’t know that. But same thing. The main Star doesn’t know she is the ruler of all. But she has bees flowing all around her. I have experienced this too. They never sting me. They just love me. I had so many bumble bees and honey bees land on me this summer. It’s a trip. Definitely not normal. I kept asking THE DUDE, what am I a flower now? LOL. I’d have them land on my shoulder and someone would freak out. You got a bee on you!!! I’d so, he isn’t bothering me. I’m not bothering him. Just let him bee. I had one ride 300 miles with me in my car. Never bothered me or stung me. Just a big fat bumble bee. Sitting on my shoulder while I drove from Seattle to Spokane last year. A 3 and a half our drive. Sat on my shoulder when I pumped gas, pissed in the store and got a coffee. When I got Spokane, thanks for hanging out and it flew off me and went on its way. LOL

    Jupiter Ascension, the introduction of the Loosh farm. Nah I still ain’t buying it. You think anyone from Aragatha thinks hell is below? LOL

    Idk dude. It’s time for a change. And I’m not going to say what I see for a while…. I made some recent discoveries. And like it says in the book of proverbs. Even a fool be thought wise if he does not speak.

    Who says the Owl. Exactly.

  33. Buy buy buy gold . Kill the evil carnts and their Farken lies . Buy buy buy . No signal but kill the carnts . Crooked evil lizard people poisoned with the juice

    • My grand daughter went there to see it last spring.. she was impressed.. said it was the coolest thing she had ever seen.. from what she told me.. I think he is using the same method that the Romans used.. which makes me want to go and take a visit last year..
      She bought a bunch of plants there to and said she had the best luck with them.. a must see place..

      I am sure my wife and I will make the road trip to see it.. the other place I would like to see is Bio dome in Arizona..
      They made a lot of mistakes the first time around..
      I would like to see the earthship in florida as well.. visited with a few of the people constructing it and one guy I know went to give them a hand and share what he has learned and teaches..

  34. It is interesting George to see the Om take a mobius flip to the dark side with OMicron veriant. We note such things through history such as the Swastika found in every continent and almost every form of civilization prior to the internet and its mobius flip to the dark side with Hitler along with the goddes of Isis a friend of the downtrodden to become a symbol of fear.. now people are afraid of the Om with the new variant and its capacity to hurt children.

    But we already knew that Covid 19 would mutate and affect children when it came out. This to my count the 3rd wave. I had originally thought that the waves of veriants would happen much sooner than this. The 3rd wave to my knowledge back then, roughly 2 months after the outbreak would be the biggest wave. The rest would be smaller.

    It seams that Everything has a movius flip to it in this world.

    OM is now becoming a symbol of fear. Hmm.

    You all have a good week. I know I will. God said so

  35. I would only add that the term “Milk” has become a very hot word lately in my read of the grid around me. “Milk man” has become super apparent and rise in frequency of occurance along with “milk” which i have no idea what that means. I have noted 29 accounts this weekend alone. Not a term or expression that occurs that much around me. Most of the time I may see “milk” once or twice in a week and the term “milk man” twice a year if im lucky. And I have seen the term “milkman” expressed in several formats in different areas 16 times this weekend alone.

    Because I pay attention. Lol

    • I don’t recall thinking about it since the 1950s, but yesterday for no apparent reason, “milkman” popped into MY head too — thought about the two local dairies & how they’d deliver your daily quart, or four, in glass jugs, into the insulated, galvanized steel “milkbox” on everyone’s front porch or step…

      If’fn you figure out the significance, please LMK…

      • we had a milk man until the Reagan Recession and deregulation that sent mom to work.. they quit about 85..
        There was an Egg man to.. came by dropped off your weekly eggs.. I almost bought the egg truck he had two years ago.. looked like a little panel truck but the size of a golf cart.. the wife said no I couldn’t have it.. LOL

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