UKR: Bio Lies, a Novel Plot and What Goes Up Goes CPI

You may not have much of a memory when comes to bio-weapons development.  Maybe it was “burned out” of you in the Covid debacle.

Yet there exist many claims that the US has – through corporate proxies – engaged in bioweapons work in Ukraine and other FSU states.

For example, in 2018 a detailed report, Bulgarian journalist  Dilyana Gaytandzhieva published an extensive blog post detailing “The Pentagon Bio-weapons” and development locations.  Suggest you print to a .PDF because this seems likely to be “disappeared.”  Because “Ukraine” is mentioned 34-times.

Even more damning are the links therein to official State Department documents detailing the US providing both materiel and money to Ukraine for pathogen research.  Again, might want to hard copy this:

We note, of course, that this is a publicly accessible historical document and dates from 2005.

As such it is of little use, except to say that YES the U.S. has had a hand in bioweapons research in Ukraine (and anyone denying this is lying).  Documentation keeps piling up. More critically, however, is where it leads.

Sure, sure, you can read about how the Biden administration is lying (or at minimum, knowingly deceiving America) in stories like Russia’s Most Startling Allegation Yet Directly Implicates the USA ( and how our favorite war mongering neocons are pressing for nuclear war (as in Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland: If There Is A Chemical Or Biological Weapons Incident In Ukraine, “No Doubt” The Russians Are Behind It | Video | RealClearPolitics)

But, that’s not what we do around here.

Integrating the Future

It’s really more an art than science.  Part knowing the material, part understanding how the future works.  And part realizing that complex systems almost always contain their own “sand in the Vaseline” endings to them. (with apologies to Talking Heads.)

Recall I wrote a very grim outlook piece for 2022 on Christmas Day 2021 wherein I specifically warned you (in UrbanSurvival 2022: War Year?) that “Odds are rising the “hot word” of 2022 will be “NSNW.”

Which stands for non-strategic nuclear weapons.

So far, so bad.  But important background to have.

Time Matters

Elsewhere on my sites (and in my books) I’ve told you that people do not spend enough effort understanding how events percolate into Future.

To review:  Human mass consciousness “votes” the future on a level few are able to comprehend.  Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

But it’s not singular votes on the future that matter.  There’s an aggregation of expectation.  It’s a layering process.  Billions of small decisions building to an event.

Maybe the best description of how quantum foam works may be found in Michael Crichton’s novel Timeline.

Puzzle Assembly

We heard (digital collection) the odd reference to NSNW at some point.  It came at what is a perilous time for the U.S. economy:  We hit a nominal stock market high Nov. 8 of 2021.  Been down hill ever since.  Need a scapegoat!

Next piece is how Ukraine was put in play.  Thanks Neocons, and thanks Hunter.  For yes, he really was a pipeline to “Pops” from Ukraine.  See the NY Post article from last fall The Hunter Biden laptop is confirmed?! Color us shocked! ( if you’re weak on details.  Or study Miranda (NY Post) Devine’s book Laptop from Hell.

Now we have money flow, bio-weapons development, the whiff of nukes to come, and neocons pushing war. They’re about to fuck-up the world like they have the Middle East.  While laughably, O-Biden wants peace with Iran which is stirring up 238 to bomb Israel.  Our plot is loaded with loons and quackery, lust for power, and ass-covering by DeLuxe.

There is no proof, of course, but as a useful thought experiment, could all this be rolled into a novel?  You bet.

The Plot Sickens

Our (wholly hypothetical) begins with money passthroughs in Ukraine.  With the removal of nuclear weapons – leftovers from the fall of the Soviet Union – Ukraine still has top notch scientists and so by 2005, the US is subcontracting out work to Ukraine.

As the story evolves, the very smart Ukrainians see a chance to “wag the dog” and deals are offered – which result in money being funneled upstream.

In defense of Ukraine – which by now, say 2019, Vlad Putin is becoming alarmed about (bioweapons work next door) and a hard right government cutting off water to Russian recovered lands after the 2014 Crimea take, so he makes plans to reassert a buffer zone with the (headed for bankrupcy) West.

When a bioweapon IS released in late 2019 around the World Military Games in China, everyone claims everyone else is responsible; the press muffled.  From this point, war becomes a natural outcome.

Yet as it turns out, until the coming cold snap in Ukraine in coming days, t5he weather worked in favor of the Kiev defenders repelling the Russian advance.

As (again, remember this is fictional) the whole story line edges towards an exciting crescendo.  A near future bioweapons research accident.

The neocons, arrange for something “quick burn out” to be involved, remembering they locked down the West once and so another lockdown would be within the realm of public acceptance.  The “leak” would give the West an excuse to throw in all kinds of military might, punish Russia, and continue the 2012 claims of the EU that it would one day extend “…from Portugal to Vladivostok.”

The denouement comes when Vlad Putin, being an adroit spy, sees how the global game of chess is being stacked against his autonomy.  And so, using the cover of a need to “cauterize” a large land mass (saving humanity from a massive die-off) he lets loose the cautery equipment – 50 kiloton weapons to glass over bioweapon impacted areas.

Our fictional novel doesn’t get much further, just yet. Because, that part of the Future is still in the “voting process.”  There’s pressure growing on Biden to “go big” because the economy is essentially flat (we’re still at mid 2019 levels in terms of employment) and a “good war” will rally his party to stave off impeachment over the Ukraine passthroughs and backdoor funneling from China when the republicans take back the senate and house this fall.  Tick-tock.

We therefore have to look at this weekends isolation of the Russian internet.  For now, our “novel” would probably shade with a subplot like this:

“Due to changes in the Russian Internet, digital resources in Ukraine broke and it was the breakdown of the Internet that in turn caused the massive failure of biosecurity at Ukraine “medical research facilities” which, in turn allowed the release of “fast burn” bioagent  (catchy name insert here).

While the West argues the point about NATO bombing Russia, Vlad picks up and says enough…and sends launch codes before NATO can really bust his chops.

One of my daughters called this morning (we talk about novel futures often) and I told her read this morning’s column.  Upon which, I threw the dart.

April 11.

That will give us a couple of weeks of digital disruption and two or three of whipping up the demonization of Russia before the big Chihuly-like event itself takes place.

Fast-forward a few months and the smattering of nukes in Europe, plus one “big city trade” between the US and Russia, and the end of America’s era of power rolls into view.

Republicans sweep into Washington, Taiwan is long gone, since Xi takes that in the nuclear exchange fog of war, and the U.S. stock market’s implosion has continued to accelerate.

You can almost get a sense of how bad the news flow is about to become:  As the commercials on Wall Street run up the market to “short from higher highs” which is, to my way of thinking what the Wednesday rally was about.

The uglies now resume with our regularly scheduled news flow.

“Future Control Out.”

Inflation?  Here?  In America?

CPI.  Sure, whatever:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.8 percent in February on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.6 percent in January, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 7.9 percent before seasonal adjustment.

Increases in the indexes for gasoline, shelter, and food were the largest
contributors to the seasonally adjusted all items increase. The gasoline index rose 6.6 percent in February and accounted for almost a third of the all items monthly increase; other energy component indexes were mixed. The food index rose 1.0 percent as the food at home index rose 1.4 percent; both were the largest monthly increases since April 2020.

Our correspondent, Ben Dover, says you might enjoy from drill-down.  BOHICA!

Jay Powell and the “last of the BOHICAns” will raise rates next week.  Meantime, let me see:  Food increase annualizes to 12.68 percent.  Inflation, here?

Even more?  Weekly (misleading) unemployment stats, then:

On that cheerful note, let’s all go watch Talking Heads and promise to be back tomorrow.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.  But another chorus of Fugly is about to be heard.  We’re rereading Kearny every possible moment.

Write when rational returns,

103 thoughts on “UKR: Bio Lies, a Novel Plot and What Goes Up Goes CPI”

  1. After hearing about WMDs and Chemical Weapons (in Iraq?) back when G.W. was president, and being angry at the “enemy” for doing such things … then blaming China for Covid, variants, suffering and deaths … and now, here we are, the enemy with bio labs and potential bio weapons.

    It’s really sad to hear other countries talking about it and pointing fingers at us. We seem to have lost our integrity on this one. It’s quite disappointing

  2. Maybe it really is a natural chain of long-running evolutionary events for life to arise, develop, and become ‘intelligent,” gain mastery over technology, and then self destruct — repeatedly.

    Maybe that’s why we don’t overhear ET calling home. Each arising civilization automatically self-destructs at this approximate technology level..

    Me, I believe we don’t hear ET because they’ve discovered something much better than quaint but inefficient old “radio.” (Call it subspace comms, or hyperspace comms if you like. Science fiction has had this for many years. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We just don’t know how to get online, galactically, yet.)

    …or, maybe we do. (See: Tourmaline.)

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. No “HQ.”
    Regionally self-organize yourselves.

    How do we make it a Business Model?

    In the meantime:
    Tray tables UP, please. Seatbelts buckled in tightly — some chop may lie ahead. (Cabin attendants, please be seated immediately. SFX: DONG!!)

    – 73 –

  3. Yo Chief Wampum,

    Wanna see how hard working, honest folk treat malingerers, quitters, glass chinned frauds ? 76ers v Brooklyn Nets game tonight. Everybody whos anybody in “social” will be dressed to the 9’s and on display at Wells Fargo Ctr tonight for the return of fainthearted, shrinking ben-lily Simmons. Ought to be spectacle..

    With 3-11 around bend, 1 begins to wonder about Internet Rus, no not Keivian Rus. Who needs a worldwideweb when you gotz Ure own internetz in- house?
    Who needs SWIFT/USD/EUR when U gotz Gold backed currency and tons o Gold?
    Sure sign of genius – US Congress passing anti Russian Gold Selling laws = pure GENIUS, right up there in genius level with pres. “Clone Zioden” – Russia has been for years and still is to this very Day, A Net Buyer of Gold. duuuuuh-OH!
    What would they sell it for anyway ? worthless foreign reserves ? worthless BIS script bullsceisse, they got all the Commodities already.

    Its all good – Russian No FLy Zone will go up soonly over the Kraine, No – we do not have the ability to defeat S400 systems. Check .
    f16’s ?? worst safety record in mil aviation – only thing with worse record – boeing 737max funeral planes. US/Nato got nothing to fight Sukoi/Migs with, nothing. Check .

    ? Checkmate ??

    …..Aint NO help us Sheeples’, coming from heaven – truth leak that . Take care ourselves 1st, then we can help others..

    word 2 the wise – pray Peace, prepare otherwise.

    • Bingo…and i stumble to repair unexpected transmission damage from unexpected loose pan bolts, with very few 3 year milages and a tightening when i was more agile, very tight and a new bunch of ” help” selling labor..

  4. George,

    Since 1991, the U.S. has all but eliminated tactical, aka ‘non-strategic nuclear weapons.’ Russia is ‘estimated’ to possess two to four times the number of tactical nukes as the U.S.

    According to this VERY recent Congressional report on tactical nukes,

    tactical nukes are defined as “the use of nuclear weapons by land, sea, or air forces against opposing forces, supporting installations or facilities, in support of operations that contribute to the accomplishment of a military mission of limited scope, or in support of the military commander’s scheme of maneuver, usually limited to the area of military operations.” Strategic nukes are city-wide, military/industrial complex and critical infrastructure busters.

    Essentially, for U.S. forces, the use of any nuke, tactical or strategic, on the field, on the sea or in aerial or space battle still requires Presidential authorization.

    Interestingly, tactical nukes (NSNW) are NOT accounted for under the START treaty (STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty) and no treaty has yet to be drafted covering these tactical nuclear weapons.

    If there’s a Genie that needs to be kept securely inside its lead-lined bottle, it’s these weapons. IMHO, this is the primary reason the U.S. is pushing hard NOT to escalate the Ukraine situation by supplying fighters and other high end weapons. The worse Putin looks at home, the more dangerous he becomes.

    • “If there’s a Genie that needs to be kept securely inside its lead-lined bottle, it’s these weapons. IMHO, ”

      Instead why can’t everyone just follow the Dao..
      instead of death and threatening behaviors.. we work together to clean up the island of plastic in the help those in need and stop the greed..
      It makes me sad to see all the horrible things man does to man

      • living in this system solar system/Duality – where evil seems to rule the day – there is a knowing, and saying that speaks to it..

        “great darkness before the Great DAO”

        Bright, Open, Happy heart will get U thru – positively positive – F-em ALL LooB.. Onwards and Upwards!

        * in YX 9 step child longevity QG, ‘we” stand, sit on edge of chair, or in lotus position – but no outward movement ..unless of course you get “spontaneous movements” .
        “Everyone can have spontaneous movements as long as one is in deep tranquility: tranquility leads to movement, after movements you will be back to tranquility. These are correct and natural.”-YX

        Dont be Sad, be Grateful you dont have a tooth ache or something.

  5. I’m disappointed that Harbor Fright doesn’t list Geiger counters. Amazon has a bunch, though.

    • I checked the anticipated delivery dates. A couple of days ago most were looking at April. Lab quality equipment was still available but the circa $100 instruments were way back ordered.

      • NukAlert, and meters on the shelf, no waiting.
        Lab quality isn’t going to cut it, get a high range meter.

      • Steve–Thanks for the heads up. For the moment I’ll get some RadTriage50 card dosimeters while I figure out the jumble of rads, rems, sieverts, etc. and which instruments overload at what levels. A number of the consumer products use proprietary batteries–not good. Seems like the card dosimeters and a cheap geiger counter might be an effective strategy for determining how far to run and whether what seems safe really is safe. Cape Canaveral is 50 miles north and the St. Lucie twin reactor nuke plant is 20 miles south. Best of both worlds!

      • …Which reminds me, I need to dig up my radioactive standard and make sure my radiation toys are calibrated.

        Note for anyone using Civil Defense surplus rad-counters: These REQUIRE carbon-zinc batteries. Alkaline batteries have too strong an output and too sharp a decay curve. The meters get wonky until a proper battery is used. The folks at KI4U sell a lot of surplus CD radiation equipment, so they may have found a workaround. I never could spare the time, so MY workaround is “dollar stores,” specifically Big Lots and Dollar General because they sell good old fashioned carbon/zinc (actually zinc / manganese dioxide but CZn works with most people who’re old enough to remember the Eveready cat) dry cells (or you can order Ray-O-Vac CZn batteries direct from Ray-O-Vac…)

  6. Here is something you may or may-not know. Oct. 2019 there were military sports games being played in Wuhan China with several countries participating. This is where it gets interesting and where fact goes to educated guess. fact, virus was released on those playing in these games. fact, all the countries that had people playing in those games is where the outbreaks of the virus started first.
    Fact, Older people were to most likely to die from this.
    Educated guess. This was suppose to be given to Trump and he met some of those troops that came back from those games in Wuhan and he was suppose to die from this as he mingles with many military and he would have been exposed before they knew what, when or anything else about this virus. This was what was suppose to happen to remove Trump from the election. Fraud election was the back-up plan to keep Trump out of office
    Fact, I had the virus in Dec. 2019, from being exposed from a military base where some of the players that were at Wuhan were. Was I tested at that time NO, there were no tests known at that time But all the symptoms from later, confirmed it. loss of smell and taste.
    The amount of infiltration into our government is HUGE and that is why we are in dire peril as IF they are not rooted out and removed they will get us all either killed or enslaved, your choice as to the outcome. If I disappear after stating this you’ll know someone did NOT like this being broadcast, LOL, No I am not really worried, LOL let them try.

    • That the original outbreak of Covid-1 came from military personnel returning from the Wuhan military Olympics was documented in the Origins of COVID 2021 addendum released last August. Not a secret.

    • Interesting! I also had the virus in Dec, 2019, and had all the symptoms except loss of taste and smell. Perhaps I did have those too, but my senses of taste and smell were always blunted, so who knows? Regardless, I had the feeling I got it on a cross country max performance drive in horrible weather. Perhaps not, but I definitely had it before it was really known and before it had a name. Since then, I can’t escape the idea that it was spread by design far and wide.

      • The rev 1 Covid was less severe than the versions that followed. I had it over a weekend in 1st quarter 2020, before the overtaking rev 2 Covid forced the lockdowns. I rationalized it at the time as exposure to H1N1 (again) and the flu shot and natural immunity had kicked in. Symptoms were off for H1N1, but spot on for Covid. The initial Covid outbreak was universally misdiagnosed as a resurgence of H1N1 in the US.
        When I got hard exposure to rev 2 Covid, which was the stone cold killer, I didn’t get sick. It was only last year after the Origin of Covid document was released that myself and coworkers pieced together the real timeline.

    • I have no doubt it was circulating in the U.S. at least as early as September. People were starting to come down with something resembling the flu but would not respond to the usual treatments. I probably got it from the grandkid who brought it home from school. Luckily no one had a bad case of it and the hospitals and doctors were starting to act weird about the whole thing so I never went to them. Just toughed it out and got over it. It was long before anyone knew about Ivermectin and HCQ.

    • There could be, but because of the HOT climate and other issues it is NOT an ideal location for bio-labs. except for the middle of the ocean in case of escapement

  7. My WAG is that those bioweapons labs were the first things strategically taken out by Putin as he was sure to have known their exact locations. The US most certainly has their hand in the cookie jar of Ukraine and is looking to, once again, buffalo the American public.

    Remember: if Lester Holt, Savanah Gutherie or Hota Kotb never say anything about, it NEVER happened……

    • Why that would describe the kabuki theater distraction / bogeyman responsible for the forthcoming ACH lockout/ bank holiday. You are listening with your eyes.

  8. George…you said… “Sure, sure, you can read about how the Biden administration is lying (or at minimum, knowingly deceiving America) in stories”

    So, this bio-weapons document dates from 2005…So, the Bush administration started this…Obama does nothing…That article in which you said… in 2018 a detailed report, Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva published an extensive blog post detailing “The Pentagon Bio-weapons” and development locations.” …

    Trump was President at this time…What the heck did he do? Look the other way it seems.

    So…Biden inherited a situation from three Presidents ago and he is lying? Dig deeper…as in deep state…this goes well beyond the power of any President.

      • From the critical review section on amazon, review by Hollis L. Stavn, titled ‘poorly written puff piece’ “It should be enough to know the material for this book was provided by Rudi Giuliani after meeting with a Russian operative in Kiev in 2019. (We should find out what the Russians paid Rudi since he was representing Russians and why he was fired from his law firm.) Hunter Biden is evidently a piece of work that would make Hunter Thompson look like an choir boy. A Chinese think tank headed by Patrick Ho Chi-Ping paid Hunter ridiculous amounts of money for introductions and advice on US Law. The think tank was funded by CEFC a Chinese energy company headed by Ye Jianming who had close ties to the chinese military and President Xi. ( Dont forget the Chinese bought IBM’s laptop business- they try to do business all over the world).
        Ye has disappeared, Patrick Ho was convicted for bribing energy producers in Africa and spent 3 years in prison in the US, and Hunter is being investigated for tax fraud. No crimes were ever charged against Burisma and the intelligence agencies and Senate committees find nothing against Joe Biden.And there is no evidence of malfeasance by Joe Biden in this book. If you want to read some good journalism read Peril by Woodward and Costa, How Democracies Die by Levitsky and Ziblatt , and On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder.”

    • Mark,
      You’ve been at war with Trump from the beginning. Hate to tell you this, but HE won! He doesn’t even know you exist, yet he’s conquered you. He’s taken complete control of your mind, emotions, and psyche. You can’t post one thing on this site without blaming Trump for something! If you stubbed your toe, you’d blame him. This could be textbook material on how to win wars without being present.

      • DJT better call Vlad and ask him to please stop the whole Ukraine thing because Putin’s killing the whole “Unaccountable Supreme Leader” brand that Trump is counting on for the next election.

    • Mark … you are trapped in the Republican /Democrat dialetic. Toss that aside.

      The TRUE dialectic in the United States presently, and for a number of decades now, has been the unified front put up by the Banker Class, the Military Hardware Class, and the religiously driven /power driven NeoCONS.

      All three of those groups have deep tenacles into BOTH US Political Parties and their agendas while somewhat different do overlap to a surprising degree. One thing all three groups believe in and push for … is TOTAL US HEDGEMON over the entire world. All outliers to BE CRUSHED.

      Trade a Democrat for a Republican at the top of the heap?

      Makes no difference since it is the same groups that have control over both parties, and actually often the very same “outside” consultants!! Look at the Wall Street bankers appointed to all the top advisory and financial jobs in the US!! A very very small group of people who all share a common outlook and belief system (and fwiw, mostly from New York, though sometimes one is from Harvard Square shows up – but of course that is where they all went to college together when they were younger). Not a dissenter among them.

      I will pick on one group, but I could easily pick on each of them. By my count since 2000 the Neocons have maneuvered the US into 4 conflits. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Any review of the news indicates that except for the killing of OBL we have LOST all 4 of those conflicts. Not a great historic track record for the conflicts the Neocons have maneuvered the US into.

      Alas … now the very same Neocon people who have already lost the 4 conflicts in the last 22 years they got us into (while pissin away our morality in doing it – remember OUR indiscriminant bombings of cities? hundreds of thousands CIVILIANS dead in Iraq? our treatment of POW’s? and the list of virtually NO morality by the US infighting those conflicts goes on and on … and on) WANT us to fight a War with Russia!

      WHY? I have no frickin idia, but another WAR, this time against Russia is what they CRAVE.

      Pull your head out of your Republican /Democrat mindset and notice that it is THE SAME PEOPLE advising both parties who created our extensive “off our shore” Bio Lab “investments” over the decades and it is now the very same people who are now pushing the Russian /US conflict dynamic.

      (and sadly based upon our historical military record over the last couple of decades … “IF” we go to War with Russia, well we WILL lose … and it won’t be pretty if that happens with tens to hundreds of millions US citizens DEAD)

      Wake up!!

      • It’s impossible to have a conversation with someone who’s paycheck depends on schmoozing with anyone in power no matter how dirty they are. Being an apologist for traitors makes you a … what?

    • Mark asks, “Trump was President at this time…What the heck did he do? Look the other way it seems.”
      well Mark, Trump set the trap. Everything is being exposed in George Soro’s land of Ukraine. Trump said, more than once he said it “I’ve caught them, I’ve caught them all”
      He was president for 4 years, set the traps and then let them ‘steal’ the office away again. It is a trap for your deep state buddies. Hold on, he is coming back, much to your disappointment. Much of his theatrics in the media is for show, sheeple need feed. It keeps distance between Trump and Durham, with a touch of Bill Barr, to show a political distance, so they can’t claim that is a political witch hunt, like the Mueller affair. When in reality it is a criminal prosecution, with global cabal connections [Soros and friends]
      Just for shits and giggles, here is a link to all the Q posts that mention Ukraine, it is amazing how many times the Biden name comes up
      Yup, it is just a psyop, but then again, is not the raising of our children a psyop? Crosby, Stills & Nash (Live) – Teach Your Children

      remember the Star Trek ‘Q’ character? interesting personality, bringing a different perspective to this reality
      Space Force, the future is ours!

    • WTF difference does it make who was president whenever on this. Not a damn bit. Bush, Obama and Trump are no longer presidents and are therefore irrelevant as none of them will ever face any justice for whatever perceived crimes anyone wants to come up with.

      Wrong is wrong and lying is lying so get over it and move on.

  9. Don’t know how reliable this is but it was on Clif’s Twitter feed:
    Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Claims Putin Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

    “To prevent World War III and an attack on Russia with nuclear weapons, the Russian government decided to neutralize the threat and restore order in Ukraine” – former Ukrainian P.M. Azarov

    A former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nikolai Azarov, released a message on Facebook claiming that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was planning a nuclear attack on Russia. In response to their potential attack, Russia decided to stop the situation and restore order in Ukraine.

    “NATO wanted to unleash a third world war by using nuclear weapons against Russia,” Azarov stated. “Since December 2021, Russia has been receiving information about NATO plans to deploy four military brigades (2 land, one navy, one air) on the territory of Ukraine.” One of those brigades could carry nuclear warheads.

    • presactly ! also reason for rush to Chernobyl, Uke nazi’s love dirty nukes..radioactive “junk” packed in explosive shells/bombs/mortars..

      -Pooters shut that avenue of chaos down, “surgical” strikes on biolabs – misson (s) complete. SHEWS station “neutralized” – will never hear a word about SHEWS..cause they dont exist!

    • Of course! Destroying the village in order to save it! Her lips said “Nyet!, Nyet! Nyet! but her eyes said “Da!, Da! Da”.
      Dr. Goebbels would be so proud.
      Why would any thinking person believe ANYTHING being said about the Ukraine situation?Truth is always the first casualty.

    • Yes, there’s going to be a yyuuuuge “Come to Jesus” moment somewhere along in here when the American population comes to find out just how down and dirty our government really is.

  10. George, a twist to your hypothetical book, if I may…

    What if Mr. Putin and Mr. Zelensky are on the same side?

    That would explain a bunch of discrepancies, like 7000 vehicles rolling into Ukraine and being parked, then left alone, or the UKR forces mostly evacuating a hospital for pregos and children, then taking over one side so they could snipe Russians and collect a propaganda response, or the “business, as usual” conduct in some neighborhoods of UKR cities that’re allegedly under siege.

    Putin was a KGB operator and Zelensky an actor.

    Is it plausible that Jumpin’ Joehosephat is playing mumbletypeg with a plastic spork while Vlad’s playing chess?

    Is it possible they know how dirty we are, and are trying to get us into a war with those inept Russkies? C’mon! I can guarandamtee you Russia’s Regular Army conscripts are no less capable than our Desert Storm military was. They may not want to be in a fight, but they damn’ sure don’t want to die, and Russia’s whiz kids studied every single move we made in the sandbox.

    There’s simply too much inexplicable shit going on in Europe’s breadbasket. Somehow, all those dots connect. I just haven’t figured out how, yet…

    BTW, the “Russia has ringed CONUS with subs” thing? Those subs are now in-place, and D.C. is 28 seconds away from becoming obsidian.

  11. Which corrupt government agency was responsible for verifying that Ukraine got rid of their nukes, and what was the method of disposal. Where did they go???
    I find it very disturbing that the media talks so casually about a couple nukes going off because of this current euro squabble. Anyone who studies the nuclear exchange scenario surely realizes that once a few start flying there is a high probability that they all start flying. M.A.D. Mutually assured destruction. USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM.
    Nobody lives.
    Everybody dies.
    Todays nukes are very different from 1945. The other day I heard some media clown talk about most weapons are air burst and damage is minimal. US and Russia have enough weapons to destroy each other 10 times over. Every target will have air burst and ground burst rain down on them. I have 6 military bases within a 50 mile radius of my house, surely they are prime targets, March afb, Miramar Nas, North Island, Camp Pendleton, Seal Beach weapons facility, 29 palms, nowhere to run and I don’t have a underground bunker with 20 years worth of food and supplies. The private club have their bunkers stocked and ready for use. Maybe this is the left field event G.

    • “Ukraine” didn’t have any nukes. They housed Soviet nukes, just like the other Iron Curtain “Republics.”

      Large nuclear bombs require the same maintenance as small nukes. If they don’t get it, the fissile materials decay to the point the bomb can’t go “boom.” Any of those old Soviet nukes which were not returned to Russia are now only militarily-useful as dirty bombs.

  12. This explains SO MUCH of what I read around here:
    Another reason I’m glad I got the vax, although I’m still awaiting my demise due to graphene oxide poisoning triggered by 5G rays emanating from George Soros’s basement.

    • About a year ago, the Salk Institute issued a report about all this. There were a few key findings.
      First, the problem was identified as primarily a vascular disease, not a respiratory illness per se. The virus itself causes little damage, it’s the action of the (engineered) spike protein screwing up the epithelial lining of the blood vessels doing the bad stuff, which can occur almost anywhere in the body. Big clots are more rare, but the micro clotting is common, and the effects pile up over time. It was also noted that the mRNA vaccines cause the development of the same spike protein, so the danger is similar from that end. It’s a crap shoot either way.
      The best thing would be to avoid both getting sick and taking the shot.

      • This is certainly distressing LOOB. I can see the perplexity when completing a job interview form and the thing has disappeared. MALE, FEMALE or GENDER NEUTRAL?

  13. Kick can down the road day . Come on as said a few weeks ago git some ides of March stories going

    • U will no likey the ending…keep bailing Lenny , rains are bound to stop one these years…

      Got Gold ? Pooterz got more than anyone can imagine. Soon time too show what you bee holding – US be holding Derivatives of Gold – there is absolutely Nothing behind COMEX paper contracts but bad gas.
      A Major Force? nah that doesnt seem right, a Jamor Roecf nope…oh yeah now I remember – Force Manure
      Lets get it Len – Lets Get ______!

  14. Comrades,

    Unlike major league baseball, spring training is underway for a shot at the Washington big leagues. Scouts are evaluating talent. Lesser lights do a pop fly flameout while stronger legs steal a base for facetime with the manager.

    Last week the msm brought the happy tidings of a Mr. Trump emergency plane landing at New Orleans. An engine failure was attributed to the aircraft of an, understandably, unnamed party benefactor. A replacement aircraft was quickly sourced from another donor and Mr. Trump was returned home to Florida in the wee hours.

    Meanwhile, the spouse of Mr. Trump’s late, former benefactor is evaluating draft picks. Dr. Adelson now is one of the wealthiest women in the world with an enviable fleet of private jets. According to msm, Mr. Pence was able to make up for his planned trip to Israel in the first week of last year that was canceled by chance of good timing just before the Capitol riot. Yes, at last Mr. Pence was able to receive a ride and lodging to the promised land courtesy of Dr. Adelson during the course of this past week. One guesses he’s safe on first base. Duties in Israel complete, perhaps Mr. Pence will appear on the evening news tonight on the border of Poland and Ukraine? Folks at home in the cheap bleachers can listen in for his ideas on how to cure what ails the world? Buy a bag of peanuts and receive a free vote? Mail it in.

  15. I dont think the deciders had gamed out the great resignation or impact to their real estate, taxation, toll colleciton, building services, etc. etc. The new plandemic revenues must have eclipsed the follow through on weighing the hidden costs and risks of the new enterprise.. Greed always does that, check under “supplemental” in the presentation deck LOL.

    That grand favor they did for the working man by raising the minimum wage to $15.00/hr? When you look under the hood you discover that is the threshold where labor costs exceed the cost of automation and robotic burger flippers, automated touch screen self service POS terminals, self service check out, and smartphone apps. I’m not a ludite by any stretch, but the point being is that Joe and Jane sixpack have been trained the accept headline speak catered to helping YOU get ahead, while lacking the critical thinking of what happens as a result of because of A then B. You also discover on both sides of the aisle that those that were loudest in supporting the legislation were also campaign contribution benefactors of the enterprises creating the automation solutions..

    • The difference (putting on the green eyeshade) is that research and the cost of development can be capitalized and written off. Labor is just…er…labor. Hard to do much mba tricky shit with that. Given me flexibility in write offs though, and brother stand aside. Anything you want for profitability. Well, except the Sect. 179 write off for the Gulfstream iv might not work. “Too big and not a customary way for retired nutjobs to travel” explained my consigliere. “Even walking shoes, unless you log wear on them for business vs. pleasure, you’d have a tough time in an audit,” he continues.
      So I ask: When I have to take that 2-cuppa coffee pee – which feels oh so good when you’ve delayed because of a business deadline writing a column…is THAT pleasure of business use of shoes?” I wanted to make sure I got the use logging set up (I have plans to sell a shoe module plugin to Quickbooks.)
      “Don’t you have a drink to pour, or something?”

      • No wonder I have problems with bureaucracy! Nothing I do is usual and customary! Some of us think from first principles in everything – it’s just natural. Most people don’t.

        Enshrining “usual and customary” in the law is insanity, per my perspective. It happens, so I have to act the part just to get by.

        In a serious war situation, I have no idea how to either pay or collect taxes. It would seem like the last thing to have concern over.

  16. Well, they’ve attacked oil, gasoline and natural gas. I was wondering when they were going to get around to adjusting my electric bill, too … and by golly it’s in the works now.

    Gee, for not knowing much of anything about Ukraine until some Hunter dude lost his laptop in the woods, I’m now a’ learnin Mercia has been VERY dependent on the Ukraine. Heck, I thought all our fancy stuff come from China.
    I’M SO NAIVE. Lol !!

    • Just got a note from my son in Sweden. This morning his electric rate was $0.67USD/kwh. Then the wind started blowing and his rate dropped to $.30-$.40/kwh. Before this all began he was paying around $.20/kwh. He says Sweden gets about 30% of its electricity from wind. By the way, diesel was $9.70/gallon yesterday in Sweden. And some other countries in Europe are far more dependent on Russian gas than Sweden.

    • Dude, you be preaching to the choir.. I had no idea how much porn content came from Uke/Russia. Talk about short stroking..

  17. Aren’t the usual disaster dates 3.11 and 4.19?

    The latest crazy conspiracy rumor is that the real reason the west is pushing so hard to get everyone vaccinated is not because of covid, but because the US is planning to use bioweapons in ww3, and is trying to get their population protected ahead of time.

    • Unless you are of Slavic descent – you got No worries..yet.
      Watch UN Security Council meetings – Russia is bringing hard evidence of live research programs – designing hemorrhagic virus’s 4 targeting of specific Slavic poulations/genetics.

      Who does Research on how to KILL,MURDER Millions of Humans ? Who supports the Costs involved in building, supplying, researching this EVIL wit their Tax dollars ???

      I personally am of Russian/Slavic descent out of Chicago, IL 1962, adopted. Spent several years member naval special warfare community, later in life prior to early retirement, spent couple years state law enforcement.

      I can you on a personal level this is WAR

      If You/WE are not disturbed by this diabolical evil scheisse being done in Our name , gotta wonder about Ure/Our true Humanity.


      • “If You/WE are not disturbed by this diabolical evil scheisse being done in Our name , gotta wonder about Ure/Our true Humanity.”

        All of it tears my heart out.. the horror the loss the pain..

      • I think they’re saying if you are of slavic descent, you are susceptible. just like Sars 1 only really affected asians.

    • I tire of the Q-inspired YouTube rants that are abundant here and skip most links. But for some reason I clicked on this 15 minute link. Certainly the facts are open to interpretation, but the presentation is absolutely great. Worth a watch no matter what your perspective.

  18. George,

    I know dreams can foretell a lot, and I had a scary one last night.

    I was with my family, definitely wasn’t anywhere near where I live because it was very flat terrain. I saw what looked like a missile launch straight up, but it changed course and did a parabolic dive down into a cloud formation and there was a nuclear detonation. In the dream it was very far away, but we did get hit with a pressure wave off the explosion. On the upside, seemed like we survived it fine. Woke up right after.

    Just some self interpretation: launch was close to where detonation occurred, almost like it was self-inflicted (false flag, internal conflict, etc?) and the blast occurred in a cloud formation (causes or what the intended target were was obscured?) then there was a definite effect on me but it wasn’t fatal.

    • “I had a scary one last night.”

      I have dreams like the one you had @RH … I usually am woken up by a woman small elfish big eyes that has me follow her.. sometimes I am in this huge house with a spiraling staircase.. windows all around where she will point .. usually it is a storm coming..
      then bam I am watching people wander down a broken road sick tattered and torn sores on their faces as if they are lost.. etc.. or hovering around a trash can tossing money and things in to a fire trying to keep warm in a city of ruins. For YEARS.. the dream the woman would point to a clock.. 3:15 as if it was important.. and that is when I would wake up and sure enough it was at three fifteen… so every year I get yancy about the fifteenth of march.. of course it is just a dream and dreams don’t mean squat it is a dream..
      but then I have dreams of a deer jumping in front of cars and usually that happens so who knows..just a crazy ole man in the wastelands..

      I haven’t had those very much lately.. l have been dreaming about hydroponics and different ways to grow food.. Food is a biggie.. most people keep a three to five day level and that is it.. stop by once a week and buy groceries.. etc.. They will never understand its importance until the day comes that you don’t have any can’t get any..
      Last night I had a dream that I stopped in to buy eggs and milk bread.. I did my regular grocery shopping and went to check out. At the checkout lane was a big sign saying No Checks, No Credit or debit Cards, No fifties and no hundreds Cash only.
      And there are stores that way now.. no fifties no hundreds well unless your going to a bank no one takes the hundreds or fifties seems there is a lot of counterfeiting done with those two.. and no checks.. in the dream the store had no lights on and long lines..
      Then again the dream could just be because I have been concerned over what has been going on this past year and how far the USA has fallen.. if War doesn’t get us because of this jerks stupidity.. Then the idiot printing money faster than the speed of light will…

  19. Thought I’d share
    I have been in an ongoing conversation with a group of people regarding gardening. Soil, homemade fertilizers, and the biggie – seeds. Lot of a talk about vegetable seeds shortage this year – though I have found everything I was looking for – to add to my stash. Here is an idea you might be interested in. I am not recommending this company – just a damn good idea for long-term seed storage and propagation. A little expensive., but covers just about everything you may need. All that is missing is book on how to grow and collect seeds from heirloom plants. And there are a lot available on that subject. Have a look and see if this might fit in with you long term, possible survival – vegetable gardening needs / wants. Note: I did not buy this – as I built my own a few years back – but a friend did, I saw it and it was impressive.

    • Thanks @dLynn.. I appreciate you sharing that.. I ordered one and put the site in my saved list..I spent sixty bucks just on a few this has about everything and it is all packed to keep it fresh..

  20. Oh, and just out … it’s now OK to hate, depending on who you hate and where your location is. Guess allowing it is probably better than trying to hold all those folks in F/B Jail … in someone’s mind.

    Exclusive: Facebook will temporarily allow posts calling for violence against Russians, calls for Putin’s death

      • Believe me, the hate never stops in Texas. And the Okies I come in contact with are just as bad or worse. Vigilante sociopaths who use social justice as their cover are the worst and most remorseless in their hate mongering. We got vigilantes wearing pillow cases with eye holes in every color imaginable, although brown seems to be a local favorite.
        Texas Confederates are multi-generational authorities at manipulating such people for fun and profit. Wind-em up and watch new real estate come on the market. This has gone on here since the time of the Republic.

      • Bill- A Kiowa outpost was here, but not Comanche. This was neutral territory for a half-dozen tribes.

      • It never went away.

        What do y’all think things like “PC police,” “cancel culture,” “busybodies,” hell, even HOAs are? They are an opportunity for physically, morally, and psychologically weak people to leverage a group or neopolitical entity, to force an other (or others) to bend to their will.

        If that ain’t “bullying,” I don’t know what is…

      • Which means exactly nuttin’ n____. Life’s rough and you’d better learn to take it. You’ve committed the usual sin of applying today’s morality to our great, great-great and 3 greats grandparents’ world view. I moved 20 times before I was 18 and I’ve been roughed up, spit on and ostracized for being an outsider pretty much all of the first part of my life so don’t think you’ve got a corner on being put down and put upon. What I meant in my reference to the Comanche was that they gave better than they ever got and were the only tribe to essentially beat off the onslaught of every other race from the other side of the pond. The only way they were beaten was by subterfuge, technology and broken promises that resulted in the last great Comanche raids. Even the Apache were scared to death of them. What they lacked in what we’d consider “morality” they made up for in the raising of the captive children they took in and their total inability to understand why someone would lie to them. Lying is still a respected skill in certain circles of power in today’s World is it not?

        I’d hate to see you stand up in the world to come and scream at the top of your lungs “CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???”. Short answer – no. We can’t. It’s that nagging case of “original sin” I wrote to George about a few weeks ago. The best we can do is maintain uneasy truces and the closer we become packed together the worse things become. It’s at the root of the conflict between the newbies with financial power in my town and the old folks’ they want to get rid of so they can stuff their pockets with money. Unless we spray the World with Psilocybin until everyone gives up their egos we’ll continue to find new and exciting ways to kill or at least become overlords to one another. This is why you’ll never find me fishing for social points here on George’s little Socrates Society. Christ didn’t either which is why I find the occasional entreaties for “love, love, love” here to be supremely hypocritical. He spoke gently to teach those that were willing to listen but when He spoke truth to the elites it wasn’t long before epithets and camels were flying all over the place – because they knew He was right and it messed with their social and financial status. (I often wonder how much of Christ’s language they had to clean up when they finally recorded His arguments in the early writings?) Truth has always been a much-maligned thing but it’s never lost its glow through History. History has always eventually exposed – and resurrects – it.

      • Bill – I don’t recall making any peace-love speeches, and I have mentioned that many local land-owners are being bullied or under the threat. My advice to individuals who are being bullied or witnessing it is to document it in a forum like this; sometimes it can help. It beats being threatened with phony process crimes.
        As for cow patty pharmas, one of my coworkers (a supervisor who travels) just got hit with the triple crown of drug tests- whiz quiz, breathalyzer and hair analysis all together. I’m thinking he will get hit with the high security whiz quiz in a month or two. You’ve apparently never faced a war on ‘merica witch hunt from someone who wants to ruin you or take your property. Good luck finding a lawyer.
        My historical references usually involve family and neighbors buried in local plots, or trenches. I was forced to move about as a kid, but I currently inhabit ancestral turf going back to the Republic era.

      • N___, my family dates back to being the welcoming committee to the Original 300. LONG before the Republic. Our family name is chiseled in marble at San Jacinto so simmer down.

        No, things haven’t gotten so corrupt that they’re using bogus drug tests on random people here in the town and area to displace people from their property. That type of authority doesn’t exist here and, in your case, I’m not so sure as to how that’s working around your area. Aren’t you down around Houston? Way too many people and Democrat territory to boot. Around here they’re mainly jockeying for political power through the elections but, personally, I honestly think we’re too close to the apocalypse to worry about it now. The tax issue of a few years back is what ruined our area but things have been going sideways since.

        Your submission about bullying above sounded very much like some of the conversations that have gone on here in the past so that was where I was coming from. Every one else takes up miles of space that George graciously grants us in the comments so I wouldn’t mind reading your expanded thoughts on what your were getting at. Sounds like you may have a legitimate legal issue at hand and there could be some one here that has experience with organizations like The Rutherford Institute ( or The Institute for Justice, Texas office ( These groups offer free or low-cost legal representation. But, all too often, people tend to find themselves standing on their own facing daunting foes. Doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die, though.

      • Bill- The drug tests aren’t bogus; you have no idea how pervasive over-testing can be in the private sector. The idea that a civil rights lawyer will represent someone in my ethnic group is laughable – money isn’t the issue.

    • Yep, but if we articulate those thoughts regarding Brandon, we get the SS come a’knocking!

  21. Comrades,

    While the truck convoy to DC may have been a weak tasting cuppa joe to observers, the Ottawa post-convoy retributions continue. The CBC is reporting that the Iconic Cafe coffee shop that remained open to serve protesting truckers in downtown Ottawa is now closed following an eviction action by building management. Nobody is saying too much.

    Hmm. Here’s a few guesses. The building is owned by the fourth generation of a family who arrived in Ottawa the year before the city became the national capital. Their ancestor designed the Parliament building and library and later became the Chief Architect in the Dominion of Canada. The office building in question, one of many in the company portfolio, had up until recent times leased out 100,000 sq. ft. to a federal government department.

    I guess that’s life in the coffee pouring business, right? Sometimes it’s just a grind.

  22. Ok

    One more for the evening.

    Mr. Putin’s Twitter account is still chirping. Moscow school of management was the first account that he followed. The second?

    The Terminator.

    I’ll be back another day.
    Good night.

  23. yada yada yada night . same fing bullsheet . farken veges .. short hard everything . insert gold in rear mouth

  24. ready to ramp gold yah turds .. hope your nuked counting your dough . me mates the old greedy carnts that killed and farked gold bulls for 25 years .. here look your rich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the poof your vapour !! priks .. you the best salty

  25. eh the fat turd yank hiding in france the self appointed godfather of gold .. fat prik

  26. …And then, it’s completely possible that God will thrust us back into the stone age before we can annihilate our planetary life:

    :Issued: 2022 Mar 11 0733 UTC
    :Product: documentation at

    # FAST WARNING ‘PRESTO’ MESSAGE from the SIDC (RWC-Belgium) #
    A full halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was detected in SoHO LASCO C2 and C3 coronagraph data with start time around 18:48UT on March 10th following the onset on a long duration C2.8-class flare from active region NOAA 2962. The bulk of the CME covers almost 180 degrees (north-east to north-west from Earth’s perspective) and splits into two parts, moving at different projected velocities, both exceeding 500 km/s. The CME is observed by STEREO A COR2 primarily to the north-west and has a substantial Earth-directed component. Further analysis will be conducted to estimate the expected arrival time.
    # Solar Influences Data analysis Center – RWC Belgium #
    # Royal Observatory of Belgium #
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