Wave Count Changes – Trouble Next Week?

This is “grocery run” day.  Which naturally segues into the idea of inflation and how it is warping Public thinking.  There are, dear readers, two ways you have to look at inflation.

Inflation’s First View

This view predominates because the Free Luncher Club (Congress) promotes the idea of an “economic conveyor belt” that will make us all rich over time.  It’s one of those “half-truths, oft repeated” that the library in hell is full of.

Still, you can be poor, work your ass off, and buy a piece of real estate with a min-down and let leverage work its magic.  Put down $25-thou and a modest home f perhaps $180-thou and when inflation is running 7 percent (*or higher) the home price will dutifully rise $12.6 thousand in year one. Such that a comp prices the following year at $192.6 thousand.

So far, looks great. But after a few years of this, you decide to move up into better digs, so you buy a more expensive house.  Except all the other homes have been going up 7 percent too, and then what happens when eventually (if you own long enough) the inflation rate cools and now you’re upside down.

Suddenly the economic conveyor belt begins to look like a gerbil wheel.  You think you’re going somewhere, not really getting ahead as much…but everyone is doing it and it’s Oh-So-Hard to get off and downsize.

Inflation’s Real View

There is another way to consider inflation.  This is the Purchasing Power Parity technique.  Right there in Wikipedia it says:

“The name purchasing power parity comes from the idea that, with the right exchange rate, consumers in every location will have the same purchasing power.

The value of the PPP exchange rate is very dependent on the basket of goods chosen. In general, goods are chosen that might closely obey the law of one price.”

When you marry purchasing power parity and standard account ratios (SARs) you can quickly begin to see a clear path through the funhouse mirrors of high finance.

Standard Accounting Ratios are about relationships over time.  For example, in a $200 thousand dollar house neighborhood where people drive nice cars that roll out of the dealership for $40,000 you might generalize an SAR as indicating “Five new cars is a house.”  It’s a ratio of respective costs over time.

You Rambling Again, Ure?”

Not really.  I was about to make a point about financial pundits and gun-jumping.  See everyone seems to be talking up the $40,000 Dow figure today.  While that’s amusing, purchasing power and market pricing are wobbly.

Two years ago our Aggregate Index recorded our peculiar pile of stock indices at $34,330.57.  At futures prices today, we’re at $45,184.79.  We can take the simple (inflation) view and say prices are 31.51 percent higher.  About 15 percent per year.

Markets can do that for a while. But they can’t do it forever.

As of today, it looks like our long Elliott view of the market will be changing. Grudgingly coming to my consigliere’s point of view (which in turn is in synch with Chris Carolan’s work and a whole bunch of other smart people we know.)

The two “trading boxes” are placed so you can see how there is a wave 1 up, a s down correction, and we have recently passed the minimum requirement under Elliott rules that Wave 3 cannot be smaller than Wave 1.

Then you will see a revised channel view.  If the market pulls back today and the rally (smoking fent event) continues up Monday/Tuesday, then we should crash into the overhead trend channel and collapse in a puddle into the first week or two of June.

Now the problem with that is two-fold.

First is that G.A. Stewart’s Nostradamus site and in comments posted here overnight lays out how some of the mechanics of Future works (read his comment here – brilliant stuff).  But that leaves us with the problem of the King of Terror in July and for that we need a senile old man with a penchant for war and nukes.

The only problem left to students of Future history is which track will the Future take?

  • One option remains that we still have a big sell-off next week – and then my consigliere’s rally over summer makes it to Labor Day and then everything hits the fan ahead of Thanksgiving.
  • But the Nostradamus work (thanks to Stu’s work) has an open possibility for July for this Terror from the Sky stuff – which would fit is someone (running for reelection) really needs a massive public crisis in order to get (weak-will and illegal) voters to fall in and support his second term bid.

Honestly, this is a Hobson’s Choice.  (Which if you don’t know…)

“A Hobson’s choice is a free choice in which only one thing is actually offered. The term is often used to describe an illusion that multiple choices are available. The best-known Hobson’s choice is “I’ll give you a choice: take it or leave it”, wherein “leaving it” is strongly undesirable.”

In the end, we’re all dead, but not being in a hurry, I’m cheering my consigliere’s view.  But just in case, we will consider LEAP put buy #1 at the end of June and buy #2 at (or after) Labor Day.

For now., we’re sitting in cash and working on local resilience projects some number of which will look like genius by the middle of 2025.

Friday’s Headline Stomp

I’m been telling you all spring about the high rain levels around East Texas.  Meanwhile, just south of us, Houston can’t seem to catch a break: Severe Texas storms knock out power to 900,000 Houston businesses and homes and blow out hundreds of office and hotel windows | Fortune.  40-miles north of us, Tyler, Texas has 33.5 inches in the rain gauge for the year – so we’re on track to run twice Seattle rainfall (or more) if this nonsense continues.

Our Houston Bureau says more to come, too: 

“Food for thought. Houston’s trashed, again. I’m guessing crews from other states are on their way here to help restore the grid. But, a caveat: hurricane season officially begins June 1st – that’s a bit over 2 weeks from now. Forecasters say 2024 will be especially active, particularly for Houston and the Gulf Coast. I’m sure you can envision the disaster we’re probably facing – the 1900 hurricane that destroyed Galveston that left thousands of dead should be an exemplar of a disaster that didn’t have to happen.”

The Kangaroos are still holding court in New York, though: Trump hush money trial turns fiery as defense accuses Michael Cohen of lying. But are things turning for Trump? JUST IN: Fani Willis Is Now Facing Another Investigation (trendingpoliticsnews.com)

Food is rolling into Gaza – good news for the innocents there: Trucks roll off U.S. floating pier bringing humanitarian aid ashore in Gaza.

And in Ukraine, things continue to deteriorate – as all the money in the world doesn’t seem to be solving anything. A New Russian Offensive Stretches Ukrainian Forces. Possibly To Breaking Point. (rferl.org).  This gets us to the point of mentioning that Ukraine is looking ALaGorically like Climate and warming: Another one of those things where the solutions are in brains not unlimited cash injections.

Out West: N. Korea fires ballistic missiles after denying Russia arms transfers (voanews.com).

Fine points of propaganda are on display as on the one hand US Senate resolution rejects China’s ‘misuse’ of UN 2758 | Taiwan News | May. 17, 2024 11:10 But right back at you in Chinese FM refutes US officials’ claims on UNGA Resolution 2758 not equate to an international consensus on the one-China principle.

Lighter and brighter: Paul McCartney becomes UK’s first billionaire musician (yahoo.com)  Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote Baby Your a Rich Man.  Beatle George Harrison wrote Tax Man.  Hear all this time I thought it was written by Joe Biden…

Around the Ranch: Scoping Out

Retired Big Island ham radio reader Hank picked up a dandy new pocket sized oscilloscope recently (*review coming Sunday in our ShopTalk series).

That got me thinking about the scope deficit on my electronics bench. So I ordered a $100 Vevor model.  Unfortunately, when the unit arrived, it had a small tear in the screen in the upper right corner.  So (thanks Amazon!) I returned it.

Then I decided to gamble that not all of them will have the screen defect and lo and behold, they were on sale.  7 inch LED scope for $64 including the tax. This is after applying a $40 coupon to the already 41 percent discounted price.  I’ll let you know if it has the same screen issue.

Otherwise, just another busy weekend at the ranch.  Time to mow the fire break /gun range and put out ant killing diatomaceous earth.  The list never seems to end, but that’s OK.  If it did, I might be dead.

Write when you get rich,


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59 thoughts on “Wave Count Changes – Trouble Next Week?”

  1. “Food is rolling into Gaza” – I am not sure how folks are supposed to distinguish between the terrorist people are hiding, providing aid and comfort and those innocents. Maybe this is inevitable where you have two waring parties and neither takes the conflict to the end game where clear victory is established and the victor kills out all the fight and integrates the losers into their culture. Declaring peace part way through and leaving 10s of thousands of radicals in separate populations will just lead to further cycles of violence. Humans have proven through our history, we just cannot peacefully coexist with close boarders with cultures radically different then our own. This appears a sad reality of our species.

    • Israel does NOT WANT to integrate those who live in Gaza (or West Bank) into their culture (or country) … they want to keep them in a perpentual “Slave” situation (per Netanyahu apparently under permanent Military Occupation).

      The last thing Israel wants is for the Palestinians in the West bank, or in Gaza, to ever have a vote in Israeli elections. It wants to rule over those people with an iron fist with no ability of them to contest that iron fist. It is a classic Ethnic Conflict where the ruling Ethnic Class wants to keep the other Ethnic Class in a perpetual servitude situation, or force them to move elsewhere in the world.

      This weekend the New York Times is going to be running a 3 part series on how the Israeli Settlers in the West Bank continually commit crimes against long time Palestinians residents of the West Bank … and are NEVER prosecuted, even when they outright kill Palestinians with no provocation or burn their houses /businesses down. Yep … even Jewish owned New York Times is apparently going to be calling out the Israeli Government over it’s Dual Standards of Law wrt Jewish Settlers and Palestinians.

      Ethnic Cleansing conflicts are always nasty. Most fly under our radar, even though they are always happening somewhere in the world. The Israeli vs most of the Middle East conflict just happens to be one where we have chosen sides … so in the end we will end up having to live with the consequences of having chosen sides.

      • Ethnic-based state-sponsored religious conflicts are the nastiest of all. Wind up the haters and the zealots with no-quarter engagement rules, add in an AI generating targeting orders with self-approval and no oversight, and you get a preview of the last half of Stu’s narrative. Kind of like the way the American civil war became the preview of what followed in the 20th century world-wide.
        It isn’t so much as who is doing whom or their justifications, as it is the what and the how they are doing what they do. The same applies further east. This looks like a warm-up rounds for the larger conflict. Moral rationalizations (and condemnations) tend to get penned after the fact, and frequently don’t match the narrative at the time the killing fields were operating anyway. You think that all those databases hawking Ure personal identity info to whomever pays 5 cent doesn’t matter, guess again. Ummm, an off-grid trailer is still standing; looks suspicious, terminate: fire for effect.

      • Lessee, in one corner you have 9 million Jews who want to be left alone. In the other corner, you have 1.13 billion Muslims (about 44% of all followers of Mohammed, worldwide) who wish to eradicate those 9 million Jews.

        Who’s trying to “ethnic cleanse” whom…?

  2. Comrade Ure,

    You seem confuzzled this AM with yankee Housing, Markets and Inflation. You be going higher in Markets, higher Housing, and much moar Inflation. Got any Gold left ? Are you sure, Faith dont WORK for these Eyes.
    The special military operation in ukraine is going swimmingly thanks to those marvelous Iskander&Khinzal missiles..Natasha we have stopped the Moose&Squirrel, now we rearrange the map.” -BB
    Kharkiv is falling – Pooterz no wants to rule/manage that area, so Sanitary zone it will be to protect Belogard. As ukie losers rush to the north, the front lines collapse, and open the way to Odessa in the south. Yes comrade Jurgis, our fine Russian Army will go to the Dinipper river, there to establish our new Eastern border.

    PS – think we will be kicking it in Lithuania’s ass shortly, or straight thru Belarus ? Thinking land bridge…

    PSS – already have renamed Capital of Sweden without lifting a Rifle… Welcome to Swiftholme, Swifties!

    • re: Ripley’s Believe It or Not
      feat: Nostromo

      Boris Badenov,

      A couple of nights back the television delivered a message from the Starz. The channel’s parent of Canadian heritage had followed the yellow brick road to Hollywood at some point.

      Even though it’s not July, the evening began with “Independence Day”. Immediately following, and 45 years after Seattle witnessed the movie global premiere, was “Alien”.

      Let’s touch base with DJ George running soundchecks on the setlist for the wee hours programme. “A little night music” from the “Alien” soundtrack may be apropos for the petrified sleepless in Seattle set. Here we go with a lovely ditty from Mozart, Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major, otherwise known as
      “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”.


  3. George,

    Just to clarify, I don’t associate Quatrain X-72 and “From the sky will come the great King of Terror” with what is most likely coming this Summer.

    I associate Quatrain X-72 with the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

    Nostradamus Quatrain X-72
    The year one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine [1999] seventh month [July],
    From the sky will come the great King of Terror,
    Resuscitating the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars [war] reigns by good luck.

    TRANSLATION: Quatrain X-72
    In July 1999, [planning began for the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks].
    The King of Terror will strike from the sky.
    The great power of China will be resuscitated.
    Before and after, war reigns with good luck.

    This is why I call it “The Nostradamus Butterfly Effect.” His dates are the dates when I prediction is set in motion.

    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars 2024, G.A. Stewart, 2023, Pages 259-258

    “In 1999, George H. W. Bush assembled The Vulcans as his son’s foreign policy advisors. There is no doubt in my mind that the events of September 11th, 2001 were the results of this group implementing the globalist plans of Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels.”


    However, I keep mentioning the multidimensional aspects of Nostradamus’ prophecies, so there is that link. “Before and after, war reigns with good luck.”

    However, I believe that these multidimensional aspects are most likely related to Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels, known throughout the Conspiracy Theory world as the “International Cabal of Satanists.”

    The events of 9/11 were certainly related to their social engineering plans, and so is what is coming.

    We recognize this today as “The Great Reset.”

    Unfortunately, I do not see a happy ending here. The cabal has committed itself when it released COVID-19. Fauci’s connection to the CIA is now known.


    Some good people in Congress are close to the truth, and they will never let that be revealed; that is why they need a big war and the destruction of evidence. Otherwise it’s the gibbet.

      • The cafeteria has these wonderful little sandwiches and a pop machine. I hope they had time to grab lunch.

    • This is serious business, folks. It’s obvious that there’s no way out of any of this mess and only God himself could stop it, but that does not appear to be the plan. Stu’s and George’s batting average are depressingly good enough to create real-world personal plans for the future. I use both of their work as a personal planning tool much like weather forecasts. We’re all responsible for our own decisions and no one here can say that they weren’t warned.

      • I think Stu would already be out in the boonies, but for his job with has to be in a target area, sadly.
        Hopefully, he will find (or God/Universe) will provide a way for him to get out while it’s still possible.

        At the highest level, when Elaine and I decided to walk out on the higher-rolling life in 2003 it was driven by one BIG simple question. If you were going to be on rural East Texas being around as a similar place to how it is today ionin 100 years, is that a better bet that Seatle, SF, or San Diego in the next 100 years?

        Our wager is clear. While we’ve been waiting, really good medical has come to us and fiber on the pole out front awaits only an installer. Meantime, the ride from dial-up 9600 when we arrived to two satellite sysatems (via=sat and starlink) has been a very pertinent slow-motion metric on how our bet is doing.

        Sadly, one of our chunks of land was devalued this month. Its “taxable value” due to ag filing is $1700 and change, which means maybe $100 in property taxes. We would not like to be working to pay taxes in a Big City where $100 worth of property tax is often 3 or 4 DAYS of property taxes, not an entire YEAR worth.

        But we all have to make our choices…just too bad more people don’t take the “long scope” on making decisions.

        • You two did it right and for the right reasons. I’m sure people thought you were crazy at the time and some still might, but smart people often appear to be crazy people to the less gifted.

        • It’s really odd, MAJ – one of the first reactions – 10 years, lol – was people said “Why should we listen to this assHsss – why he only lives in the woods and in a doublewide no less.
          Then we got into the Housing collapse. Which – having no mortgage – was a non-event.
          And here lately, as more and more people are “working for taxes, day care, commute costs” and seeing their personal values blow up (which is what happens when schools try to do parenting – wrong) a few are beginning to say “You know, this old coot and the babe with him may not be so crazy after all….
          So mote it be.

        • Shoot… reminding me that taxes is due..
          I pay what you do a hear every month..

        • I listened to you nine years ago when you said to go for the senior tax discount. First bill was around $1500 for the year. When I applied for the ‘Senior Homestead Exemption’ my property tax bill is now $200/year.
          Are you complaining about your “Ag Property” being ‘devalued’? You’re not thinking of selling anytime soon, so what’s the problem? Cheaper taxes? (giggle, snort)

        • “Sadly, one of our chunks of land was devalued this month.”

          Must be nice. They pumped my valuation. My taxes went from $291 to $297 for 2024…

        • (“smart people often appear to be crazy people to the less gifted.”)

          I wonder what that makes me.. the kids all think I am nutz LOL LOL

    • In my naïveté, I thought the great king of terror form the sky was an asteroid of extinction level.

      The Nostro material is much too deep for my simple mind to grok. I’m glad we have you, G.A.S.

    • DOW’s Going to hit 100K, BTC to $1M, and a Toyota Prius gently used will also be $100K. LOL . buy a car or buy one share of the DOW. when is GLD price going to catch up on the DOW ratios? Seems to be getting knee capped at CME again.

        • Well Put George. I dont plan to participate in the Thunderdome either. There are limitless quantum variations to arrive at the same conclusion though.

      • The problem is when you cash out that 100,000 Dow you won’t be able to buy a dozen eggs ……it’s all relative- the Fed will continue to devalue and the rest of universe will flee to BRICS currency backed by gold

        • And your debts valued in Federal Reserve Notes will be paid in full using your dollar decorrelated assets that youve been accumulating over time with your lunch money. Timing really is everything.

    • Yeah yeah – thats all fakey fake, what about The Real ?

      Does Martin not have anything to say about bbbbbBITCOIN ?

      At time when it has become painfully obvious the World desperately needs a DECENTRALIZED, Digital Money System, nary a peep ?

      I mean we are talking about a Bullish Engulfing candle today..Kowa, kowa,KOWABUNGA!

      buybuybuy while there is still time. Time waits for no Man, just ask Editor G -he can tell youse what the price of BTC was when BCN first urged him to get some..

      You can still trade the Best looking Pig at the party- USD’s for BTC..completing the Triple Crown of Value Holders; Oil, Gold, Bitcoin.

      * Yes One Ounce of Gold will get you bout 30 BBL Oil, STILL.

    • That proves that you should follow but one ‘guro’, however how would you know ahead of time who the REAL ‘guro’ was? Of course results matter, but again who knows before?
      Just my musings ‘-).

  4. “Free Luncher Club”

    All of us own chips directly/indirectly and will need more chips. Data centers are being built for us. Intel can’t compete and needs free lunch. People go along. There’s always a justification for free lunch.

    Yesterday it rained in Houston. Did they save for the rainy day or will they pass the plate and take a piece of our lunch? It’s just a nibble and only a monster would make them go without lunch. Summer will be here. If they don’t have lunch they’ll all die from heat stroke or spoiled mayonnaise.

    • OowSteve:

      You said it. I am forever roasting a cousin who, for some reason, lives in LA. They have had gushers. The waterchase moniker is LA River but it’s not. It’s a drainage ditch to the Pacific.

      Don’t come begging for the Great Lakes water -or- our inland lake fresh water if you aren’t going to capture and store your runoff. Or, quit washing cars so I know you’re serious. Or, give up fountains, pools and hot tubs.

      Or, all the above.

      Large reservoirs, after a 100 year drought, have fixed themselves in under 2 years. These are cycles and if you can’t all live through dry phase there are too many of you. Or, too many for that location. Or, you are wasting what you have.

      Or, all the above.

      All twiddle. Pardon my pontificating. I’m in a giddy mood. E2 and my DIL delivered a boy this morning. He’s a strappin’ young stud with Popeye arms. I see my new sailing crew in future. We are chuffed.

      ATL: the last couple weeks is a snake of two stripes. Lengthwise fellers a fine, even friendly (Garter snakes). The other is ring striped with diagonal pattern. They are mean, they don’t retreat, instead attacking and some are 4-5′.

      Northern Water Snake (Nerodia sipedon)

      […] Because of their preference for aquatic habitats they are commonly mistaken for venomous water moccasins, Agkistrodon piscivorous. Northern water snakes are not venomous but they are aggressive and should always be treated with care and respect. […]

      Sites _not_ avoiding mention include the bite having a musk to it which includes an anticoagulant. Poisonous no. But their aggressive nature combined with causing protracted bleeding? Nyet.

      I am friends with one snake and rough on the others.
      Surprised the herons won’t eat them.
      Oh. taste bad too?

      Have a fine weekend alles,

      ps – watching metals? AG is having a breakout / banner day https://www.kitco.com/charts/silver
      Anr, Dr. Copper is in the house

      • rest assured E-atl, not a single water snake escapes Me and the Russels at our lil Lake – Hibernia Pk/Chambers lake.
        We hunt and execute any and all water snakes.
        Got a little one hiding amongst the rip-rap/ rocks at base of dam, still a little chilly for me to go swamp tromping, so he will live for another week or so. Have to go in the water to get him. Once caught the fun begins as I usually throw the Snakes at the Dogs, or smack em around the snout with said water snake. As you can imagine, the Russels go absolutely bananas on the watersnakes.
        Water snakes kill aquatic life – Fish, Frogs and other amphibians – officially not Welcome. Water Snakes are to PA Fish and Boat Comm. what Cats are to PA Game Comm., Persona Non Grata.

        Most aggressive snake we have in Pennsyltucky, thankfully they are non poisonous, unlike their common friends the Copperheads. These guys are pretty docile, but they pack a bit of a wallop. Thankfully none of the Snakes in this State are mean and nasty like my Belizean Buddies – The Jumping Tommygoffs/Fer-De-Lance – meanest mofo I ever crossed..MEAN & NASTY.
        Profoundly Grateful we dont have Tommy Goffs here in Pennsyltucky, as we are already live to close to that truly despicable Snake – pedo joe.

  5. Hi George,

    I am not much of a believer in Nostradamus but I did read a good joke about him:

    Kid Nostradamus asks his mom:

    “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

    “Like you don’t know, you little prick!

  6. George, I know you know this, but it appears a large portion of the population in south Texas never got the news: Never build your sand castle in a flood zone and lay your eggs on high ground. It’s not climate change it’s climate commonsense.

    Speaking of wet weather, average rainfalls in different locations of CONUS would surprise many. The average annual rainfall for Seattle is less than 40″…39 and change, while the average rainfall for Tyler, TX is 42″ and for Little Rock (just up the road in my neighborhood) is 50.4″ I used to live in Seattle and it rains often at a low volume while down this way it rains less often but at much higher volumes. I like it down south much better because we also have high volumes of sunshine and blue skies (and low taxes).

  7. Bad AM RX last night again.

    At Manassas VA hamfest years ago, I bought an HP 2 ch oscilliscope from the former Captain of Reagan’s AF1 ! Still works fine, the oscilliscope,

  8. Today is the first day of the Dayton Hamvention, runs through Sunday.

    For those of you who are not Ham Radio types the Dayton Hamvention has long been the largest Ham Radio gathering in the country, it is where all the LARGE manufacturers (except China’s) who make Ham Radios come to show off their latest and greatest stuff, sometimes even dragging along design engineers who can’t even speak English but who hang around the manufacturer’s booth trying to look busy.

    Since Ham Radio is now in major decline, thank You: 1) Internet; 2) Instagram; 3) Facebook; 4) TicTok; 5) Smart Phones; and yes 6) Desk Top and Lap Top Computers, it is worthwhile to note that some of the more interesting newer stuff is now coming from China, but alas the Chinese manufacturers do not deem the expense of attending such an affair to be worth their while so they don’t show up. (would love to see a couple of Chinese companies actually come to display their latest and greatest)

    If you are looking for older stuff, ancient relics even (George’s ADDICTION apparently), then it has the best live Flea Market in the country for such stuff. (want an old style newsroom teletype machine … saw several last time I went. how about a 1948 b&w TV? yep seen one of those there even though only a few were ever built). Sure E-Bay has more of that ancient stuff … but you can’t see it and touch it before you buy it.

    30 years ago when all sorts of Export Restrictions kept China from buying certain types of new electronics from US manufacturers Chinese buyers would show up en-mass on Fridays at the flea market and wipe the tents clean of the USED stuff that they couldn’t legally buy new, stuff that often was just a couple of years old in fact (including mil surplus communications stuff that was only a couple of years old and sale/export restricted). By Saturday when the regular folks would show up the Chinese would already be gone, having wiped the tents clean on Friday of all the stuff that they wanted that was nominally export controlled.

    Anyway … if you want to see a bunch of overweight old men aimlessly walking around looking like they have no idea as to what they are doing, where they are going, or where they came from, the Dayton Hamvention this weekend is the perfect place for YOU!! (No bar on women coming, they just don’t. No bar on young people coming, they just don’t)


    • I was at Fair Radio yesterday — must’ve been 40 ‘ventioneers wandering the aisles, looking for flea market fill.

      I waited until no one was looking, then picked-up a working Hickok 534 for $150.

  9. “7 inch LCD scope for $64”
    Dammit, George! Half the price I paid. Now I’m debating ordering one, just so I can outdo myself! Hmm… maybe the shack needs a full time RF envelope monitor for modulation checks. Why do I suddenly feel like a test-gear slut?

    • We;ll, mine had a tear in the upper right corner – if they all do, that wouldn’t be good.
      But I play options so gambvling is kinda in the blood


      • Now watch Murphy’s law at work. Your reOrder screen will be fine when it arrives. Then I will decide to order one and find they are ‘out of stock’, and it will be ME crying “George got my ‘scope!” ;-)

        (hangs head… ‘guilty as charged, your honor.)

  10. wave counts,,, when we should be waving bye bye to Judge Merchan,,, thanks to Congressman Goldman of NY
    Laura Loomer


    click inside the box, to expand/magnify, in the link


    can a libtard judge unshit his own nest?
    seems to be a family business as the daughter has an digital ad business , making bank off Demon campaigns funds, that bought her father’s bia$

    I don’t think Goldman needs nail clippers, as he has been nervously chewing on them, what is in his closet?

    “Who did Congressman Goldman donate to?
    According to the search results, Congressman Dan Goldman, a New York Democrat, has a connection to Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan. Goldman paid more than $157,000 dollars to Loren Merchan’s political consulting firm, as revealed by Federal Election Commission disbursement filings obtained by Breitbart News.

    AI-generated answer. Please verify critical facts. Learn more”

  11. Got this from a long-time friend (who’s also a Jack of all trades) today.

    Huge timesaving tool tip:

    When you have a spare part on the shelf for an infrequent job, list the tools necessary to replace the part on its box or on a label attached to the bag which contains the part.

    I have included a tool or three in the box with the part before, but somehow this logical gem escaped me until now…

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