The Knowledge Preservation Crisis

If you aren’t up to speed on corporate knowledge preservation. you may not be prepared for this weekend. That’s when, according to reports, Russia will be making many changes to its Internet.  And that means the whole information-space theater of war is about to be wiggled.  Could things break?

If you have already transitioned to a 100% digital life, this means you have only a couple of days to at least think-through some of your life support data systems (including backups) and figure a flashback and restore strategy.

All those zombie apocalypse movies?  Might they have been a metaphor?  Not people coming back from the dead.  But perhaps an entire Civilization worth of digital assets?

Which we’ll kick the tires on(with coffee) after we ponder the way forward and downward.  Second leg up of the present rally looms in the meantime.  Optimism is back, but for how long is the question as we still see many icy patches ahead.

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104 thoughts on “The Knowledge Preservation Crisis”

  1. Hahah, you funny Indy”

    Anti Fragility G-pops, 1 of Ure fav concepts..might be making more cents now the “genie” is out da bottle.

    Globalism is in his Death throes – Long live Nationalism !

    To each his/her own…

    – this War ultimately be Financial – and we have hardly begun the initial skirmishes. China nationalizes all Manufacturing, Russia nationalizes Metals, Fertilizers, Petro, Gold backed Ruble …
    Well, at least we have israhell to supply USA with UN-limited amounts of Ammonium Nitrate, should we need to melt some granite somewhere or make a world record crater in solid rock.

    ?Can you eat ANFO? Ask a Lebanese how low/no yield israeli micro nukes leave a nasty metallic taste in Ure shawarma

    * alwayz enjoyed Polish/ Pollock jokes,(screen door submarines), like all other nationality type “busts”..(drunk Mick background personally) – in light of recent Ukey conflict intel..
    – I now understand implicitly where the saying “dumb pollocks” comes from now…

    • You may not want to eat ANFO, but AN is highly soluble in water and can be separated to make fertilizer. That may be its best and highest use!

      The residual oil can probably be separated for heat and possibly to run the tractor.

  2. How long does it take crude, in the states, I guess, to go from the ground to a finished product at the pump for fuels? Some places say about 6 weeks but the article over on ZH was talking about naphtha. Haven’t pump prices been running ahead of the costs – and, no doubt, always do?

  3. “(Literally, a computer in every room except the bathroom, for obvious hygiene reasons…which is what there’s Alexa in each one…)”

    Alexa in the bathroom. Hmmmmm. Does have possibilities.

    Alexa………………….raise the seat
    Alexa………………….roll the paper

    Goodness knows what else :-)

    • “Goodness knows what else :-)”

      Man in bathroom grunting and a little gas bubble escaping….
      Alexa…………………… would you repeat the question LOL…

      there is a reason why this is a good purchase option…
      I have always said that I should never hold in my gas.. the reason is I believe that is where my Shizty ideas come from LOL…

      • @ Mike
        “I always leave my toothbrush in a container partially filled with hydrogen peroxide 3%.”


        Peroxide is an antifungal, not really much of a bacteriostat — It inhibits growth but doesn’t necessarily kill bad bugs.

        I have a quart of Everclear. Its sole function is to kill bad bugs in a food-safe manner. I have twice used it as a mouthwash (which feels like rinsing your mouth with gasoline, then lighting it, sounds.) I can NOT believe I drank that stuff — straight — in college, to win bets (or for any other reason, FTM.) Kollege kids iz dumb…

      • Hi Ray,

        About 30 years ago when TX started making us emissions test our vehicles for annual inspection, I had an old junker that wouldn’t pass. A co-worker, who raced mini-sprint cars on the weekend, suggested that I run the tank down to minimum, and pour in a couple quarts of everclear. “Burns clean with a pretty blue flame,” he said. I thought he was nuts. “Alcohol is what the racers burn. It’ll work.”

        So I did. Two quarts everclear, drove around the block a couple times to mix it well, then into the inspection bay.

        “Runs pretty clean for a car this age,” he said.

        “Yep, just keep the oil changed,” I said.

      • @CPA

        “About 30 years ago when TX started making us emissions test our vehicles…”

        Yep. Burns clean, burns hot, and without a trace of tested emissions. Race cars run it, mixed with nitromethane and castor oil, because alcohol is viewed by a spark-ignition ICRE as having an “octane rating” which asymptotically approaches infinity. It is the fact that refiners can pump out crap gas, then add alcohol to it to make engines believe it is high-quality gas, which spurred the gasohol industry as much as the second energy crunch or the farm lobby.

        Alcohol is a tremendous “anti-knock” additive. Its failings as a motor fuel are it possesses low potential energy, which means it can not do the amount of work which gasoline can do (this is why we have an “E-85 equivalent” gas mileage number), and it completely lacks lubricity. Folks don’t realize every oil-based fluid lubricates. Gasoline is a fine lubricant; unfortunately, one with an actual viscosity of zero. Alcohol, when it comes to metal-on-metal is actually a negative lubricant, because it makes the friction parts sticky. It will cause rings to gouge piston walls (which is another plus, for a worn engine trying to pass an emissions test) which actually makes them seal better, for a few minutes, until the wear itself becomes an issue, or a ring seizes and breaks a piston.

    • Some box improvement stores carry a Japanese “bidet-seat” which is a $1200 add-on for your $100 loo. It power-washes, scrubs, rinses, dries, has memory for, like a dozen different bums… It is also heated, massages, plays music, and is Internet-connected. I believe it also cleans the bowl for you.

      Germans and Japanese seem to take their head-ventures a lot more seriously than people of other nationalities…

    • I read somewhere that the majority of cellphone ‘deaths’ were due to being dropped into the toilet. So yeah, the cellphone never goes into the bathroom.
      Again for preppers…. nevermind toilet paper shortages. Get a squeeze-bulb ‘Travel Bidet’ for home use.

      • “I read somewhere that the majority of cellphone ‘deaths’ were due to being dropped into the toilet.”

        I think I read the same thing.. in the Darwin Awards.. some guy drowned going after his cell phone.. what a shitty way to go

    • Depending on if you open PDFs in browser, you may have to right click and tell computer to “save target as” which should let you save the pdf locally

  4. Remember back in the stone age when you could not get a copy of your paid tax receipts without a trip to the courthouse or register a new car/truck or renew your vehicle tags by visiting a website and entering your PIN?

    Picked up the stock I bought Tuesday at the sale barn yesterday. Big hand printed sign by the cashier window said “NO CREDIT CARDS CASH OR APPROVED CHECKS ONLY”. Over coffee after swapping stories the sign was discussed. The only time I have ever gone to the window was to ask for change since the cafe cash register couldn’t break my $20 for a .25 cup of coffee. Most of the regulars have accounts with the sale company and the funds are exchanged at the bank so we speculated that shortly all transactions will be done by cash or check at the POS.

    Don’t even want to think about banking, taxes, and bill paying manually. Let the shit begin.


      • That’s because they all did a “COVID moratorium” and dropped transaction fees during the lock-ins.

        Does this mean we’re back to the 3.4% thing for VISA and MC, or did they choose another random number?

      • “Ray, our transaction fees were not dropped. Nice story.”

        Ouch! I had heard they were, to make it profitable for retailers to accept small phone and Internet orders.

        My bad…

  5. Just like these people have to collapse oil to usher in the electric car[ and collapsing the economy so everyone can afford to get one?], they will kill the current digital bankster system to usher in the block chain.

    Backups are important. Remember the Cable TV Box “Bullet”? …….. We may come to find where others are lurking in silicon as soon as this weekend.

    • I certainly hope not! Every modern Intel processor has the IME. It’s arguably accessible via net or even 3G and contains its own protocol stack. Apparently other processors have their equivalent. That seems more of a problem when Taiwan goes hot. For those that haven’t, watch Dragon Day.

  6. Didn’t really know anything about Kazakhstan until recently when I happened upon an article about the place and its history. Read it, found it interesting and move on.

    Then I see this article today. It’s not like Kazakhstan appears in the news every day, ya know? – made me remember what I’d read about it.

    So, I did a little searching and found that Clif had talked about Kazakhstan back in January …

    Kazakhstan history here …

    Not sure what to make of this being pointed out to me, but I get the feeling some people are scrambling.

    • “Not sure what to make of this being pointed out to me, but I get the feeling some people are scrambling.”

      No one is scrambling.. its all been erased and proven to be false fake news.. there are no insider trading problems or corruption of those in office..
      It is a sticky question.. a lot of questions come out on is it real or is it just made up questions on ethical and moral standards.. there are a lot of alligations that Ukraine was one of the worlds largest money laundering sites in the world among other things.. .. LOL I did get a chuckle when they first put sacntions on.. it seemed to freeze the money of some royal members LOL..

      The big question is what do you believe….. what is real and what isn’t.. its all very sad..

      • and none of it is secret.. its been talked about and listed for years and years..

      • Don’t know about the “what to believe” in any of this. The universe pointed it out to me, not a person. – I don’t mention things like this unless it comes with a (feeling) – a feeling I’m familiar with. Generally, I just wait for it to be somehow validated in some way.

        Btw, out internet was out yesterday for about 30 hrs. Big area. Said it was weather related but no details – called sister in Arizona a few minutes ago and her internet is glitchy, and so are tv stations there. Phone conversation was almost inaudible. If you hear anything, about what might be going on, let me know.


        Ginseng works great. Thanks. Ever try coltsfoot tea?

      • “PS

        Ginseng works great. Thanks. Ever try coltsfoot tea?”

        I am sold on the ginseng…a world of difference.. no but I just ordered some…
        I got one of these to.. and one that makes a gallon of bleach automatically.. a half cup of salt and water..

        I have one that just hooks up to a battery from swim for him . Org but thought a countertop automatic system would be so much handier..

      • Nice sarcasm…it’s all true, just consider yourself initiated when you finally figure it out.

      • Hey, thanks for the link to the sodium hypochlorite generator. You previously mention the ozone laundry system, and I thank you for that too. Talked with the wife about both and placed orders for them. Man, you got all the toys, don’t ya. Lol !!

        You spoke of wormwood and my wife being a nurse loved what you said. So she bought some to make tea. We fight the bitterness of a cup, a couple times a week now. Using for detox … and tease each other and laugh while we do our best to finish it. Only those who’ve tasted how bitter it is would understand. Wow !! Good times !! (Rolling my eyes)

        Thanks for all the insight.
        God Bless Brother.

      • @ Pathfinder

        I did business with the Kazak Mob for several years. From a hub in Chicago, they totally ran the OTC computer parts biz everywhere from KC to Philly, if you sourced parts, you bought them from a soft-spoken dude with a Russian accent. Memory, drives, cases, and periphs — unless you bought direct from the manufacturer, you bought from the Kazantzakis, because they were cheaper than any other source (I didn’t know any of this ’till years later. They used “computer parts wholesale” businesses to launder dirty cash, and ran all the traveling computer shows to play with businesses reportables.)

      • If’fn you like wormwood, look up “Clarkia.” Hulda Clark pissed the pharmco establishment off enough that she made “Quackwatch” over 25 years ago. However, with that said, she’s also the person who brought wormwood out of the wannabee witch’s broomcloset. Clarkia is a tincture of wormwood, black walnut husk, and Lugol’s…

      • “Man, you got all the toys, don’t ya. Lol !!”

        Lol lol lol I have my share Bob lol.. tool slut 101.. I don’t have a plastic 3d printer or a metal printer etching laser.. I want one of each .. but my daughter’s friends father has a wood cnc that I want.. my wife (boss) freaks out every time a new kitchen gadget comes out..
        I became obsessed after I almost starved to death .. no heat no food.. I would go behind the farm tractors and scrape the grain off the ground.. then beat it into a crude gruel on a cast iron pan and a rock.. had an old Coleman camp stove..still got it to.. and that’s what we ate.. no electricity winter..before they shut the plant down for the winter my car blew up..I had to walk to work..I would start out at 1 am to walk 12 miles ..I would put two pair of pants on shove crumpled newspaper in between no winter boots .. my coat was just a p coat I’d shove newspaper between my body and coat..
        Anyway.. I swore I would learn the skills needed to never starve again.. so I will have cooking oil or diesel.. I will have wine or beer I can and do make cheese or grind my own flour..etc.. 4 times in my life I have been in similar situations because of events beyond my control.. the fear and horror.. the last time I was in a wheelchair.. my wife would give me crap about my obsession.. then we went a year without an she helps..if it hadn’t been for my preparation for unseen events..we wouldn’t have made it..
        A person can not imagine what you won’t have or what you take gor granted until it’s I have hand operated and powered units..
        What I see coming is scaring the hell out of me..and I’ve been there already..
        The biggest hurdle is everyone you think will be there .. abandons you.. your as if you have the plague.. it’s also why I lend a hand to others in similar situations.. I’ve been there done that..
        I rack my brain trying to figure out getting battery backup.. the loan just won’t pencil out.. and at this point I think it’s almost to late to order one..

      • “You spoke of wormwood and my wife being a nurse loved what you said. So she bought some to make tea. ”

        I hear ya on how bitter it is.. I buy it in capsules.. lol lol lol .. saves the enjoyment of flavor.. I keep a bottle in the drawer just in case..

  7. “Would Vlad for low yield NSNW to achieve his goals? And how would the West respond? Incremental or a round of Texas-style Hold ‘Em?”

    Hmm an interesting thought.. thinking about his biography and what the body language specialists have said.. then considering .. What happened when we refused to take the Missiles off of his border.. without a way out.. what would he do..
    And As stupid as Nato and the USA seem to be lately… what would they do in response.. The dollar is already in jeopardy of becoming worthless.. and economy that should by all indications go into freefall very soon..
    I give a prayer of thanks just waking up to find the lights are still working..

    • interestingly nobody is thinking, discussing the psychological affects/effects on a Nation, a Citizenry, a BA world leader from years of Financial Repression…being made to grovel, shamed, embarrassed..

      -ALL That festering for ages, building up bile, anger, animosity, hatred .

      too top it off – adding INSULTs to Injuries – we in circle his Country with BioWeapons labs and Nuke capable Missiles.

      Imagine if just of those 1 things were put on Mexican or Candianmaoist soil…

      Dude is master level Fighter, and we got a “stupider’ clone, unh clown.

      …”and its gone”

      • And to think.. the brilliant ones are starting to do the same thing with china… What could go wrong…
        The problem now.. is ..IF.. everyone would have backed off when first asked…it wouldn’t have been an issue…and it would have been similar to JFK and the Cuban missile crisis.. by letting it accelerate to this point it would give the impression that the USA is weak and we loose our credibility with those that were following our lead..compounding that with the past few wars we lost and after abandoning our allies in Afghanistan.. we wouldn’t be the one to follow and no one would take us seriously ever again.
        The same goes for a bully..they get a group to follow.. but if someone goes directly after the head bully.. he looses his credibility as the leader..
        All biden had to do originally is do the right thing..
        I think that He should have read the studies they had done and listen to his own experts..instead of going for the golden goose..

    • It may be the only way to strategically “clean up” the biolabs the U.S. has been running over there.

      • I’m all for getting rid of bio labs. I just hope blowing those facilities up doesn’t unleash the beast into the air.

        Heard some talk, maybe Nostradamus? Just recall hearing about a bad virus to come. – wasn’t Fouci … I don’t pay attention to him.

      • “Heard some talk, maybe Nostradamus? Just recall hearing about a bad virus to come. – wasn’t Fouci …”

        The Revelation, perhaps…?

        Saint John’s current death count would be ~2.5 billion people. There ain’t no simple plague, gonna kill that many peoplez.

        A boutique virus now…

      • Depends on the type of nuke and how it’s placed to create the ultimate furnace. I really doubt this would be the course of action, though. Too much information windfall to throw away like that.

  8. “We’ll only have a few minutes warning of inbound – if any.”

    When I was young.. we all had to go down in the bunker.. Luckily I was one that got to go because of a potential threat..
    I asked my boss.. why didn’t they sound an alarm.. his response was.. they never will .. the chaos would be to bad..
    How many of us here are on the list to go down now.. my bet is very few.. maybe none.. you prep for yourself.. before 2012 the govt.. made massive purchases of bullets supplies and fuel etc.. for an event.. but there are no drills no routes to a safe bunker of sorts.. Where china and Russia have regular drills and made safety precautions for many of the population.. ghost cities and factories to restart civilization.. all while we outsource industry and leave our factories and cities looking like a war torn city..
    The very few that are invited are only invited because of their wealth.. now that could be a good thing to.. can you imagine being stuck in a hole in the ground with Nancy , Or Hillary.. OMG.. the word describing that is.. well you know

    • I still like the final outcome of the “chosen” at the end of “Don’t Look Up”. The elites will be their own undoing.

      • “Don’t Look Up”. The elites will be their own undoing.”

        the problem with that is.. they plan on taking the rest of us with them…and for what.. a few silver coins.. Scary huh.. I know I am worried.. all of what has happened in the last year and what month and a half freaks me out completely.

        Sitting on top of washington monument looking out of the observation window.. playing his kazoo..

      • There’s always a few of us that’ll crawl out from under our rocks. Just think – from the RNA bottleneck of, what, 12K years ago, all of us sprang from that little band of survivors. Whatever you do, don’t tell the elites that, though. They’ll disavow any connection to regular “stinkies” like us.

    • We will get no warning.

      Did you ever see the TV series Jericho? In the first episode, there’s a mushroom cloud which appears on the horizon in the direction of Denver. That and the loss of power are the only warning the town of Jericho get.

      Unless it’s dark outside, we’ll likely not even see the flashes.

      BTW it pisses me off to hear the bloodthirsty bastards on television news talk of the latest (empty) school or youth club that the evil Russians have bombed. When we lit up Dresden the United States and Great Britain burned-alive over 100,000 people, the vast majority of whom were women and children. War is hell and the victors get to write the historical accounts. I first heard about the firebombing of the factories of Dresden when I was about eight. I didn’t hear that it was a densely-populated city or that we turned, not just factories but a residential area nearly the size of Detroit into a cinder, until I was past college and started reading books of my own choosing…

      • “Did you ever see the TV series Jericho? In the first episode, there’s a mushroom cloud which appears on the horizon in the direction of Denver. That and the loss of power are the only warning the town of Jericho get.”

        It has been years since I read what the targets would be.. but my guess is the first ones would be like the command centers , the big cities all the large population area’s, Delaware would be one of the first targets.. ( imagine being a Biden supporter and realizing he just made you target number one sitting in your fiftieth story office and realizing you will have to do your best superman flying imitation.. and considering all the family members all that will be wiped out. When I worked day labor cleaning a purging tent unit that is how I justified it.. who in their right mind would spray toxic chemicals over their homes..
        then at the same time they paid five bucks an hour in a two dollar wage area) .. presidents home state is always top of target list.. the grids and infrastructure would go down.. heck take out hoover dam, all the other power plants and an emp or two.. the country goes dark..,Washington%2C%20the%20most%20likely%20target.

        What irritates the hell out of me.. is our Congress and administrations spend hundreds of millions of dollars having studies done.. then they don’t even crack the front page of them to see the results.. .. they treat it just like they do the bills that someone else writes.. they read the snippit in the front cover.. then ask for more money to go shopping.. I wonder if they realize that when someone gives you a million dollars or a thousand dollar cup of wine a wild night of sex .. they actually expect something for that..

      • That series is burned into my memory. I watched it again a couple of years ago. Sorry they had to end it the way they did but the writers did the best they could because it was getting to be too close to the truth.

      • Bill, I’ve got it setting on the shelf right next to “Dark Angel.” There’s no book, movie, or series that’s completely accurate. “1 Second After” is probably as close as any, yet Bill assumes the Cavalry will eventually find his town. In a world without modern flying craft, ‘lessen yer living on a coast, the likelihood of discovery is nearly nil. If you skip the storyline and just follow the background and day-to-day life, Dark Angel is the best I’ve seen at depicting post-EMP life in a city, AFTER the survivors get their poo in a pile.

        In reading or watching, you have to pick & choose, and often the real life tells are not in the story, but in the background details – like the salt in Jericho.

        I cited it in the first place because of that mushroom scene.

        “Fear the Walking Dead” is the most-realistic depiction I’ve ever seen, of how John and Jane Q, and their families, would be rounded up and “relocated to a secure area” in the event of a (real or purported) continent-wide N/B/C event. I don’t do Walking Dead because I don’t like the gore, but the background storylines in both it and its parallel story are exceptional.

      • Ray – did you ever get through all 3 books of the One Second After series? The final take on the whole fiasco was that (spoiler alert) it was a group of Elites that promoted and pulled off the entire EMP attack on the World powers while keeping their families and fortunes in an underground bunker in Virginia, I think.

        Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise!

        And I think Forstchen wrote this in the early 2000s …? Yep, it’s a borderline prophetic book series.

      • Yep, what will those Democrats think up next, affordable health care?? (which the Republicans tried to destroy, but had no better plan!) Those dumb Dems can’t do anything right, can they?

      • “Yep, what will those Democrats think up next, affordable health care?? ”

        Unfortunately they didn’t make it affordable.. they let the big insurance and medical companies write the bill.. I tried to get through it.. but with all the exclusions and redirections it would have been way over fifty thousand pages long.. I made it through six hundred then quit..
        the best staffed hospitals in the country are govt run hospitals.. the bad thing there is.. they all get govt federal holidays off.. so they work 1200 hours a year and not the standard 2400 hours.. and up to sixteen weeks of vacation if they play it right.. BUT.. if they actually opened the borders.. in canada I can get my medications for one tenth of what I pay here.. in mexico less than that.. an inhaler that cost six hundred a month is less than twenty five name brand.. generic is half of that.. so if they opened the borders.. let everyone buy from any source.. the same thing with insurances.. we basically had four big policies here.. where in another state they had options that were better.. and if you could get Lloyds of london you could get an even better cost.. so open the borders.. They didn’t do that though.. put a limit on how much..
        It costs money to run a building to.. I know for a fact that the wifes boss isn’t making a dime.. he is actually spending money keeping it.. the only thing that he hasn’t figured out is the reason he doesn’t see it is the velocity of money.. he has coming in constantly.. when he does he will sell off the place..
        Govt.. allots three dollars an hour for care.. YUP.. three dollars an hour.. that is one reason why No one wants someone on Medicare or medicaid .. they have to take so many but that is it.. a nurse or doctor make way more than three dollars an hour.. they get their college tuition paid for to.. its a perk.. and the govt tricare health insurance.. two hundred a month and what is it.. two hundred out of pocket a year.. GMAFB
        and the golden goose retirement package..,apply%20to%20your%20catastrophic%20cap.
        to go one provider.. they could do it.. but billions a year is spent on congress to keep it the way it is..

  9. It has happened again. A 28 year old, college grad, mother of two posted on her facebook page how she is helping with the Ukraine relief effort and trying to get all her friends to donate also. Just type in the number ******** and you automatically send $75 to this ‘************’ relief agency. ” It’s free, and sooo easy – I have done it over 100 times this morning!”
    She was asked where she thought that $75 was coming from? ., and did she know that she just added over $7,500 to her cell phone bill., because that is where it’s coming from ? She really didn’t understand that, that $75 donation, through her cell phone was actually a charge to her cell phone bill. She had no clue.
    Her facebook page blew-up. Reportedly, she has closed it down..
    Wonder what she told her husband? Hopefully she will be able to convince her cell phone provider that her kid got ahold of her cell phone and did all the charges.

  10. Make at least one offline back-up of your site, G____.
    Personally, I have paper copies of everything that counts for anything, including copies of digitized real estate records. Proving that you own what you own may be the biggest danger in a cyber warfare environment with the prevalance of digitized public and financial records.

  11. This is just one person’s talent that we’re depriving ourselves of by balkanizing the internet:

    I’d support her on Patreon if I thought the money would actually get to her!

    Meanwhile, download everything in sight that might disappear!
    Keep copies and an airgapped computer offline.

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      Inspirational. Let’s go…

      find ourselves an oval rubber stamp! “X” marks the spot.

      And now, here’s a copy & paste from the DuckDuckGo search engine offering a fine update from the American Postal Workers Union regarding the Postal Services Reform Act of 2022 then yet-to-be-voted-upon in the Senate:

      The Postal Service Reform Act Passes the Senate & Will …
      Search domain apwu.org › news › postal-service-reform-act-passes-senate-will-become-law
      In a historic moment, the Senate passed the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 on March X with a vote of X. The House passed the bill last month with a vote of 342-92. The legislation will now go to President Biden’s desk, where he will sign it into law. The enactment of Postal Reform marks a turning point in the fight to protect and strengthen the people’s public Postal Service.

  12. The end game:

    1. “Our Great and Glorious Leader” Putin is “taken ill” due to COVID and/or the strain of leadership.
    2. Medvedev assumes office “temporarily” until Vlad recovers
    3. Cease fire is negotiated requiring withdrawal of Russian troops, Ukraine never to join NATO, and U.N.-supervised election in eastern Ukraine over Russian annexation question.
    4. Cease fire is implemented, election is held, annexation approved.
    5. Putin is last seen wandering shirtless around the Nikita Khruschev Retirement Center muttering to himself, occasionally unzipping his fly, and conversing with Peter the Great.

  13. Some of the garbage coming out of car salesmen in gold market. Commercials 498 k contracts short . 498 498 498 498 498 . And you want yellow dog ? Please don’t insult gold veterans . Salty moriarty , the pedo in Vegas , dagolio. I hope you get a real good taste of what’s coming

  14. Probably the great Vladimir wants to crush crypto . Dopey joe wants digital crypto how evil America and its colonies aka sewer Australia become

  15. The US Government apparently is now talking about an “Excess Profits Tax” on oil … shades of Carter /early Reagan.

    Being old at times allows one to look at things a bit differently … ie: remember HISTORY!!

    Back in those days of the second oil embargo they added both an Excess Profits tax AND a distinction between OLD Oil (wells already producing) and NEW Oil (newly dug wells that were dug AFTER some effective date which was about the time of the embargo) with OLD Oil being price fixed, NEW Oil being free to sell for the market price.

    Voila … producers CURTAILED their production from “Old Wells” !! Please … looked SHOCKED. The Democrats sure were!!

    Drillers put in NEW wells right next to their old ones … and then started selling THAT “NEW” oil at unregulated prices!!

    For those who couldn’t ramp down their production enough … well the Excess Profits Tax caught them and voila, most of the extra profits went to the government.

    This was also the time of Mark Rich and Pinky Green, you know those two fine fellas that Bill Clinton gave pardons to in the last 4 hours or so of his Presidency (fwiw Bill was a very very good friend of Mark’s ex wife, so good in fact she was always using one of their spare bedrooms at the WH when it was too late to go to her hotel at night after socializing with Bill and Hillary). Well Ol Mark seemed to have a habit of buying Old Oil, moving it around a bit, and in the process losing the paperwork and by the time it ended up in Cushing, or on a tanker in Houston well by golly it was NEW OIL since they had lost that damn paperwork showing it was OLD oil!! Amazing isn’t it?!! As NEW oil, well it sold for 3x what OLD oil sold for so it helped Mark and Pinky’s bank accounts just a bit.

    Anyway …. I am sure that what happened in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s, would NOT happen this time around if they slapped an Excess Profits Tax on oil. I am sure all of those who own wells would just UP production so that their entire extra profit margin on both their orignal level of production and their now higher level of produciton would go to the government!!

    They would be PROUD AMERICANS … and that is what they would do. 100% guaranteed!!

    OH … and if they would do the same ol scheme of “Old Oil” …”New Oil” … I am sure NOBODY would be trying to dummy up paperwork, sorry I mean LOSE PAPERWORK, that indicated that they could only sell their oil for a WAY BELOW MARKET PRICE price.

    Ah … isn’t it great to live in a place where the Free Market and Honest Taxing Scheme exists?!!

    • You sir are spot on regards coming catastrophe in Commodities markets. Its about to get physical..

      RE: marc reich – (name changed to protect the guilty).
      ..theres that Name change/stealing thing again?

      “Khazerian” zio agent of mass financial crime – watch Trafigura and Glencore – force majeur anyone?

      “the “game is afoot” Dont let it slip .

    • This is the same BS that NYC pulled regarding “rent controlled” vs “rent stabilized” apartments. The rent controlled ones were a total loss for the landlord and the rent stabilized ones showed some profit if you could endure the bureaucracy.

      Guess which buildings burned?


  16. “I can’t tell you the number of classes I have suffered through in 18-years of school which could have been reduced to a single book, or even a deck of cards with recipes on them. We make the ritual of learning more important than the what is actual and usefully learned in schools.”

    And it has only gotten worse. When I was in JrHigh/HS it was all about results. From 5th Grade on, I was the only kid in school who got to answer arithmetic and math problems without showing my work. One of me brudders got ahold of Trachtenberg’s book (The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics ) and I read it cover to cover when I was about 9-10 years old. I got to answer problems without “showing my work” because doing so was laborious for me, and none of my teachers could understand it, anyway. The important part was I always got the right answer, and finished a test before some of the kids got their names written out.

    Now, with that background, fast forward to when my kids started school. Between my schooling and the start of theirs, I tutored — elementary to college, and my method was customized to my student (f’r instance, I had one girl whom I rescued from being able to drive to her 6th Grade class, by recognizing a really peculiar form of dyslexia which the trained professionals who kept flunking her, failed to (A) recognize and (B) fix. I spent 16 weeks with her. She graduated HS in the top 10%.

    I had one college kid — tested 190 combined on his SAT. He was a ‘Nam vet and a war hero — got into college via a personal letter from his Congressman to the school’s Board of Trustees, graduated cum laude under my tutelage — Dude simply could NOT take a form test — T/F or multiple choice, didn’t matter. He’d see the test book, the answer sheet, then freeze. He was not a genius, by any means, but would probably have polled over 1000 had he been given an oral SAT.

    What I noticed with my kids is: “Results” were slowly being replaced by “process” and the amount of irrelevant “busy work” my kids were required to do absolutely staggered me. They were doing much more in school than I ever did, and learning much less. With my grandkids, the “results” are gone, and it is ALL about “process.” I have two who’ve been pulled out of school in favor of homeschooling, because they were learning hate, intolerance, and things of a sexual nature that any of us would go to prison for, for disseminating to a child, and not learning arithmetic, English, grammar, or science.

    • “I was the only kid in school who got to answer arithmetic and math problems without showing my work. ”

      And I was targeted because of who I was.. It wouldn’t matter what answer I gave them LOL LOL it would have been wrong… I spent my life in the library or the darkroom printing pictures.. LOL LOL…Hell I was lucky that they let me graduate HS… I hate bullies. What was funny is.. I was the one everyone came up to to help them with papers.. and while they were getting A’s I was getting F’s ..LOL of course the same thing happened to all the kids from other small towns that had joined in their school district..
      Today it is still like that.. a friend of my daughters is having similar issues with them because of where she lives.. I told her to switch districts..

      • There was a class I wanted to take at GW University in Georgetown LOL.. anyway.. to take the class I had to have two years of credits.. I asked if I could get it.. yes test out.. so I said ok.. the professor that was giving the test asked me if I had studied.. no.. I was just a poor boy trying to take a class that interested me in a rich boys school.. he came right out and told me to not try it.. save my money I was just to stupid to take it.. seems I don’t hold myself or talk like someone that could take a test..
        I took the test anyway.. a week later I came back for the results.. the guy had this shitty look on his face and he said.. have you thought about going to school… seems I aced the test.. LOL LOL I got to go to my class… I didn’t have enough money to go to school.. I did want to be a histologist.. I thought that would be fascinating.. I have a million things all going on at the same time though so seriously I don’t know if I could have dedicated myself to regimented schooling..

    • I think that was what had them think that there was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.. we built them.. we trained their scientists .. what we didn’t know was that they converted them to what they were suppose to be…

  17. ehhh yah bastards . especially salty moriarty .. ive buried great gold bulls . WE ARE TOLD THE COMMERCIALS ARE NEVER WRONG . 498 thousand contacts short .. yah old turd kok breath

  18. Uhhhhhhhh . . . WTF Does This mean???????

    09 MARCH 2022

    UPDATED 8:42 PM EST (SEE BOTTOM) The Kremlin issued a statement late today: “FRIDAY EVENING WILL BE BEAUTIFUL FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.”



    I don’t like the sound of that. No. I don’t like the sound of that, at all.

    Intel Circuits are lighting up . . . . this is serious . . . . . . more info as I can . . . .

    So, does anybody have a paid account at Hal Turner’s? I’d love to see the remainder of this post…

  19. Russia’s Most Startling Allegation Yet Directly Implicates the USA

    Russian and U.S. officials alike have provided considerable fuel for a claim about bioweapons allegedly being developed in Ukraine that was dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory exactly five minutes ago and is now shaping up to be far more substantial than we were condescendingly told by the establishment media’s sainted “fact-checkers.”

    China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs followed up with a call for the U.S. to account for its bioweapons research overseas: The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification.

    Uh, oh…

    • Every time a new plague shows up, someone points the finger at a nearby US biolab. Of course, everyone else in the world are stupid pathological liars, and we are so scientific and mighty and secret, so it continues.
      The gene splicers have lied about what they were doing since the get-go. We can’t control them, so the rest of the world will be coming. I hope the Germans and Italians have some pity on us. They went through their personality-cult brown shirt-phase, and survived. I’m beginning to wonder about US.

  20. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland: If There Is A Chemical Or Biological Weapons Incident In Ukraine, “No Doubt” The Russians Are Behind It

    SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons?

    VICTORIA NULAND: Ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact, we’re now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how we can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.

    Interesting that we have boots on the ground in Ukraine at these bio-research facilities. I wonder why Nuland and the US Government would be so concerned about Russia seizing purely innocent biolabs…?

    BTW, Glenn Greenwald’s tweets and comments are gold…

    • Ray,

      Mr. Greenwald must be in an incredibly awkward situation. The publicly searchable Snowden archive on the “Canadian Journalists for Free Expression” (CJFE) website only claims to make accessible 386 files that were previously published in the mainstream media. The balance of the 50,000 documents remain privy between Mr. Snowden, Mr. Greenwald, and one would think a certain Mr. Putin. Curiously, the original CJFE Snowden archive search page established almost exactly 7 years ago appears to have been relegated to “404” status sometime between 4 Jan. and 19 Feb. of this year. The new search page no longer retrieves the previously observable search template nor any template at this moment.

      One could imagine that Mr. Greenwald and friends received a visit from higher powers. Mr. Snowden’s blog was last updated with new material Dec. 23, 2021 with the hopeful sounding title –
      “Everything Going Great”.

      • ‘Thing about Greenwald is he’s a hardcore “Kennedy Liberal,” meaning he’s a leftist, but a patriot, not a communist, and he’s honest. He also doesn’t push worth a damn. I suspect the government relieved him of everything he’d gotten from Snowden, but they did it with the understanding the FSB would publish the copy THEY acquired from Mr. Snowden, should Mr. Greenwald fail to live to his actuarially-projected life-expectancy.

        I also suspect the failure to make such an arrangement as this is what led to the untimely death of Mr. McAfee…

        Even a movie like Bruce Willis’ “Red” has tells, if one pays attention…

  21. Oh, by the way, lookie what just (re)surfaced…

    Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call
    Published 7 February 2014

    An apparently bugged phone conversation in which a senior US diplomat disparages the EU over the Ukraine crisis has been posted online. The alleged conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, appeared on YouTube on Thursday. It is not clearly when the alleged conversation took place.

    Here is a transcript, with analysis by BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus:

    The thing that gripes my cookies the most is that, that bloodthirsty bitch will be safely tucked-away in a radiation-proof DUMB which WE all paid for, if Russia rains Hell on Earth down on us a decade, a month, or two days from now…

  22. Constitutional convention necessary to reclaim America, Santorum tells Christian broadcasters

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Republican, told Christian media leaders Wednesday that a convention of the states, provided for the Constitution’s Article V, is needed to recapture American governance from an out-of-control government that has lost its way regardless of the party in power.


  23. Iran to Regain up to $130.5 Billion

    The imminent agreement with Iran is no deal at all; it’s a steal. Iran is simply cashing in on the weak resolve of U.S. negotiators. Tehran loses little with the deal’s nuclear limits; its breakout time goes from five weeks to under six months (I’m afraid that’s no sigh of relief). Yup, that’s our side of the bargain. Iran’s is much sweeter; as the Editors wrote last week:

    The agreement Biden is reportedly contemplating imposes no restrictions on what Iran may do with its windfall — not on terrorism, support for terrorist proxies, ballistic-missile development, hostage-taking, and the rest of its atrocious menu.

    • “The thing that gripes my cookies the most is that, that bloodthirsty bitch will be safely tucked-away in a radiation-proof DUMB which WE all paid for,”

      I had someone say they thought that they were already heading down into them.. that shuttles were going back and forth from DC.. I know what those are like.. I wandered for three days trying to figure out how to get out of them almost fifty years ago LOL..
      But the thought is.. would you Want to be in a bunker deep beneath the earth.. Stuck for the rest of your life with HER…. Can you imagine how that would be..
      What is that word.. HELL.. especially since I don’t think their families are involved in COG I think it is just them and all essential people necessary to the continuity of govt..

  24. …And one more on the bio-freaking-labs:

    State Department official acknowledges Ukraine bio-labs

    The United States continues to dismiss as “Russian propaganda” the claim that Ukraine is developing biological weapons.

    Meanwhile, the National Pulse reported Wednesday that it recovered a deleted web article showing Barack Obama helped secure an agreement when he was a U.S. senator that led to the construction of biolabs in Ukraine handling “especially dangerous pathogens.” A level-3 bio-safety lab opened in the Ukrainian city of Odessa in 2010.

    Zakharova said Russia had evidence the Ukrainian health ministry ordered the destruction of samples of plague, cholera, anthrax and other pathogens before the Russian invasion began Feb. 24. She described it as “an emergency attempt to erase evidence of military biological programs” financed by the Pentagon.

    If they destroyed lab samples of the four mentioned, I would tend to believe the Russkies because every major food-producing nation has at least one biolab dedicated to stopping potentially-deadly infestations in farm animals and produce, and everybody has these pathogens (and a bunch more — see my post on Saddam Hussein, the Scientist, from a couple months back.) There would be no need to destroy Ukraine’s plague, or dengue, or anthrax, or mad cow, or anything else, unless somebody could examine them and discover strains of same that were genetic mutations which couldn’t occur in nature.

    If there’s any credence to this, it will be a really bad thing…

    • Suggest you bury Ure head in sand for next couple of weeks/months. ?

      Guess how many khazarian/zio owned bioweapons labs USA has in Taiwan ?

      Yeah Xi wont have a problem with any of that noise, no?

      Absolutely do Not look at historical Death and Disease stats/rates in countries hosting US Bioweapons labs…Truly EVIL sceisse being perpetrated on ALL of Humanity…by our DoD & intell agencies – WTF over?

  25. According to the ChiComs’ intel, we have 336 biolabs.

    Not buryin’ me head anywhere. If’fn I were stood up against a wall I’d take two cigarettes and decline the blindfold…

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