Turnaround Tuesday, Surgery Looms

Short column this morning as Elaine get’s “hippified” this morning.  I won’t bore you with the God-awful clock reading, but early is an understatement.

One of the challenges (when a spouse) is headed in a “knifely direction” is maintaining balance and focus on all the details of life.  If columns have been a bit less clear of late, that’s the PBA (personal balancing act).

Turnaround:  For How Long?

Having blow out of a short-side “lunch money” trade Monday (while doing the pre-operative surgery screening) it occurred to me that I should – for Peoplenomics subscribers – mention where we are this week in our Aggregate Index work.   I’m not the only one able to spot clear air turbulence in markets: Biggest Shorting Of Tech Stocks By Hedge Funds In 5 Years: Goldman Prime.

Excuse the chart but there’s a lot going on.

What concerns us most immediately is how far the present rally can run.

There’s a faded yellow band (horizontal) which is overhead resistance – at least for now.  On the other hand, if the rally (set to begin according to futures) only makes it as far as the black ascending trend line (by the “4?”) and kisses the bottom of the trend, that could wrap up the small 4 and then we could drop for a big five down.

What makes this so interesting is that this little wave action seems to be following the Elliott rules nicely.  With the 1 down, 2 up, 3 down having a nice “regular 2.”  Under Elliott, oftentimes, if 2 is “regular” than 4 may be “complex” (which it is doing nicely).

But Longer Term?

Any rally in here could go sideways – and even break higher, which could set up a one or two month rally (to complete a larger 5) and that might get us to the late June to mid July “next pre-war” window.  For this one, the action in Gaza seems to fill-the-bill.

What we find so interesting, though is the correlation between crypto moves and the wider stock market.

You see, the Bitcoin read was back up to $45,000 and change.  And I have to say, for a wildly “independent” currency, the correlation with the Aggregate Index has repercussions in our thinking.

Is it possible that there was “waves of human speculation” what wash through all investment options including stocks and cryptos, commodities and politics?  Sure is an interesting line of inquiry.

Housing Starts

Since I have to play chauffeur for a little while today, have a gander at the Census page over here after 7:30 AM Central (8:30 Eastern, and big hand is half way to the 6 out in Kalifornia).  US Census Bureau: Economic Indicators

A Few Headlines

A few remarks on the coming of robotics in Peoplenomics tomorrow (which will be abbreviated this week).  But around the edges of that discussion?  Lumber Industry Has No Interest In New Mills As They Reap Rewards Of Record Prices.

On the vaccine front:  Biden Dips Into U.S. Vaccine Supply to Send 20 Million Doses Abroad.  What concerns us is we haven’t seen which countries we’re sending vaccine to.  Maybe they don’t want to say, but we sure want to ask.  Is Iran on that list, for example?

Meantime, many variants of the “variants” story are popping up.  Newspaper headlines: Fears over variant spread as millions reunited.

Perpetual Maricopa:  GOP Chair Elise Stefanik: Justice Department Is “Trying To Block” Maricopa County Audit.  Wake me up when it’s done – and then only if it changes anything.

Speaking of recounts and audits, did you see the Yahoo piece Voter machine audit comes up with new totals in Windham?

Wrong-Way Cortez is still running her socialist spew.  In AOC, dozens of House Dems cite ‘racial reckoning’ to oppose targeting gang members for deportation.  Send ’em to her house, then.

If the lights flicker…Incoming Geomagnetic Storm Expected To Hit Earth Tuesday.  On  the other hand, if the web goes down, it wasn’t doom porn after all…

Here’s another dose of our California Quake Doom Porn: Earthquakes hit Lake Tahoe on CA-NV border says the San Luis Obispo Tribune.  Not doom porn in our view, just a reminder who is really in charge – and it’s not social media…

Spy Versus Spy Dept.  Russia spy chief suggests West behind SolarWinds cyber-attack.  Denial, deflect, and make counter-accusations?

On  in the margins?  Discovery About Naked Giant Carved Into English Hillside Arouses Scientists.  Also ‘Real-Life Willy Wonka’ made a chocolate flavor for each US state: ‘Taste of America’.  Sweet.

Off to brief the house-sitter  (“Coffee is here, mortars over there…) and off to hip repair joint… Quiet day tomorrow, except for Fed Minutes tomorrow afternoon.

Write when you get rich,


29 thoughts on “Turnaround Tuesday, Surgery Looms”

  1. Our best wishes for Elaine today. Short column or no column tomorrow, your readers will understand. Your focus is where it belongs.

  2. Sending out vaccines. So, from all I know about the vaccine, sending out doses to another country is far from benevolent! I do encourage people to take the vaxx. I would never do it in a million years, but the vaxx will definitely work on a few political problems that we now experience.

  3. George,

    Best of luck to Elaine and yourself on the surgery. Truly hope this time goes much smoother than the first. Also, stay safe from the storms/heavy rain that it appears is in your area or headed your way.

    I have a golfing buddy who is headed the way of hip replacement in near future. It hurts to watch him walk, because every step seems to be absolute agony. He is Elaine’s age so obviously the “power train” warranty runs out at about that age.

    Prayers are with you and Elaine.

  4. All of our prayers are headed Elaine’s way! Necessary evil as we age. I sure feel it now in the joints when I use the push mower on the yard. At least y’all have insurance!

    On another note regarding the vaccines – “CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,434 – More than 21 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS” https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/cdc-death-toll-following-experimental-covid-injections-now-at-4434-more-than-21-years-of-recorded-vaccine-deaths-from-vaers/?utm_source=wnd&utm_medium=wnd&utm_campaign=syndicated. You may have to copy and paste this link in your browser’s address box. There’s an odd separation that occurs between vares/? and utm… .

    Of that total 52.41% of the deaths in that 20 year span were kids under 3 and “this is the next targeted demographic to receive the experimental COVID shots: young children.” Tell me again with a straight face this isn’t a population reductions pogram.

    • Generally speaking, you can delete the question mark and everything following it from the link. It’s mostly for tracking purposes. There may be exceptions.

  5. “The abbey was founded in 987 by Æthelmær the Stout. Ælfric of Eynsham, the most prolific writer in Old English, spent time at the abbey as a priest and teacher.[1]
    King Cnut plundered this monastery during an attack upon the town,”

    Hmm….about the naked man carved on the hillside… looking at history.. and you really didn’t want to be drawn and quartered… or some other horrendous medieval torture.. DOES…. an obscure message about being plundered come to mind that they could have been indirectly be saying to King Cnut….

  6. God’s speed to Elaine and praying her surgery goes off without a hitch. “We have the technology. We can rebuild [her]!” (Six Million Dollar Man).

    RE: Solar flare: was reading the Int’l Energy Agency wants total global elimination of carbon fuels by 2050. One major solar EMP event, let alone a hostile EMP weapon blast, could cripple large swaths of human populated regions, resulting in crashing economies, the failing of critical infrastructures and widespread calamity. Storing carbon fuels and maintaining viable metro-distribution backup systems seems like a no brainer. But then anything coming out of the EU lately seems to lack brains.

  7. Way to spin this George.
    “Here’s another dose of our California Quake Doom Porn: Earthquakes hit Lake Tahoe on CA-NV border says the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Not doom porn in our view, just a reminder who is really in charge – and it’s not social media…”

    For those of us that actually live here, that headline is total doom porn. We have over 100 earthquakes a day in California. Look it up. This little didn’t you happened to find is just white noise to us.

  8. On his internet radio show last night,Hal Turner said that there is a deadly ingredient in the Moderna vaccine that is not safe for humans or animals.The details are on his site.

    • Wow! I went searching for ‘Hal Turner’ and got four search pages of everything dunning Hal Turner EXCEPT his site. Finally found at bottom of page four. Clearly ‘they’ don’t want his stuff exposed unless it is in a negative light.
      And there’s the smoking gun of deadly poison as ingredient number three in the injection! SM-102. “Not for Human or Veterinary use”.

      I remain an enthusiastic member of the ‘control group’ for this genetic experiment.

  9. Firstly, today’s column didn’t show up on the home page but I found it at the end of yesterday’s? Best of luck to Elaine with her second hip surgery. I hope it goes a lot smoother than the first and a much quicker recovery! On the other hand, you did say you lost a lot of weight! Best wishes to you both!

  10. Yep kick the can down the road the goo rus . Lies and robots . Insert gold dog , crypto, Covid scam , kill shots . Nah it’s finished . Facism is sheet . Have a look at the mental and physical damage you creeps

  11. Wishes and prayers for Elaine, and her handler! Both of you need to take a real break(not a pun) from externalities and enjoy each other! I really appreciate this site and PN(just renewed), but good health of the site owners is far more important.

  12. George,
    Ure probably up to Your eyeballs busy right now, on Elaine’s adventure, but take heart and steady on the tiller Buddy.
    Going through a bit of that right now. My Wife fell a few weeks back and did some fairly serious upper arm stuff, broken bone movie.
    Takes a lot out of You so steady on.
    We’re rooting for Her, I’m sure.

  13. Best wishes to you and Elaine for her surgery and recovery. Focus on her, we can wait a few days or a week.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  14. George,,
    Best wishes on Elaine, we’re rooting for You Amigos.
    Should be a sort of cakewalk after the earlier dress rehearsal.
    Steady on the tiller.
    PS First “post attempt” did not want to work properly, curious stuff.

  15. Hope everything went ok with the surgery.. elaine has been in my prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery..

  16. Best wishes for Elaine and her surgery. Hope it’s smoother than last time.
    And best wishes to you as caregiver.

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