Tuesday “Insanity is Contagious” Check

After doing what, 9,000 posts (plus or minus) it’s always the writing challenge to come up with new – and useful – ways to frame the daily data drone.

So, this morning, how’s about we approach things as though the world is crazy and insanity is contagious.  Which, oh, bye-the-bye, it is…

Optimism Being Cured

Thanks Slo!  NFIB Small business optimism was “cured” in the latest report:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Aug. 10, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index decreased in July to 99.7, a decrease of 2.8 points, reversing June’s 2.9-point gain. Six of the 10 components declined, three improved, and one was unchanged. The NFIB Uncertainty Index decreased seven points to 76, indicating owners’ views are held with more certainty than in earlier months.

“Small business owners are losing confidence in the strength of the economy and expect a slowdown in job creation,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “As owners look for qualified workers, they are also reporting that supply chain disruptions are having an impact on their businesses. Ultimately, owners could sell more if they could acquire more supplies and inventories from their supply chains.”

Our other economic data marker today?

Productivity and Costs

Wow – -what  a pile of gobbledygook this one is:

Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 2.3 percent in the second quarter of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 7.9 percent and hours worked increased 5.5 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the second quarter of 2020 to the second quarter of 2021, nonfarm business sector labor
productivity increased 1.9 percent.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased at an annual rate of 1.0 percent in the second quarter of 2021, the combined effect of a 3.3-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 2.3-percent increase in productivity. Unit labor costs increased 0.1 percent over the last four quarters, as hourly compensation increased 2.0 percent and productivity increased 1.9 percent. BLS calculates unit labor costs as the ratio of hourly compensation to labor productivity. Increases in hourly compensation tend to increase unit labor costs and increases in productivity tend to reduce them.”

On the surface, all seems well.  Almost obediently, the financial press will host a group hug.  But the two issues we have are 1) that things like unit labor costs are meaningless when the economy has money-dumping going on.  The money of America is work about 3-1/2 cents on the dollar from where it was a hundred years ago.

But 2) the REAL gobbledygook is in the revisions.  If you let me revise down previous periods, I can produce any Stalinesque numbers required to keep the illusion going.  However, we are quick to point out this is not a bad joke.  It’s a government report.  But I repeat myself.

The Bond Prices continued to firm Monday – and somewhat paradoxically, the price of gold was down again.  In fact, nearly a hunsky down from recent levels.

So we figure either A) another manipulation is underway.  As our resident cynic in Oz notes all the “made up gold contracts” hitting the markets.  Or, B) the market is filled with Fedlium (a federal reserve brand of helium) which makes trader voices high and squeaky and then pops in the fall come fall.

See where “No One Believes In Fiat Currencies Any More”, Barrick Gold CEO Fears EM Economies “In Dire Straits”?

Meantime, though, open the slaughterhouse doors and let’s herd them in:  Metals are doing a bounce (*sucker bounce? we shall see…) but Lumber is down to $537.  I might scale my new deck project this fall up to 10,000 square feet, at this rate.

What Really Matters:

Mental epidemiology?  Covid, China, and Cash (or finance).

As to what IS important, stories like Dem Budget Includes Green Card Giveaway, Mass Amnesty (freebeacon.com) should make your hair stand on end.  Because they reveal a political agenda that was once unthinkable.  Yet BOHICA (bend over, here it comes again…)

Stories like House Republicans demand answers from DHS on ‘appalling’ border numbers as crisis escalates are “more show than go…”  Ain’t going anywhere.  Fix is in.  Keep them Covid cases coming into Texas to depopulate us deplorable rednecks, huh?  We’re not all hillbillies and when riled up…. Send Austin back to L.A. and S.F.


Sent a note to George II first thing today.  “Did you see where Texas Gov. Abbott seeks out-of-state help against COVID-19 (apnews.com)?  Pop your Covid warrior resume down to the Guv’s office – or call them and find out where to send it.  Get something within a county or two of the family homestead and… well, less smoky than going out on another big wildfire…”

To be sure, Texas is not particularly good at mask compliance.  But that’s likely because the whole mask and shot thing has been politicized.

No, it’s NOT a political issue:  It’s a medical judgment callAustin warns of ‘catastrophe’ as Texas again becomes center of pandemic – The Guardian.

In the latest heat maps, our county is fairing better than most.  Which is because there are 1,062 square miles here.  The population 57,000 (2017 data).

A little math here:  Call it 679,680 acres.  And divide the population into that?  That’s 11.9 acres per person.

Down in Austin Texas – in Travis County – Population 1.23-million people.  Area?  991 square miles.  Area in acres?  634,240.  Which when you divide people into it?

Down to about half an acre of land for each person which is cramped by any measure.  Well, except New York.

NYC is in Kings County.  70.8 square miles.   45,320 acres.  2.5 million people.  Which we rough out to .18 acre per person which is so far into the unsustainable column as to be a joke.

You see, to someone who looked at UrbanSurvival 25-years ago – and came to obvious conclusions – you get much more dense than one person per 5-acres, or so and you’ve got an eventual “all blows up” because living past sustainable doesn’t work.

Climate’s just a strawman with mainly data-dazzlers sucking from the federal grant trough.  The real issue with epidemiology is proximity to other people and general public health.

The Texas pandemic numbers seem to be drifting toward lows in spring and fall.  When people aren’t indoors and go outside to get some sunshine vitamin D.  Right now?  Too damn hot.  Which is why mask use is low.  Picking up groceries this week,  the Wal-Mart pickup schlepper and I were the only ones in sight with masks on.

Disease spreading here in my non-medical view, should chill with the weather.

And when suspicious aircraft activity decreases.  Of course, the censors of Search and Social won’t make a big deal about this, but…  Stars and Stripes reports – Mystery plane returns to Michigan airspace.

Pencil in 2-3 weeks and let me know if a new “variant” shows up.   Gives us all a chance to pretend we’re Inspector Poirot from the Data Division, non?

Be interesting to visit Flightradar24 and pull some history…long shot, but…..


There’s more reason than ever to read the Seattle Times.  Not just because the Blethen’s are a serious newspaper family (though they are).  More because what you’re looking for are tips as to how compromised the backbone and sides of the U.S. Internet really are.

Canadian faces spy ruling as Huawei decision looms | The Seattle Times is just the tip of the iceberg.

Around here, it’s an article of faith that if the Government of the U.S. massages relations with big tech to include backdoors into their code, the least surprising thing would be the People’s Liberation coders being told to do the same thing on their side.  Laughable, we think we’re so smart only the exceptions with the right Ivy league connections have any brainpower?  Kidding, right?

Here’s a news drivel/who-cares? about the Lithuanian ambassador being recalled about some State offense involving Taiwan.  But it pales compared to what’s going on in the pre-war background:  Spying Gets Craftier as China, Taiwan Up Use of Cyber Tools  | Voice of America – English (voanews.com).

Not to late to get into the office pool:  Will China take Taiwan before or after the ‘Winter Games’ in Beijing.   Formosa in February or the March in March, kind of thing.  Assuming you remember Formosa became Taiwan in 1895, of course.

Couple of weeks back, Forbes had a piece that neatly summarizes a lot of what my consigliere and I have been debating.  Their bottom line?  ‘The Ultra Mega’: Taiwan Invasion Could Defy Comprehension (forbes.com).

We’re thinking instead of Blitzkrieg (lightning war if you missed Herr Casey’s 3rd year German class in 1966).

We’re thinking more like Dronekrieg with a side of hypersonic.  I’ll leave out the concurrent attack on Anchorage to deny the U.S. air access to Asia for air freight.  Also, let’s leave off the “dronepedoes” which could remove the Boomers.

No, the remnants of the strong America will be safely at home, recovering from mandatory political correctness after shots.  Gender comfort and personal safety checks in the barracks at Of-dark-thirty lasting until noon doesn’t leave much time for fighting.

Besides, right after lunch, there will be sensitivity training and  the “bullets are racist” training, as well.

We’ll be too busy to squawk.  China will get a walk.  And Biden will only talk.  That much is in focus already here in the historical outfield.

Fried Brain Cells

If you’re looking for signs of sanity, here are some potholes to avoid:

“Quality Control is Falling Down,” maybe?  London’s Tower Bridge stuck open due to a technical fault.

Hype, hype, and re-hype:  5 things to know about the new UN report on climate change.

They left “eat your car” out of it: What The U.S. Can Do About The Dire Climate Change Report.

Marketing of racism continues nonstop:  Chamberlin Rock removed from University of Wisconsin campus over racist symbolism – CNN.  Jeez.  Don’t tell these people there’s a hedge fund call Blackrock…

Hey!  Let’s fight racism by adding stupidity!  Oregon governor signs bill suspending math, reading proficiency requirements for HS graduates | Fox News

Yet the insanity spreads: Rockies fan screamed for mascot ‘Dinger,’ didn’t yell racial slur, team confirmed.

Long Peoplenomics report tomorrow as my latest book nears completion.

Write when you get rich,


58 thoughts on “Tuesday “Insanity is Contagious” Check”

    • What Really Matters: How YOU (personally) feel — never mind the world which gives a shit, and over which you have practically no control!

    • 18 “Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed. ”

      The lawful waivers to build camps.

    • “Yep, put covid positive people in with the elderly who are most vulnerable.”

      thats as good as the DROP AND FLOP Law.. a few years ago.. they decided that someone in pain or confused.. ( if your in pain psych meds don’t have as much effectiveness..and in serious pain you get confused and disoriented) so they took away trapezes, side rails, seat belts , lap buddies etc.. the thing is.. if you just had a serious injury broke a hip or stroke.. in a coma etc.. you have the personal right to throw yourself on the floor .. add someone seriously ill with covid.. same thing.. LOL
      took care of a person with MRSAthat would rip their intestines out and throw them on the floor.. we would tape trash bags around their midsection then tie a sheet down so in their state of pain they couldn’t get to it.. hint you can’t do that now.. they have that right to toss them on the floor.. just scoop them back up and cover them up .. and in their pain state.. no side rails.. someone in a deep coma.. thrash about.. side rails and restraints are needed.. not anymore.. with the wise wisdom of congress..and administrations.. oops.. and today any long term illness or injury is taken to a nursing facility because that is what the insurance companies wanted.. LOL.. seen a professor in pain rip his cath out once in a con fused state..today they can’t take measures to stop that.. one happened a couple of years ago same thing that happened to the professor.. and well lets just say it wasn’t a pretty sight..
      I always thought they put laws like that in because people were living to long and just decided that those were the ones that could expedite and draw down the population.. no more rubber fall mats.. same thing it could be a hazzard to them if they decided to get up and walk.. and the biggie.. they did away with the psych meds.. seems that they are chemical restraints.. LOL.. so if you have someone that is aggressive ( and trust me it does happen.. had one that destroyed the room..they sent them off for psych eval.. at my other job.. they were talking about some guy that ripped the toilet off of the floor and beat the aide with it ..LOL I asked is his name by par chance such and such.. yup they sent them there.( the aide had to be hospitalized by the way) . sundowners sucks. today they can’t give someone like that a psych med in a nursing facility.. . ).. and you put someone with a fresh hip or knee next to them.. they can get up and beat the hell out of them and you can’t stop it..
      the good news is the tech or aide doesn’t have to have a shadow anymore just let them do their thing.. a lot less stress for the floor worker..

      • a funny story though… i use to play golf weekly with a doctor fresh out of school.. nice kid.. great guy.. I was taking care of one of his patients.. anyway that patient was extremely aggressive.. every week I would ask him to do something.. you always had to watch out for flying bedpans in your face type thing or worse getting beaten up LOL… well his response was.. Its all in your approach.. No doc there are times where it flips beyond that..
        So.. one day he is doing rounds.. the patient next to the agressive one was a button pusher.. so people weren’t to quick to rush right in.. ( my boss at one job was a button pusher.. I almost got beat by the tech when I told him just go ahead and push the button the tech doesn’t have anything else to do.. she was with the patient right next to him LOL) anyway back to the story.. so the doctor is doing rounds.. wore a tyable tie not a clip on.. the nurse went to get the records and the patient flipped.. was hanging him with the tie.. LOL LOL LOL luckily the nurse came back and saved his life.. he sported the hangman’s scar for a while.. when we were out to play golf.. as he approached the ball I said watch out doc.. its all in your approach LOL he wouldn’t even talk to me after that.. haven’t played golf with him since the middle eighties LOL and if I see him he walks the other way even today..
        but the patient got the help they were needing at the time.. and after their health came back lived a very nice life without the aggression..

  1. Say what?

    What chu talking bout Willis?

    “To be sure, Texas is not particularly good at mask compliance. But that’s likely because the whole mask and shot thing has been politicized.”

    Dude – the only people who wear masks anymore are bandits/criminals and pedophiles..Which raises the obvious question – ? Which one U bee? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    No China v Tieoneon…Middle East glass making project should be completed prior to any conquest of island nation..

    I m voting Bandito – dont forget..

    The Alamo!

  2. My college age grandson has declared that he is gender non binary. I have known that boy was gay since he was 6. He prefers they/them instead of he/him. As long as he has male genitals I will use “he”.

    • I worked at a place packed with swingers. One of the vendors I used had polys. A coworker to a poly over there would complain to me because she wouldn’t go to the parties so was treated differently at the office.

      If you let the boss and coworkers pork you, and you they, you get good reviews and raises. If you don’t, there’s that personality rub in the office.

      It’s hard to prove disparate treatment. That’s why I’m an advocate of street court.

      • When it becomes a culture of sexual promiscuity it seems that the STD factor would begin to limit the number of individuals eventually. When San Francisco became the Mecca for homosexuality they eventually had to shut down the bath houses and other venues like that because “the clap you couldn’t get rid of” was running rampant and they couldn’t control it. (Sounds kind of familiar)

        One of the best early books on it may still be able to be found and is entitled “Shadow in the Land” by a former Congressman. It may even be able to be found on one of the archival web sites we’ve talked about here. It documents the rise in the 70s of the Gay movement, how it happened and how science was changed for political purposes mainly through intimidation to promote it. Stephen Fry, who is, himself, gay, made a great documentary about that lifestyle once years ago where he talked about the false assumption that AIDS had been beaten because they had the pills to beat it now. Yeah – if you don’t mind taking some 30 pills a day to keep yourself alive and keeping to the celibacy you should have been before you contracted the disease. It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase “Freedom is not free”. It comes with a personal responsibility to police one’s self.

      • “If you let the boss and coworkers pork you, and you they, you get good reviews and raises. If you don’t, there’s that personality rub in the office.”

        I worked in a govt. job.. if you were a young woman wanted to have a good position and pay. you just had to blow the boss.. one day I went into the breakroom and there was this young woman blowing him below the table while he had his coffee.. I quit that job.. ( my moral standards were to high.. I should have just turned around and left..as a kid working in a gs 12 position in a govt job.. dam worst mistake of my life quitting)

        “STD factor”

        I worked with a young man that was bisexual.. good looking kid had the life of Andy slept with every woman working there married or single..
        he eventually passed on from aides.. his boyfriend had it.. and how many of those ladies working were exposed… there were a few..

        when I worked at the cabinet shop.. same thing a guy with a yellow pickup he would get old milk and cream etc.. to feed his hogs his yellow pickup stunk so bad you could smell it for blocks.. and he slept with every woman that worked there at the shop in the stinky yellow pickup..
        I asked one young woman that I worked with that just mentioned she had just done it with him during lunch..I said why in the hell.. she said.. I was curious just how good he had to be for someone to screw him in that stinky truck.. well was it worth it.. oh it wasn’t anything special.. she was married still is.. I see her from time to time shopping..
        the hooker in kansas city that had aides.. and was still working the streets.. they were searching for some three hundred of her clients.. let her out of jail and since she couldn’t get a job went back to work..

  3. RE: Formosa and ‘dronepedoes’: Recall back in June of this year when the U.S. Navy did some ‘explosive’ testing off the coast of Kal-a-forn-I-A?


    The nearly 4 magnitude undersea explosion (Richter Scale) involved over 40,000 lbs of explosives (equivalent to 40 kilotons, or KTs) and was openly touted by the USN as ‘hull integrity testing’ for the new U.S.S. Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier. But it could just as easily have been a coincidental test of a new defensive capability intended to destroy waves of rapidly approaching underwater craft, drones and torpedos. If I were a strategist for the Navy, that’s one thing I would be working on post-haste, for all the Taiwan reasons you’ve recently cited, George! For a comparison, the Hiroshima ‘Little Boy’ nuke was estimated at 15KT and the Nagasaki ‘Fat Man’ weapon was in the 21KT range. So the 40KT undersea detonation was almost twice the blast size of the Nagasaki nuke. The USN now has ‘low yield’ nukes as low as 5KT.


    Things that make ya go “hmmmm.” (nods to Arsenio Hall).

    • A certain bunch wants a war, another bunch needs a war. Unfortunately, it looks like all of our military is far more concerned with vaxxing, CRT and similar things that divide rather than unite. Promotions are far more likely to be for things other than merit – we have always had some of that, but it appears to be endemic now.

      Can officers promoted this way actually be effective in war?

      • “A certain bunch wants a war, another bunch needs a war.”

        Makes a person frustrated and the feeling of total futility.. they are absolute idiots if you ask my opinion.. and in reality its all over something that isn’t worth chasing..

    • Hate to do this but your math is a bit off:

      A kiloton is 1000 tons of explosives:
      40,000# of explosives is actually 20 tons of explosive power. (40,000# /2000# per ton). That is actually about .02 KT

      Conventional explosives still come nowhere near the explosive force of nuclear weapons.

    • China said they’ll carpet bomb Japan with nukes.

      They way I figured it, 17 50 megaton nukes and the islands of Japan would be smooth as the ocean around them right now A lot of frightened global citizens that day.

    • 40 KTs is a big blast. The biggest blast I’ve ever been involved with was about 20,000 lbs and these were surface detonations. Did a few of those back in OIF-1 destroying weapons caches when it was still the wild west and cowboys could still have some fun.

      In regards to Taiwan, drones and hypersonic weapons are effective and have (or will have) their place on the battlefield, but they can’t occupy territory. Smart planners know that the war doesn’t really get started until the first beachhead is secured. Then you have to take and hold the territory. China’s problem here is that they have to fight this thing themselves. No proxies. All the chips on the table. We, on the other hand, will have the luxury of doing to China what Russia/China did to us in Iraq, Afghanistan…and don’t forget Vietnam.

      Pay back is a bitch.

      • :-( I hate all the hate in this world today.
        The chinese are not stupid… my guess is since they let us adopt them for all our needs..sold a lot of our companies to them.. we sold off our ports.. toll roads etc.
        Anyway they are not stupid.. they let us spend our way to bankruptcy on endless wars to benefit only a few..they along with others donated billions to lobbying firms just to have control over our government officials.. even worked hard to get our local police departments defunded leaving room for mass chaos..
        Since a few years ago they gave an example of their technology by turning on all the cameras in the usa.. along with corrupted guidance chips for our missile defense and even had a top secret drone takeover in flight and landed in another country… so seriously.. who’s to say they weren’t smart enough to program a simple one line kill switch. Our appliances all have it leaving us totally at their mercy..
        Then considering that there are morons promoting illegals to enter.. with only 13 percent checking in after being transported to various areas of the country. Even though military leaders from those countries said that was exactly how they would do it..
        I think we are in deeper trouble than we realize..
        What I see is a poison pawn trap.. then while we go to defend the pawn they’ll hit us from multiple angles. Divide and conquer..
        While we are all busy trying to get dingle nuts what they covet the country will be left in bankrupt broken and defenseless.
        We still have 30 percent on eviction lists. Supply lines still struggling..

      • Correction accepted, CJ. I read past the lbs part – my bad. Ure math is correct, as was Stephen 2’s – so to both of you, please pardon the glaring oversight and accept my apologies. “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble!”

    • dive a lil deeper hammer”, the 1st explosion off coast of Flalala was NOT “scheduled, no warnings, no no fly zones – nuttin.

      Force of those explosions very closely matches the USN Mark 45 nuke torpedo rated “force” . .


  4. 1) Masks work well, and vaccinations can be done
    voluntarily and at a leisurely pace until herd
    immunity occurs.

    2) Vaccines work well, and masks are unnecessary
    for vaccine-immunized people, OR for those
    who have had and beaten the virus.

    One of these statements is true — but only one.
    Which one has become inappropriately politicized .

    To believe both vaccines AND masks are universally
    necessary is insane.


    • The mRNA ‘jab’ has never been tested on humans before, and long term side effects are unknown.

      A “vaccine” has a specific meaning and must create a anti-body response, which the mRNA does not.

      Several creditable reports have come forth reporting that the majority of lab animals give the mRNA jab died shortly there after.

      Virus’ are so small that they are not impeded by masks. In either direction.

      To believe either the experimental non-vaccine OR masks are safe or effective is simply insane.

      IF you are forced to take the ‘jab’ or any other vaccine, do your best to take large amounts of vitamin C before, during and after the injection to mitigate the damage. Something you should be doing anyway.

      This is a good starting point ….

      Find the book “Every Second Child” by Dr. Archie Kalokerinos detailing his experiences while working with the Australian government vaccinating aboriginal children and how when he would arrive in a village to do so, the people would hide their children – because every 2nd child who was vaccinated died!

      The 2nd video above explains how he prevented those deaths, and how his colleagues reviled and physically assaulted him as a result of his discovery.

      • Dead wrong on masks.

        The virus IS smaller than N-95 and N100. But the virus is not a direct transfer.

        It is on water droplets – and that N-95 and N100 to reduce substantially. Cloth masks always have been a joke – sort of like Foochy and Mengele Medicine

      • Yeah yeh – “reduce substantially” ..just like digging a foxhole to hide in from Nuclear blast wave…will reduce substantially Ure exposure to ionizing radiation – bwaahahahahaha you will only get a lil melting, and lil radiation sickness.

        “whew that was close call, only 15 million viri got through my N95, leavng 45 million viri “particles’ that didnt !

        In a demoncrat run govt system – that is absolutely a HUUUUUGE success in that only 25% of the viri go thru Ure masks – something to really crow about on the MSM for this commie fascist regime.

        Bullet Proof = Vit C800 mg, Vit D3 125 mg, Zinc 30 mg, Quecertin 500 mg. = (Z stack.Dr Zelenko vitamin)

        “dragon warriors – SOP – predose/load Antidote prior to….completing the f-ing mission..

  5. I believe it will have to be a Blitzkrieg style attack., with as many boots-on-the-ground, as fast as possible if they have any hope of capturing and controlling the chip plants., before the Taiwanese government blows them up to deny access. With stealthdrones in the water the US Navy will be forced out of the South China Seas, thus China will shut-off and/or control., what?.., 2/3’s of the world shipping. Thus isolating Australia and Japan and giving the nod for North Korea to invade the South with the hopes of also capturing their chip facilities [ in return for Chinese military support. ]
    I also believe that Biden will pull a Chamberlain, but if we do strike back, one sub in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific and the Chinese will deliver “A Fistfull of HEMP’s “., effectively sending the entire north american continent back to mid 1800’s and most of the country will wake up one morning to a whole new dystopia, wondering how it all went so wrong and did I buy enough freeze dried peaches [ and ammo ].
    Been working on my Morse Code.., how ’bout you?

  6. Quick addendum to establish cred (if any).

    I believe:

    1) Masks work – but poorly.

    2) So very many other vaccines “work,” there
    is decent cred that this one is, at worst, useful;
    and, at best, effective. (…and, remotely possibly,
    deadly destructive to a few unlucky folks.)

    3) Bitcoin is 21st Century tulips. (A lot of money
    was made in tulips before the music stopped,
    don’t forget.)

    4) All the world’s major thugs plan to achieve
    their various goals while an ineffective puppet
    and hesitant idiot is President here. They will
    not wait very long. They know that at present,
    they need not fear meaningful opposition from
    Joe. They know the window may shut at any
    time. Weakness encourages bullies.

    5) Our interlinked, interdependent, “just-in-time”
    support systems can (and will) fail in a cascade,
    and re-booting will be slow and difficult. Many
    will not survive this. It may not take very much
    to trigger this.

    • 5) Already happening in Grand Fashion. It seems the time value of money sitting in product on the shelf ans being called a depreciating asset vs. putting that capital into the Wall Street Casino, has been reversed, seeing that the fiat gushing out of every orifice of Bankster finance is approaching worthless dillution. Companies that had redundancy and inventory eh hem … sorry not PC terms here. Rather companies with “Resiliency” have taken market share and /or simply survived where others are shuttering their doors. We cant use old terms like redundancy because a whole swath of think tank power point drones will be left without an advisory role / job in the new economy. That’s going to happen regardless.

  7. George
    TN is just doing what it has to, in order to keep up with staffing in the hospitals.
    My daughter graduated from an RN program a year ago and joined her mother at the UAB Heart/Lung Transplant ICU.
    They are having a hard time keeping staffing up as the market for nurses to “Travel” (I.E. , work 1099 on a Contract basis) is so high they are getting nearly 3x what the stationary W2 nurses get. The nurse market is tight in numbers, and due to the big blue states and cities filling more beds.
    Being a “Travel Engineer,” I know the temptations of the big bucks.
    She will stay put at least until she gets her employer paid BS, and maybe a MNP or DNP. Then she will look at her options. I’m like you wanting G2 to be nearby. I’ve told her that her room is open as long as she’s working and in school getting the degrees on the hospitals time and dime. My son lives a mile or so away too.
    I figure I have the best of both worlds going into old age, a certified Mechanic and Contractor to take car of house and car, and a future NP to take care of her mother and me!

  8. Trump Derangement Syndrome Front Man and NYC shut down crisis commander Andrew Coumo resigns…

    It’s a shame this didn’t happen before NYC was turned in a shell of itself. His Honor’s shutdown histrionics and swath of destruction has been good for real estate values in NJ, FL, MD, and the Carolinas. Watch now with popcorn at hand as the libtards eat their own.


    • The “shame” is he’s resigning over copping a feel, while nobody is talking about the 15,000 seasoned citizens he murdered…

  9. Local new covid infections appear to have peaked and are starting to drop, though at levels higher than last year. One local nursing home apparently had something like 700 new cases. Kid’s hospitals are filling up according to the news, I’m afraid. I’m seeing a lot more masks in retail outlets. Hopefully it will continue to tail off in the fall like last year. Who knows what the holidays will bring.

    • They’re (this pretend administration) playing games with all the numbers. I’m sure it’s more than just Florida. They lied every way they could last year so why wouldn’t they do it this year?

      CDC Quietly Adjusts Florida’s Covid-19 Numbers After State’s Health Department Blasts Them For Combining Multiple Days of Data Into One

      • The clerical mischief has been going on all along. However, the 7-day average for individual counties being reported by the NY Times has generally been mirrored by the local press reporting on hospitalization trends and hospital bed availability.
        My SWAG is that the CDC, state & local reporting agencies have staffing and budget issues which result in noisy data. The issue looks to be noisy data, not necessarily deliberate fraud, although with other CDC mischief coming to light, I wouldn’t rule it out. And you will occasionally see data spikes which may mean additional cases came to light which were reported late. Vacation, sick leave, competence and turnover figure into continuity of reporting. The amount of data being gathered and processed in near real time is unprecedented. I would expect much of this work has been delegated down the bureaucratic food chain to temp workers.

  10. What Really Matters: How YOU (personally) feel — never mind the world which gives a shit, and over which you have practically no control!

    That’s one person’s opinion ;).

  11. Thousands of Illegals flooding over the Boarders and being Flown or transported into every State, Gee I wonder why we are having a new rising of covid19.

  12. Staffing is one thing, but measures in the Order are extreme. And with no state inspections or regard to any complaints, if there is abuse or medical neglect, it will not be followed up on … simply swept under the rug.

    Expanding the scope … means aides will be doing things only nurses are only qualified for, nurses will do what doctors are only qualified for … and if no license required, lay people can do it too. It’s all unethical.

    True licensed professionals were indoctrinated to, and took an oath to “do no harm” …. This will cause many to endure moral injury.

    A lot of what America screamed about that Cuomo did, is right here in a nutshell. Free pass.

    If I had a family member in an elder facility there, I’d be getting them out, like yesterday.

    • There are arguments both ways. The “indoctrinated and credentialed ones” take an oath, though not all follow it. The others can and should take a similar oath and be as competent as possible. When there are no alternatives, warm bodies with decent ethics are a lot better than none.

      I was once on a path to become one of the “indoctrinated/credentialed ones”. I left after several years due to not agreeing with the indoctrination at all. Indoctrinated and credentialed people are kept on a very short leash, and departure from the current version of “correctness” has terrible consequences. I will state again that the emperor has no clothes in many and sometimes most cases. For the few that actually walk their talk, I have respect. Notwithstanding, I still have problems with the heirarchy and top-down control. As an individual, my life is my own, and to the extent that I do no harm, my life choices and consequences are my own too. This is the essence of the American Way, as I understand it.

      • When I walk my dog I keep the retractable leash short and locked when on the sidewalk next to a street. No matter how well trained, a dog might run out into the street. Mistakes happen. Being left unchecked can be dangerous.

        Stressed over worked people working short staffed are notorious for not crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s.

        Just sayin.

  13. An example of street justice, from Yahoo

    The mandatory vaccinations that triggered a riot in Montreal in 1885

    More than 2,000 violent rioters – some armed with stones, others with revolvers – stormed through the streets protesting mandatory vaccinations.

    “Kill the vaccinators,” they shouted.

    The scene was Montreal on the night of Sept. 28, 1885, after the city moved to impose compulsory vaccinations to fight a smallpox epidemic.

    The protesters were residents of Montreal’s French Canadian neighborhood, where distrust of the English-majority government ran deep.


  14. “Pencil in 2-3 weeks and let me know if a new “variant” shows up. Gives us all a chance to pretend we’re Inspector Poirot from the Data Division, non?

    Be interesting to visit Flightradar24 and pull some history…long shot, but…..”

    Mais oui, Monsieur. Why not just drop in on the man of monkeys and see what HE had to say about it…?

  15. “Hype, hype, and re-hype: 5 things to know about the new UN report on climate change.”

    How ’bout “Ignore the Marxist drivel…?”

  16. So, I’m sitting at my fire pit with a nice fire burning, cuz that’s what Indians do … or as anyone else who has a fire pit in their yard who are so inclined on a cool evening … it’s relaxing.

    Check my phone and see replies to some comments I made, there are activists and do-good-ers ripping me hard about my screen name. (Because they can’t fight me or rationally discuss my comments) so, they attack my screen name: Lakota Bob. I’m not valid. Couldn’t be because I disagree with them on the other subject at hand.

    I had no idea I was being so disrespectful to the Lakota People by using their name and representing all of them with my words. Yes, in a matter of moments they had contacted the entire Lakota Nation, banded them together and war drums were beating …. In their dreams.

    Now I know how a Jeep Cherokee feels. (Rolling my eyes)

    “Lakota” is a dialect. Same as Dakota and Nakota – all of the Oceti Sakowin Nation. Other wise known as “Sioux” – which is a French word. The French couldn’t pronounce “Oceti Sakowin”.

    Regardless of true knowledge, these people follow the narrative. Black and white, concrete thinking. It is what media tells them it is. Then they copy and paste the new misinformation and think they are experts.

    Like Climate Change, is only about Co2, and nothing else. Not knowing the totality of what greenhouse gasses are comprised of or where they really come from. Nor do they care. It’s Co2 and it’s YOUR Fault. Case closed.

    Everyone is prejudice, specifically white people. I see it in the media as if it’s a plague … but in real life I’m not like that, nor is anyone I know personally. Interactions with POC have always been congenial, warm hearted and respectful. But the media says we hate each other … only fools buy into that and try to make it happen.

    Plandemic has taken the “care” out of health care. Ethics and years of true research thrown out the window. Unless you’ve worked in healthcare or been screwed over by healthcare, ya really don’t know how shady it has been and more so becoming. These aren’t the days of Florence Nightingale or Jonas Salk. These are the days of Fouci and corporate corruption.

    I’m done speaking for what’s right and just. Can’t educate a generation of kids who were babysat by video games, who think life is only what’s on the screen and what it tells them. Or the older folks who have fallen prey to the media hype.

    Let those screens go down and watch the confusion and chaos. Just like in times past, they’ll be searching for the “Old Ways” … survival ain’t easy when it’s not handed to you. Oh well.

    Sorry if this seems long. My apologies. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting by the fire, doing what Indians do.


    • Beautifully written! Thank you. I’ve seen the dark side of medical “care” from two sides – wearing the uniform and watching relatives get processed. I’ve avoided being a “patient” since age seven and have no intention of changing that.

      I’m sure there might be good medical professionals, but until I have a trusting friendship with one as equals, I’ll operate as if there are none.

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