Monday Markets and Mob Rule

I do a reasonable amount of reading.  Yet, I cannot remember a single definitive economics course, or book, explaining market dynamics under Mob Rule.

Similarly, I can’t find many treatises on Mob Rule and Justice, either.  Well, except for maybe The Myth of Mob Rule: Violent Crime and Democratic Politics. Lisa L. Miller. New York: Oxford University Press (2016). 272pp.  ISBN 9780190228705.

Problematically, we now live in Miller’s “double exposure to violence” world.  Where the risks from [radicalized] fellow citizens (*Antifa, BLM, et. al) are about balanced with risks from government through multiple-mada-jabs, punitive taxes, selective law enforcement, and disproportionate legislative power by egomaniacally technology leaders deconstructing America’s foundational values.

It’s bewildering – attempting to rationalize an irrational news flow – when The Digital Mob as run wild for another weekend.

An Officer and a Thinker

A tone-setter from military affairs commentator warhammer is a good start:

“One quick peruse of Sunday’s BBC Science main web page: Science & Environment – BBC News reveals these earth shattering headline stories:

– Time Nearly Up to Stop Climate Catastrophe

– UN Report Shows Stark Reality of Climate Change

– Poor Countries Struggle to Cope with Climate Impact

– What Do World Leaders Need to Agree To Stop Climate Change

– Really Simple Guide to Climate Change

How about some really hard science on the science page? “

Data free hype?  You bet!  The problem with real science – like so many issues (race, gender, yada, yada) it has been weaponized with money.

On the one side we have competent scientists (like Willie Soon) raising warnings about the corrupt use of statistics by climate promoters.  Government funds ’em.

In Law, the concept to recall is “fee Justice.”  Where you can get away with the crime if you have “the Fee.”  Like the UK’s idiotic “climate fees” driving in certain areas.

At the macro level, some question whether Willie Soon’s work has been supported by “oil and gas interests” – with the implication that these are somehow Evil.  While at the same time, the Climate racketeers are shaking down government for as much money as they can get claiming the world’s going to end any minute.   Been hearing that 30-years now.

Like the pandering this morning about ‘Nowhere to run’: UN report says global warming nears limits (  That’s a lie.  Many billionaires have already left America.  But, it’s not about climate.  It’s about the rise of Mob Rule.  Take the money and run.

Social Media’s Gain of Function

This rise of Digital Mob Rule we’ve been warning of for a couple of years, has its roots in Social Media.

American citizens – desperate to be heard because government sure as shit isn’t listening – turned to online sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Idiotically, people generate content for these rich corporations to monetize (while getting exemption from libel and slander laws – Sect. 230), while leveraging the Sheep into power held over Government.

Because it has been abundantly clear that America’s discussion of critical issues no longer matters in Washington, D.C.  It only matters to the Marxist elements of Social Media who – unable to find an oppressed proletariat anxious to “cast off the chains of Tesla’s” have moved on to extreme racial division instead.

I’d suggest that any clear-headed analyst would view the George Floyd riots as a solid example of Social Media Gain of Function.  While (like the illusive Covid isolate) agitation hasn’t quite been tracked back to the Marxist revolutionaries.   See how this rolls?

Monetization Desperation

While we await the Marxist press for reparations (a whole monetization scheme unto itself), the current poster-child for greed may be seen in the stifling of open discussion of CV-19 where the unanswered questions are manifold.

The questioners include people like Mike Adams of Natural News. But, Social Media – in a power-sharing deal with the Federal Government (and a corrupt Congress) keeps Adams silenced on Social where the bulk of the American Flock does its information grazing.

A few (beyond us) are deeply offended: Big Tech are supposed to be the plumbers, not patricians of internet discourse – Mark E. Jeftovic is The Bombthrower.  But reasonableness is not spreading like Delta, now, is it?

If you didn’t read Adam’s report? BOMBSHELL: HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling –, it’s because there’s more money (billions if not eventual trillions) “In sickness than in Health.”

Notwithstanding, officialdom (who like Tony Fauci may have their hands in the cookie jar) maintains a tight rein on what’s allowable in the “thinking passband” of lesser people than them.

Sure, it’s insidious, but it all levels-back to “Who wants to cast off their Lexus?”

Market Action?

The next three weeks will likely see the top of the TSR.  Typical Summer Rally.

The market has been run up – as Johnny come lately -types are suckered to Buy at the Top.

The Reality, though, as we have already told Peoplenomics readers, is that a significant population die-off  – as little as 2-3 percent – could trigger a Depression like no other, ever before.

Watch prices of private-party sales on eBay.  If you track a collectible (I restore old radio equipment, so I enjoy an encyclopedic knowledge of used gear prices), when you see the break on eBay, it will be time to hunker-down in the non-auction world.

For now, government is desperate for the Jabs because it’s all a monetization.  There never was any point to gain of function short of latter-day Mengele theories or warfare.

But now that it’s here, it will be a Jim Dandy scapegoat when the economic house of cards falls in.

In the meantime, a few are waking up: France, Italy Swept By Mass Protests Against COVID Health Pass.

We Get to the Point

Think back to Tulip Mania:  When a Peak happens, it’s often noisy in these things.  1634 to 1637 seems like a short period, but not much different from our initial decline (February 2020) scapegoated to Covid and whatever happens between now and 2023.

China knows full-well what’s going on.  They read stories like Taiwan’s economy is booming as chip demand soars – TechCentral.  Then China turns around and go on the attack: South China Sea: Beijing blasts US over $750 million arms sale with Taiwan – EconoTimes.

Bidding for Partisans

This leaves each of us to consider how the “world is looking for joiners” like crazy.

  • In Climate, the battle is over who will roll-over and pay scam climate taxes?  If you love whales and the Amazon, get the checkbook ready.
  • In Race relations, the full-court press is on to White shame you into getting the checkbooks out.  So much so, that the Biden administration has overseen the installation of institutional racism training in  government.  If you’re in government, please decline “remedial training” not demanded of everyone regardless of race.  Because that defines discrimination.  And that (*at least used to be) Illegal.  (‘course used to be America…)
  • In the Armed/Jabbed conflict, if we don’t have trillions in future revenues from shots, economy will implode, too.
  • And with chip shortages already widespread, it’s paradoxically preventing the collapse of the global economy.  Because shortage drive up prices (inflation) without which the bond price would already be under the effective lower bound and social Coriolis Effects would be setting in.

For now, the Big Flush is just getting started.  Our view, as always, will be to watch the “turbulence and the tank.”  Detached from the outcome and hiding on the sidelines of the Internet, unchecked by Socialist media controllers about to blow up the world.

Ya’ll have fun.

Mob Driving

(Must we?  Well, yes…nominally informed allows us to duck…)

Driving the Racial Divide meme:  Black real estate agent and his client arrested while touring Michigan house – The Washington Post.  Notice the story has a correction which the me-too re-posters won’t bother with as it would dilute their self-righteous SJW-BS.

Driving Invasive Surveillance:  “This Is About Control, Not Children”: Eric Weinstein Calls Out Apple’s Virtuous Pedo-Hunter Act.  (I’m so old, I remember when privacy was a word with an immutable concept behind it.)

Driving Inflation to Offset Deflation:  Senate advances $1.2T infrastructure bill; Republican Senator Cramer defends ‘critical’ spending.  Don’t you hate how overworked  the word “critical” has become?

Cornered Cretins will back down.  Lefties are holding the citizens of Texas hostage.  Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick slams Democrats for lawsuit, says come back and ‘do your job’.  They won’t – they do only what’s expedient.  Or, haven’t you been paying attention?

Driving Global Warming?  ‘We didn’t expect a monster like this’: Dixie Fire, largest single blaze in California history, threatens thousands of homes.

But the lies and coverups will continue:  9/11 Families To Biden: Release Details Of Saudi Involvement Or Stay Away From Memorials.  Of course, he’ll just keep reading off the unmasked Obamaprompter.

The Special People don’t care about you – never have.  DJ posts pics of Obama’s birthday party before being forced to delete them (  Oops – lil light on masks, were they?  Tisk, tisk…

ATR: Early to Bed

Early was like 7:30 PM, so I rolled at 4 AM today – hence the early column.

I knew this would be another SSDD (same shit, different day) Monday.  But, you hope, you know?

Instead:  Lumber is $550 – so the deck wood order will go in today.  Dow futures down 100, S&P down 6.  But, as we told PN subscribers when gold drops $41 and the market doesn’t, with patience the market may follow because gold’s collapse Friday means inflation is toast in the short term.  Down another $17 at post time.

BTC is back to $46,000.  There’s more than one born every minute, after all.    Maybe people haven’t been tracking Resentful hacker exposes Conti ransomware gang’s tools –  Or, maybe delusion is fine.

For me?  Breakfast and back to work on my upcoming book.  Prepping matters.

One good idea this week:  Turn off the Mainstream news shills. They’re running agendas and they’re bad for you.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. $4B in fake gold contracts hit the futures market right as it opened – thats called no price discovery – business as usual.

  2. Resentful hacker exposes Conti ransomware gang’s tools – TechCentral

    The word crypto or bitcoin is nowhere in that article. Read the article.

  3. Following-on with the Climate Change deception, many are aware that the reported 1.5C spike in global temps during the last century is largely due to the relocation of surface temperature monitors to hotter locations – e.g. a concrete laden city corner versus a formerly used vegetation heavy rural farm field. Climate Changers rebuttals claim the the rise in temps is verified via satellite data. Well, when you think about it, surface temps were historically the only method used prior to the dawn of satellites, aside from occasional weather balloons – which did not identify dramatic surface warming. The surface data was fairly consistent as long as the sensor/thermometer location remained consistent. Once satellites entered the picture, gasses above hightly concentrate urban areas were sampled and incorporated into global climate data, resulting in a ‘scientific’ rise in temperatures. In reality, climate change is demonstrably little more than a scientific slight of hand. As Benjamin Disraeli said “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” No, our Sun, space weather and natural cycles are the main perpetrators of ‘climate change.’ Giving mankind all the credit is the height of human arrogance.

    • Actually, they didn’t need to relocate most of them. Normal Urban growth significantly increased the amount of paved surface in the vicinity of most airport based weather monitoring equipment and influenced the data. Even semi rural installations were similarly affected for the same reason. Garbage in, new programs out.

  4. Yo G Pops –

    Its a new Moon on Monday !…..a nasty, felt by all kick in nutz kinda vibe this yellow crescent harbinger of financial troubles..

    Bad boy actually showed up Saturday night..4 a Cancerian Crab like myself – rough seas for lil while(jangled vibes)…but all is fine, fine as frog hair.

    4 the full Moon this month bee bringing with her a serious Case (24cansl) of Whoop Ass, with a bag of gifts and goodies.
    The planets will bee signing in chourus ..”oh glorious bitcoin nazi, spread the good newz and wealth frm sea 2 sea..”

    Buying the Dip in PM’s – PHYZ – paper game is for septic scum lovers and their ilk “working” in The Shity of London. Human filth really, not to mention some of most BUTT UGLY people I have seen in my life ..Chuck & Camilla – are you kidding me – Shave their asses and make em backwards for goodness sakes!

    Ever wonder where obongo got all that $$$ frm ?? national best selling author of multple books, no?
    Me thinks he is still getting paid……………

    At least there is still some things we can count on, as everything fallz down around us – No Bitcoinz 4 G!

    U R welcome.

  5. In the great Covid plandemic, we now have Gov. Bill Lee’s exec order #83, issued (late Friday, of course). #’s 14 and 18 are of particular interest. Duck and cover!

  6. Sir,

    Witness the irony of Pharoah Cheop’s solar boat being transported across desert sands by ground transportation this past week after 4 and a half millennia at Giza. Meanwhile, Mr. Musk test fits the upper stage of his methane powered world’s to be biggest space vehicle in Texas. Far from Texas cattle ranches, the head of the Virgin Group looks to become a minority shareholder in its ailing airline lacking a government bailout. Flushed investors can now enjoy a first chance at owning a piece of the embattled carrier. Sir Richard will concentrate on building the more future optimistic looking Virgin Galactic whose shares are not for sale to small fry.

    A belated Happy birthday to your Mr. Obama although followers of The Firm must express disappointment that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not invited to the birthday bash. One hopes that the Duke will respond appropriately to this snub in his autobiography to be released next year with publishing help from his close confidante and cousin the Princess Eugenie no doubt still steaming from her exclusion from the climatic Buckingham Palace Balcony gathering of The Firm on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee nine years ago.

    • Party for the “dancing minstrels” only, who were let off the chain for short respite..think rather not the bucked tooth reptilians stooping so low as to rub elbows w/their trained, tin cup carrying, “minstrels”..Did hear about 3 bullets/letter left for Frankiebaby..not Opus who, but ___ of the week..

      can U say self flagellation ?

  7. An exclamation point on my Climate Post last week that Human Caused Global Warming is all a lie…

    Headline: “Bioethicist Proposes Engineering SMALLER Humans With Beef Intolerance to Fight Climate Change”. Mathew Liao, an immigrant born in Taiwan, has all the “right” credentials, having attended Princeton University and boasting a philosophy from Oxford; he also holds the Arthur Zitrin Chair of Bioethics at New York University. Part of the Intellectual Elite. Trained and educated at Leftist Globalist Universities spewing Globalist propaganda.

    On the other hand: “Climate change is a farce created by the media and the politicians it benefits”, physicist Dr. Steven Koonin told Tucker Carlson. “It’s a fiction of the media,” he said. “And the politicians who like to promote that notion.” According to data from the U.S. government, Koonin explained, there are “no detectable human influences” on natural disasters like hurricanes for more than a century, and today’s heatwaves in the U.S. are just as common as they were back in 1900. “The warmest temperatures have not gone up in the last 60 years,” he noted.

    Dr. Koonin has the credentials to know what he is talking about. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics, Past Professor of Theoretical Physics and Provost at CalTech, Obama’s former Energy Department undersecretary for science, director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University, and past chief scientist for BP where his work focused on renewable and low-carbon energy technologies. Some liberal outposts and assignments. You would think he would be a radical environmentalist espousing Global Warming and scary Climate Change lies. However,…

    The physicist pointed out that politicians love to throw around the term “existential threat” when it comes to the topic of climate, but he argued that government officials like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are unqualified to raise the issue to such an extreme. DOD officials used the ‘existential threat’ lie about climate change just last week.

    “I don’t think the science says what… Secretary Pete thinks it says,” said Dr. Koonin. “In fact, I can guarantee you he’s never read the science.” “Fact, I can guarantee you that Sen. Sanders, President Biden, Ambassador Kerry, Secretary Granholm have never read the science – because you need to be a scientist to do that. And in fact, when you read it, there’s very little in terms of extreme weather that’s changed over the last many decades.”

    The physicist is right. The Bioethicist (whatever the hell that is) is crazy, but like China Joe Biden wanting to re-engineer humans with a jab, that is the kind of lunacy we are dealing with today. Humans being the cause of Global Warming is a another fraud being fed to us by lying Globalist Politicians that want to further enslave and reduce the number of humans. Beam me up Scotty.

    • “Bioethicist” is Orwellian newspeak. If you would like to know what it means, take the interpretive part of the word (which would be “ethicist”), then LOOK UP ITS INVERSE. BTW, there are no antonyms, homonyms, or thesaurus entries for “ethicist” so the only way to glean its meaning is to look up its definitions, then invert them.

      A bioethicist is a mentally-unstable person, generally narcissistic, psychopathic, and megalomaniacal, usually (but not always) possessing a degree in some discipline of biology, who believes (s)he has the justification to use biologically-specific knowledge or procedure (i.e. gene-splicing and DNA manipulation) in an unethical manner.

    • Ben at his Suspicious 0bservers site continuously gives evidence that our weather patterns are most greatly affected by our Sun and outside cosmic forces that impact us on a daily basis. Many times he’s put up contrasting temperature maps that show the “official” temperatures and opposite that the REAL, unaltered temperature maps they don’t want you to see.

      • All ya has ta do is check out the weather patterns on the other planets.

        I’m pretty sure Earth’s GCC doesn’t affect them…

  8. I always find it ironic and funny (and hypocritical) when people claim that “big oil” money for climate change research corrupts, and somehow government money does not.

    By far, the US government is the largest funder of climate change research.

    Nobody ever gets a second grant when the results of their first grant are “nothing to worry about.” So you can guess what the results of their “research” are going to say….

    Everything is a business model.

  9. $4B is a drop in the bucket compared to size and scope of the specialists at JP, BOE, et al would churn with the massive REPO being conjured into existence. These entity dont get out of bed fro anything less than 10 times that amount.

    Consider the following:
    Binance has stopped trading futures contracts in BTC . Binance was JPM’s wash trade dumping ground on BTC futures and papered over settlement in fiat.

    Perhaps, In following Micheal Saylors strategy, some larger corporate enities are offloading physical Gold and buying up digital stores of value in the Crypto Space..

    Looking at the volumes in BTC vs the recent recovery in price, its easy to see that there is simply a sellers boycott in BTC. Saylor outlines the reason why the current system values creation of paper gains over creation and production of useful things.

    My personal Fav:

    A bit of both is truly hedging:

  10. George
    If the Covid-19 virus does not exist as a biological entity then what caused so many people to need ventilators?
    While Mike Adams has a working theory on this more data is needed.
    If he is correct does that mean that human agents were going around the world actively spreading the infectious material?
    The Covid-19 spread every where very fast and suspiciously so!
    This whole pandemic affair is starting to look like the Tom Clancy novel where Ebola was weaponized.
    My son who works for Lockheed Martin may be required to take the jab. He does not want it and will seek a religious exemption.
    As he is the top performer in terms of product production Lockheed will shoot itself in the foot if they terminate him. No joking on this as he has the Awards to prove it!
    The material he works with goes directly into military weapons systems and also civilian aircraft.
    We have a back up plan to keep his family in their house if things go wrong but we hope to not need it!!
    Everyone must now understand that we are in a war for our survival! The Powers That Be Want Us Dead! We must resist them for the survival of all humans.
    Think I’m just spouting off go read the Georgia Guide Stones where they tells us their end game!!!!!!

    • Thank You !
      for stating the obvious.

      No official announcement will ever be forth coming..just Casualties and wounded/injured.

      …”what happened” ..I can barely catch my breath, let alone get up out of bed
      .. wondering, what do micro clots have to do with a “mark”? guessing the incredible high pressures of space travel via(tacyons/stargates) renders all vaxxed personal anchored/stuck on this rock we call mudder Earth.

      Peace Out Puny human

  11. “Turn off the Mainstream news shills. They’re running agendas and they’re bad for you.” No shit Sherlock. Wait, maybe I’m Sherlock. Like Joe Walsh said, “I’m looking for clues at the scene of the crime. Life’s been good to so far.”

    Nah I can’t be the one. Me thinks I’m too old. That being said, and it has been noted more than few times. Often my personal life is a reflection of things to come. Hard not to take the data so seriously and make it about me. I can’t be the one. I’m too damn handsome. Hahaha.

    My mind is runing light speed on the data occurances round me. I am now up to 73 juxtapositions with regards to “The one” the “Golden I” or eye or aye even spoke about by Virgel yesterday over 2000 years ago in his poetic about the foundation of the Roman Empire. The great Aye. By Jove I am having a time wrapping my mind around it.

    And edition I of The Zero Report. Golden Mean. Golf and Phi. A Whole in one.

    Pleasent suprize in the line jump. Hmmmmmmm….

    Much to consider. You all have a good week. I need to have a think.

    Chop would and Carrie Agua. As fashion would dictate. Big water bottles on the rise in popularity.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Nah, I cant be the one. I’m not that big of deal. Im just Andy. Lol. I suck at spelling. You would think The One, would be at least a good speller. But the Bumbles, a playboy bunny and few others love me. That is good enough for me.

    I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope (a 4 letter word) you are as well

    Cue: ~ Get Lucky ~
    Daft Punk

    • ” But the Bumbles, a playboy bunny and few others love me. ”

      Is THAT not what it is ALL about, Andy? Or am I so much different from others in our species?

      • “Is THAT not what it is ALL about, ”

        LOL I have to agree Choices.. that lifestyle does have its attractiveness..
        when young no responsibilities.. you can chunk the vast majority of the yearly income away into nice savings.. and have a good healthy chunk at the end with all the compounding periods to give to the medical facilities at the end of your life and still have had a really nice sex life while you were young..
        the problem is you have to do it when your young enough and have enough compounding periods in your life..
        after you get to your forties you have a harder time doing that and have to dump ten times the amount into high yielding sources.. after fifty then your in the…..IF I WIN THE LOTTERY…. age group.. LOL.. and after sixty your in the what the hell I might as well enjoy what’s left of my life..
        with all the ups and downs.. I don’t think I would change anything though.. I have a nice large family and the love of many.. No huge financial gains.. just get by.. yet I still seem to find money to help others that truly need a hand up which is a big deal in my life.. Pay it forward.. someone helped me at my weakest point.. I will do the same..
        but the thought what if.. I had been single and chunked a third of my yearly income away does still come to mind once in a while.. then I look at my wife and say NAH.. it was all worth it.. the good the bad all made character.. the digital number would still be a digital number ..

  12. At some point we’re going to cross the threshold of our would-be global masters moving from the scare tactics to overt action to get what they want.

    I think we’re close to them having to make a decision because the fear porn only works for so long. At some point, even the most modestly intellectually gifted among us is going to realize that all of the doom and gloom predictions never materialized. People are starting to turn off their televisions and tune out from the constant onslaught of bad news.

    Then what happens? These people aren’t just going to go away. Maybe that’s what’s happening now with covid? If that doesn’t work, and it appears not to be, what’s next? A worse disease? An ‘attack’ on the cyber infrastructure to implement strict controls and licensing for every person to use the internet? All of that and more?

    I’m feeling pretty confident that we all have a front row seat for the final curtain on 2000 years of western civilization. The even worse news is that I’m pretty sure that I signed up to be here for this. I hope I knew what I was doing.

    • I concur. Did ten years film, TV and theatre. Nothing of content, just advertising and propo.

    • From your keyboard to Clif High’s ears, Maj! I’ve been dying for you and/or Warhammer to say … something … anything given your positions and contacts. We’re headed down a dark road but, according to Clif, we’ve already won but the pain is yet to be.

    • “At some point we’re going to cross the threshold of our would-be global masters moving from the scare tactics to overt action to get what they want.”

      Maj.. I actually think we have crossed the threshold.. like a tree falling or a building being blown it starts slow.. right now what I see is positioning..from all sector’s.
      I think when it all begins it will be hell..
      I see it as A poison pawn trap..and be twisted in multiple directions at once leaving the country eide open.
      There is a good reason why countries and cartels donate the most towards lobbyists to give to out congress.. lull them into compliance with sex ,money,gifts and the billions.. from my personal perspective we are screwed..

    • To see what comes next, search out Rahm Emanuel’s “This Week” appearance from Sunday, on “COVID compliance…”

    • Ure is not happy at that thought. Do look up “vengeful God” and follow the thought.
      7th level warfare is more than a 3D chess concept.

      • “7th level warfare is more than a 3D chess concept.”

        Scary thought isn’t it…

      • Someone once said it’s bad ju-ju to piss off an old veteran who has perfect vision. Telling him he has nothing left to live for, or nothing to lose, would be an infinitely bad idea.

      • Has there been a “Norway spiral” over a red sky in Colorado next yet? Sorry I don’t pay attention that much to the news. Lol

        Met someone from Kona today. Very tan skinned. Nice rack. Lots of tribal tats. Been seing lots of old skool tribal tats in my travels. I found that Kona coffee thing on the beach the other day. Hmmm So that piece fits. I also saw a picture of Queen Elizabeth riding in the back seat of a car. That isn’t something I see every day. She die yet? I guess I need to make my round the net. Lol

        I guess I don’t have to decide my life today. Although I’m feeling it today. Moving stuff up is not for the standard issue Melinual whiny tit babys that most are these days. Designer Ego muscles are differnt than Working Man muscles.

        I mean. I could be the one. Could. I guess we will see. Don’t really want to be tho.

        I guess it’s above my paygrade to decide.

    • They’re more than whispers if I can hear them!

      Such a thought is so anti-American I fail at words. Unfortunately, as the fourth turning continues, the crowds go mad. Here’s a three part article on human sacrifices and fascism:

      Part 3 is relevant and is a stand-alone article. It relates to the idea that society needs a scapegoat and sacrifice. The sacrifice must be humans that are part of society, yet are of the fringe or outright outcasts. Since the mainstream lemmings are already invested in being vaxxed, those that refuse are isolated, outcast, and then sacrificed – potentially financially. Of course, this is illegal and immoral, but when did that ever stop any society?

      My body is me, and my token SS money is mine too! There was a social contract to pay that can’t be changed legally or morally without my consent. If such a thing should come to pass, it won’t be forgotten. Even today, the German people feel guilt over the treatment of Jews in their historical record. The Chinese are desperately trying to recover the history they destroyed under Mao. If the American people turn on their elders and deprive them of their promised income, with the only alternative being involuntary penetration with injections(the definition of rape), we will have an American Cultural Revolution. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, and it won’t all be the elders. This will remain long in the memory of the survivors.

      • Don’t feel so bad Mike. I’ve got all my quarters in with SS but because I’m in the Texas Teacher Retirement program I’ll be lucky to get enough out of SS to pay for Medicare. I never figured either would be around by the time I became eligible but here I am now half a year before I turn 65 and the phone has been ringing off the hook for a few weeks from hoaxers wanting me to sign up for some kind of Medicare scam.

        If they plan to connect the jab with SS, though, I’m not going to get anything from the Feds.

  13. “It’s bewildering – attempting to rationalize an irrational news flow – when The Digital Mob”


    I was contemplating this last night…Seriously WHAT are we leaving as our legacy?
    Past civilization left carvings statues and messages in stone..
    Papyrus scrolls that through age and environmental conditions has eroded to fragments..
    What do we have to leave.. books on paper will eventually either be lost to time and the elements ir misplaced..
    What are there that we know of 40 or better of historical lost libraries.
    We have shoved everything we know and have into a digital code. Old celluloid films crumble in age.. digital imagery gone..
    As those that prepare for future shtf events all prepare considering that our technology will remain the same..
    Grocery stores etc. Have approximately three days of supplies. We all seen how fast simple toilet paper quickly shot to the price of gold..
    We are the digital age..we rely on machines thinking for us..
    As our world erodes morally and the loss of human compassion,as our lives go online..are we not losing our souls to a machine with a digital image..

  14. Hi George – I see you are quoting Natural News and note the following rating on Media Bias/Fact Check:
    CONSPIRACY-PSEUDOSCIENCE Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category may publish unverifiable information that is not always supported by evidence. These sources may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information, therefore fact checking and further investigation is…

    • You are acting like an IQ deprived lefty here. I pointed out BOTH sides – not just one. In fact, I have a son who’s run a Covid emergency management team for two counties. And I read the science on all sides. My point is it’s NOT CLEAR (listening?) who is telling the Truth.
      I went looking for virus isolate. Adams is right – everything for use is a lot of “something else.”
      Now, if you want to defend illegal government jabbing and violation of the Nuremberg rules, have at it. There’s more pseudoscience than Carter had Little Liver Pills.
      Sadly, the same pseudoscience that can’t think straight is communicable.

      Since this is your first-ever comment here (welcome, BTW) I’d warn you that we’re pretty clear that government lies a good portion of the time and is more interested on feathering its own nest and running an anti-American agenda. Which is why post Floyd deaths and mayhem don’t rate a hearing but a January 6th demonstration warrants razor wire and political buffoonery non-stop.

      Conspiracy theory said “Danger in nuclear testing.” Conspiracists said “Hold the phone…” In the end, conspiracists were correct. (My wife is a downwinder, BTW)

      Vietnam was a cascading series of lies, and beyond this, the coverup of the Kennedy killing. An honest government wouldn’t keep it all sealed up, would they.

      Point I’m getting to is Media Bias Fact Check has its own bias issues. It tries to stay afloat in the contentious middle.

      But in truth, they would also rate and and and and especially as similarly “not always” (or even often) supported by evidence.

      I’ll take Willie Soon over grant-suckers whose dinner depends on fearmongering, any old time.

      And the jab? Maybe. When the honest vaccine (Novavax) is available here. And when microclots in the literature aren’t been covered up by swill swallowers who believe government never errs.

      You can’t be that ignorant, can you? (You may just be new here)

      ““There is little question at this point that Dr. Fauci has misled the American public and Congress about the research that occurred at the Wuhan lab,” Rep. Roy said of the letter. “He testified before the Senate that risky gain-of-function research was not occurring in Wuhan, yet in his now-public emails, sends an urgent message to his deputy on gain-of-function. His emails also implicate him in having influence over a paper that called the lab leak theory implausible.”

      “The American people deserve answers about what Fauci knew and when he knew it; we must investigate this and see wherever the truth leads us,” Roy concluded.” for fact checking.

      Wanna fact-check past climate data jiggering, or were you too young when the Copenhagen scandal broke? Do a read on how governments and quasi’s are manipulating FOI requests to stall release of underlaying data.

      Works in Climate, works in medicine, and the hits just keep on coming.

      No doubt, MBFC needs to label government media relations sites with the same zeal non-conforming questioners of the narrative are labeled.

      You think?

  15. “Cornered Cretins will back down. Lefties are holding the citizens of Texas hostage. Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick slams Democrats for lawsuit, says come back and ‘do your job’. They won’t – they do only what’s expedient. Or, haven’t you been paying attention?”

    I’m actually good with this.

    No, I haven’t let the “dog days” drive me crazy.

    The “Texas walkout” and especially ** the media’s treatment of it ** have given the Republicans a weapon to use against Pelosi and Schumer, if they have the stones to do it. Congress has the same quorum requirements as the States’ legislatures. Suppose the Senate Republicans don’t want to vote to spend 2x the money the government takes in during healthy economic times? They now have license to take a junket to Casa del Bush in Costa Rica, even though Congress is in session. I’d really like to see how the dolts in “mainstream media” could spin a Senatorial quorum-bust while the Texas Legislature is on a very public and high-profile quorum-bust junket, themselves…

  16. Hint for the socially-impaired:

    “A Black Army vet”

    This means whoever wrote the article is a racist. “Black” is not important to the story. It also means the story is agenda-driven editorialization, because “Army vet” is also not prescient. It appears in the headline to set a narrative, not to convey any relevant information to the reader.

    Later on, this appears:

    “If we were White, that wouldn’t happen,”

    Which is both bullshit, and pandering of the desired narrative, and was likely “coached” out of the speaker.

    I’ve been on that end of the police .40cal. They get a call, they respond. They shut the ‘cuffs down, but they also apologize when they remove them. My friend was carrying a Beretta in a shoulder holster when we were stopped. He told me to put my hands on his dash and not move them until I was ordered out of the car. He then gripped his steering wheel and told the cops when they approached the car, that he was carrying, what and where, where his billfold was, and that his carry permit and military credential were in the billfold.

    The po-po had gotten a robbery call, with a car similar to the one we were in, described as the getaway vehicle. It took about 10mins for the cops to determine we weren’t the ones they sought. At that time, the cuffs came off, my friend got his gun back, they apologized, and we went on our way — no big deal. It was the first time I was ever stopped when there was a gun in the car though, and I learned proper “firearms etiquette when confronted by a half-dozen police with drawn weapons” on that day… Something I’ve tried to teach to as many people as possible over the last 45 years, because not knowing it can get a person dead — regardless their race, creed, color, or religion. Those cops desire to go home and have dinner with their families once they’re off work, as much as you and I desire it, and they get scared in a situ like this, too. “Best plan is to not make anybody’s trigger finger, shaky…

    • Other rules of engagement: If a cop approaches or is waiting when you exit an establishment, observe the following:
      – Respond to questions if asked, but do NOT attempt to close the distance or breeze the officer.
      -Do not run or make evasive maneuvers
      -Keep your hands in plain sight. Do not reach for an ID or stick your hand in your bag unless directed to, and tell the cop what you are going to do before you make such a move.
      -Otherwise, make eye contact, then go about your business. If orders are given, obey them like your life depends, because it does.

      • Not difficult, and in a polite society, most of this is intuitively obvious.

        Unfortunately, since the mid ’60s, we’ve been on course to become a less and less polite, society.

      • Ray- It is less about politeness than about recognizing the situation and not getting emotive: self-righteousness, indignation and anger get you a fear or defensive response with a bullet in the face. Fear, panic and flight will get you a predator response from a K-9 admirer or a bullet to the back of the head. You keep your cool, and you will probably live. Kids have problems with this, due to lack of life experience. Some days nothing works, if the cop gets unilaterally emotive. And don’t expect a local lawyer to volunteer to take your case in a beef with a sorehead cop trying to cover up being fearful or vengeful, etc.

      • “Ray- It is less about politeness than about recognizing the situation and not getting emotive: ”

        Agreed, and I concede the point.

        There’ve been two PAS (police action shootings) in the town nearest me, in the past 10 years or so. One was a college kid who, by all reports, was a “gentle giant;” the other was a young man I’d known since he was 5 years old — nice kid, spent a lot of time at the PAL Club and local FOP, no history of drugs or abusive behavior (at least through high school), swam, wrestled, played baseball for the local HS, volunteered in the local community — although they didn’t attend the same school, his sister hung out occasionally with my daughter.

        Neither of these boys had a weapon of any kind. Both of them died by the bullet at age 23. Police in both cases were cleared of wrongdoing and the shootings declared “justified.”

        I have looked down the barrel of a police Glock, an M1911 in the hands of a fleeing felon, and more than once, a .25 or .380 “purse gun” in the hands of an armed robber. It is not an experience I recommend. The barrel of a “purse gun” looks as big as a train tunnel, when the person behind the gun honestly doesn’t care whether you live or die… I will say the po-po were the least scary, but they also brought a crowd of witnesses…

    • My director neglected to tell me that a rural campus I was setting a network up on had recently had an alarm system installed on it. I was supposed to meet a fellow techie from another ISD there to install some software but he had not arrived yet so I decided to answer Nature’s call while I was waiting. About half way through the “event” I heard someone come in the door of the portable building I was in and move about the room and then one of them moved into the hallway where the restrooms were so I called out the name of the other guy I assumed had arrived. All I heard was a short silence then someone call to someone named “Lou”, definitely not the name of the person I was expecting, and more foot steps moving to the hall outside the restroom. After washing my hands I opened the door to see a man standing in the doorway of the restroom across the narrow hall and the muzzle of his gun (Glock, I believe) pointing at my chest while the other guy covered me from the left. All the guy across the hall said was “Hands. … Hands!” I had my coat in my hand so I dropped it on the floor (not EXACTLY what he wanted me to do but he let it slide) as the emotions rose into my throat and he ordered me into the classroom where the computers were we were supposed to be working on.

      There was no announcement upon entering or conversation identifying them as anything “official” but, luckily, these were off-duty officers answering the silent alarm I’d set off when I unlocked the door to the classroom and not some thieves bent on vandalism or stealing the PCs and getting rid of any witnesses. After giving them all the ID they asked for (this was loooong before I was a licensed carrier so that wasn’t an issue then) and contacting my director to verify it all they gave it all back to me and started to leave. I told them “Happy Monday to y’all, too, officers.” to which I saw one of them crack a small, somewhat self-aggrandizing smile.

      My fellow techie never showed for that meeting. Thinking about it later on I figured I was lucky in that I’d already taken care of any potential “reactionary blowback” before I opened that restroom door. I never let my director forget that she forgot to tell me about the new alarm system either. That little incident taught me to always be very attentive when following the directions of a man with a gun pointed at you.

    • Ray – since you brought up race, all I can say is that you must be a white person to have been treated SO respectfully by the cops when you were stopped with guns in the car/on you. I grew up and lived 20 years a mere 4 blocks from where George Floyd was murdered; therefore, in a racially mixed community but one that was more predominately black. And let me tell you, from years of not only witnessing interactions between civilians and cops, but also decades of personal experience because I did and still DO have many many black friends, if you are Black, you ARE treated totally and completely different than a white person would be. Doesn’t matter if you act “politely and with respect” – in fact most of the times that doesn’t even come into the entire situation from start to finish – doesn’t matter if you are walking down the street minding your own business (and YES, it DOES happen every single friggin’ day,every single minute and hour) or driving in your own vehicle down the street and obeying all the traffic laws- if you are Black you are singled out far far FAR more frequently than a white person due to preconceived suspicions and assumptions, and the law enforcement WILL be approaching the situation more on guard and ready to be reactive whether the situation warrants it or not. And all it takes is one wrong word, one wrong glance of the eye, and the Black person will be automatically deemed guilty, versus a white person, whose wrong word or wrong glance would be overlooked -annoyed with but not causing a fatal reaction. Every Black family has ‘the talk’ with their kids, and it isn’t a talk that is shared once. It is repeated to make sure it is understood and incorporated into everyday life. ‘The Talk’ that no white parent has to give their children.

      • “you must be a white person to have been treated SO respectfully by the cops when you were stopped with guns in the car/on you.”

        It depends on where you live pepper.. George Floyd’s Floyd’s neighborhood is a higher crime area right now.. there aren’t very many people willing to patrol those area’s..since defunding police that area has
        Been coined murderapolis.. violent crime is up what 17 percent since defunding..and the increase of personal fire arm permits are up for protecting the family..
        Where I live.. my grandson came home and said he needed my help building a potato gun.. ( basically a canon,) I called everyone because I was afraid he would be booted out of school.. everyone said nope it was a school project we built it and even the officers that patrolled the halls was out shooting it.. they were trying to make it in the back of a moving pickup..
        Hid parents were the ones to say no more.. (he could shoot through a 20 lbs. Bag of spuds in.less than five minutes)
        I think In a high crime area everyone will be treated as if they are a threat white or black.. I use a cane.. in I think Atlanta an old guy white was shot because he stuck his cane out on the ground as he was getting out on a traffic stop .

      • “you are singled out far far FAR more frequently than a white person due to preconceived suspicions and assumptions”

        There again.. what areas.. if an area has predominantly high crime caused by ethic groups. Then they will be the ones that an officer will be more cautious about.
        The statistics for bad officers are overall really low.. there are really good police officers that only want to do good.. and like anything else there are some really crooked and mean officers.
        In a high crime rate being overly cautious is how you stay alive.
        Don’t worry though.. didn’t this bill about to be signed have a section in it with the possibility of marshal law and curfews..

      • “‘The Talk’ that no white parent has to give their children.”

        Bet me and lose…

        I would guess the percentage of “bad cops” today is somewhere around 4%. It will probably never reach zero, but should eventually get asymptotically close. When I was a kid, the percentage was closer to 40, and that’s not counting the “nice cops” who were “only thieves…” Where I grew up, in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, more 12-15yo girls lost their virginity to police than to their BFs. Boys routinely got “billy clubbed” and told they were “let off easy” rather than be put away for felony resisting — something with which you could be charged for a single word, gesture, or even a glance the po-po took as “glaring” or “disrespectful.” I don’t think Black boys got this more often than White boys. At least none of my friends, nor their families got beat on. The cops were pretty shitty, all-around.

        So “Yeah,” we got “the talk,” too…

        Pepper, in the first 130 weeks I had my driver’s license, I was stopped 66 times by the police (my Dad kept count.) Once for speeding, once for an unsafe start, and then once roughly every two weeks, because I was a kid who liked to drive and drove to relax, sometimes late at night, and was therefore profiled.

        It was an inconvenience. It was not a big deal.

        I got stopped because I was the kid, driving between 0200-0400 when typically, the only people on the road were cops and drunks.

        I got stopped because I was the kid driving through the old people’s neighborhood.

        I got stopped because I was the White guy driving through the Black people’s neighborhood.

        I got stopped because I was the dude driving the hoopty (which we called a “jalopy” then) through the rich people’s neighborhood.

        I got stopped because I was the kid driving through campus at 3am.

        I was the person who was out of place, and until every single city, county, and State cop in the entire area became acquainted with me, I got profiled for being out of place, and stopped, and my license, registration, and identity run through NCIC — every two weeks for two and a half years.

        I didn’t take offense. I didn’t take it personally; and I didn’t disrespect the cops or get mouthy. My Mom and Pop taught me how to say “Yes, sir” and “No, sir” and I made good use of their teaching.

        Two other things I didn’t do: I didn’t start drinking until I was 21, and I never drank if I was going to be driving. I still don’t. I also never broke any laws. The speeding ticket showed me there would be no leniency for me. The “improper turn” citation was a trumped-up charge, which I beat in-court (and the judge chewed the officer out for wasting his, and my time ;-)

        Black folk getting profiled, because they’re “the person who’s out of place,” is not a big deal. The people who say profiling is bad, do us all a huge disservice. It is just another tool to help police catch bad people.

        Blacks getting “messed with,” because they’re Black? Now that’s a different discussion and something which is often a problem. THIS is the issue which needs to be fixed…

        About George Floyd:

        I’ve still, to this day, neither seen, heard, nor read anything which indicates the Floyd murder was anything more than either a murder or execution with no racial component. All the hinky sh!t involving the night club where they both worked security, its owner, and her connections didn’t all disappear when Chauvin checked in to the County Jail, nor did the fact he had an extraordinarily beautiful, extraordinarily neglected, ethnic wife go away when she divorced him after the murder.

        I can see Floyd being “contract killed” because of either the drug or the underage sex traffic at the club, and I can see him being “passion murdered” if he were schtooping Mrs. C (who was also “Mrs. Minnesota”). I can’t see where either of these possibilities has a racial component. It does not make sense that Chauvin would render Floyd dead while knowing his actions were being livestreamed to the Internet, unless there was a passion component or a credible threat involving Chauvin’s relatives, which “took his head out of the game,” or made his murder of Floyd, and certain conviction, the “lesser of evils,” respectively…

      • Oh, and by the way, I did NOT bring up “race.” I brought up a headline, which unnecessarily brought up “race.”

        If I see a man or woman of note at, say the local cstore, I’m going to note them as “a man” or “a woman” unless I am asked for a physical description of said man or woman, or a commentary or anecdote involving them requires an ethnic component to ensure the clarity of the story. Too many “journalists” want Americans at each others’ throats for any reason they can find or invent. This is why they pigeonhole us by race, creed, color, religion, region, ancestry, sexual preference, etc, It is not that these demographics are important, except to us as individuals, but they can use them to create friction between demographic segments of the population, where none should exist. It makes good copy and sells more ads, and coincidentally, furthers our slide toward Marxism.

        Life is too short. I refuse to play their game, and I will call them out on it when I can, to enable others to also see the game…

  17. George,
    “Been hearing that 30-years now.”

    It’s been a LOT longer than that buck-o!
    I have been around slightly longer than you and remember the scare pieces in Pop Science (when I was a teenager) about the coming (real soon now!) Ice Age.

    The earth has been in global warming since the last ice age.
    If that wasn’t true we would still be in an ice age.

  18. My daughter and son-in-law, both RN’s with Masters Degrees at a large hospital, gave their notice this past week as a result of the hospital announcing the jab will be mandatory effective Sep 20. Both refused due to their observations and concerns for their safety. The daughter, charge nurse for a multi-floor patient care unit tells us she has 24 nurses scheduled for a shift and she is lucky if 6 or 7 actually show up for work and at least 1 will resign during each shift. Son-in-law is a trauma nurse in the same hospital ER. His shifts are regularly like a combat zone. Both will be working on their farm and plan to pick up agency work in a few weeks.

    Whatever you do avoid hospitalization wherever possible.

    • “The daughter, charge nurse for a multi-floor patient care unit tells us she has 24 nurses scheduled for a shift and she is lucky if 6 or 7 actually show up for work ”

      That’s actually pretty good staffing.. I worked healthcare for forty plus years. Can’t even tell you how many times it was just me and a charge for a hundred patients.. the tag your it syndrome…
      The only fully staffed hospitals you’ll find are Gov’t run then you have to look with all the federalholidaysweekends off and vacation time they work an average of 1 out of 3 days and have a benefit package th o die for.. .. the reason regular hospitals run short is simple.. it’s all a business model … food and labor are the only flexible expenses they make sure the top dogs in the seven digit payscale can still keep their bonuses along with environmental costs along with federal requirements and the wages of support personnel..the only option they have is to run short staff..
      In these parts.. they have a lot of openings.. the issue is they don’t hire they take applications. I once applied for my position.. we were down to just myself and one other for the whole building overnight shift.. they told me they weren’t hiring but would be happy to take my application.. that night when the DON said I’m sorry but we cant get anyone.. I said speaking about that…lol.. that was thirty years ago now. I can walk in today go by personell and a kid that wasn’t even born then will see me, call me by name and then take me to the coffee pot.. I have looked many times to see if they have my picture posted somewhere lol…
      Long hours short staff.. had a doctor get upset because he was called because he was a FI and wrote a stupid order that forced a nurse to call him.. he chunked the chart at her..made her feel like crap. Then refused to see the patient..( the patient passed on. They couldn’t get anyone to see her because of his direct orders) if course handed him the chart and said why Don’t you chunk it at me.. he didn’t. Smarter than he knows.. he would have regretted doing that if he had..
      Because of that all my doctors are directed to not write stupid an after hours event let on call treat I will follow up in the am…

  19. This planet is an insane asylum run by Senile Old Men—Biden, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc. The report released by the U.N. today stated that Humans cause Climate Change.

    And they must be reading George’s columns and comments because they stated that they do not need to control Carbon Dioxide…..but instead as was mentioned in detail last week—–Methane.

  20. My apologies if this is already common knowledge, but I only recently found out about a passage in the CDC’s instructions for running Covid-19 tests that admits the test was never run using the actual virus, because there were no samples in existence.

    I became aware of this through a conservative web page. However, this link skips the news sites and brings up the actual government document:

    The passage in question is on page 40, and reads, in part, “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/?L) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.”

    In other words, since there were no actual Covid-19 virus samples to test with, they cobbled something together to resemble them. That logic might be OK when predicting next week’s weather, but not so much when lives are at stake. We have heard all along about the inaccuracies of this test, and now we have a good reason why it would be inaccurate. Logically, any of the substitute components used in testing could bring up a positive result.

    • Yes, many of us have tried to share the Good News, that there is no virus isolated, that the common cold or flu can cause you to test positive for Crapola-19. Just try explaining that to any of your mass brainwashed, fearmongered, scared witless, totally non-open to any information out of the inside of their TV mainstream media tube box.

      It’s a real lesson in the study of humans in an ERA OF HYSTERIA.

      George and Stu, feel free to take that title.

  21. Anyone who doesn’t believe that pollution…all over the world is not causing our weather patterns, jet streams, etc to change, is a complete and utter idiot! That’s all I have to say. Now return back to your fake, conservative news broadcasts.

    • Mark,

      Read your statement. Can’t figure if you are FOR believing the world is ending or if you are AGAINST believing it is. At any rate, I’m glad you have finally spoken as much as you have to indicate that you will speak no more of the topic. Thank you for not speaking any more of the beliefs you don’t have…

    • If you’ mentioned clear cutting the Amazon and irradiating the Pacific, I might have paid more attention. Let’s not forget ionospheric heaters from many nations.

      • Lol I had a similar situation but I had made a smart azz old friend got a job as a highway patrol was coming out of a truck stop as I was going in… not seeing his partner I said..dam you look like one of those organ grinder monkeys with that hat on..
        I learned fast.. and won’t ever say that again.. my friend got a chuckle out of it but I in turn had to scrape my shorts out..

    • “Anyone who doesn’t believe that pollution…all over the world is not causing our weather patterns, jet streams, etc to change, is a complete and utter idiot!”

      Um, um…

      I don’t know what to say to this. After striking out the double-negative, Mark’s first sentence reads:

      “Anyone who believes that pollution…all over the world is causing our weather patterns, jet streams, etc to change, is a complete and utter idiot!”

      and upon reading his grammatically-repaired sentence, I would have to agree with him.

      I’m just not convinced that what he said is what he meant…

    • Dam Mark.. I thought I had decided to not comment on climate change again..yet here I go..
      7 billion plus people do have an affect. So does building concrete jungles.. our actions do have an affect.. but .. climate change is a normal cycle.. just like a mall.. it’s cheaper to heat than cool because theres x number of little furnaces in the building..we are not the cause we just help the process along.
      With our actions today lasting fifty years in the future. The time we should have done something back in the 1890’s when it was first discovered..and you already know that greenscaping cities will not be implemented for decades in the will be a last resort process..

  22. Don’t know how many of you follow the network ‘soft-porn dating show’ called “LOVE ISLAND” that is producing live from the Big Island Hamakua coast on a big estate oceanside. The neighbors hate the disruptions. I happen to know a homeowner in the neighborhood of “The Villa” and he tells me that five of the show participants have tested positive for Covid now. Will be interesting to see how the producers handle the show going forward now. Perhaps they can rename it “COVID ISLAND”… because that is exactly where we are! Stupid idiots.

  23. George, in an insane and corrupt world a sane honest man is in danger. Doing what I can to hunker down on 16 acres in west central Kentucky while teleworking. Beginning to think I’m in Yugoslavia circa 1990. What will be the tipping point? The breakup of Yugoslavia was triggered by Serbian politicians with tyrant tendencies. The parallels are striking. It seems every so often I have to revise my worst case scenarios downward.
    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • Know a couple of Polish friends…real honest gosh Pollocks from Poland! Women are stunningly pretty, guyz seem to be highly intelligent..Their Parents are saying the same exact things, regards Poland and the commies/soviets..
      How long before the Ration Lines show up at a Market near yousse?

      • They already have. They’re just disguised.

        I went grocery shopping today — haven’t done this in about 6mos because I don’t need much, and my daughter has been doing what little I have needed, for me.


        Prepackaged frozen is up about 23% across the board.

        Soda pop up 25%, beer up 20%

        Canned goods up about 18% on average.

        More salt, more sugar, more water.

        More labels, more brands, resurrection of olde ones, yet less useful variety (I could buy Swan’s Down flour for the first time in 50 years, or hemp or banana flour, but couldn’t buy gluten or California apricots.)

        The “quad-size” TP rolls look somehow, about the same size as “double-rolls” of a few years back… probably because of the 3″ sheets.

        Kellogg’s and Post have joined General Foods in selling genetically modified dry cereals. Of the majors, only Quaker Oats is still selling non-GMO cereals — ‘guess I’m going to have to stock up on Puffed Wheat and Cap’n Crunch while I can……

        24 LINEAR FEET of LO-MEIN! Three 8’ shelf-sections of 5-high shelves of ramen.

        Speaking of “24,” 24 different spices, in any of three brands, and a bunch of combination seasonings like Old Bay and Zatarain’s. Any reasonable grocery store should have between 64 and 100. This store USED TO BE reasonable…

        JBS & “Certified Angus Beef” have come out with CAB-labeled beef sausage & hot dog products.

        Basically, I saw a fair, but diminished variety of prepackaged meals, but a much-lesser variety of raw foodstuffs, from which a person could create a meal consisting of their own cooking. There’s more GM crap, more junk, more highly-preserved food, less actual healthy stuff…

        Santiago de León de Caracas wasn’t destroyed in a day…

  24. “guess I’m going to have to stock up on Puffed Wheat ”
    Ray… heres one for you..
    Lol lol my grandsons girlfriend loves puffed wheat.. they were discussing how it’s made with me. When I explained how it’s made they didn’t believe me..
    So I bought the steam canon lol I actually bought 2 one for them to put on a shelf and a big one..
    To show them how its done.. lots of fun scare the hell out of you and cheap to make.. soak the wheat over night then dry it . Have dome of the charmin around to clean yourself up lol

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