CPI – Plus We Finish the Book

Packing to Die: Suitcase between Your Ears should be on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  This morning the final chapters for subscribers.  Plus we’ll have those “hot off the boat” CPI numbers.

On a more worrying front, one of our lawyerly readers has dug out documentation on how CDC has actual contingency  plans to set up camps for the sick and remove people from their homes.

Wait!  Conspiracy theory?  Nope.  CDC planning options document (with link) which envisions an outcome where to “protect people”  On “humanitarian” ground.  Problem? The Constitution (if this comes to America” is trash-canned and a medical dictatorship takes effective control.  Say goodbye to property?

“A summary of the shielding approach described by Favas is shown in Table 1. See Guidance for the prevention of COVID-19 infections among high-risk individuals in low-resource, displaced and camp and camp-like settings 1,2 for full details.”

“Shielding” is the ideal, paternalistic term making this extensible from third world settings.  Just needs the “right variant” being pumped.

What could be worse than personalities like Newsom, Cuomo, Pelosi, and Fauci deciding to “go for a National Health Emergency” –  far past lockdowns and into death-spreading “camps,” instead?

We’re not saying this will happen, but the Covid  contingency planning docs will send shivers.  This isn’t fun reading.

Initially done under the guise of helping people in “humanitarian camps” we wonder what lying jingoists came up with “humanitarian” and “camp” as linguistically compatible terms?  What’s worse is that this is terrible extensible.  Yeah – to “first world” countries.

All that’s missing is the “right variant” to be loosed on the world.

So warm-up your intermodal crane and let’s unload this puppy…plus the market charts which this fall may need a good scapegoat, after all…

[May load sluggishly – today’s posting is about 11-thousand words worth.  More like a treatise than a report, lol…]

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46 thoughts on “CPI – Plus We Finish the Book”

  1. Indeed, George, the CDC may have been statistically paving the road to those reported ‘Covid camps’ with its glaring error on Florida’s number of cases on Sunday, erroneously combining 3 days of stats into one and turning Florida into a (fake news) Covid cesspool. After DeSantis called out the error, the CDC grudgingly admitted its mistake.


    Looks like the CDC’s math is as bad as mine was in yesterday’s comments [sheepish grin]. That’s what happens when I try to cut down on caffeine.

      • OR – it’s the government asking us to put our lives on the line based on marginally competent data at best used to promote an agenda. They lied. People died and still are. Big Pharma has disallowed drugs that are demonstrably viable and hugely more affordable than their preferred drugs that make them huge amounts of money while calling everything they can a Covid death and paying big chunks of money every time it winds up on a death certificate. At the very least FEMA has a program to pay for your funeral. It’s the least they can do.

        Dr. Dan Stock’s video I posted the other day which has gone viral and garnered the usual incoming barrage of critics towing the party line is worth paying more attention to. It’s the best science-based retort to the agenda this administration is pushing.

  2. Wow George. I have always marveled at your incredible mind but this is so good, so well organized and thoughtful; I once again underestimated your abilities. Ironic that this will be a smash hit on Amazon in your (our) waning years, one more thing to account for in the list. Thanks for doing this….good stuff.

  3. “Say goodbye to property?”

    People like to pretend. Private property was lost in the GM bailout. During the crash most of the Mob supported George Bush, but now many blame
    Obama. See how that works. Either way Contract Law is gone.

    And just like the little GM babies are grateful for their Froot Loops this morning, the babies of the people lawfully blowing-off rent are grateful for their Froot Loops.

    No hungry baby should be exalted over another hungry baby.

    As the neighbors are being hauled off to camps, yell out to them,

    “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

    – Spock

    They’ll be texting from the camps too, for awhile. Until their batteries run dead. Text back:

    “Or the one.”

    – Captain Kirk

    • Congrats, Steve, you seen to be one of the 15% of the population that is genetically resistant to propaganda and mind control.

    • Each current hungry baby is well tended to: $3,600 through the end of the year per child with ages brackets for amount of money (and parents income up to $150,000) so your mileage may vary. It’s a good time to be an illegal as they are eligible too!!! Bring on those trafficked kids so sponsors can make out like bandits.

      Those trafficked and welcomed illegal women won’t get the vaccines, though, can’t interfere in their baby making ability. But, what’s left of the reproductive age group in this country, it’s full-steam-infertility-troubles ahead – for both BOYS and GIRLS.

      • A blockchain may be effectively unchangeable, but enforcing the terms of a contract is a different matter. Bitcoin hashes are even more virtual than paper, and neither has intrinsic value.

        There may be a place for BTC’s, but they’re still too complex for most people to navigate without exchanges such as Coinbase, and that’s the pinch point.

    • Think about that a minute steve..the camps built are not for the majority but a much smaller percentage of the population..
      Now consider what was the message of the Jewish community during ww2…and why didn’t anyone expect the outcome that came..
      The message was
      “Jews are our misfortune” and that it was “time to put them in their place.”
      Out of curiosity..what message are we hearing daily..today..
      BLM and Antifa riots quite a bit resembles the riots then..sponsored by individuals that could afford thousands of dollars to incite damage and violence around the globe..in my mind that’s a couple of dollars and for what..
      I read a bunch of papers from the British national archives once that suggested that the ones that were ultimately targeted had originally thought the ones to be targeted were of a lower social class. The realization that their social class was the one actually came as a surprise.
      In the end it was all a business model.. who could they gain.more from..take from the rich give to the poor and siphon off the top for themselves..
      Those I knew that escaped the ghettos by escaping originslly thought they were safe.. even supported what they thought was the story.. then found themselves hiding in culverts in their escape to America.
      So my question is.. if there is this mass plan yo exterminate the vast majority of the people. Imprison them and enslave them.. who…
      With the multitude of countries we have dealt dirty through the years that oppose our lifestyle.. would we weaken what we have even more.. or would we want their forces weakened so that we could come out on top..most of us already know the theories on frequency and graphene eff energy production..how it affects dna etc.

  4. Re: Possums
    Possums are nature’s garbage collectors, cleaning up rotting corpses and such. However, when there aren’t enough rotting corpses around, they will go after whatever they can catch. Penned chickens and ducks are some of their favorites. They steal eggs, cat food (or goat/cattle feed left outside) as well. After a possum killed my wife’s favorite chicken (he thought he was a goat, lived in the goat pen), they have been on my wife’s hit list. We must have buried 500 of them in the past 40 years.

    My wife learned long ago that a .22 to the head of a possum is not a sure kill. Their pea-sized brains are hard to hit. A 9mm or .45, on the other hand, seems to work fine.

  5. Just as they distributed smallpox infected blankets to the Indians years ago, all they need to do is hand out contaminated masks!

    Oh, you mean they are already finding graphene oxide in some masks!!! Once they get graphene in people and turn on 5G, they can produce the symptoms of any disease they want in any person, group, race, demographic etc. they choose.

    USA population of 100 million by 2025. Haven’t been wrong yet, George. You see, the problem is that they won’t be quick deaths. In war, wounded consume more resources than dead soldiers. To destroy a country, the ill and disabled suck the country dry, mentally, emotionally and financially. The government is no longer reporting autism rates, but it was 1 in 54 kids in 2016. Anybody want to bet me it has gone down since then? Some sources saying 1 in 20 now.

    Hope you are recommending the medical company stocks. Pfizer is up $33 billion in sales on the vax already.

    And get all those illegals trained as caregivers, or camp/prison guards quickly.

    • Expat; actually, it is the illegals who have built “The Camps.” Yes, heard it from one man, in person, who actually worked them in about 5 states. So, hiring illegals has been useful to keep that information from spreading among the general population.

      There are already videos on the internet showing the creepy crawlies coming out of the China made paper masks once the warmth from breath heats them up to a “hatchable” temperature.

      The tips of the testing swabs also have the graphene oxide in them and they are being inserted all the way up to the nasal passage; for some people, over and over and over again.




    • “To destroy a country, the ill and disabled suck the country dry, mentally, emotionally and financially.”

      You forgot to mention endless wars..
      We have been bankrupting our country with endless wars..the vast majority of our yearly budget goes for other countries needs not ours.. very little in comparison goes for disability..and in my opinion a good chunk of those owe there disabilities to those seeking more at the costs of the general population..

  6. “Wait! Conspiracy theory? Nope. CDC planning options document (with link) which envisions an outcome where to “protect people” On “humanitarian” ground. Problem? The Constitution (if this comes to America” is trash-canned and a medical dictatorship takes effective control. Say goodbye to property?”

    I’ve watched fun, fantasy flicks of post apoco stuff, mostly for the action scenes I find entertaining. But Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux just reek of medical dictatorship to save humanity. I tend to get a shiver up my spine when rewatching them and wondering if such things are unfolding around us, sans the fantastical aspects of the fanged tooth. There is absolutely no place remote enough to avoid or hide from the disintegration of our freedoms by the overpowerful.

  7. I’ve been a free reader for a long time, but thought I couldn’t justify PN, since I’m not in the market. I was so wrong. Although I still scroll through the charts, the rest of the content make me regret not subscribing a long time ago. Your ‘Packing to Die: Suitcase between Your Ears’, is a masterpiece, which I’ll buy for my daughter, who will be taking care of my affairs after I’m gone.
    Thanks again, for your fine work.

  8. Ure account of the CDC’s camp initiative misses one point. Using readily treatable (and arbitrarily defined) health conditions such as blood pressure, etc as a justification for culling is clearly a state-sponsored eugenics program. The are a lot of domestic and international laws which forbid plotting this sort of thing, so I would think the application of a Nuremberg-style inquest to determine how much has already been done in secret with the goal of applying corrective counter-measures to the appropriate brown-shirts would be appropriate. This is the sort of thing that international law was put into place to oppose. “We have seen the enemy and he is us”.

    • “The are a lot of domestic and international laws which forbid plotting this sort of thing, ”

      Has that ever stopped them before.. and which four out of which five.. the camps built are not that many.. so.. who do you pick.. or does something like what happened in africa happen here.. where one in three get sick..or would you pick another country so that their people would be easier to overtake.. Hitler did the wealthy.. it was easier to conquer them and they had the things that they wanted to take .. They don’t have enough camps..its best to go option three and let it run its course..

  9. Is this rense ? Am I in the right place? Or is it Elliot wave or 321 or sheetco or cnbcc. Bloody hell

    • Ben Dova – pokes his head out like the groundhog in Puxatawney, PA

      Wait for it…..

      “Short Everything”

      Hows that been working for ya ?

      Ure an Aussie- you got NO Rights, No Freedom, No Nothing – joining Ure Canadian sheep in total “turtleing” submission – WEAK at best, soon to be a statistic, at worst.

      Down under alright..down under Ure Masters shitheel..

      ..after US Govt shutdowns due Debt ceiling debacle – probabilities suggest Ure greatly anticipated Crash occurring soonly thereafter.

  10. its the yada yada yada newshour !!! with all da boyz and gals from psyops central spinning the same yada to get the market going !!! yep throw in a bit of treason on the USD and happy dayz !! viva la facista !!!

  11. take 30000s . they are givin em away .hayburners love em !!! my combo in the money and hayburners with time !!!

  12. how about we ramp the sheetcoin bonds treason short the USD and presto magic up goes the dow cow . some bloke making noise up the page . hey boy !!! ill short everything !!! everything !! except the USD and US treasuries .. but hey i was right about 2 out 3 so far from the plan . now you just wait till the gearbox falls out and the wheels fly off this disaster !! ronnie milsap . great song . any day now

  13. George
    I usually don’t post on Peoplenomics but this is big news.

    The Smoking Gun about the Mrna vacinne has been found!

    Actually the research dates back to 2020.

    Go to infowars.com and look for the headline title about “The Big Mistake …” .

    The research that was done at that time showed that the spike protein moves around the body and lodges in organs especially the Ovaries!

    Phifer May have know about it all along.

    An attempt to alert authorities about this finding was made at that time. A link to the researchers letter stating their findings can be found in the infowars article.

    Go read the article then spread the news Far and Wide!

    • Sister at 66 got that vaccine, six months later started bleeding, big cyst on tube, and other complications, now needs total hysterectomy.

  14. George

    In regards to the article about The Big Mistake:
    It seems the infowars article is now hard to find. I can still get it using my book mark but is no longer a leading article.
    The article originated on the childrenshealthdefense.org site and is still there.

  15. This from the TN Executive Order #83. I sent you. They could use a proof reader, but it’s clear enough.

    “Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may b constructe I. The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-202(c)(1)-(8), are hereby suspended to allow for the construction of temporary structures, the plans for which would otherwise be subject to review for new construction, additions, or substantial alterations, as directed by the Commissioner of Health and the Director of TEMA in response to COVID-19; provided, that there shall be inspections of such structures to ensure safety, as necessary.”

  16. OK , third try does the trick!

    The “We Made A Big Mistake” article on infowars was moved to the Health section of that site.

    On the childrens health defense site it was posted on 06/03/21 and the author was Megan Redshaw.


    This may be an incomplete address.

    The FDA letter is here:

    Again this may be an incomplete address.

    Apologies in advance! As I am working off of my iPhone I cannot capture long site addresses.

    This information is too critical for me to not make the attempt to get it out to the public!

  17. The finale of “Packing for Death” is really valuable, if disturbing. I have a couple of thoughts here:

    1. Much of the book is based on the premise of either marriage or having a significant other. Many of us are not so privileged, and will be likely be alone when we die, leaving kids we care for but no longer need to support. We can and probably should wind up affairs that require more than a cursory reconciliation with the IRS, State, hospitals, or other institutions. In my own life, there’s only one recurring payment, and paradoxically that’s my PN subscription. Everything else will be terminated for non-payment unless maintained by the person I’ve selected as Executor. I think it’s a good idea to maintain utilities in your residence and other property until its legal situation is sorted out. That’s best done by simply paying the bills. Don’t have them even mention the death until more immediate affairs are handled. That includes property tax bills. Insurance on vehicles is dicey, as is any insurance on real property. I’d have the residence occupied by a trusted relative or friend until it can be truly secured. There really are people who will check obituaries and then break in and steal from a presumably empty house.

    2. Having read the sad story of the medical system ripping off yet another older lady in the final months of her life, there’s a really sore point that needs to be thought out. Many of us would much rather leave something of value to those we care for than to live in pain for a few more days. If we’re lucky enough to be of sound mind and live where it’s legal, we might off ourselves in as dignified a manner as possible. Yes, the kids will probably be sad, yet they’d eventually understand, and it would deprive medical and legal vermin of a chance to suck us dry. An enforcable DNR might make sense too – depending on each individual. Personally, I want a “Do Not Transport or Hospitalize For Any Reason”. I don’t know if that’s even possible or legally enforceable. I want my stuff going to those I love and while I’d rather stay alive on my resources alone, dying is a foregone conclusion and hospitalization need not be. I certainly don’t want strangers keeping me alive and charging me for the “privilege”. Every other animal survives on it’s own resources until it dies. Why must people be required to be processed by such a venal system as what passes for medical services? BTW, it’s “medical services”, not “health care”. “Health care” is what an intimate does for their loved one.

    I’m sure there are decent people working in the medical service industry, but they’re not the ones making the big bucks. There’s no excuse for the cost of these services today – especially when there’s no tangible benefit.

    • “Much of the book is based on the premise of either marriage or having a significant other. Many of us are not so privileged, and will be likely be alone when we die,”

      Seen a few hundred or more even with families.. sitting staring down the hall waiting for someone anyone to come … alone , Penniless, and sad..
      the really sad one was a woman that had to divorce her husband of many many decades.. just to be able to survive herself.. the kids couldn’t understand why mom divorced dad.. and refused to even acknowledge she existed.. didn’t want her to even see him.. ( well we didn’t listen.. she was there every day all day but it broke her heart that her own children didn’t understand) rich people .. the kids want what they have.. and get testy as they see it going away in a hurry.. LOL..
      The can man. (lived in a dumpster and homeless went from one area to another changing jobs and women always seeking the truth and telling me about all his hot women.. In his youth he had gotten a woman pregnant but left her for his journey) . that lived in our spare room.. he searched high and low trying to find his kid..wanted to tell him he was sorry.. what I didn’t know and he didn’t know was his kid was my child hood best friend and not knowing he seen not only his son but his grand daughters and great grand daughters..
      Died alone scared.. I didn’t find out until after he had passed on a month or so.. who his kid was..

  18. Great story on the costs of old age and dying…other assets besides real estate must also meet the 5 yr ‘look back’ , my mother had to hand over her savings account to a prepaid funeral in order to qualify for short term nursing home of 2 months.

    why does the funeral industry donate more to Republicans than Democrats?

    hint: to qualify for a Medicaid nursing home, any money in your savings account must go to a prepaid funeral.

    Lovely! You aren’t allowed to leave your kids a dime, cuz’ Morticia gets all your dough!

    • Yup
      Great post.. I get a chuckle out of those that seek the higher numbers.. in all the years I only know of one average millionaire that left with anything and when I asked him how he did it.. he said.. He gave it away.. to someone he trusted..I have known a few in the B club they leave with something but it all has to go.. you can give it away.. but you have to do it in time.. and what is it seven or eight years before you checkout anything given after checkout that that was within that what ten year period they go back and reclaim it.. that is why I will sell my place to one of the grandkids that could use it the most for a hundred dollars.. then move into an apartment before hand..
      they use to allow you 75.00 for personal items.. hair cuts and soap, Medical expenses( yup you pay for that.. wheelchair express or cab fares, medicine , depends up to two hundred a month, pills doctors office visits, laundry we did my mothers laundry they wanted an extra 250.00 a month on her quarter million a year room ) etc.. but lately that has gone up to 150.00.. and why facilities are all running short.. is what the govt. allows them for all the people without private pay.. under two grand a month.. that doesn’t even cover minimum wage for one employee.. the idea is that the patient will make up the remainder.
      One facility I knew the supply dept. head was telling me they use to loose over a half million a year just in depends alone.. now that figure has gone up.. considerably.. since.. leaving the whole thing a cluster f@@k.. to get a home health is so much more expensive.. when my mother was still alive and in an apartment I wend to get someone to just do eye drops.. LOL.. the cost for a few days was almost three grand.. it was cheaper to just buy her a plane ticket and take her with.. luckily I worked in the field and was able to get her the assistance with co workers for a few adult beverages and a dinner out..

  19. This is going to be my final post for a while dude. I’m, now leaving for Colorado Friday. I got a call a job over there. Pays really well. I will post a video on my website with supportting evidence.
    They are forcing everyone who works at the state or is contractor to the state to get vaccinated per governor if the state of Washington by no later than October 18th. There is also a proposed bill. That in order to collect unemployment you will have to be vaccinated. To date of post: 6,250 total deaths from Covid 19 and it’s verriants out of a total of 7,650,500 residents in Washington state. And they are shutting your right to make money, health care etc etc down unless you get vaccinated. With a .000987 chance of dying from this Lab Generated virus.

    Now here is the kicker. Im not vaccinated and I know of a few others who are rapidly changing physically besides me. I’m getting freakishly stronger physically since this all started. I mean, dude. I’m going to be 51 in 8 days. I cut down to 220lbs and 11% body fat. And I benched 360lbs 3 times. I would have gotten 4 times if she wasn’t trying figure out the camera while was holding the weight up for 20 seconds. Maybe 5 times.

    I mean dude Keytones is good stuff. No lie about that. But how the f am I just getting stronger and stronger and stronger. On a fresh day, at 51 years old. I can probably bench press double my own weight. At 51 years old! And every day I keep getting stronger and stronger. I went to the VA to get a check up. The said my lungs are perfectly pink now. I have the blood pressure of a 15 year old athlete. I have zero cholesterol, no signs of anything other than that of a healthy 15 year old male athlete. I been smoking cigs for 30+ years and when they checked my lunges they all healthy as a 15 year old cross country runner.

    And I’m not the only one going through these changes. I know of a few others who are just thinking WTF?!!! One of my female friends started working out durring the “shelter in place” lock downs. She weighs 105lbs and can now dead lift 315lbs 3 times. That is 3 times her body weight dude!!!! And she never worked out before this Covid shit started. And she is 45 years old. 45 years old. Never lifted a fricken dumbbell. Now she is doing 3 times her body weight in year and a half. And I know people who started jogging that are doing like 30 miles now, under 7 minute miles, for 30 miles straight and never ran before the shelter in place lock down.

    Most athletes have to train for decades to get that much distance in. And some never make those times or weights.

    Something’s going on. I dont know what it is they are ramming that vaccine down everyones throats. Going to force you to starve to death without it. Can’t work, can’t buy or sell. And all the sudden. a few who aren’t taking it are, going through some DNA upgrade and physically becoming almost super hero status. It’s a trip.

    I mean, I been working hard my whole life physically except driving truck. But I never been able to bench press double my own weight. People at the gym and my friends look at me like a fricken freak. I dont even look big. Normally you see guys doing 360lbs one time on bench, they look like Big Giant Meat heads. I look relatively normal. Lol.

    It’s weird. Weird as f. So I’m leaving town. Hope I don’t die in a fricken plane crash. Hahaa. As if. We are moving military test engines from Colorado to Nevada. Who knows? Maybe, we will stop by parumph. Wouldnt that be some shit.

    I just hope I don’t get stuck outside the Emerald City. You remember what happened last time I left Seattle. Exactly one block from a girl I was seeing in Snohomish county. Exactly one week to the day after I left her house and headed to California. The first Covid 19 case in the United States happened. Exactly a block away from her house and exactly a week after I hugged her and said good bye. That Love cup, in some of the pictures on my blogs. She gave me that, that day. To remember her.

    As soon I fall in love. The Bunny is now missing. Fricken weird. Can’t get ahold of her and she is not home. Starting to get paranoid about this stuff. Haha. Wouldnt you? I tell ya what. If ya pull some shit on me like that “who who who” scene at the football field in that Movie Focus? The big con? And I catch ya? Well you probably don’t want to stand too close at this rate of how much my body is changing and how much stronger I’m getting every day? Like rediculously stronger, and my intuition and ability to read creation around me is growing too. If I catch ya running some game on me like that? I could snap ya like twig. At this fricken rate of strength growth? i should be bench pressing 1000lbs at 6’1 and 220lbs by Age 52. It’s rediculous how Strong I’m getting. Freaks people out. Freaks me out.
    So if ya are. You better hope I don’t catch ya. I’m always mindfull of that scene in that movie focus. Is what your seeing what they want you to see or is it real divine Synchronicity.

    Hmmmmmind over matter. I will post a video on my little known website. Doorfore.com

    Sorry so long. Apparently I’m going to Colorado Friday. When I will be back. I guess that is above my paygrade. Ask THE DUDE.

    I am Truky Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope you are as well.

    Cue: ~ Number of the Beast ~
    Iron Made

    • Uhem damn autocorrect.

      Iron Maiden

      Number of the beast. It’s come on the local radio alot lately. Strange for an old metal song to all the sudden show up on the radio alot. Brings back alot of memories from when I was a rebel teenager


      I’m a Christian now. So f the beast. Lol

  20. One last thing. Those I know who are going through these rapid transformation changes. They don’t blink that much. I don’t don’t blink my eyes as much. It’s so weird.

    And people have time looking ya in the eyes. And get all nervous around you. Like scared and won’t look ya directly in the eyes. Like submissive thing. It’s so weird dude. Like I know people 20 years. I kinda look skinny now. I wear large or XL shirt. I used to wear XXXL and nobody was like that before. I’m pretty easy going and happy go lucky. And I’m not the only one who has figured this out. A few people I know who are also changing said. Its so weird. I walk up to a group of friends I known my whole life. Since we were kids. And since I have been working out and going through these weird changes and getting super strong? They will all look down and away. Or pull out their phones and not look at me while talking to me. Like I’m some kinda alien now. Lol. So weird.

    It so weird. Well off to bed. I have to pack for Colorado tomorrow. I don’t know when I will be back. Best pack smart and intuitivly.

    All the best. Later old dudes and Jung ladies.

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