The Meandering Mania, Babel Shakes

Two data points to consider as we sneak up on the weekend.

The usual unemployment filings – improved:

Highlights are the non-seasonally adjusted (no BS actual) numbers.

Screaming And the Producer Prices:

Bad:  Over 12% Annualized Rate:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 1.0 percent in July, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 1.0 percent in June and 0.8 percent in May. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index moved up 7.8 percent for the 12 months ended in July, the largest advance since 12-month data were first calculated in November 2010.

Nearly three-fourths of the July increase in the final demand index can be traced to a 1.1-percent advance in prices for final demand services. The index for final demand goods rose 0.6 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.9 percent in July, the largest advance since climbing 1.0 percent in January. For the 12 months ended in July, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 6.1 percent, the largest increase since 12-month data were first calculated in August 2014.”

Markets were about flat after the data.  Take a NODOZ.

The only notable data segment left is tomorrow’s Import/Export prices.

You’ll have to excuse our lack of caring:  this is all “dollar denominated.” Which leaves the sensible value investor wondering:  How much of the change in data is due to foreign exchange effects (dollar write-down on higher (verging on insane) spending our way through a Hindenburg event.  Or, how much of the change in data is due to actual unit growth.

The nearest guesses will come from twenty-foot equivalent units of cargo and rail transport carloads on the one hand.  And the “hidden homework” of the Fed which deliberately delays and obfuscates the Money Manipulations over here.

As of June, the M2 was up 12.1 percent year on year.  While M1 is up 16 percent.

Since the Fed is still pouring $120-billion a month into market, an idiot could take a solid stock.  Borrow money at 3% and wait a year for inflation to deliver 12-16%.  See how easy financial engineering is, if you know how the fix is in?

Which Also Explains Gold

Except, not really.

See,, last year at this time, gold was running about $1,950.  And this morning we’re down around $1,750.  Simple enough:  Gold has lost about 10% of its market price.  Deflation.

Somewhere in economic reality, the Fed is doing “everything right” while at the same time, not recognizing that CV-19 (and the Digital Coup – topic of next week’s Peoplenomics report) are tremendously deflationary.  Horribly so.

Imagine how Wrong-Way Joe will feel in a couple of years when the payoff from the bioweapon becomes clear:  Falling birth rates and population reduction.  What happens to home prices (and other goods) when there’s a shortage of growth (poof!) and the price bidding on goods collapses?

These are not simple matters.

“Spend to the End”

It’s not a particularly rational plan.  Spending almost $4-trillion in less than a week is nuts.  But, that’s the Razor Wire Witless, for you.  Stimulation to pay back pals and infrastructure for the Techs, not the Peeps.

We are witnessing the “industrialization of children.”  As summarized on the Pete Peterson Foundation website:

“The American Families Plan would be a significant investment in children, support for families and workers, education, and nutrition assistance. The Administration estimates that the plan would cost $1.7 trillion over 10 years, consisting of $943 billion in spending and $799 billion in tax cuts over the period.”

Of this, $445 billion will go to teachers – long-time allies of the shame-peddlers and sex-checkers.  Plus another $500 billion  on families, children and nutrition assistance.

Leaves us scratching our heads.  Scarcity builds price of kids???

Same thing with other spending plans.  Infrastructure.  Because while spending is a good thing, it quickly becomes less so when done with borrowed money.

When other countries have gotten behind the economic 8-ball, they have spent upwards of 3% of GDP to stimulate things.  China’s an example a few years back.  Given the low-BS version of US GDP is about $20-trillion, up to $6 trillion in total stimulus might be considered.

In a way, we’re walking in Chinese ruts here – which is becoming less surprising by the day…

The Digital Coup Moves On

Babel is shaking.

Here’s a hint where the Peoplenomics report for next week is headed.

You see, the Digital Coup is well-underway but not well-controlled.  But it progresses, anyway, since most people don’t look at the systemic level of life.  Instead, they get wrapped around the wheels of personality, “racism”, and political division.  Show you what I mean here:

What makes the Digital Coup so interesting is it all controls the narrative on Climate – marginalizing, blocking and suspending those who exercise free speech and ask inconvenient truths. 

As well as gender extremism – fostered for God knows why. and a radical racial divide being stoked to resurrect the Civil War for its 150th anniversary.

The biggie, though, is the unconstitutional plans of CDC for camps – which as we explained on PN yesterday – is illegal and there for anyone to read.  Again, if you’re on the wrong side, Social will block and punish.  Coup’s goon squads.

Down the sides of Babel, something else is going on:  Rumble, Parler, and a host of non-corporate special lefties are arising.

Still, we’ll save the deep discussion for next week.  We will only say…,no, let’s wait on that.  Think about it – many oddities will fall into place.

Oh, Look!  More Evidence!

When I was born (1949) the proportion of White people in America was around 85%.  Today, White is quickly being shamed for dropping to the 50% level which looms a few years ahead.

Yet, in NONE of the racial re-mix of America has there ever been a “will of the people.”  No vote on freezing…just open borders and a leftist plan to important as many people from third world shitholes as possible.  Clearly an attempt by the Tech Coup to keep unit labor costs down while exporting manufacturing to least cost egalitarian strongholds like Chinese prison work facilities.

Snag a copy of this story quick – because to even report publicly that Minorities drive population growth in US while number of white people declines for the first time | Daily Mail Online. we’re pretty risks banning for truth leaking.  The White hate agenda is obvious as hell, having taken root in programs available only to POCs and the Marxist packed corporate court system unable to enforce “Equal Protection Under the Law.”

You tell me:  60-years of government funded inequality serves whom, exactly?

Here’s one buried by the Tech Mafia’s Propaganda Machinery (social media):  It began with White Farmers Sue Biden Administration, Alleging Racial Discrimination In Stimulus Package (  More recently, though, here comes the “reverse discrimination is OK” crowd in Black US farmers dismayed as white farmers’ lawsuit halts relief payments – The Guardian.

Last we heard, the reverse discrimination matter was being cast this way:  Relief payments to Black farmers on hold amid lawsuits backed by Mark Meadows and Stephen Miller | The Progressive Pulse.

Because ag money is tied to race, we don’t see this as anything less than the local liberal reverse discrimination spin on South Africa’s seizure of White owned property.

Again, we’re so old we remember when equal actually meant equal.  Not equal with special privileges and payments.  

The White shaming and attacks on meritocracy, rather than genuine equal treatment and rewards for hard work?  If you want to fix that, tax the hell out of large inheritances for the ultra rich.  Tougher IPO rules.

Who, of course, would never stand for that.  

Because bottom line is privilege is based on retained wealth. And working the system.  As all Tech Billionaires know all too well.

Short Takes

Our early 2020 Covid predictions are getting back on track: WHO says the world is on track to surpass 300 million Covid cases early next year.

And this ought to tell you something:  Study Finds The Most Highly-Educated Americans Are Also The Most Vaccine-Hesitant.  Mean like injecting a made-up toxin might NOT be good?

Where’d hyperinflation go?  “The Pandemic Recovery Continues To Throw Inflation Models Out The Window”.

While Texas utilities are screwing those of us who make our own power – charging high rates when we buy and offering us half-rates when we sell, California is looking more reasonable:  California regulators are voting on solar mandates for new buildings.

Media tank report:  CNN has another Cuomo problem as female viewers turn off ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ in droves.

Grounds for impeachment, but hiding behind POC is the Marxist way:  AOC-backed group honors multiple convicted cop killers.

Defund Congress!

Time to circle the breakfast table…

Write when you get rich,

56 thoughts on “The Meandering Mania, Babel Shakes”

  1. hey george i know your book will be great , we are all going through hard evil times , some doing it real bad . but lets try and always remember the sun comes up every morning and life is great . the simple pleasures are priceless . i been dead twice , my father died in front of me , horrific circumstance . but hey we are still here and you are always a chance . as you say dreams are good . chin up chest out

  2. Comrades,

    How does this sound? An Alberta methane gas producer is being bought up by a domestic outfit backed by money from Vegas headed by some character with a common Hungarian name. Now, import containers of bitcoin miners no longer welcome in China to be powered by the fossil fuel methane wells at a projected cost of 3 cents per kW hour. Import Chinese-speaking tech staff to run the machines. Does this remind anyone of how the 19th century western North American railroads were built? Supply dual English/Chinese staff to relay instructions from project leaders. Supply 24/7 armed guards empowered to apply any necessary force in safeguarding the bitcoin operation.

  3. Rand Paul is a licensed MD. Yet YouTube censored him for espousing his professional opinions and Covid masking critiques.

    Admittedly, courts have ruled that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not apply to private individuals, companies or employers. YouTube, as a company, is not held accountable – the theory being that their messages and videos are part and parcel to their business plan, so the market will ultimately drive the success or failure of their social media product.

    The obvious danger to any democratic society is corporate controlled social(ist) media rapidly replacing traditional news sources, arbitrarily filtering submissions in order to advance a biased set of messages, i.e. corporate products. A reasoned individual might recognize this legality as a First Amendment loophole, one that smart anarchists and enemies of democracy might seek to exploit. After all, a monopoly is simply economic totalitarianism. Advocates of democracy might consider taking a judicial sledge hammer to monopolistic social media corporations and let free enterprise (and free speech) once again reign!

    • Sadly it is GOP supported federalist judges that have eviscerated antitrust. Not the “marxists” or “socialists”.

      I am in total agreement in breaking up monopolies wherever they are found. Cargill, meatpacking, Big Tech, Media, Amazon, even Wikipedia is a monopoly.

      Smash them all.

    • Agreed. One reason I don’t think we will see a total internet blackout, just heavy censorship. Then the Fools In Charge would lose their primary means of indoctrination, misinformation and control through Boobtube, Fakebook, or any other social disea… I mean media.

      Turn it all off.

  4. ‘Imagine how Wrong-Way Joe will feel in a couple of years when the payoff from the bioweapon becomes clear: Falling birth rates and population reduction.’

    Now George, are you sure this is not the intended outcome?? I am not sure if Wrong-Way Joe even knows anything about what’s going on. The ‘agenda’ is obviously being driven by a much higher source.

    It is going to be interesting. Btw, I know there are both Cliff High fans and Cliff High detractors on this forum, but like him or not, his videos on BitChute have been spot on in terms of understanding the global events and the tempo of incoming events.

    Btw George, where did I first encounter Cliff High? Right on your postings on PeopleNomics and UrbanSurvival. I am a long term reader. It’s been a good journey with you – I don’t always agree with you – especially about Covid – but your sites have given me much useful information! Kudos!

    • Hey Stephen, I had to laugh when I tried to remember where I first heard of Clif and George.
      I think it was on Coast-to-Coast w/Art Bell.
      I can’t remember what year though.
      Keep up the great work George.

  5. Mr Editor,

    Time to face thefor some fun FACTS/Truth – EVERYONE IS controlled by Money –

    and, when you give control of Money to Ure worst enemy (rothchilds), bad things happen.

    Everything is designed to Destroy the United States: Diversity, homosexuality, feminism, transgenderism,migration,BLM,antifa,CRT, cancel culture..

    Globalism = Communism = Cabalism = Satanism = Judaism

    If not for the cognitive dissonance created by the jewish controlled media – there would be terrible amount of Anti Semitism in this country.

    So sad and depressing to see a once proud great people/nation, reduced to indentured servants and slaves fighting among themselves for scraps from their masters table.

    US of A = Soft and Weak..ripe for “plucking” , and PLUCKING U they R!

  6. NM MIKE

    I couldn’t reply on you comment of yesterday, so I’m moving it here …

    “I’m sure there are decent people working in the medical service industry, but they’re not the ones making the big bucks. There’s no excuse for the cost of these services today – especially when there’s no tangible benefit.”

    I sat in on a Morning Meeting a few years ago and the Corporate CEO was our guest for the day. Seemed to be a very nice fellow until the discussion turned to the MDS Mgr.

    Mr. CEO advised MDS to submit more “colorful” clinical assessments of PT care to Medicare/Medicaid to acquire better payment/reimbursement.

    He gave several examples of what he wanted/expected, to which the MDS Mgr. replied, “I can’t do that. That’s unethical and I could lose my license.”

    An explosion of anger came from his mouth as his clenched fist hit the tabletop. Points of interest, 1. Don’t say the word “ethical” to him ever again and 2. he doesn’t care if you lose your license. He made that quite clear.

    We were all in a bit of surprise and trauma as we all filed out of the meeting.

    The MDS Mgr. handed in her resignation the following morning, and worked out the required month with honor and dignity. (One month between resignation and actually leaving was a mandatorily signed agreement … leave early, you only get paid minimum wage for hours worked, on your next check. No matter if you make 60k per year. Salary means nothing at that point)

    What a day … hell of a true story.

    And people wonder why there’s a health care worker shortage. That’s part of it.

  7. The WHO and CDC are acting as the point of the spear regarding subjugation of individuals by claiming the right to violate your bodily integrity – arguably all that you are! This is at least as grave a violation as requiring you to change your religious beliefs “for the common good”.

    The current onslaught of fear porn from TPTB that’s been so unrelenting for the last 18 months or so has provided the political cover for creating an environment where people are expected to surrender themselves to inoculation with unknown substances. Why is it that so few can see this? More importantly – what can individuals do to repel this aggression against our humanity?

  8. George

    I have been looking for any information that can be used to combat and nullify any mandate to take a COVID vaccination.
    I have now found information that I believe can stop a mandate.

    From the article that contains the truth on how the vaccines damage the human body:

    “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral Immunologist and Associate Professor at University of Guelph, Ontario. “We though the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a TOXIN and was a Pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”

    In yesterday’s Peoplenomics posts I tried to spread the word about this very revealing research. Everyone needs to be aware that the vaccines are a toxic brew. I do not believe I did a good job yesterday so I am posting this today in an effort to get the truth to as many readers as I can.

    The complete article can be found on in the Health section under this title:
    ‘We made a big mistake’ – covid vaccine spike protein travels from injection site, can cause organ damage’

    When you read this article be sure to click on the blue high lighted words ‘public submission’ for the warning letter the researchers sent the FDA.

    All this reasearch was done in 2020!

    It’s been known about but not conveyed to the public.

    Sorry for harping on this, but in my opinion this is truly the Smoking Gun that can be used to kill this beast!

    This will be the last I will write on this topic. I am putting this out for the public to be aware of the Big Lie on Covid Vaccine safety.

    It’s not safe in any way! It’s meant to kill or disable as many people as possible in my opinion!

    Be aware, be safe!

    • Importantly, there are mainstream media efforts of large proportion trying to bury these claims.

      We leave it to readers to ensure they are aware of the claims, counterclaims, and the underlying monetary importance of the “vaccine” which may not be legally a “vaccine” at all, depending on who you’re asking…

    • Couple of things, probably to late. Don’t go looking for evidence, go talk to your doctor, if you don’t trust them find another doctor. At some point there must be someone you trust with your medical health. Not sure why you would ever get a physical or any prescription if you have no trust. But somehow you trust random people on the Internet, the world is truly strange. Second unless you are in the military, as far as I know no one can force you to get the jab. Your employers can make a demand, just like they demand you show up on time and don’t ingest illegal drugs. You don’t like their policies give your two weeks notice and move on. That is a decision you can make for all other services as well. Cannot get on an airplane, drive or don’t go. Cannot go to a restaurant, don’t go out. Start your own business, run for political office to have more input on the rules, but don’t just piss and moan people are forcing you to do anything. I took the vaccine, not because I felt any pressure, I have arranged my life so there is very little pressure anyone other then my wife can bring to bear on me. I decided the risk of the vaccine was lower for me then getting covid and being sick and perhaps in ICU, because I am not going to be a hermit. I am in my mid fifties so I am over my breeding years, and way into the second half of my life. I am going to try my best to keep interacting with my fellow humans. But I would fight for your right to choose not to get the jab, but that also includes you living with the consequences of your decisions.

    • Thank you for your informative, thought-provoking subject matter regarding Professor Bridle who appears in PubMed. Further to your note, his opponents registered a website anonymously via Iceland in his name and assembled a series of uncomplimentary rebuttals to discredit his claims. The website leads to a gitlab page penned by a “Concerned Scientist” which attacks others as well as Bridle. It can be located by a web search “misinformation, brotherhood of dipshits”. Seriously. Hopefully Professor Bridle has tenure.

  9. Maybe I’m just stupid, but TBH I am 100% skeptical of ANYTHING that issues out of any federal agency – ATF/FBI/DOJ/NASA/CDC/NWS ..etc. All of them have been caught red handed doing bad shit and lying to the public. Hell. the NWS can’t even get hurricane forecasts to match the real time wind speed maps.

    I believe nothing coming from ANY USA news outlet – they have lied and been wrong so many times, and everything they say is designed to foment division or panic.

    I’m 65, so maybe I got another 20-25 years – only God knows. What I know is following federal government edicts in any way is a bad thing – at least half of what they do is illegal under their own laws. Listening to politicians say one thing and vote the other way is our normal, and now we cannot trust elections. 2022 midterms ought to be hilarious.

    I am so looking forward to September when constitutional carry arrives here. The wild, wild west is preferable to what we have right now. I plan on working on my drawing speed…

    I’ll come here and a few other places that remain mostly sane – but for the rest, I am literally giving up trying to follow this madness even via selective online sources. It does NOTHING positive for my disposition, nothing for my business and it sure isn’t anything that is going to extend my lifespan.

    • -=SIGH=-

      OM2, ‘been there for years. That’s why I endlessly check sources and biases. We truly can trust no one but ourselves…

      Suggestion: Don’t just learn the draw. “Offhand” refers to shooting while standing. However, when I learned “offhand,” it meant “shooting without aiming” (and hitting your target.) When you point your finger at something, you don’t have to aim it — it just knows where to point. Teach yourself to know where your muzzle is pointing, using this same exercise (if’fn you don’t have one, a .22 revolver might be a worthwhile purchase. You’ll go through some rounds, learning the technique.) Have fun…

  10. Disagree with you on the commodity prices. Someone dumped 4 billion notional last week and the price was monkey hammered again. Every time it gets close to 2k, the same process starts all over again and about two months from now it will be back up.

    And then on one day it will be shots fired in Taiwan and a whole new ball game.

    • Dumped on the Sunday open where there is no liquidity and obviously blind to the fiduciary responsibility of seeking best price ……. great work by the CFTC ….

    • I think it will be different stu.. I think when the shots fired in taiwan. Shots will be fired in other areas.. a multi sided attack..while were so busy defending the pawns the country will be left wide open.. its covered in the Quran and the art of war..
      Now that the borders are open to illegals and they came right out and said this is how they would get in just how many of them are warriors posing as refugees..and we are transporting them paying their way supporting them and even giving them jobs .. now I am not against giving anyone a hand up and those wanting a safe haven to raise their families welcome do it our taxes and follow our laws.
      Maj will tell you most countries use women and children in war..seriously does anyone at all think they’ve changed.
      Look at the statistics of other countries that have done this already..JMHO

  11. One way or another, we’re going to need to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” and make it apply to all media, not just Broadcast outlets.
    Prior to the Clinton years, “opinion” pieces had to be labeled as such with equal time devoted to those with opposing viewpoints. What we have now is ass-backwards to the concept since the “platforms” DO NOT ALLOW opposing points of view!

    • The answer is “Federally protected platforms” (which have Section 230 coverage) need to be equal time regulated.
      Otherwise, no shield from lawsuits for slander and such.

      • Federally protected platform? You must be kidding. Those people are some the most supporting of limiting speech. Trying to recall the last pro capitalist message I saw on PBS. Change your behavior and tell all your friends. Delete your facebook account (you wont miss it). Dump google, yes you may have to pay for email from someone like protonmail. Start using some of the small media companies. I neve rhave used twitter. These private companies have no real power over you. But turn this over to the Feds then you have real guns backing up their opinions of what is good for you.

    • The problem with the “Fairness Doctrine,” and it’s a biggie:

      ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and The Herald, NYTimes, Enquirer, WaPost, AJC, Tribune, Post-Dispatch, LATimes, etc. are “free and unbiased sources.”

      It is the Marxists and Leftists who control both mainstream media and our government, at its bureaucratic level, who will determine both degree and direction of bias. Accordingly, the above “unbiased sources,” and their thousands of RTV and print brethren, will delineate “no bias” and only programming to the Left (there won’t be any) or Right of the programming on these sources will demand equal time.

      Before the last iteration of the “Fairness Doctrine” went away, I was living in a major market area. I listened to Rush for 3 hrs, then listened to Jack Anderson for as long as I could stomach him. Limbaugh was pulling close to 700k listeners from this one station; Anderson was pulling fewer than 30k. The station was required to air Anderson (or someone similar) to “balance” Limbaugh. At this time (late ’80s) EVERY national newscaster and talker was Leftist.

      Mayhaps y’all don’t know or don’t remember, but except for Earl Nightengale, Paul Harvey, and a couple others, all of whom stayed strictly away from anything political, there were NO national conservative talkers in RTV between the late ’50s and the late ’80s. That’s because the “industry” defined all those leftist talkers as “mainstream” or “unbiased.”

      What made Rush Limbaugh so special was he created the “nationwide conservative talk radio genre.” What made Rush so successful, was he came on during “Fairness” and survived the storm until it went away, thus holding the door open for Hannity, Beck, Reagan, and Liddy to go national, and turn previously marginal talk radio stations into serious moneymakers.

      The “Fairness Doctrine” will diminish and limit the number of conservative and Libertarian talkers, while increasing the number of Leftists and the proliferation of their ideology.

      Don’t be a closet lefty — Remember the Law of Unintended Consequences.

  12. Good points george . But always get confused when we swing from inflation to deflation . My correct unhumble opinion ! All debt is deflationary . Hence no inflationary depression, all deflationary depression . Even one of my poster fellas nouriel roubini has become a Sith Lord . But I do love your mind makes me feel I have a friend

  13. I seen something that sort of worried me a little.. usually the air guard will do touch and go’s a couple times a month.. getting their flight hours in.. but lately they have been practicing more than ever.. then today.. they were practicing strafing run’s.. which I haven’t seen since I was a teenager.. and a sonic boom.. which I haven’t seen since I was a child around here and a teenager in the military..
    so why the aggressive practicing.. do they see something more than what I have been reading..

  14. “The Digital Coup Moves On”

    Did you notice that Apple is now going to take and police your photos on your phone and I-pads etc.. interesting.. then store them on the cloud..
    when I ran photo labs.. there were thousands of photos processed all the time of candid private photo’s between boyfriends and girlfriends.. today they call it sexting I am sure that except for politicians and the elite.. there will be a lot of people in trouble..

      • “I’d like to believe at least a little of this stuff is of interest or importance to someone besides myself…”

        It does Ray.. It should matter to all of us..
        what gets me is how people just can’t see it.. How in the world does someone get away with the stuff they are and NO ONE says a thing.. LIKE the crap HB is getting away with.. its so bad its funny and it just keeps getting worse.. each day you expect to see some crap justifying what is being done.. it is amazing..

  15. My wife just came home from work today, and shared this. She works for a small stand alone rural health practice, that is known not to promote this shot. Two people came in for fairly serious health needs. One had been to KU Med Center, and they wouldn’t treat him b/c he hadn’t had the shot. The other person’s doctor told him the same thing. B/c he hadn’t had the shot he wouldn’t treat him! Sounds like Communism to me.!

  16. Run the numbers of the georgia guidstones 75% dead by 2025..if 50 percent are vaccinated, with/without bipweapon??

  17. I see military commands may refuse direct orders of the Pentagon and this may be the catalyst for a military coup which we also hear rumors about. How far down would the market crash in the event of a major military disruption of chain of command with demands of resignations and/or arrests o military commanders?

  18. I apologize — I spent ‘WAY too much time at Town Hall and some of my other “lesser-used” news links…

    First up:

    Everyone Is Wondering What Trump’s Statement Means

    “Former President Donald Trump has sent out multiple statements on Wednesday already, but the one raising the most questions is his first one of the day. ‘BULLIES NEVER FIGHT'”

    The people who’re wondering “what Trump’s statement means” have never been in a fight, and never attended a public school.

    It is not totally accurate. All bullies are cowards. Accordingly, bullies never fight unless they can bring a crowd with them, both to witness the beat-down they’re going to administer, and to pitch-in and rescue them in the event they begin to lose the fight. The (outside the) bar, fight scene in the movie “Jack Reacher” is amazingly accurate. Tom Cruise’ “Reacher” character does an accurate analysis of a fight with a bully, before he whups the bully and his two lieutenants who jump in to help.

    • ,”the one raising the most questions is his first one of the day. ‘BULLIES NEVER FIGHT’”
      The people who’re wondering “what Trump’s statement means”

      My interpretation of that statement is .. a bully can and only is a bully wanting to fight if he has a group around them yo support him or her.. those supporters of a bully by themselves wouldn’t show an agressive stance. They get their strength because they area group…
      A bully on the other hand wouldn’t be as aggressive if they stsnd alone.
      I have told all of my kids and grandkids Don’t be a bully treat everyone as you would want to be treated.. but if a bully starts picking on you go after the one leading the pack hit em with everything you can. you’re going to get hurt and probably loose but a bully will be less likely to bully you again.. the reason..what if they are alone the grape seed of doubt is there.. the potential to loosing would destroy the cycle of power .. another one is grab a dogs tail the dog doesn’t know what to do if you grab it and keep it busy..he spins around trying to get control of the tail..
      A very comparable idiom is an old military term “to cut the head off the snake” It means to stop a larger problem by aiming at the source – often the leader, or a major culprit. The implication is that the rest of the problem will naturally die. without that source.

      • A cute story.. I just gotta share.. when one of my grand daughters was 4..she was in preschool.. her older brother and her walked home.. we would babysit until mom got off of work..
        One day the police show up at the door.. is your grandson at home .. during why.. well this 12 year old was badly beaten after school.. huh my kids did that.. we would like to talk to him.. sure so we called him down.. the police and the not the father of the boy standing there they wanted to know what happened..
        The grandson comes down ..what happened.. the 12 year old speaks up..not him the other one.. huh.. so we called her down.. the officer asked.. so what happened.. she says we were walking home from school and he was hiding in the bushes and starts beating on my brother for his lunch money.. he turned to me and I told him touch my does the explorer back pack and I’m going to hit you.. he threw me down and i hit him..and if he does it again I’m gonna hit him again.. the cop almost bust a gut the father of the 12 year old didn’t know what to say this little itty bitty girl after that we picked the kids up at the school. Lol my little tiger lol lol..hard to believe she’s grown up already.. my little shadow..

  19. The Hard Bigotry of No Expectations

    Former President George W. Bush perfectly summed up how the political left viewed minorities, particularly black Americans, with his great phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” I used the word “viewed” and put it in past tense on purpose, because Democrats have moved beyond the soft part and have reverted back to their blatant, unambiguous bigotry of days gone by.

    • The lefties usually turn on their street-level people after they consolidate power and no longer need the volunteer muscle. Turning on the dopers is just the start.

    • OTFLMAO…
      LOL LOL LOL LOL now that is some funny stuff.. LOL LOL LOL…
      I call it a miracle plant.. asked my doctor for ten reasons why he thought opium was better .. LOL LOL LOL not going to win friends and influence people with that kind of talk am I LOL LOL LOL the funny thing is.. those using it for recreation are already.. now that it is legal in some places they just have a record on sales.. there is a reason why billions are spent by alcohol and drug companies and cartels to congress to keep it illegal..

  20. EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops

    Hunter Biden claimed Russians stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Las Vegas hotel room, can reveal.

    The alleged incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers – the first abandoned at a Delaware computer store and the second seized by federal agents – each likely to hold sensitive information on President Joe Biden and the embarrassing pictures, videos and communications of his son.

    • NO WORRIES if the alleged incident did happen….. we already know that anything they find on the dam thing Has to have been planted by the Russians… Can’t be anything that such an esteemed fine crayon artist would do in some drunken or drug induced stupor.. I hear his crayon drawings are the best ever seen in history..With his reputation as a fine artist going viral so fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if They are discussing that they should take that trashy painting of the woman Mona Lisa down just to have enough room to put one of his crayon art pieces up instead..
      with the knoweledge that the Russians are the ones responsible for planting more crap with potential classified materials on it.. the thing can’t even be considered viable once if it is located.
      I am seriously sad that he is being picked on so badly..
      Did you hear the latest crap that the evil trumps kid is doing.. dam.. He had the corona virus and the talk was he didn’t wear a mask.. Now that is the deepest sign of irresponsibility ever..Just think about how many people he exposed to the virus.. what are we ever going to do about that trump family.. I swear they don’t have any respect for anyone in the USA.. They should make an example of barons deviant behaviors..

      • Fox, Newsmax, OAN, Breitbart, etc., were all playing a vid of a naked Hunter Biden whining to a naked hooker because he got blasted on a weeks-long Hunter Thompson style bender with three Russian drug mobsters, passed out, and when he came to, was sans lappy. I’m assuming, since the admission that he lost his laptop came from Hunter Biden himself, that he actually lost it or had it stolen. I’m also assuming since he confessed to the hooker, on the video, that it contained a trove of blackmail and extortion worthy content, that it probably does so…

      • “Fox, Newsmax, OAN, Breitbart, etc., were all playing a vid of a naked Hunter Biden whining to a naked hooker because he got blasted on a weeks-long Hunter Thompson style bender with three Russian drug mobsters, passed out, and when he came to, ”

        It is so crazy that it is actually hard to believe that they still get away with it.. after a couple of works of lets hide the Monkey this to will be made to look like some sort of setup scandal fake news..

  21. Pentagon Reveals How Military Service Members Can Get Religious Exemption to Mandatory Vaccines

    Despite intimidating headlines meant to scare service members into thinking Big Pharma’s experimental injections are mandatory and unavoidable, easy to claim religious exemptions are available.

  22. Part-time professor charged with arson in series of California fires

    A part-time college lecturer who worked at several California colleges has been arrested for allegedly committing arson in remote forested areas of Northern California near the Dixie Fire. The suspect, Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, is being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail.
    He was charged with willfully setting the Ranch Fire in Lassen County on Saturday.

    Maynard reportedly worked at Santa Clara University and Sonoma State University, where he was listed as a lecturer in criminal justice studies specializing in criminal justice, cults and deviant behavior.

    Well, at least the dude’s an expert…

  23. “You tell me: 60-years of government funded inequality serves whom, exactly?”
    All manner of government employees, bankers & realtors are at the top of the list.
    All of it is about money and control. Why break your back at hard labor when you can simply confiscate the works of multiple generations? Americans are debt slaves who take out their anger with vigilante hate crimes against their neighbors. Targets are selected openly on social media and old-fashioned gossip networks, and the authorities play all sides off against one another.
    Personally, I went through rather ugly desegration in two southern school districts. I’ve been called by ethnic hate names, beaten and spit on, and that was before I got out of junior high school. Children are easy targets.
    In my adulthood, I have been targeted for phony discrimination complaints on the job, and targeted for serial criminal gaslighting retaliation by multiple parties. And most of the people engaging in the conduct were and are convinced that they are good people, and their criminal behavior was ordained by some sort of diety. Psychopaths and sociopaths are the most righteous and self-justified of all groups. Individuals with those tendencies flock to groups and agencies expousing social justice.
    I hear a lot of the hate talk in forums like this, though to G____’s credit, he seems to suppress the worst of it. There is a thin line between spirited debate and angry hate talk, which I see being crossed even in this forum. Everyone has right to their own stupid opinion; try to reserve judgement. My apologies to anyone with stupid opinions whom I have offended.

    • “Personally, I went through rather ugly desegration in two southern school districts. I’ve been called by ethnic hate names, beaten and spit on, and that was before I got out of junior high school. Children are easy targets.”

      I am sorry N____ I do know how that is..
      that is what I think was the reason why things happened at the columbine HS incident eventually evolved into the tradgedy it turned into.
      Unfortunately their parents were hard working families and the adult supervision and understanding around to help them deal with the troubles the kids were having and I think that is why everyone involved suffered all because of the lack of teachers not doing their jobs…

      My incident happened when I was a child.. first or second grade.. Living in a small community there is usually a main family group descendants from the families that founded the communities.. these usually dictate what is done in the town because they control it or think they are the ones controlling it.. ( sort of like politicians whose kids get away with all sorts of things) anyway my father was in charge of the school business and the community had to make a decision.. raise taxes.. or join in on another school system.. the main family assumed that everyone would vote the way they wanted so they didn’t even vote.. the voters on the other hand voted to join another school system and they main family group blamed my parents..(we had the wrong last name..) anyway it was dramatic and scary for a small boy.. the main family would throw Molotov cocktails at my parents home and signed petitions trying to force them to move, as a little boy I couldn’t buy anything at the local grocery store anymore and I was no longer welcome at any of my old child hood friends homes etc.. I threw myself into reading… the building was an older one with two stories of the stories had high ceilings.. similar to the one they had in the community I live in now.. the ceilings were at twelve feet.. so the stairwell had a mezzanine between floors.
      well those good christians taught their hate to their children as well..
      one day we came in from recess and my room was on the second story.. the older kids grabbed me and threw me over the banister.. I hit the railing at the bottom and hurt my back.. ( lately I was in physical therapy and the therapist asked me when I broke my back.. that was the only time I had hurt it..and with the work she has been doing I can actually feel my toes..I had for years thought that my feet were numb because I froze them walking to work in the seventies LOL ) the teacher of course seen it to but walked away.. ( years later I took care of her in hospice.. and she would have nightmares.. I went in to visit her and her nightmares were of that incident and how it had haunted her all those years.. she never knew it was what happened to me that haunted her.. I told her I thought that the kid realized the dramatic time that was happening and had forgiven everyone involved years before.. put it behind you) anyway I would hide in the dirt basement until the other older kids had to go home.. my parents took it to the sheriff at the time.. but since he to was a relative of that family group nothing was done.. time goes on and you put it behind you.. when we got to the new school it was the same thing except this time we were the invading families.. I had long learned how to avoid those I threw myself into books and photo lab etc. and I had really good parents that were there to help me put it all behind me.. My grades were affected as well since I was an invader the kids that were not from the local family groups grades were affected and since I was a little better read than most of them I had to dumb myself down to not be a target……. some of the other kids that were invaders hadn’t and would have to endure what went on.. It isn’t just ethnic groups either.. you can be tall, short, big or small have blonde hair or be a brunette. fast or slow .. discrimination comes in all shapes sizes and colors.. It is extremely sad to..In the military I knew a young man.. he was gay.. everyone of the good Christians hates gays.. but then I know his story.. his father left or died.. not to sure.. her mothers new boyfriend sexually abused him. she knew.. he got to school and the good christian boys would razz him in the lockers because of his small stature.. the horsing around eventually got overpowering and they forced him to perform oral sex on them.. the coach seen it and walked away.. eventually he found love and comfort in the arms of another young man that had a similar back ground and they became a couple.. now if I was an angel.. who would I condemn.. the bastard boyfriend that raped him.. the mother that didn’t come to her son’s defense.. those good Christian boys or the coach.. or would I condemn the young gay men that found comfort in the arms of each other.. big thought huh.. the good christian boys probably haven’t ever given it a second thought..
      a young woman that is just like a grand daughter to me.. she is black.. went through the same thing with bullying.. I got into the principles face about it in a conversation and just told him he was lucky I wasn’t his boss that I would fire his sorry ass in a new york second because of his inability to control the bullying. I don’t give a hoot what their last name is.. Needless to say he has improved.. her sister and I were talking and she knew I had a visit with his sorry butt.. thanked me because she is actually enjoying school now because the principle is trying to control the main family syndrome..
      you walk in and there are anti bullying signs everywhere..
      If you notice our govt. is the same thing.. we have the G whatever.. where we gather up a group of countries to get our points across to other countries that we see aren’t living up to our standards.. the countries we have been bullying forcing to live our way are now signing agreements to have the protection of those we force to live our way.. none of it good in my opinion….

      • my savior at that young age was the janitor.. he knew what was going on but was powerless as well.. he realized I was hiding in the dirt basement and would have me sit in the boiler room and then give me a ride home..
        it was the same thing at the new school to. most of the invading kids would gather in the boiler room with the janitor LOL.. who also knew what was going on but was powerless as well..

    • I know, right? White people have been murdered, spit on, assaulted, raped, their children killed right in front of them as the media hypes up white supremacists, and anti-white hate, and anti-christian hate.

      Just yesterday, one highly placed influential woman and man were gleeful over the reduction in the white race population, and yet no one dares call them anti-white, or anti-christian, or HATERS and there are no laws to protect the white race from generational hate directed at them and their families like what has been done now for at least 100 years. They celebrate publicly but is Chuck Schumer or Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi or Jeff Bezos asking for them to turn in their resignations? Has twitter suspended them or facebook or instagram?

      No, crickets.

      It stuns me really.

      Does it stun you, too?

      • “Does it stun you, too?”
        Nope: I’ve lived with this my entire life in the sunny south, but I will continue to suck it up and expose the conduct whenever it affects me personally without engaging in retaliatory conduct. The truth is, if you attempt to bring complaints or charges against the pathological lying hate-mongers and elites or their minions, you will end up in jail on a phony process charge, or in a lock-up for the criminally insane. Best to post your first-person witness in a public forum like this, and go on with your life.

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