I get a real kick out of watching the market action as we approach a potential longer-term top.  While Bitcoins are doing exactly what we told you they’d be inclined to do – hit record highs – (see Coping Section, next article) there is still the pending matter of a likely stock market blow-off to the upside.

Just to put some scale on things, remember that the Dow back at election time was around 18,850.  We could quibble about that a bit, since it depends exactly what time and day we are talking about, but since we generalize (a lot, generally), let’s go with 18,850.  Decimal points are illegal till noon on Monday’s anyway.

With the Dow set to open +30 from the Friday close (so the futures advise) that means we could hit the 22,100 easily.  That’s a 17.24% gain since our trading model went long over on the www.Peoplenomics.com side of the house in November.  And a fair number of subscribers, having elected to play with the levered 3X ETF’s on the long side, are up nearly 50%, and that’s after an allowance for fees.

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This is not to say everyone has made money, but that’s OK since I don’t offer individual advice; never have and never will.  However, our general discussion of economics and markets has been mostly dead-to-nuts right.  We figure the Peoplenomics reports are priced at less than 10% of their actual value to someone serious about growing wealth.

Trump’s Time Travel Problem?

I get a huge laugh out of people who get worked up about politics in ‘Mercia.  Things like the Mueller fishing expedition are long-playing distractions.  A year, or more, perhaps.  By then, we will likely see the rising Trumpvilles.  A rhyme off Homerville’s of the 1930’s.

But for today, the tail end of the modern analog to the Roaring Twenties and summer of ’29 is smashing its way through the record books.

Gone in bubblish hype-tomism is the idea that the whole House of Cards could be blown over in a heartbeat.  Yet there has been a fundamental change in the financial structure of America since the Great Depression.

In the past 20-years, we have begun to end materialism. We now Rent Our Lives.  Equity has been stolen from the People and few (other than this site) bother mentioning it.

It’s the New and Improved Bankrupting of Working People.

There’ve been a couple of drivers.  The Planet is running out of resource is one of the obvious ones.  But coupled with that was the shift toward ever-increasing student loans and the silliness of people getting degrees in esoterica where there are no jobs.

In 50-years in business, I never met a Middle Ages History scholar who was paid significantly more than min-wage to average to rewrite events of 600-800 years ago.  There’s just no money in it.

But make no mistake, there are LOTS of student loans in it!  That, old pard, is a crooked deal sanctioned by crooks in Washington and backed by greedsters.

We’re beginning to see it:  The lack of a restless underclass today is being foreshadowed by the anti-Trump movement.  Even though they’re not really sure why they’re made at “carrot top” they’re just certain they are.  Violently, in some cases.

I’m writing a new book which will be serialized on the Peoplenomics site:  Dimensions Next Door.  It’s about the framework of this simulation we live in – mistakenly called Life.

While working on the research for today’s bit of writing, I was reminded of my friend Fred Alan Wolf’s book: The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time.

In the book,  Wolf makes a remarkable assertion:  The mind, he explains, “remembers” things along (without all the physics that he’s so good at, but I’m not) a Gaussian distribution.  Which means – given that the present moment is somewhere near the top of the Bell curve – that people can actually remember the future.

It takes work, but yes, it can be done.  You don’t need to make up computer code, just a few duchy’s and a few years of practice and you’ll connect at some level.

I was struck by this “remembering the future” stuff because it would explain a lot of subtle oddities of history.  No, not all of them, but some.

Take, for example, Jews in Germany who followed a hunch to leave before the Nazi’s got seriously into power.  Where did the hunch come from?  Was it “just a thing” or was there more to it?  A memory of an as-yet unrealized future at the time?

In quantum mechanics, and given Wolf’s notion that the future can (with some headwork) begin to be remembered, there are huge implications for each of us and collectively for the world.

Wolf’s observations (on the quantum theory side) are seemingly substantiated in Dean Radin’s “Time Reversed Human Perception” paper.  And this dates back to the Y2K period.

Fast forward to modern times.

We have an amazingly robust Anti-Trump movement.  It consists of newspapers, networks, over half the former republican party (God knows what they are now).  And yet, there’s still been no smoking gun produced.

Oh, and as a parent, if my son was under the microscope of a witch hunt, you don’t think I’d dictate at least a framework of his response?  You’re kidding, right?

Putting on the Extensibility Helmet

I think what may be going on is something vastly different.  I think it may be future being remembered.  Such that while the visceral reaction is obvious, the causes for it are not.

Let’s roll forward, maybe less than two years:

Suppose, for a moment, that the economy has imploded.

Unlike the Great Depression, the one on tap could be the Penniless Depression.  That’s because we have transitioned into this Rent-Your-Life Model of existence.

Whereas in the 1930’s people could double-up with relatives, put in a family vegetable garden, and such, today’s world is not as accommodative of such outcomes.

Relatives generally don’t own their homes free and clear, so they stand on the verge of banko, the cities and municipalities are regulatory Nazis when comes to putting in fencing (such as around a garden) without “permits” – and that all gets into Planning and Zoning which is where the UN has anticipated with Agenda 21 and such.  Local egomaniacs love that kind of power, left laying around for them to abuse.

When the markets all fall apart, therefore, the number of people who will be homeless, car-less, food-less and so on could quickly soar to all-time highs.  This as the government that is supposed to protect the good of the Nation would be moving at all possible speed to impound and garnish even more wages in order to fund the public servants who (while we were sleeping) elevated their station to public rulers, instead of servants.

Ah, don’t you love it?

It’s a graceful answer  – this notion that the anti-Trump movement is really an historical foreshadowing.  But we can also see how it could play out.

This afternoon, the Fed’s Consumer Debt report comes out.  The market may react to it (in the final hour today) because if people start to pull-in their spending a bit, that will be bad for earnings, ergo bad for markets, and it might be the crack in the dam.

Or not.

In the meantime, a review of this morning’s headlines is much less than productive.  It’s more interesting intellectually to wonder if Trump has a “time travel” problem in terms of people’s future memories  beginning to leak and color today’s aberrant behavior.

But we won’t mention this too often.  Might get in the way of the Monetizers, who really still have command of the battlespace.

As Jimi Hendrix advised:  “So let us stop talking falsely now, the hour’s getting late.”

Also in Our “Seem to Recall” Files:

This is easier to follow: General Motors recalling nearly 800,000 pickup trucks worldwide.

Pyongyang’s War Monger

Like Freddie Krueger:  He’s ba-aack…THOUSANDS-FOLD’ REVENGE Defiant N. Korea issues new threats against US after new UN sanctions.

Did We Miss Something?

I’m sure I heard somewhere in the MBA curriculum way back when that the purpose of stock offerings was to fund expansions and R&D.

But I must have misunderstood because now I’m reading how Tesla seeks to raise $1.5 billion to fund Model 3 production.

On a financially rational planet, I’d say toss the space flight stuff and forget about Mars.  Sell what you have – not what you might.

What I reprobate I am, huh?

Medical Use for Gold?

Yeah, we know silver is a fine antibacterial.  But now we’re reading how Gold specks raise hopes for better cancer treatments.

Seems gold increases the effectiveness of some drugs used to treat lung cancer.  Might want to hang onto an ounce…’especially if you smoked!

And speaking of lung cancer, you see where Ronnie Woods of the Rolling Stones just as a close brush with it?

More Phones = More Isolation?

Seems so: Social isolation, loneliness could be greater threat to public health than obesity. 

Depending on how fat your internet connection is, of course.

Oh, enough.  Off