Trump’s Retirement $$$ Problem

It’s not something that most people are aware of, but it goes a long-ways toward explaining why the Dems are so anxious to bring the Trump Impeachment II to conclusion.

The Former President’s Act, better known around law schools as  3 U.S.C. § 102 has been around since 1958.

Here’s the part we find ourselves noodling:

(3 U.S.C. § 102 note)

(a) Each former President shall be entitled for the remainder of his life to receive from the United States a monetary allowance at a rate per annum, payable monthly by the Secretary of the Treasury, which is equal to the annual rate of basic pay, as in effect from time to time, of the head of an executive department, as defined in section 101 of title 5, United States Code [section 101 of Title 5]. However, such allowance shall not be paid for any period during which such former President holds an appointive or elective office or position in or under the Federal Government or the government of the District of Columbia to which is attached a rate of pay other than a nominal rate.

At current rates, Donald would be paid $219,200 a year (2020 figures – they’re adjusted for inflation)  and Melania could get $20,000 a year.

So far, so good.

Oh…there’s also a crash pad if they need it:

“The Presidential Townhouse is a U.S. government-owned building located at 716 Jackson Place NW in Washington, D.C., reserved for the exclusive use of former presidents of the United States during visits to the capital. Purchased by the government in the late 1950s and used for various purposes, it became the Presidential Townhouse in 1969 by order of President Richard Nixon. The furnishings were very sparse until it was refurbished using private funds during the administration of President George W. Bush. The five-story building includes two dining rooms, multiple bedrooms, and space for a Secret Service detail in the basement.”

Mar a Lago back-up?

But Now Read This…

Here’s why the Dems have the bum’s rush on to get everything done before Biden takes the Oath.  From Wikipedia:

By law, former presidents are entitled to a pension, staff and office expenses, medical care or health insurance, and Secret Service protection. These entitlements only apply if the former president was not removed from office by impeachment or other Congressional actions.”

What we think the media has done is generally fail to underscore this part of the Deep Swamp’s Revenge efforts.

You see, in technical legalistic terms, if Trump can remain in the Oval until time’s up, and the Impeachment isn’t done by Noon next Wednesday, then whatever happens will not be a technical “…removed from office…”

Our Take?  Like him, or not, going after a man’s wallet after 4-years a work, doesn’t seem like particularly the “High road” nor “Fair play.”

Since newly elected lawmakers took office January 3 (so says the Constitution) it will be interesting to watch the scramble in the Senate to keep Impeachment from being sustained.

If it is?  There goes the townhouse/crash pad.  There goes the retirement plans.  And if you’re a former real estate developer with angry people coming after you on all fronts, the loss of financial resource could be a major issue. Lawyers like to get paid.

OH…did I mention most people in politics are plain mean-spirited?  We stopped all political contributions when corporate giving topped citizen funding and that was, gosh, 20 or 30-years ago, wasn’t it?

Happy Talk – Seasonally Adjusted

OK, out comes the weekly new unemployment filings.

As we’ve been  squealing around here, there’s a major Lie to behold in the application of “seasonal adjustments.”  Because the whole “Big Lie” is that while “seasonal adjustments” should “level-out seasons” – they are, in point of fact, twisted up such that they can deliver any kind of message desired.

Here’s how today’s report looks.  I have circled the Big Lie number and highlighted in Yellow the ACTUAL.

Idiotic “financial reporters” who fail to question the obvious will parrot the 965,000 figure; laughable saps they are.  Fact is almost half a million more were on unemployment this week: 474,180 more people.  Slow Joe and Calamity Kam will save us, I’m just sooo sure.

We are perfectly correctrolling with NSA numbers.  Because the number of claims that will be paid is based on ACTUAL – not on lies told to stupid people and reported to button-pressing phone apes.

More Data?  Sure!

Import-Export Prices is just out, too:

“U.S. import prices advanced 0.9 percent in December, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, following a 0.2-percent increase the previous month. Higher fuel and nonfuel prices both contributed to the
December rise in import prices. Prices for U.S. exports also rose in December, advancing 1.1 percent, after increasing 0.7 percent in November.”

Sitting down?  Annualize that 0.9% advance in December and it pushes out to an annual rate of 11.35 percent rate of inflation.  Which is why we have been screaming to anyone who will listen “Buy the shit you need while you can still afford it!!!”  No one listens, of course, but at least we tried…

Be sure and visit tomorrow morning when we’ll offer up Retail (sales) detail, along with PPI (and E-I-E-I-owe), alongside the Empire State data.  And that will set up the Federal (missing) Reserve’s Industrial Production and Utilization report just ahead of the mania bell.

We should remind all that in addition to the “hot dates” next week, based on long-term social cycle counts described in Peoplenomics Wednesday, there’s also the Martin Luther King Day market closure Monday.  Might be worth clicking by to see if I can still spell the words “d-a-y  o-f-f.”  Doubtful, though.

Bit Bubble

We can’t help but remind you of our position on cryptos:

  • Mining is an anti-human waste of energy.
  • They drive climate change.
  • They are nothing more than made-up numbers.
  • Quantum computing will obsolete them.
  • They require “greater fools” to have any value.

Oh, and when governments finally adopt blockchain technology, there is no reason for ANY government to accept money they didn’t make up.

Think Ure is off on this?  Better read “ECB’s Lagarde Calls For Global Regulation Of “Reprehensible” Bitcoin.”  Wonder where she got that idea?

Pays to keep passwords safe, too: Bitcoin: Newport man’s plea to find £210m hard drive in tip.

Catches Our Eye

The evidence must be gone now: China finally lets WHO into Wuhan to probe COVID-19 origins.

Shot Power?  Vaccinated Russians in Far East Promised Mask Exemption.  And, my-oh-my, is this why Bill Gates got involved in CV-19?  OH, of course not….er….but….Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce join a push for digital vaccination credentials.

Our investment tip of the week:  No $550M Powerball jackpot winners pushes prize to at least $640M.  Buy a ticket!  Tipping the house is fine with us…

Snow’s gone from our East Texas ‘blizzard of ’21’ earlier this week.  Someone else’s turn now: Blizzard will bring heavy snow and strong winds to Upper Midwest.

Looking Ahead:

Let’s see:  Holiday Monday.  If you have to work, so sorry.  Us, too.

Q4 IRS estimated taxes due to mail today or tomorrow.

Peoplenomics this weekend takes up on the technical side of the UAP/UFO data release that is making headlines all over the place…

And just after the morning’s worth of data dump, the Dow futures were STILL up 84  points.  Power of Prozac, baby!   Near as we can figure it, close enough to proof that anti-gravity has already been discovered.  Yeah, there is that

Write when it makes sense,

59 thoughts on “Trump’s Retirement $$$ Problem”

  1. “Our investment tip of the week: No $550M Powerball jackpot winners pushes prize to at least $640M. Buy a ticket! ”

    Yup.. if you win.. and when all of this comes down the pike… you might have enough to buy a weeks worth of groceries.. LOL LOL.. I always the time I win in the lottery it will only be worth a loaf of bread and some eggs…

    Speaking about funny.. the kids are trying their hand at making wine… so I get this question.. I think there is something wrong.. it isn’t working.. huh..
    so I take a look.. it isn’t working.. get a spoon and take a taste of the wash and ask.. so what have you got mixed up in it…
    gallon of juice.. good.. very good.. and four bags of sugar.. hmmm.. ok.. more sugar more alcohol.. got it..
    quarter cup of yeast.. also good..
    so.. what did you do.. wrong..
    wanna speriment or do you just want me to tell you.. the little ones are all for speriments… they didn’t want to do that.. LOL dam them.. I love speriments to..
    Ok to fix it.. go get two more five gallon buckets. Measure out the contents of the one bucket so that it is equally divided.. then fill to the five gallon mark on each bucket.. top put the vap lock on and let it set..
    they said three five gallong buckets.. yes..
    the specific gravity of water.. is 1.000 put in one pound of sugar per gallon will roughly bring it up to 1.039 so one four pound bag per five gallon bucket.. this will give you approximately fifteen percent.. ( a little high eval.. give or take but it depends on the juice and the sugar content of that juice.. that is why some grapes are worth more to the wine industry than others..) to add more sugar the crystals combine with the water and it takes up all the space for the yeast to grow.. look at yeast like you do seeds.. and the water like dirt.. there isn’t any room for the roots to grow.. simple easy and wine is cheap to make.. lesson learned not get some bottles.. you will have a hundred bottles of wine out of this..
    Now to taste their wine when it is done..

  2. Poor Trump and his retirement problem. He should launch a GoFund.

    Where’s our checks? They were supposed to be here on the 11th!

    • You can blame that on Pelosi and McConnell! They’re too busy with idiocy rather than things that matter.

      Trump can’t sign a bill until it’s approved by both houses of congress.

  3. “Trump’s Retirement $$$ Problem”

    That is a really sad thing to contemplate… Going against the puppeteers peed off a lot of people.. that was pretty evident when congress was spending billions trying to get him out of office.. I thought he ran for president just to keep it interesting then let JB take the reins before the economy implodes.. Now his legacy and presidency will own the economic tragedy that is coming like a freight train that has been coming for decades…
    and with all of his earnings tied up in his resorts.. he shows an income of less than what the bellboy makes.. with all of this and the black balling of his resorts the decline in travel because of covid.. and his age.. he might not be able to pull out of the effects of what is coming.. what a change.. going from a million dollar a month penthouse gilded in gold a fleet of airlines and helicopters to a cardboard box under the beltway bridge.. huge changes could take place pretty fast….
    with loosing his retirement income from being president this could be devastating for him..

  4. I see the issue with quantum computing as the discovery of a new cryto mine. It seems plausible that there are researchers who are actively working on practical quantum cryptography.

    With cloud computing, the individual consumer will still be able to store our wallets even if our personal computers and phones are not quantum.

  5. Have nor researched, but read that for second impeachment – requires 100% YES from the Senate. If so, don’t think that would happen.

  6. I believe the real reason for Impeachment is he won’t be able to run again. (Not that I think there’ll ever be a winnable election again but…)

    • I seriously doubt that I will vote on who will be president again. I will vote on the local issues but will just leave it at that.
      There was a couple of local issues that were voted in. That they are trying to deny them going into affect. If they are successful , then I might not even vote again..
      From my viewpoint doing that would basically say the whole voting process is broken.

  7. Wheres is the popcorn this AM, G man?

    C’mon man – no popcorn, nothing about the extreme need for MOAR popcorn? see foreshadowing..

    To quote Ure fav financial heroine – ms. financial negligence herself – christine Ledegraded -“there has to be regulation” [cant have slaves running amok] “this has to be applied and agreed upon at a globo level because if there is an Escape, that Escape will be used” – CMAFR! control of the sheep = U.

    Quick look surprised boomers, fed govenor talking universal income yesterday – as if right on q.

    more popcorn, please -its healthy dont cha know.

    Carrier battle grps off both coasts, with several more stationed off enemies coasts..

    Coming soonly – “please help us, send help – they are violently trying to take back their government/country”
    -intercepted comms between dims/globalist/deepstaters/mark&Gdog and red cynah

    george /ledegraded & globalists on the same page – who of thunk it, cept the greatest trader to ever scalp a tini!

    Rates are neg, money is less than free -hahahahahah.

    Who cant make money when the ‘they” pay U to hold it, except of course big Banks.
    Think about that -they cant be profitable without crime – never have been..

    Anyone can do it.
    – Buy BTC on Jan 4th with Stimulus$ = $30,000 per, Sell week later at $41,000 or 36% return in 10 days – wootwoot. rinse and repeat with next stim payment.
    U just made $200 moar in Free-er money. Ure results may vary, but why would U hold a depreciating asset – when U know that asset has to be Depreciated at least 50% or more in the coming year of darkness.

    How dark is Ure foxhole – got Light?

  8. George. You haven’t had anything on dreams (nightmares) for a while. With all that is going on……. COVID, impeachment, storms everywhere, can I assume like me, you are having some dandies?

    Since we spend about 1/3 of our life in the dream world, I always enjoy your reflections.

    • “Since we spend about 1/3 of our life in the dream world”

      I’ve never slept that lol

  9. And there it is in a nutshell.
    “Oh, and when governments finally adopt blockchain technology, there is no reason for ANY government to accept money they didn’t make up”.
    True and they will not.
    I met a bitcoin enthusiast about 8 months ago, just as the covid con was beginning.
    I had just bought my first physical gold and had it delivered. He was trying to sell me on bitcoin, I was nodding along, but inwardly laughing to myself. I made not attempt to counter his illusions. Have grown wiser in that regard.

    • Meantime Simon, billions are being made. Is your anger sour grapes that you didn’t get in earlier this year and could have quadrupled your investment? My son, who is a lot more bullish on it than me has enough to retire. That seems like a pretty damn wise investment to me. He has cashed out his profit on crypto, still has a lot of crypto coins that he mines, but had the profit in tech stocks now and is doing well. He and to a lesser extent myself embraced the change, risk and were rewarded. He about 20 x over, me 4x but don’t ever downplay a great return.

  10. Dems do not care about money they think there’s an endless supply / way to loot the public. They may care about his secret service protection though…

  11. I watched Fox News a little yesterday and had to turn it off for fear of my blood pressure would create an inverse weather system change. So much what-about-ism. None of it relevant.

    I remember the day when President Barack Obama wore a tan-colored suit and Republicans criticized it harshly as “unpresidential”.

    NY Republican Representative Peter King stated, “I don’t think any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday”.

    Now we have a President with multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, bankrupt 6 times, chronic invoice stiffer, thousand and thousands of published and verified lies, name caller, wife cheater, and now insurrection inciter. And all but 10 Republicans look the other way. Our democracy has been destroyed and is the embarrassment of the world. From tan suit to mob boss. But Corporate America at least gets it. These companies have a valuation of tens of trillions of dollars. They now are cutting off funding to Trump a d anyone who did not verify Biden’s electoral votes. Good!A list of companies halting donations to GOP members of the Coup Caucus: a combo of Big Oil and Wal-Mart too. Everyone is pissed. Hundreds more to come!

    3M Amazon, American Airlines
    American Express, Airbnb, AT&T
    Best Buy, BlackRock, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Boston Scientific, BP, Charles Schwab, Citigroup, Cisco, Coca-Cola,
    ConocoPhillips, Comcast, Commerce Bank, Dell, Deloitte, Dow, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Ford, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Google,
    Hilton, JPMorgan Chase, Kroger,
    Leidos, Marathon Petroleum,
    Marriot International, Mastercard,
    Microsoft, Morgan Stanley,
    PricewaterhouseCoopers, Smithfield Foods, Target, UPS, Verizon, Visa,

    • “President Barack Obama wore a tan-colored suit and Republicans criticized it”

      Dam I wondered why he never wore it again.. I liked that suit..
      I hadn’t heard that he was criticized for wearing it..

    • “I watched Fox News a little yesterday and had to turn it off for fear of my blood pressure would … ?

      Mark, It would interest me what is YOUR median b/p without taking medicine? Mine is 105/62 w/o meds. However, I’m already a very old man close to exit.

    • “They now are cutting off funding to Trump”

      if you see rats running out of a burning building.. better try and keep up with them..
      Unfortunately DJT has now bought the negative image that will go down in history.. if he had just agreed to do some of the things their way and acknowledged JB as the winner of the election.. none of this would be coming.. he had given in to some of the demands and played to the tune of the pied piper.. he probably would still be president..

    • Yes sir, the corporatocracy is craping their collective pants
      of the corporation for the corporation by the corporation, what a great country that has been sold into slavery, now owned by corporations

      this should put a kink in their having their hands in each others pants
      THE corp. masters said, SHUT THE F UP YOU IGNONANT LITTLE PEOPLE and they censored US! Where are our congressmen when we need them,, OH YA, they are in the pockets of the corporations, that SIR MARK praises
      our original government held the right for people to have freedom of communication, at that time it was the mail. Our big tech companies were developed by gov funding, LifeLog(CIA) become Facebook overnight. We the people should own them. But they were stolen from US.
      Lots of National Guard in DC, who’s orders will they follow? The active military obeys the Commander in Chief,,, tic tok, watch the watch, time is short, Nancy is running out of ammo, and the RINO/rats are in the water, stupid rats do not realize the boat is a sub and has gone to periscope depth , arm the torPEDOs
      But, what do I know, I just have a non-speaking part/role

      • Was that nancy yesterday in con gress – after having Not been seen since last week.
        Take a closer look at the video – look around edges of eyes, skin tone/color, hair, listen to the speech..cadence and tone..

        double Ure pleasure, double ure fun – Doublemint gum

    • Thanks for the list of companies who not to do business with it is greatly appreciated. The list you have of President Trumps crimes are nothing compared to the biden crime families deeds. have a nice day mark

    • Conversely, this also means that all of the above companies were previously sending cash regularly to the congress critters– And likely still ARE sending it to all the rest of them. The best representative government money can buy….

    • Hey Mark, thanks for the list of companies American patriots should boycott. Glad to see you’re still happy in Big Brother’s delusion of the year. Hope it works out for you. If ignorance really is strength then you’re invincible. Doubleplusgood comrade.

  12. George, forget Trump’s pension. If I were the family of the people killed at the Capitol, I’d sue Trump and a bunch of other people for being a ‘substantial factor’ of the ‘wrongful death.’ It’s like they always say: coup d’etat’s have consequences. Best, Mike.

    • See Inauguration 20121

      RE: 1963 – what started that fateful day in Dallas, TX

      4 everyone with eyes to’ll be Grand.



    • Dear Mike,

      There was a left-wing counter protest set for 11:00 am January, 6 adjacent to The Capitol. Sorry you didn’t get the invite.

      Please consider reviewing Salt Lake City msm such as KSL and Deseret News who noted the odd presence of a certain gentleman going by the name of John Sullivan who YouTubed from The Capitol as bullets were flying last week. SLC journalists advised that Mr. Sullivan faces rioting charges in Utah from events last summer.

      Mr. Sullivan appears to be leader of the Left Wing Revolution group “Insurgence USA” headquartered in Portland, Or. Add a .com for their website and chat room, and @ Insurgence USA for their twitters. Mr. Sullivan seems to be accepting followers under @ Jayden X.

      Add some Moby to your playlist: “Power is not Given, Power is Taken!”


    • It’s nice to know which corporations are cutting their donations to politicians who don’t tow the line…it would be more useful to know exactly which politicians are being hit the hardest, as the end of corporate sponsorship also means the end of corporate subservience. Those are the ones to vote for.

      It’s not surprising to see this happening. On the one hand, having worked for a large corporation, I know first hand that they copy each other’s fads like monkeys in a lab. On the other hand, they are also the ones who shipped our jobs overseas, and who have a vested interest in seeing labor in this country become like the places they shipped the jobs to – that would cut out the transportation costs.

      Who is “they”? They’re that dreaded 2% that everyone likes to bitch about. When you own multinational corporations, you have ample resources to buy off all the judges, governors, official vote counters and everyone else you need to get rid of someone who’s rocking the boat. Buying up major media outlets makes it all that much easier, and there’s plenty of money left over to organize domestic groups to loot, burn and pillage, and cook up schemes to blame the opposition. This is all straight out of Revolution 101. Those who go out and troll web sites for free are just an added bonus. Anyone who can’t see the orchestration behind what’s been happening the past four years is wearing blinders that wrap around to the end of their noses.

      Yes, coup d’etats do have consequences, often unexpected ones. Those who have just manipulated our president out of office are smart people, but they’re not smarter than the one who created all of us. They won’t be judged by me, but by someone totally impervious to bribes and threats.

      Like our host, I don’t give investment advice (that’ll be the day), but companies not on that cutoff list are likely the ones whose management is smart enough to avoid knee-jerk copycat reactions, and who are focusing on success through production, not manipulation and intimidation…assuming there are any publicly traded companies like that left.

    • President Trump never advocated violence! He simply advocated a strong presence in front of the Capitol to show displeasure at a stolen election.

      People who engage in violence are fully responsible for their actions.

  13. Analysis shows agent provocateurs acting in and around, directly affecting the shooting scene.

    Anyone saying this is “antifa” is also buying the koolaid.

    These were actions practiced by agitators for decades. Is it too hard to imagine that things turned out differently based on the inputs of everyone? Trumpers, agitators, enemy agents. How can you say the crowd was not infiltrated, or influenced.

    I’m longing for the day that people give up their black/white mindset, and start to see without blinders, and think the unthinkable. We have no friends in government, or media. None of us. Yet we remain pitched against each other, based on the words of our demonstrated enemies.

  14. “Our investment tip of the week: No $550M Powerball jackpot winners pushes prize to at least $640M. Buy a ticket! ”

    Or how bout the Megamillions… Jackpot estimated @ 750M…That would get me through the weekend for sure….

    • I got 4 right last night on the Mega and I was one number off the number on the the Mega Ball. I got the multiplier too. Pretty good payday!

      I’m Getting closer…… I been working on cyphering that algo for a while. There has to be a pattern to it. Now it’s up to 850 Million. More importantly, I got another chance at hittin it.


    • It’s a “pet” project I been working on for last couple years. I have a workshop in my mind. Kinda like George’s. Tesla whome I afrecrionally call Nikki and Thomas Jefferson whome I call Jeff, in my master mind group came up with a brilliant idea together and so far it seems a fruitful endeavor, just have to fine tune it a little bit.

      If you look at stuff like the mega millions as a entity into itself. It’s easier to learn it’s language. Lol. That is all I will tell ya for now. Lol

      And If I win. I ain’t saying shit. Ha ha ha. I probably upgrade the 300s to a Durimax Diesel 3/4 ton tho. After I toss all my many phones in the garbage and spend a month in Fiji to think about shit before I act. Maybe put a $10 million dollar short bitcoin for a future date before I head out of town for a while. Ha ha ha ha.

    • I mean the Mega Millions is the Female and the Powerball is a Male. Females speak differently than Males. How do I know the Mega is a Female? It’s got Mountains on it or “Boobies” in the image. It’s the egg and the power ball is sperm.

      Causmic sex?

      More to life than sex. Sex isn’t about sex anymore sex is about power. Lol

      Blue means one thing and Red means another. Red is Mars.(Trudeau) Blue is Jupiter. (Thursday) And bunch of other stuff. Compile it all in the hopper or a Ninja blender if ya don’t have a Hopper and see what each spits out. Lol.

      Green is Venus and green means go, proceed, open, life etc etc. That is my signal to get busy reading my books and stop blah blah blah. Lol

      See ya!

      • Don’t forget Mr Ure, when we met? I was a casino inspector for 8 years. I have been well schooled in all the arts of gaming, been the FBI counterfeit money school, taught how to count card and all forms of cheating. How to spot it from a distance. I was a regulator, not a casino employee. I audited the “eye in the sky” not feared it. I am well versed, well educated and have vast experience in all things “gaming.”

        The players play the odds. The House plays probability. The Regulators play potential.

        The odds are good that the goods are odd. (

        Mindset, “I could win.”


        Probability: the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case.

        Mindset: “They could win but they will stay long enough to loose.”


        Potential: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

        Mindset, “In God we Trust, everyone else is suspect.”

        I run my system on “capacity to become.” It says, even the most unlikely thing that could happen?That could never happen? is happening in some form.

        Not odds (statistics) or likelihood of happening. It’s a different mindset.

        I don’t have to be the smartest man in the room. I just have to think like them. :)
        Have a wonderful day. I have to go write about a kitty. Lol as always a true story.

      • Last time I checked about 12 seconds ago? I’m still the master of my own thoughts. I don’t say everything eye see. I give hints here and there. However, as in the Godfather, the signal to who will be the next Don? “Don’t tell anyone what your thinking.” I learned that as a regulator years ago.

        Me munni magnit is mii mined. mii mynd is wellthee and great full..

        Did you know a simple thing like writing gratitude list like a child wood, every day remaps your entire mynd? It Kreates a Whole new world in the’R. It literally changes the polarity of your synoptic nerves. Alters your your dopamine receptors, how they process and Alters your DNA and changes your whole being and way of life. Pertty kool <— Look stuff.

        I'm Sure you know all that already. Lol

  15. Dude. I paid $28 at Safeway for a bottle of 500 generic Ibuprofen. Say, you dont think little pharma is gouging the customer at the register cause if Covid do ya? Rediculousnes.

    2 years ago when I bought the last bottle it was $5.99 at the same exact store.

    I’m in a new location. When baited with temptation sometimes it’s best to just pack your shit and move to a new locality. One of the many gifts if Meditation and intuition is seeing the writting on the wall and when im assessing a 100% no good can come from this locality? I don’t think twice about it. Took a $900 loss but how much is your life worth?

    I tell ya what, ever since I have been able to see life path inertia? Its brought my kitty to the winning adresss time and time again.

    Super good stuff. Trump set himself apart so the incoming false flag attack won’t fall back on him. Lol brilliant chess move in my honest opinion. Brilliant!

    Cue: ~ Fast Cars and Freedom. ~
    Rascle Flats.

    I got a ton of stuff to do. Hope to write tonight.

    Off to catch a Kitty.

    Clique 116!

    • Andy- “incoming false flag attack”. OK I saw your 18:07 post. It looked like a delphi prediction. Are you making a call, or not?

  16. I would think Trump and his supporters would welcome the impeachment trial. If they legitimately believe the election was fraudulent, they could present all of their evidence at the Senate trial. If they can produce convincing evidence how can the charge of inciting insurrection stand by opposing the results of a fraudulent election?
    Of course, this line of reasoning assumes that kind of evidence can be produced. So far it has failed to sway several state and federal courts.
    My thoughts, as I have stated here before, is that Trump decided turn about is fair play and had been doing everything to delegitimize the election results in as many minds as he could as was done to him. It’s worked to some extent, but he does not have a friendly mainstream media to carry the water for him.
    Unfortunately, too many political leaders and media commentators excused or ignored the violent protests and riots last year, thereby normalizing it. Couple that attitude, the scorched earth policy, and a mass of true believers, and you get the Capitol riots last week.

  17. We had fared much better having voted for more “referendums on vital issues,” rather than referring those to our “so-called representatives” put into office for a “ridiculous easy job” with astronomical benefits for themselves w/o regard to the suffering of their voters, IMHO.

    P.s. Please pay close attention on what politicians waste their time on. NO benefit for the public !!!

  18. “We can’t help but remind you of our position on cryptos: Mining is an anti-human waste of energy… They are nothing more than made-up numbers…”

    As you know, “money/currency” was an offshoot of offering value for value. I give you so many chickens for so many pigs… kind of thing. Then, They got the brilliant idea to use some kind of piece of metal or rock to represent value so you wouldn’t have to carry the chickens around. Then, they decided that They wanted to spend “money” like drunken sailors on a wild binge so They had to sever whatever token that stood in for “money” and just conjure slips of paper out of thin air instead of having a direct real tie to something commonly accepted as having real value.

    So, going back to the “value for value” idea… we now either get printed paper fiat money out of thin air OR we get new sparkly pixels sent into our Approved Digital Account to “spend” on actual goods and services. The value for value here? We acquire things of value (real goods and services) in trade for… EMPTY AIR. We offer our services to employers in trade for THIN AIR.

    The guys who traded chickens for pigs would be laughing their rear ends off watching this. Who is more civilized?

  19. Yo Jorge, Just a few words in regards to the UAP/UFO conundrum. If you do a little research on the TR-3B (Astra) see:
    You will see that there is an overwhelming body of evidence to its existence, hell there is even a model (LOL). This along with the Gary Mckinnon hacking incident and LtCol Corso revelations points to the probability that some of those UAP/UFOs belongs to an entity on this planet.

    • Nutunh – say it aint so Mitols..

      bunch of vids from trashganistan mountaintop observation post of a TR3b floating on by..

      So it aint a conspiracy that there is a alien spacecraft charging basestation – located subterranean – bermuda triangle ?
      The one where the “visitors” provisioned with a special “foreign” mineral used for charging their crafts. the one that is currently unoccupied – but ready & waiting for return??

  20. George, fix your glasses, your wild fictitious 11% annual increase in the PPI is quite off:
    As you can see in the chart the PPI had one month with 2% increase, and a few months with a negative!

    Businesses, golf tournaments, etc dumping Trump like a hot potato, but no, your ‘democrats wanna slash Trump’s retirement funding’ does not fit their motives, they simply want to distance themselves as far as possible from the Toxic Criminal you call a President!

  21. I mean come on dude. Lets say all this division in the US is Communist China agenda for shits and giggles.

    Now, if we look back through history there is one thing that will Unite All Americans no matter if they are Black, White, Native american, Jew, Christian, Buddast or New Age crystal worshipers or Rich or poor or middle class.

    You know what that one thing is dude. I know you know. Its a perl harbor type event or a 9-11 type event.

    Nothing unites Americans faster and get the pressure off the US politicans faster than someone attacking the US. Like continent power grid failure or internet take down, or a few other options something like that.

    Now to prepare, ya want to move a bunch of troops, Fema into DC right before that. How could ya do that???? Hmmmm stage a capital storming. Then its justified to rally troops and fema to DC to protect.

    Then when event hapens? Ya blame China. Then all them tech company’s who showed their cards already? As sympathizers for China??? They all get siezed and their corporate profits and value becomes US Government funding because they were in it with China on the attack.

    I mean this isn’t rocket science.

    I was thinking about this earlier after chopping wood and carrying water.

    It could happen. If china was trying to start a civil war to take over world dominance from the USA? Why wouldnt the US government stage a false flag and unite the whole country to go kick their ass. And swoop up a bunch of money in the process.

    EVEN IF CHINA wasn’t trying to start a civil war???? You could still pin it on them. And last time it was Sadam Hussain. And we at his front door less 100 hours later selling AmWay. He had the 4th largest army in the world. And we been practicing war for 20 years straight in iraq and afghanistan.

    Or pin it on Iran and China and then take them both down. Hell, that is a plan even the Pope in the Vatican and Israel could get behind. Hell all of Eurpope and maybe Even Russia too if ya kick them down some door prizes.

    • Hello Andy, This post of yours has the appearance of a prophetic dream OR a well thought out scenario based on past US actions. BE WELL Andy Standfreeman

    • Yes, very easy. You left out the democrat, fbi, cia, neocon, mouthpiece, the mainstream global media. Can’t you just see the lying headlines now, going on and on demonizing the ‘selected’ culprit, just to find out years later that Hussein had no WMD, and the ‘poor’ media, just missed ALL the clues, and never bothered to research anything or uncover any lies, and of course the cia and fbi were not communicating at alllll with each other (LBJ wink, wink). Yeah, um…hmmm. So, ah shucks, millions of educated and non educated dumb dumbs are gonna fall all for it. Not me, I have done my research. I know WHOM exactly lied our country into WW1, WW2, ALL the middle east ongoing wars, etc., and can see it, like you, coming a mile away. Just another pre-ordained harvest, this time of WOEmen, and Men, the last of the majority caucasian youth marching to their destruction fighting yet another war for their own destruction.

  22. The Rats are left to eat each other, Giuliani wants to charge Trump $20k per day, Trump won’t pay!!

    After Fox refused to agree with Trump’s ‘stolen election narrative’, Trump recommends viewers go to Newsmax and OAN:

  23. Funny, soemone called me a “Free man” couple days ago. They said hey there “Free man”. I said hey. Why ya call me that. They said because your not chained to anything. You go where ever you want, whenever you want. One day your in Alaska and the next your in california. You have nothing to hold ya down.

    And there ya are, Andy Stand Free Man. Kinda trippy. Lol

    To answer your question, similar to past Data clusters patterns in new data cluster patterns grouping together in recent form. I cycle that thought the master mind group in the topology of my mind throgh the “view master” and take a consensus. The I run the consensus through the meditation process and and intuitively analize the shit out if it. (no puns. Lol) which is like stepping outside of the box to think about it. See it for what it is not for what I feel about it. Meditation is a good method at rising abuvd feelings. Because feelings are reactions to not reflections of Data.
    And that way I’m not enamored, captivated or hypnotized by my emotional reactions to data. Which happens sometimes.

    I been doing this so long it all happens very very quickly. Most of it I already wrote in my report. And I am just a Man, I’m not a computer algorithm.

    When I piece it all together, it comes out like hmmmmmmm dot to dot to dot to dot to dot to dash. And when I write it out like I did in the comment section? It is all transcripted there. Becuase when I type it all out like I did in the comment section, my eyes are looking over and to the right not at the keyboard or the screen. That is all muscle memory action.

    When I write it out, it’sore of remembering it as if it is a recollection (past tense) verses a speaking it so. That is the difference between creating an event and seeing it in advance I spose. Because seeing it is moving the mind faster than light to a position in Abstract potential and look back at an occurrence. You have to move faster than abstract potential. The mind is quite faster than light speed. And you have to travel far enough ahead to look back at the occurance of the event in question while remaining tethered to the now so ya can return to the position that is moving slower through material time.

    I don’t know if that makes sense. But it does in my mind. See most people are looking at the future by looking forward. That doesn’t work as well as going forward or teleporting your concsioness past an event and looking back at it. Anyway, that is some of how I see what I see. It’s difficult to put into words.

    Hope that makes sense.

    • Up and to the right. And as I remeber to line the dots with the other dots and dash a the end, I type my hands transcribe the thoughts as a recollection of memory (as memory seen it already happen). I’m not looking at the screen or the keyboard
      they just repsond to my mind in recollection using muscle memory to type it all out. Andd sometimes my hands aren’t fast as my mind in transcribing so I leave out words or type the same words twice in a row at times. Lol
      They dont teach this in school. So it’s a trial and error learning experience. I’m much much much mo betta at getting the words right.

      When I first starting doing I didn’t know what the hell was happening. Ha ha ha. It all came out like. pOWer, grrrrid surggge give a dambed$ bu$Ted. 6 numbers and y tHE winter is flour. CEkAn Din Din!

      And Id think, what the hell does that mean???? Wtf??? ROTFLMAO!

      And nobody could tell me how to i translate it because not many people ever done this stuff be-fore. So, I learned to slowed my roll and spent a lot of time learnig how to translate it better.

      If that even makes sense.

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