Retail, Reality, and a Viral Video Experiment

I suppose we ought to start with the retail data just out:

Saved by the auto industry, looks like to us.  (Who the hell is driving?)

With CV-19 still raging – and variants popping up – should be interesting to see how the coming few months roll.  Do people have anywhere left in their homes to pile up more stuff?

Or, is this is the leading edge of deconsumption and wow!  Does that ever wreck the sales pitch of growth – holy mantra of corporations!

Side of Producer Prices with That?

OK…hot off the griddle:

“Final demand goods: The index for final demand goods advanced 1.1 percent in December, the largest increase since moving up 1.5 percent in May. Over 70 percent of the December rise can be traced to prices for final demand energy, which climbed 5.5 percent. The index for final demand goods less foods and energy advanced 0.5 percent. In contrast, prices for final demand foods inched down 0.1 percent.

Product detail: Nearly half of the December increase in the index for final demand goods is attributable to gasoline prices, which jumped 16.1 percent. The indexes for iron and steel, diesel fuel, jet fuel, meats, and home heating oil also moved higher. Conversely, prices for natural cheese (except cottage cheese) fell 10.8 percent. The indexes for electric power and for electronic computers and computer equipment also declined.”

Which prevented a melt-down in futures pricing.  Though we will be watching the markets to see if there’s discounting of trouble-to-come next week as the week winds up.  A rally at the close might be an interesting short entry…or not.

Dow futures down 150 at click-time.

False Growth and the H.6 Money Stocks

The way we figure it, one of the reasons the stock market is showing what we consider “crooked growth” is that retail hasn’t completely been flushed down the crapper (saw retail sales, right?).  This leads to people talking about “recovery” like there was really going to be any.

We don’t think so…at least not yet.

Here’s why:  Take a look at the Fed H.6 money stocks report – last one of 2020 and the first few days of this year is just out:

See those highlighted numbers in yellow?  The right one says (rounding) that any physical asset (with continuing demand) ought to be priced up somewhere around 25% when we consider only M2 (cash, some time deposits etc.) for the year.

A closer read will be had by ShadowStats subscribers who follow M3 (reconstructed) which was hidden in one of the most misleading of all Alan Greenspan’s moves tenure as Fed Chief.  Ending reporting of M3.

The “false growth” notion says (looking at the data) that spending is going along just fine.  It ISN’T and we’ll dig into that in a sec.

But, we think what’s really going on is the intergenerational gulf.  Old people are starting to croak.  Helped along by CV-19 and such.  And a lot of the young people coming up don’t have much in the way of skills or leisure-time pursuits.

IoW I’m thinking people can sense the Depression coming, they’re stocking up on necessary items now and they know at some point when soft hyperinflation hits, they will be scrambling just to hold their heads above water.

Like us:  We see economic troubles continuing into the foreseeable future without a break.  Rather than roll into the manias (cryptos and stocks) we’re focused on bulking up the larder and getting long-term consumer durables that may not be affordable later.  (Priced a reasonable quality foam King mattress lately?  That kind of thing…)

So we think a lot of present day consumption is because people can hear the squealing tires and see the brick wall ahead.  Getting what they think they will need now but these levels of sales are not sustainable as the layoffs increase.

ZeroHedge claims Real-Time Card Spending Data Shows The Next Stimulus-Funded Buying Spree Has Arrived.

Now to the Data

Supporting this view are stories like these:

Says Forbes’  Duncan Madden:  “The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Cost The Global Tourism Industry $935 Billion.

And making its way into Drudge headlines today was the Yahoo story “Covid-19 prompts rethink of mass tourism…”

Maybe it’s not obvious, but think about hotels, car rentals (and rippling back to auto manufacturing), theme parks (like Disney properties), airlines, Boeing… Well, you get the drift.  (See where “Disneyland Ends Annual Passes?”)

Even some of the digital stalwarts are starting to slice workers.  “Dropbox to layoff 11% of workforce, COO to step down” reports Reuters.

The really grim is still not apparent, but air travel is not coming back.  Notice Air Canada is laying off 1,700 (more) and reducing Q1 lift?

A headline in the South Bay’s The Merc earlier this week offers this wider view:  “COVID economy: Layoffs jolt tech, hotel, restaurant, retail sectors
Layoffs jolt workers in Bay Area, nearby regions: state filings.”

For now, sure, the economy doesn’t seem to be telegraphing disaster:  People are still doing refi’s to lock in low rates on  worries that firming as seen in the CPI will drive housing prices back up.

And a lot of smart young people are still buying homes because a) you’ve gotta have somewhere to live (besides an underpass) and b) because it’s a forced savings plan and most people don’t have a nickel’s worth of self-discipline.

But when this quarter is over, and the agitators take to the streets this summer?  We don’t rule out a mega collapse this Fall, if we can avoid it in late winter to spring this year.

Not trying to rain (or snow) on your parade, but keeping it real.

Useful to Know

NY Times biz section calls it: PepsiCo Suspends Political Donations, Citing Capital Rampage.”  Laughably, we’ve always held that corporate lobbying should be made illegal because it’s like “payoffs.”  Now, corporations are voluntarily backing out.  They’ll be back to check-writing in other ways, though.  America has the best government money can buy.

We’re pretty clear that Congress’ upcoming “getting tough” on social media clowns will message them “How dare you cut us off!”  Tough talk to follow – it’s really a public price-setting negotiation when seen at the macro level.  YGTBFKM, right?

Speaking of the District of Corruption:  House Dems who accused colleagues of aiding Capitol rioters have yet to provide any evidence.  Must be nice to live in a proof-free world, huh?

How’s our 400,000 CV dead by February forecast looking?  Well, as of this morning we’re at 388,705 dead in the U.S. so first of Feb. maybe not, but by the end of the month?  Sadly, yeah, likely.  As Global Death Toll Nears 2 Million As WHO Battles New Virus Strains.

Useless Distractions for the Masses

NASA finds an alien planet with 3 suns.”  No word if any daughters were seen.  (rim shot)

Pigeon thought to have crossed Pacific escapes death in Australia.”

And who was driving?  So how does this happen? NHTSA says U.S. highway traffic deaths rose in 2020 due to risky driving.

Viral Video Experiment

We don’t ask you to do much, as a reader of this site.  But we’re going to make an exception this morning.  In the name of “science.”

Backstory here:  Young – soon to be millionaire – son of Chris Tyreman, who already has his first business book out on Amazon (Reviving the Art of Innovation: Using Your Sense to Make a Dollar) (and has a net worth of $350,000 at age 16) is working on experiments involving video.  Yes, that’s right, videos on YouTube.

Here’s how he explains the experiment:

“It started with my home schooling, and wanting to learn video editing. So to kill two birds with one stone, dad and I thought it might be cool to create some You Tube videos teaching people how to accrue wealth. From there, the idea snowballed. So here is what has come of it:

Dad then spoke to a friend of his in the US who has a very popular business site ( and they created the idea for an interesting experiment as part of my schooling which can be done with the videos I create:

The question was posed: What does it take to create a viral video and channel on YouTube.

Purpose of the experiment:

    1. To give people access to information on accruing wealth, for free.
    2. To see if our combined resources have the ability to use the YouTube algorithm to push the video up into the main public view.
    3. Whether this placement will naturally lead to a viral video and channel.

We need everyone to do three things.

    1. Click on the video link:

    1. Click on the subscribe button when you get there
    2. Send this post to all of their friends and ask them to do the same thing, like an old fashion chain letter.”

To us, this sounds like the kind of baseline knowledge that a junior web scientist ought to be collecting, so we’re putting it out there for you to help with.  Yes, we’ve both subscribed.

We’ll keep you updated on results. Maybe some next week. Besides, the video (where Judah’s dad, Chris, explains 10 reasons why a lot of people are poor rather than rich), presenting 10-good rules we try to live by.  If you don’t know them already, they’re worth learning.

Off to the long weekend – Saturday Gourmet takes up teriyaki and a quest for a long-lost wine tomorrow.  Sunday ShopTalk works on cheaply installing solar panels.  Monday?  Market’s closed, so non-destructive pillow testing is in the running.  But, let’s see what the news flow looks like.  May be a really short column…

Write when you get a round tuitt.  Usually found near left-hand sky clamps.

54 thoughts on “Retail, Reality, and a Viral Video Experiment”

  1. Bitcoin is being linked to 1/6.

    Exclusive: Large bitcoin payments to right-wing activists a month before Capitol riot linked to foreign account

    “Right-wing figures and websites, including VDARE, the Daily Stormer and Nick Fuentes, received generous donations from a bitcoin account linked to a French cryptocurrency exchange, according to research done by software company Chainalysis, which maintains a repository of information about public cryptocurrency exchanges and whose tools aid in government, law enforcement and private sector investigations. Chainalysis investigated the donations after Yahoo News shared the data points about the transaction.”

    • Was the post an attempt to silence and prevent funding of causes he disagrees with? If you read the info, it’s pure unsupported garbage.

      As George pointed out yesterday, the Dems want to, for the first time ever, remove all presidential retirement benefits from Trump and his wife. Attacking people and organizations who would not likely support that position are to be shunned. Now we see this.

      I was compelled to check the facts.

      Since the Democrats wildly outspent the Repubs one would think the sources of funding would be paramount. Indeed, in the Georgia race there was no contest with democratic outspending and most it came from out of the state.

      I don’t follow the groups the article disses, but on rare occasion I do go to Vdare.

      Since the media censors and writes half-truths at best regarding anything immigration, it’s always useful to go to other sources, such as FAIR or Vdare or NumbersUSA.

      It’s a good site for open discussions, primarily unvarnished articles dealing with immigration. But good data and analysis.

      As we all know the media is leftest and promotes open borders. As Biden has said, in his first 100 days he will undo all of Trump’s immigration reforms, provide mass amnesties and open borders.

      Any article using the SPLC is suspect from the get-go. The SPLC is a hate and hateful group beyond belief. Preying on the past when they helped Blacks by confronting the KKK, today they are one of the big money leftists organizations promoting the far left.

      It’s fundamental tool is to use inflammatory rhetoric, often lies trying to discredit.

      I found this: “The SPLC File – An Exclusive Report on the Southern Poverty Law Center” .

      If you don’t follow their agenda they will do everything possible to smear you and remove you from any public media access. See their 2019 Annual Report at .

      Wow, it’s president ways there re 940 hate groups in the U.S. in 2019, down from 1020 the preceding year. The only hate group I can think of is the SPLC.

      BTW, you can make an anonymous donation to the SPLC. Add to the $530,000,000 endowment!! Bitcoin is probably Ok.

      Since they take aim at Vdare and FAIR, et al, let’s peek at them.

      See .

      “The VDare Foundation’s mission is education on two main issues: first, the unsustainability of current US immigration policy and second, the “National Question,” which is the viability of the US as a nation-state.”

      “It all started with a bold idea: in the face of unwavering hostility from the Main Stream Media, our editor, Peter Brimelow, launched on Christmas Eve of 1999 as an extension of his national bestselling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.”

      I’ve read the book and highly recommend it.

      Donations? See

      I see bitcoin. Also Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero, whomever they are. Nothing out of the ordinary. Crypto donations are seen at lots of ordinary places.

      SPLC & FAIR: “two decades of work by investigative reporters that has exposed SPLC hate-mongering and deception of the donors”.

      SPLC is a hate group. See .

      SPLC tax status. See .

      The Anti-Defamation League / SPLC want to silence. See

      Insanity at the SPLC. Attacks CIS. See .

      CIS responds. See and

      About FAIR. See .

      Donations. See . They use PayPal and suggest calling for options.

  2. ‘Accruing wealth”

    C’mon man ! U know U cant accrue wealth anymore, the state dont like competition, dont tolerate it anymore..see Jack Ma

    Wealth taxes are not coming – they are already here.
    Combined the banking secrecy act (criminal) – making it so only LeDegraded and company – can move &spend money freely!
    Spending Ure own money FREELY is a basic human Right.

    Its like breathing Air..oh wait U cant do that anymore either – without a goddamed mouth diaper.

    More malfeasance and crime = inflation
    – and that is why I recommend reading the book “thank God for Bitcoin” its a christian thing..

    Dont forget to buy the Dip, and moar popcorns.. stay calm, deep cleansing breaths – remember its all a show, and the show Must go on!

    • “Its like breathing Air..oh wait U cant do that anymore either…”

      Stealth “Air Tax”.

      Good comment.

  3. Happy to help this young man (Judah Tyreman). I purchased 4 copies of his book when you mentioned him last year, one for me and one for each of my 3 grandsons. He is bright, articulate and has a writing style that I love. His rock museum story is classic innovative thinking.

    Doesn’t hurt to have a dad like Chris either but I am sure he would have made it under any circumstance.

    I am now subscribed to his videos.

    • Unfortunately – I can not support commies-north canada/korea.

      I would love to – really enjoy the work they did on old testy tranlations /sdhl.

      Interesting field of study – just got done one Re: AI weakness – like they cant recognize/decipher impressionist art, inserting/running grey back ground lines on your youtube vids, ect..When viewing comments after seeing “movie”on line – roughly 10-13% were AI’s asking the same questions – just worded differently – they did not understand..

      Northern Canorea – Kim Jung turdoe aye.

  4. Yo George, Multiple sources and multiple threads indicate that something big is coming shortly. Would like to know if the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will be printing up some United States Notes. JFK Executive order 11110 is still in effect. Either these sources are true or this is this biggest PSY Op, mind F**K ever attempted. Still seeking the truth in this wild and crazy world.

    • Juan O. Savin is an interesting character. His interview by R. D. Steele published yesterday speaks of many things happening in the background that are not so apparent unless you continuously dig for them.
      In the interview Juan mentions a movie he published recently that any patriot would love. Given the time it takes to make a good quality bit of story telling makes me wonder when they started making it even though Savin is an experienced film maker. It must have been a work in progress up until the Electoral College vote count because it mentions that. Here’s that movie –
      “The Called (Makings for a Perfect Day)

    • “Executive order 11110 is still in effect”
      Hmmmmmm I like that number.
      I got to get to the gym and then I’m meeting a new guru to remind me I’m just Andy. Ha ha ha. I got asked to speak at one local the local church/temples. Me and my big mouth.

      Last time I spoke was in Alaska at a spiritual dinner. Then I go smothered with eskimo kisses.

      Executive order 11110. Hmmm. Never heard of it. I like that number tho.

      • Kennedy’s EO to issue silver certificates. It was his death certificate.

        “An often overlooked aspect of John F. Kennedy’s attempt to reform American society involves money. Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the Constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest. He moved in this area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one and two dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency.”

  5. “Do people have anywhere left in their homes to pile up more stuff?”

    One rack and sixteen bitcoin miners ….. they will pay for themselves in less than a week and i will be making 800.00 + / – per day doing nothing…. better than the lottery where I would spend that much and only make two dollars a year.. LOL LOL LOL

    JUST KIDDING……. but I couldn’t help myself… LOL…

  6. “headlines today was the Yahoo story “Covid-19 prompts rethink of mass tourism…”

    NOW I am curious… years ago.. I went to an electronics show… while there they had goggles that when you put it on.. you were standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. you could hear the wind.. see the birds flying and hear all the noises associated with standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. look up look down look left or right it was seamless if someone had come up and given you a little push.. you would have believed you were falling into the grand canyon.. now..look at google earth.. they record the road from all angles at one time as they drive.. you can take a …
    with vacation travel coming close to a stand still.. and since most of our senses are through sight and sound.. heck ninety percent of gratification is through the mind.. the same we see the grand canyon we can smell it.. hear it.. all in our mind.. how profitable would it be to have virtual reality seats.. you go into a pod put on the head set and take a short vacation..

  7. Just got a new high efficiency gas furnace while the gettin’s good. Same brand as the 41 year old one they removed. This time next year the price will be more I assume. Thing cost as much as a really nice used car.

    • “Thing cost as much as a really nice used car.”

      I hear ya Philistine.. I replaced ours a couple years ago. That thing was almost five times the cost of the original furnace.
      It was shocking.

  8. The popular vote numbers contradict the widespread fraud narrative; but not a surgical strike narrative. I’ve heard claims that the electoral college may have been decided by as few as six key counties. Why does the election and it’s aftermath remind me of episodes of “Person of Interest”? Where are Harold and John when you need ’em?
    I guess there is no longer a need for a TV show with a cast of lovable sociopaths when the streets of the nation’s capital (and social media companies), are filled with the same. But who is really directing the action?
    What public insanity awaits next week? What shocking revelations will be made? What will be the cover stories? Stay tuned for that real life sequel, “Persons of No Interest to Anyone”. Or maybe, turn the TV and the social media off.

    • It makes sense just a few counties can swing close elections. Those counties typically include the inner cities where democrat votes are a high percentage. That one or maybe two counties in GA swung both the the president and senate in our state. That is why Trump wanted recounts and most deeply investigated fraud in those inner city counties, the same reason why Gore only wanted recounts in the same kind of area in FL. So almost certainly 4 counties would swing both Georgia, and Pennsylvania and probably Wisconsin.

      • They did have recounts. Three of them to be exact. All states recounted and this the job of the secretary of state in each state to watch over. Many of those states had Republican Secretaries. Then one by one, 62 judges…many Trump appointed…struck down the validity of Trumps accusations Trump was setting up the mob, not challenging the integrity of the election results. He knew if he could spread his false conspiracy to those that didn’t know any better, he could have the insurrection many narcissistic dictators have wet dreams about.

        Face it. Trump lied to all of you . Just to satisfy his own ego and create mob rule as some sort of sick payback for him not getting his way

    • “What will be the cover stories? Stay tuned for that real life sequel, “Persons of No Interest to Anyone”.”

      I think I have an idea what all the headlines will be…

      Look at the head DC lines today change a couple of words

      • Heres another headline I’m sure we will see a lot of on mainstream media….

        [redacted for flame content]
        And…[ redacted for needless attacks and abusive language without merit ]

        Yup great news story headlines of the future…

    • Mark- I never paid any attention to DJT’s tweets, so whether he personally lied or not has no bearing on anything with me. It is the silence that is deafening. It’s as if 70,000+ voices suddenly cried out and were silent.
      I personally had reconciled myself to the changing of the guard, but the social media Stalinist assault on freedom of speech reeks of cover up. So, what is being covered up by the Stalinists, exactly? And why are you supporting a Stalinist rampage? This is not about crowd control at the capital building. And yes, the analogy to “Person of Interest” rings true.

  9. Speaking of Nickles, I found one on the ground yesterday at the car wash. Thanks to The Creator for a free Nickle. I used to find dimes all the time and lately it has been Quarters. Much obliged, I will experiance another miracle having to do with money this week.

    “When the waves of fortune and wealth come and they will. One wonders where they been all these lean years. ” Think and Grow Rich.

    When you see a Coup operative effort by Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft on not just Trump, but the Leader of Uganda and interference of elections and news on Australia and Germany? Facebook suspending Rand paul’s account etc etc.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 springs to the mind.
    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

    Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, apple, twitter just destroyed a company like parlor in less than 4 days. They are extremely powerful companies. Very Wealthy.

    All things relalitive, However they yung money compaired to middle aged money and infants compaired to Old Money.

    Old Money got to be Old Money being smart and holding their hand hidden and close to their chest.

    What I think is these companies are niave or ignorant in their youth to think that the “silent majority,” who doesn’t speak often.. doesn’t speak up once in a great while. And when they had enough, they get out their belt and whoop some ass because that is how they were raised.

    Good for that young man. Sometimes, it’s best to let it come to you. If you strive too much? You might chase it away. This coming from the king persistence and tenacity. Which I have been told many times that is who I am. If I really want something I am relentless in my persuit of obtaining it. That and if I had a dollar for every woman who said I could talk the panties off a nun? Well shit I be a millionaire multiple times. Ha ha ha.

    That is enough from me. Good collum today brother G. I will write later. :) Maybe touchy feely stuff and maybe not.

    Cue: ~ The Powerball Jackpot. ~
    By, Winning Numbers

    Clique 116!

  10. Billionaire club is putting the silence on Trump:

    Media should ‘stop giving Trump a platform’: Democratic megadonor

    “If they cut him off like the online entities cut him off,” Saban says. “If he’s cut off from the media, he won’t be able to have the same impact.”

    “Fox News is a special animal within itself,” Saban acknowledged. But he said he hopes “all the other television media simply don’t give [Trump] a platform.”

    • See we gotta get the Naivi out of their home tree so we get all that cheddar (unobtainim). “welcome to Pandora. Out beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes.”


    • Media almost certainly will continue to give Trump a platform for the most important reason. Their ratings are higher when there is something to give people interest in watching. Unless there is another plan crash or bombing, of course they will continue to focus on Trump to bring those people to the tube or web page. No one in the past 10 years has done as much to help their ratings as Trump.

      Can you imagine the borefest with Biden agreeing with democrats and not having any republican that anyone cares about.

      • I welcome a borefest. I am hoping for more of a love fest however. I think you will have more meaningful cooperation between the parties. Trump pretty much blew up the divisive tactic. 29% approval rating and dropping like an Alaskan temperature gauge. Wanna bet that some of those 29% are all the idiots that rioted on Washington looking forward to a Trump pardon in the next 5 days?

  11. Look everyone, you can keep mucking bout in the pond scum level we are fed each day. We only see the thin layer on top.

    TDS will continue, it still is. I mean Mark, seriously, Trump is not president any longer. Are you going to keep bringing him up? You know that calling people hypocrites is never going to win an argument, right?

    But we’ll hear the word Trump for years. The new Goldstein. Without him, the state has no enemy. Without him, you’d have to face a populace that is squarely pissed at you, and not just easily dismissed as Trump supporters. How long will he be out of office when we are still seeing daily news stories about “trump supporters”. It’s a fiction, designed to dismiss the real problem between the people and DC. Mark, people like you should re-think this, you’re just putting blinders on. TDS blinders.

    As for the layer we are allowed to see? Why did CES 2020, a year ago, feature so many air purifying devices? These were all developed during the bulk of 2019. So you see? In 2019 many people were working for the COVID clamp down.

    Never you mind, keep your brain mired in useless politics, and even more useless personality fights. Keep skating that thin layer of scum you are allowed to play in. The big fish have an ocean beneath you to work in.

    • 2019 ???

      try 2013 !

      – Bio-Engineer Pierre Bricage/NATO lecturer, testified that id of SARS Covid2 in Wuhan Inst. Virology in 2013.

      Robert F Kennedy jr. said it best – “the pandemic has been planned for decades”

  12. My American Comrades,

    Beneath signage reading “President Elect”, Pops outlined his Covid19 Rescue Plan set to dial in at around the $1.9 trillion level. Mr. Obama’s at the time $750+ billion boost a dozen years ago seems almost like monopoly money in hindsight. Now with trillions to be flowing out of federal taps, happy days are there again?

    Just a reminder that the Canada/USA border remains closed to non-essential travel.

    God save the Queen.

    • No Comrades here – commie -pinkos not welcome.

      All Provenances are closed – no travel in between.

      glorious leader turdoe & his court of commies has taken U all down the drain – toodles..

      pedovore repto queen – such a generous loving soul – its why I refuse to invest in Cannorea Mint Coins – her nasty mug is on the face of all Cannorea Mint coins -a face only a reptile could love..

      • Harsh! No Maples for U! We will have a few with a side of farm land – like Bill Gates.

        We prefer living on the highly caloric side of the btc delusion wave, thanks. No where near enough nutrition for mr. miles f. scrawny…

  13. We have Tweedledee and Tweddldum at the starting gate How the race turns out will be interesting Best bet CYA it is going to be a very interesting race to inflation/depression time.

  14. Comrades,

    Planet Earth is a giant lottery wheel, place your beidou coordinate wagers! Build your new age pyramid from the comfort of your sofa! Isn’t this just quite the bitcoin third Kondratieff wave that we appear to be in? While China may officially appear to frown upon China-based cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s pretty telling that Mr. Xi is allowing NYSE listed 500 dot com, one of two state-owned Chinese sports lotteries, to shakedown Western rubes with a new share issue. The funds will pay for cutting edge bitcoin mining rigs produced by a couple of Beijing multi-billionaires. Socal me a fool, but Mark my words, this can only end in the rouble of despair for late-to-the-party retail players. To add insult to injury, they’ll have to depress buttons themselves for the elevator ride to the basement…Ai Ai, it’s off to work they go…

    If Mainland China controls better than 50% of bitcoin production, and goodness knows how much more through thinly veiled Western proxies, what little effort is it going to require for them to manufacture a short circuit creating a collapse of babelic proportions?

    Enjoy the gong show; crypto dim sum will be served – forks available.

    • By the way, code red lockdown continues here. Parole may be offered later in the month.

      Regret unable to buy birthday cards at present. However the purchase of Valentine cards is permitted. One loves these small mercies in the gulag!

      The patron saint of plagues is apparently spoken well of in Chaucer’s “Parlement of Foules”.

  15. Anecdotally, I can tell you that my family had to get a used, newer car due to the Jeep becoming unreliable this past year. We didn’t really want to get another vehicle, but the life of the current one was at the end. I have to wonder, how many others held out as long as they could, but had that breaking point during 2020 and HAD to buy something? I don’t imagine that it was a large portion, and used cars weren’t the boost showing on your graph, either, but I’m just saying it could be a weird, wonky coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences, but who knows…
    Or, it could be a roundabout lie on the books, just to make things look better.

  16. I don’t know what Juan O Savin’s back story is, exactly, but it appears that he has a handle on things to come. We will be required to take a bitter pill when we see Biden and Kamala sworn in inside the Supreme Court building but the fight will continue for some 30 to 60 days afterward. There exists a framework that allows for Trump to remain in place for some time after the Inauguration, apparently, through Executive Orders or something. The most important thing is WE, The People will not be required, in general, to do ANYTHING. We will watch them implode their system. Never interfere with an enemy when they’re in the process of destroying themselves. We may see military action within the country in some isolated locations but Gitmo is the ultimate final location for these people. Grab some popcorn. I like Kettle Corn, personally. Enjoy the show.

    If you can’t get this video it will be on Bitchute or another site that will be announced later.

  17. “Who the hell is driving?”

    Government, corporate fleets, and Truck fleets, mostly.

    There is a sliver of “retiree,” which buys a new car to celebrate being so (they’re mostly blue-collar autoworker types and similar. I heard one such, lamenting earlier today thus: “I don’t know what I was thinking. I bought that car months ago and haven’t driven it a thousand miles…”)

    “I’m thinking people can sense the Depression coming, they’re stocking up on necessary items now”

    …And yesterday passed a house in a ’60s vintage middle-class neighborhood near me. The occupant is a fellow in his 30s, married with two little ones. At the end of his driveway were 3 pallets, piled 6+ feet high with rectangular-square boxes. He was busy, carting those boxes into his garage and lining a wall with them when I passed by.

    “The significance to this: I’ve ordered from Emergency Essentials before. What he was putting away was a 12-month supply of 2000 calorie meals for a family of four. I can pick out most prepper-types without slowing down. We tend to have a different order of our priorities than most of our peer urban, suburban, or rural counterparts. This dude isn’t a prepper or survivalist — He’s just a guy with a family, and that’s REALLY SCARY!

    “Says Forbes’ Duncan Madden: “The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Cost The Global Tourism Industry $935 Billion.”

    I shouldn’t be surprised. I had a “two-dayer” in Michigan this week… Spent the night in a quarter-full 3-star with a 90+% rating in Farmington Hills, for under $80. I shared parking with a fleet of bucket trucks. I don’t think the price was because it was metro Detroit (Farmington Hills ain’t exactly the inner city.) I think it was because NOBODY is traveling except for hands-on business.

  18. Seems like Mark is the only one with any handle on reality here.

    Yeah I know what’s really going on because I read a PDF with a nice graphic on a website hungry for sensationalist eyeballs written by a real American “patriot”. Like the seditious insurrectionists who were conned by the Lord of the Lies.

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