Economics and the Precision "Clocks of History"

Hardcore long wave economics on tap this morning. We will keep it short (much as I can, lol) and we’ll lay out some fascinating dates and timelines that will be shocking.

A few headlines and of course this morning’s ChartPack to set the mood.

But then our meat and potatoes as new research keeps us terribly business around here.

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26 thoughts on “Economics and the Precision "Clocks of History"”

  1. Big Ballz G !

    Yo big ballz – calling a top in this market is very ballzey.

    Hedged to the upside – as stock valuations are off the charts ridiculous , Up 2-3X gains of BTC past year.
    They have no earnings, just more lil barkies & georgies to snatch them up from.. (greater fools).
    Adding to this volatile pile of zombie trash – the fact that the US must print up 50 % moar USD this year just to stay afloat, as the tide of Stagflation starts overwhelming the world of finance. Dont fight the fed – buy the dip!

    Got Silver?

  2. In your discussion of cycles you missed one that is eighty years long:

    1781 Articles of Confederation ( the Birth of the United States)

    1861 Civil War

    1941 WW2

    2021 ?

      • I personally hope not.. but with a stalled economy lack of taxes and the drive from those that covet what another country has and wants more…. it could very well two years we could very well be back to the days before noah…
        I just hope mankind doesn’t revert back to the ancient serpent worship which was what the general religion was for thousands of years .

    • Maybe a currency reset in 2021, and the associated depression and wiping out of savings. World militaries move to take control of whatever commodity gets tied to the new currency (currently oil?). All this printing from every central bank and no one can figure out price signals anymore. Something has to give and bring us back to a currency where trade has some meaning the average person can understand value vs price.

      • Minor technical comment- Depressions wipe out debt which takes out debt related instruments and institutions. I think you are on the right track. Exactly which instruments and institutions will evaporate remains to be seen. I’m thinking evaporation rates will track degrees of leverage.

  3. George – in your post…..’One more note from the Cynic’s Desk: With Joe Biden about to take office, want to put bets on whether (or how fast) CV-19 will disappear from headlines over the next three months?’

    This is an interesting discussion that I had with my brother a few weeks back. He contends that after Biden is elected, covid will quietly be banished from the news with a not so quiet contention that the ‘Biden lockdowns’ and the Biden rollout of the vaccine turned the tide on covid.

    But, not so fast, I argue. The real cynic sees the covid con goe well beyond political gamesmanship. The covid con has been a force that has closed down a massive amount of commerce on the planet. As a control agenda, it has been unparalleled. We will see how effective the con is in forcing people to take the ‘jab’. Now, are the PTB going to give up such an excellent control scheme just because little Joe is now in office. I think not.

    Actually, I would be happy to have covid go away, and I am happy for Biden to take the bows. I don’t care at this point as it is all so much nonsense anyway! I would like a productive economy to return to give the US a fighting chance to have some sort of future as a nation. Certainly, no country will exist with ever present lockdowns and control. We will see – perhaps in a few months.

    • If you haven’t noticed, our leaders, our businesses, our media, and our celebrities have all been compromised. Look at all the pro sports literally committing suicide, and then doubling and tripling down. If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ll see every financial institution and other businesses marketing off of politics, not products or services. All things that will hinder, if not outright stifle productive capitalism. Nothing is going away until western nations/societies are completely wiped out. Even without an external force, whitey just isn’t reproducing at a sustainable rate. It’s borrowed time at this point. It’s not just a currency reset, it’s a global reset. With change in currency, comes change of power. Dollar is going bye-bye. The only thing the US has to offer other nations at this point is just consumers. Very irrelevant, and very replaceable when free market capitalism is going away.

  4. Yo Mr George,

    Can U me understand how apple corp. will be any less of a racist corporation after spending $100 million on racial equality?
    I dont get it, but again a lil slo on the uptake here on the right coast, where everything out of cali is taken as trivial bullshit ie virtue signaling, or worse.

  5. The collapse of the nation next week? We’d be lucky to time our lives to live through such an event. I hope you’re right.

    • Nothing will happen. Once the FBI is done arresting the insurrectionists that were dressed in drag complete with make-up and horned dominatrix outfits, you will have a lot of these pansies start to rat on one another and the whole so called “revolution “ will implode. Then, the country can start living their lives again. There will be a few that will try to stir it up next week …but with camera phones and the intelligence communities ability to quickly ID someone, these idiots would be stupid to do this again. But…they say you can’t teach stupid…so…

    • Or… something will happen and the USA will be called into another country for war..

    • A lot of that deja vu feeling today/yesterday. “They” could be twisting time/changing outcomes.

  6. It’s being reported over at that it wasn’t just Nancy that had her laptop “disappeared”. Two others had their digital devices taken, too –
    Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) had his taken –
    House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn’s iPad was taken –
    Spec-Ops people were verrrrry busy that day. God bless those guys!

    And, in perhaps a thinly veiled message regarding the fight that Lt. Gen. McInerney was talking about and article on Sec. of State Pompeo is saying –
    “as a former lawmaker, he is aware of the threat posed by China but that he did not appreciate “the scope and the scale and the nature” of how close the threat is until he became Central Intelligence Agency director.
    “THIS FIGHT IS INSIDE THE GATES TODAY …” (emphasis mine – Bill)

    One person I read today said there may be an “interregnum” that would last a period of months rather than an inauguration next week. Could be … maybe so. Wait and see. Popcorn’s at the ready.

  7. Well Trump can’t seem to do anything right. He finally makes a speech that condemns violence without mentioning that the election was stolen. He condemned all that stormed the capital…without calling them Patriots and that he loved them like he did last week. Which is a good thing. I applaud him for it. But, here’s the thing, he did it an hour after he was impeached. I was watching Fox and they were scratching their heads and said why didn’t he do that last week….or at least…why didn’t he do that yesterday? He may have changed the minds of those 10 Republicans that voted for impeachment. But…the one thing that stood out to me was that he still did not take responsibility. He does what he always does. He threw the rioters under the bus and said they will be hunted down and charged. Maybe his lawyers told him to not take responsibility given that their were deaths. But let’s wait until tomorrow…He always regrets statements that would in any way anger his base and says the opposite the next day. He did that last week after he lightly condemned the violence while saying he loved them at the same time. Trump gets in the way of Trump. Good riddance.

  8. A definitive chapter closed 2 days ago with the passing of Mr. Sheldon Adelson. Apparently he donated more than $200 million in 2020 to Republican Party causes. One can well imagine that The Party could imminently face “grid-down” financial conditions and may be stumbling about by flashlight for the foreseeable future?

    The world is always chaotic, but time keeps on ticking? On the day of Mr. Adelson’s birth in Boston, August 4th, 1933, authorities were rounding up five left wing malcontents who had managed to tear gas The New York Stock Exchange into an early close, as well as mail bomb materials to Presidents FDR, Hoover, and the leader of the Socialist Party.

    It appears at this juncture in time that Pops knows best according to Billionaires’ cash currents. And as Wikipedia tells us, the Speaker of the House was a leader in your Congress when it came to insider trading until the law changed under the Obama administration. Has anyone checked into the published net worth of Mrs. Harris recently not to mention her juicy San Fran pension waiting in the wings. Sun Kings still rule?

    Wacky cake recipes due this weekend.

  9. I find that the 53.4 year cycle falling on Biden’s first full day at the office dovetails with my suspicions of where we are headed. I’m thinking that racial memes of the 19th and 20th centuries are overdue to be updated with more generalized global ethnic memes. The more conflicts available for exploitation, the better for the ruling classes, and the more sources of exploitation revenues.

    I don’t think G___ has been all that enthusiastic about Selco’s work in the past, but this repost surfaced today, and I find it rather timely:

  10. On another topic. Mr Shop Guy, what do you think about Desktop Metal (DM)? Impressive MIT pedigree and a key patent or two.

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