The Velocity of War

With the kidnap/ransom of a major pipeline system, time we reconsider our “everyday perception” of War. Must it always be run at the same speed?  And, if that answer is “No!” (yeah, spoiler, right?) then how fast to foreign-called events have to be in order to rise above the perception threshold of a nation of idiots?

Precisely the kind of thing Sun Tzu would have relished, we’re quite certain.

First though, a few headlines including the CPI data just out.

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21 thoughts on “The Velocity of War”

  1. I agree with you on the Chip shortage issue. Something is not adding up. There were enough chips in 2019 but in 2020 with half the worlds economy shut down a chip shortage started and is only getting worse in 2021. Very
    few people are asking why? They just seem to accept it.

    • CHINA (imo)

      China is building up it’s chip supply for building things OTHER than consumer goods. The question really becomes WHAT are those other things that China is building or wanting to build?

      My personal opinion is that they are on a crash building program to build tens of thousands of medium size drones that are to be utilized in War in the same way that the Soviets built rocket launchers that could fire 20 rockets at a time to utilize in place of artillery in WW2.

      China currently builds virtually all the small drones in the world, and if you have ever played around with one of the newer ones, or considered buying them, you understand that they can programmed to fly INDENDENTLY of an operator and have great video chips (8k video for those in the mid priced range of $2500). Couple the ability to independently fly without needing an operator, great video cameras, object recognition technology coupled to the image sensor, and a longish travel and loiter time, VOILA you have a launch and forget item that can carries an explosive charge (could be a small rocket, or just have a bomb strapped to it) and you don’t care if the thing ever comes home again.

      Since 7 of the most modern F-16’s now cost $1.3 BILLION dollars (price with spare parts) one can build 65,000 of those drones @ $20,000 each for the cost of 7 new F-16’s. (our US Global Hawks require an operator and cost $130 million EACH – very different class of drones than a “launch and forget” version)

      Warfare technology is in the process of a massive change because of Drones – look at the recent War between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In that recent War Armenia had an overwhelming advantage with convention weapons (tanks, armor, artillery, troops, etc.) but Azerbaijan beat their ass, and in quick order, by the use of CHEAP drones from Turkey ($1 million each – or about 1/5 the cost of a tank). Contest over. The supposedly weaker military WON, and in just a few days.

      imo China is GOBBLING up chips, chip production is at an all time high but supply is just not there for regular commercial customers and many products !! Why? Put on YOUR thinking cap and think about it.

      • Their drones are for biological and dart and vicinity control switch interference targeted warfare, when power structures are rendered temporarily useless,,it’s happened in the far far past and it’s going to happen again ,why do you think they went underground,,,,, so some couldn’t be reached ,,,and they survived,,,,, nuclear warfare was prohibited except for the using every avenue they can whether it’s biological weather water wind tornadoes hail floods volcanoes earthquakes 2000 ft waves ,or electronic world for her but right now their biggest weapon is the mass media,,,, but there’s hope ,there are medias that they do not control that have been devised awaiting time insertion , the question is will you be recycled again with memory amnesia.!!!?

  2. Colonial cyrpto schmypto – crime/criminals – digital crime involves more than just crypto ransom claims.. BTC is still semi transparent – can be traced/tracked..

    BTC will not be transparent much longer – as new code is implemented – making it more like Monero.
    Besides Ure generation is proven to be the EVIL, Sellouts – see UT at Austin/LBJ school of public affairs Study – “Millennials commit fewer crimes than boomers and GenXers”. But U prolly already knew that..

    Perhaps there is moar to the attack than meets the many states were affected ?
    17 – hmmmm.
    Cowinkydink ? – nope, no such thing exists in this reality..anzo – co incident to the hack attack, exactly 17 states affected – another brick in the wall more like it.

    The digital pearl harbor during presidential elections 2020 – ofisholy kicked off the ww3, IMHO.

    Take the Schuman Resonance, PLEASE!
    that bad boy has been crankin me lately –

    Compare Schuman resonance levels 5 years ago, 3 years ago, today – something going on.
    Now why cant I view 3 gorges dam on google earth pro anymore ? strategic target ?
    oh well , guess I will just Buy in May, and make Hay!

    Sold off the SPY 5/12 exp. 414 Puts at a very gross profit ! Went Looong into close yesterday with SPY 5/24 exp. 427 Calls, adding to that position this AM..Buy in May – Makes Lotz O Hay!

    • Yellen warned a couple of weeks ago and Christine LaGarde warned today – If consumers invest in these types of product, they should be prepared to lose all their money ……… Three strikes you are out

  3. Just to fill in on those Palestinians being evicted, that is the cover cause for the planned Hamas attacks. The people being evicted, are being evicted from Jewish owned homes that they have not been paying rent on. They claimed the homes were theirs, but none of them could produce any documentation. Then the media spun it in their usual anti semetic fashion, that the poor Palestinians were being mistreated. That was Hamas’ excuse for lobbing over 450 missiles into Israel and all of the riots and deaths. Lamestream media…Israel overeacted. Right! What would happen if Mexico lobbed 450 missiles into Texas!

    • Maybe American landlords should start busting into their rental pads with shotguns.

      Pay or die. See that, another reason to defund the police.

      • Most likely they will come up with the famous invention from the Lindsey administration in NYC. It’s called the match. It can result in insurance payoffs.

        After the involuntary eviction, the land can be sold into the current overbloated market. Of course, no honest landlord would ever do that, unless cornered into bankruptcy by coercive and dishonest regulation.

  4. I can tell you this week is my tense week of anticipation this is the middle of May week and on a three month rotation.. the ones instigating the drama seem to always work on a three month Rotation..
    If it slides by and JB works like DJT and avoids it.. then I don’t think that we need to be to concerned until the middle of September..

    Keep your fingers crossed..

    • Apparently LOB – you like smoking lightening too..

      Deep State – fundamental operating order’s and procedures are direct towards one single goal – Balance of Power..every War, Skirmish, gladio style- Terror Strike, Coup/ukraine, iran contra w/ollie N…ALL of IT – geared to deep state Balance of Power
      – who controls dept homeland security ? not the head of it – like kiss and briz, just messengers..

  5. The thing of it is the economy is never going back – The American Experiment has ended. The “New Normal” is being whittled into our psyche.

    Chip shortage – perhaps Americans can no longer afford the chips. Think back to the 1990’s after the U.S.S.R. collapsed.

    They were trading their old military equipment and Matryoshka dolls to us for hard currency and old 286 computers.

    I wouldn’t doubt the Colonial Pipeline is entirely propaganda.

  6. More of that real investment news:

    So, instead of going to a JPM ATM for cash, you will now go to an Ethereum terminal to siphon off a cool stream of that dark pool of crypto?

    No, that isn’t how it works.

    Wait until you try to apply for a credit card, and you find out a credit card rating of 858/900 doesn’t get you a card with a financial institution you’ve had accounts with for 25 years. You say, that’s ridiculous, what do credit cards have to do with cryptos? What connects the two is called credit deflation. When only people who don’t need credit can get it, then credit deflation is in play. With every cent of loose change being rolled off the dock into the bottomless dark pool crypto pit, money that was once available for normal small potatoes credit transactions like credit cards isn’t there for regular people any more.

    And when it all collapses, it will take generations to undo the damage to the families of the greatest fools who are caught with their crypto knickers down around their ankles, and debts that can’t be refinanced because they will not qualify for credit again in their lifetime, or the lifetimes of their grands.

    And yes, that will be as real as investing gets. Take your profits, pay off your debts, and diversify. The tide of public opinion is starting to turn, and the naked fragility of the cryptos is going to hit close to home for many.

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