Painting the Tape – How Bad Could it Get?

Not to out the “secrets of intergenerational families” that really run everything, but just what does “Painting the tape” mean?  And, does it really happen?

Some numbers to make the case.  and using the early futures pricing today from last Friday:

  • The Dow was down a little over one-half of one percent (0.584%)
  • The S&P 500 was down 1.8%.
  • And the NASDAQ was down 3.828%.

Painting the tape is what the market (ok, MAYBE with some help from Fed proxies) actually puts in a gain during most of the day during trading hours Monday to sucker in headline-listeners.

But this is precisely why we evolved the Peoplenomics Aggregate.  It’s all about how much dough is in the casino, not if one machine is paying off while everyone else is losing their asses…

How Bad Could It Get?

We use the Aggregate Index and compare the present bubble to the 1929 collapse:

Of course, there are lots of alternatives including one more good-sized wave up that could come along, but more on the subscriber side tomorrow.

Speaking of which!  We also look at a perplexing question:  IF world war 3 is underway (bioweapon a hint?) how slow could it “run” and still be denied by the complicit lying mainstream media traitors?  Might even be more than a theoretical.  And the mess in Israel could be one of the “pre-wars” prior to the main event – global war.

But let’s not be glum.

Small Business Optimism

Just out:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 11, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index rose to 99.8 in April, an increase of 1.6 points from March. The Optimism Index has increased 4.8 points over the past three months since January but a record 44% of owners reported job openings that could not be filled.

“Small business owners are seeing a growth in sales but are stunted by not having enough workers,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “Finding qualified employees remains the biggest challenge for small businesses and is slowing economic growth. Owners are raising compensation, offering bonuses and benefits to attract the right employees.”

Other key findings include:

  • Eight of the 10 Index components improved and two declined.
  • The NFIB Uncertainty Index decreased one point to 80.
  • Earnings trends over the past three months improved eight points to a net negative 7%.
  • Owners have plans to invest in their businesses as the percentage of those planning to make capital expenditures in the next three to six months increased seven points to 27%.
  • The percent of owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months fell seven points to a net negative 15%, surprisingly glum.

Which we take as meaning despite the efforts of do-nothing Joe the hype has worn thin (or out, we’ll have to wait and see).

Whee!  Ain’t this fun?

The German, French, and British markets are all down two percent or more, which would slaughter the Dow by more than 600 points.  So watch closely and maybe (who knows?)  Sherwin-Williams will get a desk at the NY Fed, right?  We hear there may be openings in Customs and Immigration, as well.

Ahem…just because I went short…er… Uh…let’s pretend everything is normal, OK?  Consumer prices tomorrow which ought to be where some of the Fed’s $5-$6 trillion (and ESF money?) start to bite the tax chattel on the butt.  We did warn you – and remember we said “get a garden in”?

Moving on the Web

Say, why not just buy-off the Voters?  Worked for Buyed’em:  Facing A Recall And A Massive Surplus, Gov. Newsom Proposes More Stimulus Checks.  Rename the Sacto orifice Robin Hood West?

Speaking of the Smoke Blower in Chief:  “Biden says anyone on unemployment benefits who turns down a job will lose their payments.”  Right…like the FBI is going to enforce this, or what?

ViseGrip me!  Shocked to see this sort of story coming from CNN:  “Fact check: Biden makes false claim about former Federal Reserve leaders, revives misleading jobs claim.”  Yeah…but….but…CNN?  I musta woke up in an alt. universe, or something.  Seen any guys in high castles?

Rockets Red Glare:  See where Sen. Blackburn moves to cut off funds for terrorists targeting Israel?  It would ban wires to Hezbollah and such.  Only thing is, Joe and the Kamunist will likely find other ways to cozy up to the PLO.  (If Palestinians were hard working and industrious, wouldn’t Egypt have welcome them decades ago?  Ask a liberal…they have a hard time with simple obvious questions with even more apparent answers.)

Speaking of Peaceful Peoples”  US Ship Fires 30 Warning Shots After 13 Iranian IRGC Boats Approach Fleet.  Mean they weren’t bringing fresh tea and flowers?

Political Correctness Wars:  NBC Won’t Air 2022 Golden Globes In Rebuke To Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Urgent Climate Bulletin: Great Lakes water surge eases after 2 record-setting years.  Yeah – some years it rains more than others.  Duh.  Call me when high tide gets to Wall Street.  Already 30-years overdue.  (Who are these people with no memories?)  Bored, Gored, and snored likely.

So try this instead:  Tropical Storm Andres Forms In Pacific, Earliest On Record; Expect Another Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season .  Install the optional asterisk “we haven’t been keeping records long…”

Notes for Readers

Art:  Thanks for the invite to hook up on (lemme look) “”  But, I don’t do that.  I figure if anyone has anything important, my email addy ( is where I’d like to get it.  As you know, I don’t believe in social media trying to monetize everything I do.  Hell, I haven’t even checked in on LinkedIn for probably 3-months.  Apologize to Dr. Pete of VR worlds for that.  But yeah – social media is not my friend.  I have too busy a life to have computers eat any more of it.  Although Stephen King’s book on writing (on the Kindle) is a good one.

Linda:  Thanks for all the story tips.  I found the piece on Cloud stocks drop to six-month low amid rotation out of top performers ( particularly interesting.  I think at some point, all of us will come to realize that everything online is at risk – which is why I now have a Linux box and have upped the passwords all around (again).

Bitcoin Nazi:  I appreciate you’re still a true believer in cryptos, but just how did you think the (Colonial pipeline) hackers wanted to get paid?  Please notice that “Colonial Hacker Group Seeks to Shift Blame for Ransomware.”  What they can’t shift off is cryptos.  And since there is more crypto now that nominal U.S. fiat in circulation, we should see the war between government and the coinster-types break out any old time now.  We noticed last week New York Considering Lengthy Ban on Bitcoin and Crypto Mining – Here’s Why | The Daily Hodl.  Try to keep up with class, although mixed signals abound.  When we read stories like “Turkey, India and China Look to Ban Crypto, U.S., Germany and Iran Move to Use It” we look at who’s got the power in the world. And brains. Pay attention to China.  Their policies matter.  We don’t have policies.  Just corruption most foul.

Tyreman:  My copy of the new book (Unmasking the Grand Delusion: Tyreman, Christopher Phillip: 9798742277972: Books) should land today.  But, you’re right:  The new write-up is much better.

The Major:  Yes, the 48 pounds of the special-run 75% Chinese  egg noodles and fortunate cookies arrived via UPS as soon as I got in bed.  The cats left a signed petition for me to never carry boxes up stairs naked again in  the middle of the night.  Scared off game.  I told ’em to piss off.

Buddy Michael in East Bay:  If StarLink would ever get off their backorder list and let me give ’em $500 bucks, I’d have speeds like this, too:

My picture out here on ViaSat is a little bit less, lol:

But it goes to half that and the latency is NOT 20 ms on small files. No way to get in touch with SpaceX unless you’ve got Elon’s number…

OK, time to put on the feed bag.

Write when you get rich,

48 thoughts on “Painting the Tape – How Bad Could it Get?”

  1. G – crushing that shit each and every day U R – good on you Pops-thx.
    Par excellence writing & entertainment – as always, and yet never fails I pick up new info/ideas/data around these parts. In fact some of the best shit is from peeps sharing experiences, ideas and opinions political/religious and the “play’ off differing ideas on Ures central thesis’s.

    Great minds think alike ? Woke up this AM to eMini S&P Futures Down 1.27% or 53 pts.
    Long May 12thExp. S&P 414 Puts – Cheeeeap – the best kind of Financial insurance..out of the money Options..meaning went bed last night Hedged, and woke up scrooge mcduck – thx G dog. cosmicchickenbunny timing a lil off.

    Unfortunately with Mig31ks -carrying Kirzal hypersonic missles overhead in Moscow sky’s this past weekend – the Message has been Sent, and Received..hopefully.

    ?? Will the worst -record breaking Drought in US history kill more people this Summer than covert19 vaxxidents in past 4 months (4K deaths) ?
    Coot will take the Over, on Deaths – due Heat, lack of water, lack of food, building frustration, anger and dissatisfaction with creepy 2.0 and the other dude.

    The juxtaposition of the milankovitch cycles with current ongoing southwest US drought is straining me brain -
    In the Mean time – lets see if we Revert !

    Hey man – got any Theta ? Know where to get any Theta? WTF is Intrinsic Value? No really I can read a definition from Merriam, but I cant understand why some people say BTC has no Intrinsic value – Compared to What ? Know how millions/billions of hours of Development/Coding/Testing core devs have doenand still ongoing – CONSTANTLY improving/adapting/strenghtening, hours developing nodes/networks…”no intrinsic value” – must be a new Flavor kool aid.

    • Sold off my DOGs at the first low this AM – no point playing for more paper.
      More important to get Elaine healthy and pack the noodles into storage, Coot.
      Let’s see how the paper up to the Euro close and maybe short again. But a rally would be a treat making this a small wave 1 down of either a 4 or a larger 1. We can noodle it (or kanoodle it) on PN tmw
      Buy NOT trading a “currency” that competes with FedDough, you know how many lists that keeps me off? Specially the one where IRS can print out who’s traded anti-money in the past couple of years? Reg’lar terrorism suspect list, when the shite blows over.

      • PS – Shorting the hell out of Mr Softy (MSFT) lately..

        The stink and smoke r just starting to rise on that pending decimation of a Tech giant.think corp lawyers lurking on side of carcass filled shit wagon.

        As Sylvester used to say regards B Gates and MSFT ” I hate those mieces to pieces” feels like Payback for all those @^@#%$#%$!@ blue screens – still haunting psyche

      • stop counting those stupid little waves and get on the phone to the trading depts of the big banks. the wave to catch is when they front run the sovereign funds cashing out for covid and call their hedgie bruhs to help bitch slap retail favs. btfd, the fed’s not sleepin.

      • congrats on the trade blowing up favorably. I use a lotta technicals and funnymentals but only spend a few secs on ewaves if there is a prominent zigzag and nothing else makes sense. so we disagree on a nonnegative number of things. in the end, it’s events and large traders pushing predatory trades; they’ve been caught colluding multiple times and nothing gets done about it. the technicals just catch the frontrunners if you’re lucky. we just stack as many factors as possible to out-guess.
        I usually mind my manners unless the subject is politics, markets or somebody just woke up and goes cancel.
        more better, some big guys gotta cash out short term but the recovery is coming big unless covid round 2 takes off. digicurrency is pretty well entrenched now; real companies are using it and it can’t be killed w/o wiping them. do yur wave and lose yur asz slot machine.
        our “own” to eachness would be nice to catch each top and bottom bs zigzag and be millionaires or better each year starting with a $. keep on winning bud

  2. “How Bad Could it Get?”

    It won’t get “bad” as a new normal will emerge. Don’t you dislike the term, “New Normal”.

    Yesterday I posted indicating sex workers are being normalized. I mentioned that to my uncle and he immediately said, “Momma’s baby, daddy’s maybe”.

    He said during the Great Depression years it was common for chicks to give up the goodies for a loaf of bread.

    He also explained some houses had two or three families in them with only one person working. A family to a bedroom and people would sleep in shifts.

    • “He said during the Great Depression years it was common for chicks to give up the goodies for a loaf of bread.”

      It still is common…

      • LOB,

        So funny that you mention that. Yesterday my uncle and I were at Aldi and the babe ahead of us in checkout didn’t have enough money for her groceries. She was short $2.00. My uncle covered it…. but you’re right. A woman was in need for about the cost of a loaf of bread.

      • “So funny that you mention that. ”

        I know OOWS… unless you are in the situation you don’t have a clue that it even exists. we all have our trials and have to deal with things on a daily basis.. Even M in SanFran has his drama.. it is just different.. People don’t see the drama of those at the bottom they just assume that the govt. is going to shower them with money and gifts.. well that doesn’t happen if your a citizen..

  3. Perhaps CNN is leading the PR wave against Joebama that will eventually place Kamala in the Oval Orifice?

    • Even Colbert doesn’t care much for the ‘geezer in chief’ judging from where the jokes end. Kamala was the first round debate reject before the debates were canceled and Biden inserted as winner. Even the blue dog demos are choking after 4 months.

      • “Even Colbert doesn’t care much for the ‘geezer in chief’ ”

        Now that is a dramatic shift of a personal position.. I wonder what happened to finally wake him up.. for the longest time he was Hail JB.. jb was going to save the world..
        When die hard Liberals wake up then you know things are starting to get serious.. LOL LOL

  4. Zeus is one smart cat! Thanks for providing, “things that make you go hmmm…” as well as a simple commentary of the true oneness of all. Much appreciated, all the best to you and yours George.

    From Tertium Organum pg 35:
    “The view of a three-dimensional body as a section of a four-dimensional one leads us to the thought that many three-dimensional bodies, which appear separate for us, may be sections or parts of one four-dimensional body.A simple example will illustrate this idea. If we imagine a horizontal plane, intersecting the top of a tree in a direction parallel to the earth, then on this plane the sections of the branches will appear separate and quite unconnected with one another. And yet in our space, from our point of view, these are sections of the branches of one tree, together forming one top, fed by one common root and casting one shadow. “

    • WOW! I has been 10+ years and to still get the page @ right, why that impresses even me, lol
      Then page 54 is up there somewhere, too…

      • George you are a fount of knowledge. Had that book in my library and barely made a dent, so any ‘nuggies’ of knowledge you would share are always appreciated.

        (pg53) “…the material atom is the entry of the fourth dimension into three dimensional space. (gives new ears to The Police song “Spirits In The Material World”)

        (pg54): “…two modes of perception of the same one world of one space.”

        “…that many things that cannot be measured have a real existence, more real indeed than many things that can be measured.”

        InDeed :) New moon today ya’ll set/plant inetntions!

        Thanks for the time and space to share.

    • In the path to attaining Dharma, we are much like the group of blind men trying to describe an elephant to others merely by touching one part of it. The sum of their individual experiences does not accurately describes the elephant, but it paints a ‘general’ picture. For each of us, as one in the multitude of human consciousness, individual reality is one brick on the long path to inner unity and harmony. Many other bricks make up the path, bricks which, as with the blind men and the elephant, cannot be seen to be followed. The word of others must be taken into account to remain on the path.

  5. The local BBB is having trouble keeping its membership going. Business owners are either closing up shop or don’t have the money for the ads and member fees. While business has picked up a local hardware centers the overall sentiment is uncertain at best.

  6. Forgot to mention – looks like Ken Paxton isn’t going to stand for wimpy reactions of local law enforcement when confronting BLM’ers. It doesn’t appear local Texas residents are either.
    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Gets Involved After Plano Police Officer Allows BLM-Antifa to Illegally Block Traffic, Brandish Weapon

    Be aware George. They’re pretty close to you and I’ve heard of them ranging out as far as Weatherford.

    • The Plano Police Chief is saying the handgun was a pepper ball gun, then an electronic weapon, blahblahblah.
      If you have ever handled one you know a Ruger LCP .380 ACP when you see one.

    • Not only a cyber target – G be a target for BLM/Antifa nogoodniks now- cause he thinks he is all self sufficient, not needing no Guvmint help, no bitcoinz..

      Just hard working, determined and concentrated – independent thinking kinda guy ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand to his fellow man/woman, with a conservative stripe – Yeah commies just luv to destroy Production & Productive people..U know “all for one, and one for all” to get us out of this “mess”…we created”

  7. Watching once again as the lamestream media produces false stories about what is occurring in Israel, with headlines like…21 Palestinians dead including 10 children after Hamas fires SEVERAL rockets into Israel.
    So 150 rockets is SEVERAL. And…NO mention of the fact that 15 killed were Hamas and the 10 children were most likely the human shields that they stick in their compounds. It’s okay kids, you gave your life for the holy war, so you get to go to heaven.
    All is Israel’s fault. Imagine what would happen if Mexico fired 150 rockets into the good old USA. Israel has to continue sit with limited response and full condemnation by the UN. WTF.

    • Israel seizing the homes of Arabs in an entire neighborhood of Jeruslem from Arab families who have lived in those specific homes for a couple of hundred years or more … not for redevelopment but so Jewish families can move right in of course has nothing to do with why the Arabs who live in Jeruselem are upset. (which is what is causing the spill over into Gaza)

      Why would anybody be upset about being thrown out of their multi hundred year family home?

    • “It’s okay kids, you gave your life for the holy war, so you get to go to heaven.”

      and get your 74 virgins … It has always upset me that children and women have no value in those countries..

    • Well, the thing is, Chris, Mexico is firing rockets into the USA, it’s called a people invasion, and it is causing untold suffering, mental, physical, spiritual, economic, and it is worse than a war as it was undeclared, unapproved by the populace, and it has been ongoing HEAVY since NAFTA was passed, and no end in sight. Just saying.

  8. Starlink:

    I read somewhere that there are 500,000 backlogged orders for NEW Starlink service. Don’t know if that is true or not, Musk is not going to tell anyone, but if true that means you may be waiting for quite some time before you get any hardware and can get on the system since as of the beginning of February 2021 Starlink had the whopping number of 10,000 subscribers who were actually online.

    A “Rip Van Winkle” nap in order while you wait?

    • Good numbers for starlink, i wonder if the mega per sec will dip with 50 x more users, or when its complete if the world hooks up to it. Rember how honky the regular internet got in 2020

  9. I don’t understand the world I live in any more George. Teenage millionaires who made it all by betting government handout money on Bitcoin. People refusing to go to work because the government pays them more to sit at home and do nothing. I had an interesting conversation with one of the handoutees (is that the right term – based on the term employees?) on the weekend. He told me he thought everyone should receive a cheque from the government for $50,000 a year. He could then buy all the things he wanted. I asked him “who is going to make the things you want if everyone is getting the handout.” He looked stunned. Hadn’t really thought about that. I tried to explain that wealth is created when something is produced, not when it is handed out free. His eyes glazed over.

    One of the reasons I like your column is you are a hands on, working, thinking stiff like many of the others who comment here. Having owned and run several businesses, I got used to long hours, hard work and sacrifice. I always looked after my employees. My wife and I went without for many years while the employees got paid. We ate a hell of a lot of hamburger before we ate steak. I sold the last company profitably and retired comfortably after 45 years of hard work.

    I am sure I will have a few regrets when I die but hope I will look back and see my greatest accomplishments involved making life better for others as well as myself. Hopefully that will be reflected in my life review.

    As I wind down this earthly existence, I look forward to reading your new book “Packing for Death: A Users Manual.”

    Good luck to Elaine in her upcoming surgery!

    • “People refusing to go to work because the government pays them more to sit at home and do nothing.”

      I couldn’t do it, but I also can’t really blame them. Playing strictly by the rules, someone in the U.S. can acquire the equivalent of $17.82/hr by collecting the freebies. That won’t buy a parking pass in Manhattan, but in the middle of flyover country, is a solid living wage for a family of four.

      “I had an interesting conversation with one of the handoutees (is that the right term – based on the term employees?)”

      We just call them “deadbeats…”

      • “People refusing to go to work because the government pays them more to sit at home and do nothing.”

        I couldn’t do it, but I also can’t really blame them.”

        That is just a rumor … It doesn’t happen.. Usually stories like that are spread by someone that had someone tell them about someone that someone else had hear from some guy in a coffee meeting..
        We would love to believe that this is the case and the good samaritan laws are all being used.. In reality.. when we went a year without an income.. I went to see about getting on the program for heat assistance or FS just in case..
        What I was told was.. You have a car.. and it has a book value of.. you can sell your car.. ( bank owned it) well why do you have a car and you have a house.. get rid of them and the money you pay for the car and house will get you three hundred a month for FS. the acceptable level of livable income is the standard tax deduction divided by the time I seeked assistance the acceptable income level was 750.00 for two and you had to make less than that…. if you get assistance in one area they deduct that from another area.. the average FS subsidy is seven dollars a day per child and 3.50 per day per adult.. daycare.. that one I am fuzzy on since I tried to help one of the children find daycare assistance and the cost was as much for them to assist than it was if she paid full price.. sort of like getting a lift chair from a medical supply house rather than buying one.. you will pay six times the cost to get one paid from by medicare than you would if you just went a bought one.. the same with a cpap or the vast majority of perscription equipment.. my wife had a TIA sprained her ankle.. needed to get a knee scooter.. the rent of it was 120.00 a month.. or 4.00 a day.. the scooter was a cheap thing.. to buy the cadilac knee scooter was 58.00 free shipping.. needless to say we paid the first months rent until her cadi was delivered.. same with wheel chairs etc.. I tried explaining that to someone that is renting a cpap machine.. but so far they haven’t listened..
        Rent assistance.. same thing.. get assistance and you still pay.. so the story of what some guy told some guy that heard about some girl that someone knew is wrong..
        To get the assistance you have to be in serious need and there is an extremely low percentage of anyone taking advantage of the system.. those receiving benefits are constantly reminded that they are of low value by those working for the programs to.. and questioned.. constantly monitored.. I think that there is a possibility that more is spend policing the system than there are funds given out..

      • “Playing strictly by the rules, someone in the U.S. can acquire the equivalent of $17.82/hr by collecting the freebies.”

        I hear social security pays out ten thousand a month to LOL LOL LOL LOL..
        Maybe there but not around these parts LOL LOL LOL
        the only place the laws of the social programs varies is with Refugee’s under a different act.. Then again.. that is something someone at the bottom would know.. You won’t know this until you need it and go and try to apply for it.. then the reality of what you can get is pushed right in front of you.. and you are reminded that you are a low life for wanting to get it..
        I know someone right now that has an income of six hundred dollars a month.. their rent on assistance is seven hundred a month.. the most they get for two on FS is.. Less than fifty because they are getting fuel assistance for heating the apartment) the reason I know that.. is they called me last night to ask if I could borrow them ( give cause I know I will never see it again) fifty last night..
        I do get a chuckle though when I hear these stories about those making a fortune on the system.. the direction they should be looking is at the top…where the people that really take advantage of the system are all over the place..

      • Many are deadbeats, for sure, but others are pocketing all the benefits while finding, fixing, and flipping houses or cars. They may well be doing some other sideline or cash business. It may not be moral, but it’s likely.

        Others are just using the money to live like they’re retired and enjoying their lives. They must know it will come to an end, so they do what they can while they can.

      • “They may well be doing some other sideline or cash business.”

        Well NM Mike.. this is true.. a young woman at my church in my ward.. was in despirate need and I reached out to give her a hand as my yearly xmas gift to me.. .. anyway we got talking and with three kids and having to pay two grand a month just in daycare and seven hundred a month rent buy food for her kids and pay car payment etc.. making 8.50 an hour at a local shop.. confessed to me that she had had to offer .. hmm how do I put this.. Personal Services..for cash to help make the expenses.. she got four hundred a month for a family of four the dad was a dead beat father that wasn’t paying a dime towards the care of his kids..
        and during times of depiration she would provide personal services so she could buy gas or milk etc.. I was in sunday school and she walked in.. she almost fell over .. I think she was afraid I would tell everyone about what she was having to do to make it..
        Seriously they don’t get anything if they make anything and the govt does keep tabs.. I know someone that didn’t report ten dollars on his income sheet for unemployment for last year and they want every dime back right now..

      • It constantly amazes me that people don’t truly know how this all works.. but then if you don’t need it.. don’t know anyone that is raking in millions off of it.. then it is just easier to believe that everyone is taking the system for a ride.. the benefits they will give are so small and I have never met anyone that wants to get them.. most feel ashamed that they have to get them.. and I know a few.. 74 percent get the EIC tax credit.. but do you know they don’t get that if they don’t make enough money to qualify for it..
        It is like getting a low interest loan for low income people.. if you don’t make enough to qualify for it you won’t get it

    • “Teenage millionaires who made it all by betting government handout money on Bitcoin.”

      OTFLMAO…. well of course.. You can take a hundred dollars and bet it to the hilt and just not use it for feeding your face or providing a roof over your head.. LOL LOL LOL

      You do realize that the bank just doesn’t hand out money.. ( Oh I know I have heard the story about the girl that gets a half million welfare money and the bank throws a loan at her because of her welfare checks value LOL LOL LOL LOL gotta say that almost choked me while writing it.. banks around here don’t recognise welfare as a bonified employer and welfare doesn’t see owning anything as need LOL LOL.. ) I hear they are all on drugs to LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL….
      My guess is everyone heard that from a guy that knew a guy that had read about a girl that was doing this.. LOL LOL
      My sister told me a ridiculous story like that to LOL LOL except in SanFran.. I was shocked to hear that Food subsidies were given to people that make almost a quarter million a year..

      • …and all of your posts have WHAT, to do with current State and Federal unemployment payments???

      • “…and all of your posts have WHAT, to do with current State and Federal unemployment payments???”

        They don’t just hand out unemployment..
        On the average unemployment goes only to seasonal laborers the average hourly paged worker doesn’t get it.. like all those other free money claims it’s only for a very few.
        Right now I know three people that got covid unemployment benefits.. all are being asked to pay it back for various reasons. One because he didn’t claim a ten dollar discrepancy in his money earned..
        The year we went without an income was a unemployment no free anything.. everything has strings

      • “…and all of your posts have WHAT, to do with current State and Federal unemployment payments???”

        Seriously … it is nice to fantasize that the laboring class are being given do much. Or that anyone with incomes at the base levels are more willing to take than give. But it is just a fantasy. The very few that there are are so few in comparison that it is a non subject. At least around these parts.. sort of like porn ..

      • Try searching “unemployment” in any search engine:

        As lawmakers on Capitol Hill squabble over the terms of an additional coronavirus relief package, new research shows that there are more Americans claiming unemployment benefits than are actually unemployed…

        …“The specifics of the CARES Act allow people to receive benefits so that they do not have to report to work if their health conditions make it “too dangerous.” “In such cases, the beneficiary is not technically unemployed, as there is no active job search going on. But benefits are still received through the unemployment insurance program of the person’s respective state.”

        “California unemployment fraud scandal grows to $11 billion, with another $20 billion under scrutiny”

        The recent $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package extends enhanced unemployment benefits until Labor Day, Sept. 6, with a $300 federal bonus on top of what your state pays.

        …as of April some 16 million Americans (one in 10 workers) continue to receive some kind of jobless aid.

        State unemployment benefits can be as high as $474 per week, per wage-earner. Add in the FedGov’s $300 benefit, you get $774/wk.

        $774 / 40 = $19.35/hr — $40,000 per year, to sit on yer ass. That’s $80,000/yr for a cohabiting couple, with limited tax liability, hence the reason employers can’t entice their deadbeat employees back to work, or hire replacements…

        Unemployment benefits under COVID relief are not subject to Federal income tax. Normal unemployment benefits are subject to FICA — Dunno about the COVID relief bennies and I’ve better things to do than read the crapload of COVID-related documents, to find out.

        ‘Point is: I’m sorry you had it rough. Today’s crop of family men (and women) have it so-much less-so that until (at least) September, they can lead a life of leisure, without working at all.

      • “California unemployment fraud scandal grows to $11 billion, with another $20 billion under scrutiny”

        Yeah California.. where just shy a quarter million gets you food subsidies.. and the cost of a family home around a million or better. That state lives by a different set of standards.. I don’t know who’s getting them though.. when we could have used it.. we owned a car and a house that could be sold to keep the federal standard of 750 as a livable income.. the three I know that received unemployment compensation for covid are all being asked to return the funds.
        Unemployment compensation is routinely only for seasonal laborers.. the rest don’t get it a new mother on the five hundred Tamif only gets that for three months then has to have a job .. for unemployment benefits, if your let go your not eligible for them and of you quit your not eligible. Household for 2 ..750 and 157 per child the last time I knew.
        Most people dont find out the chewy side of it until they need it..

  10. the red button misses nothing . except USD and treasuries .. they have converted everyone into their sheetcoin/ yellow dog , flation games

  11. G, S0’s Davidson had a little something to say about that pipeline shutdown. He did stress the coincidence factor. Repeatedly. But there was alot going on that day and I’m sure the impact and consequential weather didn’t help the situation. Link:

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