On Ransom and Crypto’s Nightfall

Screams for dot-connecting and future-projecting are being (not surprisingly) being missed again by the Mainstream Media.  Clowns wouldn’t know their tuckus’ from Technicolor.

Which Two Stories?

#1 is easy-peasy:

Cyber attack shuts down top U.S. fuel pipeline network (trust.org) with similar coverage in Fears of a gas price surge after ransomware attack shuts down America’s key fuel pipeline | Daily Mail Online.

Fears, we would add, that are somewhat well-founded.  Gas futures were up 1 percent and change in the pre-open.

#2 is less obvious.

There are only hints – but just that – in stories like “Bitcoin’s Waning Dominance Stirs Warning of Crypto Market Froth” on MSN.

Fact is, overnight “Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, soars above $4,000 for the first time.”

Now Connect the Dots

A little context from history to begin.

One of the major stories from the (first) economic Depression was the Lindbergh kidnapping.  Charles (Atlantic flyer) Lindbergh’s son was taken in 1932.  Media sensationalized the hell out of it.

As judged by our take on Markets (using the Peoplenomics Aggregate Index) the “honest top” of global markets was in February of 2020.  To be very specific about it, in our study of the clockworks of history, this morning’s trading will place us at the event-rhyme of  October 6, 1930.

We can generalize that during this portion of the Economic Long Wave – that is, following a massive market top – there is a tendency  for Major Kidnappings to occur.  In 1932 it was Lindbergh’s child.  In the modern case, a massive energy pipeline moving 45% of East Coast petroleum product was kidnapped.

Can’t speak for you, but this “Being in Kidnapping Hours” of the economic day is a mighty interesting thing to behold.

But Here’s the Big Kicker

I have told everyone I know that there are several (obvious) reasons the Ure’s never got involved in the present-day Crypto mania:

First, it’s not honest That is, the ONLY claim to fame of a crypto is that it is (at its core) a very difficult to duplicate unique number.  Believe me, I can make up long, complex alpha-numeric sequences all day.  But put the process into computer software – tout it from the rooftops as a “must have” – and some portion of the easily-programmed, weak-minded will buy it.

Working on honesty and ethics, we don’t believe in taking advantage of the financially ignorant.  Too much like how that was played in 1630’s Netherlands (Tulipmania) and in the South Seas Bubble of (1720).

Second, it’s and energy sink.  If you were trying to find a way to squander the world’s fixed amount of energy reserves (beyond the abiotic oil none of us will ever live to lift) misnamed “crypto mining” is wholly and totally environmentally destructive.  Anyone in virtual currencies who claims to support global warming, is a bullshitter (or con artist) of highest order.

Third – and this is the “dot connector” – government hates competition.  We know that at some point, government will have to crack down on crypto currencies.  It’s just where we are in the “economic day.”  After the peak in 1929, a couple of years into Depression One, both Gold and Silver were “called.”

You see, government back then was desperate for anything to help balance the books.  The costs of the Works Progress Administration and various social programs was becoming obvious.  One way to “balance the books” was to demand private citizens turn in Gold and Silver which were widely used for settling debts.

In today’s world, Government is already being backed-into a corner to pay for things. National debt piled to the Moon.   The Biden Administration is eyeing BIG income tax increases.  And that part of the IRS filing (we’re a week from the filing deadline) where you certify if you’re in crypto’s, or not?  Well, that could become the basis for tax evasion charges if you have been playing and aren’t paying honest taxes on  your gains when taken.

The Anti-Crypto Push

You can already see the foreshadows of crypto’s demise.

A useful story to consider is “Crypto trading ‘is a fad’ for many, says behavioral finance expert.”

But there’s more to it, as governments – like India’s – have already laid down the law on crypto use.  If banks want to play – have fun.  But don’t come whining to government:  India Leaves Crypto Ban Decision To Individual Banks By CoinQuora.

For their part, the coinsters are touting “loss by not participating” – a common “this is the last one, buy it or lose…” sales technique.  Dressed up in stories like “crypto: Thanks to crypto curbs, India missing out on multiple $50-100B listed firms, says Binance CEO –  inThe Economic Times.  You might miss the sales pitch.  We who have been sales professionals call this  “The Take-Away Sale.

And to press their case, says the Biz Section of the NY Times, “As Scrutiny of Cryptocurrency Grows, the Industry Turns to K Street.”

I love it to death:  A showdown between government’s dirty (and depreciating) money versus private (drug and trafficking) money.  This is gonna be totally effing EPIC.

News is Sales???!!!

Oh – hell yeah.   Oh, yee innocent sheep, lol.  Every time you turn on the news expect a barrage of sales pitches.  The Takeaway Sale is a good one, too.

Since sales is (as I’ve cynically taught for half a century) a scripted matter, spending time on sites like SalesScripter will more than pay for themselves.  The SalesScripter overview of the “takeaway” is over here.

We  could follow the bird seed further, but you get the idea:  Economic clock says kidnappings are hot.  Crypto’s facilitate kidnappings.  Governments are slow on the uptake.  And the crypto folks are overworking the “takeaway” not realizing they could make fortunes selling anything.  Which would be more responsible than burning fossil fuels to make up numbers to compete with government.

In the long term, care to guess who wins?  Bet on the side with an Army and a NORTHCOM.

On to the Shorts

I like to begin every Monday checking to see how many times the word “Trump” appears on the web front page of the NY Times.  They just can’t get past it…or it’s a super-easy monetization.  Well, I’ll be damned – just one reference today pointing to “Trump lies” in the story “McCarthy Officially Backs Stefanik to Replace Cheney in House Leadership.”

Must be a low news day, though.  Because with the kidnapping of the energy pipeline on the low-beam to protect Slow Joe and friends, the Washington Post worked Trump references in six-times on their front page.  Including this “exclusive” Tex. firm helped convince many the election was stolen from Trump…”  The WaPo repetition of “Trump” six times on its front page makes sense from a “further monetizing TDS” standpoint, as we figure it.

Looks to us like CNN is working the Trump-trigger, too as they roll “White House chief of staff says he ‘wouldn’t want to estimate or underestimate’ Trump if he decides to run in 2024.”  Like anyone cares?

Reality Check:  Good James Rickards’ piece via the Daily Reckoning  worth a read if you give any thought to how the Bidenista’s lefties are planning to take down America.  See “The Sky Is Falling.”    No, since we’re rational (as is Rickards) climate is not more important than Ukraine, Russia, China, Taiwan and the Koreas.  Except in Jo(k)e Land, of course.

Side of Murder? 7 Dead Including Gunman In Colorado Birthday Party Shooting” reports NPR.  Which will be predictably followed with another round of calls to “disarm America.”  Only the totally stupid ostrich types think criminals really give a shit about gun laws.  When  tragedy strikes, look for gun-grabbers to start their monetizations.   Start the countdown to the hype.

But: Like we’ve been sayingHedge Fund CIO: There Are Just Two Ways To Fix Today’s Imbalances – An Economic Depression Or Soaring Inflation | over on ZeroHedge.

Markets on Crack:  A major national energy pipeline was taken for ransom, Slow Joe’s raising taxes,  cryptos are challenging gov-money, and climate is more important than countries who was to take down America.  Sure…THAT explains by Dow futures are up 100, lol.  Print us up a few billions.

But Seriously:  the One Strategy about to pay off is the one we’ve advocated for YEARS here:  Get and remain debt-free.  And pay off a piece of property so you will always have a place to live a grub out a garden.  Sheesh.  It’s not that hard, right?

When countries get into the pickle we’re in, the only game in town is to “steal savings” and that’s “money.”  Steal by hyperinflation or deflation.  Makes no difference.  So converting into hard assets is simple, right?

The Videos and Book of Tyreman

Two items of interest if you have followed Chris Tyreman’s work.  First is the latest in his Step-by-Step Millionaire series:  The Coming Economic Catastrophe of A.I. – YouTube.

Second item is the book explaining how Self-Defining Hebrew (SDH) works.  On Amazon now for $13 bucks Unmasking the Grand Delusion.

Interesting side story:  He was going to put it out on Kindle but apparently a publishing nightmare because needed fonts aren’t all supported.

Lawnmower Retrograde

Almost bought a new lawnmower entirely on the phone.  But when Lowes got a decline on my card (without the chip read) the only choice Sunday was to go into town.

Turns out it was a good thing.  I got looking at the new Husqvarna rider I was looking at and some idiot in product design had screwed up a good mower.

The gas tank filler, formerly on the  left rear deck, was now inside the engine compartment.  Mind you, I’m no fan of pouring gasoline around a hot engine, but the pisser was the instrument cowling blocked part of where the gas can would have to go in order to fill ‘er up.  Who came up with this cockamamie idea….or whether it saves money in manufacturing, is anyone’s guess.

But, wanting nothing to do with it, I picked out a 54-inch Craftsman – with the gas filler outside the engine compartment and on the left side of the console easy to get to.  Same price.  Both manufactured up in Tennessee by MTD,,,

Physics Note from the Cat

Old Zeus the cat left me a note directing my attention to a story crossing on Vice over the weekend.  “Scientists Have Studied the Mysterious Behavior of Cats Sitting on Squares (vice.com)

I’ll let you read Zeek’s note – which was kinda interesting…

Hey!  Fatso!

Humans get it wrong again.  Let me explain:  Cat brains are two-dimensional.  We’re sentient, but two dimensions, not three.

So when you walk out on the screen porch and see a chair to sit it, what is it?  THREE dimensions, right?

When I (the chief cat hereabouts) walk out, being limited in thinking to two-dimensions, what does a chair look like?  Well, if you look down from the two dimension view it’s a square.  When we see a square on the floor, we figure that’s a chair, as well.  And when I jump up on your drink table, that’s also a two-dimension chair-looking thing, too.

Honest to God, if you humans would just realize we’re in two and you apes are in three dimensions, a lot of the “mysterious cat behavior” would be…you know…totally OBVIOUS!”


I left P.D. Ouspensky’s Tertium Organum open to page 35, so Zeus could enlighten  himself on how Humans have the same problem living in 3+ time and trying to grasp a 4+ time reality.

Whether he reads it,  or just wants to borrow my glasses to play with?  I’ll let you know.

Dow up 100 (you paint’em Powell!) and NASDAQ down 58, so on an Aggregate basis the break shot will be down but hyped like it’s up.

Write when the world’s out of rehab you get rich,


68 thoughts on “On Ransom and Crypto’s Nightfall”

  1. I read this story and kinda cringed. Hopefully bees don’t get loose and swarm people with covid. I have nightmares about this stuff …


    Head about the cyber attack shutting down the pipeline and thought, yeah sure it did. Probably just an excuse to raise gas prices. Well, sure enough, the southeastern US is now bracing for higher gas prices. Imagine that. Wonder how much actual damage was done … it’s not as if there was a huge oil spill because of those hackers. Whatever … just follow the narrative.

    And sure as the sun rises in the east, let’s get ready for those driverless trucks … cuz they can’t find humans to do it ….


    And people are becoming aware of those spike proteins in those jabs … raising a few eyebrows here and there


    And Yellen is saying there might be need for an umbrella in case it rains and interest rates need increased so the economy doesn’t overheat. Yeah, I remember driving a junk car in the rain.

    And ya wonder why people are losing their minds. – Happy Monday.

  2. As important as the financial developments from the pipeline hack may be, IMO energy futures are the least of the nation’s worries. If a major fuel distribution pipeline can be hacked and held ransom in peacetime, any critical national infrastructure is game – water supply, electric grids (the U.S. shares portions of our grid with Canada), food and medical distro and communications (to include the internet service providers), just to name a few.

    The big worry in D.C. and boardrooms across America is likely ‘what is compromised to the point that it could impact the day to day function of the nation, the economy and the American way of life, let alone the military’s ability to respond in a timely manner to any combination of hostile actors.

    • Right on WH! Least we forget how much our military hard and software has been potentially compromised by less than friendly foreign off shore production!

    • “If a major fuel distribution pipeline can be hacked and held ransom in peacetime, any critical national infrastructure is game – water supply, electric grids”

      I thought maybe they got a clue when a few years ago.. china turned on everyone’s cameras and baby monitors.. then last year the hacking of the monitored security systems..
      I got concerned when myb4 tear old grandson asked me to change the program and when I took a look i was able to log onto my friends cloud his camera on his home computer everything … edit his ring doorbell make it ring and adding photos as if someone just rang his door and alter his phone contacts and photos all while tracking his movements and accessing his bank and credit cards . That scared me..if a4 year old can access it just think what someone trained can do.
      In my opinion there is a very important reason that we should not be totally reliant on our technology to be manufactured and made in another country..

  3. “Ransom”

    Regular folk could become the “Darkforce” and why not? We’re in a unique historical period where the small-fry can bust the system.

    If a worker at the “world’s largest” say, mortgage servicer encrypted the network, it could bring down the payments system. MERS was OK, when it really wasn’t so it’s all fair.

    We’re getting ripped off daily. I recently received a class-action notification from a lawyer indicating a previous health insurer I had entered into agreements “not to compete with each other”. They kicked-off the collusion in 2008 and ran it through 2020. A person at 50 Y/O has been getting ripped-off for about 25% of their life when using this insurer. Nobody will go to jail.

    Encrypt the company network.

    • I don’t disagree at all with punishing those illegally suppressing competition. I wish people would hold the same level of distrust and hatred against our politicians that profit off their position and are constantly forcing us to pay into the ponzi schemes like social security. I have pissed away far more in government waste, corruption and vote buying then any private company can ever take from me.

      • Grift and corruption are everywhere.

        One thing I noticed at the beginning of the year was a change in attitude toward sex work. Times should be getting hard once the unemployment extension are blown. Local sex workers will need to be organized.

        Washtenaw County Prosecutor no longer pursuing charges for consensual
        sex work (Ann Arbor is a college town)

        Manhattan to Stop Prosecuting Prostitution, Part of Nationwide Shift

      • I am with you there joe..
        The money I paid into social security myself could have netted just shy 50 million if i had had a say in how that money was invested. And if ihad a say in the employers paid in portion.. just shy a hundred million. Instead the youth of today feel that those receiving the social security are leaches on society. Just because our Congress is belly up to the lobbyists feed trough.. spending money hand over first taking us to war just so some idiot that doesn’t even live here can steal and take control over another countries resources..

      • “a change in attitude toward sex work. ”

        I think that it’s about time!!!
        Legalize it, tax it and regulate it.
        Legal aged sex workers that aren’t being forced to provide those services should be legalized in my opinion.
        Instead theegal aged sex workers and their clientele was targetted as a diversion, when a group of wealthy and powerful along with a group of politicians was suspected of child trafficking, rape,torture etc. The alphabets jumped in saying it was fake and it all vanished the websites of those involved was cleaned up.. even though for years they had been investigating claims that there was a group doing just that.. then after they made the claims it was fake news they set out on a big deal of targeting those of legal age providing those services.. now when the hard drive shows up of a prominent politicians kid with thousands of photos and videos and personal channelswhere he shared his videos is cleaned up.. and those investigating the hard drive accidentally destroyed it. All deemed fake news and the kid gets a multi million dollar deal along with being allowed to work as a teacher to college age young adults.

  4. Hey guys – not a part of George’s post today, but do monitor what is happening with covid vaccines – especially the many deaths and negative reactions. We will not see this in the main stream media. They are back-peddaling to suppress the story, but it is too big to suppress and the alt media is way too big. Btw, if you don’t think there are any problems with the Vaxxes, you have not been tracking the issue.

    Cliff High as a channel now on Bitchute, so cliff posts new videos every week updating this issue. Cliff had to shift to Bitchute as the PTB did not want any honesty in reporting on YouTube!

    • I spent a fair bit of time yesterday exploring this and there’s definitely something there. There’s also a LOT of disinfo regarding “fact checking” sites. When people ask if/when the mRNA from the injections will stop replicating, there’s no answer. When people ask about shedding the spike protein, the “fact checkers” respond with the answer that no virus is ever shedded. While the answer is true, it’s not relevant to the question!

      All “vaccines” are intended to induce inflammation, and adjuvants do much of this. They also tend to generalize the response resulting in increasing the likelihood of autoimmunity. Under normal circumstances, inflammation is something to be minimized. COV-SARS2 seems to be a bioweapon and has a lot of nasty surprises, but it’s still a pathogen and our bodies are designed to deal with pathogens. Vaccinating everyone will enhance selective pressure and this virus is an RNA virus already, so it can mutate rapidly. This is being seen with the many variants already extant. We’re much better off promoting health, prevention, and cures, rather than pinning the fate of the world on experimental “vaccines”. It seems that the spike protein itself may be a pathologic agent doing damage to the “vaccinated” individual along with those nearby(through shedding). There are an enormous number of neurologic and circulatory problems being reported. This is not being investigated in any public way.

      • It’s sad that people are ignoring so many obvious things because they want to be ‘right’ about the covid 19 issue. That’s the problem – there is little data being released from public sources and people are purposely ignoring alt sources because they bight the ‘covid agenda’. Very sad, and very destructive in the long run!

    • Death toll for those taking the jab since 1/1/21 is almost 4,000. Funny thing is (as in ‘odd”), the Covid deaths account for 99% of vaccine deaths to date. The other 1% is spread amongst about 100 vaccines for other diseases. Women are reporting the jab is having an effect on their menstrual cycles, and some are reporting an effect just from being around those who’ve jabbed when they themselves have not. Do a search for Dr. Tenpenny and listen to her take on things.
      Thanks Steve, for the heads-up on Clif High; I’ll go bookmark it. And remote viewers over at Farsight.org have figured out multiple timelines do exist, so maybe we got lucky with the “Global Coastal Event” and it DID happen but on a DIFFERENT timeline.

  5. Yo Ms. Cleopatra,

    “To regret ones own experience, (bitcoin),is to arrest ones own development” oscar w.

    Still Repeating same LIES regards Bitcoin – very dishonest U R!

    – just like the Repto overlords, BIS, CB, dammit janet crypto propganda = FUD

    Still defending, upholding the old Reptilian moneyfunderz system..

    Did U wake up on the wrong side of the bed this AM, or is Ure fearof memory from all Ure previous lives -where Ure ‘spirit/soul” came from, starting to really distract & piss you off?

    EVERYTHING in modern society was & is designed to keep U from Ureself, from remembering – to keep ENSLAVED, including ALL organized religion..”calling all dogs!” -mr mojorisen

    Yea, yea sure – “go to the light, get a life review ! hahahaha – even funnier – ‘U were born with sin – hahahahaha Prisoners in luv with their capture/captures. Its what we call Death Traps – to keep your Spirit Imprisioned here.

    hahahahahaaha – Review this dogs !

    Fact: crypto miners are some of the most Efficient businesses operators in the world – alwayz seeking the cheapest source of juice – duh-oooh!

    90% of time juice purchased is overload,excess, unsalable, unusable juice = Cheap.

    Presactly like Ure Bullshit covert19 Stats – AGAIN – “That Dog Simply Dont Bark” .

    see CDC latest of % of reported covert19 deaths (96%) not related. geeee

    Might also want to review CDC stats on Jabroni official reported Deaths – more from covert19 jabs than ALL other Jabs combined from past 20 years..

    Lets go with the “side with Army and NORTHCOM” – gee which side might that be ?

    Lets ask Creepyjo 2.0

    – wonder why he was DENIED Entry to PENTAGON 2 weeks ago ? Not even SS could gain entry..

    Why gen. mileycyrus hold a fire&brimestone meeting afterwards at Pentagon ?
    Who served who a Warrant for Arrest in the aftermath ? Who was led out of Pentagaon in cuffs.
    Has Cheyane Mtn been on war footing for past year, what level of Alert are they working ? Come on airfarce rets. no juice or still clinging to “old empire” ?

    Old Empire(Orions/tallwhite & Draco/reptilian) be dying, “they” are freaked out panicked that humanity will REMEMBER (what has been done to them)overandoveragain

    Farsight.org – can U help heal, get your memories back.

    Human Spirit/Soul R very special ,powerful and indestructible – connectable to all living things = power! to the peeps – if you want it..
    -cause there are alot “things” trying to control that access, as U can observe when U start to “see” “intuit” and remember, or wait for some disclosure this summer..bwahahahaha

  6. We can see your recurring theme to dislike crypto though your worry about using energy seems a little hypocritical when you don’t have the same concern about express those same concerns about other currencies. How much energy to run bank headquarters, branches, atm machines, data processing, printing presses etc, etc.

    Anyway I also am a crypto skeptic, though I have put a small percentage of my cash assets in Bitcoin and Ethyrum. Things have value because people believe they have value. So yes you can say it is a made up number, but a lot of people believe those numbers and associated functionality have value. I can easily say old automobiles, old baseball cards, paintings, hold no value to me, are easily damaged, but many people tie up lots of assets in these items. Why are some stones valuable? Because many people believe they have value and are willing to trade different fiat currencies to have them. Can it crash, sure, as can any asset. Can the government attempt to ban it, yes, just like they banned gold for a while. But you cannot deny the value others see in an easy to store asset that can buy things or easily transfer between like minded individuals to or from different WW Fiat around the world. I cannot personal protect lots of physical assets, so this is a way for me to attempt to offset the risk of inflation to fiat.

      • I might have, certainly back in the day investments were likely more limited then we have today. The key is vary the investments so one bad one does not take out all the working capital. Note I did mention a small percentage in am investing, though the percent is going up following some recent gains. I also have investments in companies, in some mining concerns, some property. etc. I don’t count on Crypto making huge gains. My hope for my crypto purchases is to loose less buying power then savings in fiat. I am a cyber target no matter if I have crypto or not, so that does not play into my decision at all.

      • You miss the point George. Jose Dish is spot on. My 31 year old son is now a millionaire + because of crypto. He invests his tech salary right back into the crypto market. Crypto has put the power of wealth generation in OUR hands. I myself have made more than what I need as well. What’s wrong with that? Other than real estate, at least where I live, I don’t know know of any investment that produces instant gratification like crypto.

        As far as energy…Paper money uses up 10X the energy of crypto when you factor the construction and maintenance of the brick and mortar buildings, mining and harvesting of paper and metals for the production of currency, currency printing and stamping, millions of servers it takes to manage e-commerce, production of credit/debit cards, the energy used by employees and customers to get to and from the banks. The list goes on. While the server farms for crypto are an energy suck…I manage my portfolio on my phone. Done…

      • What no Shiba in U ?

        Pish paw – nonesense.

        Everybody in the world – EVERYBODY/Company/Govt who uses the Internetz for Business purposes is cyper target..

        Owning BTC – makes U LESS of a target, as it is anonymous, once the coin is taken off the internet…and put into cold storage/hard wallet..

      • tell me what happens when the net goes down? When backbone routers are hacked and ransomed?
        For a bright guy, you’re not keeping an eye of directions of game place here BCN
        bioweapon, slow bleed out on chips, energy next then the real attacks will come

      • Dam… that reminds me.. my wife (the boss) wanted me to buy some tulip bulbs this year for her fb lower bed..

      • George, when the net goes down , unless you keep your money in a pillow under your bed, you can’t access your paper money either. It’s all digital. The ATM’s, wire services etc won’t work, so what’s the difference? Nobody I know uses cash anyway. We use Apple pay, chip cards, and pay friends and family with Venmo and Zelle to name a few apps. I have had the same $40 in my wallet for over two years. Cash is dead to me. Covid and the ban of the exchange of paper money made it obsolete and mainstream too.

      • “tell me what happens when the net goes down? When backbone routers are hacked and ransomed? …”

        Or when the US$ that’s used to value the cryptos goes totally South? With no integral intrinsic value in that situation you have a total nothing burger and, undoubtedly, the governments will have declared war on cryptos by then.

      • I share your sentiment, G, on cryptos. (if somebody said there’s profit in crime, would you jump right in..dope dealers make big $$ too, it doesn’t mean they still have a conscience!) Crooks prefer being paid in cryptos:


        average payout per ransom has increased:

        hidden costs to businesses, govt , etc

      • “What’s wrong with that?”

        Theres nothing wrong with making money. crypto Currency reminds me of Bernie Sanders.. and porn.. people were giving Bernie great amounts of cash. They were making money hand over first and the papers and internet accounts showed huge gains. Similar to crypto no one knew exactly where the money is. Crypto currency was born out of the dark shadows of the dark web. You don’t know who is handling your money and theres really no accountability.
        It doesn’t exist in reality it’s an illusion..granted the dollar bill and federal reserve isn’t backed by anything either it to is an illusion of worth and value.
        How does cryptocurrency remind me of porn.. you see beautiful ladies having sex.. you imagine in your mind that your enjoying the same activities..yet in reality it’s all just a fantasy..
        Cryptocurrency has value as long as there are people that see it as valuable. Yet since it was born out of the darkness it can and will vanish back into the darkness the minute everyone realizes it’s just a fantasy of value over nothing..
        I can count to a million to.. I can’t spend that but it’s just the same..
        In the seventies we use to play a game called the money game. JMHO . It has value as long as people continue to see it have value..

      • “when the net goes down , unless you keep your money in a pillow under your bed, you can’t access your paper money either.”

        On a serious notenow I make annually what you probably make in an hour but heres my take on the situationfrom the bottom with nothing to back me up… when it all goes south crypto will be the remains of a fart in the wind.. where the dollars you have stuffed in a pillow will still be usable as a pillow…
        Look at the graph of the cost of one ounce of gold during the weimer depression.


        In Zimbabwe the cost of a loaf of bread was 39 million.. the story I liked was the two boys ..the received their inheritance one invested in the banks and one went partying.. when it hit the boy that invested had to use wheelbarrows of cash for food. There was a glass shortage and the boy that partied had a basement full of bottles.
        I seen photographs of people with baskets of silver services and gold plated stuff trading for food.. a man with a wheelbarrow full of money stepped into the shop came back out to see the pile of money but no wheelbarrow. Someone stole his wheelbarrow…
        Not that long ago we seen toilet paper selling for 20 cents a square for single ply and jelled alcohol selling for 20 an ounce. As a realtor you already know that in your area you have to have a minimum take home wage of close to a hundred dollars an hour just to qualify to purchase a place..food stamp level to qualify in your city is just shy a quarter million a year. So the way I see Its comming ..whether or not we want it to.
        Faster though since we have a ding dong opening the borders to illegals and throwing cash to the wind and now talking about reparations and monthly checks.( one positive note I don’t know how he could do anything less since the minute the cash flow stops ir they raise rates we instantly go to economic hell)
        We still have 30% facing eviction.. sure they can push the date back and back but it’s not gone.. now that they are going option 3 and if the virus takes off like it has in India things could be very interesting overnight..if we go to war the virus wont be much of a concern and everyone will be scrambling. Heck who knows from there..
        While you can use a wheelbarrow as a chair a wagon so invest in wheelbarrows

      • “Crooks prefer being paid in cryptos:”

        Exactly crooks currency…cryptos is dark pool money. We all know how banking works.. we save money buy bonds etc.. they in turn.loan that money out charge an interest etc. Skimming their profits off the top.
        When the alphabet’s were investigating that fake child trafficking ring that yheyvdiscovered was totally fake..nothing like that going on..I had read investigating reports and articles about human organ sales..arms dealing just about anything under the sun..all on the dark web. Crypto currency was developed as a way to cloak illegal activities. Since there isn’t a way to track these activities. Who are you finding. Who’s borrowing money to fund what. An army buying illegal arms set to destroy our country..illegal child trafficking..or other horrible crimes. I for one am a proud citizen that loves our country. With that history and the fact that it isn’t anything at all just a number.. I would never invest in it.. no matter how much I could make.
        Maybe my morals are a little higher. Who knows I will never put a dime in it as long as it’s well known to be dark pool money .

    • Read Mike’s post below. Musk planted the seed of doubt in his Saturday Night Live (SNL) appearance. Digital tulip season is waning. I don’t give financial advice, so if I suggest to Ure crypto pirate pals to liquidated 50% of the crypto holdings to cash, real estate or PM’s now, it would be life experience, not financial advice. Besides, cryptos aren’t a real investment, at least not according to Elon.

      • Yet, he made over a billion investing in Bitcoin and Dogecoin. That seems pretty real to me.

      • “Yet, he made over a billion investing in Bitcoin and Dogecoin. That seems pretty real to me.”

        Thas t is true Mark..I made money playing the money game to..
        “What is a Pyramid Scheme?
        One person recruits 10 other people to participate in a “no-fail investment opportunity.”
        The 10 recruits each pay the recruiter $100.
        The recruiter now tells them to go out and recruit 10 more people to do the same.
        If each recruit is successful, they’ll all end up with $900 in profit from a $100 investment”

        Even though I knew the money game was a sham. I am pretty sure everyone knew that Bernie Sanders was a sham .. just like the money game those at the bottom were paying for those at the top.. the difference is.. you knew who was scamming you.. with BC cloaked in darkness you could be paying for just about anything.. but if you have extra money that you can throw away go for it and take in the profits while you can.

  7. You are so right Warhammer. I just finished reading the book “This is how they tell me the world ends” by Nicole Perlroth. If this book doesn’t scare the $hit out of you, nothing will. Cyber criminals appear to be able to hack into, take down and sell data to anyone, anywhere, anytime. You named a few but she names them all, not the least of which are our nuclear power systems.

    From her book. “Zero-day: a software bug that allows a hacker to break into your devices and move around undetected. One of the most coveted tools in a spy’s arsenal, a zero-day has the power to silently spy on your IPhone, dismantle the safety controls at a chemical plant, alter an election, and shut down the grid (just ask Ukraine).”

    If you are a prefer a great fiction book read, check out Vince Flynn’s “Total Power.”

    • So who is in for the new Apple coin size tracking devices … so if you lose something you can find it again? In the interest of “security” after 48 hours of not being around it’s “host” cell phone it will start to beep a bit, but until then silent as a mouse.

      Gosh … NOBODY would ever use one of those devices to track a spouse, GF/BF, stalk another person, or track someone they wanted to follow would they? Of course not, in the high tech world designing tracking devices not much bigger than a quarter that could be hidden almost anywhere is something that would ONLY be used for GOOD!!

      • We were looking for something like that for the grandkids several years ago and this was BEFORE the border started hemorrhaging. Today it sounds like and even better idea for kids if the device can help you find them before they’re removed from their person and discarded.

    • I watched an interesting movie.. the blue world order.. about an emp in the year 2022 that killed all the children and a virus that had the vaccine that was injected made the people do what those in power wanted them to do through a signal.. LOL
      It actually wasn’t to bad.. a little out there.. but hey..

      • french doc – nobel prize winner – Montagier…paper 2005 showing DNA responds to low level freq..

        sci fi right ?

      • “DNA responds to low level freq..
        sci fi right ?”

        You know japan a few years ago had a great study on plants and sound frequency..

    • The Southeast is the area that is HOSED.

      The Northeast has alternative ways of getting oil and product to their area dating back to the days from 15 – 20 years ago when we were importing 10 million barrels a day of crude, mostly from the Middle East and much of it was refined in the NE or the product was delivered there by water.

      In those ancient times most of the oil used to fuel the refineries in the NE came from the Middle East, so they mostly still have the infrastructure in place to both bring in refined and crude product by barge and ship in addition to the Colonial pipeline bringing it up from Texas.

      (there is also some they can bring in via the cross PA pipelines coming from the new gas/oil fields in western PA /Eastern OH that used to flow west but now flow east – but with the pending closure next week of the cross Straits pipeline in Michigan, 500,000 barrels a day of Canadian crude, the refineries in that region of the country may have to gobble up that more local oil that they were shipping east across PA).

      The Southeast on the other hand is almost totally reliant upon pipelines coming from Texas (Colonial being the biggest) for bringing in already refined product and some crude for their own refineries. If I lived in Atlanta up through Roanoke I would be making sure I had all my gas tanks filled and all by spare gas cans filled.

    • The continental U.S. hosts approximately 1,400,000 miles of currently used underground pipelines. Pull up a map (they’re available.) We’ve got a lot more gasoline/oil/natgas/crude redundancy than we have, Internet backbone redundancy. IMO the issues with Colonial are:

      1) A U.S. energy delivery company got hacked, and
      2) Colonial lost $50mln in revenue and penalties

      so… Colonial is butthurt and embarrassed, and is looking to pass blame (and some of their financial liability) to someone else.

  8. My guess is that “The Bad Guys” have done some (maybe a lot) electronic recon, where nothing was stolen or monkey-wrenched, but the PATHWAYS were mapped out and stored for later use.

    If you know a key fits, and unlocks the door, you don’t have to actually go in the door until you want or need to.

    Discovering the pathways might not be detected unless some event causes a detailed look at access logs, for example.


    • Correct. Some of the sleuth-work is finding pathways, but some of it is installing one’s own high-speed doorway.

      Once they’re in, they leave, and leave the path alone.

    • I know a ‘good guy’ (calls himself one of the ‘white hats’) who is a defense computer contractor… top of the MS ‘ethical hacker’ pile… used to work with Ed Snowden. He doesn’t talk much, but some information slips, sometimes. He once confided to me that after ANY computer has been on the internet for five minutes or more… “I OWN that thing!”.

      • “after ANY computer has been on the internet for five minutes or more… “I OWN that thing!”.
        I believe it.. when you send a text message or voice to text. Theres a clause that says they own it and can do whatever they want with it. The same with photos on Facebook etc. Siri or Alexa same thing.

  9. So you bought a MTD from lowes. Well next season you will change the plastic
    drive pulleys out for the steel ones. The spindles too. The second year more trouble. YouTube has great videos you will want to watch on how to fix it.
    Despite oil changes, filter, and other parts by year 3 your misery will be over. The mower will die. MTD uses plastic parts were steel is need to save a few bucks.
    I learned I bought the Husqvarna from lowes. Oh what fun! after first season started changing parts regularly. Got four years out of it till engine threw a rod despite full of oil, yes the purple, oh well.
    Went to the actual dealer that sold Husqvarna equipment from the factory. In second season and no problems so far. Grease fittings oil changes filters cranks first time every time. Each time after mowing blow off ,wash under deck, clean air filter, fill with gas park till next time. Check oil hop on and mow. This time I got a ZTR. 1/3 less time cutting. Yes paid more but if I ever have problem just call dealer. I try to not buy anything from the big stores because they don’t service or really care after the sale. Yes I wanted to get the 60″ EXMARK but that was a bridge too far. But if you need to cut 2 ac in 45 mins. that’s the mower for you. Goes so fast it will scare the neighbors. Well Need to finish up the tractor Hydraulics, filters and fluid and change the oil. Also fix the JOY stick! What fun! Relax its only money and you can’t take it with you. Besides Green Acres is the place to be! In Texas Bob Wills is still the King!

  10. If Zeke calls you: “Hey! Fatso!” she seems to be exceptional as a two-dimensional being. Are you certain he’s just a cat? ;-)

  11. Every time I hear about another ransomware episode, it tells me that someone did not have their system backed up to the point of being able to restart quickly. The more critical the system, the more important that is. Then, the most obvious reason for not being prepared always asserts itself – everyone’s doing business on the cheap these days.

    No one wants to spend money on anything that doesn’t directly translate into profits – or votes. Government systems are just as vulnerable as private ones, if not more so. I’ve dealt with plenty of things running on creaky old obsolete equipment. Sometimes you have to get creative just to make them do what they’re supposed to do. It’s hard to campaign on having modernized the computer system, and bureaucrats don’t want the boat rocked anyway. That includes both government bureaucrats and corporate ones.

  12. I am not a fan anymore of “SNL”. I did watch this Saturday to see Elon Musk. In their cypto news update Musk portrayed a financial expert. They pressed him to explain crypto. His punchline was “ ok, it’s a hustle” It made me think of your writing George.

  13. “Gosh … NOBODY would ever use one of those devices to track a spouse, GF/BF”

    Lol what funny about that is I suggested that to a good friend whose daughter kept taking off..lol
    She did that and the kid couldnt ever figure out how mom was finding her..

  14. Hey George comments aren’t posting properly. Says 35 have posted not even close maybe a dozen that’s all. Might want to check. Cheers Chuck

    • WordPress is half-broken. Mozilla, with its latest update, is completely broken. I hit every page here which still have posting open, and refresh the page. Then I refresh the front page. Links and counts are then correct.

      The last time this happened, it was a “check/update page” error on George’s side (IIRC with remote serverside caching.) This time, not so much, since I have to use the same workaround with Moz on other sites. One of my browsers is Vivaldi — an Opera-12 clone built on Google Chrome’s engine. Vivaldi “sees” the latest iteration of Urban Survival’s front page, but doesn’t see the updated pages without a refresh.

      The Moz update did several things of which I’m not a fan, especially relegating the [backspace] key to ==>nul. I use a mouse as little as possible, and attempting to hack Mozilla’s control file to restore the [backspace] (back) function was an exercise in futility. I’m anxiously awaiting moz.org’s next update…

      • Try the Brave browser on Windows and the Duckduckgo browser on the phone.

        In fairness to Firefox, recent use of the Windows version indicates to me that it is somewhat less broken than it was several months back. I use Vivaldi on a back-up Windows machine and have found it tolerable.

        I have now enabled the resident Chrome browser on the phone for the first time in years, but I only use it when there is an issue with the Duck. I promptly erase data after using it, and don’t keep any bookmarks in it. I can’t delete it off the phone anyway, at least not easily, so it makes for an ultralight back-up browser with known security and privacy issues. Vivaldi on the phone is almost unusable. Brave is better, but uses a lot of resources. The Duck is minimum essential with decent privacy built in.

  15. Mr Ure

    Wouldn’t it be a real kick in the shorts if a forensic analysis of the cyber attack on Colonial pointed to “internal” players – ya know, the kind of folks who think fossil fuel sources should be shut off YESTERDAY and FOREVER? Not mentioning any names, but someone whose initials look a lot like an old-school internet provider come to mind. What’s the saying Ure so fond of… Follow The Money??? Of course, the details of such a deep dive into the incident will never be made public.

    D In Englewood

  16. they have even brainwashed roubini with stories of inflation, interest rates , the FED and patriotism . yep everyone is vaccinated .

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