Frightening Chart – Mutilation Woo-Woo – ExPat Report

Not our objective to get into the “Doom Porn” business.  Rather, we suffer the illusion of remaining rational while the world of zombies comes along…

Frightening Chart

Having “invented” our Aggregate view of markets in the rubble of the 2000-2003 Internet Bubble blow-down, and enjoyed some profits using it in the 2009 Housing Bubble bottom, we see another series of warnings for the period ahead now.

While there is little likelihood of the market dropping precisely to that yellow dot (indicating a very close replay with 1929) we nevertheless do have a well-worn copy of Ben Bernanke’s “Essays on the Great Depression” for supplemental trading reminders.

The red trace is 2009 through this morning’s early futures; the blue is how the 1920-1932 accident chain worked:

The good news is that there was some gain back as bargain hunters came back in.  OK, and some offshore proxies, perhaps?

Part of the myth of anti-fragility is other systems will step in.  Yet as we read in today’s accounts of gas shortages, sometimes – even in a supposedly “anti-fragile” system, there are no backups.

By the way, former Fed chief Bernanke hasn’t posted anything to his blog (over here) in a very long time.  We keep an eye on it waiting for him to utter a warning.  But, whether he can (or will) remains an open question among the flock.

Financial Contagion

We never gloat on anyone’s losses, but the refusal of Colonial Pipeline to pay ransomware demands, has not helped the hype of Latter Day Tulip promoters. Bitcon dropped under $50K this morning.

No doubt, coin hucksters will call for “buying the dips” but we unabashedly hold that from a long-term view, it will be the “dips doing the buying.”

Which is not to say that a government-backed crypto might not be ahead of us.  However, the digital Yuan (15-cents of Biden Scrip-BS) may be seen as a Trojan Horse “U.S. companies, not the government, have most to fear from China’s digital yuan” reported MarketWatch.

Makes for some grist for thought as you’re sitting in lines.  As Florida, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina declare state of emergency over gas shortages.”


Double-Dose of Daily Data:  We have this week’s new unemployment claims to kick off the view:

Followed by the Producer Price Final Demand report.  Remember, this is pent-up inflation rolling through the manufacturing pipeline and it won’t arrive for 30-120 days at the consumer level.

Final demand services: Prices for final demand services rose 0.6 percent in April, the fourth consecutive advance. Half of the broad-based increase in April is attributable to the index for final demand services less trade, transportation, and warehousing, which moved up 0.5 percent. Margins for final demand trade services also rose 0.5 percent, and the index for final demand transportation and warehousing services jumped 2.1 percent. (Trade indexes measure changes in margins received
by wholesalers and retailers.)

Product detail: Within the index for final demand services in April, prices for portfolio management rose 1.5 percent. The indexes for airline passenger services; food retailing; fuels and lubricants retailing; physician care; and hardware, building materials, and supplies retailing also moved higher.

Conversely, margins for machinery and vehicle wholesaling fell 5.6 percent. The indexes for apparel wholesaling and for securities brokerage, dealing, investment advice, and related services also
declined. (See table 4.)

Yes, do go over to Table 4 *here* and see how gasoline has more than doubled (+225.7% YoY).   Whee!

By the way, one of the guys at the local tire (and inspection) shop was telling me Wednesday he went out to buy a rough-cut pine 1-by-12 for a project last week.  Single 8-footer, right?  $18.50.  Even democrat economists see it:  Larry Summers sends inflation warning to White House: Dominant risk to economy is ‘overheating.’  NSS.

Elaine and I are planning a massive remodel of our failing (14-year old) deck on the front of the house.  But, we’re putting that project off till fall to allow the pain and suffering go through the pipeline.  Lumber futures were showing down more than 4% over on FinViz earlier.  But, in the meantime we’re eyeing the Slow Joe bubble with suspicions similar to Summers’.

Some high-brow college ought to offer a degree in “forensic speculation” (with apologies to Dr. David’s class in PA).  Mirrored parabolic excesses can be a profitable pastime.

Impacting Your Life

Just as Bitcoin dropped under $50,000 this morning, out comes the story on NPR:  “Elon Musk Says Tesla Won’t Accept Bitcoin For Car Purchases Any More…”    Might have to rename him “Hype-along Cassidy…”

Wrong-Way Gretchen is turning her back on the public in lieu of the Blue state agenda to wreak economic havoc on America:  Company defies Michigan governor’s order to close pipeline, report Yahoo.  If there was an actual spill I could understand.  But this hype about potential spill?  Every inch of every pipeline on Earth has the “potential” to spill.  Wisely, she’s being ignored.  Damn socialists in Michigan don’t seem especially bright, we’re sad to observe.

Another Jab-Jab?  Sure:  16 states have vaccinated at least 50% of their population.  However, if you start with one type of vaccine, better stay with it for the duration hints the story “Mix and match Covid vaccine study finds increased risk of mild to moderate symptoms.”  (Reminds me of the old lesson Pappy taught about the “dangers of mixing the grain and the grape.”  I’ve been collecting data on that one for half a century now with more experiments planned today…)

I & I Dominate the front pages globally this morning as “ Fears of ‘all-out war’ (Israel) and concerns over variant (India) – summarizes BBC News front pages globally.”

Is there a limit to political correctness?  A hint is seen in “:Joe Piscopo slams de Blasio over ‘Columbus Day’ removal from school calendar: ‘We’re putting our foot down’.”

Refreshingly rationale: Caitlyn Jenner ‘strongly’ supports the border wall.”  Pleasant surprise.

Cattle Mutilation Woo-Woo

Second season of the Skinwalker Ranch series is on Amazon.  And in episode #2 last night, the question of cattle mutilations came up.  When unseen forces mutilate a cow (taking the eyeballs and butt area) predators won’t touch the carcass for a year, or longer, afterwards.

While an interesting episode, I didn’t think much about it.  But my very active dream-states sure did!  Sometimes when I see a deep problem (like cattle mutilations) I go to sleep and there’s a switch that turns on the “Solve-For…” whatever over in the Dream Realms.

What came back?

I awoke with a very clear idea that cattle mutilations might be how the (whatever’s) coming in and out of our world via portals, figure which worldline they are on.

Been  doing a lot of portal reading study as time permits.  My acoustical space-time machine project is still active.  And one of the problems vexing me is navigation.  Summon “the fog” (common indicator around portals), enter or wait, but then what?  (We’ll likely send in a drone if it works.)

You see, when you have a 3-dimensional (+ time) playing field, you can employ tools like GPS and for large spaces measures like astronomical units to establish your location down to a gnat’s ass.

But, when you’re splitting the timeline (under a modified Many World’s Interpretation (MWI) and traveling to parallel dimensions, what is your navigation reference?

The unlikely answer (appearing in the overnight dream-state work)  was “measure biological ratios” sampled from a mammalian life forms.

Wonky?  You Bet…

But before you completely dismiss the idea, you might watch some TV movies.  The gentler of the two is The Adjustment Bureau which deals with simply operating outside of space-time.  That’s a kind of scene-setting flick.

More extreme, though – and one where alt. history comes in hugely – is the Amazon series Man in the High Castle.  The alt. history angle here supposes the U.S. lost WW II and that Germany got the East Coast, Japan the West, and there were pockets of resistance in the middle.

Next, we synthesize a bit in dream-to-solve lands:  Imagine that we have both time-travel anddimensions next door” (not-so coincidentally, the name of one of my books, see tab top of page for Amazon link).

To borrow the graphic from Wikipedia’s discussion of the MWI then, biological sampling at the to points indicated, might be one way of confirming (or establishing) which “space-time page” you’re on.

For more on how MWI splits work, read Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Has Many Problems | in Quanta Magazine. and then ask yourself “Self:  If I build a portal, how can I definitively get back here to the right space-time page?”  Sure, they all re-converge at the End of Time.

But, in the meantime, the Dream Realms were schooling me last night on the notion that a high-end chemistry lab might be able to differentiate “space-time pages” and that might account for animal mutilations (and some human disappearances).

Leaving this morning’s class problem to be stated as:  Are there Differential telomere lengths from different “end samples” of a mammal depending on which time line their present on?  Hmm…

An ExPat Update

Had a delightful update from a long-time reader who decided, gosh, 15+ years is it now?  Decided to move to the highlands of Ecuador.  Where he’s been living a grand life and sending us periodic comparisons with our alternative.  Some with a dash of “neener-neener” added.

Elaine and I opted, if you haven’t figured is a “domestic U.S. Bug-In” in a small town in rural America.  But how about small towns somewhere else?  Like Ecuador?

“It’s even cheaper in a small town (here). We have a beautiful 3 bedroom just come available, completely furnished, Utilities included, you need nothing but unpack your suitcase and buy food. $550 a month. Within walking distance of almost 50 restaurants, price of meals varies from $2.50 to $20.  Last renters were there for 8 years, 95 year old italian mother died and the son who owns a restaurant decided to move out. We just refurbished, new sink, stove and refrigerator. Includes fiber optic wifi.

My wife and I use prepaid cell, $10 a month gets us 13GB and 200 minutes talk time which we never exhaust. Everybody here uses WhatsApp.

We have made many improvements since this website was put up years ago. Casa Amarilla website.

Your readers need to know about this.  There are single expats here doing well on $850 a month.

Beats trying to struggle by on $2500 a month in the U.S.    Read CITIZEN JOURNALISM – Single person budget $1,500 budget – Cuenca Expats Magazine ( at

The EcuadorExpat

I decided to leave his email tagline for you to ponder, as well, since it’s getting on closer by the day…

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing — when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.”  Ayn Rand

Off to the punch list – Elaine’s surgery comes soon and I have “miles to go before I sleep…

Dow futures have turned up – bounce due – may be playable…

Write when you get rich (or feel so-moved…)

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  1. Michigan pipeline.

    “Wisely, she’s being ignored. ”

    Just like the Texas grid from a few months ago. Reinforcement of the grid was wisely ignored in favor of cost savings. Risk was wisely ignored by the people in favor of lower bills.

    When a ship eventually drags an anchor across a pipeline and the pipe breaks,the lakes will be contaminated and dead. There are no do overs.

    Of course double containment should be used.

    Time Machine back 50 years:

    “When Lake Erie – or more exactly the Cuyahoga River which flows into Lake Erie – caught fire in 1969, it ignited a firestorm of public outrage over the indiscriminate dumping of sewage and industrial chemicals into the Great Lakes. But the incident was not particularly unusual.”

    • Actually, you’re completely wrong about pipelines and pipeline breaks. A pipeline rupture does not mean that the lakes are permanently dead and there are no do-overs. That’s not based in reality, although I’m sure it makes a great talking point for the television doom-porn mongers. It’s two dimensional thinking. The water in the lake is the same water as yesterday and tomorrow and forever. Nonsense! The fact that Lake Erie no longer catches on fire disproves your thinking. The lake is clean and safe because environmental regs, remediation technology and natural attenuation. If surface contamination and pollution were ‘forever and no do-overs’ there wouldn’t be a place to live in 99% of the world.

      The old adage has proven to be true: The solution to pollution is dilution….and also perhaps a dual-phase groundwater extraction system.

      The reality is that there are pipelines EVERYWHERE and have been for over a century. There are millions of miles pipeline in North America. Natural gas, oil, gasoline, fuel oil, etc. It’s the best and most efficient way to support the energy needs of the country. If they were as fragile and deadly as the environmental hand wringers imagine that they are the world would have ended around 1930.

      I should tell you all the true story of the Keystone Pipeline debacle.

      The American people live in a fabricated reality and have little to no knowledge of how the real world works. It’s ‘The Truman Show’ writ large.

      • Have to disagree with you here MAJ13.

        The “flush rate” for Lake Michigan /Lake Huron is on the order of 60 to 80 years or so (Lake Erie being the shallowest lake flushes in a decade or so) … and when this very same pipeline broke a few years back it spilled 840,000 gallons of crude oil before they could get the pipeline shut down. 840,000 gallons of crude oil into the Great Lakes, with a flush rate in the DECADES, not days or even weeks like a river system has, would be devastating for the second largest surface fresh water source in the world.

        Even though where this very same pipeline broke the last time, further south in Michgan, only affecting a river area where natural flushing would occur virtually weekly in the dry season and multiple times in the wet seasons the BASIC clean up still took 5 years and the more long term clean up is still continuing to this day more than a decade later.

        “… The Kalamazoo River oil spill occurred in July 2010 when a pipeline operated by Enbridge (Line 6B) burst and flowed into Talmadge Creek (840,000 gallons) , a tributary of the Kalamazoo River. A 6-foot (1.8 m) break in the pipeline resulted in one of the largest inland oil spills in U.S. history. The pipeline carries diluted bitumen (dilbit), a heavy crude oil from Canada’s Athabasca oil sands to the United States. Cleanup took five years….”,sands%20to%20the%20United%20States.

        Embridge has drug it’s feet FOR YEARS at drilling that proposed tunnel under the Straits … they have been talking about it, when placed under pressure by the State of Michigan, and doing as little actual work on it as possible for over 20 years now, but to actually DRILL IT? Well maybe NEXT YEAR!! or the year after, or the year after, ad infinitum has long been their operating mode.

        For me, having now watched Embridge on this specific issue about this specific pipe under the Straits since I lived in Michigan 30 years ago, put up excuse after excuse year after year THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY anymore!! (at least twice large boat anchors from lake freighters HAVE snagged the pipeline even though the large lake freighters are NOT supposed to drop any anchor within several miles of that channel – thankfully only minor damage to the pipeline occured on both of those occaisions)

        Yep, closing the pipeline down is not a good situation, but letting Embridge put off completing their drilling of that under channel tunnel for another 5 years or 10 years just so they can save money after having PROVED that they are irresonible with respect to maintaining their pipelines makes no sense to me.

        As a conservative Republican I happen to agree with the Michigan Governor on this issue. Hold Embridge’s feet to the fire and CLOSE IT DOWN!!

      • You mean the 9000 incidents in 30 years that caused 550 deaths, $8.5 billion in damages, and thousands of injuries? Lovely safe pipelines indeed!

        accidents spotted by the public, not the pipeline owners, the severity of spill suppressed by the company….quite common PR procedure for other companies as well…

    • I could never understand why a ship that is moving would drop their anchor. If they do that they should never pilot a ship again.

    • Pardon me, Steve,

      Do you know what you are talking about?

      The original pipeline has been in place for years and years 50 plus certainly. It is a pipeline crossing the Upper Peninsula of Michigan then going under Great Lakes between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan at the “straights” and connecting to Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Yeah, check more than one map…….to get it.

      The proposed new pipeline is a pipeline within a box. Essentially it is a pipe within a secondary concrete containment structure which is an extraordinary way of treating a “what if a” hazardous material being transported in a pipe breaks?

      Under Michigan’s best practices doctrine, all this nonsense about leaks, boat anchors “save our straights” etc. is just that. Whatever the reason that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer et. al want to shut that pipeline down, bears no relation to the likelihood of a pipeline failure.

      IMHO, Michigan is a ‘wannabe’ woke state under Gretchen’s regime. The agreement for the existence of that pipeline is between the of Nations of the US and Canada. Of course in the new Wokeism of the USSA and global politics, anything is possible now, eh? And by the State of Michigan’s own regulations?

      The existence of that pipeline is because of an agreement between the USA and Canada. Gretchen is out of her league, but, maybe Sleepy Joe will intervene? Would there be a pattern between Keystone, and Michigan?

      The “replacement” pipeline is a pipeline within a concrete tunnel. In essence, it is a secondary containment. Which is SOP for transporting a hazardous substance. This is Michigan’s best practice of transporting a hazardous substance. It is called a “secondary containment.”

      BTW, Gretchen has some “plan” to go into the railroad business to ensure Michigan residents have access to propane in event the pipeline is put out of “service”. Really Gretch? Like that is one of the Missions of the State of Michigan? To get into the propane distribution business? After you f*d up what was working to begin with?

      • ” When politics and environment meet, sex with voters is the outcome.”

        which has me all confused.. there are usually only two smiling in all of that on the average.. the lobbyists that get what they want… the congress that gets the goodies from multiple sources..
        Congressman leans over.. whispering in your ear… I don’t use lube.. and I am going on recess as soon as I am done with you.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL An old Fashioned.. F&%# and Go

      • I’d love to see OM2 weigh in on this, because he would KNOW. That said, I always thought a “pipeline” was a big pipe, which contained a bunch of smaller pipes, the smaller pipes each running a single petro component or distillate. Thus the outer pipeline was a “safety layer” against environmental catastrophe, as well as a sheath to keep all the smaller pipes in the same place.

        It just seems to me laying that pipeline in a bored-out tunnel under the Straits would be both cheaper and far less of a logistical nightmare, and have a much lower environmental impact than encasing it in a manufactured concrete conduit. Hell, they could borrow the borer from Detroit or Traverse City and not even have to transport it from a government DUMB garage…

      • “BTW, Gretchen has some “plan” to go into the railroad business to ensure Michigan residents have access to propane in event the pipeline is put out of “service”.”

        So you’re saying Berkshire (or Warren Buffett) will soon be buying Canadian-Pacific or GTW railroads, or the old Pere Marquette and Detroit & Mackinac rights of way…?

        Heck, why not? Everyone knows petro-by-rail is much cheaper and safer than petro-by-pipeline, right? Just ask Buffett or Obiden…

  2. Oh boy! Doom porn! Love it! Last evening Ben put out a special short video describing the out of bounds effect on our planet of the latest and less than average eruption on our Sun. In his words that “Nerf Ball” the Sun threw our way shouldn’t have had the outsized effects it did which could very well mean our magnetic field is down a lot more than we realized. The effect surprised everyone from NASA to NOAH, the ESA and Ben. It doesn’t bode well for us given the hard balls Ol’ Sol will be throwing this cycle. What do you think the near-term future events have in store for the electron based currencies? Oh well, make hay while the Sun shines … or at least that’s what they USED to say.

  3. yada yada yada .. all fixed again eh !!!look!! next youll tell me an old 4×2 garbage , a little bit for me and a little bit for you !!! anotherwords closed your shorts and put an iron dome on your head . zero credibility

  4. Grocery update..
    A couple weeks ago I posted just a partial grocery order.. I buy groceries twice a month on average. This months order wasnt that big. I order case lots on a lot of it. Order went in.. the store has had seven trucks to stock the shelves and they still haven’t been able to get enough to fill my one months order and.. keep the shelves stocked.
    I visited witha store manager that I use to work with. His response was even though they are fighting to keep things stocked the supply chain is still broken and its extremely hard to keep things in stock.
    Now that’s just one order for one family..
    Most people won’t notice that because the vast majority buy for a week at a time..

  5. A frightening chart – if in Ure Short ! duh-oooh!

    Buy the Dip in the SPY yesterday ?
    coot was buying the dip all day & into last hour of day Wednesday – now long a butt load of SPY 422 Calls,5/24 exp.

    C m wings ? Well I’ll bee, m r ducks..scrooge mcducks!

    -using proceeds/profits from SPY Puts sales, and proceeds/profits from MSFT Put sales, and profit taking from TGB Call sales – did roll some TGB up & out to August 3’s – frm May 2’s.

    imho – dont need portal (s) to time travel..just Mental Capacity to envision and Hold clear mental image (s)
    *IMAGINATION is key to unlocking real “power” in the Realms – if U can imagine it – hard like – taste, smell and feel it in your mind- Ucan Will It Created.. one of reasons why EVERYTHING in modern world is geared towards taking attention AWAY from Self (s).
    -Distract from meeting/getting to know Ure higher Self = dangerdanger

    After U r done drinking some koolaid, perhaps U may feel, realize, experience that NRG here in 3D world is amping up,to levels not experienced on prison planet Earth in hundreds of thousands of years.

    2 ways to deal with IT – go fake left with spacenazi cloud – trans humanism, or Rise up to meet it and eat it/become it – NRGs to intelligent NRGs

  6. Some reports floating around the web that Colonial finally paid the hackers … got the price down to $4 million, and paid it.

    Colonial is losing more than that every 6 hours so from a business point of view, after being cheap, Cheap, CHEAP and saving money on their cyber-security for YEARS (they obviously have saved more than $4 million over the years by being CHEAP with their cyber-security) that is a great “business” deal if true.

    Shame on Colonial for being TOO CHEAP to invest in their own cyber-security – typical Koch Bros and KKR operating mode though … ie: be as CHEAP as possible, cut business expenses to the bone, and then cut them another 20% – which drives the operations guys crazy.

    • Haven’t I been saying for months that we would see a showdown between “government money” and “uncontrolled money?” Which is why cryptos could be “called” just like challengers gold and silver were in the first Great Depression.

      • Sure prisoner G U #1 – thats slave U will be telling peeps to pray for forgivness..hahahahaha

        ..cept some families didnt comply with stupid orders from idiots in charge at the time..just like they wont comply this time around.

        Remember – BTC is UNCONFISCATEABLE .

        *think some Peeps need to grow a friggin backbone..let alone a vagina or a set of soft, tender ballz.

      • Crypto is NO2 currency. Do much and your voice will change and your logic change…everything fun and funny.
        Then the gas goes off and you get the bill…

      • Breaking Cryptocurrency exchange Binance under investigation by the DOJ and the IRS with officials who probe money laundering and tax offenses seeking information…..

      • So, why haven’t the I_S & the FIB’ers putting every crypto exchange in the country and beyond under an electron microscope for evidence of money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, extortion, terrorism etc, etc? Answer- because that would rain on the picnic of their officious alphabet cousins and their congressional bosses. Cryptos are now vehicles of officious corruption and hidden agendas. And then there are the corporate speculators. The amounts of money being dropped on cryptos simply dwarfs any bubble of the past.
        Good luck getting credit for anything. It was the implosion of available credit which ushered in the most severe economic effects of the early 1930’s. We are are teetering on the edge now, thanks to cryptos, as the perps continue to spin cover stories and talk Ponzi talk. I’m not buying any of it anymore. We are flushing economic prosperity into a dark crypto cesspool.

      • “So, why haven’t the I_S & the FIB’ers putting every crypto exchange in the country and beyond under an electron microscope for evidence of money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, extortion, terrorism etc, etc? ”

        That’s an easy one ______n…

        It doesn’t exist exactly…
        If you lay a silent bubble in a full elevator.. the evidence is all around you but when you look for it… that shizt is hard to find and it could have come from anyone. It is fake non existent.
        Dark pool money.. we know china,Russia,drug cartels and any number of other well funded individual’s and organizations fund heinous activities tales of bribery are being done legally to sway our leaders by the hundreds of millions of dollars, vacations and other various gifts of travel, private jets etc.. there was a fake story filled with accusations once about a hard drive, supposedly filled with thousands of images of various heinous acts and activities along with unsecured sensitive secret documents and various allegations of money transfers etc.all fake the hard drive vanished accidentally destroyed
        and the residents who made the allegations of misconduct had their residents searched.
        The transactions and activities all under the wire.. none of it really exists just like BC.
        Everyone knows it’s there they just don’t know where, or who

      • LOOB- Cryptos ARE the dark pools of stagnant cash. While some transactions are not traceable, transactions being facilitated by exchanges should be auditable. That is where the g-men should be mining for data. I would expect that serial black marketeers, tax cheats, and serial corrupt officious types would have recognizable transaction profiles. That should serve as a basis for investigative warrants. The I_S doesn’t really need to have much to initiate an audit.

  7. George, with your tall trees, have you considered just buying a small sawmill? I’m sure you could monetize a few selected trees even more than you currently are, or even better, just use the wood yourself? I’m planning to help a relative that needs to replace a rotten subfloor, so I’ll have to pay current prices for whatever I can get. At least the subfloor is a small project. I’ve deferred all bigger wood intensive projects until this either blows over or shows signs that it won’t. Meanwhile, I’m saving scraps and reusing any dimensional lumber that I have or come across.

    I’d considered the expat route myself, but it’s really hard to do all the things that are fun with machines and serious tech as an expat. It’s also done better as a couple than as a single. There’s no appeal in having 50 restaurants nearby since I’d rather eat at home. If you are careful, you can live happily on the numbers quoted above without leaving the USA – for the moment at least. Sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know, though the devil in DC is unAmerican to the core. I’m not even sure it’s of this earth.

    Best wishes for Elaine and next week’s events.

    • Cycles in time, cycles of markets..Lumber market- artificial shortage due transportation issues – no drivers, not enough drivers – tons of cut/stacked&wrapped lumber sitting in yards all over the country…

      -sets up a keen indicator of future stock market corrections- reversions – Lumber Price Line compared to Gold Price Line on historic price Chart. Every single time Lumber has turned Down(corrected/reverted) on this chart, as Gold turns up or continues up, S&P corrects/reverts about 60 days later…everytime.

    • sawmill&GA_loc_physical_ms=21156&GA_landingpage= sawmill&utm_campaign=%5BF%5D %5BUnited States%5D %5BGoogle%5D %5BSearch%5D %5BGeneral%5D %5BRFQ%5D %5BPurchase%5D&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4v2EBhCtARIsACan3ny_CSbVZSwnB_qAN7CqAUunI4-V7WMYb-RLYZnNkwXOpNqaoXK9hg0aAq3wEALw_wcB

      Cut it down to campfire size logs and bundle them for sale at local campgrounds..

      Grind them dry it then get coal dust mix it and pellitize it, bag it for multi fuel stoves.

      3 to 1 mix.. sell it 5 bucks for a 40 lb. Bag.. call it heat Ure home..


      Grind it cook the sawdust add some enzymes to break it down then ferment it.. along with you grass clippings.. distill it … extract the alcohol fuel.. make hand sanitizer or any one of a thousand products..
      Then dry it mix it pellitize the remaining bag it and sell it..


      Chunk it shave it and bag it sell it to home owners that smoke their meat….

      I guess the list could be quite extensive on potential uses.. my father just cut chopped and split stack for personal consumption..

  8. Everyone fails! It’s how humans learn. Successful billionaires, and successful investors in general, mange to succeed more than they fail.

    Regarding ‘many worlds’ and time travel, I could wax philosophical for days on the topic. I tend to gravitate ‘off the beaten path’ sci-fi writers. Harlan Ellison, whose short story “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” offers an ominous warning about the potential perils of AI to humanity. Ellison also initially scripted my favorite original Star Trek TV series episode, “City on the Edge of Forever,” where a machine simply known as ‘the guardian of forever,’ allows one to travel back in their own planet’s timeline, which Bones does while in a delirious state after getting accidentally injected with a psychosis inducing drug, somehow changing Earth’s timeline in the process. Kirk and Spock enter the portal, find McCoy and set things right. A young Joan Collins figures prominently in the plot.

    Sci-Fi luminaries Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas (whose Star Wars is set in a “long, long ago” past in a far, far away galaxy), Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, among others, possessed the uncanny ability to, more or less accurately, imagine possible past and future realities. Perhaps they all simply understood the human mind so well they could see all of the places, light and dark, that the human mind might ultimately take us?

    Einstein has an interesting description of the relationship of self and time:

    “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein.

    Another prominent physicist, more modern day, has a corollary to Mr. Relativity:

    “… when people ask about the meaning of life as if it were the job of our cosmos to give meaning to our existence, they’re getting it backward: It’s not our Universe giving meaning to conscious beings, but conscious beings giving meaning to our Universe.”
    ? Max Tegmark, Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Could the key, then, to time travel lie mainly in transporting the mental, dimensionless self to past and future realities?

    • “Could the key, then, to time travel lie mainly in transporting the mental, dimensionless self to past and future realities?”

      Only as far as a nearest “Luny Bin.” ;-))
      (Be extremely careful on any time travel).

    • Read Mary Summer Rain’s book “Spirit Song” about the Chippewa visionary ‘No-Eyes’ who was blind from birth. Her abilities to see past and future, and travel in the present are documented there. We are spirits… some with very well developed abilities.

      • Better follow up with “Phoenix Rising” and put some meat on that skeleton frame. Then Z “Daybreak” should finish it off, to reinforce, Hank’s, George and Elaine’s, LOOB’s, and NMMike’s digs, as examples. Mary Summer Rain personally referred to Zeta Talk, I would pay attention and heed her reference.

  9. The solution to pollution is dilution….
    in the world’s populution, ;-)
    IMHO of course!

  10. “Wrong-Way Gretchen is turning her back on the public in lieu of the Blue state agenda to wreak economic havoc on America: Company defies Michigan governor’s order to close pipeline, report Yahoo.”

    While I anticipate with great hope, that the upcoming Michigan election will see Whitmer deposed by the current (and retiring) Detroit Police Chief, I have to side with the two Steves on this one. We have had tunnel-boring engines, capable of eating a mile of bedrock every two days, for nearly 60 years. Six-foot, eight-foot, Chunnel-sized. The only thing which makes that pipeline a potential enviro-disaster is the reluctance on the part of Enbridge to fork out a few (and I mean f e w ) millions in borer rental…

    • As long as “they” have control of the machines, it is a “pipedream” your vote will mean squat.

      She came out of nowhere, and now she is? Do the math.

      • She came out of the Legislature (where she was a do-nothing), ran an essentially one-plank platform — to legalize recreational marijuana use — and won because there’s 20mln acres of (mostly) State and National forest land in Michigan, upon which pot can be grown free & easy, and ‘cept for the folks who live above I-96 and have double-gated dirt driveways, nobody knew she was any more of a privileged Regressive dick or net-zero administrator than any other Lansing transient.

        …Not a Michigander. I spend time in Michigan, like I do every State north of the Tennessee River from Minnesota to New York, and I pay attention to local politics and listen to people talk, wherever I stop. I would love to live in Michigan. The climate is particularly-agreeable to me, but I can’t do it because Lansing has been on a head-in-butt socialist power trip since before Henry Ford built Liberators. The first time I was in Jackson, the Motor City Madman was a Deputy Sheriff there. Now he lives in Texas. ‘Wonder why…

  11. “Someone” once told me that Time Travel is like a wheel … top to bottom, to get all the way around. Said you have to go foreword first to go backwards and backwards first to go forward or “rotation.” It’s in the spin, but not as if you’re moving a car.
    If that helps.

  12. In the seventies a childhood friend had cattle mutilations similar to thos described. Where they found the cows were in an area that I use to play and go fishing. Anyway I asked him about it. He said it was the oddest thing. The cattle were in fresh snow. There wasn’t any blood just the tracks of the cattle and the other cattle wouldn’t go near where they found the mutilated cattle.
    If you were looking to clone. what type of carrier cell would you need.. and could the mutilations be a genetic research into merging two species with a comparable genetic structure so that it could survive in an environment that would not be compatible to the primary host with their present cell structure?

  13. Zeus will be very angry if he ever sees the illustration showing Sample Space Time 2!

    Schrodinger is evil!

    Cat boxes are for litter, unless they’re cardboard, and then they’re for hiding and playing.

    The Schrodinger experiment doesn’t work anyway, since cats have nine lives!

  14. “…when you’re splitting the timeline (under a modified Many World’s Interpretation (MWI) and traveling to parallel dimensions, what is your navigation reference?”

    When you strip away all the misleading thoughts and impressions that there is any physical substance to reality (there isn’t)… then you are left with what reality actually is… a mental/psychic/spiritual experience of an “I-Am” consciousness (what we actually are part of) where all of our thoughts about everything are conjured from and out of the fundamental dream-like nature of reality that sages and mystics (and now some quantum physics) have talked about for eternity. Oops… there’s that word “eternity”. That gives the notion that there is such a thing as Time and that one event follows or is caused by another which is part of the dead-end wrong turn thinking that gets us into trouble. Forget the word “eternity”. Just say… “The World of IS-NESS”.

    That’s what some of these “Aliens” have been trying to show us and why some of their “physical spacecraft” just wink in-and-out of existence or quickly jump to another location at impossible “speeds”. They simply ARE THERE OR NOT without a physical component of movement necessary. They have figured out how to manipulate the dreamlike appearance of The World into whatever form (and “place”) They want it do be. They have hacked into the software of Existence and know how to manipulate it at the most fundamental Psycho-Spiritual level of Conjuring “Reality”.

    Forget big rockets and Warp Drives and trying to outfox the limits of traveling faster than the Speed of Light. They don’t need any of that. What is faster than Light? The speed of THOUGHT. Some of Them can do this… and if we don’t do ourselves in one of these days in an orgy of utter human folly stupidity… then we can, too.

    Back to URE original question: What is your navigation reference? It’s your MIND/Consciousness. You are never separated from that and you can’t lose your way “back” from “anywhere”. You just “Think” you’re way around while exploring through the Dimensions.

    By the way, that’s how we get to “Heaven” or “Hell”. We aren’t transported there by some kind of Cosmic Magic Carpet. We THINK ourselves into those places.

    • “traveling to parallel dimensions, what is your navigation reference?”

      Well RS .. For traveling to the future.. I would think the best route to get there is a quick slip insertion into the random crack… to accomplish the travel to … next week let’s say..
      Go to the MALL .. see the cutest woman you can possibly hope to meet..and slip your hand and grasp time.. or do a slide and slip..
      Theres a 98 percent chance that she will turn and smack you hard enough that you will wake up NEXT WEEK a quick trip to the future.. if she has a jealous partner this could be next month or next year travel..
      From watching a gentleman when I was young.. that would randomly ask ladies he passed rather than a slip and slide.. he got lucky out of every hundred individuals ten times.. if you have money more..

  15. According to Dr. David N. Jacobs the aliens are already living here. Walking Amoung Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity. He also wrote 3 other books, The Threat, Secret Life, and The UFO Controversy in America.

    • Charles Hall and his Millennial Hospitality book series was an interesting read also. He claims they’ve been living on the Nellis AFB, or Nellis was formed to create a barrier of safety around their base, and he describes them as “Tall Whites”. Hall’s encounter with them began in the 60s.

  16. the world is awash with gurus . i would like to inform all that this lonely side of the boat (only me) indicates a major catastrophe in everything particularly the gold/yellow dog market dead ahead . laugh ,scorn, but if you have any intelligence you will take note . run patterns , back prices

  17. after watching 25 years of dollar bulls , NOW , i see a FED , zombie nation and every guru fool try to destroy the USD .. good luck fools .. just like king salesman moriarty of moriarty second hand wreck fame, the USD will destroy everything , everything in one hit . but hey you all hate it eh ?

  18. George,

    I also watched the episode of “Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” concerning cattle mutilation. Now this has been going on for decades, but this show brought it to the forefront.

    I have one small observation to make, and perhaps my television went bonkers during that segment, but I thought I detected a small error in their program. When they were showing screen shots of the cow right after it died, it was black and white with white mainly around the eye sockets. Fast forward to a year later, and the carcass that had not been touched was obviously a red and white Hereford with a nearly all white head (as is normal for that breed). I used to raise Hereford cattle so I have more than passing knowledge of their appearance. The cow first shown looked to me to be a Hereford/Angus cross.

    Am I nuts or did anyone else notice the change. Sun fade of hair (maybe), but the markings were not the same.

  19. Employee number one came to work today with story about you tube videos claiming that a magnet placed at vaccination site would stay on arm.

    Employee number 2 came to work whom was vaccinated with Johnson and Johnson we decide to run test the magnet stayed on arm of employee number 2 at vaccination site.

  20. Here’s something really weird:

    It shows many people who have magnetically active arms once they get the jab. This is especially true for Pfizer and Moderna, the ones with the mRNA. Obviously, there’s an explanation, but not one that’s been mentioned in the MSM, and I certainly don’t know what’s in the jab. There are such things as ferrofluid – a magnetic liquid. This is yet another reason to be distrustful of these injections until we know more, at least. I’d certainly like to know what’s going on. This effect apparently sometimes happens with refrigerator magnets, and much more with neodymium magnets. I wonder if you’ve heard of this.

    Obviously, this is a clear and present danger to anyone near an MRI, unless it’s a hoax. I’ve not been around any vaxxed folks, so I can’t test it. Perhaps someone has an explanation.

    • And if any of the injection sites on the political big wigs who got the jab DON’T attract a magnet we’ll know all they got was an injection of saline solution or something.

      JAzus H. Christ, people. This entire World is turning into pre-WWII Nazi Germany and Vichy France.

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