Alien Economics: Retail Sails and Market Roulette

Planet Earth has nearly run-out of rational investments.  Global population seems to be slowing as planned (Thanks Covid!). And even with newswires buzzing with with “Inflation hype” a buddy of mine asked this week “When will bondholders catch a break?

Today, we consider Earth’s Economic Prospects from an Off-Worlder’s perspective.  Because by pretending “We ain’t really from around these parts…”  the depth of our folly becomes apparent.

We begin in high orbit, our daily monitoring from a parking orbit in geo-synch:

Top Down Global Mess

Besides the obvious, though slow-motion, die-off from accidental/planned pandemics which have killed how many million so far?  (3.3 million on 161 million cases for a death rate of  ~1.86%.  The Spanish flu ran about 2.6% during its 1918-1921 roll.)  What we really want to know is whether the “magnetic vaccination site” deal (going viral) is real or not…

Regardless:  We are still facing multiple potential wars.

So any one of these could blow-up on a sneeze.

Bounce Or Trounce

We like to use trend channels, Elliott Waves, and our high orbit Aggregate Index view of the world.  Since, at any one instant when markets close for the weekend, like tonight, there’s only so much money sloshing about.

Based on futures (before the retail data, which we’ll get to in a sec.) it was clear that we’re in some kind of rally.   It began at the lows earlier this week and ended the 3 down in the Aggregate like so:

If the rally closes above the 2 on the right up there, then off we go into a final small v to finish 5 up and then disaster has an opening.  More likely – not financial advice, just chit-chat at the betting window – we might see a rally to the channel top to complete 4 and then set up for a 5 down next week.

The kind of what-if’s we kick around in the charts tomorrow for subscribers.  Spiced up with options expiration in a week.

OK, NOW Retail

I didn’t want to over-focus on the retail numbers just out.  Because the nature of investing has changed over the years.  Like a Matryoshka doll set, everything is nested and interconnected in terribly complex ways, best considered from high Earth orbit.

Once you’ve got a globally-linked & levered view – then you can drill down into a single country and decide how to play.

We’ve been anxious to see how the retail sales figures would hold up because while we have tremendous pent-up demand from consumers who’ve been stuck in lockdowns, there’s this damn chip problem that has kept the auto showrooms short of product.  Not just chips, either.  Some are already labeling it “Biden’s state-sponsored labor shortage” over on RealClearPolitics.

Whatever the Post-It, here’s the data:

Key parts:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for April 2021, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $619.9 billion, virtually unchanged (± 0.5 percent)* from the previous month, and 51.2 percent (± 0.7 percent) above April 2020. Total sales for the February 2021 through April 2021 period were up 27.1 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago. The February 2021 to March 2021 percent change was revised from up 9.7 percent (± 0.5 percent) to up 10.7 percent (± 0.3 percent).

Retail trade sales were down 0.3 percent (± 0.5 percent)* from March 2021, but up 46.1 percent (± 0.7 percent) above last year. Clothing and clothing accessories stores were up 726.8 percent (± 2.8 percent) from April.”

Related:  Import – Export Prices

Just out from Labor:

U.S. import prices advanced 0.7 percent in April following a 1.4-percent increase in March, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Higher prices for fuel and nonfuel imports contributed to both the April
and March advances. Prices for U.S. exports increased 0.8 percent in April, after rising 2.4 percent the previous month.”

A few minutes after both numbers, we saw futures rise a bit more so almost up to the top of the trend channel in our chart.

Keep an Eye On:

Just ahead of the open (9:30) we get the Fed Industrial capacity and utilization date (9:15).  If you’ve got a sense of indecision about what’s coming, this could offer solace (or that one last nudge off the bridge).

Cleaning the Bilge

Yes, your favorite “one-man financial rag” – which began while I was living on my sailboat – still collects things in the “bilge.”  Which – if you’ve failed to claim the pirate’s life – is the usually dirty (more like filthy) area under the “floor” (sole) of a ship of any consequence.  (If it doesn’t have a sole, it’s a no consequence – so dinghy’s and skiffs don’t count….).  Here’s this morning’s bilge pumping:

Misleading headline? Conservatives seize on gas crunch to blame Biden, stir base” has us wondering would libtards act any differently?  (Spoiler:  No.)

Can’t fix stupid Dept. Antifa Protester: “I Can’t Wait Until Black People Lynch White People” –  reports Summit News.  Yeah – that’ll heal the nation – you bet.

The Cryptolips:  While we watch Crypto Mania argue over tulip bulb color virtues (Bitcoin as red tulips, Ethereum as pink tulips, etc…it’s all quite absurd) Coinbase CFO on crypto investors, dogecoin and growing competition is worth pondering as well.  BTC stuck in the low $50.4k range.

Splitsville Tracking in the NY Times biz section:  The Gateses’ Public Split Spotlights a Secretive Fortune.  Which, as my consigliere notes has driven the Harry & Meghan drivel off the wires for a while.

Oh – wait – they’re back:  Prince Harry on why he and Meghan moved Archie to California over on God save us from “celebrithink.”  But, if you’re a groveler…

Say, you don’t suppose this is what “jump the shark means?”  Scientists bring 97 baby sharks to life through artificial insemination.

Bilge cleaning almost done, we find this in the Hollywood Reporter capturing that eu d’ insanity running rampant today.  Cara Delevingne is Auctioning an NFT About Her Vagina.

As we have long-warned:  The world is running out of things to monetize – race, weather, gender, made-up “secret numbers” and now body parts.  Yet the nice  (sick) consistency of it works from a portfolio standpoint.  For one more day…

Off to work on charts for Peoplenomics subscribers and a once-around the yard on the new lawnmower.  Don’t forget ShopTalk Sunday – building a nifty ham radio kit – the uBitx 6.0 which is a $209 marvel *(including shipping).

Hi-ho riding mower!  Away!~

Write when you get rich,

40 thoughts on “Alien Economics: Retail Sails and Market Roulette”

  1. Yeah . We got no hope the bears. They have got this fixed up so good now with these robots . Programmed that everything makes the market go up . Yeah ahh well just lay low and sark it up . Everybody is bullish everybody has greed . Bad retail market up in anticipation of negative rates . Yeah right

    • “They have got this fixed up so good now with these robots.” Stop complaining ;-)

      See how they run like pigs from a gun … They are the eggmen … I am “They” as They are me as you are me and we are all together ….
      (credit partially to John Lennon).

  2. And they just keep shorting the USD . The FED the boyz and even the zombie millionaire traders . They are all laughing . No bears left nobody is short . Yep goodnight gurus

    • Why not Short Bitcoin, the “sheeeetcoin’ ?

      As matta a fact – all the tulip mania – worthless numbers – no intrinsic value peeps – anti cyrpto/BTC – ought to be Short or actively Shorting Bitcoin ??

      *No Ballz, No Convictions ? Why Not ?

      unless of course U R ALL WRONG = full of it.

      – BCN – puttin Money in Ure pocket, and luv in Ure hearts!

      – BTC to break out of (grinding) triangle pattern soonly! up up and week..

      • “anti cyrpto/BTC”

        I am with you George.. the other part that really disturbs me is.. it’s dark pool money.
        Who knows who is borrowing money to fund what venture or the who is even handling the money investedin it..and theres absolutely no accountability..
        Granted the federal reserve isn’t much better but.. BC could fold right now and no one even knows the first thing on the five W’s.. are the funds arming a war machine. Or funding the fake child trafficking rings that don’t exist..

  3. ” cuire anns a bhildge, agus dean e deoch e”

    Absurd is believing that a piece of paper with green ink on it, that is called a debt instrument/note, is actually a Positive. In reality it is a Negative, and is why the very few understand intrinsic value and Bitcoinz. Tough titties, can only lead hard working, thirsty ole mule to watering hole so many times – without his stubborn ass drinking any water so many times, before you just trade his dumb ass..

    Moontacular rally today in SPY…will need to find some “shelter” before going into queen vicky day weekend (c)

    PS – thinking a Zeus – black cat coin (ZBC) would be a winnawinnachickendinna! Each ZBC coin would be “backed” by nine black kittens/9 lives. could have Ure white paper done by end of weekend – lots cutting and pasting – just need to write up the 9 lives/kittens angle.

    ” Id like to buy that Beechjet 400A.” – GU

    – nice choice – that will only set you back $750,000 or about 300 Zeus coin..if U got any.” – da sales lady.

    • “thinking a Zeus – black cat coin (ZBC) would be a winnawinnachickendinna! Each ZBC coin would be “backed” by nine black kittens/9 lives.”

      OR…. instead of BC….. why not NB… NUT BUCKS… one peanut per cent..

    • “Tough titties, can only lead hard working, thirsty ole mule to watering hole so many times”

      You can lead a Whore to Culture, but you can’t make her think…

  4. George, I think your next book should be an Autobiorgraphy. You have led an interesting life on your own terms. Something most only dream about, but llke to read about someone who has actually done it, & they may even try to copy it. They need an instruction manual. Fear of a lack of financial security is not easy to get over by yourself.

  5. The tunnel trick was pure Art of War 101.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    ? Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Which begs the question. Who falls for stuff like that? After all this time, you’d think the situation over there is by-design. Don’t the leaders get first dibs on all the aid money, so why would they want it to end in peace and prosperity?

    • Early Wednesday afternoon gasoline at the local gasoline station was $2.99 a gallon. Mid afternoon the price popped to $3.25. I topped off the tank at the other gas station for $2.99. That evening gasoline prices plummeted to $2.95 at the local gas station.


      • I know right, they could have scammed you for 2 to 3 dollars with “day trading gas hikes”.

        All I know is every time I worry about 2 to 3 dollars I waste about $20 of my time doing so.

        It’s way better to have a long term strategy that doesn’t get hung up on a few cents per gallon. Sun Tzu would say

        “Only fool jumps over pig to pick up grain of rice”.

    • “Don’t the leaders get first dibs on all the aid money, so why would they want it to end in peace and prosperity?”

      I don’t think that the leaders want any troubles at all Philistine..
      Your forgetting the instigators that control everything.

  6. Sent the video NM Mike posted on yesterday’s comments section to people in my mailing list and one former co-worker sent me back pictures of a refrigerator magnet stuck to her arm. Said she got the Pfizer vaxx. Another friend didn’t believe the video so I sent my other friend’s pictures to him. My disbelieving friend said he looked at the label of the vaxx he took and didn’t see anything remotely metallic in the ingredients.

    Who knows how this actually works but one thing I remember from all the alien encounters videos and stories I’ve read over the years was the tiny metallic implants people were finding years after their encounters that showed up in X-rays and MRIs. Have we appropriated alien tech? Are the syringes just generic, off-the-shelf dosage tools or do they come with the vaxxes and labeled to be used ONLY with the vax?

    I can’t find the clip from “Rob Roy” on YT but one of the best lines in the movie was the Irishman telling Liam Neeson’s character something to the effect that “I had a talk with the Lord and He said I was going to be OK – but I’m pretty sure you’re fooked”.

  7. “U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today”

    Is there a link where one could see this “crap” in simple 1-3 year graph form? Numbers seem to be getting a bit long in the tooth. Also they’re of little use (for trading) after being published.

    Sure, Macy’s, Inc (M) went up after ;-) the facts.

  8. If people really wanted to show if a vaccine injection site is magnetc why would they not use a small compass and show how the site caused to compass to move?

    • Because that’s not what people want to show. (hint: it’s completely bs, click bait, paranoia stoking, narcissism and low IQ exploiting nonsense)

    • Dammit Lar. That is way too logical but I tried it anyway.

      Compass didn’t move.

      Guess I can take my NMR test next week.

    • Refrigerator magnets and other loose magnets are just the first go-to thing out there. Also, it doesn’t mean whatever’s under the skin IS magnetic. It’s just attracted TO a magnet. Refrigerators aren’t magnetic anywhere outside the compressor and the door seals that I can think of but magnets stick to them, right?

      The MSM is putting out a note supposedly debunking this but it doesn’t explain the examples of people that experience this. Just the usual “Nothing to see here, move along.” blurb that avoids actual events.

    • a compass will not be affected by iron (Fe) unless you magnetize the iron first, but a magnet will always be attracted to fe, iron.
      The Question is, “is there ferro fluid in the vax?” and if yes, will it be affected by electomagnetic radiation.
      I do not associate with vaxers, so I cant try the fridge magnet test and most fridge magnets are pretty weak, so I would be surprised if they do stick to a vax injection site
      You have to be a fool to rush in for an unproven, untested, vaccine that is supposed to protect you from a SCAMdemic. Can you say rNA modifier? Why can’t people see that the whole scam plandemic covid lies from the lying media is a war against humanity. Georgia on my mind, Georgia guide stones, anyone
      This brings to question, what is covfefe, besides some mis-tweet by President Trump? covid iron iron? I am not a medical expert and I have not stayed in a Holiday express for over two years.
      FEAR is one of the greatest motivation drivers, scare them with a deadly disease and the sheeple will not only line up for the vax, they have been brain washed to demand it. And they attack those of US who don’t want it. They would steal my freedom of choice, for their imagined security. If you got the vax, stay away from me. Do you really believe the lying lame stream news media is going to report about the people getting sick or dying from the vax?
      Hey BIC, how is religious freedom doing in Canada? any ministers getting arrested for having service violating Fidel Castro’s son edits?

  9. Re: magnetic vaccine site video – I work at a health clinic that administers the Moderna vaccine. After looking at the video I tested myself, and although I’m vaccinated, no magnetic attraction.
    So I thought, hey if there was anything to this, and there were microchips, or metal in the vaccine, then a magnet should really stick to a WHOLE VIAL of the vaccine. I got a vial of Moderna out and tested it. Nothing! Absolutely no magnetic attraction between the vial and the magnet. Seems like that busts that theory pretty well.

  10. Speaking of shop talk..
    One of the kids friends ..a single mom lives in a mobile home.. the furnace went out and she had a new one put in last summer… no aid conditioning system because it was to expensive. Well she was complaining that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do when the heat comes. Her hours are drastically cut and of course there aren’t any programs that she qualifies for.. nine dollars an hour and only three in the household..she makes about two bucks an hour to much.
    Anyway.. I told her why not make one…grab the pop bottles and water bottles out of the trash and let’s see what we can make..
    She gave me that your crazy look lol.. funny that no one see’s the simplicity..
    One of us commentors use to own a drawer and door hardware hardware manufacturing company..
    I’ll just have to pick up a package of his butt bumpers for drawers and doors and think i know where I can get an old central air case if not we will make one.. and my favorite medium

    • The little six ounce bottles would be better.. but you work with what’s in the trash..
      I am pretty sure I can get it frost.
      Had something I never expected happen. On my water filtration system I have an expansion tank basically to degas the ozone..
      I have had it a long time . The bladder ruptured.. i have never seen that before.. so i picked up new filters and an expansion tank.. sixty dollars dam..and I had to order a new membrane.. they dont sell the one I want here..

  11. Kind of interesting to think about a magnet (possibly) sticking at the injection site then consider, there is iron in the blood … and that people report and can die, from blood clots after a “vaccination” … perhaps something IS magnetic in the shot and accumulates blood/iron to it and the result may be a blood clot.

    • “Kind of interesting to think about a magnet (possibly)”

      I have a couple of magnets that I am absolutely positive that if I took a washer and put it on the other side of the arm . That the magnet would stick.. I am not about to try it though.. might hurt lol.. the first time I ordered them I got an empty box with a nice hole in the side lol lol.. I would love to see them remove them from the conveyor its stuck to lol

  12. Ever hear of “truth forks?”

    No, you haven’t, because I just invented the term…

    A “truth fork” occurs when something happens and an explanation is proffered, but the explanation cannot sufficiently explain “what happened,” or cannot explain “everything that happened.” Maybe my skepticism is riding high today, or I read too much Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie when not yet dry behind the ears, but I have a hard time accepting a “popular explanation” when it doesn’t adequately explain ALL the known data points. A truth fork is a controlled injection of conspiracy theory, intended not to cause panic or wild supposition, but to logically cover all the data points, not just the convenient ones.

    For example:

    “The energy pipeline owners are expecting the ransomware-induced shortage to ease up by Memorial day.”

    EVERYONE who has ever worked in a datacenter is familiar with the concept of a, lessee, what do they call it?

    Oh yeah, an ARCHIVAL BACKUP!

    An archival backup is created after the System Operator installs the first copy of the OS and system software, and configures the system software to function properly on the computer upon which it is installed. It is a fresh, clean operating system, a fresh, clean iteration of the functional software installed on a computer, and nothing else. It is created before the computer is connected to any network and once created, is generally locked away in a fireproof, electromagnetic-hardened safe. In a corporate network environment, an archival backup can be installed to any computer on a network, and it “just works.”

    I could have had Colonial’s pipeline back online within a few days, singlehandedly, counting drive time between field offices and pumping stations, and I haven’t done any corporate network work in over 15 years.

    Computer “ransom” or “ransomware” is something which shuts down banks that’re too small to hire an IT professional, and little old laties’ Facebook accounts. It generally invades a system when a stupid user clicks a link in an E-Mail.

    ANY SysAdmin or operator worth the title and even a quarter of their pay would make a clone of their archival backup on as many NEW hard drives as necessary, then physically drive to critical computers, physically replace the ransom-locked drives with their fresh clones, and physically disable user-level access on every single critical computer. Joe Blow’s E-Mails are not critical, neither are Emily’s grandchildren’s photos. Operation of the valves, pumps, and metering is.

    Colonial is one of a number of pipelines running from Texas and Oklahoma to, and up the I-95 corridor. How many? I don’t know because they were too numerous to count on the gummint website map, and I didn’t feel like poking (and piquing) DHS by searching the hell outta the site for in-depth information. Why would killing off Colonial, even if it is a major mover, shut down public access to ALL petro pump products from North Florida to South Maryland?

    Okay, so I have to ask myself:

    “Was there a hack?
    If so, did it come from Russia?
    What were the real-world results of the incident?”

    1) Was there a hack?

    2) Did it come from Russia?

    a) If so, was it State-sponsored?
    No. Not one single chance.

    b) If not State-sponsored, what difference does it make?

    Then, why the hell is the lamestream media going “Russia, Russia, Russia…?

    Now, what were the real-world results?

    1) Shortages, lines, panic-buying, and an opportunity to rehash 1979.

    2) Public conditioning Nationwide toward the possibility of shortages, lines, rationing, and price-gouging.

    3a) Assuming the hack was legitimate, Colonial has established the precedent that (at least some of the) American corporate wienies will pay an extortion demand.

    {and now the fork:}

    Assuming the hack was a stunt created by an American security player, why would it have been done?

    I assert that within 15 months the average nationwide price of cheap gasoline will be between $7.00 and $7.50 per gallon, not counting “boutique blends” like are sold in places like California. I assert the price of food on grocery shelves will double, package size and product quality will diminish, and shortages will occur.

    This WILL happen — it is “baked into the cake” by the [already done] use of the Fed’s printing presses. I believe today’s political Liberals are agenda-driven toward Marxism, but they’re not stupid, and those who watch the energy sector KNOW my assertion is correct.

    In order to explain the pending price spikes, shortages, and generally-uncomfortable living conditions we are soon to experience, the Colonial incident has enabled the PTB to pre-install excuses and bogeymen, toward which the public ire can be directed by politicians and their lamestream lackeys, at the appropriate time: “Sorry you’re paying nine bucks a gallon to drive to the store and buy your dollar-apiece packages of Ramen. We’re doing everything we can, but those damn’ Russians have hacked everything and cryptocurrencies have ruined our economy…”

    The explanation does not have to be based in any semblance of fact, truth, or reality. It need just be presented in a believable manner. The voting public will be more sympathetic toward congresscritters who’re “trying to fix the problem” than it will be toward neo-commies who intentionally roasted the Dollar. Remember, the Congressional Business Model is all about acquiring enough votes — by any means necessary — to hang onto their power. The vast majority of the U.S. voting public neither knows about, nor understands cryptos, and has been programmed since 2016 to believe “the Russkies are out to get us…”

    Note too, between the Colonial issue and Liz Cheney’s ascension to “slighted Media Darling,” nobody knows what’s going on in Palestine and they’re totally ignorant with respect to the Ukraine and East China Sea regions. As of right now, the lamestream is still reporting about masks, Russians, and the (fake) “Israeli ground offensive,” and the goings-on everywhere else in all the World are nonexistent (until the onset of the Monday “news cycle…”)

    • Once the ransomware gets loose in a system, cleaning it can be quite a chore, since it is potentially hiding on each and every node on the system. Not to mention, if the ransomware got loose on the system to start with, the owner had the wrong protection software. Large corporations have problems dealing with emergency purchases of corporate licenses for new security software. This takes time to deal with.
      The newer ransomware variants are capable of attacking both on-line storage and attached back-ups. The software is automated and configurable, and will adapt to adjust to local unprotected exploits. This means that the only thing that is truly safe from an attack are isolated back-ups. Typically, if such a back-up exists, it will be at least a few days out of date, and will require some time to reinstall.
      The servers the hack was launched from may be local, while the hackers are half a world away. The NSA could figure it all out, but aren’t likely to have jurisdiction; don’t count on the FIB’ers to come to the rescue.
      When my employer got hit by ransomware some time back, they dutifully called the FIB’ers and left a message on the officious notification voicemail. I don’t know if they ever got a call back. After discovering that their IT sub had failed to notice that their automated back-up system had been out of commission for months, my employer paid. The alternative would have likely been a trip to bankruptcy court.
      Apparently Colonial did have their back-up system set up properly and in service, or it could have been much worse.

    • “Kind of interesting to think about a magnet (possibly)”

      Could it be… similar to Assad’s gassing his people five days after DjT announced that he was pulling US troops out of Syria??

      My thought is that to have the backing of the American public there has to be a negative image of those that they want the people to fight.. paint the negative image to gain support to act on all the negative situations running in the background.

      • why the hell is the lamestream media going “Russia, Russia, Russia…?

  13. BTW I now own a new Toro.

    I stopped in at the local dealer the other day. This is a place which, in times past, would have a couple hundred Toro mowers on-lot — pushers, riders, ZTRs, and PTO decks. They had exactly one — a Titan (prosumer level, between their consumer and commercial lines, and a couple thou above my budget-limit.) The owner told me he had laid-off his entire staff, except his head mechanic, because both mowers and parts were unobtanium. He said he would get one more mower in, another Titan, next month, and all orders beyond June were for 2022 or 2023 delivery. He recommended that for what I sought, I call TSCs and Home Depots, because they were on Toro’s dealer list now, and if I found one, to buy it on the spot and he would service it, if it ever became necessary.

    He told me he couldn’t reliably get parts — not for Toro, but also not for Deere, Kubota, Case, Exmark, Scag, Dixie Chopper, or anything else, except when he could locate a dealer who had shelf-stock, because the manufacturers couldn’t get supply.

    I saw this the other day, when I was ‘Net-shopping for a sawmill. The American mill-builders (U.S. and Canada) are taking orders for 2022 and 2023 and most are sold out of everything between “hobby mills” and their commercial ($50k and up) mills. There are chainsaw mills available, and a few Chinese mills, but that ain’t happening. I won’t trust my life to Chinese steel and the thought of ripping a 30’ tree trunk with a chainsaw fills me with distaste…

    Then there’s this, which the Toro guy also mentioned because he’d seen both Ford and Chevy/GM trucks filling a stadium parking lot in Kentucky. He said they put an ECM in the vehicle and drive it to a parking lot, then pull the ECM and return to the factory to install that same electronic control module in another vehicle, only to rinse & repeat…

    (Filched from FREEP – The Detroit Free Press:)

    “If you happen to notice a random parking lot filled with brand new (unsold) Ford F-150 trucks — or any other fleet of brand new vehicles — this is what a semiconductor shortage looks like. People are sighting new stockpiles off I-96 west of Detroit and calling the Free Press, which took photos and drone shots Thursday to document the issue. The situation is a multibillion dollar industry headache that won’t go away. “The chip shortage is a supply chain nightmare from hell,” said market analyst Jon Gabrielsen, who consults for manufacturing industry clients in North America.”

    A search at jdparts convinced me I’d better spring for the new mower if I could find one. I had a run from Detroit to Lexington (stops in Toledo, Celina, Union City, IN, Cincinnati, and Louisville, KY) and ‘Net-found a mower at a HD north of Cincy. After an hour and a half of “we can’t find it” and basic “bait & switch” (damn’ college kids musta thought I’d never seen lame sales stunts before) I left that store and found one at the HD in Seymour, Indiana. I called the Seymour store, made sure they had the exact model I wanted, then had them hold it until I could drive the EXTRA hour and a half out of my way, to purchase and pick it up.

    • Forget getting any Honda mini-moto models(monkey/trail125/grom) this year. None available in the country – some time next year..
      Same with Rolex Watches.

      • Rolex N.A. distributor is in Cincinnati — drive a little, spend a lot.

        On the rare occasion when I wear a watch, it’s a Timex Expedition. Jewelry draws attention, especially from power machinery. I’m klutzy enough, so I tempt fate as little as possible…

  14. Man

    G & BTC – a dancing fool

    PS – Time Premium is for reducing /discounting the price of long side of Ure Call Spread – sell that shit..out of the money calls tech stocks..wheeee

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