The Turkey Day Briefer

The State of America is the annual topic around here when the turkey comes out.  Though, unlike many American households, there’s usually very little spread of opinion.  Because, when everyone at the table is over 70, they have been kicked-around enough by Life to have moderated most previously held extreme (or stupid) views.

Notwithstanding, we will begin today’s column with a short list of things than are showing up in headlines which could be harbingers of the Future.

This Turkey Day will be among the riskiest ever, we expect.  Partly because of the thousands upon thousands of OTM illegals the (retarded) administration has allowed to infiltrate the “Next Front of WW3″ via the southern border.  So bad, in fact that the FBI this week issued a terrorism warning about the period ahead.

Despite people elected to office (and not) the job of “securing America” has become something of a joke.  The crooks go unpunished (or to Nantucket) for the holiday.

An early hats off, therefore, before we begin, to the First Responders of fire, police, and medicine, plus convenience store clerks and travel workers who make the annual brush with insanity tolerable. At least to some extent.

With that as the set-up, and a reminder to keep your ears open and eyes out for “Exit” signs in public places where (Middle East-backed) terror could be applied as leverage, let’s commence “talking turkey.”

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47 thoughts on “The Turkey Day Briefer”

  1. Sitting on a plastic chair at the bottom of my 1/3 mi driveway Thursday reading the mail, a lady on Trigger stopped on the gravel road and I waved to her and yelled “You must be Dale Evans.”

      • Mike: that paints a nice picture. For those of us old enuf to remember lovely Dale. Thanks.

        Turkey-meister: sad holiday here. We have of late joined fam. in the _real_ north in MN. Not this year, my spinal malady and wanting to visit before Indian Summer left caused early shift. Nice visit. Man I miss my son. Big doins there as DIL is with child. Their “reveal” thing (gender announcement) showed we will soon have a Grandson. This is fortunate because I already have the operating instructions for a man child.

        Anywho, Turkey Day we will take my sister to a fav. Italian restaurant to sample their version of Thanksgiving Turkey. This is due to her infirmity. I’d prefer roasting a bird on the barbieQ. Next time.

        I’ll pass n helpings of war chat. Me? I’m glad the Ukrainians are holding the line against the Rushkies. Ditto the Israelis standing against neighborhood beasties. Fight ’em there, use our old stocks while our defense industry makes new. Make up accounting as per always. Whatever. End of discussion.

        Your chart (on the subscriber side) with yellow oblong call-outs is worth the price of admission. I have an SPX chart which looks just like it. This is (or, has been) a fitting and classic bear market rally. Likely we are finding a square top around 4,500. The 09/01 top at 4,541 lies above but the rally left three significant gaps below. Show me …

        ATL: my absence caused minor blip in winter prep but that should close out next week. We are behind some years / ahead of others. It is …

        Have a fine weekend,

        ps – Yorge, you see where Starlink may IPO? New owners ahead

        • On the IPO – Someone has to fund Every-X but I’d take some if I could get it. American engineering (on SA DNA) is a sure-fire winner, politics aside. Be nice of Starlink customers could get a slice of the IPO to offset future bills? Naw, not chance of heart-based capitalism at this late stage
          Be well and thanks for the ideas on 3(2) endpoints. Like I’ve mentioned if it doesn’t erode and corrode befofre turkey might be a short after that – we will see if the hype is continued in the new week.,

        • ATL: did get the winter window coverings on and foam vent (like 4’x9′) covers on. The solar deign works a charm but … was designed for summer. Helps vent heat to reduce AC but?

          Anyway, Mother Nature is serving sun so it’s 72F as I type. In winter we heat to 68F and sleep at 66F. Ya get acclimated. Need leaves? We got ’em. All ya need. And then the Oaks remain (barstards).

          After a decade owning the boat my E Scow finally has her own trailer. We welded on a 10′ steel box tongue extension onto a 4-place snowmobile trailer, built and carpeted bunks. Now under tarps I gained a 28′ slot in the pole barn.

          Enter the DN ice-boat. Younger guys are picking her up just now. Originally I fretted on getting in and out. Silly me. I’ll just get in, find the edge, go over the edge and when I roll over … getting out is easy peasy.

          And a rudder thing: a Holiday tip. Store alcohol(s) in the freezer. Num. Just cracked open a nice Stout. Game on.


          ps – may join the StarLink cult. I have fiber direct from Coop (and, since I’m a gig sub. they are now marketing 5g to me?). Also have disconnected at-the-ready cable. Plus cellular. Maybe sat. too. Or, I’ll buy the Co. and George will pay me? TBD.

      • I was a fan of Roy and Dale…. every saturday morning I had to be there to watch that and then the show skyking.. my two favorite shows as a kid..

  2. You have set the table well for the Thanksgiving feast. I pray for peaceful gatherings for my American families and friends. There is still much more to be thankful for than most other parts of the world.

      • Got to say.. each day it gets more interesting as we travel down the Rat Hole.. OH I meant Rabbit Hole LOL LOL LOL
        I am ready for Thanksgiving.. LOL well over ready.. I thought all the kids were coming home grandkids kids ang great grandkids.. so average for our home is about forty people.. OOOPS… they all made plans someplace else in another part of the USA.. so I am definately going to have left overs LOL LOL LOL the pies won’t last but dam.. I am going to be eating turkey everything and ham everything for months to come.. I will drag out the luncheon meat pan and make some luncheon meat and then freeze it.. but dam this is going to be interesting as hell.. normally we only have one or two meals.. but instead of forty.. there will be four.. LOL LOL

  3. In the world of polls and surveys it’s hard to believe,
    a recent survey indicates that the Smartphone is now the number one hand held device.
    The penis has slipped to second place.

    SMH …

    • She Who Must Be Obeyed also known as the wife got quite a laugh out of your write up!
      And you know it’s probably true. Well done.

    • You know .. people don’t stare at you as much when your walking around with a smart phone in your hand.. but actually get perturbed when you walk around with your Penis in your hand..

  4. Gobble, gobble gobble, nerknerk, nerk nerk..
    ISBE = Simply IS for the purpose of Being.

    Yo Yank,

    Whadda youse east Texans do for Turkey burds ? Road runners, Chachalacas, Pidgeons..? Or do the Rio Grande Turkey roam far enough north to be sighted in at Uretopia Ranch? Cause Youse gonna need a Turkey carcass for the following super delish Turkey Taco recipe;

    4 dried chiles de arbol- stem removed
    3 dried pasidila chiles-” ”
    3 dried guajillo chiles – ” ”
    6 Garlic cloves -smashed
    3 cloves
    1 cinnamon stick
    1 tsp cumin seeds
    1 tsp coriander seeds
    1 tsp ground ginger
    1 tsp mexican oregeno
    1 Turkey carcass- and any accumulated bones,scraps/ Meat removed and reserved
    Tortillas (fresh)
    cilantro sprigs
    Lime wedges

    -In skillet toast chiles over medium heat 5 minutes /until fragrant – DONT BURN.
    Put toasted chiles in medium size pot, add onion and garlic and 5 cups of water to cover
    Heat over med-high till boil- lower heat, simmer for 15 minutes, until chiles have rehydrated. Transfer to blender – carefully – the liquid will be HOT – and process into a smooth sauce.
    In large stock pot, cover Turkey carcass (and whatever is sticking to it) with water. Bring to boil- simmer for at least 1 hr -up to 2 hrs.
    Strain the stock into bowl, discarding carcass and any scraps and bones, and return the stock to pot.
    bring stock back up to simmer. Stir in 1 cup of the adobo (chile sauce mixture) and season with Salt to taste.
    In small pot combine shredded Turkey with another cup of the adobo, bring to low simmer.

    Arrange Turkey meat mixture in tortillas for tacos. Pour adobo consomme in ramikin cup or gravy boat on the side for dipping. Serve with Lime wedge& cilantro.

    Now that youse all be well feed slaves, a link to Ure masters, and how it is being/has been executed/perpetrated on Wolrd pop. Read it and weep – and wonder no more what happened to our Morals, Divinity and Light in this world..

    Gotta ask Ureself before reading – can I really handle the Truth, true Reality ? ..

    *Farsightprimes latest mystery – Yeushua Ben Joseph-crucifixion project confirms what was written in Koran regards this historical Cat. Nothing is at seems from the ancient past – nothing.

    • you know I am tempted to try the turkey taco.. but then I can’t wrap myself around it.. would it be tasty or like that turkey sandwhich my wife tells me about that sounds disgusting..

  5. The former Hebrew employer’s successors found an excuse to balk on giving me the penny ante retirement they had promised in writing 30 years ago. The Gaza is not the only place where exploitation occurs. Lawyers are no match for the mob judge who would hear the case if I pressed it (voice of experience). Abusive deadbeats rule this land, and that is not a new situation.

    • well at least you have an employer that has a retirement fund.. most don’t.. unless your an executive.. they usually get the retirement and the vacation bonuses etc.. health insurance.. the average employer doesn’t offer anything like that..
      In our area.. the Medicare suppliment insurance sent a notice to seek another one.. they are not going to offer insurance in three states.. so as of december .. no supplimental policy.. I have to go seek another one..

      • That was a former employer I left 30 years back which was gobbled up by other companies afterward. I haven’t worked for a Company with a pension since, so no, I don’t have a pension, just retirement savings and other investments. SS is just around the corner. Current employer has decent benefits by current non-union non-governmental private employer standards, but no pension. You can’t trust private employers to honor commitments.

        My definition of “retirement” means that no one with work I will take has anything for me. Had a decent run with this employer, but that’s no guarantee of what will happen in the future. Never is.

        • that is true.. at the hospital.. if you make it past the witch hunt time period and make it to twenty five years.. then you are safe until you retire.. but if you get sick.. and it is more than a week long recovery they dump your butt.. and say good luck charlie brown…and none of them allow you to get unemployment compensation.. I just had this discussion yesterday with someone that was amazed that they were turned down.. yes if you lose your job.. you cannot collect it.. if you quit your job you cannot collect it.. it is only for the seasonal employees..
          My grandson got it because of covid.. then they made him pay it all back once he got back to work LOL LOL
          the only ones that usually get benefits are the executives.. at the hospital they have vacation condo’s and cruises etc.. the big thing is a worker cannot take advantage of any of that..
          the best company that I worked for was a local grocery store chain.. they would save all the perks that was given to them for displays etc.. for management.. and then at the end of the year at the xmas party.. they would have a drawing.. and everyone would get something.. from a new car a vacation to some exotic resort a hang glider etc.. the list is huge.. I got a team coat for the dallas cowborys… great columbia coat.. I eventually out grew it.. and some really nice expensive cocacola trays.. sold them for a couple hundred dollars..
          what I wanted was the surrey. with electric assist. dam it was beautiful and was given by the pizza company..

          or the golf cart.. another great little item looked like a little model t car LOL..

          at the hospital.. the insurance is only good as long as your not sick.. LOL LOL same thing with disability policies.. don’t waste the coin on them.. if you want something then buy savings bonds..

  6. Let’s talk turkey.”

    Definition: To engage in a frank and practical discussion about a matter (usually a business matter).

    This expression was in use by the first half of the 1800s. Its origin story is said to come from an apocryphal tale about a white man and an Indian hunting.

    There is no evidence that this exchange actually happened.

    Turkey can also sometimes be a slang term for money or currency.

    • I live near the designated release area., and have been watching this story develop., along with all the emotional comments for a couple of years now. What I find interesting is the area where they semi-plan on releasing the griz is very remote and nearly all wilderness, even the highway that runs through the area is closed in the winter and was thick with grizzlies until they were all wiped out by hunting. It was a griz stronghold until the late 30’s.
      Large brown’s and grizzlies can cause a lot of damage – no doubt about it.., it will be interesting to watch how this all plays-out. This area is very remote, rugged and mountainous – keeping them in that area will be the only problem., and that’s a big problem.

      • Be careful in them woods..not so much from the four legged predators but the two legged ones.
        A friend of the family went to the mountains in Washington state on a church mission.
        After she and her husband decided to stay and work. Then COVID put them in the unemployment line. In searching fir a job they thought they found one. All excited went with them .. it was a Wickan coven.. they tortured him for some of their rituals and used her sexually for other rituals. They had him strung up in a tree spread eagled..gouged one of his eyes out and beat him broke several ribs and they punctured his heart.. they would leave and come back .. she was able to get loose and got him down they escaped .. went to the police that blew it off since most of them were prominent . him in the hospital. When he got good enough to travel they headed out. He eventually died from the effects of the injuries he sustained . they do exist. I haven’t heard from his wife in a long time..they had her in a kennel .. I told my sister and her family to be wary.. they wander all over those mountains .. the world is going to hell

      • His lung not his heart.. dam auto correct.. I believe she said they took a testicle to.. not good..
        Even here in the wastelands that crap goes on.

    • Believe it or not there have actually been a few instances of Black Bear showing up recently in Ozona, TX down on I-10 which is South of us. I don’t know where they came from and they don’t seem to be doing much, if any damage to their surroundings so far but it has been decades since I’d heard any kind of rumor of bears in our area. I guess they come out of the New Mexico mountain ranges and venture out this far occasionally. Once upon a time they were prevalent in Western Texas but any top predator that interferes with range management will eventually be driven out or it becomes extinct. The only cougars that are around now are throwing a football around.

  7. The math says – 4,520 on the S&P 500 – that appears to be the break-point right now. Close above that and we continue higher – fail and we start down. How far and how fast will be news driven. “And”…, any reversal now will be news driven, as it seems a lot a people want to see a new high before the year closes out.
    “There is some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.” – I do believe that.

    • There may be, but I’ve been looking for Santa and the e bunny (the other one, not Elaine) for several decades now… Show me the good…show me the (other) bunny.

      • Last week I had to go to the hardware store down town. I was a few minutes early and had to wait for them to open.., as I was standing around a small yellow school bus pulled-up across the street and twenty 2nd graders, all bundled up, piled out and got into a double line, with four adults. They were all smiling and yacking loudly and proudly marched into the local coffee shop. Made me smile seeing them. Turns out the owner of the shop had set aside a section of the coffee shop and invited the entire 2nd grade class down for hot chocolate and a donut in recognition for their teacher, who had just won multiple local, State and regional awards. It was damn cute.
        – That’s worth fight for.

  8. “let’s commence “talking turkey.”” I got that far on the subscribers side this morning and can hardly wait to gobble up the rest of todays report! Rim Shot!

  9. George,

    Septuagenarians rule. Have a great turkey day.

    12 December 2023.: the current fractal series targeted low.

    The missing key for fractal analysis is that the last fractal decay time unit becomes the first unit of the base for the next fractal growth and decay fractal series. If the last unit ends at a monthly low its adds 4 weeks to the next weekly fractal series. If the fractal series is on a weekly basis, the last declining week adds 5 days to the next daily fractal series.

    Example 1: the Bank of Shanghai, proxy for the Chinese real estate and private sector wealth collapse, has an ongoing July 2021 9/21 of 22/18 monthly fractal decay series. Month 9 of the subfractal (1) of this series added 1 month or 4 weeks to the subsequent 33 week subfractal (1) of the next series for a total of 36 weeks. The series is 33//10/25/21 of 25 weeks. The expected July 2021 weekly decay series is 36/86 of 90/72 weeks :: x/2.5x/2x.

    Example 2: the 13 March 2023 weekly series for the SPX. The weekly series is 12/ 26 of 30 weeks. The first week of the series ends on 13 March 2023. This last declining week represents 5 trading days so the 12 week base subfractal (1) is 5/52 or 56 days. The target date of a x/2.5x subfractal (1) and subfractal(2) is 56/140 days ending 12 December 2023.

    From the 17 November 2023 Friday close, a 3/8/8 day decay fractal series would complete a 56/140 day fractal series ending 12 December 2023.

    If Monday and Tuesday of next week, ie, day 2 and day 3 of 3 of the 3/8/8 fractal series are are lower lows; this model holds.

    Bitcoin (GBTC) is following a 27 June 2022 25/50 of 54 week series and a 26 September 2023 14/26 of 28/15 days :: x/2x/1.5xi fractal series ending 12 December 2023.

    The US equity markets correlate to the Chinese manufacturing behemoth and its real estate ad banking fractal valuation markets. The average US consumer is simply tapped out with no savings and too much debt to repay at too high of current interest rates.

    • Thank you so much for adding this.

      I think a lot of readers here don’t understand how the complexity of “future finance” works – the PN and TEF readers obviously appreciate it more. But making “real” money in markets is a lot like wading into a pool before trying to swim the channel. Might want to get a wider understanding and so forth. Read books, follow it for a year or two, have a rescue boat follow, start small, carry an EPIRB and all the rest.

      I’m very confident this will help those who have trouble understanding how the “future slips and slides” around a lot – Clif High and the RVers run into this all the time. The future gets here – absolutely, but not inside absolute boundaries.

      And as shown on PN charts this morning, the Oct 31 departure from a highly correlated declining waveform tracking 1929 no doubt looks suspect, as well. No, someone hit the gas because somewhere, some unknown party is flailing to be rescued.

      It’s in so many ways like “forecasting patient outcomes in Medicine” or the path of a major weather system – it ain’t easy, replication is nigh-on impossible, and usually close is good enough if you sae the patient or dodge the storm. Not that perfection isn’t the goal, of course.

      Be well my friend and may you get the wishbone.

      • They make an EPIRB for markets? I could have used that in the last century when I was trading commodities!

  10. Yes, we have much to be thankful for.
    …consider those living in Ukraine or Israel.
    …consider those living in cushing poverty
    in one of Earth’s many shit-hole coutries.
    …consider those homeless and often crazy
    in the head.
    I will be warm, well-fed, and comfortable.
    The electricity will (probably) be on, and
    the city water (and sewage) will flow.
    I have a few bucks in the bank. Enough
    for at least short-term Balance and freedom
    from Want. My fridge is full.
    Happy Thanksgiving — and bear in mind
    just Who you may be thanking.
    Rough Days may lie ahead, but for now,
    … enjoy.
    Tomorrow will take care of itself.
    …always has — always will.


    • “consider those homeless and often crazy
      in the head.“

      Phew.. I have met a lot of people homeless.. the vast majority just hit on hard times.. unemployment compensation isn’t for the unemployed.. but the seasonal employee.. been there done that.. once hard times hit your out of luck. At the mercy of society. Many myself included is only a couple paychecks away from homelessness..

  11. “The best times you spend in life are with someone you love (and who responds in turn)”

    AMEN to that one.. my first marriage was a sham.. married to a family that stood for everything I despised in mankind.. had an ex wife that was raised in an abusive home and it didn’t turn out well.. luckily… the boss came around.. that had a similar marriage that was just the opposite.. the husband was everything she despised in mankind.. I had met her parents.. and didn’t know they were her parents.. she was having lunch with them and they said she should get a divorce and they knew this nice guy that she should meet.. so on a sunday sitting in the row.. she comes in and sits down.. LOL… she was my boss in real life at one of my jobs.. it wasn’t long and we both decided to dump our spouses and get hitched.. we have been together ever since.. my right hand.. there isn’t any drama in our home.. no arguing.. she is the best person I have ever met.. the most loving and genuine.. NOW we do have a joke in the house.. one day a few years ago I get the shopping list and on it is…
    25 year old Blonde must like gardening LOL LOL LOL LOL

  12. I ran across this in a secondary video on NewsMax this morning and thought it may get posted here but I don’t see it even on The Gateway Pundit. The guy in LA who was returning to his house when he went out for a tea or something and was confronted by two armed robbers who subsequently fled due to him producing his own legally carried gun and opening fire has had his CC license suspended. The reason given in the NewsMax video was because he yelled at the officers who came to investigate – BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T SHOW UP UNTIL 3. DAYS. LATER!

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