The Replay Marches On: "How Bad Could It Get??

Very.  Roadmap to collapse, anyone? After we kick-around the ADP report and a few headlines, we will lay out a possible track for the next two months.

Two new charts appear with some date ideas and things to watch in the period ahead.

Not a pretty picture, but instead, the kind of thing that has occurred in the past:  When market valuations begin to exceed logical limits.  As they are now doing all over the place.

Buckle up and bring the Maalox.

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34 thoughts on “The Replay Marches On: "How Bad Could It Get??”

    • Just happen to be re – reading it myself.
      No doubt it has been updated and revised or there are perhaps other versions and other players somewhere. We have new “Delivery Platforms” for conducting 5th generation warfare. Sars Cov_19 might be considered a delivery platform. The payload might conceivably be anything intended. Just attach to the very easily spread cold flu.
      The iron mountain report (whatever its origins) also provides a great example of the amoral and ruthless Darwinian mindset of our overlords du jour.

  1. “A Deliberate Depression was missed, however. ”

    Hmm the benefits of a depression… I was just like the vast majority of the people..
    I had three can’s of this and three can’s of that.. why keep more.. you have a paycheck coming in.. the cost to add a few more can’s heck I could spend that for something else..
    Then the worst of the worst happened.. it was hell .. fear.. no heat the kids shivering in the cold.. starvation.. no place to turn.. back then there wasn’t food stamps.. or any of the good samaritan laws.. sickness.. and no way to buy the medications. what do you do.. I would do anything to make it better..
    the Diary.. I bought the diary in a box of books.. a farmer that went to russia because the czar was seeking help for the people that were starving.. the rumors of war.. then seeing the Bolsheviks marching in with infants speared on the ends of their bayonets and them running through the woods.. conform or die..
    Just like the year that was hell for us.. I made the commitment that I would not starve like that again.. we have an open fridge policy here if you come in and are hungry and no one else is eating it .. help yourself.. the Czar ended up.. well we know how that ended.. I had always thought that the young princess did make it since one of the younger women in the royal family hooked up with them and traveled to the USA via cambodia.. but dna says no.. even she was murdered in the night..
    so I depression.. if you want to have the support from the people.. that will do it.. it worked for Adolph.. in the end.. Like adolph says in his second book.. all a person truly wants is to be able to provide the basics their daily needs..
    we have a medical system that is so broken.. mostly because of greed.. why should a us citizen pay ten thousand plus more for a medication or services then those from a nearby country..
    People that survived the last depression all had mini grocery stores in their pantries.. the reason.. the same thing.they went hungry.. neighborhoods worked together.. to feed each other..


  2. Looks like gold is still in the continuation falling wedge. A sight to behold would be gold retracing to face value…. back to 7th century BC Lydian Lion days.

    Looks like silver double topped from 8/2020. Timber:::..

    The ancient Israelis did say gold and silver would be worthless so the idea isn’t out of the question. And they know. Ezekiel 7:19

    Speaking of healthcare, from what I can see Biden will be supporting the healthcare industry by offering “‘COBRA continuation coverage’’ with up to 80% “COBRA premium assistance” for healthcare premiums to the unemployed. That’s nice.

      • Yes, Dave, that is right. But Samaritan Ministries, Liberty Health Share, and Medishare are all BETTER than insurance. Just think, you can help others every single month as you help yourself.

  3. Watch China CLOSELY as we move through the year. Xi is chomping at the bit to exert Chinese CONTROL over Taiwan now that they have taken full control of Hong Kong … 25 years early.

    Before Xi leaves office he wants to have put back under Bejing control ALL areas that the Chinese believe are theirs … and that includes Taiwan as well as the outposts in the South China Sea, and Xi is NOT a patient man (as shown by his move on Hong Kong).

    In addition Xi clearly wants to FORCE Europeans (which includes the US) OUT of ALL of Asia after what the Europeans did to China in the 17th, 18th, and early 20th century, and restore China to being the totally dominant force in Asia (only Japan and Vietnam were able to totally withstand China’s active expansionist policies in the past).

    The US “OUT” of Asia is one of Xi’s goals (Europe is already out, except for Australia /New Zealand) … which he WILL want to implement once he has Taiwan consolidated into China.

    Xi wants to go down in Chinese History as one of it’s GREAT LEADERS, and he WILL if he can accomplish his goal getting Europeans TOTALLY OUT of Asia.

  4. There are lots of metrics to consider in a ‘crash scenario.’ but in my view the most significant is the extraordinary political turbulence and the inability of the US federal government to function with ANY fiscal discipline. The Fed has been been doing these manipulations for decades – QE, operation twist, and even direct purchases of financial instruments. What we have now is far worse because the Fed is doing its thing but in a political environment far less stable than any current banana republic. For now, we have some stabilizing influences with state governments, for example, Texas finally deciding that the covid con should not destroy its economy – a year too late, but ahead of the blue states in any case.

    We have a complex soup of crap boiling now. If it turns out that America does not completely collapse, then consider that we have been blessed with a divine intervention!

  5. Totally off topic:
    I WILL SAY THE FAT LADY HAS NOT SUNG YET…(is it legal to still say that?)
    I do not remember a President NOT giving a SOU in my life time, BUT I really don’t remember much till I started to pay attention when I was 30 or so (after the fog that was Viet Nam). My guess, is that the demorats are waiting to find someone who can put three sentences together that are intelligible and actually make sense. MY money is on Forrest Gump. But the question got me thinking. Is Uncle Joe picking HIS cabinet or Kammila Harris’s cabi

    • Good point – but then again, there is not much to report on in the current state of the ‘union’- just depression, deception, disfunction, dysphoria, disorder – lots of ‘D’ words. Agreed that Joe may be too sleepy to risk putting him in front of a live audience.

    • Jay, my husband pointed this out to me last week and I meant to post about it here. It’s very strange, and par for the demoncraps and Naysayer Nutsie Pooloosie to not say a thing. Trump can talk for hours with or without a teleprompter, there is no way O’Biden can make it through 45 minutes to an hour. He apparently cannot handle 5 minutes without stopping and interrupting himself by asking the audience, where is he? ;) ;)

    • Look closer… attention to the details U see.

      WH press conferences are staged&recorded at castle rock studio, secret service guys in blue jeans? busted old limo ? busted old -painted over SMALL airfarce not One, it goes on and on. Seen “nano chems” spraying in sky since inuag – nope just normal nucleation of contrails..

      DS funding was cut off by previous orange dude in WH. Narcotics & human trafficking…they are/have run out of bribe/control moneies…

      March = magic!

      • Insurrection act?? Seems they wouldn’t broadcast that hand to the “enemy”. Timing is everything though. Do you execute now and get accused of being the reason for reset/collapse[inevitable either way]? Or do you let your objective do the job for you? popcorn at the ready.

    • trump supporters, maybe people like you or people you’re friends with, want to blow up the capital during the SoTU while the entire government is inside.

      “We know that members of the militia groups that were present on January 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible, with a direct nexus to the State of the Union,” Pittman told lawmakers.”

      • Not likely. Trump supporters tend to be Rightist and conservative. Conservatives are not proactive, they are reactive. Leftists and liberals tend to be proactive. This is a prominent-enough characteristic that it can actually be used to identify a person’s ideological, political leaning. A conservative would never deign to “blow up the Capitol,” because they respect the Law, and the symbolism of the edifice, more than they fear or disrespect those who currently work there.

        The claim is a “dog & pony show” and while it may (or may not) have merit, has nothing to do with either 45 or his political supporters, and everything to do with newscasts garnering advertising dollars…

      • Wow, surely you jest!!! The people that have wanted to blow up, destroy, loot, riot, and are criminally minded are the antifa & blm types that were there at all 32 demoncrap cities in the USA, “Rioting Across The USA!!!” The capital was a false flag even the policeman died of a heart attack per his Mama! It was filled with antifa and blm, and ole nutsie poolosie ignored Trump’s request for more protectors of the capital complex. Come on, organic gardener, quit using that glyphosate on this comment site!!!! Wow, quoting msm, whoda thunk we’d have a Jon #2 or is 3 or 4!!!

        People like you make me wonder about free speech. I listened to you and yours’ free speech across this site, unfiltered, daily, we all did.

      • “A conservative would never deign to “blow up the Capitol,” because they respect the Law, and the symbolism of the edifice, ”

        I hear ya.. I wish they had left that video up of the guys going through their scripts placing the theatrical blood capsules etc that I seen a couple of weeks ago..It was an eye opener for sure…. before the big march on the capital.. It was pretty good.. then there was the emails sent out by Antifa and BLM telling people to buy maga hats and show up wearing them backwards.. LOL LOL… but they didn’t.. it came down as fast as a hard drive and all its illegal contents vanished from sight and is now just fake news obscure to the history of the USA.. the really sad thing is they involved citizens and people got hurt..

  6. george yada. even the treasuries backed by sheetcoin wont work in this defationary collapse . buy tlt and USD thats it . and short everything including the yellow dog . you aint seen a collapse like this ever .. stay short hard

  7. bank collapse in germany . small one but they are all cousins and the feather turns into a tornado . LJD said ages ago thats where it would bust. deutsche bank is the euro and europe and its about to go woooooooossssssshhhhh arrow down . fools ,stay short hard

    • “DS/space nazi’s” are in world of hurt right about now..

      beware US treasury & USD Lennster – U know what INSOLVENCY means/entails to a bank or credit union, can U imagine a sovereign as big as Amerzuala declaring Insolvencey?

      • im always right . stay short . long USD and treasuries . you blokes are kidding . fear of capitalism ? best system cull greed . greed and fear extremes run markets . let the fear rip like never before . let the bastards feel the whip on their own back . nah i couldnt give a rats . the great gold bulls were farked over for to long . they aint stupid listening to sprukers like moriarty and ure and a cast of thousands . depression get used to it . bank failures get used to it. gold is for good times NOT depression . and ALL depressions are deflationary . read some idiot if you want happy stories

  8. And from the great kitco bar and grill where the great gold bulls were born . Not like sleazy sheep today . Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . Woooooosshhhhh!!! The big red button baby

  9. fascinating as we age we learn and observe . yanks . they can rubbish their own country , history pollies anything . but hell if you say anything and you aint one of them . watch out . you are a bastard terrorist mongrel . yep as time goes on more and more freaks in the great freak show

    • It’s all about freaks, baby, these people thrive on freaks and if you ain’t one, they will turn you into one while filming you drugged up and doing freaky things.

      They want your kids freaky, your spouse freaky, and everyone addicted, they want you cowed and cowering, they want it all!

      They want your house,
      they want your money,
      they want it all, HONEY
      Better wake up!

      Crash Crash Baby
      They want it All
      Crash Crash Baby
      Take it to the wall

      Crash Crash Baby
      Screaming in the streets
      Crash Crash Baby
      Read it and weep

      The Nets been cast
      And it’s caught you in its grasp
      You better make a plan
      Or you be jumping from the fire
      into the frying pan

      Savings that ain’t
      Interest paid that ain’t
      Inflation that ain’t cause if they don’t record it
      It don’t exist
      Ain’t that great?

      Castles in the sky
      Just riding riding high
      See it, believe it, defy it
      Can you climb it?

      Drop right back
      to the simple hacks
      Love, Family, Home
      Is where the heart is
      Be nimble, be quick
      Get ready to jump over
      the Candlestick!

  10. Change of thought…, The Joe Line. Are you saying that if they break and stay below the “Joe Line” that the ensuing drop will define a generation and put an end to the double bacon cheeseburger as we now know it ? [32,000 on the DJ ? ]

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