Too Early to Crash But Too Early to Rule Out

Our Peoplenomics subscribers are probably way ahead of you on this.  But, since we feel some compulsion to share cautious outlooks, a couple of ponder points  before we roll into the morning minutia and slow Joe rag.

International Events Driving

My consigliere‘s biggest concern is between now – and perhaps a year off – China is likely to grab Taiwan.  There’s a brilliance to his thinking and it’s why we pay a humongous annual retainer for his wise counsel.

Observe, he begins, that a Taiwanese company is planning to build a  5-micron chip plant in Arizona.  Let me back up and background you on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) – one of the global leaders in ultra fine-pitch chip-making:

” TSMC has a global capacity of about 13 million 300 mm equivalent wafers per year as of 2020, and makes chips for customers with process nodes from 2 micron to 5 nanometers.”

As for their new plant in Arizona?

“Arizona, USA (planned groundbreaking 2021, anticipated to use 5 nm process).”

One of the oddities of fine pitch chips is you really need 5 nm chips in order to fab-up a 5 nm manufacturing site.  Or, if 3 nm was planned  you would need 3 nm chips for the ramp.

Now Consider Lead Times

Although virtually all global chip production is running flat-out, there is an ongoing chip shortage in the USA.  Already, as Forbes reported a couple of days ago, “Massive Boon In Computer Chip Shortages Will Slam Future Self-Driving Car Rollouts.

The lead time to get a new chip facility online is likely two or three years, and maybe longer.  The reasons include getting equipment installed (built elsewhere, namely Taiwan) which then needs to ship to the USA – so we’re looking at what,  15 to 20-months, call it?

Obviously, China doesn’t want us to have a 5 nm chip facility, let alone 3 nm.  Chips are power.  Additionally, they already have effective global control over much of the global discretes market.  Including inductors, capacitors, and (since the poor pun is just laying there…)  resistors are futile.

This has started what is likely (to use an old broadcast term) be a “back-timer” to taking Taiwan.

For now, we have assorted auto production lines shut down, but with High Tech in Taiwan (South Korea, Japan, and other places) extremely long *(read: indefensible) supply lines, the U.S. choice when the War for Taiwan rolls out comes down to a) bluster and bullshit (which the war party has a good lock on) OR b) going to a limited first-strike.

This latter is highly unlikely, but since (resistors are futile) China is then likely (2024-2025) to further yank our supply chains are reduce exports to America in order to bring us to heel.  They will also “buy” the most Sino-palsy American president they can afford.

Europe Has Trouble As Well

One could argue that – after all the problems of financial engineering demonstrated in things like the Housing Bubble Collapse (2007-2012) – that the loci of global competitive screwing has moved on to supply chains.

A good example is found in the Financial Times this morning involving a supply chain financing outfit (Greensill) and potential repercussions that could ripple into 50,000 jobs globally.

It doesn’t take but one (critical) supplier to end entire production outputs.  Chair manufacturing isn’t viable without chair legs, for example.  Rinse and repeat.

Now the Bad News

We laid out a scenario on the subscriber side (replete with charts) showing how we could be setting up a collapse into early May that could reduce market prices to the panic lows of 2020.  And if those fail, then The Big One comes into view.

Despite the early futures being down, we’re pretty sure the Fed and G20 will be (to paraphrase Scotty from StarTrek) “…given her all she’s got, capt’in…”

The problem to avoid (read:  Rocks not to crash ship of state on) is the parallel to 1929.  As you can see…

…the longer we decline, the Bigger the Boost that will be needed to pull out of the dive-bombing set-up.

Even worse?  I put a blue 50-day trend line under our Aggregate Index work to show you the great peril as we sink toward the “Joe Line” – which is the top of a possible wave 1 Elliott count for this roll:

We trust Peoplenomics subscribers will use our “OpenBrain.xls” (download from the Peoplenomics Master Index pages) spreadsheet to plug in the Elliott wave 1 down to figure the potential low sides to come.

BUT…(God, always another asterisk, isn’t it?)  The downside projections ONLY get us down to “around the Joe line) (top of small Elliott 1 up).  Thing is, if THAT fails…then the Crash of Generations is here.

Elaine and I will pop a bottle of champagne at that point, having estimated from 2010 that the 11-year real estate cycle would come around again, but this time with hunger, so the play to be is on a paid-for small farm.  Then time to gather in some of the clan here.  But, I digress…

What Panics 401-k Money?

Averages – like the 200-day moving average (DMA) – are often used by fund managers.  As long as the market is higher than 200 days ago, staying in things like 401-k accounts in stocks makes sense.  But below the 200 and things get even more dicey.

40-K Specialist magazine reported that there was $5.6 trillion in 401-k dough in stocks in Q1 2020.

Given that our Aggregate Index was around 21,300 at the end of Q1 20, and its now around 34,650, we might peg 401-k dough in the market somewhere in the $9.1 trillion range.  Sure, sure:  There will have been drawdowns, of course.  But, at least as people were able to find work, inflows have continued, as well.

At some point, as the Baby Boomers like Elaine and me pass on to the (tax-free) hereafter, the heirs will sell it all (37-cents worth) and spend it on today’s useless “sparklies.”

At the end of 2020, total U.S. market cap was in the $51 trillion range.  So this morning’s chalkboard exercise would be how much of the (20% of market cap in 401 money) would need to panic to drop the market to our “worst fear” zone?

Homework is therefore assigned:  Post your answers in the Comments following this morning’s report.  Include such things as which moving average number would the market have to drop below in order for genuine panic to begin?

Bonus Essay:  Is this what European banks have been fearing and thus planning for massive negative rates in Q2 – in order to force money out of banks and dark hidey-holes and back into productive lending?

If so…what besides small sustainable acreage…is really worth owning with 7.3 billion people about to go hungry?


Even a good-sized rally (based on massive intervention (expected about here) would only perhaps get us back up to a (ii) up of 3-i down.

Since the power to intervene becomes less effective every time used, at some point the whole global financial fiasco runs out of ammunition.  And that’s when you want no bills and a food and water plan for six months, or longer.  A side of community radios, a few 7.62’s and a jumbo bottle of Hoppe’s #9?  We’d rather have a not need than a need and not have.

Think runs on masks and toilet paper we fun?  Let’s see how the water ands calorie runs might work out.  Or not.

Unemployment Claims

As always, we pay most attention to the NSA (not seasonally adjusted) numbers.  People in denial love seasonal adjustments…

Tomorrow come the Federal numbers.  We expect little change in total people working.

Very Bad: Productivity and Costs

Here’s another statistical slice – this one from Labor and just out:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 4.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 5.5 percent and hours worked increased 10.1 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the fourth quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2020, nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 2.4 percent, reflecting a 2.6-percent decline in output and a 4.9-percent decline in hours worked.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased at an annual rate of 6.0 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020, the combined effect of a 1.5-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 4.2-percent decline in productivity. Unit labor costs increased 4.2 percent over the last four quarters, as hourly compensation increased 6.7 percent and productivity increased 2.4 percent.

Not sure how much is due to inflation and how much is real…another homework project for you?  Main thing is productivity was heading in the direction of sucksabunch and not globally competitive.

Garbage In…

Need another lesson on Federal fiscal management?  IRS paid taxpayers $3 billion in interest due to late refunds.

Look surprised:  Texas Power Grid Operator Fires CEO After Storm Chaos.

Garbage Out…

Says a Time report‘They’re Fighting Blind.’ Inside the Biden Administration’s Uphill Battle Against Far-Right Extremism.”  More likely in our view?  “Far right extremism” is anyone who doesn’t agree with the leftocrats and socialists.  Coup’s are supposed to be an uphill battle among free peoples.  Meantime, behind their razor wire, Intel warns of possible violence at Capitol March 4 and House scraps session.  Intel from whom? Make up bogeymen, anyone?

At least Mid-March for the next stimulus bill check – something we told you to plan for back in November.  (You realize how predictable incompetence by the Fools on the Hill is, right?).  With no elections at hand, we might see ’em dick around with this until April or later.  Clowns posse!

Celebrity madness department:  Tiger Woods told responding deputies after crash he ‘did not remember driving’: report.  Also on celeb watch Prince Philip recovering after heart surgery, Buckingham Palace says.

Geo Heads-Up

Not only were there 17,000 earthquakes hit Iceland in the past week. An eruption could be imminent

But out in the Portland area, near Mount Hood, a seismic swarm is even getting attention in Florida

Off to work on prepping lists and do more planting around here…

Write when you get rich,

38 thoughts on “Too Early to Crash But Too Early to Rule Out”

  1. If the Taiwanese want to keep the 3nm chip tech out of Chinese hands why not build the plant on the U.S. side since this is where it’s going to go anyway? Why risk losing it by developing it there then blowing it up when the Chi-coms march in – that is IF the Chinese haven’t stolen it already? You only keep intellectual property where you think its the most safe so …

  2. Hey G, From where I sit the move out of stocks and 401s has already started a friend of mine builds and sells homes and he was telling me how many people are coming to him and paying cash to buy multiple homes with the same story, they have pulled all of their money out of the markets in trade for something solid! Go figure!

  3. RE: China – the claim that Taiwan is part of the PRC is as valid as California belonging to Mexico. Yet China is willing to risk going to war over the renegade (i.e. liberated) province/nation. The old adage that ‘war will not be eliminated until the causes of war are eliminated’ hold true here. Taiwan is a gold mine for the Chi-Comms. They covet their manufacturing, their economy, their trade and their geographic location. When war starts, especially during the industrial era, it is generally due to economic/colonial reasons, as most wars fought since the mid-1700s have been. Oh, a few have been over religion or race, but even those had economic components – America’s Confederacy needed cheap labor to harvest crops which were the heart of their economy, chiefly cotton, since most of the South lacked a robust manufacturing capability. Even Henry VIII’s 16th Century Reformation, where he razed Roman Catholic Churches and absorbed diocesan and parish wealth over greed, and also some anger over not being granted a divorce by the pope (which has its own economic underpinnings), had large sums of money behind it. If any nation stands between China and economic domination, China will first attempt to subvert that nation’s rule of law, then it will finance and foment protests and rebellions before initiating embargoes, blockades and finally launching armed conflict. Borrowing a line from the Mandalorian, “this is the way!”

    • Indeed the Confederate States wanted cheap labor, but then there is also the escapades of John Brown trying to spark a slave revolt to kill their white masters. Maybe all knew that that status quo could not continue, but the spark was the radicals that pushed the catalyst for war. Perhaps the peaceful path might have been to make slave holding unprofitable, I.E. another industrial revolution of economies of production.

      • “Indeed the Confederate States wanted cheap labor, ”

        HMM.. was it just cheap labor???
        Slavery is still the same today.. we are pretty much slaves to those that hire minimum wage.. sure you can quit and go someplace else.. but for the most part you are stuck.. you depend on those employers to provide the essentials that you need.. you have good employers and bad employers.. what I found is the more they pay you as an hourly wage earner the worse they treat you.. to them your just a hunk of grey meat on the line..
        when the confederate states separated.. I thought the industrialists were upset because they broke away from their shipping lines to have cotton shipped on their own..
        In todays world events we see a similar action taking place with Iran and their pipeline or Syria and the leviathan oil and gas fields.. if the puppet masters want it.. they will go to any lengths to get it.. if it means that a member of your family has to be sacrificed to achieve their goals.. then so be it.. ( you don’t see them or their children or grand children involved.. they sit safely at home.. I personally think that its the same in all countries and social structures though. the man living in the gold palace on the high hill rarely smells the shizt that is spread around for the people to live in ..)

  4. George,

    I see flat to down this year 10-25%, herky jerky rather than one-time crash, it may frustrate bull and bear alike except for nimble short-term traders. Low in about a year from now. At the moment I am mostly in cash (no long-term holdings of ETF or mutual funds which is unusual for me), very small positions for near term (1-3 weeks) riding short stocks and short oil, just this morning went long silver. TWT, the kids and their algos may do us all in!

    • I see a long grinding erosion ahead. US oil output under Trump was ~12M bbl per day. Under the current executive policies US oil production is around ~4M bbl per day now. thats an ~60% decline. What’s backing the notes now?? The rest is simply understanding the knock on effects of such folly, er um, policy.

      • Price of gas round these parts up again .30, used to be high 1.92, now $2.50. Up .58 cents a gallon since Biden trashed the industry.

  5. Yeah Chief – never mind Sinabung popping off in PI/ adult wonderland..”buy me drink – luv U looong time!”
    Global winter looks to be shaping up nicely – as New Zealand is movin and groovin this AM as well..

    Oh build me home where the Snook like to roam, where the trees bear fruit & nuts all day, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the equator is closer by moar than a third.- E.D.

    When the going becomes a shitacular mess – the wise do Disapora – prior to the crowd realizing they gotz no goose to be Cooked!

    Don’t forget froze toed ones – it’s Better in Belize..

  6. George,
    You won’t find this anywhere on a web site, but SRI and Lawrence Livermore labs here in the Bay Area are already working on 2nm chip technology. Scaling that is expensive though and the Taiwanese are needed for manufacturing tech. The US has the Intellectual capital, and it would be pretty easy for us to recruit or grant permanent visas for manufacturing geniuses to build that plant in Arizona. Anyway..if China does take over Taiwan, cue the defections.

    On today’s Intel about March 4th? I guess you haven’t been paying attention to the screwballs on the Q-TARD SITES. They claim that today is the day that Trump gets inaugurated and gets reinstated as President. Q is nothing but a bunch of fiction writers having fun at the expense of our countries brain challenged folk…the kind that stormed the Capital. But when you get a bunch of methed up idiots in girly, play date dress up, anything can happen.

    • Sir Barksalot, I cant figure out if it is fear of Q or just plain hatred of President Trump, that keeps you posting your crap everyday. I see that the President Trump lives in your head rent free, from the wakeup call to nightmare times, it is “I hate Trump and the Qtards, hate hate hate,, what ya got hidden in your closet? Hows the pedos doing over at Lincoln Project doing with your $ you gave them,,, yup I am the Q-tard
      you could have stop with just your first paragraph, it was good , but no you went on a rampage with bla bla bla and showed your inner self, a good salesman knows when to shut up and let the product sell itself
      As always, I thank you for the update in your outlook,, fear is the cause of your outbursts, like “Panic in D.C.” they is so scared they put up a razor wire fence around the US Capitol. Trump offered Nat.Guard support before that day but it was refused and the infiltrators that broke in were Pantifa supporters posing as Trump supporters
      Spring is in the air, have a good day for a change, I’ve get to go play wood chipper today, making a larger garden, it makes me feel good, physically and spiritually
      I don’t do meth,, do you use adrenochrome? the drug from tortured childrens’ blood

    • We might think if that 2nm works, they might be sharing with Intel, who desperately needs to resume shrinking the size of their chips to remain competitive globally. Maybe Intel just got caught up in woke hiring practices, vs. planning to continue progress for 3-5 years out. TSMC has been on an amazing run. We have to hope that neither China interferes nor that TSMC stumbles at any of these nodes or there isn’t some quake, fire or flood that slow manufacturing. Almost every industry these days directly incorporates high density chip tech into their product and much of that comes from Taiwan. It is unfortunate that so much of this tech goes into items that are basically disposable like phones, media streamers, laptops, tablets etc. This is why I like the lowest end model autos that don’t go crazy on tech. Imagine your car getting dated like your phone, where it needs to be replaced after 5 years because the tech is no longer supported.

    • Barkie – how can U not see what is coming ? Q-tards ? Q-ANON the GREATEST Psychological Warfare operation in modern history.

      Mr “no such thing as a deep state”, guess U have not seen the video of weather warfare on Texas is being discussed.. NASA /CIA and DoD nogoodniks.

      – they used to use PR-Arecibo..till “someone” knocked” that site out.
      Texas “polar vortex” was brought to Uretopia via the HAARP – Ecuador.

      Ure still man crushing TRUMP – thats awesome ! U cant STOP what is coming – but like the “good” book says “only god knows the times & places.

      Ure not getting tired of Losing yet ? sucker for punishment no doubt..

  7. G-man,

    Did you hear the knock ?

    Like Yogi telling BooBoo-Bear after being informed that there was a knock at the cave door..” it must be opportunity BooBoo my boy, cause opportunity only knocks once!

    LBS front month contract hit $1000 per past week or so – raw numbers $110 per board foot – before middleman markups/delivery charges. No inflation to see hear or anywhere else – AND G -rome says he dont C no bubbles anywhere including U crypto-flippos.

    A wood mizer(7-8 month backorder) sawmill sounds like a swell idea for a graying Texas roustabout.
    .. up in wood county we partnered with weyrhaeuser for cutting & replanting. Long distance from Pennslytucky, and the loblolly pine forest is home to all sorts of nasties..sidewinders and moccasians to name a few.
    Now that restrictions have been lifted in Texas – this eastcoast sidewinder prolly be rolling down there soonly for a “look around” – never know where opportunity will pop up next…”Oh I FOUND U now – miss new booty!..

  8. George

    IMHO most 401K holders are asleep at the wheel and are too afraid or unknowing to make the decisions about the management of their 401K’s. Therefore they will be consumed in the crash that is inevitable. 10% to 15% might get out and attempt to make a better investment choice, but most will continue to believe that their money managers will protect them. The down turn will be, as always, at the behest of the corporate investment structure that controls Wall Street. At some point the Rockerfellers, the Bilderbergs, or the Rothchilds will decide when everything ends, and we will be left to ride that wave to its end !

  9. George,
    I don’t know that I am the brightest bulb in the pack, but a couple of things. First anyone that has all their money in one vehicle isn’t very smart from my perspective. I am a buckets kinda guy. Income bucket, what I need to live on; Liquid bucket that I can get to if needed; and a growth bucket. Within the last two I have diversification to make sure that all my money isn’t doing the same thing at the same time. Then of course I have some protection for if I die or if I need to have a buffer against a down position. Then I am not taking out of a down account and letting that heal, hopefully. (For the Dave Ramsey people that is whole life. Dave is great at debt, horrid at everything else. I would love to have that conversation with anyone that follows his investment advice; buy term only talk)
    My point is that there are vehicles out there that provide us with protection and growth. When I hear people putting all their $ into real estate I cringe! Or when I hear people putting all their money anywhere, I cringe. But real estate is not liquid and like any market it will adjust or crash. Diversification with long term, short term goals with some liquidity is a far better approach than “all in”.
    But you are the financial genius so I will differ to you. You have set the stage. You own your property, and you had an objective. You play in the Wall Street Casino but only with the few “nickels you have”. You have two gold coins, and you have liquidity to buy and get the things you want when you want them. Overall having a reasonable plan and diversification will most likely protect anyone from major disasters. There were people that made $ and thrived during the great depression.

  10. I realize that we already essentially have ‘negative’ rates (interest paid versus rate of inflation) here in the US, but at the actual hint of any entity/financial instrument proposing to have me pay them to hold my money, it will be yanked out of any and all accounts so fast, regardless of penalty, and relocated under my mattress. I’d rather get NO interest from these thieves!

    • Heres hoping U can get Ure money Out of said bank as that happens…

      Overnight Fed funds rate = 0 / the only rate that matters to Banks.

      Mattress does not look so bad in light of pending implosions..

  11. “My consigliere‘s biggest concern is between now – and perhaps a year off – China is likely to grab Taiwan.”

    What if China (whoever that is ?) is likely to grab Taiwan (whoever that is ?). Don’t you live in Texas? Why would you & “consigliere” be so concerned about “events over which YOU have NO control” instead of caring for the wellbeing of our own citizens by taking effective action?

    Please NOT the same old bullshit answers that will just continue our PRESENT problems!! I have answers, but unfortunately they cannot be printed since everything seems to be only a business proposition ;-((.

    • My point is as follows: There are too many problems in the world. By just focusing and fixing one problem at a time may bring about the adjustment of many problems that had been derivative of this one we’ve just fixed. However, we tend to dissipate our efforts by seemingly “engaging with issues that are obviously beyond our scope to handle.”

      #1 issue in our country seems to be our method of how to elect a “representative government.” We cannot leave this choice to mostly uninformed members of our tribe. There has to be some sort of pre-selection based on expertize and accomplishments previously demonstrated.

  12. The most important news from yesterday is that SpaceX managed to land the mockup SN-10 after doing the flip maneuver in Boca Chica! This is a first in the history of public rocketry and shows great coordination! There was obviously a problem both with the under-engineered landing struts and apparently a leak of sorts in the methane system, leading to an unintended RUD several minutes after landing, when the rocket made an unplanned second ascent due to the methane fire. That hardly detracts from the fact that it was able to land under control at near zero velocity on its tail on a landing pad after a horizontal descent as planned for the first time ever!
    The replay is at:

    Start watching at 10:23:00. Before that are many hours of preparation for the test.

  13. Productivity: how much of that is stay home office workers, rat-holing on their jobs?

    I work in an office of hundreds working from home since last March. The average commute was previously around 1 hour each way. So the workers now have 10 hours a week more to work with.

    But the flow of information is not measured by these numbers. Without the daily commute or office distractions, the information is flowing much faster.

    More time, faster flow of information, what could go wrong? Burnout.

    It takes me much longer to do anything complex. Context switching during the average day is about double what it used to be. (*think of this like shop setup time. if your machine shop changed the types of jobs more often than usual, your workers would spend a lot more time “context switching”)

    Even with extra paid days off sprinkled into the schedule it’s just too easy to sit down and focus for an 8 hour blur every day. Time tunnel time.

  14. Occams razor. It always boils down to disruptive technology, and / or macro / regional climate disruption.

    If you beleive like me, that the advent of the smartphone lead to the demise of the phone booth. In similar fashion blockchain will lead to the demise of the bricked [no pun] and mortar banking branch within 5 years. Ironically the smartphone will also play a key role in that disruption of banking and finance.

    This brilliant interview with Micheal Saylor is worth the two hour commitment. You will understand why there’s a push to turn banking branches into coffee shops.

    I think we already have enough coffee shops……

  15. “…the Crash of Generations”.
    In my lifetime, I always knew it was the end game. Just didn’t know when it would come. TPTB have delayed it far beyond what I believed possible, but good times don’t last forever. I am so glad I made it to ‘retirement’ with a paid-up survival platform. I’ve watched these market manipulations for years, and I don’t trade any paper. There is no way I could guess at what point the herd will panic and try to withdraw from the market. I have heard it said in the past, regarding the demographics of the market, that when the boomers go…. so will the market. The herd is getting spooked, and it is very near ‘stampede time’. I’m just hunkered down and watching with wonder as this country disintegrates.

    • Yep, there’s heat lightening on the backs of them there cattle, and when the path to ground is made…woha we are going to see the Brahma bull 3 feet off the ground kicking up its heels !!

  16. “401k”

    Most will hold. We watched the sophisticated silver folk buying @ 25%+ premiums three/four weeks ago. Add more for the credit card crowd…. and still more for insured shipping to the folk who didn’t buy the free shipping minimums.

    But depending on age is holding really that bad? If one held index funds since 2001 -no trying to time tops or catch bottoms – would they be up or down?

    • Regardless of when we buy or how long we hold, an investment is worthless unless it pays a dividend or can be sold at a worthwhile profit. Being able to sell at full market price when we wish to is what matters to most of us. Boomers are at or near the stage of life when we want to exchange equity in investments for liquidity that can be used to live well while we still can. At the least, we want to cash out of high risk investments to lock in profits or invest in those safer ones that might lead to further gains. Living for adrenaline is less appealing now that so many things are so toppy.

      • perhaps consider tax loss selling & depletion allowances=credits -to name a few “worthless” investments that dont pay dividends or can be sold profitably(near term). Is there anything safer than Bitcoin nowadays?

      • Tax loss selling and depletion allowances are like aspirin for a headache. If you can minimize taxes, you’ve minimized the headache and the reason for tax losses. In an ideal world, you live in the sweet spot of the progressive income tax and spend your time doing as you wish. For the real one, we just aim to approximate that.

  17. Earthquake 8.0 Kermadec islands north of New Zealand. Hawaii under tsunami watch as of 0938 HST. Possible wave arrival time 1635 HST. Reports of 3 ft wave in New Zealand, but local conditions vary. Hilo Bay is a funnel-shaped wave pump, from past experience. I think I will be going uphill to visit the Volcano park today.

  18. Wow . Look what your missing out on!!! Pay George and you know every date !!! Wow these gurus are prophets extraordinary powers .! Wow straight out of the American guru factory !!! So smart . Reverent . What about your Covid crap george !!! Time to move on to a new venture of scam like your mates . Fools . You won’t know . Bang !!!! Whoosh !!! Short till the bottom we call . Not wanker Elliot wave pissheads

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