The Power of Autarky

Our coverage of the “War Between the Bankers” picks up from the Monday nosebleed in the market.  We update this relative to “The Joe Line” in our ChartPack this morning.

The “Joe Line” is a level below which the incoming Biden administration has an opportunity to fall smack into a depression without so much as a mock waiting period.  Which would be bad for the outgoing Trump, since Biden can paint whatever ails America as a Trump-over.

The battle coverage as soon as we get in a few headlines and a forensic view of markets.  Based on our assumption that relative performance of asset classes is important since there’s only “just so much money in the world.”

When it all runs over to one side of the boat, then economic capsize may be in the cards.  Just not today, we hope…

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36 thoughts on “The Power of Autarky”

  1. Aw, George! Let it come for that’s the only way to get rid of the Wall Street bankers and the rest of the 1%.well that is if the people have any backbone at all which in itself would be a miracle, but one can always hope and seeing the party thing is almost over for another two years why maybe they can spare a little attention to the main cause of their problems, the corrupt political system and the 1% who run it who are long overdue for a hanging.!!!

    • Be careful what you wish for…

      Considering total population worldwide, YOU are in that “1%” along with (probably) the entirety of the rest of George’s readership. If the fascists (nationalist-socialists) win, we’re probably safe (for the time being.) If the commies (international socialists) win, you, too, will get to figure out how to survive on $6/day…

  2. Good Morning, America.

    You now live in a one-party, agenda driven, aggressive government faux republic.

    Shut up, and do as you’re told, and it will go well with you.

    Don’t, and it won’t.

    You had your chance, and you abrogated it.

    • No William…Trump had his chance and he abrogated it. Like George said…he could not shut the eff up. He is now responsible for losing the House in 2018…the Senate in 2021 and the Presidency in a pathetic one and done performance. He spent more time blasting fellow Republicans Sec of State Raffensperger and Gov. Kemp in the state of Georgia than he did Democrat challengers Ossoff and Warnock. Why? Because Trump only cares about Trump. He did nothing to help Perdue and Loeffler and by being in the state the week of the election, may have done more harm with his baseless conspiracy theories. People grew weary of his crap and said enough is enough…and they took away his voice.

      I said back in 2016 that Trump would ruin the GOP. He has and he will blame everyone else. Look for him to blame Mike Pence today when Congress certifies the votes for President. He has already blamed Fox, Mitch McConnell, the rest of his self proclaimed fake news, his attorneys, and let’s throw in Melania as well. But we know better. This entire 4 year shit show is all on Trump. Trump is to blame…The worst leader in the history of world politics.

      • Yup the Mueller probe was a baseless conspiracy, an attempted coup and you are a conspiracy denier(the guilty always deny) and still involved with the treasonous traitors aka Lincoln Project
        you have not won and you fear a victory for America, bark bark, the infectious zit of crooked politicians is being exposed, coming to a head. Pence has been kept close for a reason, awaiting the season , to expose/show America. Timing is everything
        It is funny those that hate the orange man, fear orange jump suits

      • Blah, blah, blah. Didn’t you get the memo? Whining R crossovers are irrelevant for the next four years, or longer. You got exactly what all of you campaigned for, single party rule.

      • “Trump had his chance and he abrogated it.”

        Look, you can’t start with a BS line and expect anyone to follow you past it. Regardless of your personal hang ups about Trump, the Democrats were looking for an excuse to impeach him before he even swore the oath. People were organizing protests from the day he was elected, for inauguration day. The press made their willingness to lie evident from the beginning, ref. his first trip overseas, to Japan, where a BS narrative was created about him feeding the fish. He was *never* given a chance. He might’ve blown it even if he had been given a fair one, but the fact is he wasn’t.

      • The sad fact is they never gave Trump a chance. Sour grapes instead of doing their job. He may be a loudmouth but he had some good ideas. 4 years lost & it was only 49% Trump’s fault (he failed to take advantage of his 1st 2 years). Your side owns the other 51% of wasted time.

  3. Future G – truth leaks/game plans/Tree v Forest.

    Happily 4 G – I will no longer advocate for/support BTC/LTC here on the UrbSurv.

    FedCoin IS Ure future – All Yuse – whether U want it or not.

    There will bee NO choice – Every US Citizen will receive FedCoins in their very own accounts – “Free”.
    If you have any intellect left, any ability to critically reason – you should be able to discern the Future of fedcoin – 4 once U are in the “system” U are Owned. You will be told what you OWE in Tax and it will be taken from Ure FedCoin account.

    yeah yeah I know – U really cant handle hard truth about the future around here – but tough titties! it is what it is..U were advised – 40thou soonly, can 80thou before 22′
    Whats it gonna bee today in DC?

  4. “For one, the Russians are being blamed for recent attacks on government infrastructure in “Intelligence officials blame Russia for major hack that targeted U.S. government.”
    And, despite making it through the weekend with no Iranian revenge, this story “TERROR THREAT Chilling audio says plane will be flown into Capitol to ‘avenge Soleimani’ when Congress meets to confirm Biden win…” is worth a remark.
    There are lots of “future forecasters” out there.”

    My first thought with this happening right NOW.. with Trump leaving office… is….


    We know there were a lot of false flags.. all surrounding the things coveted by those that truly run power of the countries during the trump administration.. what was it every three months.. now this as DJT is leaving office…

    Doesn’t all of this seem to come in a timely manor.. sort of like DJT saying he was with drawing troops from Syria and then Assad heaves a chemical attack against his people to keep America there…
    Or could this all be a setup just to get America to jump into action and lay the blame on Iran and Russia to disrupt or seize the oil pipeline that isn’t controlled by those that seek all.. ( How many countries has Russian military involvement… without them being asked to come help… I think that number is (0) )

    So my question still is…
    WHY NOW….
    Especially when the total economy with the usa about to explode into hyper inflation and collapse… why china.. our manufacturer of industry..

  5. So it finally has happened, the Urban areas of this nation have now taken control of America. So if you live in “flyover” land you are now on the out. The masses have decided on the embrace of a paternal government which will give you what you need to subsist at the price of your freedom. Enjoy! I know for myself, I will perish under this new model. Much like many of my family did in Spain under Franco and Cuba under Castro. Here is looking forward to 2021!

  6. George,

    Thanks for the plug. Personally, I don’t think that Nostradamus read or paid attention to headlines. I suspect that he was an actual witness to the events he predicted (Pick your method Remote Viewing, OBE, etc.).

    Now, he who shall remain nameless, I feel that he picked and chose what he wanted from the Internet to sell a line of BS called a Web Bot report. I fell for it plenty of times. The key word there being sell, as in that was his business model.

    Time is the winner here. In the end, his cobbled together gobbledygook really did not predict anything close to where we are today.

    This is the beginning of the end. So, at this point in the game, we are well beyond futuring. I just tweak what I wrote over a decade ago.

    • nd therein lies the art. Similarly Stu – notice how we are closing in on the “final blow off highs” to perfectly match the waveform of the 1929 blow-off? Even with all the made up money, we’re right in the zone too.

      Only problem now is how to we play it – and I how more than just the two of us understand the importance of discerning the matter of autarky in the balance of what time remains…

      be safe and thanks!

      Oh, and if the headline on Drudge was a “false start” on the plane and aisles, was it a pre-quel to the Inaug day?

    • “he picked and chose what he wanted”

      Perhaps — perhaps not. Assuming the theory of predictive linguistics is valid (on some level), the real problem with attempting to use current linguistics flow to predict current (or really short-term future) events is that the mere attempt skews the data. Making the data public, even in more-or-less raw form, completely obliterates the validity of the data. Clif hit on the dam in China and 9/11, but these were events so huge that their occurrence couldn’t be stemmed, nor their prediction, ignored. Can you name a significant event upon which Web-Bot scored, after George & Clif’s post-9/11 interview on c2cAM? I can’t. Clif monetized the ALTA Report out of relevance and Web-Bot out of usefulness…

      As I told George years ago, if Web-Bot, Nostracodeus, NDC, RV, your work, and other such, each return only a couple percent better than noise, it is still a tremendous wellspring of future-related information, especially when the information can be leveraged or is cumulative. (He won’t remember that — but he will remember THIS): Remember, modern Las Vegas was built on a less-than-2.5% House margin.

      Because your work is tied to centuries-old writings, it can not be affected or invalidated through exposure — It has been being “exposed” for over three centuries. Dames’ remote-viewing “killshot” scares me though, because although Targ stated RV could be affected by target or 3rd party knowledge of the probe, the “killshot” would be a natural occurrence, not affected by prior knowledge or forethought, like Web-Bot’s damn’, er, I mean DAM prediction…

      • I thiugh Cliff predicted a cloud or accident that would travel around the world 9 times? Fuchashima is still dumping nuclear waste water into the Pacific circulating around the world’s oceans and waterways plus nuclear fall out dumped across the world via the jet stream.

  7. As I poured my first cup of coffee the wife had that damned TV on again. It only took a few seconds to hear all I could stand. After the first sip this old song popped into my head,

    This is the craziest party that could ever be
    Don’t turn on the lights ’cause I don’t wanna see

    Going to go check the locks on the gates and run the fences.

    Stay safe. 73

  8. Looking at the size of the crowd at Washington DC today i would say prognostications of Americas demise are on hold. Game on and good luck.

  9. Now I am curious… seriously curious…..

    In Washington where you can take drugs legally……
    and you are on a serious drug high.. with the state of the union and all this crap going on.. could that be classified as the……..

    ACID TRIP FROM HELL…..come on.. don’t bogart it.. pass it around…

    the next one sounds like a message we would hear from those in cali….

  10. Finally decided what to do with the $600 free money, March options on the market, just bought, that this is the top or close to it, better then playing slots and worst case tax write off on the free money ….
    Mark in Vegas
    Not trading advice, gamble what you can afford to loose

  11. “Who Supports Autarky?”

    IMO most of the political sub-genres listed at wackypedia do NOT engender the concept of self-sufficiency, but lie, and use the concept as a talking point to ensnare the uninformed toward their ideology. I would suggest the term is best defined as “feudal communalism” as exemplified by a North American pioneer family, living on an isolated ranch or farm in the mid-1800s. The closest modern-day political ideology to this is pure libertarianism. Anything to the left of libertarianism, including conservatism, are not utarkic…
    (Note the uncapitalized letters. I’m talking ideology, not political Party or affiliation.)

    • And that was one of my key points, Ray.

      Like so much else in the (hack world of crooked politics) everything is a promise. But – as you correctly note – once in office there is no interest in autarky. Well, except among pragmatic Chinese and Russians, perhaps.
      We have lost our way – by lying to the People

  12. “On the other hand, how many 78 RPM records do you own?”

    31. Most of which came in an auction grab-lot I bought for a buck, to obtain a copy of a HTF book…

  13. “Spiffy, huh? Lazy man’s way of forecasting future history. Just like we are due for a kidnapping of a child of some renown shortly in order to complete a rhyme off the Lindberg kidnapping in 1932. Just a matter of which “kid” will be “napped.”

    Don’t assume there will be a kidnapped child, to fulfill the rhyme. How many programmers have you known, who consider a magnum opus level piece of software, “their baby?” Shoot, any person who’s really prominent in his/her field will often use this term to describe a completed “wonder-project.”

  14. “Shall we now go watch the battlefield for more clues?”

    Not me…

    My daughter called a while ago to ask what I thought of the goings-on in D.C.

    My reply?

    What day is it?

    I told her on Election Day that I would maintain a strict personal news blackout from November 4th to January 21st. Apparently, she didn’t believe me. For all I know, today’s goings-on might be an historical rhyme with those of the Lexington Green on April 18th of 1775.


    It is not actionable by me, doesn’t currently affect me, and will be spun 7-ways-from-Sunday by every media head in the business. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll continue to wait, and read the Cliff’s Notes after Inauguration Day, when it MIGHT (barely, because we have no honesty in media any more) be able to discern true and accurate information which WILL provide something actionable…

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