Taiwan, Tension, Transition

Trump or Taiwan the Worry?

While we await “real” economic news – the monthly jobs sequencing starts tomorrow with ADP, Thursday with Challenger, then Federal numbers Friday – we have been sitting around tossing darts at the wall.

There are a lot “what-if” cards up there  (It’s made a mess of the plasterboard, too!):

  • What IF:  Joe Biden gets busted by the FedGov for something on his son’s laptop?  I mean seriously:  What IF Joe was carted off to wherever they’d park a perp and only Kamala Harris could show on Inauguration Day?  I don’t think she could be sworn it – which would immediately cause American Upheaval…
  • Another Card: Says Trump is so pissed about losing (as evidenced by the phone call to a Sec State) that he starts a war with Iran (or whoever) and then uses the excuse of a National Emergency to delay giving up the Oval??
  • Another:  Says there’s a contested Election in Georgia – and not only will everyone be pissed (regardless of “winners”) but we will no doubt hear more allegations of crooked voting…
  • Need More?  Well,  now we get into the email that popped in from my consigliere:

“Normally I wouldn’t put much weight on this, just the typical rhetoric coming out of China over the last couple of years.  HOWEVER … with all the chaos surrounding the change over in administrations and the potential for chaos at the top for the next few weeks there “may” be more to this than just everyday Chinese rhetoric.  I guess we will all know in a few weeks.

From the South China Post   (which is a reputable news source wrt China)

Xi Jinping orders China’s military to be ready for war ‘at any second?

For now, the next couple of weeks look mighty challenging and lots of people are acting in unpredictable ways.

Still not worried about excuses for war?  How about with Iran then?  “S. Korean Destroyer Arrives In Waters Near Iran After Oil Tanker Seizure.”

Know what this gets me in the mood for?  How ’bout we play a rousing game of…

“Let’s Count the Crazies!”

Yes, in this game (Home Edition) we pull out headlines from the news,  offer an odd remark (or two) to set up some contexts and then YOU get to decide “Who’s Crazy?”

Now ready for our first story?

Proud Boys leader arrested in the burning of Black Lives Matter banner, D.C. police say.”

Our guiding context here is that we live in a country where flag burning is allowable conduct.  Front page for a misdemeanor?

Now:  You make the call…but, be careful.  You’ll need to understand how the mechanics of “woke” idiocy works.  See, game is to turn this into a Hate Crime…yet burning the U.S. flag isn’t.

You see, in the Grand Marxist efforts to take down America, great effort was put into a case years back called “Texas v. Johnson.”  A summary of that from the Federal Courts here:

“United States v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990) The Johnson decision only affected a Texas state law. In the
wake of the decision, the federal government enacted a law that also prohibited flag burning. In order to try to get
around constitutional challenges, the law prohibited all types of flag desecration, with the exception of burning and
burying a worn-out flag, regardless of whether the action upset others. The Supreme Court held that this did not
cure the constitutional defect and the same 7-3 majority from Johnson held that the law still impermissibly
discriminated upon viewpoint and struck it down.”

While the leader of the Proud Boys may have done something distasteful, the legal razor’s edge here really comes down to “Is BLM more protected than the Flag of this Great Nation?  And, if so, why so?

He should have been popped for simple theft…but when we see all the lefterly media hype on this, well, you’re not supposed to remember flag-burning is O.K. – see how control works?

Good luck with your call…(I’ll be interested to read the comments on this from our high IQ readership…)  We’re just here to ask questions…

Speaking of China and Politics

Second round topic comes from the front page of China’s official Xinhua News Agency:

CPEC to boost Pakistani economy through agriculture, industrialization: expert.”

OK:  Context:  The U.S. is sending money to Pakistan to work on gender issues in the new (no one read it) budget.  China is focused on food and industry.

See if you can spot the crazies.  I hope I don’t need to coach, but one of them just held onto House Speaker…

Let’s Try Another!

Say, wasn’t that was fun?  So more!  This time from the Boston Globe (I worked for their media arm, once-upon a time):

Just 1 percent of Californians immunized amid slow vaccine rollout.

With the slow roll, I can’t figure out why there isn’t a line of people at every medical facility with vaccine on hand.  So let’s generalize this one to “Look at California…starting in Sactodemento…and consider the state of the State.

See any crazies?  (Please limit your entries to the state’s population, 39,400,000 plus or minus one percent of Mexico’s population (129-million) so 1.2-million…

Fun Way to Eat News, Huh?

How about we do a round now to see who can read data?  Here’s our candidate chart:

Now, to play this round, first YOU need to decide which of the following looks true:

  • Recent Solar Activity has thrown cold water on the Disaster-porn End of Worlder’s who have Earth descending into a decades long replay of the Maunder Minimum (see Note).  OR….
  • Whether despite the obvious bump in solar output – underscored by some pretty good HF radio band openings, better than last winter for sure – this DATA can be construed as supportive of the Sun Going Out?

Note:   A year or two back, I was one of the people reporting (as differentiated from fear-porning) on the possibility of a Grand Minimum.  However – and this is maybe why only smart people read UrbanSurvival – when the data changes, so too do the management calls.  Please make a note differentiating “topical reporting” (like the Taiwan jitter) from “Fear Porn” – which admittedly pays better than real reporting.

OK, enough.  We have little time or sense and polls are open in Georgia.


Dow Futures were down about 35 points with 90-minutes till the pee-dinger.  Monday’s session was the monthly end-of-month nosebleed that I’ve gone on endlessly about on the Peoplenomics side.  Almost every month there’s a one-day washout that happens around the month change.  And oftentimes in the 24-27 trading days from the previous.  More for the grown ups (subscribers) tomorrow.

Which is when the Fed Minutes will come out (tomorrow afternoon)…

So What REALLY Matters?

You mean like the ultimate-ground-Truths?

  • We’re all the same color on the inside.
  • No one “ages” in their head.
  • Truth is what the majority of people Agree on.
  • The Majority of People are usually wrong, too.

Yeah…that about covers it.

Well, except for these priceless gems:

Are you using all that “saved commuting time” to do a garden?  The U.S. average commuting time was 1-hour and 58-minutes per week in 2018.  So the question is tabled “What kind of garden can you grow with 2-hours of labor per week?”

Oh, don’t forget, NOW is the time to get seeds ordered for the veggie garden.  Temps are cool enough they won’t (generally) get “baked in transit.”  Plays bloody hell with germination rates.

This genuinely dangerous idea from the NY Times Biz section must be immediately scrapped as we see it.  Why, if the rewards of power weren’t there in the form of massive “legal” pay-offs (via stock tips for near-perfect insider trading – orchestrated by lobbyistas), what would happen to America?  Even more important, with all the hours, travel, disclosure hassles and such, who’d even want the job?

(Say, there’s another “Spot the Crazies!” candidate, huh?)

Mark of the Beast – On Radio!

Not to put too fine a point on Biblical this-n-that’s, but a note from my local ham radio club sent chills up my spine:

FCC to Require Email Address on Applications Starting on June 29, 2021

Effective on June 29, 2021, amateur radio licensees and candidates
must provide the FCC with an email address on all applications. If
no email address is included, the FCC may dismiss the application as

You can read the whole R&O (Report & Order) here.

“Who cares, Ure?  So what?”

CARES???!!!    You damn-well should.  This is the same clown posse that has been breaching the public Trust incredibly often. In fact, did you see where  the story “U.S. FCC action to limit social media protection increasingly unlikely” crossed on Reuters?

Let me break is down for you simple-like:  These idiots load more intrusive crap on the 600,000 generally law-abiding ham radio operators.  While they sit on their fat, over-paid asses  and look the other way while socialist media lefties censor the President.

Now, I don’t agree with a LOT of what Trump twits.  BUT even more dangerous than Trump are ultra-lib CENSORS who abuse their “public utility” roles.

But that’s just me.  Maybe you like captive regulators with political agendas?  You’re gonna love what comes next….

Off to left-over clam linguini for breakfast... Remember Pappy’s advice: Never eat too much seafood on an incoming tide…  Low tide in Houston is at 9:09 AM this morning…so gotta be done by then!  Bon Appetit!

Write when you get rich,


55 thoughts on “Taiwan, Tension, Transition”

    • I think if Assange is set free, it would only be a matter of time before he ‘gets real depressed’ and ‘commits suicide’.

      • I am be an optimist or a lunatic. Julian will be pardoned with many others.
        This country will have 2 Presidents. One in exile in either Maryland or Florida. So a separation in the Union hopefully bloodless is here. The shot heard round the world will be within the next few days.
        The mind needs to be clear. Somebody wants this and there is no stopping it now.

      • I am with you Missy.. if he is extradited to the usa I think that would make him extra sad as well…

    • Email from Seth, who runs a website teaching Hebrew from Israel:

      “Some controversy has arisen over the English word “amen” used in a certain prayer where it was implied that “amen” somehow means “a man”. (To be fair, perhaps the person in question just meant that “amen” SOUNDS like “a man”.)

      Just to clarify, the word “amen” in English comes from the same word in Biblical Hebrew, ???. According to Wikipedia, it appears 30 times in the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible).

      As you may know, the various words for “man” in Biblical Hebrew are totally different than “man” or “men”. So ??? is not related to adult males.

      Rather, the word is used as an affirmation. When referring to a statement in the present or past, such as “Blessed is God”, it would mean something like “Yes, it is so”. When referring to something in the future it means “May it be so” or “May that happen”.

      The shoresh (root) of amen is the same spelling: ?-?-?. It has many uses, including faith (????? – eh-moo-NAH) and the related words faithful (???? – n?-eh-MAHN) and believe (mah-ah-MEEN). In Modern Hebrew, “reliable” is ???? – ah-MEEN.

      But this root can also mean other things, especially in Modern Hebrew. For example, it can refer to training for or practicing a skill. Some common examples you might see are:

      to train/coach someone: ???? – l?-ah-MEHN
      to practice: ?????? – l?-heet-ah-MEHN
      an artist/artisan: ???? – oo-MAHN”

      Thought y’all would find this interesting.

  1. One of the reasons why I dont have a ham license, I have often used the public databases of licensees to do skip tracing. Its one of the valuable assets easily available. In fact, any professional license is easily searchable with current addresses and contact information.

  2. Me think you protest to much, “chills”. Asking for email? Every web merchant, news site, peoplenomics, ask for an email. Will they abuse it (junk, lost or sold), almost certainly, as does every other site on the internet. Just give them one of your junk emails that everyone has for such things. It makes sense to me generally, it is much easier to email for questions vs trying to contact my mail or audio. I assume if they find an error or question on the application, they would like to resolve through email vs other means. As much as I despise the government intrusion into our lives, I don’t see that here. Just a normal process in our tech connected world.

  3. Popcorn at the ready, even scored some Bloody Butcher Bourbon(Pennsyltucky) for bourbon&coke.

    This dreamer, https://youtu.be/-UYVHF37KzA ,is really looking forward to seeing piglosi being physically dragged out the hall of congress, and tarred&feathered by all her adoring fans in streets of DC manana.
    While we are on dreaming – thats what Ure new solar data appears to be – see dead cat bounce definition for assistance.
    Can U define hippocracey ? No, this AM with the FCC diatribe, just replace FCC with ACC -anti crypto c_ _ _ _ s. Plain as that ever growing anti crypto nose of Ures..

  4. Let’s Count Crazies, My home version is called No Sh1t.

    War in the wings soon. No sh1t. But like Trumps incessant, we have all the info on these people and they are going down, show me the money. Hopefully, wiser heads will prevail. War is horrible. Anyone who has been there knows what of I speak. If you think otherwise please pray.

    Proud Boys and flag burning. No Sh1t. Come on man… Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    US sending money to Pakistan for Gender Studies. No Sh1t. That money goes straight into the pocket of the fools on the hill. Do not pass Islamabad. But go ahead and collect the $200 just for the ef of it.

    Slow Vaccine rollout. No Sh1t. This stuff is so great they will have to give it at gunpoint. Which even at that they can pound sand for a couple of years before I will let them stick me.

    FCC and their email nonsense. No Sh1t. Won’t be long before there won’t be any bands available to the Hams. Sad but unfortunately true I’m afraid. But can anyone explain the need for that pile of bureaucratic crap? Doubt it.

    You scored on “What really matters”. Well said.


  5. George – Your ‘CON’ fidence in this new vaccine is way too high given how limited the testing has been, reports of so many adverse reactions, the WHO saying it won’t slow or stop the spread, etc. Any real look at other vaccines show the diseases were pretty much wiped out before they started to be administered. Way too much risk tinkering with something we have a very limited understanding of. The tail risk is off the charts.

  6. “Truth is what the majority of people Agree on.” Really? This is how we got into this mess. If I find a majority that “agree” on something then it’s the Truth? This is leading to the destruction of our society. I am reading so many “facts” about what is going on today, but the problem is when I do the work and dig for proof, most are not “facts”, they are opinions. So let’s kick off the second civil war based on emotional opinions – all officials, all courts, all laws, all doctors, all scientists are “fixed and corrupt” unless they comport with my opinion. And if the results don’t go my way, then let’s burn it all down! Yeah, this will end well.

  7. Red states need to convene a Constitutional convention in preparation for the fight to eliminate the electoral college. Seceding from the Union if it is eliminated.
    Term limits, perks for the jerks, etc.

  8. “Truth is what the majority of people Agree on.
    The Majority of People are usually wrong, too.”

    Therefore, Truth is usually Wrong!

  9. I don’t think Trump is certifiably insane.
    Big ego, yes. Some annoying mannerisms, yes.

    But insane enough to start a war just to stay in
    office? Sorry, I’m not that cynical. He’ll fight
    like hell — but at some point will be forced to
    concede and leave by Simple Ugly Reality.
    He is a Man Of LaMancha. Alone.

    I have been believing for some time that only
    a wide semi-catastrophic Systems Failure would
    or could force a large-scale reform in so many
    things that NEED a large-scale reform. The
    very criminals that RUN this system today will
    NEVER reform it – they profit too handsomely
    from things as they are. Something has to force
    a Great Discontinuance for true reform to happen.

    And, we probably wouldn’t like all the things that
    would be necessary along that road, so, we’ll put it
    off as long as is possible before it becomes truly
    intolerable. Then, it’ll pop big-time and fast.

    They do not grow crops in the cities, or make the
    many things that support urban concentrated life.

    The schism will probably be an Urban / Rural split,
    where resentful “Flyover Country,” populated by
    all the “deplorables” simply goes self-sustaining,
    and says, screw the communist tyrants in the cities.
    Let ’em starve and walk up and down many flights
    of stairs. Let ’em line up outside empty stores.
    “We’ll be fine — Out Here…”

    A French-style General Strike could easily happen
    if “they” yank the reins too hard and fast.

    I don’t worry too much about Joe. He doesn’t
    matter, and will be very quickly replaced by the
    true candidate very early on: Kammy. Focus
    on her — she is the coming Reality.

    Our enemies — China, NORK, Radical Islam,
    and others — will perceive Weakness and delayed
    confusion to a severe challenge. So, they will
    do things.

    “They” always have “tested” new administrations.
    Our response will probably be ineffectual and
    weak due to Terminal Political Correctness. The
    long consequences of that will take some time to
    fully manifest. We may come to a day when Patton
    and LeMay don’t seem so dumb after all.

    11.175 mHz has gone unusually quiet lately.


    • Most people discount or don’t recognize that part of all this we’re going through could be alien-influenced. We DO know they have the power to mentally control Humans. Who’s to say a big part of what we’re seeing isn’t being directed by their hand. Or paw, or thing.

  10. Hey Chief,

    Starting to feel like a correction window has been cracked ajar in the SPY/DOW. Have started to build in a SPY Feb Puts position, in anticipation of price levels being much lower come Feb 19th/Expiration.
    Majority of positions are in miners; gold/silver/platinum/copper/zinc/molybdenum – all defensive, but will go down in sympathy with overall market, as well as being liquidated after correction (selling anything of value) to cover margin calls/blowouts. No longer selling SLV, versus Long Phys Silver, unwound (ing) SLV shorts-holding Phys, as we be breaking out to the upside in Plat/Gld/Slv.

    Still think there is room to go higher, but clearly we are in a topping process – as evidenced by the absolutely ridiculous prices being paid for what passes as Art, in recent “bigtime” Art auctions.
    So “Ure greater arcana” – should be pretty close to the bullseye – in the black at least..I guess we better keep an eye on the 10 year UST/ yield.

    ..write me when U get BTC

    • “Still think there is room to go higher, but clearly we are in a topping process – as evidenced by the absolutely ridiculous prices being paid for what passes as Art, in recent “bigtime” Art auctions.”

      crashbandicoot, you should really have your own financial blog, JMHO. However, the big issue as always is timing. ;-(

  11. Well you sure covered a lot of territory this morning but China ain’t going to attack anyone for it’s against their nature and the rebuilding of their country, the call to arms is because of their crazy brothers off across the ocean that attack everyone even each other. It’s not Marxism you have to worry about but good old fashion fascist type government which the bankers have tried to get this government into going back to FDR and probably before that.

    I like the word “if” for every time we used it growing my father would look at us and smile and say “yes and if the dog haden’t stopped to take a sh*t he would have caught the rabbit” and that’s about the way it is.!!!

    • what is the difference between fascism and communism , both combined business ownership and government into one small group of unelected or fake elected rulers, that release you of your freedoms. Both use the military to enforce. it is like they are the right and left arms of the Beast
      China has already attacked US, it just isn’t an open, in your face military assault. Their openly stated goal is WORLD DOMINION,, THERE ARE NO RULES EXCEPT, WIN

      • Fascism is a sociopolitical economic theory.
        Communism is simply an economic theory.
        The underlying sociopolitical theory of fascism is socialism.
        The required sociopolitical theory for communism is socialism.

        A fascist government allows private ownership of business, as long as the business’ CEOs kneel and kiss the Ring. In exchange for this fealty, the government enacts rules and regs which eliminate its chosen business’ competition.

        A communist government owns everything, and parcels corporate governance out, generally on the basis of Party loyalty. “Business competition” isn’t permitted.

        Fascists and communists are two peas of the same pod. They’ve been fighting ever since Mussolini published his treatise, not because they’re opposites, but because they’re nearly the same, and each believes its form of socialism is the one under which the World should be subjugated.

  12. Isn’t it easy to blame government for what US the people are responsible? Politicians just respond to the majority (bolshevik!) choice, or is it any different from what I see?

    There was little wrong with some dictatorships in the world. Politicians are selected by the majority that vote, and many dictatorships were voted into power by the people. “Power to the people,” pardon me laughing. ;-)

    • God example would be CASH — use it or lose it!!!!!!!!!!

      “Don’t complain government want to do away with it.”

      IT IS YOUR CHOICE ONLY. Enough for today. ;-)

  13. George, even though Trump clearly has crossed the line, and any ordinary guy would clearly be prosecuted to a jury, it will never happen. It would just turn him into a martyr in the eyes of some 30 or 40 million low information voters. And help swell the ranks of disaffected, violence prone neo-nazi type groups.

    Time to move on from our national pity/anger party, and concentrate on rebuilding the Middle Class, fleeced of over half of their wealth since 1980. That’s the best way to handle our angry/disaffected/anti-democracy problem. Maybe even get the Farm Belt off of welfare too. This is where guys like you should be focusing. Best, Mike.

    • Usually, I would argue the point, but as I told PN readers recently, there is this “frustrated architect” mode that has charisma and following – last seen in a post WW I beerhall.
      Notwithstanding, though, Trump has been right about a lot of his agenda. But, in the end, like one of those empty carcass of buildings in Detroit, the reality didn’t live up to the expectations.
      I can read the data as well as anyone and it has been saying that dems will sweep Georgia…and when that becomes apparent, we may retest )(or even take out)( intraday Monday lows.
      Just because we can see the world, doesn’t mean we like where it’s going.
      You won’t either when America finds out the Thatcher was it(?) truth:
      Socialism works until it runs out of Other People’s Money.
      Ready for your teams tax hikes>?

    • If, as seems likely, a democrat will get seated in the White House, it’s unlikely that there would be any desire or reason to improve the middle class. Socialism, communism, and especially the Bolshevik variety has always pushed for only two classes – the proles, aka working stiffs, and the elite, aka rulers, with no class mobility allowed. This is anathema to the American way. I’m not looking forward to FDR-2 at all. Such a system will discourage innovation and risk taking, to the detriment of our already compromised ship of state.

  14. George, Great point on the Solar Cycle Chart. Lets see how the hysteresis between the immediate trend data and the current climate plays out. We will have some additional empirical data points by then as well to confirm direction. **Does not include volcanic ash or chemtrails in the stratosphere that attenuate the Solar loading at ground levels. May actually be helping to keep things cooler at ground level than they may have otherwise been without them.

  15. Some alternative “ultimate-ground-Truths”:

    Each of us starts out in life really dumb. Too many of us insist on staying right there for the rest of our lives.

    People keep looking for some outside savior or group to make one’s life better. Not gonna happen. The only person who can save you is… you.

    People need to fix what’s wrong inside themselves before they can fix anything outside themselves.

    We have a very limited time on this Earth. So why do we insist on wasting so much of it on nonsense?

    “Cooperation” has a bad reputation these days in favor of “Conflict”. But cooperation does NOT mean surrender. It simply means two people or groups actually working together to find a way that everyone gets to benefit. A worthy pursuit at least worth trying more.

    We have fallen deeply in love with our… “things”. Losing one’s cellphone has taken on the gravity of losing one’s entire life. Big pickup trucks. New gaming devices. Shiny things in general. “Thing” worship means taking one’s eyes off other things that should be loved.

    In one sense, we’re “not” all the same color on the inside. Some of us are just plain Yellow. Some of us are Dark as in Bleak or Barren. Some are White as in seeking The Light. Green with envy. Sad and Blue…

    People “do” age in their head. Some of the youngest thinking people today are our Seniors. Some of the most tired and confused and energy-less are Young People. They must be aging (or not) in their heads because it sure ain’t the body saying so much.

    Truth will never be what the majority of people are thinking. What most all of us are thinking is pure Fantasy and Delusion. For many, there is so much Fantasy and Delusion in their heads that Truth would never find a place to fit in there.

    And the Ultimate Ground Truth? Nothing lasts. Everything changes. Life is a Moving Target that never rests for an instant. Maybe that’s why things get so… dizzy?

    • “People need to fix what’s wrong inside themselves before they can fix anything outside themselves.”

      Best comment this year, and may the Almighty keep you around. We need people who tell where it’s at. It’s all within ourselves where we somehow refuse to look. ;-((

    • “People need to fix what’s wrong inside themselves before they can fix anythi”


  16. “Proud Boys leader arrested in the burning of Black Lives Matter banner, D.C. police say.”

    Hmmm, the half-Black, half-Hispanic leader of The Proud Boys gets popped for burning a BLM banner?

    Lessee if anyone, anywhere in the “mainstream media” mentions Enrique Tarrio’s ethnic ancestry…

  17. “How about we do a round now to see who can read data? Here’s our candidate chart:

    Now, to play this round, first YOU need to decide which of the following looks true:”

    Wrong. I can’t play this round, because the ISES chart implies a “norm” of ~115 sunspots as a peak. MY research follows the same curve, but predicts a peak of only ~70. GIGO…

    …And yes, my analysis predicts a Grand Minimum, but not ’till mid-century.

      • “and your book on the pending ending as it arrives. Since we will be gone more’n likely”

        Do you think there will printing presses left after the big one?
        Especially if we are shoved back to the stone age like dome of the studies suggest . I think I’d be happy to just have matches..

      • “Do you think there will printing presses left ”

        Of course. They will exist until they rust away or if used, until something breaks. The problem with “technology” is it’s not as important as water, food, or shelter and not as demanding as “fight or flight” or sex. When food becomes a 12-16 hour per day vocation, shelter is acquired, and fight & sex compete with sleep for the remainder of one’s time, technology beyond wheel, lever, and container, and make-it-yourself weapons, will be forgotten.

        …And yes, I’m one of those nutters who believe it is entirely possible that Man is a recurring advanced civilization, which nuked itself into the stone age between 102,000-106,000 years ago. I have read Genesis, noted the huge time-gap, and can also not find within me the conceit which lets me believe God keeps time based on Earth days.

  18. My favorite long range weather forecaster thinks we’re on the front edge of a stratospheric warming event over Canada which will warm the polar region and put the American mid-west in the deep freeze for 30 to 60 days. I’m thinking this event should be given a name. How about “Ure ’21 Minimum?” Sounds catchy. Maybe it will turn out to be that Grand-pa Minimum that Ray was just discussing.

  19. Comrades,

    Wow, despite raising tens of millions of dollars in the effort to unseat Mr. Trump and with allegedly millions surplus donations left over after the election, The Lincoln Project sure was not feeling the love they apparently falsely laid claim to from the democrat masses. Here was a frank post-election thread from AOC herself suggesting what the projects thought about The Project.

    No need for tears on the aid being sent overseas to places like Ukraine in the coronavirus relief bill. Surely Mr. T. has filled Pops in on the health benefits palm oil, and what’s to be gained if the taps on Gazprom’s direct Russian-German Nordstrom 2 gas pipeline ever get turned on?

    So looking forward to Friday’s BLM live-streamed bid offer openings for oil leases (that was allegedly buried in the 2017 tax cut bill) in Alaska’s formerly protected National Wildlife Refuge for polar bears and suchlike.

  20. When white people burn black property (a BANNER hanging on a church building, not a FLAG)… but muh Freedums!!!!

    When black people burn white property…. Marxist Commies, want to destroy America.

    Get a grip.

  21. There’s been virtually no mention in the popular press about the effective banning of new anonymously owned companies in our country. This was apparently hidden in the 5500 pages of bureaucratese in the NDAA, which also gave most of us a $600 handout.


    No doubt this has both merits and downsides for the American people. There really is a place for anonymity and freedom of action, though probably not for those who choose to be public figures. Requiring every life to be an open book encourages people to do less with their lives. It also flies in the face of the American idea of second chances in life, the right to be forgotten, and the right to remain fairly anonymous to most people. From my read of the article, it says nothing about pre-existing “shell companies”. I’m not convinced that this couldn’t be easily circumvented with the use of nominees or complex structures.

    We do need to lean hard on corruption, yet much of it is in plain sight and enabled through laws passed by congress, often hidden in bills that nobody could fully understand in less than a month or two of serious study. The idea that this was barely mentioned in the press and was never passed as a separate single topic bill bothers me greatly.

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