Alchemical Warfare, Virtual Global War

Phony Money is Imploding

Long Live Phony Money!

On the surface, it may look like “just another morning” for Wall Street.  However, it is not.  This year, we may see the total end of “rational money” and Balkanization of personal wealth.

Today’s “Stock Rally” Fraud

If you’re a small investor – with perhaps something in your 401K plan and such – the early futures this morning would come as good news.  Because if you looked at Yahoo Finance earlier, you would have seen that the S&P futures were up 21.5 points.  Which is 0.57%.

Great!  My portfolio will go up!”

On paper?  Yes.  But in Reality, No.

You see, if you had looked at the currency exchange rate of the U.S. Dollars, you’d see the Dollar was DOWN  0.53%.  You following this?

As we have been warning you for months:  “Don’t look at nominal pricing of stock indexes.  Instead, look at your portfolio’s long-term Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).  Consider Global valuations.

Simply put, thanks to consumer super-saturation (how many more UHD TV’s can you buy per year?) the outlook for additional goods consumption is low.  So instead, we come to the “Insert Magic Here” point in our flowchart into Future.

Calling All Magicians!

There are several types of “magic” in play, so the world is desperate for more magicians.  (Of course, magic at this level is a con,  so swindlers and shysters are welcome, too!)

The first is “magic technology” which will turn your phone into….a what?

At some point we run out of stupid apps.  The result is that “investors” (size=small) have been conditions to buy oodles and armloads of anything with a “magic tech backstory.”  Great news for BigCorp CEO’s:  They don’t have to share earnings.  All they need to do is remain in charge.  Letting the “great fools” bid up their storylined paper assets.  PFM.

The second “magic” has been “the global pandemic” – and while the incidence of PIC (pneumonia, influenza, and Covid) shows an increase in mortality this year, another cross-check of data says (vanilla) flu deaths have almost ended.  Which begs the question “How much of CV-19 is statistical jiggering (reclassification) and how much is actual without “borrowing the dead” to make-up a good marketing pitch?

Hint:  Think about the billions made – and lost – and notice that while corporations have been “getting by” (because they can work the system) the real impact of CV-19 has been to run mom & pops out of business.

FTM: Follow the Money!  You just had $600 handed you as “hush money” but in reality, the “new boss” (Joe & Kam shortly thereafter) are the same as the “old boss” who made great theater out of Change.

Third Class of Magic?  Cryptos:  We have been waxing on this, seems like, forever.  Write this down on a piece of paper somewhere:

“Cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value.”

“Mining” is bullshit-speaker for “making up numbers.”

At their core, the cryptos as nothing more (or less) than a “made-up” Secret Number.

As we will explain to our Peoplenomics readers Wednesday (the short preview now):  It’s ludicrous that Cryptos are in competition with one-another for market share.  Because laughably, a new breed of financial manipulation is coming:  One that aims to become crypto agnostic.

As that happens, noisy fans and bad smells will appear everywhere.  Especially when multiple groups wake up to the crypto-agnostic transaction swindle.  We’ll save that for the grown ups.

Money? Missing In Action

Traditionally, “money” had two functions:  “Exchange/transactional” and as a “storehouse of value.”

Cryptos – having no intrinsic value – you can’t wear or eat the damn stuff – are purely transactional.

The magicians (cons), though, are desperate!  The “Velocity of Money” is still on the slab in the Morgue:

See the transactional problem? 

In order for there to be actual by-God Economic Growth, there has to be additional consumption.  Problem is?  Since most people with ambition are able to find “3-hots and a cot” where is the incentive to become “decisively engaged” and be a high consumption worker-bee?

The socialist’s wet dream – Universal Basic Income [UBI] can only make matters worse.  It’s like a mob has taken over economics and each faction of the mob is trying to gin up more supporters.

Liberals Are Economic Stooges

But, they shouldn’t feel too badly:  Conservatives are, too!

The political power structure in America shed the patina of Citizen Lawmakers years ago.  We are presently ruled by an arrogant class of law school pricks who don’t even have the courtesy to read what they vote on.

The problem facing the global economy is that things will now “hit the fan” at ever-increasing rates.  It’s like gravity.  Remember that formula?  32-feet per second per second until you hit terminal velocity?

A subscriber recently asked “Did this all start with Nixon slamming the gold convertibility window?”

Yes.  Nixon was an idiot (and did I mention lawyer? Republican?)  He was too anxious to paper-over his legacy so he’s the one who began “selling out America” to the ChiComs.  Yet (here’s another swindle for you:) He was a republican and talked as a conservative might.

The demise of the dollar is a slowly-metastasizing cancer.  This year we enter Stage Five.  No treatment in sight.

Catherine Austin-Fitts Rocks

If you haven’t seen her in-depth analysis here:

…You need to block a full hour.  49-minutes to watch and then 10-minutes figuring out how to cope with what she lays out.

We will work on that last task a bit more Wednesday on the subscriber side.

Monetizing Racism

Oh, and for those who didn’t understand that the “race riots” of 2020 were “Manufactured” for economic ends, roll the Austin-Fitts tape up to the 29-minute mark.

There, you will see how Big Corporate Chiefs will be able (as things ramble down from here) to make hugely profitable gains (tax-free) from investing in burned-out “opportunity zones.”

This stuff is neither accidental, nor coincidence, as we see it.

Instead, we continue to “Replay History” and as we are within spitting distance of equaling the 1929 Bubble Top (like this month or next), we are already seeing how the coming Global War (to meet the functions of killing people and breaking things, destroying savings) will be played out.

VWW:  Virtual World War

Our (audio) podcasts may return this year to the subscriber side.  Because there is just so much beginning to move.  Almost like “break-up” which is a big deal in Alberta along rivers long-frozen over winter.

One of the first ones (I’ll have to check his schedule) would be a conversation with my consigliere.    He forecast – with considerable accuracy where all this would end up back when he was finishing the JD /CPA track in 1979.

His scenarios end in the 2023-2026 timeframe in a global war, likely with China.  Not a bad dart thrown back then.

The Modern Question

Becomes this:  Given that all of us who have done serious “economic cycles work” have seen how we must have a bad-ending in order to unwind the systemic corruption that happens over time (as money becomes loaded progressively with debt), is there a chance we could “unwind” in a virtual sense?

I’m afraid I already know what his answer will be:  No.

Because in the end the function of a war is many-fold.  You need to kill people.  You need to break things.  And you need to destroy savings.

The operant questions then become:

  • Can the “killing function of war” be synthesized via statistical manipulation and a bad flu bug (variant)?
  • Can the “break things” function be achieved in a virtual sense by depriving people of “title” to things not fully paid-for?  We still have an evictions problem looming…
  • And can savings be adequately destroyed via a well-modulated soft hyperinflation?

I don’t think so.  Not sure what he’ll say, but the outline is there.

The Globalist Circle Jerk

Wars happen when the music stops in the financial Musical Chairs Game.

Take the holders of U.S. Debt worldwide:

  • The biggest US Debtholder is Japan: $1.2 trillion.
  • Second biggest is China: $1.06-trillion
  • Third?  The Useless Kingdom: $0.43 -trillion.

The way the world works [presently, but not for long] is the countries buy and sell each other’s debt paper.

What no one talks about (when discussing the U.S. debt) is how foreign countries in the past 10-years have purchased more than a trillion dollars of U.S. real estate.

Thnk this through very carefully:  The U.S. spends more than it makes.  And we pay interest on our debt.  We sell this off to other countries.

In the case of China, for example, they take the U.S. debt paper (gee, how did some drug cartel money get mixed in, huh?) and it’s then used to buy America out from under us!  Japan resells the paper in order to pay its growing retirement costs.  (See how useful CV can be?  Think how it will impact Social Security…)

When the music stops…it all comes crashing down.  Just not this morning.

Look, I don’t want to piss on a perfect winter Monday for you.  But this is likely to be a pivotal year.  Financial cons and swindlers are now “working one-another” and we just don’t see much of a happy ending to it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled bamboozles.   More about “War Among the Bankers” in Peoplenomics Wednesday. Schitz broken and we’ve run out of glue, welding rod, baling wire, chewing gum, and prayers….

Just remember:  S&P futures were up 0.49% mostly because the Dollar was down 0.44%. Take more made-up money, got it?   And gold going up $42 bucks (2.4%) should scream volumes about gearing/leveraging of gold and silver – which was up 3.74%.  Not like we haven’t told you about this stuff…

Eyes On Trump

Last 3-weeks of the You-Know-Who administration could involve a final outburst of Trump-bashing. 

In particular, see “Donald’s Trump bid to steal Georgia exacerbates GOP election storm.”  As the Bezos-owned WaPo breathlessly offers insights into how Trump pressured people to find votes.

Women, children, and populists to the lifeboats as “More and more Republicans protesting Trump’s election challenges.”

Meantime, our biggest concern is Trump might somehow interject the U.S. into international affairs with the intent of getting a “flash war” going and then use that as an excuse not to leave office.  Oh, look!  Opportunity knocking? “Iran seizes South Korean oil tanker as it increases uranium enrichment.

Disease Peddling

Japan Mulling Declaring Emergency for Tokyo as Cases Surge, sure has our attention.  Why, if they kill off enough of their pensioners, might be bad for long-term U.S. debt (bond) sales!

Now that son George, II has his first shot of Moderna‘s brew, much ado in the UK about Covid: What is the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine?

Sounds like a marketing battle to come, doesn’t it?

Short Takes

Don’t take a Leaker: UK Court Rejects Assange’s Extradition To US.

Things wont be changing: Nancy Pelosi is narrowly reelected House speaker.

Boom times ahead?  Iran has restarted uranium enrichment toward 20% target, government spokesman says.

And off in the background, this NY Times story about the resurgence in unions as a more progressive path than politics is useful:  Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism.

On that, welcome to the first Monday of 2021.

If the U.S., dollar (*which was trying to rally with an hour to the open) manages to put on some beans, then the Dow and S&P could decline.  Currency exchange rates matter…at least to the rich.

Write when you get rich,

75 thoughts on “Alchemical Warfare, Virtual Global War”

  1. I had a really scary thought………

    On the news there was the comment of Trump getting the military involved in this election situation.. Now I personally believe that the election smells awful fishy.. and the people that could do that are skilled and they have money power to bury what actions they do and they have been pulling the strings of our country for decades..
    But I thought to myself as I heard the announcer mention the possibility of military intervention.. ( negatively about trump doing this.. ) and my thought was.. if the people pulling the strings of govt.. should just hire their own military instead of making the USA hourly wage workers paying the tab for all their crap.. and it dawned on me..
    I have personally seen UN forces running down the road to do maneuvers etc.twice and the last one was just a few months ago… and then you have the private militaries. Could this election controversy all have been an expected event and the people running our govt.. did place their own personal army in the USA just in case….congress did spend billions of taxpayer money trying to kick him out..
    in the event of a civil type war you can’t have brother fighting brother.. so bing in their own army from another country in the idea that they would train here so that if it ever did escalate to those extremes.. the people from another country could care less about our citizens.. their families are in another country..

    Now that is some scary thinking.. not to mention all the isis warriors that came in posing as refugee’s.. ten thousand a hundred thousand spread around the USA..

    • If I remember right young Bush made an agreement with Canada that if unrest should rise up why Canada could send troops down to help out. The crazy Governor here in N.Y, now wants to lock up anyone they suspect of having the virus and seeing they have emptied out a few prisons I guess it would work. Cornell Univ. States that anyone who refuses the vaccine will be expelled except if your colored of course then you can opt out. And of course no one knows where those trillions went missing in the pentagon maybe something to do with the think tank up in Washington who states that why we could knock out all of China’s ships and boats within 24 hours. I read where they have stopped all the production of the F-35 it seems it finally caught up with them that it’s a lemon, but they can’t return it to the dealer, welcome to a replay of 2020

  2. “Phony Money”

    Perhaps Cryptos should be compared to the first paper currencies. Instead of carrying around a cat bladder full of gold and jewels one would now stuff a few pieces of paper in their waistband and call it good.

    • And since the loss of the gold standard, couldn’t it be said that US paper money also has no intrinsic value? It only has worth because people say it does.

      • Yes – but no.
        Allow me:
        Yes, it is representative of a huge effing pile of debt.
        But no…at least insofar as the States (and as we warn PN readers recently, look out for the Fed gov to “muscle into the property tax racket….) and the FedGov are able to tax.
        \Something covered recently on PN is the question of “Where is the low-hanging fruit” if there is not enough consumption to generate duties and job gains to make income taxes a credible counter to soaring debt?
        That’s when government MUST go revenue shopping.
        Punitive energy taxes won’t be enough – they will come for your home, methinks.
        The value of residential real estate is America is huge and a forced tax by the Feds of 0.25% of local valuations would fill empty coffers for a while as the charade drags on.

      • perfect example of media deception/fake ass newz – spin it G dog -keep dancing Ure way out of answering the question – U coward..

        the USD has absolutely zero Intrinstic value, rounding down. cotton,paper,inks,printing expense. .

        where do U think all the energy goes from BTC mining ? c’mon man
        – U know U cant destroy energy..
        -or were U skipping physics class along with spelling class?

      • The Ures eschew cash and dollars. We convert into anything useful as soon as possible.
        Hip replacement surgery
        cases of toilet paper
        food stocks
        land and property improvements
        MOAR solar..
        Ya’ll for play with your digi’s…we’ll free another prime rib..
        And you missed in physics: You can’t write energy

    • “Phony Money”

      here is a good book Steve…

      when it became harder to carry bags of grain..
      “Early origins From ancient times grain has been stored in bulk. The oldest granaries yet found date back to 9500 BC and are located in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A settlements in the Jordan Valley. The first were located in places between other buildings.”
      many used different things such as beads.. tokens or tickets.. to receive a measure of grain.. we have all heard of the story of Joseph and the Egyptian granaries..
      Only today do we value something that doesn’t stand for anything.. it is the grand illusion.. we all live by it.. during the weimer depression.. and all other depressions.. the value of gold and silver was measured in food.. skills.. doctors use to be paid in eggs and chickens or a sunday meal.. the same with teachers..
      today we value a digital number.. or a piece of paper that isn’t worth anything other than it being a piece of paper.. good paper but still just a piece of paper..
      During the last depression and the prohibition.. alcohol was the big trading element.. so was food..
      but we have to live by this illusion.. it is what it is… if they decide to go with cartoon currency. then we go by cartoon currency.. but a loaf of bread is still a loaf of bread…
      I have had people ask me what I would invest in.. a FARMER… most family farmers have to borrow money to plant.. so invest in them.. they in turn give you a garden to plant in and a cow a pig chickens whatever.. and half of the percentage of interest that the banker would ask.. they will jump at it.. ( actually that is what we do already for the bulk of our meat ..)
      It is money well spent… and I save a huge amount of money on provisions..

      • sooner or later people will see why I left marketing and algo dev for a highly76 complex SQL system and bought land in the woods, lol. The return on investing in “ideas” is low over historical time frames.
        Things? Foods?> Land? Reads Henry George on how all wealth springs from the land, no ideas.
        The hype changes nothing about the bottom line. Just5 might take a while

      • “Things? Foods?> Land? Reads Henry George on how all wealth springs from the land, no ideas.”

        I am right with you on that…. I am a tool slut and decided years ago that there are things I needed to know how to do..
        there were instances in my life where I was destitute.. it was horrific.. and there were things I needed I couldn’t make.. afterwards I decided that was the heavenly fathers plan to show me where I lacked.. so I learned how to do them..
        I do want to get a couple of bee hives.. but the farmers all use gmo seeds.. which suck because it kills the bees..


    the above has absolutely nothing to do about the news… or the election and upcoming inauguration etc.. but it is a really good movie… if you find you have a few moments away from cnn and fox.. take a gander and enjoy.. bring some popcorn and peanuts though ..a cold or hot beverage.. (my beverage of choice is coffee)

      • LOL. heres my satirical opinion.

        it’s all a symptom. Timed correctly even you can get a working farm 4 goats a dozen sheep, 5 milking cows, and 100 hectares of land with a river running though it, for 4 tulip bulbs.

        If you believe that automation, cloud compute, AI and robotics is in need of a way to transfer value between each of the entities in return for work performed or access and use of an expert system [x, or y ,or z as a service], you need block chain.

        In the perfect world this machine to machine communications and monetization will replace everything. It will run on electricity, not fossil fuels[ See first commercial commercial tokamac fusion reactor near completion France].

        if you have worked with any of the systems and self optimizing software out there then you understand that the work task / product requested or configured generates a block chain address and a token. You then send the token when the work is to be performed in exchange for it’s execution. The next step is to swap the Token for your favorite chosen store of value [CBDC and the like].

        In the correct world. Your android would report to your work place, perform its duties return home and you would receive the full value of the work product performed in the form of currency.

        In an even more prefect world. You own all the androids [both physical and virtual ones in the cloud], you slow roll and withhold robotics developments from the general public ownership, you collect the income, you pass a UBI slice of your profits to the commoners, for just long enough until they are phased out through attrition [birth death model]. CV is merely accelerant.

        We are so close in some ways yet so far. Its far from perfect. Especially the need to intervene in the AI functions so as to prevent runaway conditions [and the ramifications from same].

        Oh and brewing in the background, a much larger climatic cycle is playing out, one where the sohal is fertile again, and supports agriculture while the former bread baskets of the planet are flooded, and frozen, with significantly shortened growing cycles.

        Remember the dustbowl as a key feature of the last depression? The Eddy minimum is knocking our doorstep. Look it up, and also look at the agricultural and livestock losses due to catastrophic climate events over the last 10 years. The US has no grain surplus left. but you haven’t been paying attention because there are plenty of other distractions going around.

      • I totally agree with Clawsy. Ms. Austin-Fitts fills in some shadowy data voids RE: inconsistent responses by government officials to Covid, or as she calls it, “the magic virus” and the collapse of the Trump economy. The Covid altered election proved to be the false flag for a blatant, staged, systemic theft of democracy, with the real perpetrators (mega-industries, banking and the Fed) pulling all of the key strings. This lady better have world-class body guards.

  4. “And can savings be adequately destroyed via a well-modulated soft hyperinflation?
    I don’t think so. Not sure what he’ll say, but the outline is there.”

    Think about that one just a minute..

    Just about everyone I know… are living Paycheck to Paycheck.. I am included in that statistic.. I use to have a modest savings then we went a year without an income.. it took every dime plus.. to survive..
    Now… add Covid-19… and forty million american households that are going to be evicted.. ( someone I know just got their three day notice) and they have been giving their whole paychecks to the landlord trying to keep this from happening.. say do you think if they handed him the six hundred that would stop the process.. LOL.. I don’t think so.. and then the increase of those that have been using plastic cash.. to keep afloat…
    figuring two people to a household.. that would be eighty million people homeless in just a short time.. my thoughts are.. single people can manage easier with less money.. No obligations.. so these forty million households are families.. that eighty million figure could explode..

    • “Just about everyone I know… are living Paycheck to Paycheck..”

      In my state of semi-retirement I now live Direct Deposit to Direct Deposit…

      And it’s very sad how many families/households will be affected by this eviction process… the train has left the station

  5. Hilarious! – Comedy Gold to start the new year, great idea keeping Ure morning rant on the light soide – “No Intrinsic Value” ROTFLMAO..

    Sure the shitcoins are just that – shit – and will eventually over time go to Zero.

    Going lemu, and shoving Ure head in the dirt, in respect Bitcoin is truly a dis- service to Ure readers; Over 12k nodes/servers running the network, growing every month, core developers been coding,creating/innovating anti fragility, built- in extreme scarcity, un-hackable, 100% DE- Centralized = INTRINSIC Value -“built the hell in”

    IMHO the currency with real value is Human Blood, and to a lesser extent other Human bodily fluids. – see the message/movie Jupiter Rising.
    What was WW2 really about? Says here it was about a large andrenochrome harvest – in exchange for high tech (s)..comet pizza broke it all out in the Open. Apparently ‘we” were double crossed by both offending “parties”..orions/dracos – Now where do 90k people go? active missing in US every year. Nother message/movie – how about 411 – all the peeps who go missing in National parks. NOTHING TO SEE HERE – Its is all FAKE NEWS – hahahahahaha ROTFLMA
    Silly Monday it is..

    • Your sorts are environment rapists for money. Yep. Bitcoins, you see, rape the economy repeatedly to keep mining and transacting.
      The joy of cash is once the trees are papered, the forest can recover.
      You BTC people consume 7 nuke plants a day of power for…what? Need help? PFG. Pure freakking greed. Games…and that’s a crime against humanity.
      But don’t mind us: I’m investing in more solar panels and seeds when your sort take down the globe.
      Have fun. I told you in 2003 to mirror out l.t. silver move and buy it at $6.96. See its over $27 now almost to 28. Antibacterial, too. Think “self cleaning money”.
      No food for you…enjoy them BTCs.
      Which box you gonna have to check on your 1040? Oh, yeah, the one sez “Yeah I own cryptos…” Enjoy the audit, too…

      • George…but make the money while you can…why the sour grapes on cryptos? Get in now. You will not regret it. Printing money and minting coins uses energy and natural resources as well. High frequency trading in the worlds stock markets is a big energy suck that is as much or more than Crypto..Is that a crime against humanity?

      • Bitcoin does not fit into the scam “Green New Deal” ………
        Additionally as Mr Morgan said a long time ago “Money is gold, and nothing else…..”

      • “I’m investing in more solar panels and seeds when your sort take down the globe.”

        That reminds me.. I have to get my seed and plant order in.. so I don’t get caught like I did last year where everything was sold out…

      • I’ve never gotten a satisfactory answer to this question:

        What happens when Bitcoin is all “mined out”, meaning the number of coins has reached the limit. What incentive will there be for miners to keep mining coins (and keep the Blockchain system afloat?)

        It’s a serious question that deserves a serious answer.

      • “why the sour grapes on cryptos?”

        If crypto were sour grapes you wouldn’t even have a taste… its digital number..right now they are tradable just like the money game from the eighties..similar to cryptocurrency it was another nothing..

        The camel with the biggest hump has more fat stored toilet it travel further distances..

      • You can now buy real estate with bitcoin:

        chart nerds, scroll down to video explaining upcoming crash

        even paypal accepts bitcoin (but not the local grocer or amazon), notice what usually happens after a severe peak/spike in bitcoin prices:

      • * Bitcoins held in cold storage – hard wallet – Does Not Exist .

        again for the slllloooooooowww on the take up – Do Not Exist.

        -How then can U honestly say U own Bitcoin, if U indeed did Buy Bitcoins this year and took them off the Exchange and Sent into a Hard Wallet, where they No Longer Exist – on the Blockchain.

        Thankfully U wont get Ure hands dirty handling BTC, no need for antibacterial. And just like PM’s – subject to Long Term Capital Gains, Except they are UNCONFISCATEABLE.

        What proof is there that LCN bot BTC years ago/silkroad dayz – sold a lil 2 yrs ago and built a gorgeous house on the beach in Belize with proceeds..its all vapor – mists of history, but the Wahoo fishing is real as all F!

        no box checking slaveboy, GBTC is traded all day long on the NASDQ, which by the bye is currently Trading with a Very Low Premium – due lock out period just ended..

  6. Wow, George, since you rarely mention people like CAF I wondered if you ever gave them any credence at all. The video is definitely making the rounds as I received a link to it from a very unexpected direction this past weekend and I’ve passed it on since then. People in general are burned out with the political bickering and economic trauma of the past year (all part of the plan) so it takes perseverance to maintain the effort to stay abreast of thinks as they enter our reality at a numbing rate. When the financial, political and social fallout occurs being able to find a niche to hide in for an extended period of time without being actively rooted out and shuttled to the rail cars will be the real, final trick to perform. Merely preserving wealth will be the least of our worries. Like Ben Davidson said in the third installment of his latest catastrophe series “we’re all descendants of survivors”.

  7. George,
    Trump bashing? You conveniently failed to mention the tapes of his talking to the Georgia Sec.of State. Who is trying to fraud who here? The GOP has no spine if they don’t ask Trump to resign today…I listened to the tapes and they are sickening and comical at the same time. This guy is our President? You all were sold on his negotiating ability..hahaha. I and the rest that have been exposed to him on a more personal level knew better. Trump is nothing but a mob boss…The Peter Gotti of mob bosses to be exact (look Peter Gotti up)

    • (Actually, I did mention that. Perhaps not with sufficiently lugubrious detail….”
      In particular, see “Donald’s Trump bid to steal Georgia exacerbates GOP election storm.” As the Bezos-owned WaPo breathlessly offers insights into how Trump pressured people to find votes.

      Women, children, and populists to the lifeboats as “More and more Republicans protesting Trump’s election challenges.”

      • Well… in summation if the past 4 years..
        Trump is a genius but you can’t see his grades

        Trump is rich but you can’t see his tax returns

        Trump is healthy but you can’t see his medical reports

        Trump is honest but you can’t subpoena the witnesses

        The election was rigged but you can’t see the evidence

      • “Trump is rich but you can’t see his tax returns”

        ?????…. You do understand why ?. it is the same thing for why most exec’s don’t want you to know how much they make and how it is distributed.. Let me put my swami hat on and I am going to look in my crystal ball and see.. umm ummm soola man.. yup.. I see in the crystal ball that suggests that you don’t discuss your earnings with the secretary that pays twice as much in taxes that you do LOL LOL…
        Just kidding.. at every place I worked.. every place even day labor.. there was a clause that if you discussed your wages with someone else that is employed you could be terminated.. almost every ceo of every company I worked for.. the bigger one.. didn’t discuss their earnings because they combine their income in the company so that they don’t have to pay taxes..
        One place I worked the ceo’s kid drove up.. now I would have gone to hell for the dad he was the best.. but the kid.. well he drove up in a sixty thousand dollar car.. the dad drove a car like dad.. and the father lectured him as we were cleaning up the parking lot on how he was to never show off how much money he made and to always drive the car that the highest paid employee could afford to drive.. after the old mans death the kid came in with the most expensive car he could buy gold and silver and full length leather coat.. just to show everyone that he is now RICH…
        One place I worked for everyone on the executive staff had their homes all owned by the company a million dollar camper bus got all their fuel etc.. their income was what they drew out.. the rest was markoff for the company..
        NOW trump.. lives in a million dollar apartment owned by the company.. has an airline of planes and helicopters.. has an estimated worth of billions.. yet pays taxes on an income of ten grand less than the lady answering phones at the reception desk..
        I think that is why he and everyone else doesn’t want to flaunt this in the face of the people that are paying several times the amounts of taxes than those that are struggling paycheck to paycheck worrying about whether or not they are going to be evicted..
        And I totally agree with his reasonings.. everyone in the country knows that the tax laws are designed this way.. but to spit in the face of the public by flaunting it just isn’t a proper thing..

      • “The election was rigged but you can’t see the evidence.”
        I can see the evidence but apparently you can’t. Open your eyes and you can see!

      • “Trump is honest but you can’t subpoena the witnesses”

        What is funny about that one is.. those that are called to testify go on to write books.. and bitch and complain day in and day out..

        NOT ONE of them has gotten so sad that they had to kill themselves or have been mugged and killed in a random incident.. they got fired went home and live the life they have…

    • I have notice you and all the rest of the democrats conveniently forget biden saying and I quot We put together the most extensive voter fraud organization ever. which was a rare moment of truth for a democrat.

      • Mr. wacky and Dag…
        You all need to live your lives free of conspiracy theories. Just like the losers in their basements that start them, you all are going to find yourselves going no where in life. Look at these losers like Gulianni, whack job Lin Wood, screwball Sydney Powell, and all the opportunists GOP CONgressmen out there using you poor saps to line their pockets with “donations” to fight off the election. You are the victims…not Trump. Trump and his gang of filthy animals are laughing all the way to the bank at you poor losers that support him…for now…They will need that money to pay more lawyers to keep them from a life sentence in jail.

        Be somebody, free up your souls and

      • Mark: I have never voluntarily given a politician a dime in my life and I’m playing the “back nine” of my life. I never voted for Trump and in fact I hadn’t voted for 40 years until last year. Long ago I heard a quote from a 92 year old lady; “I never vote. It just encourages them”. The success or failures of my life and business have never been dependent on who was President. Hard evidence like videos, sworn eyewitness statements, forensic analysis and attempts to cover up and destroy evidence is not a theory except in the brave new world think where everything is subjective and there is no objective truth or reality. “What is truth?” Pontius Pilate

  8. if “they” really wanted more pensioners off the books, then the vaccine would have either taken much longer, or have had some proven sudden dangerous delaying side-effect. (Still not too late for that.)

    War wonderfully expands useless, non-productive consumption, and generates both an emergency-life-or-death-balls-to-the-wall-hang-the-expense-gotta-make-it-RIGHT-NOW-Hyper-Imperative; AND a later huge replacement industry, all in one thing.

    Non-Productive Consumption, meaning what does one do with a tank after the war? Can’t plow a field or commute with it like a Jeep, or start a cheap airline like with a surplus DC-3. Tanks simply don’t have an after-market application. Non-productive, but expensive and imperatively urgent to make in big numbers, employing many. Ideal for a stimulus.

    War also culls the herd in big numbers — usually from who would otherwise be big producers later in life — IF they had survived.

    War is also the most realistic training imaginable. Society frowns on “live-fire” training, where careless or unlucky soldiers actually get accidentally killed now and then. But Real War — even a pissy little one — grants otherwise impossible training scenarios on pain of actual death for the inattentive or unfortunate soldier. To maintain a strong and ready military, one needs well-trained and field-experienced troops — or at least a cadre of the experienced to guide the newbies.

    Yes. Very ugly idea. Please don’t think I approve of this.

  9. Crypto currencies are the future. Paper cash, metal coins, paper checks, physical currencies are going extinct.

    Once the crypto-coins are “perfected”, you’ll roll your eyes at any other currency like they were Nigerian money orders.

    The issue with bit coin and other ledger schemas is it takes many hackers to verify the ledger. It’s a beautiful system that depends on “alpha predators” breaking into the ledger to verify it is accurate as the “truth”. The best hacker or “miner” determines the most accurate version of the currency base. Once we get passed maintaining the ledger history and figure out what happens when a single or syndicate miner dominates the mining industry it will be very exciting global currency. Side note, this is why it can’t be used for voting purposes..not enough miners are interested in verifying the ledger is correct, you would have a nationatate syndicate of a telling us the truth versus the small miners also verifying the truth.

    When i get paid, numbers change from some account to mine. When i use a payment card i build up an account..then later in the month move numbers to another account. Even that is abstracted by paying with a phone. Paying with forged metal chips or pieces of shredded tree pulp is going to be as idiotic as paying with apple pies and chickens, or indentured servitude.

    Crypto currencies would fit the bill perfectly for a world of digital transaction and will soon be the global currency, it ruins monetary policy for sure, but that is why it is going up in value. While governments around the world debase thier currencies to maintain velocity, cryptos are replacing the gold standard. Until miners figure out quantum computing it is getting very difficult to mine new coins, making then very rare indeed.

    • “Crypto currencies are the future. Paper cash, metal coins, paper checks, physical currencies are going extinct.”

      That’s probably true..if you think about it…we use digital cash cant use a fifty or a hundred around here..they aren’t acceptable..whip one out and they will send you away to get cash..
      When it hits the fan … cash gold or crypto wont be valued more than the product..

      • …Which is interesting, since a $100 bill is functionally worth about the same as a $10 was, 50 years ago (back when $1000 and $10,000 bills still circulated.)

  10. George,
    Interviews from anti-vaxxer websites?!? I expected better.
    On the bc cons and pros: if I can’t take it to the grocery and exchange it for food, it has no value as far as I’m concerned.
    73’s and peace and love.

  11. The argument of what is money. In my mind it is a representation of a humans productivity. I grow 20 heads of lettuce. It takes some amount of my labor lets say 5 hours. I can eat that or perhaps trade it. I want to trade for knife. That takes a metal smith 10 hours to create. So if I want a knife I can trade 40 heads of lettuce for one knife. To make a simpler method to trade we turn those hours into a unit of currency. Let say 1 hour of basic labor is 5 dollars. So in a trade I sell 40 heads lettuce for 50 dollars, and buy a knife for 50 dollars. So in a human economy what labor has crypto done to represent human value? Certainly it has consumed an amount of electricity, and that does have value, but so does my air conditioning and that does not create currency. To dig up gold, and smelt into bars and store safely and transport cost some human labor, so can be given a fair value. Just because something is rare does not mean it can become currency. Certainly bitcoin is artificially rare, but a currency should not change “value” just because people “collect” it. No doubt bitcoin has value, but it is because people are collecting it, not because it represents human labor. Lots of things store value, comic books, autos, paintings, but these make terrible currency. Currently bitcoin is to rare to be a currency with consumer transactions and its value swings to wildly for people to understand its worth in a simple transaction. Can it store value, certainly, just like a rare tulip could right up until it couldn’t. If someone cracks the cypto or blockchain, it will immediately become worthless, the same as if someone found a easy way to turn iron into gold, its value would immediately crash. For all of human history though, no one has figured out a great way to counterfeit gold, that is why it has stored value for thousands of years. I don’t know we have enough of a history to know if Bitcoin or its ilk will be “cracked”. Certainly almost anything though is better then the dollar, which has no intrinsic value and it is regularly just printed up for the elites to spend with no human productivity behind it.

    • I read where – when quantum computing arrives – it will be crackable in about 10-minutes of on-task time.

      And every day there are programmers working on what?

  12. George I wish your son well, having taken the Covid Vax. My position is quiet the opposite yet, I seek not to upset you in voicing my contrary opinion, for the consideration of your readers.
    The Pharma Cartel are and have been for some time criminal to their core. Repeat offenders in all manner of crime. This is a matter of public record. Delving into this history will shock some.
    “Everything is a business model”, right ?. I have an an Immune Disorder that has wrecked havoc on my life for 10yrs and counting. The possibility of Vaccine, tainted, deliberately or otherwise may be playing a role in the explosion of said diseases cannot be dismissed.
    Taking an experimental Vaccine for a cold flu with such with such a low fatality rate, (i have more than likely been exposed at some point) , makes no sense to me.
    I have a photo, that can be found online. It shows a young Dr Fauci, in the company of Bill Gates Senior, David Rockefeller, Ted turner, Lady Astor, George Soros. Many perhaps all of these people are avowed eugenicists. And they mean business. Do readers think about that photo. What are the odds. It cannot be lightly dismissed.
    Note: I cam across the photo in Dave Collum’s excellent article found here.
    The current Bill Gates Jnr and others like him sincerely believe they are doing good in their depopulation agenda and of course these are just the conditions for great evil to occur. It would be an interesting topic to discuss here. I am not opposed to many of their stated aims, i just do not think things will play out as they whish and the world (great reset) they envision does not appeal to me.
    I do sincerely hope your son does not in the decades ahead develop anything untoward.

  13. Phew…my lucky day.. I was just shopping for a new desk chair.. and a monitor.. well because of covid the banks realized that most of the work can be done at home.. so they are closing up the banks and just keeping a few drive up with tellers..
    It’s the same with the big insurance companies..our local branch of nation wide banks gutting the bank building to be sold.. last january they had just gotten new chairs and desks.. wife said hun they are throwing out everything…its to bad i dont need a new printer copier..they had just gotten a new one before covid..
    Soiexchanged my old broken chair with the banks brand new one.. I almost asked for the aed and fire extinguishers but hellhow many doing need.. desks everything will be buried today. I’ll have a nice monitor and desk chair.. it could be very easy to become a pack rat.
    I know the chair I got sells for better than 200…monitors are cheap..

    • Whats funny is the monitor I have now I got years ago when they gutted a bank then lol

  14. Been mulling this over for a few weeks:

    To help eliminate mail-in voter fraud, for all Federal Elections:

    1) All federal elections will be done by paper ballots. The next three steps eliminate the “Run down to Kinko’s for some more ballots so our side can win” possibility.

    2) All federal ballots will be printed by the Bureau of Engraving & Printing (Treasury Dept).

    3) All federal ballots will be printed on a unique paper similar to that used for FRNs, using the same type of microprinting, watermarks, holographic inserts – the same sort of anti-counterfieting measures we use on our larger-denomination notes.

    4) All federal ballots will be serially numbered (in two places, just like a FRN), and provided to the states with a 10-20% excess over their registered voter count (to account for new registrations, spoiled ballots, etc) as of Jan 1 of the election year.

    5) States will be required to account for ALL ballots issued to the state, by serial number, and god help them if they cannot account for them. Using the national Guard to oversee the storage, distribution and tallying of all ballots is certainly allowable.

    5.5) The same ballot will be used by the general voting populace, absentee voters, etc. Wholesale mailing of ballots is outlawed – mail-in ballots only by request (signed/verified). Armed forces personnel voting from outside the US will be provided the same ballots – this will be overseen by the military branch in question.

    6) Penalties for inability to account for (for example) 98% of the issued ballots may include (a) prohibition of the currently seated legislators, governors and attornies general from seeking re-election to any state office, or their immediate replacement by special elections. That should provide enough incentive to provide enforcement, and (b) the loss of Electoral College votes in proportion to the number of unaccounted ballots, up to and including 100% of their loss. Yes, this could mean disenfranchisement of the populace of the state in question. More severe penalties may be imposed. In extreme cases, Tar, Feathers, Rails, Rope, concrete overshoe kits, branks, iron maidens etc. may be provided to the disenfranchised populace at government expense for use as they see fit.

    7) Vote-counting machines will be built in the USA with no foreign subcontractors or software. Counterfeit-detection technology already exists. Vote counting software will track only the serial numbers of ballots counted, and the votes in generic form – a vote in Column 3, row 17, another vote in column E, row 23, that sort of thing. All that needs to be tallied is votes in rows and columns. Who the columns & rows are for can be kept on a Post-It Note. The machines will have no internet connection.

    8) Vote-counting machines will have multiple output bins for ballots counted, rejected/suspected counterfeit ballots, and write-ins/questionable ballots to be reviewed manually. Before the bins can be removed from a machine, they must be sealed, and may only be unsealed if a re-count is needed except for the write-ins/questionable ballots, which will be manually counted.

    9) Spoiled/damaged ballots can be replaced as they are now – but the S/N of the voided ballot must be recorded, and one of the serial numbers of the ballot must be cut out in its entirety and retained in order to account for all ballots provided to the state. The rest of the ballot is then shredded.

    10) Recounts: Equal numbers of Representatives of both major parties must be used for recounts – one of each at a table, both agreeing on a ballots intent before it is counted. Representatives of other parties may observe and participate – for example if a candidate had a Democratic and Liberal party endorsement, the counting table could be manned by a Republican and a Liberal, for example. Counting does not stop until the bin is finished and resealed.

    Just my thinkin’ thoughts… If we get started on it now, it might be ready for 2024.

    • “All federal ballots will be printed on a unique paper similar to that used for FRNs, using the same type of microprinting, watermarks, holographic inserts – the same sort of anti-counterfieting measures we use on our larger-denomination notes.”

      Unbeknownst to nearly everyone not involved with the NSA: Since about 2002, a vast majority of printers produce a “microdot” on every page they print, which contains a printer ID, computer ID and OS, [owner information if the printer &or computer/OS is registered], document-creation application (version, registered owner, a timestamp showing the date a document was created and the last time it was accessed/altered) and a timestamp of precisely when the page was printed.

    • You put a lot of thought into that.

      You created a game board with expensive parts that’s impossible to ensure availability. The rules fit into the endgame of “Life” though so not really original.

      Not mocking, we need more gamers planning this out as every move requires a rock-paper-scissors analysis.

      How would we do this with a version that rewards detection of cheaters and without rare game pieces, and allows for maximum availability.

      How about simply letting voters break the rules? Vote by phone? Vote with blockchain? Vote by email? How about a federal active directory? Bar code on back of neck? How about a chip that identifies voters? Purple thumb?

      • I’d be good with the purple thumb, but as far as the others… I’d go with a chip. In a Photo ID Voter Registration Card – that you have to prove your eligibility to vote in order to get.

        I’d also be in favor of a “If you can’t vote, you can’t contribute” act… eliminate corporate takeover of CONgress by buying their votes.

  15. The first is “magic technology” which will turn your phone into….a what?

    If I recall, it was you who posted a picture with their new “Camera Phone” some years back? Haha…picture of Ure ear….

  16. “Catherine Austin-Fitts Rocks” ?????????????
    “If you haven’t seen her in-depth analysis here:”

    SAME OLD CRAP that I’ve heard and read @ nauseam during my life. When will you guys ever get enough of this fat b/s talk??

    I know what needs to be done and certainly a few others know ‘what needs to be done’ but we can’t do it because politicians fear to get elected if they’d just were to hint in that direction. Don’t look no further than yourselves! ;-((

    We’re all ‘too spoiled’ by our easy living. That’s what going into debt is all about, individually & nationally.

  17. Gabriel Sterling is a true American Patriot. Tells the truth and debunks lies. Isn’t it surreal that we now have to put guys on a pedestal for telling the truth? It should be a given…But after 4 years of lies and experiencing Alt Trump world, it has become reality. Case in point…idiots like Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan are being awarded the Medal of Freedom. Just for kissing Trumps fat ass. WTF????

    • Like the team with the did-nothing Nobel guy didn’t do the same with their followers?
      “Come on, Man!”

      You can do better than false question with a false answer…

      • What I said was very clear and your respond with an answer that I have no idea what you are talking about…pure deflection at its finest.

    • Here, let me explain it to you. Read it slowly, Obummer was awarded the nobel prize for doing? Nothing!! Truth has always been rewarded with punishment since it exposes the fraudsters. And the fraudsters have the power. What do you think is going to happen to your fortune once pops is in?

  18. I watched the CAF video and came to the conclusion that if we allow the government to eliminate cash and force us to use digital currency we are screwed. Good buy freedom .you will then comply or starve.

  19. says a lot about fellas who like to destroy their own currency to get rich.. good luck . the mighty USD will crush everything

  20. Sir,

    Belated congratulations on your acting Deputy Director of National Intelligence having been awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire “for service as U.S. Liason Officer to the United Kingdom’s Permanent Joint Headquarters” in London. One understands that their office specialty is cyber-operations.

    Urbansurvival’s comments nowadays express an unease and angst with bubbles restraining contacts and movements meant to counter covid19. One could argue that the US President, both head of state and head of government, is always in such a bubble – quarantined above a glass ceiling and fed by drones.

    As the 2016 movie “Jason Bourne” played silently in the background yesterday, it’s telling why JB would never “come in”. Along the way, captions noted crowds fleeing The Riviera ambush followed by expiry of The Asset. As an aside, isn’t it puzzling how the October 2017 Vegas mass shooter time of passing is a day later on his autopsy report than the police reports? Details, details, everything played out as it should?

    So now looking forward, Pops has nominated a woman to be Director of National Intelligence holding experience with past Administrations. Wikipedia notes the fear, yes fear, of critics to speak out vis-a-vis concerns of the optics of the pairing with Mr. Trump’s Director of CIA appointment.

    The Republic ails for lack of that final check and balance – a benevolent guiding hand of The Firm, separated by more than a bespoke suit from the Donnybrooks in the alleys when Government goes awol. All is not yet lost.

    Do come in.

    God Save the Queen!

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