Wall St. Contango and Revolution Roll

Mrs. Ure and I were just sitting here [in the pouring down rain in East Texas], wondering if we were the last “sane” people on Earth:

We have been watching:

And while this was going on?

Well, the Dow hit all-time record highs.

So, while we are vastly entertained, earlier today we were looking at how close this train wreck of a market is to a Perfect Replay of 1929:

About the only major differences?

We may not make it all the way up to the 1929 peak.  a) Because soc ial media giants may be brought to heel by the time the dust (er…mud) settleds.  And b) because Bitcoin and other digital absurdities are still rising offering an even stronger brand of financial cracxk to the greed-cursed hearts.

Other than that?

Damned if we could find a rational reason for stocks to rally.

If there’s a shred of reality left, maybe they will tank into the close.

But the case is being traded right now that all institutions in America have been violated in some very coarse and demeaning ways.

More in the morning.  Agave calls at the bell…  Oh, and yeah, we’re among the few sane peeps left!

As the line when in Airport:  “Surely you jest?”  “Don’t call me Shirley…”

Write when you (yada, yada…)


36 thoughts on “Wall St. Contango and Revolution Roll”

  1. Why George I think it’s wonderful for its showing the whole world what shithole country we’ve become, the only thing it was lacking was them showing the so-called treasonous congress being hauled out by their heels to the nearest tree, maybe there’s hope for this country yet.!!

    • Indeed, how could this congress be the
      “people’s representatives” if it takes
      MAJOR MONEY to get elected to office?
      do yourselves a favor: Please think!

      “shithole country” you mean people?

      • No I mean the government where K street writes the bills and congress rubber stamps them into law. I was reading where at the present rate the 1% will own the whole country in the near future rather than just the government, which of course is what this is all about the huge disparity between the top percentage and the working class with its ever-growing homeless and poverty staking the land.
        It reminds of third world countries or as Trump calls them “shithole countries’, and he’s right for the top percentage is sucking the wealth out of the country leaving little to nothing for all the rest. There now I think I’ve clarified the term “shithole countries” .

    • “And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

      Thomas Jefferson

    • In other words: bluedogg cannot see that Swampytrump is the “traitor” by leading “his crew” on and then not following through?!

      This ain’t a “shithole country” — yes, some people have their limitations. That’s why we seem to have the situation that you described. Anyhow, best to you and everyone!

      • Hmm, seems like some are leaders and most are followers and that’s why the 1% came to control the country, we have those that condemn it yet put forth no answers or solutions as to how to fix it. No I’m no Trump follower for the simple reason I gave up voting in 2016 when it became more than evident that it was a waste of time, for nothing ever changes, and it won’t under Biden either.

        This is a shot across the bow of the ship called congress and if they are wise “which they aren’t” they will heed it because I’m sure the choir is only warming up.!!!

  2. After a solid year of letting the “protesters” do their mostly peaceful thing, and people are wondering how it’s possible to happen at DC right now? Please. I saw that a woman had been shot in the neck, but I couldn’t find any info on it, except a photo posted on FB. So no idea how real that is. Arresting the Proud Boys leader two days before this didn’t seem to be much of a deterrence, and to be honest, I don’t think it mattered to anyone except the fellow himself. This isn’t about a particular person (Trump or anyone). It’s about beliefs that we’ve based a government on, and alot of people feel those beliefs are being threatened by shenanigans that are difficult to prove, unless caught red handed. Right or wrong isn’t my call. I’m watching this from a distance with disbelief in my eyes as well. I think a quote from V for Vendetta covers it: “We are told to remember the idea and not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.”

    Can only imagine what tomorrow brings.

      • Not for lack of effort, it seems. But who put them there?
        Posted roughly 3:30 central time zone.

        “At least two real explosive devices in DC rendered safe by law enforcement

        From CNN’s Pervaiz Shallwani

        At least two suspected pipe bombs have been rendered safe by law enforcement — one at a building that houses Republican National Committee offices and one in the US Capitol complex, a federal law enforcement official tells CNN

        The official said these were real explosive devices and they were blown up to be rendered safe.”

  3. It appears that as soon as Pence said he wasn’t about to send the Electoral College votes back to the 6 contested states was about the time everything went South in a big way. Now Pence has un-followed President Trump and shown his true colors. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/breaking-vp-pence-just-unfollowed-president-trump-twitter/

    This is only the beginning. After 4 years of insanity this is the whirlwind the elites have wrought and they will continue to say it’s all President Trump’s fault. The rally for President Trump has been planned for weeks and yet they had, pretty much, just the usual Capitol Hill police guarding the place. They should have had a small army around the Capitol Building when Pence and the others knew what they were about to do. Romney was lucky to get off that plane with his skin still attached. There will be so many more that will be running and hiding for a while before things calm down.

    • “It appears that as soon as Pence said he wasn’t about to send the Electoral College votes back to the 6 contested states was about the time everything went South in a big way. Now Pence has un-followed President Trump and shown his true colors. ”

      Did HE….. I read something a few days ago that said that Trump had pence photo shopped out of a photo.. so since that is something I use to do.. not photo shop but check photos for continuity.. anyway I took a look.. the photo that was suppose to have been photo shopped wasn’t it was a photo.. there were so many variances that it was obvious that whoever wrote that did so to gain peoples attention..
      so since I wouldn’t have a clue if pence did or not.. DID HE.. and doesn’t all of this just seem a little convenient… It all just seems a little to much like when the envelopes were sent to congress with biological warfare….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_anthrax_attacks
      only to discover that those biologicals came from one of our own secured facilities.. the end results from it was it influenced our congress to vote in a bill that was being questioned on its integrety..
      So in my mind I question.. is this just a random act of stupidity.. or a planned attack using herd mentality to gain momentum to an end goal..

  4. Hi, George,

    Rain in east Texas? Rain, what an interesting concept. We have had two wimpy monsoons in New Mexico these last two years, and I do not see any storms coming to us. The winds conveying storms seemed to have changed, as storms from the northwest travel across the US and skip over us completely. The eastern half of the US is drenched while the west remains in a serious drought. Greetings to Mrs. Ure.

    I watched in amazement as people broke glass and fought their way into the nation’s capitol building. That seems totally impossible to have happened. I would have expected a thick line of policemen. How can there be not enough police there? Were the DC police told to stand down? If so, who gave the orders? These protestors were let in. Let that soak in. So, were these people the crisis actors who we have seen in other scenarios? One wonders.

    • Antifa infiltrators working with someone on the inside breached security, then enticed innocent protestors inside. Mayhem always works in favor of the self-righteous defenders. Deplorables never win against elites.

    • Yes, Nancy, there is a video on Mike Adams, Natural News, website showing the lone policeman letting them in.

      It was a false flag used to blame the Trump Supporters, and President Trump.

      Antifa rallied weeks ago telling all bused in antifa (yes, there is video on the buses being brought in as well) to wear Trump paraphernalia to fool the citizens of the United States of America, and, of course, lockstep like, the media, et al went all in, demonizing those Trump Supporters calling them White Supremacists and all manner of deplorable names.

      There is also an article easily demonstrating that China owns 75% of the voting machines being used in the United States of America.

      Can’t you hear it now in the best imitation voice of Dick Cheney: “Stand Down.” “Stand Down, we got this bastard, let em in.”

  5. A fella on Twitter put it best – when the protests are on the street where you live or the buildings where you work or your business operates from – it’s democracy in action. When the protests are where the congressmen work its the end of democracy.

    • Don’t forget, Pence called it “Their House”. He forgot, it is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

  6. Facebook stories can now be read with greater trust because of a new Reuters Fact Check blog. The “about” page offers advice that project funding is courtesy of Facebook.


    By the way, one imagines that the Dowager of Apple will be looking into the suspension of the Collossus”s mapping app providing directions to Washington, D.C., at times in the last day due to “road conditions”. Please advise the rescheduling deets when known on V.P. Pence’s Middle East trip that was to have begun today. Is there a new countdown to inauguration plan?

    ….Is there a plan?

  7. This is the day ‘America’ died. I have been horrified for months watching this kabuki unfold. Today I am saddened at the outcome. “Once Great America”…
    OGA…. chucka.

  8. “Warnings have begun in commodity world that the world is now on the verge of famine and soybeans may be rationed due to crop conditions in Argentina…
    And people are selling off gold when in reality the future of the US Dollar as a reserve currency is in serious jeopardy.”

    With the civil unrest in our nation’s capital.. my question falls back on BLM and ANTIFA …
    And the rumors that there was someone bigger behind them offering cash to those willing to cause disruptions..
    Then back to the civil unrest in other countries.. were there were reports of shadow entities behind those disruptions as well?
    Will we ever know for sure if these acts of stupidity was in fact just a bunch of stupid people. or was it a deviously planned disruption used as.. actions to solidify and strengthen the opposition and gain support?
    I personally doubt that We will never know for sure..
    As for the food and droughts.. the population of the earth outpaced the earth’s ability to feed everyone adequately a couple of years ago leaving what is it ten percent plus.. then covid-19 and the supply chain being broken .
    In the past a depression during a poor crop year made the depression several times worse.. and what did nostradamus predict again…

    http://main.theageofdesolation.com/GA-STEWART-NOSTRADAMUS-THE GREAT-PLAGUE.html

    • LOOB; all past color revolutions were planned but the UN-UNITED States of Ameerica, put your wonderment and questioning aside. We are in the middle of our OWN color revolution, ours is super special because, see, we have a COLOR(ED) Revolution, which will include ALL colors of the rainbow except for WHITE. White is out, COLOR(ED) is in!!!

      Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

      • “We are in the middle of our OWN color revolution, ours is super special because, see, we have a COLOR(ED) Revolution, which will include ALL colors of the rainbow except for WHITE.”

        Yes.. there is one.. but who are the ones promoting it.. my guess is there isnt a malcolm x in his basement apartment that feels he’s being wronged.. and reportedly who is it that has the money to offer sums of cash..
        I know that happened here from hearing those I gave met telling of things that went on here..
        Then the other question..why tear up your own neighborhoods.
        Do you just walk over next door and ask your neighbor if its ok yo burn down his home.. or break the windows in his car..
        I talked to one young lady.. ( ethnic) they moved to Minneapolis.. the group destroyed her moms business.. insurance didn’t cover it..
        What market will want to return after the idiocy.. national guard called out. Look up Kent state.
        None of that is smart..what does anyone think they will gain.
        Rodney king..year ago they had an interview with people in the neighborhood.. the biggest complaint was they have to drive great distance to shop and no one will bring market back to the neighborhood..
        I do understand discrimination.. I have personally been there done that.. voicing your position and bring destructive are two different actions..

      • The other thing.. is take a serious look at the freedoms of other countries.. thankful you live right where we do.i for one am not looking for the leadership of our nation to make the changes everyone is so drastically promoting..
        Even though our political leadership is selling out the people of the country..the usa still has many freedoms that we can enjoy that other countries don’t.

  9. Wasn’t there something about someone getting shot on the house floor in my old “prophacy” that I wrote in the comments. I havent read it since I wrote it. Hmmmmm

    I think Ray put it into Pdf. Lol or something. I just write em. I don’t really pay attention to them after. I probably should but I’m working on other projects. Lol


    • I need a team to keep track of all that. I think there was someone gets shot on the senete or house floor. Hmmmmmm.

      I will go see if I have a copy. I will probably do some writing next day or so. Just been settling in since I moved back to A town.

      Never underestimate the under dog. Wait wasnt underdog a super hero? Back in the days of unga bunga Captain Caveman? That dude was fabulous! He could pull anything out of his fur. Haha.

      Anyway. Just stopping by.

      Cue, ~Timber ~ by Pitbull and Ke$ha.

      Clique 116!

    • Andy, you’re making too much of YOUR
      questionable so-called “prophacy.”
      I had recorded a few of them ;-((((((((((

  10. Ohhh shit we are at my “We the people” thread on DF. Ahhhh okay. That gives me some bearings. I dont know why I didn’t notice where we were at because I wrote about saving that chick and we had the miracle dude with the RV in nashville. Hmmmmm have to review the songs. The songs are markers, so I dont have to remember everything. I just remember the songs and then the whole article comes into view. Same with posts etc. There is a bit to it more than that. But I can easily remember songs. Then I don’t have to store so much stuff in my memory banks. The cue song locates what was said. Lol among other things. Feelings and perceptions and events around me at the time and the weather and what was said that say around me and well lots of other stuff. Just brings that whole day into view. Deep and personal.

    Ohh and don’t forget the B side tracks of those songs. Good thinking! Good reminder. Ahhhh we are at the “We the People” stage.

    Catch ya on the flip side. :)

  11. Sorry I’m kinda new at this. Lol I can barely keep track of it all. I need to develop a team. I guess si better go look around the web and review a few things.

    We are looking at a 6 wave count and every wave has a Mobius side or B side to the song. Hmmmmmmmm remember we are established High Speed Mori’s Code is found in music. You just have to listen to it bruseph. It’s right there in the beats. Tap tap tap , boom or snare snare snare base drum = “dot dot dot dash. Well ya have the guitar doing it’s thing too and the base info and the vocals doing their own High speed Morse code. Lol

    Hmmmmmmm so the perpetual miracle machine is live now. Thinking itself its own authorship. Kool. Ba dum dum tiss. LOL!

    Kooooool! $$$amIam$$$

    Love it. Much to consider. :)

  12. George the biggest plant they had . Doesn’t surprise me . In the genes . Watch the pack come out . Good luck to you boys

  13. The leftists and affiliated ethnic cleanser types are capitalizing on the riots in DC to spread their hate messages closer to home.
    I witnessed a workplace incident yesterday with loud, ugly ethnic and political baiting of an older, more conservative coworker. A couple of the memes I heard being loudly aired were that Antifa was really the Anti-Defamation League, and that anyone who opposed single party rule was actively engaging in ethnic hatred. You think you know people.
    Pence and McC appear to be doing what”s best to stop a full blown meltdown on mainstreet.
    In the near future, I expect to be sitting at the house drawing on retirement savings while some visa holder takes my slot. I think I just got a preview of warmed-over Obamanation ethnic cleansing being force fed to American professionals once again. This is starting to remind me of the late Vietnam war era. Leftists are stirring up hatred everywhere.

    • There was something strange going on with my phone- if this post appears twice, then it was not intentional.

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