The “High-Photon Diet” (part 1)

As the darkness of society’s digitally-induced psychological break rolls over the world, we pause with some “new science ideas.”  After all, we can’t rewrite history (unless you’re a socialist Venezuela or Cuba “success story” believer, and our readerrs aren’t that stupid…).

Being natural-born optimists, we choose to ignore the insurrection propaganda and focus, instead, on the positive. And fresh ADP jobs data.

More interestingly: Is there a chance we can use emerging information in the field of biophotonics to improve ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

The data seems to say “Yes!” and rather loudly.

Which we will jump into after we do a  Crazy Check *(headlines) and update our ChartPack series.

One we’ve done those, we’ll look at The High-Photon Diet.

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40 thoughts on “The “High-Photon Diet” (part 1)”

  1. It’s a report from Iron Mountain world now. Efforts on all fronts to paper over the crash.

    What purpose could riots hold? Rebuilding of course.

    What’s next? Think big. They keep telling us asteroids are flying by, and the moon is in fact a harsh mistress, perhaps one “we didn’t see” will hit.

    Or the big one hits the west coast. Maybe jelly stone goes off. Dr. Evil could do it with that drill bomb.

    As they attempt to paper over the crash, they too attempt paper over the need for war.

  2. “If we go higher, we may refer, now and then, to the “Wolfman Skoal Market.”

    Because while it’s mostly Bull, these last 8-seconds are an Eternity.”

    I really like that term.. wolfmas skoal market.. LOL…
    I totally believe in the frequencies emitted from crystals.. the only real crystal we have around here.. is a rose quartz crystal ball.. my rose quartz crystal water chamber. the rose crystal in my pocket..( I keep thinking i will put it in a tumbler to polish it.. dam I don’t want to take it out of my pocket)
    My mother believed in crystals.. she had them hanging in the windows.. so the light filled the room.. there was never any animosity in the house.. the same with our household.. its probably the calmest home around.. Even the ancients believed in the powers of crystals.. and many countries still have a crown of jewels..
    to be frank.. I am really amazed that the market hasn’t dumped.. it amazes me every day.. my thought is its the stick your head in the sand method of the average laborer to visualize the state of the nation and the national debt.. the if you believe it has worth then it has.. such as the dollar that isn’t backed by anything more than a promise of value.. the bitcoin that is not covered by anything at all.. its a cartoon figure and a number on a digital screen.
    So.. in theory unless people start to doubt the promise that its a good one folks.. the dollar could theoretically stay skybound for a long long time.. they have kited the american way for over a hundred years already why not longer.. just thinking.. its all in if you believe in its value and the velocity is maintained….
    speaking about oddities.. my wife was watching a show and she said.. hey what do you think about this one.. Skinwalker ranch.. now that is interesting.. changing frequencies.. directed microwave signals.. my first thought was where are the ley lines and the area’s of magnetic vortex’s with in the United states on the grid of the planet.. most oddities happen with in the ley lines with a high level of magnetic vortex’s.. so now I am curious.. I will contemplate it for a while. as far as alien.. well just about everyone knows how I feel about that issue.. just waiting for someone to disclose what they know.. ( my thought is.. there has to be a pretty good reason why they don’t..)

  3. A.F.T. Kemosabe –

    I mean whats a couple hundred points in the DOW between old buds? Coot cant help but scalp a few $$$ from the “StreetSheep” – EVERY FRIGGIN TRADING DAY!

    It almost feels like I am doing something ILLEGAL, buying Out-of-the-Money (SPY) Call Options.
    These babies are not Cheap by any stretch of the imagination – and so looking for cheaper, but still Fertile grounds, have started to nibble on the VIX (ETF symbol VXX) as cheaper alternative to SPY Options.

    Coot needs Lotz of Equity – Tons to put on my crazy-azzed Bullish precious metals Miners&Streamers “Playz”.

    WARNING – coot celebrates his soul crushing Losses with as much enthusiasm as I do my Wins. My Losses are (90-95%) CALCULATED and Expected – ALWAYZ – the 5-10% well I am by my own admission a lil ‘wildazzed” when it comes to MAKING MONEY.

    Sure as hell beats going to Riots and getting paid..even “unreportable” Cash.

    Yes – Agent Provocateurs are Organized&Prepped – back when the commie Berndog was fixing to get Bought -Out, AGAIN
    – Everything IS a Business Model..Stupid, Suckers who fell for Che Burndog again.

    I get the investment thesis though – Business is Dead or Dying, Population is Mass Un-Employed, Transportation (airline/railroads/OTR trucking) slowed to a trickle, China is Sucking Air..and that air they be sucking is heavily polluted. Food hunger and no essentials in major inner cities due the geniuses Looted and Destroyed The Grocery stores that would do business in those neighborhoods – Brilliant! BUYBUIYBUYBUY


    ITS DIFFERENT THIS TIME GEORGE – Jerome KerPOWPOW runnin that dollar press so hot and furious there B sparks flying off, setting the Markets on Fire! Jerome is MY Baby and he has Lit My Fire..

    “You know that it would be untrue
    you know that I would be a liar
    If I were to say to Ure
    George, we couldn’t get much higher..” – Mr Mojo Risen/theDoors

    Why R U still sitting there reading ?? BUY BUY BUY..

  4. About the horrendous Trump photo Opp at the Church he never attends…The tear gas was real George. It’s on video. Police have come out and verified it. It’s been reported by people that were there. What more do you want? There are 20 news organizations reporting it one way and only Fox and monetized and paid conspiracy theororists reporting it the other way. Occums Razor says Fox is the outlier, or more accurately… Out liar!

    On another note…I have been doing light therapy for years….with the sun as the light source. We have more than enough here. Try it with crystals and prisms. Also. A good meditation session at sunset at the beach gives you the red/orange/ yellow hues needed for replenishment after a hard day at the office…or in this case my home office these days. My bedroom faces East and is a wall to wall windowed room and I wake up to the rising sun in my face each day. My wife has strategically and aesthetically pleasing prisms hanging to capture the hues. I wake up to a rainbow of colors Every morning….except in the wintertime. And that brings up another interesting topic. Why do bears and other animals hibernate? Food source is one reason, but could it be the Vitamin D and other benefits from the sun just plain wears them down? I definitely get some form of Seasonal Affective disorder from November to February…at least in the morning. Our weather is in the 60’s in the days time, so I can replenish the lack of light then…but my mornings in the winter are a struggle. This time of year it’s incredibly energizing.

    • Point 1: Trump was in a public place. Any more on this will count as bash.
      Point 2: Are you calling the chief of the National Park Service Police a liar? Maybe DC (democrat controlled police…sure…)
      Point 3: Your comments on light are refreshingly on point. Thank you.

      • Thanks for the on point comment. You are just plain and 10000000% wrong on the other points. If the National Park service guy is a republican . Then I don’t trust his comment. He has been compromised by the mafia Boss in Chief. That’s not even debatable.

      • You are so wrong George. Nowhere does CNN retract the use of tear gas…I think what we have here is a matter of semantics. Pepper balls were used….see below…that’s like saying I didn’t shoot him…with a rifle….I used a Beretta Px4 Storm. Neither is advantageous over the other.

        The U.S. Park Police, one of the law enforcement agencies involved with clearing the park on Monday, denied using tear gas. But the agency acknowledged using “pepper balls,” another chemical irritant.

        What is a pepper ball?
        A pepper ball is a projectile that contains chemicals, like pepper spray, that would irritate the eyes and lungs. Such a combination with smoke canisters would create clouds of a chemical irritant that would cause tearing. So….just like tear gas.

    • I will agree with you on SAD for Nov-Feb, and the fact that springtime in the sun is incredibly energizing. I try to avoid starting new projects during the winter and focus on finishing what’s started. Springtime is the time to engage with big projects outside. It’s generally the dry season here, so rain is much less of a problem. It’s also the windy season though….

      I downloaded the full article by Mustafa and Jaafar. It has useful data for those who care. I’d done a project a couple of years ago on NIR imaging, so this was no surprise. I’d not thought much about optical heterodyning as a means of irradiating deep tissue with non-penetrative wavelengths, but it’s certainly an interesting idea. At high intensities, tissue heating and damage is a concern. I don’t think we’re yet at a place where we understand much about the full effects of frequency, intensity, and modulation. It’s certainly an important area of research. This is an area within the reach of the lone unfunded and non-lettered scientist, though like everything else, it could be a huge time sink!

  5. Curious and curiouser this “light therapy” thingy..its all ENERGY – right?

    I wonder whether or not Utilizing(positioning) Ure light crown would have Positive effects on Ure bodies’ Meridians.

    ECD is treated monthly by one of the most skilled Acupuncture/TCM Docs on the planet. I always look forward to treatment sessions for many reasons, one being the Insightful knowledge he posses – thinks differently and always surprises with new knowledge/ideas applied modern problems.

    Anyway applying Ure light therapy to certain,specific Acupuncture points/Meridians might improve Ure bodies response (s) to the “applied energy”.

    It might be fun to learn Meridian Points and pressure points – not for H2H combat, but the opposite, hand to body Healing.

    Hell G – U get truly advanced “master” level – Ure can apply Ure own light (eyes/radar) to problem areas – ala Emiting External Qi

    Master G – crouching tiger or hidden dragon?

  6. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Sp ott on; light the way. Someone kept the embers alive after Rome burned.

    I gave into curiosity of the barbaric hordes locustrian travels and surfing through the channels saw the mayor of LA holding forth from the dais: “…George Floyd died for us…”. Surely I misheard?

    Active provincial corona virus cases here are diminishing with none in hospital. A local activist of color has announced a Friday evening gathering at the provincial legislature in support of black causes. Shortly thereafter this person was pushed aside by a proliferation of BLM closed fist salute advertising now headlining the event. It’s ok, they got this? Anyhow local dignitaries including the mayor and police chief say they will attend “if they are asked”.

    There is no directly attached mention related to this planned event that the provincial health officer (a doctor!) has a 50 person limit mandate in place for outdoor gatherings. So let’s check the petri dish in mid-June or so to flesh out the Darwin’s Law data folder.

  7. Interesting to note that the false dichotomy or red vs blue is alive and well here in the USofA – most of the comments are in that saggy vein. BOTH are lies and deception and quite the movie to watch as the fiat economy sags under the inevitable. I receive (on average) 10 emails a day pleading for me to send money to Trump – ROFLMAO.

    I agree balkanization for the simple reason that when people have their assets stripped, they will glom together and try to resist. The real killer is when the dollar turns toilet paper, meaning that those living on government paychecks at EVERY level will be broke like the rest of us. That will be quite the shock to many…

    The first thing to watch for, IMO, is laws being ignored by the general populace. Forget CA and the DC-NYC corridor (not representative of reality due to their own media bubble existence); when the rest of the country starts to ignore the Idiocracy at the Fed level, then things will coalesce in other areas. Most LEOs have ZERO respect for the FBI, ATF, DHS, etc. – they are show pieces to force compliance and not enough of them to do much of anything.

    If our own MIL is turned loose on Americans, it’s over for us as a country. Then we have to decide who to throw in with that is immediately around each of us. EVERY national level figure is COMPROMISED or else they are thieves and liars – nothing new there (go watch George Carlin or read some Mark Twain for a refresher) so looking in the cesspits of the Federales is a non-starter. It’s just gonna take a few tries for people to grasp that there is NO SAVIOR going to arise from the current cesspit.

    LOCAL is something everyone will need. LOCAL is something that can be managed. LOCAL is what will make business begin again. How LOCAL will depend on the degree of corruption, but Texas has their own issues, such as our Comptroller and Governor colluding to raise our rural property values to defray the cost of education away from Austin – without a single vote being cast.

    Government will no longer be a growth industry soon, and it will be no guarantee of a job when we have toilet paper that is rejected around the planet as money. For Texans, you will know things are going badly when the Williams Brothers road crews start disappearing as Peter begins to rob Paul in Austin – cuz the oilpatch is down for at least a couple of years…

    • Interesting! In NM, we’re also dependent on our oil patch for a significant percent of our state financing, and our insanely liberal controlling governess and legislature conjured up yet another inflated budget for this year. Of course, it was promptly destroyed by her rules regarding the virus and the massive reductions in productivity everywhere. We’re supposed to have yet another convening of our “legislature” to sort this out. I doubt that it will get sorted, since the only smart thing is to reduce the size of our government and its rules by 1/2, at least. I live here for the weather and the enchantment, not for the politics.

      I am concerned that with supply chains broken and war/insurrection in plain sight, I’ve seen no effort at all to create a self-supporting infrastructure. For instance, where is the cottage industry in our country producing LED or laser diodes? Other basic electronic components? Anything at all that can directly compete with Chinese goods? How about a good domestic 3D printer at a competitive price point?

      • Notice Mike, how 3- months ago when Ure was stockpiling 3D printers, CNC gear, board stock and adding aother 2 KW of solar, I sounded like a nut job?

      • George, I was doing a similar thing, though to a lesser degree. I have close relatives with two 3D printers and skill with 3DSmax. We have slightly different perspectives, but in both cases, our time and resources are almost fully committed, so it’s all about priorities. What worries me is another 300 million Americans that are not thinking ahead and their “leadership” that isn’t.

      • “was stockpiling 3D printers, CNC gear, board stock and adding aother 2 KW of solar, I sounded like a nut job?”

        I am right there with you George.. everyone thought I had tipped the scale.. my wife use to give me crap all the time.. then we went a year without any income.. it sucked.. now she helps.. everyone razzed my butt.. a few college professors and a scientist.. well he likes to be called a researcher LOL.. they razzed my butt.. even the social worker and the crew that works for them.. they would ask.. what in the world.. now they all are asking me what I think is coming next LOL… and they have gotten online.. ask me how to do it.. my suggestion. one can more.. keep track of what you use then buy one can more.. the one can method.. what is funny is I went into a grocery store.. to pick up banana’s.. ( I am still trying to figure out a good way to store them.. vacuum pressure works great I just can’t find a container big enough to keep a fare amount of them..( a lug ) vacuum pressured.. freeze dried is awesome but everyone wants fresh.. a vacuum chamber.. I was looking for one of the ones they use in big restaurants.. the only ones I can find is the ones that have to be on vacuum pump all the time to maintain it.. )
        anyway.. I know how you feel.. had a member of the CDC compliment me.. he said you must be a prepper.. I said no.. I just went through some pretty tough times in the past.. you cannot prep for everything.. I only prepare for what I have experienced my self.. I keep heat and eats near floor level because I had to crawl for food..( when I fell thirty feet and my x wife abandoned me to crawl) little things.. one can method.. he was surprised I had a pasteurizer.. I said doesn’t everyone.. he was amazed.. it was funny at first he thought that I had just a pile of crap.. then he got this funny look on his face.. do you realize just what you have here.. I said yes I know exactly what I have..

      • “where is the cottage industry in our country producing LED or laser diodes?”

        Dunno, but there is one. Tony Maglica (MagLight) was less-than-thrilled that he had an all American flashlight he would have to buy Chinese LEDs for, because China owned the LED market. Tony seeded an American LED fab (I’m thinking it was Luxeon he encouraged to build here), specifically, but not exclusively, so MAG could put an American flag on their LED product packaging.

    • I don’t remember who was it — Marx or Lenin — saying, to destroy a country one has to destroy its monetary system. ;-((

  8. LOCAL is a natural way. It’s already happening in some sense.


    Can’t find a peep about it outside of tweets and Alex Jones. Antifa shows up, people have taken the rooftops with guns. Mobs beat Antifa thugs mercilessly, and then with mercy, let them leave.

    No charges pressed, but the local prosecutor wants to jail those who defended their property from a mob intent on burning it.

    If we are told repeatedly “submit to arson, or go to jail” I think the first LOCAL action will be to replace the DA.

    • Yucaipa is a great example of the “other” side of California. We’re not all nutjobs.

      • The point being missed is that white supremacists have merged with the socialist brown shirts, and are firmly in the extreme left camp these days. Portraying socialists as “right wing” is part of 75 years of a propaganda rewrite of the WWII era, with the objective being to rewrite Hitler and Mussolini out of the leftist history record. The MSM and Social Media (SM) are all too happy to accommodate this and all the rest of the CCP narrative.

      • @ n____

        Thank you.


        “Antifa, thought by many to be extreme left, is now also the extreme right”


        No, they’re not. Consider the source, because this is where the political leaning of the sourcewriter becomes truly important.

        While Andrew Breitbart created the “Huffington Post” so a (then Libertarian) Arianna Huffington could spout off, he also created it in response to Bill Gates’ “Salon,” which was a far Left rag from its inception. It was when Arianna veered far-Left and took the Post with her that Breitbart created his own news service — to give voice to both forgotten (ignored) and non-Liberal news.

        However, because “Salon” is pushing the fantasy that ANTIFA is far-Right, expect the lamestreamers to soon pick up the same narrative. This is another example of the “newspeak” of which I referred, the other day. The “mainstream” “news” will run with the idea and hammer it into their brainless audience until it becomes accepted as truth — like referring to an illegal lockdown as a “quarantine” or a .22 plinking rifle as an “assault weapon,” if its owner dared swap out its stock.

    • Same thing happened in Huntington Beach, CA. The locals chased Antifa out of town. Several weeks ago, when there had been only pitiful little protests here and there of the too-lengthy quarantines, one of the beach towns (Newport?) held a HUGE protest when the authorities tried to close down the beaches. Amazingly, it wasn’t just surfers and tanners protesting their lack of sand time. A local reporter interviewed many folks and they all talked about the same covert take-downs of the U.S. that folks on this blog discuss. They were all WOKE and ready to eliminate the NWO minions. I had never heard other large gatherings discuss this at such length. It could be that, in spite of all the flak given CA for its alleged snowflake culture, it may lead the revolution.

  9. Keep up the light crown reporting George – more of it in fact. Love that kind of stuff. Thanks.

  10. I’ve found a troubling new aspect of the “confined society”. So far in one week, I’ve found and caught three errors inimical to my finances. One was when I made a deposit to a bank account and it was treated as a check, though I received a normal deposit receipt! This triggered an overdraft even though I’d not used the account since then. Yes, the bank took responsibility but I’m amazed that it could even happen. Another was a cashier double scanning one of the higher value items when shopping, and a third was mispricing some plywood three times above the tagged price. I rarely shop and do only when necessary. It seems to me that there’s zero incentive to excellence in the workplace today along with many distractions – just hanging on until things “return to normal”, as if that will ever happen. I’d suggest that everyone remain alert to errors in transactions beyond your normal scrutiny!

    • Oh My… I am anal about the bank account.. I reconcile daily against what they have coming in.. ( long story, I only trust one bank) well to be able to cash checks where I live I needed a bank account in the local bank a national chain I might add.. so I set up a coffee account just enough to go out for coffee or dinner and a tank of gas.. every once in a while the dam account would go over and I would have to pay the fee’s associated with it.. it drove me nuts… I hit the books double time on that one trying to figure out why..
      THEN… one day.. I was in the hardware store and I picked up a couple of bucks worth of paint brushes.. nothing big or fancy.. I pulled out the bank card and the guy said.. OH I can’t accept that for just a couple of bucks .. I might as well give them to you.. Please inform me..
      so he told me that because he didn’t bank there that they charge him to accept their card and they double dip the accounts.. huh.. yup they double dip the account till the transaction is through…
      so I kept an eye on it..( I give the wife flowers a couple of times a year to show just how much she means to me.. silly thing is even though a woman will say she wishes she got flowers most women hate getting them ) Well back to the story.. I had just enough for the arrangement and a few bucks left in the account to get a quick meal.. but not enough to pay for the arrangement a second time.. I got home from picking them up.. and ran to the computer put up the account and there it was.. a double dip and an overdraft because there wasn’t enough to cover the price of the arrangement twice.. I went to the bank and asked. they covered the fee’s but that was how I was going overdrawn.. the double dip.. they still do it.. the explanation to me was they double dip it to insure that the funds were secured until the payements go through.. then it comes back off..
      I had to make a double deposit yesterday because the yearly siris xm bill goes through.. (I totally love the siris xm radio awesome. what you like when you like it.. no C rap for me LOL..)
      the other thing is depending on what account you have.. there is a minor charge to see a teller on average someone wouldn’t notice those little things because it is to small if you are in an income class where there is a substantial income coming in then you probably wouldn’t notcie it.. but if your small cakes they hit you with all the good crap to make an extra buck..its all a business model.. LOL…

  11. An omen from the horse racing world today?

    At Belmont Park in NYC,Fauci,collapsed in the stretch,losing as a big favorite.While at Northfield Park in Ohio,Trump This,came from way behind to defeat a huge favorite.

  12. an epic Hollywood production this .. shorting is for top shelf .. its like the art of war .. no problem .. I rolled , added , weaved and held short for 2 years prior feb/ march .. I laugh when im told things like its different and guru wealth stories .. I feel so sorry for the other guys and the fools they attract .. yep its the old minnup .. froggy me .. all gurus making money all over USSA king bobby prechter spinning stories from his heroic alcoholic book .. salty moriarty spinning non manipulation gold stories and all the other guru making a holywood epic .. saving America !!!!end bad boys .. as archie bunker said one day .. on the kisser

  13. Social mood perked up long enough for a lot of people to go out, get into large crowds and take a dose. The numbers are reflecting this. I keep waiting for the local jurisdiction to adopt the catch phrase “Sweden, Sweden Sweden”, as they relinquish pandemic responsibilities.

    Property tax notices are already out. Rates look about like last year. State income tax … oh wait … Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. My bad. Ask Mark about state income taxes. With all those people unemployed, won’t CA needs to redistribute the tax load to those socially responsible people still earning a wage? Sounds progressive to me. Of course, the Federal state income tax deduction will help … oh wait … Trump did away with that, didn’t he? My bad again. Wow! How will CA support all those luxury benefits for all those peoples of leisure?

    Mask wearing has slowed again, but restaurants are slow as well. Consensus with coworkers is to slow down on public exposure. Eat at home for breakfast and get carryout at lunch. Play this for the long run. Unless you are wearing a N95 or better respirator, the masks are the inhalation equivalent of comfort food. Feels good but not a huge health benefit.

    I’m wondering if we won’t be seeing Wave 3 off the cliff on social mood coming up shortly, followed by primary wave 3 down in all markets simultaneously. Funny thing is, Prechter and Ure are sounding a lot alike right now. I find that disturbing. I wonder how waking economics plays in Ure dream-ville. I wouldn’t want to even ponder a Prechter economic dream, ’cause you know it would be bad.

    I’m slowly starting to increase stocks of supplies I have drawn hard on in recent months.

    I am still thinking about a scale-up solar system. I now have a portable micro-solar system in reserve which will allow me to recharge consumer rechargeable batteries efficiently, and not much more. I’m not sure that I really want an inverter based system. Maybe a DC off-grid system running selected loads full time. A small freezer and/or refrigerator, lighting, ceiling fans and some 12VDC plug-ins for portable equipment like battery chargers, a laptop and comm equipment. I haven’t seen a DC charger for an electric bicycle. The electric bicycle would be a poor-boy electric car. To be efficient, it would almost have to entail two systems: a 12VDC for the plug in loads, and maybe 24VDC for the hardwired appliance loads available in higher voltage versions. I’ve never seen a charger that could handle a split battery system, but maybe I’m just ignorant. Suggestions? 48 VDC appears to only be of use with inverter systems. There aren’t enough appliances available to make 48VDC attractive to me.

  14. Nah another big nite in USSA tonite. You can feel itching to get rich. Buy garbage get rich. You guys and all the gurus should just talk it up. Bloody commies everywhere. All people are equal but gurus and richies are more equal than others. Go easy on the social justice

  15. Notice the peculiar way this is written George, the president, the first lady are all lower case but their son Barron is upper case.

    “Officials familiar with the incident told colleagues that the president, the first lady and their son Barron were rushed to the bunker because of the episode, according to two people familiar with their accounts.”

    I find that very odd. I dont read or watch the news very often and at all. I get my information and data in other ways and means.

    There must have been about 200 maybe 300 small quakes in LA last night in a 4 hour window. All ranging from 2.5 to several 5.5’s.

    Like a huge earthquake, just in rapid burst little ones.

    I got a new data set from God to cyper. One is a little Chinese bell, another is a little pocket watch I found in the sand when I pulled over to take a leak. Normal looking watch execpt all the numbers are 5’s on it. “Its 5 oclock somewhere. ” LOL! Not one through 12. And a few other items of interest. Little trinkets God leaves me. I dont go looking got them. They just show up. didnt sleep last night at all. When one has fulfilled its purpose, I toss it out somewhere for someone else and shortly later I find something else. Like a little leggo samurai dude just laying next to my car when I pulled into a place I never been.

    Sorry for being an asshole lately. I’m frustrated with a few things I have no control over. So I have to surrender all that over to God to sort out. I am human, I feel and I I make mistakes. Thank God for that. Its room for growth. And hopefully I learn from my mistakes. Lol

    If I come back? I will try to be a litte less Assholy. Lol

    • Well and living by faith and intuition is never easy. It doesn’t make sense to most people and sounds crazy to alot of them. Changing direction and flipping a U turn without notice is not what normal people do.

      Still, that is not an excuse to be disrespectful and rude. I appologise. Especially for pointing out Sweet Pea. I really really do my best to not say everything I see. Some people are an open book and quite funny so. I just see images when I’m reading other peoples words. Like Ray picking his nose in the middle of his comment and stuff like that. I’m really not that special. I cant imagine I’m not the only one who can see stuff like that. It’s not my place to say anything. I’m just trying to be a normal every day Joe, yo!

      So, I’m sorry for being a d!ck. It was wrong and I admit it.

      I was wrong to blast that dude and the snowflake and generally be assholishness. I will change my course.

      Still seeing the power grid go down and we have a long way to go of the first month that New York burns and it burns twice.

      The 72 hours may be for me. My life is rapidly moving on a new front. I still see it.

      So I just leave it there. I have lots of abilities I dont tell people about. People already look at me weird. Lol.

      Any way, sorry about being an acehole. This creation language is hard. I am manifesting little things. Lol. Practice practice practice. The mother of all skill is repetition.

      I was talking with Mark about Cosmic consciousness day before yesterday. I think I lean more on the comic consciousness. lol

      See ya later old people.

      Click 2:14

      (My clicks are verses of bible and other religious books that say the same thing at the same point in several different books, just in other words, other religions but all have the same meaning. )

      Just rounds of truth out of a metaphorical pistol.

    • No worries, Andy. Yes, we’re definitely in “old men will dream dreams.”
      Mine last night was about a mountain, a resort, hot thrown rocks melting through the deck of a resort exposing stored goods beneath – no idea what it means, tho.

      One of these days we should do a survey – maybe a national woo-woo survey since clarity often comes calling around the edges of fear – because with many people it takes (and this is strange to Ure) a lot of FEAR to get people to open up to the Universe.

      A ponder on “No atheists’ in foxholes” is the point. If you just get to the “open” no need for the foxhole…and you can move in the direction chosen for your life sans drama. Ah, but then what?

      Grab some gears and beers and be blessed on your path. I’ve never seen one so “Chubby Checker.”

      Twisted and shouting.

      • Hahaha! That is hilarious! Remember when I very first emailed you??? My email was Chubyneck365. Bwhahahahhah! And I wore a checked t-shirt the other day I hadnt worn in a while. I flipped the map i sent ya a picture of and now am sitting over the mermaid by the Indians. See if that changes anything. Haha.

        When I read your dream, one word stood out that you didnt say. “Hymilaya”, which is funny because Hymm is a song. There is 29 mountains mentioned in the Christian Bible and 29 different words for “Heaven” used. The tallest mountain in the world is Mount Ever-rest at 29,029 feet above see level. And you can see the distinct OM symbol in blood on the Shroud of Turin.

        Magic 3, 3 base system in singularity. Ohhhh they just discovered a new volcano…. under the ocean. And I have been seeing and hearing Big Bear Mountain alot. My hopi twin wants me to go to the Shasta mountains and try to the maze through it. Sorry just tryin to sound it out. I’m a mountain too. Ohhhhhhh maybe,

        URE dreaming about the Pyrimids! They have a whole catacomb below it.. like an iceberg. The pyramids are tiny on the top compared to what’s below them…and water canals. I was just answering a friend about Egyptian crowns. One snake or two, why blah blah blah. One head is actually a bird and not a Cobra. When you have both, you are the absolute ruler of the higher and lower. Ohhhhh………….lol

        Thank G. You just answered my question. Lol

        Ok, I gotta get. I have to be in Laquinta in a half our. That’s enough out of me. Thanks dude. Good song. I will start my day with that. :)

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