Jobs Are Going – So’s the Market: Physics of Collapse

You are no doubt aware of how sucky the job market is lately.  It’s only a ripple of worse to come, looks like. 

The monthly Jobs Cut report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas sounds totally dismal: Nearly 1M Cuts Due to COVID-19 This Year.

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers totaled 397,016 in May, down 40.8% from April’s total of 671,129, the highest monthly total on record. Despite the drop, last month’s total is the second highest monthly total on record since global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. began tracking job cut announcements in January 1993, according to the firm’s monthly report released Thursday.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused 209,147 cuts in May, followed by 119,018 job cuts due to market conditions, and 50,172 announced cuts due to demand downturn.”

And to put it into historical context:

Job cuts announced in 2020 are 9.8% higher than the job cuts tracked at the height of the Great Recession. In 2009, Challenger tracked 1,288,030 announced job cuts one year after tracking 1,223,993 cuts.

The problem, in a nutshell is that globally, a Great Contraction is setting in.  While the layoffs and cuts are better than last month, the employment data tomorrow may be safely predicted as being well-short of re-assuring.

Shows in Trade Data, Too

Just out this morning from Census:

The gap from hell.

When we get to tomorrow’s Job Report, we ought to all be thinking about our futures:  Politically-drive racial divisions, pandemic set to flare again, and markets fueled by the crooked Fed’s “made-up money” regimen.

What About Productivity?

On a percentage-wise basis, the End of the World may not be here yet, but you might be able to see it from here:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 0.9 percent in the first quarter of 2020, the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output decreased 6.5 percent and hours worked decreased 5.6 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, productivity increased 0.7 percent, reflecting no change in output and a 0.7-percent decrease in hours worked.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 5.1 percent in the first quarter of 2020, as
hourly compensation increased 4.2 percent and productivity decreased 0.9 percent. Unit labor costs
increased 1.9 percent over the last four quarters. (See table 2.) BLS calculates unit labor costs as the
ratio of hourly compensation to labor productivity. Increases in hourly compensation tend to increase
unit labor costs, and increases in output per hour tend to reduce them.

Productivity is a dicey one to think about.  But think of it this way:  If you have half the people working as at a zenith benchmark, their productivity would need to double to make up the spread.  We’ll be watching this relationship in coming months to see how it rolls.

Meantime:  Physics of Collapse

Our long-time (and much-appreciated) Economic Fractalist pointed something out in a post overnight in our comments section.  You might consider what he offers:

89 Year US Third Fractal Nonlinearity … With trading halts, Thursday 4 June 2020 will be the longest day (trading day … denominated in 8 …. one hour units …)

And he suggests you read up a bit over here:

Circuit Breakers”

Personally, I’m not thinking it will be [today], but seems we are getting very close. Monday?  Because this is always noise in fractals (which can influence timing a bit), but in more traditional analysis, we have now completed the Wave 5 must be larger than Wave 1 rules under Elliott.  Oh, and the middle wave (Wave 3) can not be the smallest of all the waves.  Like so:

To make it easy, look at the 3 rightmost “trading boxes.”  Trouble lies “outside the box.”

I was talking with my friend Robin Landry about this and he mentioned something (which I’ll try to paraphrase right) “When you get a hard down, you get a bigger – higher – bounce, oftentimes.

This is not unlike playing pool (or snooker):  “Angle of Incidence is equal to angle of reflection.”

While it may take a bit more time for the fractals to line up, just so, we have a “Loaded Threat Board.”:

Sour Grapes Mattiss

There’s a good article in the (left-leaning)  Atlantic today:  “James Mattiss Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution.

While we admire the general’s military service, we wonder if there’s something of a “fact-gap” he’s missed?  Particularly when he’s quoted as saying:

“I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled,” Mattiss writes. “The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers.”

What surprises me is how little attention has been paid to the fact that all four police officers involved in the George Floyd killing have now been arrested.  Moreover, we have been watching all the looting and question the general’s characterization of a “small number of lawbreakers.”  Small compared to what?  War?

Moreover, while accusing Trump of being divisive, this is PRECISELY what the democrats and left has been doing for years.  In modern guerilla politics, the “Rules for Radicals” a key tactic is to “Label your opposition what you are, yourself…”

“EBM” Remains Valid

Around here, we try not to get too “wrapped around the axle” of public hysteria. 

Instead, we tend to recognize that each of us – in a hundred ways a day – operates to optimize our own, personal economic conditions.  Food, money, sex, power, status…all optimizations everyone runs.

EBM simply means Everything’s a Business Model  and we see evidence of that (behind the smoke of looted stores) in things.  Like Google Search Trends interest in the word “reparations” over the past 90-days.

The [terrible reality] is that with global growth dying and dead – we become (as a planet) much more confined.

Welcome to Thurowville

We have arrived, I think  globally at the crossroads described 30-years ago in the book “The Zero Sum Society” by Lester Thurow.  It’s based on  the simple notion that when bounds are set – and no growth is possible – any gains (whether by companies or individual persons) will necessarily comes  at someone else’s expense.  From the Wiki entry on Zero Sum Games:

“In game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain or loss of utility is exactly balanced by the losses or gains of the utility of the other participants. If the total gains of the participants are added up and the total losses are subtracted, they will sum to zero. Thus, cutting a cake, where taking a larger piece reduces the amount of cake available for others as much as it increases the amount available for that taker, is a zero-sum game if all participants value each unit of cake equally (see marginal utility).

In contrast, non-zero-sum describes a situation in which the interacting parties’ aggregate gains and losses can be less than or more than zero. A zero-sum game is also called a strictly competitive game while non-zero-sum games can be either competitive or non-competitive. Zero-sum games are most often solved with the minimax theorem which is closely related to linear programming duality,[1] or with Nash equilibrium.

Humans have a cognitive bias towards seeing situations as zero-sum, known as zero-sum bias.”

The Petri Model Arrives

All of which leads us to this morning’s “Financial Tee Time.”

Have we entered that period of globalism where we are coming head-on, face-to-face, with the sides of the  Petri dish  where we can “see the glass sides” and the only way to survive is for one species (of bacteria) to steals from another?

Racial suppression (by any side) and financial exploitation (by any side) is abhorrent to all.  Or, at least  should be.  Yet, in behavioral economics (and zero sum gaming) it is entirely  predictable.

As we – the bacterial – keep gobbling up the consumer “agar” left over from Peak Prosperity, it will become increasingly apparent that zero sum is in play.

Oh, so’s slavery.  Except you don’t hear much about it.  Contemporary slavery is alive even today – in Africa. Yet, because it’s a “hard mass monetization” we don’t see businesses being looted on  that pretext. Too small to fix?  Is any injustice, really?

I’d go on. But, it’s like “talking back the tide.”

It’s OK for former president Obama to divide his audience into general and “people of color” in his :”town hall” last night. But it’s not OK for sitting president Trump to call out looters and threaten miliary use to restore order?  Which is more divisive?  Rules for Radicals, friend.  Who’s calling who, what?

We sit – not bewildered, but certainly disappointed. That our underlying problems (especially an economics model that “blows up” without growth) are not being addressed.  While the lines harden between “us bacteria” as the walls of the Petri dish loom just ahead.

As the super-computer  WOPR said in the movie  WarGames: 

“Greetings Professor Falken.

A Strange Game.

The Only Winning Move is Not to Play.”

In order to measure, we divide.  And in so doing, sows our own bitter harvest.

Write when you get rich,

98 thoughts on “Jobs Are Going – So’s the Market: Physics of Collapse”

  1. “Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court.”

    On the average.. we already know that that isn’t true.. the laws don’t pertain differently to different social classes.. like speeding lets say.. I bought the police captains car.. but hadn’t had the title changed yet.. I could dive that at any speed anywhere.. the same with a congressman.. you won’t see them get a speeding ticket either..
    If this hadn’t of been caught on camera.. the pleading for his life the officer refusing to get off of him.. it would have vanished like a bad chili gas explosion.. if he had lived he would have more than likely been sent to jail..
    the prisons are full of them.. Our supreme court even rulled that it is basically ok to give your congressman gifts of any size.. opening the doors to full control of the countries political system.. so even though it is written on the walls of justice..I personally think that the constitution has been changed enough through the years that it no longer exists..
    the patriot act for one takes your rights away what is that other one to that allows them to just walk in your house and dow what they want without any reason..
    we have been slowly adopting all of the legislation that has been given to other countries where tyranical leaders exist.. and with a congress that absolutely refuse to read the stuff they are given to vote on..I think it will continue to degrade into a police state..

    • You do realize that with laws that pertain differently to the different social classes.. give that some thought and look at history..
      what is the end game.. whos stuff do they want.. granted.. enslave the general population through the laws.. but the real gain is when they take what they want from those that have..
      those at the bottom the only thing they want from them is their support.. like a pawn on a chessboard..
      a video to show a pawn move attack and conquer..

    • Question: Giving a choice of a “police state” vs. where “criminals have freedom to follow their whims” what would you choose? ;-)

      • False choice bolshevic.

        I’ll take option 3: an armed society is a polite society.

      • We need to eliminate all “laws” that are intended to protect people from themselves!

        We also need to raise the bar for misconduct – people have a right to speak clearly even if some folks get insulted by doing so. A somewhat thicker skin for all will be good for the republic.

        “Victimless” crimes are not crimes. If we legislate against joy(sex, drugs, gambling), we massively increase the level of involvement with the punishment system. We also need to revoke all “asset forfeiture”, aka theft laws. Yes, it will make the cop’s job harder perhaps, but it will remove a major conflict of interest and source of corruption. We also need to eliminate ALL no-knock raids at night. If necessary, a tank can roll up at high noon with a massive loudspeaker, but “dynamic entry” and other SWAT tactics have terrorized, embarrassed, injured and killed far too many innocents due to wrong information! Concerns about lost evidence are no excuse for the above consequences.

        Private prisons have no place in a just society. Treating prisoners badly or using them as slaves, as our current punishment system does, only encourages prisoners to become more violent and more of a menace upon release. Prisoners should have the option, at least, to have zero interaction with other prisoners.

        By doing the above, we will begin to move toward a society that respects real law enforcement(crimes against people, property, animals, etc.). The general public will endorse a truly fair playing field if they’re not indoctrinated otherwise. Without rights to your person, property, and integrity, you have no sense of safety at all. You also have little to no incentive to participate in the greater society.

      • Thank you mike, you hit on a couple of my hot button issues, Asset forfeiture (theft), private prisons, no knock 3:00AM raids.
        The ongoing Peaceful demonstration, protests (RIOTS) may have one beneficial result. People will begin to realize the need to be able to defend themselves and not count on law enforcement (think 2nd Amndt. )

      • As the old Indian chief said its better to die on your feet then live on your knees,and that’s what a police state brings, for nothing good ever comes from that kind if a situation that’s why we have the second amendment.those that don’t like it perhaps are living in the wrong country.!!!

      • “I’ll take option 3: an armed society is a polite society.”

        I am with you Philistine!!!
        when people were hijacking airplanes I said.. anyone flying.. give them all a gun…. let mom or grandma drop a stitch in her knitting and see just what happens to old harry the hijacker LOL LOL LOL…..
        “Giving a choice of a “police state” vs. where “criminals have freedom to follow their whims” ”

        Now considering what bolshevic asked my thoughts on that are pretty simple…
        if you take the guns from the people.. the only ones that will have guns are the criminals.. as for my thoughts on a police state.. here is a good paper basically written on the subject..
        I worked with a woman that had lived in africa her whole life until she was able to get to the USA to get her free college degree.. anyway we were talking about just this issue.. she had mentioned that there you live and learn by your class.. there were guards standing in the room to make sure that nothing was taught to the students outside their social class..
        look at other leaders that have had police states.. in my opinion we definately need to keep our second amendment rights.. it isn’t the gun that kills.. its the idiot behind the gun.. if they are intent on killing someone they can do that with anything if they are that serious about doing it..

      • I have to digress bolshevic.. being prepared is.. you never know when you will need it..
        when I was in the military.. we did what was called a fire watch.. where you walked around the fence to make sure everything was secure.. anyway one of the guys that I would do rounds with spent a few days to much in Vietnam LOL.. and he carried a live grenade.. he would juggle it.. pull the pin out put the pin back in.. and put it in his pocket pull it out of his pocket.. I was a nervous wreck.. I would say would you put that damned thing away.. his response was.. you never know when you will need one.. its better to have it and not use it then to need it and not have it..
        well he was from detroit..on one of his leaves this is what he told me happened on his way home..once he got to detroit He still had a distance to travel. rather than get a cab he decided to walk the rest of the way.. along that route he put his thumb out to hitch hike.. and some guy stopped.. seen he was in the service.. and they were driving along and out comes a gun.. that is when my friend was siting there with the pin pulled from that damned grenade and said.. dam there sure are a lot of nuts in this world.. the guy let him out.. LOL LOL LOL…
        I am guessing that if he is still alive.. that damned thing is either sitting on a shelf or in his pocket just in case….

    • Consider that the sheeple keep voting the crooked sobs back to congress. Those blessed with the cognitive abilities to see what’s going on are in the minority.

      • An “old man” moi, agrees with you! It all started long ago when a former “dem pres” aligned himself with the wrong friends and our country then proceeded to fight the wrong enemy in Europe.

        Since that time (ca. 1940) we have been following the wrong path and it is practically useless to write or post anything because there are just too few of us left with cognitive abilities. Case is already CLOSED and we’re left continuing to lament.

        Present day propaganda will fill in the spaces — and who is in charge of said propaganda? Neither you nor I because we’re too old already, and that maybe to our advantage.

    • af·flu·en·za

      noun: affluenza

      a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.

      Ethan Couch ran over four people with his vehicle while drunk. “Poor kid had a bad case of the affluenzas and does not deserve to be held accountable.”

      • Yes, Steve, we, the WHOLE world watched OJ get off with affluenza, too!!! He beat the crap out of his wife for years, then murdered her and her friend, and got off.


    • looking out of the box on June 4, 2020
      Hall’s of Justice have become exactly that. No longer Courts of Justice. What passes for justice these days is decided out of the courtroom by lawyers working deals literally out in the halls or in some cases out on the golf links. For a price.
      In the courtroom, justice is only based on an amount of money to be confiscated or awarded in Civil Law. That is a little different in Criminal Law. There, it is based on the amount of the $ in the fine, the length of the time incarcerated and the forfeiture of money property or life by the ‘guilty. Fines against criminals become property of the ‘system’
      Been to court a few times and the buzzkill of the ‘Judge” ultimately telling the jurors they could only consider the facts as he allowed in “his” court make ‘justice’ a joke. No prior convictions or history are to be considered or voiced. It is as if an innocent baby were on trial and each appearance is as the only offense in existance. Much as if it were a history class in any public school of today. That is to say, it does not count and it does not exist in the eyes of the “judge” and rules of the court. That is why it has become a bad joke with serious consequences if one laughs.
      The amount of money is fantastic when considering the system that is designed to extract it.
      Police departments with their multi -layered administrations, training, equipment, including the popular aviation wings and their separate admins, real estate, legal departments, jails, court houses, judicial magistrates, prosecutors (7/24) security services, entire law libraries with thousands of rulings, clerks and support staff,
      “Justice” is a huge industry. This list doesn’t even scratch the surface. It just goes on and on. At your expense of course.
      I know,… everyone SWEARS to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and all of the ‘Pollyanna’s’ are in agreement to accept it. But pertinent facts are routinely left out or dis-allowed by both sides. Best keep your nose clean if whoever you are dealing with is a government employee in any capacity.
      Their gig is to keep making more rules (laws) to make everything illegal unless you give them enough money to buy permission to do whatever it is. You could grow weed and be a criminal or go through the hoops and buy permission to grow it and be as legal as could be. Grow it, process it, supply it in bales if you like as long as you pay the system their 30 pieces of silver. Otherwise, your door is kicked in by the SWAT team to punish your criminality. You could be killed if you did not totally submit.
      A different example: Driving Privilege. It is illegal to drive on public roads for everyone. Unless, of course, you apply for a drivers license, pay the fee, take a mickey mouse test to justify the fee, open your personal information history to them and indicate that you understand all this. If the system worked, why so many deaths on the highway? Weird eh? Take a break, sit back and look at it all. You will be amazed at how connected everything in the ‘system’ is linked and backed up to fail safe to control the authority over you and your place in this world.
      It is hard to believe this planet was once a molten ball without a single human on it. Yet, today, every speck of land and most of the seas are OWNED by governments or people buying permission to hold it as their own and be milked for ‘tax money’ to keep occupying it. What a world….

  2. It is always a Zero Sum Gain, as anyone’s gain is someone or something else’s loss. Ohysics would support that.

    • This is just a crazy way to think. In most voluntary economic transactions, both parties have have a gain.

      I pay George 40$ a year to view his knowledge and experience. Likely George gains by having my 40$ and I gain by improving my decisions by having more knowledge that leads to better financial and life decisions.

      That is not a transaction where someone gains and someone losses. Both parties come out with a gain. That is the thing with true capitalism vs. the crony mess we have so much. Both parties in a voluntary transaction get something out of it or it does not happen.

      Now compare that to transactions with the government. I have to pay taxes to purchase defense, courts and infrastructure. Now I personally feel I am always a loser on these transactions because I always pay out more of my production life, then I receive. Winners on this side are politicians families, defense contractors, net tax money receivers (those that receive more government benefit then they pay into the system).

      In many cases the “gain” part is taking your personal productivity or owned resources and adding value to a thing that someone else desires and does not want to do or cannot to do for themselves. This is why a socialist / communist system has less gain.

  3. Watching the throngs of masked and unmasked protesters, is it possible this whole event was an opportunity to ensure a wave II? People were about to give up on the virus and go back to normal.

    We are going to see another set of lockdowns. With or without a new wave of illness at this rate. The curfews were just a warm up. Wanna bet that goes on all summer?

    Sickness, riots… what’s next pollution or UV or ozone hole? Just pick another crisis from Report at Iron Mountain, just pick one that allows for more curfews.

    Eventually it will be “alert: you are allowed to leave your home today” rather than “alert: you must stay inside today”. Pick a city, is it on lockdown today?

    • “We are going to see another set of lockdowns.”

      I doubt there will be lockdown the next time.they are already phishing up the figures.. it will be option 3 all the way

  4. Isaac Asimov wrote a short story on the Petri dish, called “Breeds there a man”. One of my favorites, but Asimov tends to clutter up his short stories a bit, unfortunate fact, that.

  5. Ahh ol wise one – the super- computer WOPR was wrong.

    Captain James Tiberius Kirk/ Starship Enterprise – BEAT the No -Win Super Computer Test –
    Kobayashi Maru.
    He beat it by reprogramming the computer prior to taking the Test for the 3rd time- so Shields on Klingon BattleCruisers would mal-function during the Test.

    Learned that lesson early on during Tadpole training..”if U aint cheating, U are not trying hard enough”. Relax U leftylosers – there are NO RULES in War fighting – in spite of what they try “teach” you in civics courses – its scary simple – Kill or B Killed .

    Can someone explain why we as country/society tolerate all the “little Johnnies and Susies” still being rewarded for Losing.

    Is it Boomer guilt ?
    This everybody gets a Trophy 4 participating in life culture is Sickening. So now instead of getting participation trophies – they get pink pussy hats. What a G.D. Disgrace these Antifa punks R to the once proud and mighty United States. Bet Mark looks just smashing in his PPH.

    Still waiting for the “thugs” to come on out to suburban/country to “get whats theirs” – its here waiting for U – in fact will be happy to “reach out and touch” your ass from long distance. Come on by – Ill keep a pot coffee warm 4 ya all. Dont know where to find ECD? Just listen 4 the report from the 6.5 Grendel..snap crackle pop!

    • Yellow flag thrown!

      ECD you got to stop trying to “intimidate” and threaten in ur posts. A beer says we “out ammo” almost everyone on the net.
      But we don’t go looking for trouble – and since we don’t put psychic energy behind it – it never comes looking for US.
      I am pleased you exercised your 2nd Amendment – as do we. But when times are hot, tempers are short, does it serve (as in “get to solution”) to which out the “my gun is longer than yours?”
      I think not.
      There are millions of good people – the drive is not to “defend” but rather to field “competing models.”

      In Ure’s world, the most under-covered story out there is “
      “The county’s earlier summary report had listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use under “other significant conditions” but not under “cause of death.”

      Instead of fact-gathering and rational discourse (and appropriate mourning over another death) we instead are a country torn three ways: The radical hate dividers (touting gunsmanship fuels hate), the bvewildered center, and the reactionary right neonaz type.

      Can we just tone it the fuck down?>

      Got people around here trying to think – gather data – approach rationally.

      CV-19 positive, drugs, and excessive use of force.

      How many more lives do we need to wreck, businesses to burn, or hate to monetize, on the pretext of righting that which can never be resurrected?

      Put down the gun talk. Think long and deep.

    • Dude, take a breath! The idea is to be able to handle trouble if it is forced upon you, not to try and bewitch it into coming calling.

      And BTW, Kirk didn’t cheat, because there was no rule against changing the params of the sim… ;-)

  6. Yeah, finally, all four cops are charged. It only took weeks of nationwide rioting to get done what should have happened the minute they got back to the station.

    Justice for all, my a**. Epstein as well, another shining example.

    • All in a city with a democrat mayor, his police chief, and a democrat state.
      They could have done same-day charges.
      They didn’t
      They conspired out of Trump and hate of America.

      • Some (libertarian leaning) lawyers I talk to point out that if you want to see a reasonable chance of conviction, the prosecutors have to take the time to make sure that they charge the crime correctly and make sure that the evidence they have matches the charges. I wish they’d done it all faster, but it takes time to do it right.

        Also, if they overcharge (and some people who know more than me fear that they did), they won’t get a conviction. You think the riots are bad now? Just wait until we’ve got Ellison on TV grandstanding in the courtroom for a few weeks, he blows it, and the cop walks. He is not an especially experienced criminal prosecutor, he’s a politician and a rabble rouser.* If that happens, the riots that follow will make the last week seem like a fun time in Disney World. Maybe *that’s* the intent.

        * His “legal career” per Wikipedia: After graduating from law school, Ellison worked for three years at the firm of Lindquist & Vennum, where he was a litigator specializing in civil rights, employment, and criminal defense law.[13][15] Ellison then became executive director of the nonprofit Legal Rights Center in Minneapolis, which specializes in the defense of indigent clients.[15] Upon leaving the Legal Rights Center, Ellison entered private practice with the law firm Hassan & Reed Ltd, specializing in trial practice.[16] Ellison has also been regularly involved in community service. He served as the unpaid host of a public affairs talk program at KMOJ radio,[15] and has also often volunteered as a track coach for several organizations, working with youth between the ages of five and 18. He said, “It’s a great community-building device because it’s for all ages and all genders. Everyone can find a way to fit in.

      • I hold the other view – that Ellison – who gifted his seat to Ilhan Omar – will be “sold” as the Great Healer and he will resolve into focus as Holder II – the sequel.

      • @JT

        IMO the killing was a crime of passion and not race-related. I think Floyd was bangin’ the beauty queen, and I believe Ellison will allow that to be made public if the DA can find anyone who heard Chauvin say he was going to kill Floyd. He’ll be able to uprate the charge against Chauvin to Murder-1. However, it will also open the door for Chauvin to use an insanity defense, likely successfully, if Ellison is the Lead Prosecutor.

        It’s gonna be a circus (as in “Roman,” not “Barnum & Bailey’s”) and I intend to be in a hidey-hole like George’s long before it resolves itself…

  7. George,
    -Hardly sour grapes. Hardly.
    -Look at what it finally took to break Mattis’ longstanding vow of silence? Trump’s moving to turn our own military’s “bullets” on our children.
    -And apparently George Will is sour grapes too? George Will, for god’s sake.
    -Hardly your socialist plot (somehow carried out while your team had full control of the government, and now while still firmly in control the Presidency, Senate and Judiciary).
    -This fanning of the flames of racial divisiveness for political gain, while expertly exploited by the Conservatives, has brought us to the brink. The brink. Best, Mike.

    • You are such an ignorant Toad, you can’t even STFU while you’re in TOFI (Time Out For Idiots).
      1. Sour grapes: Mattiss is a serial quitter. Quit Obama (read Leon Panetta’s memoirs). Quit Trump. That a serial quitter and that’s sour grapes. Giver or orders but can’t take ’em.
      2. Turning guns on looters is approved in Law. Don’t like it? Get the hell to Caracas where your ass, Bernie, the Squid and others of your slimy ilk belong. The worst of the Political Leach Class. You hold office? You think like it.
      3. Commie Spin Alert! I didn’t write anything about George Will. You are making up distractions – see you’ve been reading Rules For Radicals again. OK, you can read…sort of. Now? Turn off that God-awful fricking voice in your head long enough – someday please – to read a whole Ure column without going off mental. Stick to the facts. We got people falling on the right and left due to mental disfunction. You’re leading one brigade of lunatics single-handedly.
      4. My “socialist plot” is only playing out in democrat controlled cities and states. Put down reading RfR and learn political geography. Data is data.
      5. THIS FANNING you jerk is what you are doing. Writing when you should be reading. Barack Hussein gets called Mr. Obama. Trump gets no Mister. Obama addresses people of color separately from the whole of America. To any jury that’s partisanship, division, and as far from healing as passing out Bic’s and gasoline.

      Before you write again, pull your head out of your ass. Take a shower. Then – soberly behold the troubled world. And reread this morning’s “Petri Dish remarks, you Marxist fraud.

    • We are rural and we have lots of guns. A long time ago (~1965 or so) the local town of miners was going to be invaded by Hell’s Angels. When they arrived the street was lined with miners with guns. They left. Peacefully. Heh.

    • Jesus, “marku52” – do I have to point out the obvious?

      Happened in Louisville KY.
      Mayor? A DEMOCRAT.

      You want justice for her, go rage on his ass.

    • …And if she lived 20-30 miles north, she’d probably still be alive. Indiana is one of the few States where you can legally shoot a cop who’s committing a felony against your residence (just a guess, but the others are probably Texas, Florida, Idaho, and maybe Alaska) so the State pretty much did away with “no-knock” warrants.


      I am not a fan of cops doing a B&E to try to catch a resident in an unlawful act. I understand how difficult it is to lock somebody up who’s selling dope or cooking meth. I’ve seen DTF raids and done surveillance duty as an observer… ‘Don’t care. Change the law, or change the lawmaker, don’t use Stasi tactics against Americans.

      I am also not a fan of “confiscations.” Who, in their right mind could consider that “lawmen” should be entitled to pillage people who’re engaged in an illegal act. Should Courts be able to? Sure, once it is established the accused committed theft and as long as the Court uses the stolen property to make restitution to the victims of the accused… NEVER for funding the police (or any other government entity.) That’s what taxes are for. If they’re insufficient, either raise them or trim the Department’s shopping list…

      Taylor’s killing is more egregious than Floyd’s. His is railed against because everybody got to see it. Hers was simply indefensible, but because cameras weren’t rolling, it’s also not marketable the way Floyd’s is. Ya don’t see Sharpton in Looeyville…

  8. Now now George your getting all worked up over the forest rather then the trees,now the simplest solution to this problem is for the people to simply declare both parties as terrorist organizations, which they are and the people are the prey…….strange thing about two countries, one country says we have to protect the wealthy,so they dump trillions into the financial system (which will have to be paid back by the future generations, its called the me syndrome) to protect their wealth,and they can’t give much to the people because that’s being either a commie or a lib, and those that dicker in the market jump for joy……now in the other country the leader says in an address to the states/regions that the people are the first priority for they are the country,giving then a stimulus check and raising the unemployment benefits,giving mothers with children a boast by giving each child a set amount,also giving small business a helping hand the big boys can take care of themselves, which of the two countries has the most responsible leadership….now George it would be interesting if you did a full column, yes I know it would be a long one so maybe you could make it into two parts,as to just how the one percent and their cronies in Washington have destroyed the country, and plunged the people and their off-spring into perpetual slavery.!!

  9. Well George I have my own vise grips (by the way the guy that invented them was from my home town, actually saw and handled first prototypes) so the only thig I can say is don’t bogart that crack pipe……………what f..k are these people thinking!

  10. George,
    You miss the point of Matiss’s comments. Right now, we don’t have a leader. Trump is a self serving bafoon. Trumps turnover in his administration is 2 to 1 compared to other administrations at this time in the presidency. James Mattis is just the start. My inside scoop…verified….

    George Conways “Lincoln Project is about to come out with a series of ads that feature 3 Decorated Generals…Mattis, H.R McMaster and John Kelly will denounce Trump in a blistering video that blasts Trumps lack of courage and resolve that will be blast over social media and thanks to leftover money from Micheal Bloomberg…in National TV. Are you going to say that Three military hero’s are not credible?

    A secondary video will feature Rex Tillerson, John Bolton and Anthony Scaramucci doing the same…but will feature Trumps lack of knowledge, work ethic, narcissism and focus.

    You have no right George to call Mattis a quitter. He put his life on the line in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Persian Gulf. He has won more military awards than my wife has in shoes…and that is saying a lot. He quit Trumps administration because he is an honorable man as you will find in America. He couldn’t stand the narcissistic ways of Trump. He knows, like anyone else with a brain, that Trump DOES NOT care about America…only himself, his ratings and his ego. Sometimes, you just have to throw up your hands in disgust…because like Kelly, McMaster, Tillerson, Bolton and Mooch, All brilliant people that could have made a difference…and believe me they tried…They all knew that Trump was a hopeless case.

    • Mark, please let me remind you this is Mr. Ure’s website and he can say or not say anything he pleases. Mattis should be more respectful of the “Commander in Chief”, a post he’ll never achieve. Go “throw you hands up in disgust” over at HuffPost, Buzzfeed, or another one of those liberal rags.

    • Dude – check your reality meds – might be expired or someone switched them up with sugar pills.

      General Smedley Butler is the Marine U should listen to and understand. All the career hacks U list except that low life – blood sucking squid alum – the cooch, are DEEEEP State hacks.
      – Compromised/Bot and Paid for.
      – u dont get much deeper than Exxon CEO or warmonger extraordinaire bolton.

      Life on the on line – puhlease Not a single one of those cake eaters you cite has ever seen Live Fire – from an Enemy (maybe a motor landed in greenzone near thier cushy ofc.
      They award themselves and classmates those ribbons and citations – Traitors – yellow bellied, lily livered traitors.

      • When Mattis was Defense Secretary, and Trump loved and praised him, you and the other sheeples were singing Mad Dog love songs . Now that he stopped sucking Up to the worst political figure in world history, he is a hack. Methinks you boobs are the hacks. Hypnotized, paralyzed, .traumatized.
        Leave the world to those who aren’t zombies to the Noise

    • Seriously Mark. How many past presidents can you remember, that made policy for Americans? Obummer? Do you care about you’re overpriced home in the bay area? Cuz dat gonna change if somebody doesn’t initiate a change. Or perhaps you prefer Sharia law? Patience, it’s coming.
      Sort of blessings.

      • Steve.
        And are you actually insinuating that Trump has made policy for Americans? Hahahah. Wow! Now I have heard it all. I think now we have proof that Covid19 was indeed weaponized to infect the brains and judgement of Trump supporters.

    • “All brilliant people that could have made a difference…and believe me they tried…”

      If they had finished basic training (doubtful!!) — why didn’t they use what they had learned? Mark, they are traitors, like yourselve!

      PLEASE POINT OUT YOUR REASONABLE ALTERNATIVES to our deplorable situation.

  11. “all four police officers involved in the George Floyd killing have now been arrested. ”

    Nobody was “responsible” until the mob set everything on fire. Now all four are responsible.

    It’s a scam.

    The city/state prosecuting lawyers will make bank.
    The city/state defense lawyers will make bank.
    Judges will get paid overtime.

    And more to come.

    Let’s look at Tou Thao. Tou Thao had his back turned to the Floyd knee on the neck. The chargers are never going to stick. The default response will be, “I wasn’t trained properly by the city on protocols. I was maintaining crowd control. Fault of the city.” Acquitted.

    This opens the gate to the Floyd’s suing the city and also Tou Thao suing the city.

    It’s a waste of even more state resources.

    • Steve I think that Similar to the off duty ER nurse that LA officers beat andbroad rashed for checking on her children on the phone whole driving.i am betting the state will offer a huge compensation to the family for wrongful death.there will be stipulations…

  12. Perfect storm, America is in. Lost our focus, we have. Pardon the Yoda mimicry, but the forces of darkness are popping out everywhere, vying to tear the ‘united’ out of these United States: Russia is playing the long game with China and nefarious domestic forces to destroy our democracy. They are succeeding at pitting our strength – diversity – against our unity. Domestically, narrowly focused interest groups are placing their agendas sbove national unity and security. We can find little common ground. Buffalo Springfield “For What it’s Worth” lyrics come to mind:

    “There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong“

    The perfect storm of a pandemic, as noted earlier by George, involves a national quarantine, a shuttered economy triggering unemployment, the lack of social diversions (sports, walk in the park, weddings, dining out) all combining to amplify political discontent and social injustice, raising anger and frustration mixed with a large dose of helplessness. Our nation has not been so politically and socially divided since 1968. I expect the despots, tyrants and bad actors of this world to exploit America’s internal chaos further. I pray I’m wrong, but history and human nature lead me to believe that I’m not.

    • Oh for God sake quit playing the blame game as we did it to our selves under those who control us,first it was the attack on religion so they could usher in the homo’s then it was government interference in the home, as they tightened control destroying the family group…..then it was the endless wars as they took away the freedoms, and we did nothing……. but now try to play the blame game that its Russia’s fault or China’s fault,perhaps its time to look in the mirror and say this was my fault for I chose to do nothing, and now its a long row to hoe,it won;t be the same in this depression as it was in 29 for back then they had hope and now there is none.!!!

      • Divided we fall, dogg. J.R. Nyquist, in his June 1, 2020 blog has this to say about a long term Sino-Russian strategy against the west:

        “However we wish to interpret events of the last sixty years, a survey of Chinese and Russian defector testimony, together with known strategic writings, points to a carefully orchestrated “combination play” (envisioned by the Russian and Chinese strategists before the Sino-Soviet split in 1960, and re-envisioned in 1991-2 when they began their realignment).”

        “The writings of J. Sejna, A. Golitsyn, S. Lunev and V. Suvorov suggest that this “combination play” would take the form of a strategic “sequence” which aims at the collapse the U.S. economy. This collapse would then be exploited politically. In the final phase, the resulting unstable political situation would open the U.S. to a surprise military attack.“

        “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ~ George Santayana

      • Yep like those defector tales for that was one of the driving forces behind Bush’s failed war in the Mid-East,the same in Korea they found that the defector tales weren’t worth a mouth full of warm spit,mostly made up so as to feel important.Hell over on the Utz site you still have the loonies railing about communist.Its the party thing and they know just how to play it, and that’s your divide and conquer.
        Hell Russia and China has no need to destroy us for we will do it our selfies.Every thing in the country reeks of corruption including the high court.congress and the oval office.As the one Russian leader stated we don’t need to destroy you for you will destroy yourself chasing the profit, and that’s just what we are doing chasing the profit(stock buybacks creating profit) because that’s the only profit left.No the blame lies with the people who refuse to vote the crooks out of congress,refuses to get behind an honest candidate as they listen to the words flowing off from someones greasy lips, promising the moon and delievering nothing.!!!

    • Not so sure that ‘diversity’ is a strength anymore – more like a liability. That may have been true when immigration was focused on Western Europe as these immigrants were very interested in assimilating into the American culture, where hard work and education would lead to a better standard of living. I don’t see that too much today where we encourage new immigrants to keep the standards of where they came from; they don’t even have to learn English if they don’t want to as the local government has the forms in the language of their choice!

      I point to the government leadership in Seattle and Western WA as an example where at least one council woman is a clear Marxist (most of the others lean that way, too) and one congresswoman has those tendencies as well. These individuals are somewhat recent arrivals and are all about ‘changing’ things to reflect the ****holes they came from. If anything, immigration needs to be halted for a generation so that the people we have here now can assimilate. I’m not liking what I am seeing from this current crowd.

      • Diversity of experience is a strength.
        Diversity of ideology is a weakness.

        Guess which one is exploitable for political gain…?

    • So Mr Hammer was it Russia or China that forced us into quarantine for something that kills less than 1% of us? Inquiring minds want to know?

      • I think he said they’d exploit the situation, not that they caused it.

        Never let a crisis go to waste…

    • I agree with you Warhammer. Great comments. You have to ask yourself though…if Jeb Bush, John Kasich or any other Republican besides Grandpa Munster…errr… I mean Ted Cruz was President, would there be this division? Absolutely not!!!

      Trump is the reason for the division. He is the embodiment of Green Day’s signature song “American Idiot”. If anyone is to blame…it is Trump and the people that wrongfully voted for him.

    • Lets not mince words. It’s a CBRN event, whether accidental, deliberate, or NGO. Everything else can be viewed as a symptom. The collapsing of the old economic technology and rise of block chain is simply coincident.

  13. Will the protesting be just as virulent on the other side of the ‘trial’ of these police ‘officers’? (If Chauvin even makes it to trial – I think there is a high probability he gets ‘Epsteined’ prior to any trial) There are just too many questions circling around Chauvin, Floyd and the ‘El Nuevo Ranchero’ – which mysteriously burned to the ground during the riots in Mini-Mogadishu. What/Who is the source of Floyd’s counterfeit $20? Why isn’t anybody asking? Floyd certainly has a nice ride (Mercedes) for somebody who apparently has no real, gainful employment. Thinking people want to know the answers to these questions.

    Yes. my prediction is that these ‘officers’ all are acquitted – then watch the fireworks!

    • This will be the caucasion version of the Bronco chase and subsequent trial now elevated to Middle America’s doorstep. We know how that trial ended – “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must…”. Expect wall-to-wall coverage, and careers will be launched. One imagines elements of The Secret Service are separately on the trail of the Andrew Jackson imposter.

      The publicly available 911 call and county autopsy transcripts are wide open to interpretation if there’s no video account. To begin with, twice the complainent states to 911 that the man “is not in control of himself”. As for the autopsy: the subject “…became unresponsive while being restrained by law enforcement officers…” and “…no life-threatening injuries identified…”. But oh, by the way, here’s the subject’s meth and fentanyl levels: above zero.

      Apart from that there’s the matter of covid-19. The autopsy states a known positive was established April 3. It could make one curious to wonder who and why tested a supposed asymptomatic individual in the first week of lockdown. Did the patient know the result? Was there subsequent monitering and treatment by the relevant health authorities? Why was the subject still reading positive for the virus at the time of autopsy some 7 weeks later? How many other like manchurian candidates are circulating freely amongst the general population?

    • “the ‘trial’ of these police ‘officers’?”

      In my opinion so far In the past cases like this criminals like the officers that will stand trial has been a joke withought anything being done.
      The three were unsuspecting idiots that should have stepped in to serve and protect. Unfortunately those three… IF …they serve time will forever be marked with a criminal record of accessory to murder. They will be old men when they are out..
      The officer that committed the murder is in for a very hard time if hes sent to prison unless hes put in solitary confinement for his whole prison sentence.
      If they let him go with just a slap on the hand and a few hours of community time ..well I personally think the past week will look like a merry go round ride.. if hes put in the general as an ex police officer that murdered a black man pleading for his life over twenty bucks well I think the situation could be a might bleak for him if he survives. If hes given special treatment then the wrath of discrimination..
      A touchy.situation if you ask me .

      • “will a fair and impartial jury be found? ”

        I seriously doubt it George.. Heck I almost lost a friend when I said I thought the violence and rioting was stupid.. LOL…It seems like everyone is extremely passionate and not thinking..
        I would like to know if there is someone behind the violence and the destruction of personal property.. I watched a show the other night where they were showing men with umbrellas all over the world in riots starting the chaos.. and of course everyone following in herd mentality..

    • “There are just too many questions circling around Chauvin, Floyd and the ‘El Nuevo Ranchero’”

      Glad somebody noticed… Don’t forget Santamaria. She “sold” the club to buy the radio station housed in the same building (which was conveniently burned to the ground on 5/29…)

      From Lick tin: Maya Santamaria. Owner Santamaria Broadcasting, Founder, El Nuevo Rodeo, CEO, Santamaria Enterprises. Santamaria BroadcastingHamline University.

      The conspiranut site I stumbled upon whilst looking for Santamaria’s info says the club was a front op for drug distribution and money laundering, that a “hit” had been put on Floyd because he’d endangered the operation, and his refusal to get into the car was because he knew it was a one-way ride…

      I have no corroboration on any of this — may dig a little if’fn I get bored. The only thing I know about Santamaria and the Club is the underground hinted it, and she, were shady…

  14. Dude George – Ure prognostications regards markets replay of 1929 – still think we have time for one moar BTFD today??

    Have been hedging this market all the way up – and more often than not – coot eats those losses from “portfolio insurance” every week – as I look to unwind Index Put positions in face of rising futures prices pre-opening
    – gap Openings at 9:30 are especially painful…anybody seen my right eye/eyebrow and right jaw bone/cheek? they got ripped off again Monday AM.%$#@&@^#!

    Oh well if Bitcoin can keep going up in face of rising supply, this Fed stimulated market HAS to go Higher- as we all believe in The Almighty..FED!

    Never mind the moniker – this market is NEVER going down ! bwahahahahhahahaha

  15. Zero sum is simply double entry accounting. Except when the federal reserve starts printing. No double entry required. It’s the game designed by the boomers. When we win, somebody loses. Then we stacked the deck so we won.

    Still drinking the government stats kool-aid, George. Real employment was already over 10% before the recent layoffs.

    The USA situation cannot be resolved by people in uniform or those drawing a government paycheck. That is just magical thinking.

    Civilization ends when bad things do not happen to bad people.

    Corruption cannot be eliminated by other corrupt people.

    Write when you find something not corrupted in the USA culture.

  16. George,

    This morass that is going on brings several aphorisms and thoughts to mind.I

    Self government without self discipline won’t work. Paul Harvey

    Violence is the last resort of the incompetent. Isaac Asimov

    Compare Northfield MN 1876 to Minneapolis MN 2020.

    We have lost the will to defend our lives and property.

    Social movements have made
    sure that there are no men left with the guts to stand up and say this is wrong, this far and no farther.

    Events are confirming the theme andthat cities are failing and it’s time to leave if you can.

    Rioters are driving the tax burden higher for innocent people. This will only stoke the downward economic spiral.

    The economy reminds me of a movie plot in which a man is poisoned and has on!y 24hours before he dies to find his killer.

    • You really ARE an old librarian!

      Nobody knows anything about the Northfield Raid any more.

      For those born after history books stopped reporting significant historical markers: The James/Younger Gang was as wild as it got. Y’all know the reputation of Jesse James…

      Back in the 1800s, banks typically held the money of the locals, and nothing was insured, so if a bank got robbed, usually it went out of business and the town it was in, went broke.

      Anyway, this gang of thieves decided to knock over the bank in Northfield, Minnesota, so they staged a bank robbery in broad daylight. They sauntered in to the town and began the motions of their robbery. Unfortunately for them, the townsfolk didn’t want to be broke, so a bunch of farmers and storekeepers shot the Big Bad James Gang to doll rags in the streets of Northfield.

      Now, if only there were a few of that type of Minnesotan left…

      • Yeah, we are here in Austin. But, as you can see, it’s soon time to pack up and leave it to the liberalbeasts. Our mayor and city council want to defund the police, fire the police chief, and that’s just their starting rally.

        Higher property taxes, more restrictions, less movement of people that actually work, less protection, nothing bad is off the table with this group of racists. Yeah, they are racist against whites and whites achievements. Schools have been renamed for instance.

        Young people stated today on Austin’s Klbj that we couldn’t say All Lives Matter. If we did, we were not understanding BLM.

        So, now, we have to speak like we are told.

        We already get told how to think.

        They try to control what you see, read, and watch.


        Those demonstrations happening in the white majority nations – Hired to herd the sheep, mind, body, and soul:

        Yeah, Candace:

        I notice, though, that these things start overseas, these ideas of confiscation, and the white race giving up their homes for blacks, then they get introduced here….for example: Sweden, Swedes were asked to give up their second homes for immigrants. Some were asked to move out of their first homes.

        Now how many immigrants can fit into George Soros’ house? Bill Gates? Marc Zuckerburg in Hawaii/China and elsewhere. Elon Musk? I mean the trillionaire class just doesn’t give THEIR inch. They just want the rest of us to give up our yards.

        I just wonder, they are starting to give up their jobs for blacks so when will they turn over their houses?

  17. future proves past,,kind of like old Nostadomus, you don’t know what the Quatrain means until it occurs. Lets see Q post 34 and Trump was holding the bible with 3 fingers on left hand and 4 with the other hand

    Q Clearance Patriot
    1 Nov 2017 – 9:56:16 PM
    Q Clearance Patriot

    My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

    lets watch this movie, popcorn anyone

  18. Correction: I miss wrote: In present times, the US Constitution does not apply. Absolutely non of the present courts can protect nor hear a US Constitutional issue, possibly with one exception, the US Supreme Court. But even a decision reached by them today would apply under PEACE.

    It should read: But, even a decision reached by them today, would NOT apply under PEACE. Because, Wartime decisions do not apply in peace time.

  19. I do not know, but I wonder if the Trump vs Mattiss fued is just for optics(false leaks),,if Mattiss appears in a military tribunal, as a witness againist Chiltons or Obummers or others, they can’t claim that it is political,,same with Sessions,,,Sessions appointed Huber and little Lisa Page tweeted recently
    she mentioned Huber,, she is scared. Think Huber combined with military justice system,,he was given authority to use them!

  20. I would like to throw out an idea I’ve not yet heard regarding the unfortunate events in Minnesota. I have no skin(of any color) in this sad game.

    George Floyd was a convicted felon many times over and was being arrested for yet another felony. The cop subduing him used a knee to the neck that is an apparently accepted technique and taught in the academies. Unknown perhaps to those involved, George Floyd had meth and fentanyl at least in his system. Whether he was high or post high at the time is unknown. He was also found to be COVID positive, and that does cause both lung inflammation and circulatory dysfunction. It’s quite possible that he was “asymptomatic” under normal circumstances, but in a restricted posture and fighting for his freedom, his O2 requirements would be far beyond what a compromised system could deliver. Even if he stopped struggling, he may not have been able to neutralize his bodily O2 debt, resulting in further acidosis, cardiac compromise, and more susceptibility to viral effects. This combination could easily lead to his death, with the knee on neck technique perhaps being only an accessory cause. I don’t know if this was or was not the minimal necessary force, though it would seem that after he was cuffed and his legs restrained, then he was of no danger to anyone.

    This is just my hypothesis. I’m not an LEO and would welcome informed thoughts here. There’s obviously a sense of persecution pushed by the media for decades toward those of differing racial phenotypes. I don’t condone what happened, but I do think we need to find a way to see whatever actually occurred without bias either way. If we can do that, perhaps we can find a way to improve prisoner subjugation and treatment without risking LEO or other lives.

    • Totally with you. Not to speak ill of the dead – this was not his first rodeo with the cops.
      And as you note, CV-19 is reaction is not even in EMT training, let-along as recurrent training for LEOs.

      I don’t think we have to worry about fair trial, admission of past record, or whatever. This is a great divider and will continue to be played that way. Facts be damned.

    • Dam.. Mike that was very well thought out.. It sure raises some issues..I don’t think the officers will make it out with this though.. if they do the way things are heading.. it would be much worse.. if they go heavy.. the officers are going to face some serious issues in the population..I think its a dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t issue..

    • Another question that should be asked is how many of the unnecessary killings by police in the last 10 years or so were committed by cops who had sent to Israel for training in counter-terrorism, or who had been trained by police who had been to Israel for training? Police departments have been sending some of their officers to Israel for years, where they are apparently not trained by the regular Israeli police but by a military division, which means they are likely learning to treat U.S. citizens in the same manner as the Israeli military treats Palestinians–that is, as enemy combatants. This would explain the uptick in recent police violence against all citizens, not just criminals.

      As it so happens, some Minneapolis police have had this training. If you search for “police trained in Israel”, you’ll find many articles about it. It would be very interesting to find statistics regarding the correlation of Israeli training with ultra-violent police incidents.I believe these incidents would decrease if the practice of sending officers to Israel were banned.

      • You may not be aware, but Israel sends it police and paramedics HERE to study emergency medicine.
        So care here, as you’re on the razor’s edge getting into Israel bashing. Remember, they have been dealing with a violent insurrectionist group (PLA/PLO) ever since Egypt locked ’em in the West Bank and didn’t want anything to do with this.
        On the other hand, where IS the coverage of the shot and injured cops?
        See how the media is running a pro revolutionary agenda?

  21. I did respect the Nazies as well as the Bolsheviks of the 20s and 30s because they were indeed fighting for their ideology, right or wrong.

    To-day I see only a diverse “bunch of pricks and pussies” that seek only “recognition” for themselves, never mind society at large.

    Last night I finished watching “Babylon-Berlin” on netflix. It may be worth your while, because some of it is similar to NYC today, IMHO.

  22. Seriously Mark. How many past presidents can you remember, that made policy for Americans? Obummer? Do you care about you’re overpriced home in the bay area? Cuz dat gonna change if somebody doesn’t initiate a change. Or perhaps you prefer Sharia law? Patience, it’s coming.
    Sort of blessings.

  23. wow some pretty fiery exchanges here today .. fiery thread .. leave George alone .. love George .. I have your solution .. everybody just lay down your vitriol and short .. everything world wide .. the federali talk next week so even minnup is going to hell .. overbought .. topped out .. so smile and short hard

  24. Heed calls to the faithful.

    Church pews may be empty, but some denominations are silently rising with the tide. Previously the mayor of LA made an unmistakable implied comparison between the murder of Mr. Floyd and the cruxificion of Jesus.

    Presently there is an opinion piece on the BBC website by an American self-styled “philosopher-in-chief” journalist Barrett Holmes Pitner. Apparently he battles ethnocide through his “Sustainable Culture Lab” (singular!) through a process of Eùtopian practices. He is also working on an “Altars…” documentary. Now in his BBC piece, Mr. Pitner advises that America must deal with its “Original Sin” of slavery and ethnocide, and goes on to connect dots from the Civil War, Jim Crow, The Holocaust, the euphoria of Mr. Obama’s election to president ended by the freefall into that of Mr. Trump’s term.

    It would seem opponents to the Pitner doctrine would be considered comparable to Europe’s “…fascists and nazis”…akin to American…”racist slave-owners and their generational apologists and offspring”.

    Wow. Harsh. On the BBC, no less.

    Pravda is truth, comrades.

    • I am doing the laundry. There are two separate piles. Descriptive adjectives to not cause offense through misinterpretation fail me.

      While waiting for the cycle, I am reading “The Word”. Word #11 will appear on Sunday. It claims to “enlighten and empower your week ahead”.

      Go in peace, but be prepared.

  25. @Roger:

    We have not functioned under the contract [which is the] Constitution since 1871. Today, we function under “the Constitution, AS AMENDED BY CASE LAW AND PREVAILING JUDICIAL OPINION.”

    THIS is why I am such a strong advocate of the Constitution. It was created as an operating CONTRACT between the Citizens of the United States, and the People who would act in their behalf, to draft laws and regulations regarding commerce between the States, to create and maintain a Postal system and a Federal road system to support same, and to determine our needs for National Security and, if necessary, assemble and train a National Military. It has but one means of modification, accessible either by the States or by their Representatives, and by my reckoning, can not be modified by lesser process. To do so is to violate the terms of the Contract.

    Our contemporary “excuse for a constitution” is comprised of, in excess of 70,000 pages of bullsh!t. This is why the post-grad level curricula of “constitutional law” exist, and why “constitutional scholar” is a thing. A constitutional scholar is not someone who’s studied every facet of the 28 page document upon which we were founded, but someone who has studied the tens of thousands of pages of legal decisions which have (I contend) illegally modified our application of it.

    {If you can find it, look up the differences between “Law” and “rule of Law.” Hint: Don’t use wackypedia if you wish to learn something of value…}

    For some reason, humans are compelled to add levels of complexity where none are needed, THEN expect these levels to neither drag the system nor obfuscate the systemic processes… Oh, and to always be applied as intended, with no interpretation needed, and no abuse committed.

  26. Here we have a single data point observed. A Pixel if you will in the mosaic that is the Forth Turning.

    One Company, One Property REIT, many strips and malls.

    Tenant sales revenue down => sales tax revenues decline.

    No tenant rental Income => No property taxes are paid by the landlord.

    You can be sure if the property taxes aren’t being paid that the Utilities aren’t being paid or are going dark as soon as the mandatory hiatus on service disconnects is lifted.

    Now extrapolate this to every retail establishment that you see around you. For the most part some 60% or more aren’t making enough sales to keep the virtuous circle spinning.It was wobbling even before the CBRN event.

    In 60 days or so an evening drive around town will begin to reveal just how many Shopping Strips, Malls, Big Boxes and other establishments begin going dark.

    Another good barometer? Drive around the building and count the number of pulled electric meters vs. installed.

    All those Municipalities will be struggling to make interest payments on their notes. Que up the companies that sold default insurance on those bonds.

    All those bureaucrats that had to stamp your pool plans and approve your wells. Que them at the exit.

    Bricks and mortar schools, and the attendant busy work jobs,crossing guards, carbon laden diesel buses, Principals and their Six Vice Principals and their Six Assistant Vice Principals? Those college degrees in policy? When there’s nothing left to regulate? Also known as tapping/taxing and economically loading the activities that create productive works? There wont be anything left to regulate.

    Essential services and utility performance begin dropping below 4-9’s.

    Multiply by 3,142 counties in the US and you get the idea of the scale and scope of the economic Tsunami and reset that’s all around you.

    Welcome to the 4th turning.

  27. “Oh, so’s slavery. Except you don’t hear much about it. Contemporary slavery is alive even today – in Africa. Yet, because it’s a “hard mass monetization” we don’t see businesses being looted on that pretext. Too small to fix? Is any injustice, really?”

    I worked with a guy from Afganistan that came to the USA because here he could get a free education and the govt. would pay for him to live here and a guaranteed job.. that way he could save up enough money to go home and buy twelve wives.. LOL LOL.. he thought that my coworker and myself should be whipped and put to death because we let women tell us what to do.. LOL he didn’t have to work about two hours a day during the shift because it was prayer time and when he did work he didn’t do anything.. he lasted two weeks..
    when he quit.. ( he wasn’t let go.) was on a day I had off.. he told the administrator of the nursing facility I worked at.. what was it they said he said when she told him to take the trash out…. You fat cow.. if you were in my country I would have you whipped for talking that way to me.. take it out yourself…. LOL LOL LOL…
    similar to Congress that live and breath in the DC bubble of unreality also live in a bubble of the world reality.. what we take for granted is not how the rest of the world lives..
    a lot of the young girls would be swayed by their accent and simplistic personality.. they would be quite charming till they got the girls to marry them so they could become american citizens..
    then their native culture would come out..
    I know a guy that married a Korean..or was she from another asian country.. they had four kids.. he was stationed there for years.. moved to the USA.. she became a citizen.. he told me yes my wife just got her citizenship.. the day the final papers came through he came home from work and she was gone.. LOL LOL never to be heard from again.. his wife now had a similar thing she married someone the same thing happened.. they had kids.. got married came to the USA he got his citizenship and he booked.. never to be heard from again.. the military warns you about that to.. but it happens..

  28. PEACE OFFICERS and NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS…is what must be re programmed for ALL police departments….AND more importantly… ABOLISH a legal doctrine known as “qualified immunity”.

    This goes back to a 1967 Supreme Court case which ruled that government officials should be shielded from personal liability while carrying out their duties.

    This applies to police officers as well.

    There duties sometimes are ‘criminal’ and yet they are immune from any prosecution…

    that must stop….

    Besides most of the ‘laws’ they enforce are made under ‘color of law’ and are not legit….just some scumbag politician ‘s opinion on how to control and rule his or her’s subjects and to extract tributes from them while funding the ENFORCERS payrolls and pensions…PEACE OFFICERS are the answer…imo

  29. Hmm.. virus zapping with a purification chamber…..

    ever wonder why air filters that are UV recirculate.. because it takes more than a quick zap to kill the germs..LOL for me to ozone a room.. I set it for an hour.. no one in or out.. for uv.. my filter goes on all the time.. a quick saunter through a light tunnel isn’t anything at all.. I was just thinking about building a ozone tunnel with UV lights and ozone..that way whenI did any shopping I could just put the items in there and sit for a half hour..

  30. I couldn’t care one bit what happens. I’m just so glad I never become part of this evil. Gold fools market fools scamming vaccinated vegetables. Spastic braindead zombies covoided

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