Plans are in the works for another notoriously unpopular book by George Ure.  “The Mad Scientist’s Lab Notes.”

One of the core concepts, early-on in the book, is how we each wake up and put a Generalization Filter on our thinking.

How Generalizations Filters Work

To begin with, there are several types.

  • Filters you evolve, test, and “wear” yourself.
  • Filters that come with living in the “physicality” of the world.
  • Survival Filters – that best prepare you for “future events.”
  • And most dangerously, “Programmable” filters – inculcated into your thinking by outside sources such as parents, life circumstance, media (and their accompanying agendas), and schools (double-up on the agenda dose here!).

As should be obvious, my life has been pretty good because I am conscious of my “generalization filters.”  The morning review of (what passes for) news is highlighted by “test-fitting” several filters to see which ones get me what I’m after.

As a result, UrbanSurvival is mainly a:

  • Balanced-budget (double-entry) thinking site. (Reasonable economics filter.)
  • Which views through an “economic filter” (Everything’s a Business Model).
  • “Statistical filter” which attempts to judge a) central tendency of social changes (war, peace, riots, etc.) overall; b) and outliers that may influence the…
  • “Future Filter.”  Because if something is not impacting you personally *(right now, this second) and it’s not going to, then any investment of time in its study is pissing Life down a rat hole.

I like to thinks of these filters as the “garb that works for me.”  Other people, however, will have different yet equally valid filters.

For example, a high-end west coast real estate guru (Mark) probably has a much better “Opportunity Filter” than me.  While another reader (Andy) seems to have a better “Spirit, signs, and sigils” filter.  Another reader (Ray) may offer a better “Wide Spectrum” filter.  AWhile another poster, (Bolshevic) has a superior “Urban Filter” living, as he does in Midtown New York.

An Online Master-Mind Group

In the PMA (positive mental attitude) movement, there’s much that’s been said about “Master Mind Groups” by such luminaries as Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale.

The mechanics of how such “disparate approaches to thinking” lead to superior results is not clear to most.  I think the “magic” around here is that everyone has a filter set and to a large degree, we look at the filters each morning and then apply them to a reading of (what passes for) “the news” and sees the world in one particular way for a moment in time.

I don’t remember if I’ve laid this out so directly, but it’s one of the underlying messages in my book “The Millennial’s Missing Manual.”

Filters to Try On for Size

You were first “imprinted” with a set of filters by your parents.  Depending on your “luck of the draw” there, you were then able to pick up additional filters in school, more in college, still more in the workplace.  Perhaps some were even picked up in a religious setting. Another luck of the draw.

If you’re skeptical of the value of Generalization Filters, try going through the day looking for a particular color (blue or green, perhaps).  Or, live a whole day focused on smells.  Or the tactiles like weight and touch with all its variants.

Using a “Management Filter”

A few will argue these basic onboard filters pale in comparison to a political filter, but there’s a dizzying (OK, stupid) array of these ranging from Antifa to democons to repuzoid to neo-Nazi.   We don’t think these matter -especially when viewed through a set of “Management Filters.”

The main Management Filter comes down to “PvP” {Promise versus Performance}.

Anarchists have had 2-thousand years to demonstrate their ideas successfully build a greater country than America.  Ain’t nothing making it through the filter.

Same problem with the neo-Nazis and both crooked parties of red and blue followers.

About here, the “Inquisitive Filter” flags a research question:  If partisanship worked (and I mean  really, justly, economically, ethically, and morally) – and we don’t see much evidence of success – then is politics the right approach?

Filters don’t specifically  answer hard questions.  That’s the job of the heart and soul.  But, our filters – consciously applied – can improve the results of heart and spirit based living.

You:  The  Hypervisor

Once you reach consciousness – at least for 3-4 hours a day – in how you use Generalization Filters to tamer information overflow, it becomes apparent you need some “quiet time” to “process it all.”

One of the most delightful “learnings” about how humans operate, has been the evolution in computer programming of this understanding of “filter” (sub-routines”) and the need for an Overseer.

That why  deeply thinking people need down-time.  To “figure it all out.”

The term for such an aspect of personality (in psychology) would be the hypervisor modules in code:

“A hypervisor (or virtual machine monitor, VMM) is computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines. A computer on which a hypervisor runs one or more virtual machines is called a host machine, and each virtual machine is called a guest machine.”

The “guest machines” are your “filter modules” and you – the  hypervisor you – is hosting these processes.

You can, and should IMO, consider them daily.  It’s what I do during my morning “light feedings” which we will get into more in  Peoplenomics tomorrow in part 2 of “The High-Photon Diet.”

We now run through the abbreviated Friday Filter.

Jobs Suck – Gov’t Figs are B.S.

Can’t have lockdowns without breaking a few income streams, eh?

“The unemployment rate declined by 1.4 percentage points to 13.3 percent in May, and the number of unemployed persons fell by 2.1 million to 21.0 million. Reflecting the rffects of the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to contain it, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons are up by 9.8 percentage points and 15.2 million, respectively, since February.”

The bullshit part?  The Labor Force is down more than 4-million since March.  Oh, and “estimated into existence jobs”  numbered 345-thousand.

We’ll roll out the detailed analysis tomorrow.  I’ve got an 8 AM tractor tire repair appointment 10-miles down the road in 15-minutes, so time to “quick bookly.”

What’s Hyperinflation?

Federal Reserve “Making Up Money” policy.  Here’s the latest sliding window:

M1 being cash and equivalents while M2 is cash plus certain time deposits.

There is a broader measure – more honest – called M3 which the crooked Fed hid during Greenspan’s tenure – but which John Williams of  ShadowStats tracks with an analog (M3b) over here.  M3 is “going vertical” and is over 25% now.

When is “hyperinflation”?  Most economists view 18% as the “line in the sand” but revisionists using extreme numbers – like 50% per month – and say  that is hyperinflation.  All depends on which filter.


Big demonstrations (and riots) are on tap this weekend.  In advance of them, the attacks on  the (nominal) commander-in-chief have already ramped up:  “Is John Kelly joining the generals’ mutiny? Former chief of staff calls Donald Trump ‘nasty’ and ‘confused’ over attack on Jim Mattis – and lines-up interview with Trump-hating Mooch”

Trump hate is still running strong as we read how Twitter blocks Trump campaign’s George Floyd video tribute.  We trust they will also block any Biden “Tribute” but don’t make a big bet on equality.

The whole “flow of events” – regardless of filter – is to increase the anti-Trump rhetoric to improve the chances of a Washington Coup this weekend when Trump calls on the military to restore “order” in the country.  It’s wet dream time for the Obamanistas and embedded insurrectionists.

Will Trump try to throw the Internet Kill switch for 2-weeks to restore order?

Our server team is setting up a Dediocated IP for Peoplenomics subscribers and they are funding the static IP for Urban which should come up this weekend.

We also have www2 prefixes in the works for both websites.

Ure isn’t  predicting the Internet Kill switch will be thrown, but when we get the dedicated IP (V4) addresses up, please make note of them.

No, we’re not paranoid but do remember if the web goes down that you can get to Google’s DNS directly via or  And look for our direct DNS static IP addy’s to come up later today or tomorrow.

Reliability is what we aim for both in our thinking and writings.  Got your bank’s I*P addy?  Online Trading firm?

In Your Shorts

Our predicted “Wave II” from riots, Memorial Day, and premature ending of the lockdowns may be seen arriving inWHO sees ‘upticks’ in cases amid reopening; global deaths cross 390,000.”

Closely related? More than 1,000 US Covid-19 deaths in past 24 hours.

Off and Running

Back shortly – however long it takes to put a 200 pound tractor tire right at the tire shop.

Have a great weekend – update your critical numeric IP addresses and hope we won’t have to use them.

But the world is getting stupid beyond belief.

After the lousy jobs data?  Dow Futures were up 300.  Financial crack, anyone?

Write when you get rich,