Forget the “flash bangs” on television.  Oh, sure, visuals in here are really captivating.  But, they are also a distraction from the Main Act – the coming collapse of the American economy.  And the Famine to come.  We don’t get balkanized without it.

Prediction 1: Still Replaying 1929

Lots of readers have been wondering:  “Why hasn’t the stock market collapsed with all the CV-19 deaths and now with open insurrection in major cities?”

The answer is News doesn’t define market pricing.  Expectations do.  As long as the outlook can pretend a “happy ending,” the markets will tend to follow in Elliott Wave tracks.  Oh, and we’re still in them.

Let’s update you on the comparison with 1929:

We will go into more (excruciating!) detail for our subscribers tomorrow.  But, the short – and remember where you heard this – prediction is that after this week, having replayed the 1929 rally percentage-wise, decline will follow.

It should be five waves down.  Low in early summer.  Rally to September, the killer 3rd wave down and panic into elections – however that’s going to work.

It’s not a particularly pleasant fulfillment.  Because in 1929 what followed was a 48.05% decline from here.  This foretells a market that later this year could be down in the HALF of all-time-high range.  Try on a Dow 15,366 on for size.

Prediction 2:  Looters Will Be Shot

Almost a no-brainer, isn’t it?  Last night president Trump took a hard line on domestic terrorism and the insurrectionists.

This is America, however.  Land of not-particularly-quick learners.  It’s why previous administrations got away with exporting our jobs (and with it our  futures) to China. Thanks George, thanks Bill, and thanks Barack.

When it happens, be ready for a left-wing group cry.  

The warm-up is already underway with the socialist choir bemoaning the president’s visit to a church and holding a bible.  In particular, we think Joe Biden showed people of faith his leanings when he blasted Trump standing before a church.

Prediction 3:  Domestic Terror Starting

Again, another no-brainer.  However, in discussions with my  consigliere over the past week, it has become clear in his models (dating from 1979) that “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

His models seem to indicate (besides war with China beginning in 2022-2024 – foundations of which are being laid now) for a “wrong winner” in the election this fall.  Instead of an informal insurrection (all the bullshit about “Russian Collusion”) the next election seems to trigger much “harder resistance” and reaction.

Curiously, notes his model, the peak of conflict will come in winter.  And gosh, we haven’t seen that kind of thing since the Soviet uprising in 1917.

Hmmm…same playbook in use?  Or, is it “First they came for the trade unionists”?  Extremism always rhymes with its counter.

Prediction 4:  Covid-19 To Skyrocket

Back to work too early and off to riots – what could go wrong?

You see, people have been hornswoggled into the Pandemic being a sham and sold that it’s just a matter of power-tripping.  Yet, even though the majority of deaths have been over 60 and/or with underlying health problems, the main disease vector is?  OTHER HUMANS.

It’s easy to ignore inconvenient facts like this.  Especially when the disingenuous of both political parties try to frame the disease and response as political issues.  With a side of Vote Buying.  Sorry to report, CV is  still a medical issue.

People – of the “Me, Me, Me” stripe don’t really like themselves.  Can’t say we blame them, for the “Me, Me, Me” types are idiots.  Who’d want to be  housebound with that?  Them being stir-crazy is totally understandable.  Self-hate is institutionalized now in education.  Shaming and gendering and…well, you can see in that box if you care to look hard enough.

On the other hand, crowding over Memorial Day and attending insurrections, is likely to result in a spike of new cases beginning next week.

From Memorial Day tack on 10 days for primary cases, 20 days for spread (and more).  Then count from the Outrage Idiocy starting last week and you can “call the ball” when the rates should spike.

It’s not “rocket surgery” – it’s this other thing: epidemiology.

Prediction 5:  Web Controls Next Year

Rioters and insurrectionists – coupled with those power-seekers using violence – are about to lose their ability to communicate via social. 

As I read it, the Federal Government  does have the power to shut-down social media in the event it is shown to be a vector fomenting insurrection.  (Duh!)  Lefties who fear Trump shutting down portions of the web should remember: Obama started the “Internet Kill Switch.”  That was back in 2012.

When web shutdowns begin (and the president has already indicated the direction with calls for reform of social media  – or they will  lose it ), we expect web controls will require the following “guidelines” be enforced:

  • No calling for, or inciting to, any illegal acts.
  • No use of “re-tweeting” or “mass emailing” of posts.
  • No terrorist “demands.”
  • Websites of all sized will be required to employ “human review” of all content.
  • All websites will be subject to the same libel and slander laws as traditional media such and newspapers, radio, and television.

We’re pleased that such “web controls” are coming – since I forecast it  years ago.  I just didn’t know the  specific vector which would “blow up social media.””

Now we do.  Thanks, insurrectionists!  Won’t change a thing we do around here, though.  It’s been obvious for a decade.

Prediction 6:  I’ll Get A Lot Done Today

We talk about woo-woo once in a while around here.

Some of our better commenters have offered some great insights into  huge amounts of personal improvement (like Andy).

Out in the shop (also known as  Old Man Labs) we have been continuing our space-time bending research. Along with lots of photobiomodulation studies.

Today is Day #2 of “The High-Photon Diet  And the energy boost is great.  That’s on tap tomorrow over on the  Peoplenomics side.

Little Else Matters.  We’re not doing our usual parroting of key “talking points” because we, too, sometimes get “media burnout.”  Instead?

Eyes Wide-Wide

Many questions that arise from a thoughtful review of “news” data demand answers:

  • Eyes open to see if CV-19 has made a large portion of people crazy.  In other words, are asymptomatic CV-19 victims more likely to riot?  Key question, we think and no, not answered yet.
  • Is there a correlation between political parties in local control and rioting? (duh)
  • Is there a statistical correlation between violence and 5G operation?
  • Who are the “men with umbrellas” who seem  to be directing the insurrectionists?

With Dow Futures pointing to a pop to the upside of more than 100 points, we’ll review tomorrow morning how close to the 1929 “strange attractor” – a replay of a 7.42% decline from the all-time-highs in 1929 –  as the top of the present Wave 2 bounce before the whole shitteree blows over this summer.

No Prophet Needed

The future’s turned ugly.  Like a tide except instead of a nice “clean ocean” more like human cesspool.

“Wrong Winner” in the presidential contest and off to the insurrection we go in early 2021.  War with China as they take over Taiwan shortly thereafter?  That’s one bet.

I remember from my own “dark night of the soul” seeing that one of my missions in life would be to write “play-by-play at the End of the World” so people would know.

From the cheap seats, here in the East Texas Outback bleachers, looks like only a few more years of writing ahead.

Comments welcome – write when you get rich,