The Greater Worry than Gold Confiscation

imageHold or Fold on Gold  Confiscation Ahead? It’s the fourth chapter in our Second Depression Handbook that we’re writing for subscribers on-the-fly deals with confiscation odds and that means we will be taking a look at the events of 1930-1934.  This was the period that included the calling of both gold and silver in the Great Depression.  Some interesting clues are there for the taking.

We will review some important historical information and provide important background on what was going on in the handling of the nation’s money back then.

More importantly, we can then project what all this could mean for modern day investors as we try to out-wit Washington’s klepto-class when comes to moving assets from today into a very uncertain future in the 2017-2020 timeframe.

Plus there’s our ongoing ChartPack series which is also beginning to flash an important sign about the period just ahead.  Toss in some headlines to keep current, too.

This morning’s report is interesting enough that you might want to roll with decaf.

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10 thoughts on “The Greater Worry than Gold Confiscation”

    • Of course they do. Also, the cell companies have all the conversations recorded, as well as all the metadata information. Whatever’s actually on the phone is probably low value, except perhaps other contacts that the user was stupid enough to keep in memory.

      A trained infiltrator/terrorist would not do such things, so breaking the phone, while important for due diligence, is not likely to get much more info than exists already. The REAL PROBLEM is that now you have cleartext and cyphertext that match, and that can reveal the algorithm!

      That will affect all users.

    • There is nothing on the phone of value. The carrier has all the messages, the records of all the phone calls and any web browsing history, etc. The NSA has the content of all the calls. Besides, the alleged owner of the phone was not one of the perpetrators of the crime. Witnesses to the shooting reported the shooters were tall white men. The alleged perpetrators were videoed laying on the ground outside their vehicle HANDCUFFED after being killed in a hail of bullets. Police do not handcuff dead people. Those people were handcuffed, killed, then drug outside the vehicle in another false flag. Quick, George delete this comment before your rulers discover this kind of truth on your website.

  1. the problem I see and poses a deep serious question and personal musings you might not want to get into….
    is those that lived through and learned from the last depression have all pretty much left us leaving us to basically follow the same paths today that they followed then..
    Those today running our society have never lived through such an experience as the last depression that had so many complex issues all happening at once, so those leading today haven’t any real practical experiences dealing with a situation as dire as those happening at that time.
    from my visiting through the years with people that lived through it have all told me that what really made it bad was there wasn’t any food because of the droughts and no crops .. the dirty thirties hit and you couldn’t get anything at all and surviving the dust was so serious that it broke your will down and put serious concerns on how to just breath and eat. ( take the droughts of the sudan and the people there that haven’t any food starving no drinkable water etc.. I would venture a guess that if you took a million dollar check or a few pounds of gold.. and then had a tanker of water and a semi of food and grain and gave them the choice.. they would pick the water and food over having to walk hundreds of miles to find a drink.thats real wealth)
    There weren’t any jobs because those that had the paper had lost faith in the paper because of the loss of trade able goods because of the other situations happening all at the same time.
    people were living in tents and old rail cars and having to figure out ways to supply food etc etc…
    we now basically talk about the potential problems of a depression spiked solely by numbers and speculate and build our own theory dealing with the actions of numbers which we act on.. but.. like with the writings of Nostradamus..can we take that information that we see building and change the course before it happens by altering our course with numbers by taking an alternate course of actions.start a war to obtain trade able goods.
    If on the other hand on if the next depression is solely going to be caused by the number issue we are dealing with now and influencing our future actions ( war etc.)created because of numbers and how to increase that number. can it be stopped.
    If our country right now is able to print our way out of a debt by printing paper that is by its own description basically a note saying (yup I’m a good one.. use me instead of theirs )..and not backed by anything at all and total wealth of the societies top earners isn’t anything more than a number on a computer screen or paper.and all purchasing power is by trading numbers. why then would they need to confiscate a piece of metal that has so few practical uses or start a useless war bent on our own destruction.Confiscating gold or silver surely can’t be to secure the value of our paper since the value of that paper is already by their own description not secured by anything at all but their promise that ( Yup its a good one.isn’t it pretty.)
    you can’t eat it. during the last depression people burned it because it wasn’t even valued higher than wood a practical product for heating.. gold and silver were traded for food that was scarce because of the global issue of being able offer a steady supply because of natural devastation.. ( look at the Sudan issue today again) .. it doesn’t smell very good.. you can’t use it unless it is in a form of beauty like a necklace etc.
    which is why my question on the number issue.. if we can print our way out..The really why would there have to be another depression or reason to make the dreaded mistakes of the last depression.
    As an example Bernie discovered that by giving people paper once a month with a new number he could live the dream with a dream and give and promote the dream and have people Harold him as the king of numbers and at one point proud to have him as their number maker and brag about it. if I am not mistaken even the federal reserve asked him for advice.
    unless of course our true domestic product is reduced suddenly and by drought storms out sourced labor etc. then we would go into a devastating situation like the last depression ..

  2. First my cynical comment:

    Well … if Apple has to create a “back door” for the Government they should just publish it so that EVERYBODY can use it for every purpose. People would then realize that there is nothing confidential about data in a cell phone or that was encrypted or sent via a cell phone.

    Shoot maybe the software Apple develops could be used to decode CIA, FBI and Pentagon secret communications!!
    (wouldn’t that be a hoot … the FBI forcing the compromising of secret communications of other agencies of the US Government!)

    Now my realistic view of the situation:

    Of course in the long run what this will do is start to FORCE all cell phones for business phones to be sourced from Overseas Companies which are NOT subject to the US Court system ordering them to break their encryption schemes (the dynamics of which would apply to a LOT of other high tech products also) …. which is a lose lose for American High Tech companies.

    Welcome to the coming flight of high tech product development and manufacturing to OUTSIDE of the US (probably by the growth of foreign competitors and the shrinking of domestic companies) if the FBI get’s it way.

    The FBI seems determined to make the Chinese the leading computer technology country in the world.

    • Except, mi consigliore, isn’t it also true that China has already blazed its own trail?
      And I the only one that remembers all the Chinese made routers with back doors right into our critical infrastructure?
      And would not the IT division of the PLA doe exactly the same as the FBI is asking, except it would not be disclosed?
      In a world of crooks, honesty is all things may be the only safe-haven that works.
      And if we speak of revolution, we unplug our landlines, take out the cell batteries and shut down power to the property.
      To paraphrase an old song (The John Birsch Society, by the Chad Mitchell Trio – long before your time) “We’re only sure of me and three…but we’re none too sure about thee…”
      Hear it here:

      • Around ten years ago I worked as a sub-contractor (for a short time) for a major cell-phone operator; I was miserable as a CSR, and didn’t stay long at that job. During my last month there, I got a call from the mother of a subscriber who had the misfortune of having an ex-girlfriend who was currently the girlfriend of an employee of the company I was working for.

        To make a long story short – current boyfriend was giving the ‘woman’ (apply any adjective you wish) all the details of whom the son was calling and when. I was shocked and asked her to stay on the line while I got hold of someone ‘higher up’ to talk to her. (The information was ‘of course’ supposed to be confidential . . .)

        It took me four levels of management before I found someone who understood how serious a security problem that was, and undoubtedly added to my exit (but I really didn’t care) – People really have a cavalier mindset about the security of information in general!

        The lesson is don’t go blabbing on a cell phone about anything you wouldn’t want someone to know about. Ever.

      • “And if we speak of revolution, we unplug our landlines, take out the cell batteries..”

        Heads up, George – many modern cell phones have a reserve battery separate from the removable one.. JSYK
        A proper Faraday cage for wireless tech is a surefire solution.

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