The “Delusional America” Bet

Talk is Cheap – Bets Matter

I like to keep the mind rolling.  So those minutes in the “throne room” are sometimes devoted – like today – to inventing new ways to become fabulously wealthy.

Today’s scheme is particularly interesting:  I began by noticing the absurdity quotient is quickly-rising among Trump supporters.  Would they puty a dollarized bet on their beliefs?

Observe that we’ve seen nonsense like people claiming “… the military is at Defcon 3…” and in other versions, “...hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops have been killed in deep underground military bases (DUMBs) here in CONUS....”  Apparently they’d been prepositioned to take over America as soon as Joe Biden takes office next month… How they got there is not explained.

This being Texas – and me having an almost  Twain-like appreciation for a good tall tale – I politely listen to all stories.  Publishing the most credible (fact-based) and trying to figure out how to make a buck (monetize – Everything’s a Business Model!) on the rest.

Here’s what I came up with.  What IF…. (not saying I’m doing it, but let’s pretend, right?):

  • What if I offered a $1 bet that Biden (or Harris) will be sworn in on schedule in January…
  • Those taking the bet – who have obviously bought into the conspiracy theories about arresting everyone with a (D) after their name and taking them to Gitmo – have to promise me 1,000 to 1 odds in return.

This is a free market and we know that asymmetric expectations drive price.

So…if True Trump Believers are 1,000-to-1 confident in their expectations, could I afford to lose $100 (my max bet on most things IRL) in return for the prospect of making $100,000 when Biden or Harris is seated?  I wouldn’t touch a Biden health bet with a 10-foot Pole, or a 8-foot Ukrainian.  Or a  (rim shot)

Thing About Bets Is….

We respect (and appreciate) that everyone is entitled to their own OPINIONs.  

But, how serious are the Trump diehards (1,000 to 1, maybe?) about the odds of anything other than expected due process will actually be happening?

Been working on our Annual Peoplenomics Outlook piece for 2021 tomorrow.  One thing that strikes me as the key “hidden variable” is the answer to what should be a very simple question:  “How crazy is America, now, anyway?”

That KOMO_TV documentary monetioned Monday was a good start, but it’s only that.  There’s so much data on Craziness America, it makes the head spin.

For example, you can’t support made-up cryptocurrencies wasting energy worldwide on the one hand, and support cleaning up the environment on the other.  (You can only comment on this part if you actually own more solar panels than me; E.G.  you actually own (not lease) 31 – or more – panels and have a current cogeneration agreement.  Then your comments are welcome since they are reality-based.  See how this works?).

These points demonstrate how psychotic America has become:  Saying and pretending so much bullshit is real on the one hand, while failing to make plans to buy a better outcome on the other, is… Look it up in the DSM-V.

If someone tries to tell you how Trump will use the National Emergency declaration of 2018 and will then use the Friday DNI report on foreign election interference as an excuse to invoke martial law and ship (long list of D’s) to gitmo, demand odds.  $30 of such Reality bets at 1,000:1 buys you a new car!

No bets are certain, of course.  But, as Warhammer noted on  this “Defcon 3” spew:

“I checked with three senior-level sources on this comment via personal email today – one DHS civil servant in DC, one contractor at USAF Special Forces, Hurlburt Field FL, and the other at Peterson AFB/Cheyenne Mountain. One replied with only a laughing/crying email emoji, the other two essentially replied WTF are you reading? So as we’d say in the aviation community, “no joy” at their respective HQ ops levels.”

Don’t tell the deluded, though.  Get their bets first.

Except for some interesting aviation action between Turkey and Iran, we don’t hear much out of the sandbox, either.  We know people in the Saudi R box.

Old saying:  Cash talks, bullshit walks.  Don’t let it get away.  Make some dough on deniers.  The education you remember, after all, is the one that costs the most.

No 50-50 crappe.  Get at least 50:1.  Leverage. 1,000 to 1 is ideal.  (Learned that from a democrat.)

Xiden’s Love-Hate Dance

We’re not the only ones asking.  Take Cal Thomas: Hunter Biden investigations — where has the mainstream media been?.  The answer?  Pandering for position.

The UK Daily Mail’s sum-up of Joe-speak last night was predictable:

“Biden tears into Trump for refusing to accept the ‘will of the people’, calls his ‘extreme’ fraud claims an ‘assault on democracy’, says he won by a landslide and tells US ‘it’s time to turn the page

And so, we are enchanted to see how “Hate becomes Love” when uttered by the best president money can buy.

(We’re already saving for a new one in four years.  We’d love to be wrong, but as these things go…..)

Economic News

After making enough shorting yesterday to shove another choice prime rib in the freezer, the market has flipped back up in the pre-open today.  Ahead of a couple of economic data points which includes the Fed Meeting gaveling in with rate (no change) decision tomorrow.

NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing and Import-Export Prices are just out in the past few minutes.  Got a preference?

“Business activity edged slightly higher in New York State, according to firms responding to the December 2020 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index was little changed at 4.9. New orders increased marginally, and shipments were modestly higher. Inventories continued to move lower, and delivery times edged up. Employment posted its strongest gain in months, and the average workweek lengthened somewhat. Input prices increased at the fastest pace in two years, while selling prices increased at about the same pace as last month. Looking ahead, firms remained optimistic that conditions would improve over the next six months.

And on t’other:

“Prices for U.S. imports ticked up 0.1 percent in November, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, after edging down 0.1 percent in October. Higher fuel prices in November more than offset lower nonfuel prices. U.S. export prices also rose in November, increasing 0.6 percent following advances of 0.2 percent in October and 0.6 percent in September.”

After which the market didn’t change too much. Dow futures +166 at click-time.

We expect some “running of the shorts” to continue as Big Guys unload ahead of the Biden Commissariat’s plans for Tax Year 2021.  We always plan year-end around settlement date not trade dates.  But, we’re Belt and Suspenders in our thinking.  Plus tax cowards to boot.

But, like Pappy always said “If you don’t speed, you don’t need to have your head on swivel all the time…and your insurance won’t go up…”  

Headline Shopping: Coal Lumps

Grusome for Newsom as Recall Gov. Newsom Campaign Gains Traction In California.  Where  does it say a government can lock-up an entire state? Factually:  Newsom’s problem is  no one knows how to end CV-19 short of a complete economic depression, which he’s edging toward however reluctantly, anyway.

Is CV-19 a Bioweapon to reduce world population?  New evidence inferred by the New Chinese Study Confirms COVID-19 Attacks Testicles, May Affect Male Fertility.

Crooks on the Hill still can’t produce bupkis on stimulus (surprised?).  So foreclosures and evictions will almost surely spike. Your next stimulus check could be for $1,200, $600 or $0, reports CBS with fortune-teller accuracy.  Or, you could win the lotto…

California wealth tax scheme seems to have driven off Oracle:  Yep – company to Austin. Texas and Larry Ellison heads out to “wowie” west:  Seems to us that Republik of Kalifornia socialistas are becoming expert at killing golden geese….

Know who else is good at “golden geese kills?” EU To Unveil Tough Measures To Curb Tech Giants.

Same greedy pricks of the EU who claim a right to tax a non EU company’s worldwide revenues… As I told you in March 2019: ICYDK: Firms that don’t comply, and misuse “personal data” of European persons, are being hit with 4% of worldwide revenue “fines.”   What the Brussel’s Sprouts can’t seem to remember is “Money has a Memory.”  (Or, dead geese get noticed!)

Economic impacts?  With a report that Pornhub removes a majority of its videos after investigation reveals child abuse, leaves us wondering if this will increase American productivity.  How much does watching porn in the workplace cost America in lost output, anyway?

Where’d the Climatge Hype go?  We’re terribly disappointed that climate change has crawled back in a hole since the change of presidencies lined up.  Especially since a Nor’easter expected to bring ‘epic’ snowfall this week.  Oh…saving the climate stories for summer heat waves only?  We must not be on the distro list.

Tax base Lies:  Liberals are In – time to guard your wallet: If We’re Serious About Saving the U.S. Economy, We Need to Bailout the Cities, says  Time.  Missing the point again, are they?   Why aren’t these local socialist clown posses con-artists spending their local option sales tax dough on basic services (like cops) instead of becoming taxpayer-funded drug and crime enablers?  Defund cops means “Fund Bad Behavior.”

Unlike delusional politicians, we understand basic economics.  Especially the Law:  You can only spend it once.

A Woo-Woo Note

I don’t talk much about my “second life.”  Not the “online” deal, but the world where I head almost every night over in the Dream Realms More about it on Peoplenomics  this coming Saturday,  and also in my book Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream.

Other than high entertainment value from last night’s telepathy schooling and 18 ballerina’s plus the adventures of the “beach flyer” there’s a reason to pay attention to dreams for a week to 10-days now.

Many people who are even semi-sensitive to dreams find they are most tuned-in (and enjoyable) at one of the four-corners of the year.  The winter solstice comes Monday with the summer one six-months later.  While both Samhain and Beltane are “hot windows” for some, the more direct dream influences seem to be the spring and fall equinoxes.

These are also useful because where your “peak dreams” occur can give you important hints about timing in life such as your personal offset from Mercury Retrograde effects and more.

As a reminder then:  Some great dream territory ahead this week, so planning a bit of extra sleep – an hour or more additional – can pay big dividends in self-discovery.

Dream hygiene is important, though:  If you consciously keep things like gory television, gratuitous violence, anger, hate, and other negative imagery out of your life, your dream worlds will be all the better (and more enjoyable)  for it.

As usual the “woke” people have cosmology all foxtrot uniformed…

Speaking of Foxes:  Elaine spied a really cute red fox coming through the yard Monday afternoon about 2 PM.  Worked his way down the hill toward the neighbor’s place.  I’d guess him at 30 pounds or so.  Hell of a tail on ’em.

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “The “Delusional America” Bet”

  1. I am surprised at the non-sense people believe about Trump having cards to play. While it is a very sad day that the DOJ and DOD are totally unable and unwilling to investigate very heavy election fraud, the fact remains that Trump has very few allies to continue his battle. For better or for worse (probably worse), Biden the criminal and Harris the how will be seated. If you liked the last 4 years, you will LOVE the next 4 years. Many things will come to a head – with or without Trump.

    In the end, there are forces that are well above Presidential politics that are working here. The phony covid narrative will go on – destroying the economy with social distancing and lockdowns. State and local governments will have to deal with massive shortfalls in tax revenue. This will start having a very visual and practical effect on local economies. Joe and the Hoe now own the mess. After late January, beating up on Trump will no longer be a strategy.

    I am pretty sure that people will soon notice that we have not entered the promised land now that Trump has been removed. In fact, we are in the first circle of hell (see Dante’s view of hell).

  2. Betting. Predict has it going on for politics. They skim winners for 10% and a 5% withdrawal fee off everyone.

    I’m not an online better but think either Fanduel or Draftkings will let you sports bet on anything…. they take action on which team will score first, if the game will even be played, etc.

    “What are your fees?

    Any time you sell a shares for a higher price than you paid, we charge a fee of 10 percent of your profit. There is no fee if you sell your shares at the same price that you paid or at a lower price.

    There is no charge to open a PredictIt account or to deposit funds.

    PredictIt charges a 5 percent fee to process withdrawals.”

  3. George, “If someone tries to tell you how Trump will use the National Emergency declaration of 2018 and will then use the Friday DNI report on foreign election interference as an excuse to invoke martial law and ship (long list of D’s) to gitmo, ” and you disagree, you should offer odds, not demand them. lol Unless you’re not firm in your convictions? At 1000 to 1, almost any bet is good odds, you must not have much faith in Ure opinion to be demanding 1000 to 1. :)

  4. Pretty likely a Biden administration will push to bailout cities/states. It is clear that is where the bulk of their voters reside. I already sent in my ballot here in GA, to try and keep the senate in GOP control. That is only current semi control to stop the pigs from feeding further at the trough of the public treasury. They run their cities and states down, raise pensions beyond their ability to fund to please unions and expect to be bailed out. Every dollar of any bail out should absolutely be paralleled with another greater cut in spending (since we are already in deficit). We need to have priorities, we should not allow the looters to continue printing and spending to further put my children into debt or making productive citizens saved/invested currency worthless.

    • And where are the ghost of all the yesterdays have you learned nothing at all, where are all of those trillions upon trillions of dollars that’s been funneled into the MIC to roll out substandard junk like the F-35 and others which in reality we don’t need at all.

      Where’s the money for the infrastructure to rebuild the country, high speed rail would be nice at least it would be one less step from being the banana republic that we are, and if we can’t build it then I guess China could.

      You give your tax dollars to the government thinking that they will use it for your benefit, but they say now just wait a minute that’s our money now, you see our friends are waiting for it to give some of it back at the next election cycle.

      As Speer said at his trial “it’s hard to recognize the devil when he has his hand upon your shoulder” which was Hitler of course but our devil is the government, and it’s system and all the little Hitlers it’s produced.!!!

  5. Good morning OM. I gotta do my gratitude list and then I’m hitting the gym and getting new tires on the Hoopty. Lol. I will be back and writing today. I had (well normal for me) weird cool day yesterday.

    I’m moving back to Seattle in January. The prodigal son returns to the Wizard of Emerald city. Following the Golden Brick road. Sometimes, I’m scarecrow and sometime I’m the wizard behind the curtain. And sometime the lion. Moving to Mil Creek area I think. Got a good union gig grabbing gears on the Light Rail project. It’s Federal Funded and as. truck pup fella, I don’t have to worry about Covid restrictions. Thats a PLA job can’t even strike on it. 5-12’s with a 5 year contract. Nights tho. But shit I will take it. $45.90 an hour plus time and half and double time.

    Keeping working the website and writing my book. Doing the tube videos. I hate youtube tho. It’s just popular platform. So Its useful. Be back to righting today. Righty tighty! lefty Luci! Lol

    Nuts, bolts and screws. :)

    And we are right on schedule with getting the podcast up and running by the end of January. Just be the woman and a special guest. F&F. Should be a hit. Be recording on the weekends, writing on the weekends and working the Tractor Gig durring the week. Can’t beat them Union Benifits. I mean this side of winning the Jackpot Lottery. Could happen. Weirder shit had happend in my life. Lol. I will give ya an example today in my latest. Later. Lol

    The woman’s coming with me. We officially official now. Lol. I been connected to a few women in my life but not like this one. I think and she text me exactly what I’m thinking at the time I’m thinking it. Pretty funny. Never met anyone like her before. She is ruled by Saturn and I’m the Sun so it’s a good counterbalance. 8 ball corner pocket. No no not those kinda 8 balls. Lol no more of those kinda 8 balls. Lol. The other 8 balls. Lol since we are on ball number 5. Lol

    Speaking of Ureanus. Glad Ure okay. I am so busy, but I wasn’t too worried about it. I know when you die. Lol. It’s not for a while. So relax a little. Lol

    I think you will really like the article I’m going to write today. I wasnt going to write but the woman talked me into it. Really Good pictures. As always it’s a true story. A true story that happend yesterday. Normal life stuff for me. Not for most. But I’m not a normal person. Whatever that is. On to do my gratitude list and get busy at the gym. So glad I’m getting new tires today. Driving in snow on slicks is well, fun! However alot people were worried and shit. So I’m glad they don’t have to worried about me anymo like that. Lol

    Cue: Rebel Yell
    Billy Idol

    Clique 116!

  6. Turn off the boob tube and your dream hygiene will be all taken care of. NOTHING there except sewage.
    Hope you’re healed by now. Your mention of the built in shop vac and my spill has me on my next project now. Thinking the shop vac will still be portable but not on those wimpy little wheels, while the hose will be connected to some ducting rather than strung out all over. Think short hoses. (No wisecracks.)
    Hope Elaine has an easy and as pain free time as possible with her hip upgrade.
    Don’t be overly concerned with all the Chairborne Rangers who have no idea what the horror war is. I do think their theories are mostly useful though as ideas for short stories and novels to sell the latest in tactical gear and such.

  7. Oh another note this is weird. I don’t have it as a book mark and I clean my cookies and history all the time. In on top of that every time I get on the net.

    However! Every time, I enter in Ure URL to come to your Vision Board or website as people call them these days. It brings me to this article. Every time. And Stephens comment. I have no idea why. Havent reviewed it. But something is trying to tell me something. I will make time to digest it again. I always take a note when stuff like this occurs. Because if it happens once or twice it may not mean much just a note to pay attention but this has happened 6 times now.

    So, its one of them pay attention things. It may not have anything to do with Stephens comment. May have to do have to do with Ure article or someone else’s comment. Idk. Havent really looked into it yet. Still, with no cookies present, no book marks, and something keeps taking me there. Idk what fer yet. Just does. Lol

    Almost every time I type in your Url. And this is is a different phone than the one I used to access that page back I the day. So it’s an “anommolly”. Lol. Worthy of noting.

    Maybe you can figure it out or it maybe it’s for someone else.

    Hey Bolsh. Yes I seen ya coming back on here 10 days ago. Glad to see ya back. Lol

    • Not sure if you are referring to me or if the forum has another ‘Stephen.’ Definitely nothing special about my comments, but given my background, maybe the Feds have a very small interest in me. I hear they don’t like veterans who don’t tow the line and perhaps people who were formerly employed by a 3 letter agency but the mind control started to disappear.

      • Just an anommolly that I noted because it has happend more than a few times. Although today it took me to the front page. Sometimes it just takes me to that old page. I’m not sure if it means anything but it is something that keeps happening. Got a web cam and a microphone last night.

        I have had a super super busy last few days. Hope to be back to writing today and rearranging some stuff on my site.

        Sometimes ya have to take a “Pause for the Cause”. Waves being waves. Lol

        Meeting with a friend for an hour, then The gym, then I should be “up and at em Adam Ant. ”

        May go to Seattle next day or so for a free days to iron out a few things. I need a little more morter and sand for my foundation. I don’t want one single crack or chip. So to speak.
        Yesterday I said I was I was going to California but I meant Seattle like 8 times for new years. Its like stuck in my head on loop. Lol.

        Today is a new day. We shall see what it holds one breath at a time. :)

  8. On Election Night,someone or some group placed a huge bet on Biden,dropping his odds from 8-1 to 2-1 instantly.It takes millions of yuan to accomplish such a feat.

    • Yep as if greedy 1% wouldn’t do a thing like that, after all they are the ones with the crystal ball after all someone shorted the airline stock before the towers come down, but you try to put forth that China did it, and of course that’s the sickness in America “the people”….

  9. A 30 pound fox? Wow. Everything grows bigger in the East toward the Mississippi because of the greater abundance of food. A fox that big around here would starve in a month. 15 to 20 at the most is the norm the farther West you go. Lean and mean gets you through a Winter.

    Forgive me for not taking you up on your bet, George. Winning that bet relies on those in power doing the right thing (i.e. following the law) and there are only two people with a host of little people willing to go that distance for our President – and I don’t have the money to lose. It doesn’t mean it still can’t happen, though. Would you have bet on ANY of the Founding Fathers 244 years ago? WOULD YOU, GEORGE??

    At our age, George, fighting is not an option, hence that “9” on your hip you boast of. With age millilitres of testosterone get replaced by grains of powder and lead as calcium replaces good cartilage and muscle loses its strength. Nevertheless, there were a lot of people we would consider “over the hill” on the American side of the Revolutionary War. And, indeed, the fighters were in the minority, were they not, when compared to the total population and sentiment of the time according to history?

    I much prefer to be reactionary, as I understand the word. I absolutely loved every episode of the series “TURN” with a backward “R” (don’t seem to have that character in my Character Map). The performances of the actors (Angus Macfadyen especially) were spectacular but they wouldn’t have been as good had the writing not been equally good. Notably, however, was the fact that the principal character didn’t get into the fight until he had lost enough and endured enough to say “enough is enough”. This is typically the way things go until critical mass is achieved.

    You, I and many others here were raised hearing the words of our Founders pledging their “lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors”. To most people today, and not unlike then, that sentiment first founders on the second consideration and to heck with the other two. Most people today seem to be perfectly happy living with shame in their hearts as long as there is money in the bank, I suppose, because they have so much company. As one person I’ve talked to says “we’ve been peacefully oppressed” rather than violently so which means we can still trick ourselves into believing things are all relatively OK.

    As Leonidas said to Ephialtes – “May you live forever”.

  10. George
    “Observe that we’ve seen nonsense like people claiming “… the military is at Defcon 3…””

    I never wrote that the military is at Defcon 3!

    The American Thinker article was written as an analogy using the Defcon system. Notice in the following sentence from the article the words : “A cultural alert”.

    “DEFCON-3, moving rapidly towards DEFCON-2. A cultural alert: ”

    Analogy definition: An analogy is a comparison between two things that are quite different in nature. An analogy often explains a complex subject with one that is simpler or more familiar.

    George, did you read the American Thinker article or just jump to a conclusion on what was written? Perhaps my intro of using the deedle tone misled you into thinking I was invoking the military. Sorry, just just having a bit of fun.

    But in general the overall jist of the article seems to be cogent. We are in a cultural alert situation with the survival of the Republic at question. Things are getting worse day by day. If we do get to a Cultural Defcon 1 then it’s civil war.

  11. 1000 to 1 bet? The Trump lovers are too cowardly to take that bet. They very well know they can’t bet on fantasy. Me…straight up…1,000 bet. I haven’t been wrong yet. Someone out there already owes me $1,000…for the latest Supreme Court ruling, the 59 other court losses Trump comedically lost, the electoral college win…all to be to be donated to Peoplenomics…get your checkbooks ready folks…with all the work George puts into this column, he deserves a huge windfall.

    • I think Looking Out of the Box pegged Mark correctly yesterday in a post:

      Posted: “MARK… I don’t think he was kidding.. unfortunately you live in the bubble at the top and truthfully probably dont have a clue about the lives and struggles at the bottom..”

  12. I have to comment on your opening line – “the absurdity quotient is quickly-rising among Trump supporters” . Watching and listening to the rabid Trump supporters is akin to those who have been brainwashed/preprogrammed into a cult. No amount of reality, logic, facts, or common sense can or will change someone who has been indoctrinated into a cult. Deprogramming is the only way to undo what was done.

    • Say what you want, but a Trump is a fighter. If he is going down, it’s is not without a fight. SCOUTUS in its rulings are signaling Trump that he is still President and he should deal with it.

  13. Soundproofing in the White House must be under stress at present as the scaffolding for Mr. Biden’s coronation is hammered into place, not to mention the impaired view dealt to the incumbent First Family.

    Since the democrat party’s “new member dinner” event recently ratcheted down from a dining room served setting to a take-home boxed lunch, all bets are off as to what is going to happen with the Inauguration Dinner. Also current Washington gathering sizes of 25 do not correspond well to Mr. Obama’s million plus attendance at the swearing in. We wish all good luck should there be opportunity for Lincoln Project supporters to have opportunity at a swearing in podium ticket lottery. Maybe it can be like a “Wheel of Fortune” with contestants spinning for a chance at travel, hotel, and sundry expenses included to mix and mingle with the new regime politburo.

  14. If you guys want to chip-in and create a gambling website, I’m in. Currently I think a casino is needed to sponsor the website. They’ll probably take a cut of the action as fees.

    – Website software
    – IP/server
    – Merchant account
    – Licenses and fees

    “Internet gambling can only be offered by existing Michigan casinos, be they Detroit casinos or tribal casinos located around the state. Players must be 21 or older. Casinos operating Internet gambling will be subject to a $50,000 application fee, a $100,000 initial license fee, and a $50,000 annual fee.”

    – Dec 11, 2019

  15. Well scratch that idea. Car is going to the repo man, I’m too far behind. I just file bankruptcy and they can have it back. I ain’t buying tires for a car that got charged off and I ain’t got the $5500 to get it caught up. Lol

    God has a different plan. Seeing the future is good. But I like money too. Lol ain’t life a bitch sometimes.

  16. Promise to pay you $100,000 if lose? One person would be smart to take your whole $1,000 betting pool & if lose don’t pay. How Do you enforce an illegal gambling debt? You don’t. If you lose, being an honorable man, you would probably pay the $1,000. Get back on the toilet & rethink it.

    • About the 1000-1 bet. It’s a stupid bet. First of all of the boobs on this site that would be even consider making the bet, don’t have the money to cover the bet…And, because I know with 100% certainty I would win, I would rather make 100 bets at a a more reasonable $1,000 bet. Best to win 100 out of 100 rather than not even one bet with odds they can’t cover.

  17. The logic behind the bet makes no sense. You want the Biden side with 1000:1 odds when he has already been declared winner and won the electoral college?

    Yes, I believe the system is corrupt AF and results of the elections are statistically impossible, but to actually put money on believing Trump will take office and repair the mess, odds would have to be the other way around. They were at betting sites prior to the election. Not 1000:1, but if you bet Biden, you received less than you put down — if they paid out by now. Some haven’t.

    Maybe I interpreted this wrong, but anyone taking the Biden side of the bet at this point should be collecting a penny on $100 instead of the other way around. My belief’s on how things should be do not necessarily coincide with how they are (reality).

  18. I am with you George on the crazy theories but the one thing I do know from friends around Portland OR. that there has been train load after train load of military gear coming into the port there and being shipped somewhere. Where that is know one seems to know

    • The train loads of military gear, going somewhere, on a boat…

      Well, let’s use our knowledge of the Port of Portland why don’t we.

      Portland is the 3rd busiest port, so exports get shipped from here. The west coast has plenty of manufacturers. What sort of “military gear”, sounds like trucks. Rather vague description for rather specific items, I think.

      How long does a container ship sail to reach China? More than 20 days. So it doesn’t sound like any emergency is about to happen.

      Perhaps it’s all going to Alaska. George, that would match my dream from months ago, which showed hurried building of dock like structures in Alaska, in preparation for a big event. But how do shipping containers get from the boats in the Port of Portland onto the ground anywhere else? By crane.

      Dunno, Jeff, but sounds like more delusion. I’ll bet 1 dollar to a thousand that what you heard is pure BS, someone is smoking “defcon 3” again.

  19. I’ve noticed this trending the last couple of days “Cross the Rubicon” Trump could break with tradition and cross the Rubicon. Isn’t that how it has always happened throughout history. Just when we all least expect it.

  20. The most common factor in everything since theendae fairy Covid depression is bullsheet. Every site every guru is throwing it out there in truckloads to make a buck. Wish everybody well with so much Mensa like stuff . Me just short constant. Most gamble

  21. so much woo woo psyops floating around this joint nowdays i thing you have all been secretely taking jungle juice vaccine . ccccccccccccccoooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddd juice OR you all have a touch of the patriots

  22. ” CV-19 a Bioweapon to reduce world population? New evidence inferred by the New Chinese Study Confirms COVID-19 Attacks Testicles, May Affect Male Fertility.”


    Just in case you loose em though…. there is always corrective surgery ..

    this story brings to mind what happened in africa with the small pox vaccination..

  23. one thing 25 years here has taught me is . old commies never die just go all the time and its in your genes still . cant blame others for turning vege

  24. Article at Daily Mail:

    “3D printers are TOXIC to humans as they emit tiny plastic particles that cause lung damage.”

  25. 4 be 2s always running with the master imperialist. Global my ass . Reset my ass . Gold my ass . Love USD

  26. George,

    Not that I am any sort of mystic, but for the sake of betting on your new betting venture; what would be the odds on the following scenario?

    Assuming the inauguration goes off as planned for Biden in January, what would your odds be for a bet that he only lasts two month before “health” issues result in resignation?

    Let’s raise the stakes a bit. Since there are some rumblings that Senator Kamala Harris has been linked to the Hunter Biden/China payoffs, give me odds on her being forced out after replacing Biden and before she can name a VP? Guess who rises to the top of the dung pile? Why Speaker Pelosi of course.

    Now I am really going out on a limb with this last one. Suppose the above, against the astronomical odds occurs, who would Pelosi tap as VP. I am looking for odds on that VP pick being Hillary Clinton.

    With a mind as warped as mine, I think I should really write fiction novels about international cabals, etc.

    Let me know what the odds maker places on the above.

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