Joe Day – Fed Week

Just a Formality

It has been a given that Joe Biden will become president – and if he falters – Kamala Harris as his #2 is in, ever since contested elections went against Donald Trump.

As for the process details sample the  NPR version of reality in “Who Are Electors And How Do They Get Picked?”  Or,  The Hill’s version in “Electors meet to cast their votes: Here’s how it works ”  Either way, it’s a formality.  Short of Electors failing to do their duty (a very low probability) the path to a Biden presidency is clear.

Bashing never stops, though:  

A search of the term “worst” in various news search tools brings up stories like “More than 4 in 10 voters say Donald Trump will go down as ‘one of the worst presidents’ in U.S. history as 58 per cent say they don’t believe election wasn’t stolen.”

America’s got a YUGE lack of style issue.   Let bygones be headlines, is it?

It’s Always “All About Money”

Elaine and I are no happier with the election this year than anyone else. 

As usual “the Rich” and “the Powers” picked the winner.  Best leader money could buy.

If you don’t believe it, remember that Joe Biden’s son still has the Feds looking into his taxes.  Some of that will almost certainly involve foreign money.  Which gets us to wondering how much was “sent along to Pops”?  Z’at taxable?  And what about structuring, eh?

That the Mainstream Media in America as been coopted – and has both misled and oftentimes lied outright (including by omission) this cycle is terrible clear.

We’re not the only ones holding that view, as the Real Clear Politics story “Hunter Biden News Should Shame Dismissive Media Outlets” seconds the view, as well.

Pointless Soldier-Gathering

Nevertheless, the whole point of the pro-Trump demonstration in D.C. this weekend escaped us.

I learned long ago one of the basic lessons in the Art of War was to never decisively engage unless you already own the outcome.  Trump’s now shooting from the lip.

By this simple measure, it was clear in advance how the “support Trump demonstrations” would turn out: “‘Stop the Steal’ rally: Clashes between pro-, anti-Trump demonstrators.”  But hey!  What are 23 arrests and a few stabbings among the contestants?

The more important message is left unspoken:We the People are sick and tired of the same-old clown posses running the show.”  Clearly, “Throw Them All Out!” passed again until the next opportunity to do so.

The only rfeaming wildcard is whether Joe Biden could be charged with crimes by a federal grand jury (an outgrowth of the Hunter case, perhaps?) prior to the Inauguration…. What then?  Coinservative’s wet dream.  But, it’s a fall-back rally point as their telemarketers are still “raising money for Trump.”

I had one such call from the RNC Sunday.  Explained I don’t talk to idiots.

The theater and drama of any anti-Biden legal action now would likely be a bit-much. Hard to sell.  Still, while it’s a low probability, someone (or faction) would still like America stirred up and divided more, so…who knows what the agenda is?

Fed Week – 1929 Run-In?

There’s a wonderful discussion in the book Lords of Finance about the debate ongoing in U.S. banking and government circles in the run-up to the market all-time high in 1929. 

Two schools of thought were in competition.  One view held that excessive speculation ought to be wrung out of the markets with a 1 percent (or higher) rate hike from mid-1928.  The other view held that low rates should persist and let the market drop when it got around to it.

While the yellow circled area looks like a possible endpoint, there’s no telling since manias all have their own personalities.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s baseball trading cards, tulips as in Tulipmania, or “making up numbers” and calling it “money” like the cryptos insist.   A con’s a con’s a con…

Situational Squeeze: The Fed Box

There are presently about 9-million fewer people working in America than a year ago.  As a result, it’s almost a certainty that the Fed will keep rates low – again – which turns their meeting this week into a yawner.

But the larger problem – one laying in background – is that America has no reason to grow any longer.  There’s no big enemy, there’s no new technology (save silly “app-madness“) and so the question becomes “Where is the Engine of Growth?

Obviously “making up money” by “mining” hard-to-replicate numbers is a global scam and squandering of resources.

For the moment, America seems to have enough food, although we’re keeping an eye on the keyword “stockpile.”  Because when governments are stupid enough to say “don’t panic” – people will do  just the exact opposite.

Let’s see if Panic Jumps the Pond this week.  We’re looking for food shortages  in England shortly based on headlines like  “British Stores Stockpile Food on Brexit No-Deal Concerns — But Shoppers Urged Not to Panic Buy.”    Another slice at it in “Plea not to panic buy as supermarkets stockpile tins and toilet roll.”

It’s not here –  YET – but give it time.  Panic is a communicable mental condition.

Social Pressure Mounting, Too

Despite the ascendancy of Joe Biden, we keep seeing what seems like a highly coordinated drive in liberal media to step up the selling pressure for “reparations.”  Tell me you see the similarities in these headlines:

Click on any of these, you’ll track it back to  The Associated Press as the source.

There’s a  fine line  between “enterprising” journalism and  founding a new Tass.  With Tass, “making up news” was standard procedure.  With the A.P. it’s didn’t used to be that way. But here lately, we wonder if the line between journalism and agenda-running is being moved?

Has a Soviet-style flare to it.  Maneuvering churches into a media-driven confessional.  Maybe it’s just me.  Grouchy.  Monday.

Smart news readers don’t just sup the news-flow pabulum.  They also pause after each story and ask “Who benefits from this story running today?” 

Question hangs there…hmmm…

Civil War II – A Monetization?

The very dangerous thing to extrapolate is that while the media has now runaway with “We will find the news or  make it up…” there are consequences.

For a hard-core look at the Future, take the time to study the devastating KOMO-TV documentary by Eric Johnson – The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” An absolute must-watch.  (Hat-tip to Rev. Jan for sending us the link.)

What I secretly fear (although not scretsly now, since I’m articulating it) is an event-chain that goes like this:

  • The US has no “new industry” to power its future.
  • Media is a kind of WMD.
  • So is Socialist Media – a whole series of WMDs.
  • Could the lack of “new industry” allow Media WMD’s to go off – along with Social WMD’s and  – as a result – rip apart America?

It’s a risk.  Think about it. 

With Trump gone, we’ve got 100-,million people effectively  trained to hate.  Thanks to antifa and BLM,  50-million trained to hate and join.   As part of that training?  Wearing stupid labels  (“woke” – WTF?) and “ standing up for” whatever the programming has been.

Propaganda is like that.  Like timed-release medication.  Suspends questioning, divides people.  Instead of goal-sharing (and negotiating) confrontation is marketed.

Which explains two-bit socialists and the pending collapse of Seattle and other rotten-to-their core urban areas is at hand. CivWarII.

Not for us, thanks!  That’s mainstream marketing presently.  But if the “foo shits…”  Wear it.  Too much media, not enough thinking.

Digital Mob Rule hasn’t gone away – won’t – even with Trump out.

Class warfare and government mis-regulation is a synthetic growth scam.  Like  climate but without any cooked data sets and all  100% emotionally based.

God, it could be awful.  Revolutions usually are.

Meanwhile, the killing off of pro sports continues as Cleveland Indians to change their nickname, drop “Indians”.  AYFKM?

Oh,. how “un-woke of me.”  Right…pro sports was bad for climate what with all those people having fun…and going to games… And eating hotdogs (you know what’s in them, huh?).   Toss in enough knees and other polarizing agenda-peddling bullshit and EVERYONE will stay home….  From USA to FKT. In record speed.

Short Takes


Crooks and Cons WatchThe bipartisan group of senators plans to present its $908 billion COVID-19 stimulus bill in 2 parts, so that at least some of it can pass.  Vote ’em ALL OUT in 2022 and 2024.  100%.  The New Broom Party.  Clean it up.

Really?  It’s Always and ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY!!!  As in Global Stocks Climb Amid U.S. Stimulus Hopes and Start of Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout.  Hype!  Pump and Dump!  Buy moar!!!!

Trial runs? Google services including Gmail and YouTube suffer outage.  One the heels of Potentially major hack of government agencies disclosed.  Seeing the pattern yet?  Got a plan for digital withdrawal, do you?

Hey!  Here’s a great idea!  Let’s make a new industry out of sending rich billionaires joy-riding into space.  Then look surprised as Virgin Shares Plunge As Aborted Launch Delays Space Program!  I mean seriously, WTF?  See how short of useful growth ideas Earth has become?

In from the Cold Into the Box: John le Carré: Tributes paid to ‘a writer of immense quality’ who’s passed away.

I’d offer some profound words of encouragement now, but the best I can do is Monday ends soon enough.  Egg nog for breakfast?

Write when you get rich,

102 thoughts on “Joe Day – Fed Week”

  1. So today, we welcome in the socialists! Sad day for the country. 4 years of a reality TV star, and then two boobs (Joe and the Hoe) later, America is in a bad spot. Well, it’s really now down to individual effort. Everyone is now fully in charge of their health, wealth, and general well being. The ‘Government’ is officially compromised and definitely not your friend (not that they ever were).

    • Hoe? Please lmk when kamala gets busted sleeping with a porn actor, while she’s cheating on her husband and then her lawyer gets sent to jail for making illegal hush money payoffs to the porn actor.

      • “busted sleeping with a porn actor”

        I didnt know she was a porn star lol..and for everyone.. she wouldn’t be acting.. just participation…
        Now i personally think Kamala is gorgeous and sincere from my observations from what she has talked about. A little left leaning for me but sincere in her beliefs..
        Would i kick her out of bed.. nope but then i wouldn’t kick star out of bed either..
        Her sexual past is hers..she hasn’t tortured or posted videos of her activities and hasnt been accused of rape or pedophilia to my knowledge..

  2. For what it’s worth, George, what Trump appears to be doing is ‘turn about is fair play.’ The Russian Collusion narrative was pushed hard to paralyze and delegitimize his presidency. Trump seems to be pushing the Election Fraud narrative hard to do the same thing to the Biden Administration. Of course, Trump doesn’t not have a friendly media complex to carry the message.
    My underlying question with regards to Election Fraud is if it was real, why didn’t the Senate flip on election night, and the majority in the House shored up?

    • CJ,
      That’s easy to answer. Many Republicans like myself voted for Biden but being true to the party, voted to help Republicans to be in control of Congress. The problem was Trump, not many members of the house or senate.

      • No, Mark. What happened was the dems “plan A” didn’t work since Trump had a friggin’ LANDSLIDE of votes. So late election night into the wee hours next day when the dems learned their voting machine hack wouldn’t cut it, they reverted to “plan B” which was to send the GOP poll watchers home, inject fake ballots, prepared at the last minute, so marked only for the presidential race and not the downticket. They actually had to expand the universe so Biden could “win”.
        I hope this clears things up for you since you seem confused.

      • I’m calling BS on you being anything close to a Republican Mark!! BSBSBSBS!! You are a died in the wool liberal hack that hated the fact that Trump was able to get done in 4 years what no one else has in restoring the country financially, building a border, putting in conservative judges, building our military, fixing the Veteran Admin, getting peace deal fate peace deal in the Middle East, moving our Embassy to Jerusalem; and it goes one and on from there. All the while people like you and your ilk lied through their teeth about everything they could to disrupt this President. Lied about Russia, Lied about the Ukraine, lied about Hunter and Joe and their ties to both Russia an China!
        There is more evidence and testimony about voter fraud than they ever had on impeachment or Mueller. If you think for one minute this is over for those who know this election was rigged; you are sadly mistaken. The resistance has started, and it is real! Biden will not last the year in 2021, if he makes to January. Then Kommie will have to be dealt with, unless the Bidens implicate here as well.
        So BS to you Mark. No republican would vote for The likes of Biden and Kommie!!!!

      • Yes we voted against Trump, but we voted republican, for the honey pot has to be kept going, boy you’re listening to the wrong drummer because that drummer lies and by the time you understand the lies that the drummer told you it will be too late, for those you voted for in the house and senate are the ones you should fear the most, Trump is only the symptom, but they are the disease.

  3. I think Trump lost 2020 back in November 2016 on the 60 Minutes show:

    “Stahl inquired about the “lock her up” chants at his rallies, which prompted perhaps the most surprising response of all.

    “I don’t want to hurt them,” he said, referring to the Clintons. “They’re good people.””

    A lot of if/thens.

    If Biden goes, perhaps Kamala is the ‘Gray Champion’. Or, Biden steps down, Kamala picks a new VP then Kamala goes too in some kind of supernatural event. Who will Kamala choose?

    • “lock her up” chants at his rallies, which prompted perhaps the most surprising response of all.”

      Similar to the Chants Crucify Him… because he helped a blind man on the sabbath and taught love not war..treat others the way you wanted to be treated..

      • If she does, she better watch her ass…. how many Clinton associates have ended up on the wrong side of the grass?

      • I totally agree with Wiz – if Kamunist (nods to George) Harris picks HRC, Kam will “be pushin’ up daisies” in short order. (nods to The Duke).

      • Aw c’mon Wizard. Accidents happen…

        People maybe didn’t hear that the “Hillary E-Mails” which were recovered from Anthony’s wiene… er, I mean Uma’s laptop were there, according to her, as a life insurance policy.

        However, move along — ain’t nuthin’ to see, here…

      • Well Ray from what I read .. the alphabet groups have decided through their intensive investigations that all of it.. was coincidental the people that were going to testify the investigators even members of their secret service personal protection teams. It was just coincidence ..
        All of the emails and odd happenings were russian interference..

  4. “There are presently about 9-million fewer people working in America than a year ago.
    the larger problem – one laying in background – is that America has no reason to grow any longer. There’s no big enemy, there’s no new technology (save silly “app-madness“) and so the question becomes “Where is the Engine of Growth?”

    Great Video George.. the search for the soul of Seattle. the problem is.. people have to want to escape the clutches of addiction.. and they seek out the drugs to escape the life they are living in..
    I had someone that was curious how the motel’s were doing if there were any openings.. etc.. I drove by a couple of them.. one of the larger ones had three customers.. one had one.. all of them pretty much empty..
    in yesterdays paper.. the front page of the business section.. what are we going to do.. motels have the general managers cleaning and making up the rooms now because they can’t afford the crews.. the crews are home and can’t get unemployment.. one of the managers unemployed.. restaurants that can’t afford staff the chef is the one cooking doing the dishes and waiting tables..
    the projected relief.. in five to ten years if the velocity of covid pandemic was to end today.. Seattle.. I remember five years ago I did everything I could to try and get a friends daughter into treatment in seattle.. I failed.. there was a six month waiting period .. there was a six week to three month waiting period just to get into a homeless shelter..
    She didn’t want the help.. it was her father that wanted it.. what ever happened to them I don’t have a clue.. he dropped off of the face of the earth..
    I was out walking the dogs yesterday and visited with a friend of the daughters babysitter.. that has a lot of rental properties.. he to is facing a huge issue.. people don’t have money to pay the rent.. Jobs are few and far between.. ( boy I know how that went.. we went a year without an income not that long ago) Now I do know that if your on the top of the pile.. is similar to a tree coming down.. the tree doesn’t seem to move.. it is still erect.. then the changes are slight as the base crumbles beneath it.. once the velocity of the fall begins.. then it seems to all happen at one time..
    the question.. “Where is the Engine of Growth?” I think it was in .. “Make America Great Again” MAGA… the fight was so big from the left that it destroyed the sprit of the USA.. Now they are ripe for the takeover .. the dollar is destroyed.. printed and reprinted so much that only a short time will be needed to make that tree fall over.. airplanes flights what was it.. according to the newspaper they have seen a sixty percent drop in travel..
    Nursing facilities.. thirty percent drop.. a hundred patient unit was loosing half mil a year just in depends diapers.. not even counting on the other supplies.. those supply lines are all broken.. they have issues getting many medications that are all produced outside the USA.. staff.. no one does the math.. how much do you charge for someone making seven dollars an hour eight hour shift.. then take off the environmental expenses.. you need three patients to cover that one expense.. now have a nurse a new nurse making thirty dollars an hour.. or a housekeeper.. many are close to being forced to shut down the doors..
    Now take the liberal Left… take from the rich and give to the poor.. where are we going to get that trillion dollars that the puppeteers want us to spend on wars so that they can get more crap and control..
    A very interesting and dark future.. the situation from my point of view is bleak to say the least the divisions between the haves and the have nots is so great.. and not one on the top suspected it .. they thought ME.. instead of US.. put all the benefits and the profits in a half dozen rather than the country.. .. creating an environment ripe for a total takeover similar to what happened in another country with the support of the masses ..

    • From my point of view.. and what I see coming… the only other time in history that is even a minor closeness is the Weimer depression… and this time War won’t make the changes needed.. it won’t rebuild the economy.. it won’t rebuild the faith in our system… This time I think this one will reach up and slap each and every one of us..
      I know you were just making snide comments on Kamala .. but seriously.. this could go the way..
      Thre real icing on the cake will come if this is a poor crop year.. the food lines are already broken.. the money lines are already broken.. and it is amplifying as it moves..
      The Real key would have been if they had given to the poor with the bailouts rather than the rich.. but now small companies and large companies are feeling the flow.. to keep small mom and pop stores floating needs people that are buying.. and if they don’t have money to buy they don’t spend.. bailing out banks and giving the top one percent fifty million dollar bonuses doesn’t keep the money moving…
      “A simple way to capture the general trends on the household balance sheets is to
      summarize the evolution of inflows versus outflows”
      here is a decent book.. the fourth Turning…..

      • “From my point of view.. and what I see coming… the only other time in history that is even a minor closeness is the Weimer depression… and this time War won’t make the changes needed.. it won’t rebuild the economy.. it won’t rebuild the faith in our system… This time I think this one will reach up and slap each and every one of us..”

        From a broad perspective I tend to agree.

        Bear in-mind, the Weimar Republic is what came out of losing WW-I, and Hitler “recovered” the German economy before the advent of WW-II via pure fascism, before he bastardized Mussolini’s philosophy into Nazism. It was the fascist (corporatist) policy which enabled him to “put Germany back to work” and crank German industry into overdrive to build the surpluses, which then required a war to deplete.

        Had Hitler not gotten a hard-on for Poland, Bavaria, and the Sudetenland, I believe Germany would’ve fallen into a much-worse depression than that of the Weimar, and the Reich would’ve collapsed, by about 1943…

    • While we appreciate the notion of a i> real defcon 3, this is not it. A construct of desperate right wing people who don’t want to see socialism back pressing us into the “Seattle abyss.” Problem is, like so much of the right, it’s pandering and fear mongering and whipping up a base. Which presses the civil war ii buttons and that’s in no one’s interest.
      Sorry. When I get a well-placed source in a real position to know and when a codeword is passed, then and only then will I swallow last minute claims that are 99.9 percent likely specious.
      Or, if the media has to report Biden taken into custody…also in that 99.9 unlikely space.

      • Like you… I seriously doubt we are really in a defcon 3…theres nothing going on at the farm.. since I won’t hear a code word .. I wait for the you should see the traffic out here lol lol

      • I checked with three senior-level sources on this comment via personal email today – one DHS civil servant in DC, one contractor at USAF Special Forces, Hurlburt Field FL, and the other at Peterson AFB/Cheyenne Mountain. One replied with only a laughing/crying email emoji, the other two essentially replied WTF are you reading? So as we’d say in the aviation community, “no joy” at their respective HQ ops levels.

      • And that my friend is Ure’s point: When you see bullshit claims – even from “trump loyalists” (or here lately especially from) question, confirm and if false, write off the source as fast if you would if from Hillary or Obama

    • 11.175 mHz (USB) and 8.992 mHz (USB) 24-7.
      Not constantly busy. Intermittent activity. USAF
      Also: 4.724, 6.739, 13.200, 15.016 (All USB)

      Might not be the ones cited above, but these two
      are widely known and quite active. Mostly very
      routine stuff. Mostly “in the clear,” with occasional
      bursts of encrypted voice — sounds like an awful
      noise. Don’t worry: it’s UNCLAS. if it was big-deal
      secrets, you wouldn’t be able to hear it. (You wouldn’t
      even know it was there.)

      But in a Big, Hot, Mess, slips happen, and people
      say too much sometimes. Not often, but it happens.

    • That’s interesting Mike…in 73 we were sent down …now I’m curious.. I have a friend that lives right next to a DUMB .. I wonder is there traffic ..

    • Redneck wet-dream, not particularly steeped in reality.

      I generally like the tone of American Thinker, but not necessarily [the] pitch or intensity of this, and I consider talk of a “civil war” both specious and stupid. The process runs: “If they come for me, I’ll kill them.” The reality is that the “they” is your father, son, brother, sister, or daughter, and you’re NOT going to kill anyone. The number of families who sent a father or sons to fight for the Union and other sons to fight for the Confederacy is uncountable.

      “Civil” wars, ain’t…

      …and the redneck in the sticks (or is that Styx?) isn’t going to get to go all Quantrill or some faceless BLM or AntiFa ass… That’s not how these things work. Also, in a world of deceit, no one is getting to the people who would actually cause an armed conflict. By now, the agitators are expert at causing a commotion, then retiring to their hotel suite before the rioters hit the barricades…

  5. No growth industries, George?? Surely you jest. I can see a bright future in “Stars and Bars” flags coming down the pike. Rope production, tar, feathers and rail markets heating up; Country Music going back to its roots (please!); Civil War re-enactments with only the Grey side showing up (tinkers, tailors, spies needed, ok, maybe some 3D printing involved); private stills will take off and double the price of corn … the list goes on. Heck, look what all this has done for the firearms and ammo industry already not to mention coin store and sporting goods store walk-ins going through the roof (shovel and PVC containers are growth market off-shoots). Can you even FIND MRE’s any more?? And this is just when Trump is re-inaugurated!

    Everything’s a business model, right, sensei?

    • What a lopsided shit show, huh? But of Berkeley and Seattle strung outs vs. a bunch of traditional musket men? Wow… it’s like Hitchhiker’s Guide – and this is how earth is cleared out of the way for the intergalactic freeway!

      • I had to laugh today as we went in to the Academy store to exchange some items. They had a white board out front with ammo delivery times on it. All the usual pistol loads were listed and instructions on limits and where to line up. By that time, though, it was well past opening time and the only thing left was a good amount of 5.56, which was surprising in itself unless they’d just brought out a bunch from the back. All pistol rounds were long gone.

      • I built one of those a few years ago just to see it work.. it was fun.. used it to run a burner.. the first time I seen one was when I was a boy.. we use to play in the shelter belt of my friends dads farm.. on one of the old tractors out there there was this barrel thing on the front of it.. when I asked his dad what it was he said that during the depression that was how they ran their tractors.. they would toss corn cobs stalks and what ever they had and burn the gas off of it.. then in seventy eight Mother drove a pickup around to all the state fairs.. remembering how the one was I decided to build one..
        I would do it different today though.. I would use the muffler or similar cut in half.. it would be smaller more efficient.. then a barrel.. there is a guy in Washington state that builds them though for sale.. and you can still buy them from sweeden already made for your car or pickup.. etc..

    • “flags coming down the pike. Rope production, tar, feathers and rail markets heating up”

      Let’s hope and pray that our country avoids those kind of actions and sentiments..

  6. Muskets now have box magazines but they’re in need of a good leader. Box in the cities then recruit the refugees coming out. The Great Flush is upon us.

  7. Don’t mean to change the topic but three words in your post today caught my attention. 1) engine 2) mining 3) power. I am a 76yo accountant and I am not very good at science. So my question to you and/or your readers is: How is this cold winter snow and ice weather affecting the alternative energy sector? How well do electric cars work in snow and ice? How many and how well do recharging stations work in this freezing weather? How well do wind turbines and solar panels work when covered in snow and ice? Thanks for any comments.

    • “How well do electric cars work in snow and ice?”
      Really good.. what I like is that the air conditioning system and heater all work on electric.
      Guidance system for road sucks but then we don’t use it anyway.. i thought the cold would affect the batteries but that isnt anything real’s a little lite on ice and your not going to pop drifts with it..but other than that.. solar on the house works real good..

      • Of course that is the wife’s car…I drive the old Classic P.O.S that I paid 200.00 for.. it’s been a good vehicle .. it’s like me.. old , the engine has a few miles on it, rusty around the edges.. but the engines is still running .. its referred to as the buggy..

    • “How is this cold winter snow and ice weather affecting the alternative energy sector?”

      We’ll never know, because any real numbers will be fudged, “averaged,” or otherwise buried in statistical BS.

      “How well do electric cars work in snow and ice?”

      Not very. Electricity tends to slow down as temperatures drop. Mileage is the goal, and to that end they tend to run narrow, high-pressure tires. Those tires are actually better in snow than wider ones, but they suck eggs on ice or slush.

      “How many and how well do recharging stations work in this freezing weather?”

      Lower temps, slower recharge rates…

      “How well do wind turbines and solar panels work when covered in snow and ice?”

      They don’t. Some Northern P&L companies dedicate heaters to their solar panel fields, to melt snow and ice from the panels, but then there’s that “5 hours a day of usable sunlight” thing, which is overly-optimistic, since from mid-Minnesota to Maine, and down to (at least) the Ohio River, sunny days are few, between Hallowe’en and Easter. Dunno if the fans have defrosters or not, but I rarely see them spin when temps go below 10 above, and the electronics for all are rated to not operate below 32°, 15°, 5°, and in a few rare cases -5° Fahrenheit…

      • What may esteemed colleague is saying is batteries like moderate temps.

        A full charge on a 100F day is all of 12.8 volts (plus or minus doping materials in the lead)
        On a 32F day that charging voltage may need to be 14.3 or higher.

        And the colder it is, the less rapid the electrochemistry is – and the net result is a) you need temp compensated charging on all EV’s – pretty much standard now. But are the charging stations? never looked into it, but something to think about. Gas works down to minus what?

      • “How well do wind turbines and solar panels work when covered in snow and ice?”
        snow.. that is an issue.. we use to brush ours off.. but for a ground mount .. on the roof.. then that is an issue.. but nothing to drastic.. I did do an experiment with solar panels.. to increase production with fresnel lense.. that was quite impressive.. had someone ask what I would do for panels in a vacuum and low temps.. my thought of the solar tower would do about the same thing and with the inverted trapazoid I think would get the similar production.. for ice that comes off real well..I have thought of adding a vibrator to the panels just to see.. and for the tower design.. you would use the inside or back side of the array to cool the panels down in summer.. my thought was to use evaporative cooling… cheap easy and would work…. batteries are an issue.. I have been considering high power caps.. and a slow discharge.. I was actually thinking of making a power wall using them to.. right now since it is just for me.. I have to wait until I win the lottery to build the solar tower or the power wall.. takes green numbers to do that LOL…

      • I have never had ice or snow on the wind turbine.. and I have had our system for over ten years… the ones that nasa have in the arctics haven’t ever had issues with that either.. when they have freezing rain.. it falls off very quickly..

  8. If there was massive voter fraud, and the Democrats stole the election, then the Republic is dead. There will never be another fair and legal vote.

    The report on Election Interference from the DNI is due by Friday, and it should reveal what they have been doing in the 2 years since the 2018 Executive Order was signed by President Trump. Read the Executive Order to see what this will trigger.

    In order to bring charges of Treason, the guilty have to “knowingly” commit crimes, (like certify illegal electors) and in order to get the American people to get behind him, Trump has to let all this publicly play out to show the criminality, sedition, treason, etc. that has occurred. Most people voted, but were otherwise asleep on Nov 3. More and more people are waking up and getting angry at the theft of the elections, and that is the point of the DC “Stop the Steal” marches.

    President Trump issued a warning on Sunday night that “Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime.”

    Que the DNI Election Interference report activities…

    I wouldn’t have my 401k invested in any social or traditional media or companies invested in China. And I would have lots of food, water, medical, comms, and self defense stocked up. It’s going to be a rocky road for the next month(s).

      • when it happened to me… the biggest excitement was to be able to PEE … It took what seemed like hours a horrifying experience.. now they have a pill that reduces the enlargement and I will not run out of those.. the other option before the pill wasn’t near as pleasant….

    • The constitution binds the states to become America, when the glue of the constitution is broken there is no United States of America. We become rogue states, ready to be plucked.

    • Don’t hold your breath…

      “and in order to get the American people to get behind him, Trump has to let all this publicly play out to show the criminality, sedition, treason, etc. that has occurred.”

      Do you honestly believe a media industry that’s 97% “in the tank” for either Biden, or “anyone but Trump” is going to allow anything detrimental to their cause, go public, without first “sanitizing” it or rewriting the narrative to point a criminal finger at Mr. Trump?

      Ain’t gonna happen…

      You’re much better off, creatively contemplating damage control against the political and financial ramifications of the Biden Administration, than you are, hoping Trump can either pull the Election out, or can persuade Barr to have several thousand election fraudsters indicted on relatively flimsy hard-evidence.

      We knows dey done it.
      We cain’t prove it.
      Classic remedies would put US, not the baddies, in the hoosegow.

      So what should we do? How ’bout “ensure it doesn’t happen again,” and take the country back in 2022, for two….?

  9. I’m on a couple of e-mail forums. (Lists.) One of them has about 10,000 members, globally. (99.x% of them are in CONUS)

    I’ve often wondered how much “electricity” in watt-hours is consumed by just one email I send. I’ve cast about with several calculation methods, and keep coming up with Krazy numbers.

    I mean, the message itself represents a vanishingly small amount of energy AS a message, but all the equipment needed to generate it, forward it, store it, and transmit it is considerable. That’s lots of watts.

    Like this message. Written on my computator, sent to a message forwarding server in an ISP’s rack somewhere, sent to another server for forwarding to yet another ISP frame, and sent to a modem, and to the other computator. I have NO idea how much actual energy is used in all the long-lines relay gear. “My share” of the total power required along the whole path could easily be a couple dozens to hundreds of watts — spread out extremely widely.

    I dunno.

    • Its an interesting thing to ponder thanks and i will. And how much time does you
      “computator”, spend doing nothing, most of the time, right.
      And every now and then an email, an mp3, ect. A lot of power being used for distraction mostly.

    • All of our communication is much cheaper than if we did it snail mail! It’s winter, and any inefficiency is turned into (waste?) heat. Of course, that heat is helping me stay warm, so its hardly waste. Perhaps it is in summer.

      The servers and other network gear use a lot of resources, but much of it is useful beyond entertainment. All of it uses less energy than having 100 million people driving everywhere for work, business, school, and everything else.

      About the only thing that’s really wasteful is “social” media, “mining” crypto and resolving those transactions. Perhaps there’s a better alternative, though that’s less likely with our ruling institutions showing such corruption.

  10. Where is the Engine of Growth?
    You are kidding right?
    So many opportunities to create millions of jobs in AI, Robotics, and clean energy.
    My dad used to be a exec at a conveyor company that rebuilt and installed conveyors at auto manufacturing plants. While retired, he is still great golfing friends with the owner. Their business and employees have tripled due to the electric initiatives all car companies from Tesla, to Toyota, GM, Ford, Rivian, etc. That’s just one aspect of electrics. There’s the installation and maintenance of charging stations, build out of electric systems and plants etc. Like the after market of gas powered cars, the aftermarket of electrics will be robust too.

    That’s just electric cars. The build out of electric/battery storage is a huge initiative. Tesla just installed the worlds largest battery storage system in Australia and that will be the model for the world. Solar is still a huge growth area as the technology for panels shifts to create a myriad of opportunities. Wireless charging is gaining speed, and jobs are being created in building efficient work spaces complete with outdoor access, green spaces, gardens and self sufficient communities.

    Robotics remain full force in the Silicon Valley, Germany, Japan and China. Who will win that race? My bet is on America. Everything from delivery systems to exoskeletons will be the first to take flight in the next two-four years.

    AI has been the most helpful to most in regular business. My company is a leader in real estate AI and I can attribute that to a 45% increase in business this year, despite the pandemic. AI will ubiquitous in all disciplines and rather than replace employees, it will enhance our ability to make decisions based on facts and not assumptions quicker.

    There’s so much more. I have seen the population and the gross GDP quadruple here in the Bay Rea since I have been here due to a plethora of intellectual property, capital and inventive spirit. We have outgrown our capacity and now, other states like Texas are picking up the slack. It was act good that Oracle moved to Austin, and although only less than 10% of the workforce will move there, it’s good for the country and the health of the company that they spread their wealth to all parts of the United States.

    Change is good. The Trump administration wanted us to hang on to the past…back to the typewriter days…the thing is…the typewriter industry employed 3% of what today’s computer industry hires and with salaries 100X higher. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth…the rest of the country just needs to catch up. They all can’t be in California or Texas.

    • Mark: I thought he was a farmer in Oklahoma? Maybe he was when you were trying to convince us that you came from “The Deplorable Country” but moved to SF & became civilized.

      • Also, Mark’s hinted jobs require people with brains — where will he find them? Among common voters? ;-(

    • “Where is the Engine of Growth?
      You are kidding right?”

      MARK… I don’t think he was kidding.. unfortunately you live in the bubble at the top and truthfully probably dont have a clue about the lives and struggles at the bottom..
      The engine of growth comes from those that produce for decades we have been outsourcingand over taxing the base.. the pride is gone .. the base is crumbling.. stalled.. as the base topples it will take the rest with it..
      Believe it or not ..that’s everyone’s prerogative..

    • More from the FEC…

      Join us all in hearty applause for The State of California Treasurer, Sacramento, Ca., contribution of $348.03 on Nov. 6, 2020 to the Biden for President campaign.

  11. Antrim County Audit Report: “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant & fatal error in security & election integrity.”

    To “knowingly” certify electors based off of Dominion systems voting records would be Treason.

  12. “The Fight For The Soul Of Seattle”

    Thanks (I think) for directing your readers to this video. What a mix of raw hope and hopelessness. I agree it is a must watch for everyone.

    After hearing the line “Replacing criminal justice with social justice,” I am wondering if it isn’t the city council members of Seattle that are taking the drugs, not the street people.

    Most of the street drugs come from China. Along with COVID, they have certainly done their best to destroy western civilization.

    • “Most of the street drugs come from China. Along with COVID, they have certainly done their best to destroy western civilization.”
      Please don’t blame CHINA for western civilization’s death wish — just take a look around yourself (even on here!!).
      It;s just too easy to find the fault in others, IMHO.

      • So much of what you say is true. As generations build wealth and their progeny have it easier and live off of previous generations’ toil the tendency to keep the work ethic going drops off precipitously. It is, I think, more of a rarity for a succeeding generation to take up where the previous one left off in business, especially if it involves dirty hands and perspiration. ROI plays into this as well and there’s not a huge amount of it in ag today. It’s touch and go for our family in the ranching business, this latest generation being the third, but there’s a chance it will carry on simply out of necessity to grow food as long as the tax man doesn’t take it away. The Davos crowd may have other plans, however.

    • Or…was it a disconnected administration..combined with a stagnant work force escaping the realities of life,that sought out the relief through drugs..
      During the Reagan were tight money was tight..I worked six jobs but those worked with to supplement for the loss of hours at our main job sold drugs..and used them to fog the realities of their situation..
      Then to complicate the life situation you have dome joker pushing the buttons of despair and disbelief through Antifa and BLM..similar to actions taken in times past..take a few random stupid acts and amplify them to destroy the faith in the system that’s setup and work to dismantle it..
      What is ten feet tall and feels bullet proof. A drunk or someone on hard drugs

      • If our selected government cared for it’s people “Antifa and BLM” would not be allowed to exist.

        Bill seems to have a realistic understanding, IMHO

      • “choices
        December 14, 2020 at 16:57
        If our selected government cared for it’s people “Antifa and BLM” would not be allowed to exist.”

        I agree on your assessment of Bill…

        Antifa and BLM in my opinion with as much money as they were throwing around and the speed at which it spread globally… was designed to cause mayhem and damage to push an agenda.. using the sentiments of the poor.. the same thing happened back in history to.. I am betting that if you followed the money a well known name that has been known in the past to do these sort of devious actions would pop up..

  13. “There’s no big enemy, there’s no new technology (save silly “app-madness“) and so the question becomes “Where is the Engine of Growth?”

    There are plenty of new opportunities and engines of growth. we are living trough the disruption that comes from new tech coming online. Crypto currency makes brick and mortar banking obsolete.

    My personal android shows up at my work and performs my job functions as proxy, I’m paid for my android’s work product weekly.

    And with quantum computing, see I have a set of ten of tomorrows winning lottery number combinations, one of which is a guaranteed winner.

    Whats that you say? Yes never mind, corporations have coopted all that new technology for themselves. They will harvest all the profit from those works and govt will share a universal basic income with you in the form of the Treasury CBDC dollar.

    And while the Pols in US are delaying the innovation in the crypto space and still trying to engineer ways to separate you from your crypto before the economic reset, China grabs the lead [Planned?].

    There are still select crypto currency and block chain opportunities that remain, and if managed correctly promise to elevate your economic standing. Though the window is closing fast.

  14. George, you need to watch a couple reports from “The Corbett Report”. I think you are missing a lot of what’s going on in the backround. I’ll give you some hints (WEF) world economic forum/ The Great Reset/ MRNA vaccines and nanotch, Al control… whole lotta stuff that’s having an impact that’s flying right under your radar???? You are really ON IT usually, what’s up? ellen the llama famah.

  15. A couple of things:
    What would your graph of the 29 crash comparison look like if you took all the FED money out of the equation?
    I think it will show we have been dead long ago.

    The second is Pence can reject the electoral votes.
    Also based on the 2018 executive order: If Radcliff’s report indicates wrong doing, this party goes on.

    • “What would your graph of the 29 crash comparison look like if you took all the FED money out of the equation?”

      I think we would have gone through the correction during the eighties.. instead.. we started to print money and they absorbed the funds from the SS fund to bail out the banks… the eighties were hard none the less and would have been just as hard or harder.. but we wouldn’t be faced with what we are now..
      Instead we are now facing a cliff what.. ten times higher than the one we were on the edge of then..and have seriously outsourced our manufacturing that would have been the key to our survival..
      It is quite scary if you really contemplate it..

  16. The Federal Election Commission website offers a scenic window into Election 2020. The Bloomberg and the Biden campaigns each spent in excess of $1 billion. The Trump campaign spent just under $800 million.

    I randomly selected individual transactions from the most recent 100 disbursements listed under Mr. Biden’s campaign. So far each has been a refund from the Pennsylvania committee to what I am guessing are ineligible out-of-state contributors. Certainly feel free to correct me if I am misinterpreting something.

  17. “t’s a risk. Think about it.

    With Trump gone, we’ve got 100-,million people effectively trained to hate. Thanks to antifa and BLM, 50-million trained to hate and join. As part of that training? Wearing stupid labels (“woke” – WTF?) and “ standing up for” whatever the programming has been.”

  18. Yuck! I’m not big on eggnog. Like suckin down hobo snot. Not that I have any experience hobo snot. Just seems what it would be like. Plus I just my rum straight up.

    Anyway, I should be back writing today. I’m head back to Seattle to grab gears again. I will keep writing because I like it. But ain’t all about me. Got the woman wanting to move too and this side of winning the powerball, I gotta do what I gotta do. And I made a few phone calls and as long I don’t beat anyone up in the yard for 90 days and I might even be able to get my seniority back at my old job.

    And I have to eat a full plate of humble pie and say thank you sir, may I have some more. And I hate working nights. But like I said it aint all about me. One day maybe it will be.

    Hope Ure Okay. I feel crunchy as hell today. But ya know. That’s how ya feel sometimes. Good day to be sober. Will get back at it later. Somethings gotta give. We are 11 days from Christmas. Lol

    May move with in my old buddy that owns a truck driving school I used to be an instructor at. Until I can use the VA loan on a house for the woman, my kids and her kids. Just need a reliable source of income first and this whole novelty of being a starving writer and artist is waaaaaaay over rated. Lol.

    Let me know if ya are hungry for some humble pie. I got a whole plate of it to eat. So I’m dawning my bib and getting at it. One bite at a time. That is how Johnny CASH built a Cadillac. Lol

    Love ya dude. Have a good day.

    • “Yuck! I’m not big on eggnog. Like suckin down hobo snot.”


      Now that is a cheery visual.. I have never known anyone that has ever done that before LOL LOL LOL

  19. Started reading this an hour ago and got as far as the link for “Battle for the soul of Seattle”. Thanks for that. Very ugly situation with no real clear solution that does not require extreme measures.
    Except for a few self selecting outliers a good many of the people shown in the documentary are beyond being able to re integrate back into a normal existence.
    This experiment in not enforcing necessary laws should perhaps be given a zone to operate within.
    Border controls would need to be ruthlessly enforced.

    • “many of the people shown in the documentary are beyond being able to re integrate back into a normal existence.”

      They went from hope to hopelessness.. JOBS… a little american pride.. would have stopped a lot of it from happening.. then once you feel hopeless.. it seems like everyone and everything is against you.. if you can’t cope then you use self medication and escape measures.. I have seen it so many times… I have felt it as well… it isn’t a pretty sight.. when we went a year without an income.. my wife kept a positive image.. until late at night when she thought no one was watching.. then she would let it out.. the frustration.. having been a loyal employee for decades and decades.. then because your at the top of the wage scale.. only to discover that the average employer wants someone younger and until sixty five.. your for that short window fifty to sixty five your unemployable..

  20. “I’d offer some profound words of encouragement now, but ……………………”
    All your prose could be boiled down to one simple statement: Too many retarded people on this planet ;-)).

  21. > Wearing stupid labels (“woke” – WTF?)
    “Woke” is a term (among others) used by people who can’t speak English (mother-tongue or not, ‘educated’ or not) to express their mistaken belief in their superiority over those who can speak and think.

    Words have meaning.

    Re: UK discouraging people from buying more than immediately needed:
    Purchasing more than immediate need when goods are plentiful is called saving or storage, not hoarding. Purchasing more than immediate need when goods are rationed or in short supply is hoarding.

    Keep your storage tanks full my friends.

  22. “Despite the ascendancy of Joe Biden, we keep seeing what seems like a highly coordinated drive in liberal media to step up the selling pressure for “reparations.” ”

    Just because a talking point was used against the Trump Administration doesn’t mean it won’t be used, to much greater effect, with a more-leftist (and pliable) Administration.

    Most church organizations are communist. Many are even funded, in-part, by CPUSA (including the FIVE best-known “Friends” organizations — yet I still claim to be a Quaker…) Rank & file in the churches are blissfully ignorant, and get REALLY defensive if one tries to point out the organizations’ “alternative funding sources” or intentions of same…

    “Digital Mob Rule hasn’t gone away – won’t – even with Trump out.”

    Oh, hell no! It will be on steroids on both coasts, and every “class-A” and “class-B” city in-between. Why would leftist organizations “reel themselves in” for a leftist Administration? {Answer: They wouldn’t. You push when you meet resistance, you push harder when there is none…}

    ” Cleveland Indians to change their nickname, drop “Indians”.”

    …Still waiting for some “woke” kiddies to demand that Central Michigan University change it’s nickname. We can’t have “Chippewas” running around, attacking Zippy, Buster Bronco, Charlie Cardinal, or whateverthehell a Red Storm is. (Did I mention CMU lies in Mt. Pleasant, MI, in the middle of a Chippewa {Ojibwa} Indian Reservation…?)

  23. Australia gunna have a war with China . You beauty!!! I hope China hammers us !! Then on to you veges

  24. Putin is gone . Looser . America weak does f all .get rid of him Russia . Part of the circus . Brain dead president does nothing

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