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While most of the mainstream media is wrapped around the axle of a story we called correctly from the beginning, there’s a much more sinister reality coming into focus that no one is sounding the alarm on.

Internet licensing is in the wings.

To be sure, it won’t come quickly.  For one thing, big Social Media Outfits will resist changes to their business models which have allowed for such easy manipulation of the public.  For another, “news organizations” have been made the fools-they-are.

A couple of numbers from the headlines make the case.533,074 articles were penned on the “Russiagate” fiction.  What’s more, television networks aired 2,284 minutes (a bit over 38-hours) of running decidedly anti-Trump “news” of the Mueller probe.

Even worse is the looming fight over release of the whole report.

Again, to keep things in perspective, let’s imagine that YOU were accused of a terrible crime.  Let’s make it something really bad…how about child pornography?

So the local D.A. gets hold of the rumor (started by someone at your job who hates you) and convenes a Grand Jury.  Which meets for a year, led by a Special Prosecutor who is looking into these supposedly terrible things you did.

Then comes the wrap-up.  There is no indictment and no charges. 

So the question to ask is:  Should all the investigation details involving YOU be released to all the people who hate you…because you know damn-well they will cherry-pick EVERYTHING and make you out like a child porn purveyor, even though you are not?

Democrats are arguing for exactly this kind of release.  And, to quote a pretty level-headed old-school reporter, “ know damn-well they will cherry-pick EVERYTHING and make you out like…” a criminal, which Trump is NOT, or charges would have been filed.

Democrats – even without release – are still painting Trump in contrasting colors.  On the one hand calling him an “idiot” yet at the same time at the head of some unproven conspiracy to still the election from the yet-to-be-charged other perp in the 2016 contest.  You know…the one that was exonerated by the “pet FBI” agents who were so certain of her innocence that she was never put under Oath and properly grilled or grand-juried.  Gotta love split-level justice, huh?

Meantime, in another stunning example of “getting it right” – remember when I told you that just because a person may have skills in one profession – like acting – that doesn’t mean they know jack-shit about politics?  Well, here’s a list on Breitbart of 50-Hollywood types who seal our case.  And, who we will decline seeing movies with them in, or records with them on.  We vote with our wallets and encourage you to do the same.

All of that said…

Trump is NOT the Big Story

Yes, that’s right.  It’s just a distraction.

The Big Story is the clown-posse idjits of the European Union who are in the midst of a further attempt at stealing the Internet.  You need to closely study “Article 13: EU’s controversial copyright law due for final vote — The vote could change the way memes spread and gifs are shared in Europe. Tech companies and citizens alike are not impressed.”

More to the point, CNBC reports here on the thousands who are protesting because of fears this (draconian, stupid) law will lead to censorship of the Internet.

Yes, the same EU clowns who are kowtowing too the Brussels-pricks and are responsible for all those irritating “read our cookie policy” pop-ups.

ICYDK: Firms that don’t comply, and misuse “personal data” of European persons, are being hit with 4% of worldwide revenue “fines.”  (We’re a little pissy about such grandiose regulatory thievery, since we are an American company and not subject to the laws of the EU which – are NOT global…a point Google and others are trying to make.  That said, if you are in the EU, go away!  Better…flee while you can!  Come to Texas where there’s a smidgen of freedom (and clearheaded thinking) left…)

I don’t use pejoratives like “double-dealing pricks” as a label often, but why is there no GDPR notice on the EU Government’s website? See for Ureself.  You don’t think they track stuff?  ROFLOL…hate crimes against capitalism, is it?

Whew.  Now the other shoe:  The bad news is, Internet “censorship” is already here.  It’s here in two forms.

One form is what we have referred to as “Digital Mob Rule” (DMR).  Here’s how this little gem works:  Get in liberal newspapers, get on social media, and build a myth about all the good you do and monetize the bejezus out your scam.  Theoretically, of course.

We want to ensure our hyper-vigilant readers understand we’re NOT saying this is how the South Poverty Law Center operated.  Although, after reading this account in the MacDailyNewsApple-backed Southern Poverty Law Center wracked in turmoil, called a ‘con’ for ‘bilking gullible liberals…” we can appreciate the opportunity for confusion.

Apple, by the way, is now trying to “own news” in the same way they dominated music by dropping users into their online ecosystemiNews anyone? Also: Apple is making movies, TV shows and a credit card.

The second way internet licensure is happening may be seen in China where, depending on how much “social credit” you have, you get to either a) ride the bus or b) get thrown under it.

Seriously, read what happens when “democratic data access” becomes a control point in the South China Morning Post’sLife as one of China’s 13 million ‘deadbeats’ means slow trains, special ring tones...”

China already has 13-million people on their “digital shit list” (DSL?).

Not that America is perfect by any means: We still have that No-Fly list and says Wikipedia:

“The No Fly List is different from the Terrorist Watch List, a much longer list of people said to be suspected of some involvement with terrorism. As of June 2016, the Terrorist Watch List is estimated to contain over 2,484,442 records, consisting of 1,877,133 individual identities..”

Since the USA is about 4.182 times smaller than China, our US “terror watch shit list” (TWSL?) would be comparable to 8-million (not 13-m) in China on a proportionate basis.  Good luck trying to get off either list, though.

Doesn’t all this make you feel warm & fuzzy, or what?

If you aren’t feeling the digital love yet, load up some of the 6 to 10 terabytes of data in the wild now, as revealed in “Massive Citrix Data Breach Thought to be the Work of Iranian Hackers.”

See what an industrial global scam the old Commode-64 has become?

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A few minutes of thumb-twiddling while we await the Housing report…back with that in a sec.